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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 6, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EST

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it's funny. it's good. all right. paul conway, i don't want you to comment on jon stewart, but i do want you to comment on the minimum wage because look, we just had the jobs report a lot of conservatives tell me if you raise the minimum wage as the president wants, we will destroy jobs. quickly, what's your take on the minimum wage hike? >> the bottom line, if you raise the minimum wage, you'll affect small business, and two out of three jobs are created by small business in america. when jon stewart talks on the schoen a the -- show about the minimum wage and the hard earned money that people are earning. if you maze the minimum wage you're going to impact job growth and job creation. stuart: you are such a scrooge, a scrooge, paul conway, last one, do you think we'll get a minimum wage hike. the president wants to go to $10, are we going to get it?
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>> i think it's a tough sell. i think what makes it a tough sell is the elk health care front. he's asking americans to support failed policies. stuart: and there was a stronger jobs report this friday. bottom line. thank you, paul. we've had bullish calls on apple stock on this program and one says it's going to $1,000 a share. john layfield is going to weigh in on that from the sandy beaches. could this be what i want for christmas, a blackberry type keyboard for your iphone? nonnerds rejoice. let's go to the report, austan goolsbee joins us, former with president obama, and now the business schoolment i know
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you're laughing along with jon stewart, our producer told me you were laughing at me. go ahead-- >> i was laughing with you, stuart. i think you said demand equal time grounds, he needs to come on your show to defend what he said. stuart: we've asked and he's not doing it. this jobs report, are you prepared to say that this is a breakout report that we're breaking beyond the new normal, which was low growth, high unemployment? breakout? >> no, i'm not prepared to say that. you're putting me in an uncomfortable position, here i am on stuart varney's show. i'm telling you to tone down your enthusiasm about the jobs report. stuart: whoa. >> look, there's two surveys, one is of people and one of the establishments and businesses. the business report, which was around 200,000 is a strong report follows on several months on fairly stronger reports. the 800,000 number was people
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and followed the minus 700 something thousand last month and i think most of that has to do with the government shutdown. i think you're right, this was an encouraging month, but it doesn't feel to me like we've broken out of this pattern of slow, steady improvement. stuart: i'm a little uncomfortable with this, austan. i'm used to you saying the sky is the limit, here we go, boys, we're off and running and now you're telling me to calm down, that's great. tell me about the fourth quarter 'cause we've got 3.6% growth in that summer to early fall quarter. now we've got an increase in the numbers of jobs created and we've got a lower unemployment rate. can we carry that through into the fourth quarter, do you think? >> i think possibly not. you know, most of the private sector forecasters are forecasting a pretty significant slowdown from that third quarter, i with-- which was surprisingly good. i'd love to get a number even approaching that kind of thing.
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i think going into next year things are looking a little better because some of the fiscal drag comes off or at least, you know, it doesn't keep getting worse. but i think for the fourth quarter, we should expect a bit of a slowdown. stuart: real fast, austan, i'm enjoying this so much, but i've just got 30 seconds left. the federal reserve, they're looking at the numbers and are they going to say, time to pull back on the printing presses? what do you think? >> yeah, i think they are, 'cause now this is fairly consistent pattern of improvement in the job market. >> but the stocks are up, austan. >> even the semblance of the tiniest budget deal then i think the fed would be ready to move. stuart: but stocks are going to be up maybe 140 points for the dow in five minutes' time. >> that's great. you know, i think once the fed starts moving, the stocks may get jittery, but good news. stuart: austan goolsbee, what an interview, come back anytime you look. good stuff.
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>> you bet. stuart: now we'll take you to the new york stock exchange where they are observing a minute of silence in honor of nelson mandela.
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♪ >> that's it? i found what i want for christm christmas, a keyboard for my iphone? is it as good a deal as it is. by the way the keyboard for the iphone is backed by ryan seacrest. clayton morris has the story coming up in a moment from now. look, we're off and running, it's friday morning, we've had a fairly strong jobs report. the market loves it and will you look at this? we're right in the trading session and we're going to go up about 100 points. before we show you that, here is-- yes, look, we're up 40, but going higher. here is scott shellady in chicago, i say a lot of people are saying it was a strong jobs report, are you buying it? >> i'm going to say it's better than expected. don't have employer exuberance. we have a couple of numbers to see for the rest of the
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economy. no, i'm waiting until the afternoon, we've seen a noon swoon the last five, six days in a row. if you want to buy going into the weekend, i'd say wait because we'll have a selloff mid day. stuart: there's a prediction. scott, you're killing me here. >> on a macro labor we'll wait on this taper talk, and there will be automatic selling when you hear the 10-year high. stuart: those are the 30 stocks that make up the dow jones industrial average, every single one in the green and that means they're all up this morning. right now, the overall, the dow is up 86 points, but again, we expect it to move higher than that. we've had some sky high predictions for apple stock this week. one guest said 700, another said, a thousand bucks a share. i can see that it's open $3 lower on otherwise up market today. but here is john layfield, fresh from the beach. apple, i know you follow it
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very closely, are you buying those sky high predictions? >> no, i'm not. i would buy the $700 prediction, i just don't think that apple is any more an innovator. i think they're doing things to increase the value of their existing products, but you know, you lose a guy like steve jobs. tim cook is a great ceo. they have some of the best engineers in the world. you can't replace a steve jobs and you're no longer seeing innovation coming out of apple, you're seeing incremental improvement to existing product. i think it's a great company. i think the recurring revenue streams that they have are fantastic. i would buy at $700, but not a buyer at $1,000. stuart: you'd take 700? i think most people would, too. >> which is still very good. stuart: yes. thanks very much, john. dow is now up 104 points, 105 points. 15-9 is where we are. a couple of individual stocks to look at. american eagle, it's a big loser today. some heavy holiday discounts will cut into its profits.
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so come in, nicole. here is a loser, how bad? >> well, we know that teen retailers are already under pressure, put up with a tough holiday season and the stock is down nearly 3%. down 2.44% right now, just under $16. they gave a forecast, weaker than expected and noting the promotional environment that we talk about. more discounts, more promotion means less margins and less sales even. >> oh, down the stock goes. that's one of the losers today. look at the dow now, up 118, up 120 points and looking at the tapering and i'm seeing all kinds of favorites go up. ebay is up. i see facebook up. i see microsoft up, okay? up until now, it's been a rough time on the stock market, five days in a row the market's been down. the dow has been down. so, john, have you got a couple of bargains after this five days of selling? any bargains that you can jump into right now? >> sure, i think i do. i bought conn, c-o-n-n.
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they absolutely blew away earnings. an analyst came out and had a $103 price target on it. it's trading at about $70 right now. and also like discover financial, i think both are valuation plays and i bought both this week. stuart: would you tell me what conns does? >> a midwest retailer, that tailor to people to a people in a lower income market and charging rates, like a rent to own type retailer, where you can go in there and pay a rate and buy it actually from the retailers on some type of lease plan. stuart: so it's conns and discovery financial, layfield likes them. >> yeah. stuart: you're going to make some money, i trust, and go back to the beach. >> thank you, sir. stuart: i'm going to break away from the market and i'll get back to it shortly. this is a new iphone case and adds a blackberry style
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keyboard, no more fumbling. this is backed by ryan seacrest. he's got his hands on everything. >> and people put two phones on the table, one for the iphone and one for the blackberry they love the smart phone and iphone and needed the keyboard case and needee to type. this is a start-up, but-- >> it's a big deal? >> it's a big deal for you. and i think it's a niche audience, let's be clear. first of all, this thing won't be out and we won't see it until january, i know it's on your christmas list, hate to disappoint you, you're not going to see it. all of this generation is growing up with virtual keyboards and sitting on the subway, they don't need a keyboard case, it's people who love the blackberry and want the smart phone like you and ryan seacrest. stuart: this is not a huge deal? >> no, i don't think it's a huge hit. stuart: i want to talk about the way we shop. i've got new numbers out for the monday sales, so-called cyber monday. i hate that expression, but nonetheless we'll use it.
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nearly 12% of all on-line sales were made on tablets, and about 5 1/2% were made on smart phones. this seems to me to be a shift in the way we shop. >> absolutely and the way in which we're computing. we think of a pc as a desk top computer we sit down to, the tower and keyboard and a mouse and all of that. i believe that a tablet is really our new pc. it's our personal computer, whether we throw it in our bag and purse and take it on the subway, on the train and look at it ott the office during the lunch break. those are the new personal computers. it's so funny we were doing a story on the show today. when i got the e-mail from one of your producers we were going to talk about this today, i was shopping on my tablet for a solar system thing for my son for christmas. this is exactly what i was looking at, on amazon and about to make a purchase when i got the e-mail about this. stuart: so, this is-- look, you're a technology kind of guy. >> sure, but my mom who is the least tech savvy person in the world doesn't use her dell laptop anymore because the
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battery, she doesn't open it, 30 minutes to boot up. she whips out her ipad and making purchases. stuart: the bottom line here is not so much the problems for bricks and mortar stores, it's the shift in the way that we actually shop and look at products. and i don't see any slowing down in this shift to mobile. in fact, the vendors and the smart phone people, the tablet people are making things soo easy for us. >> the key is in the applications. what we saw in the numbers is the iphone or the smart phone being the browsing. we're maybe not going to make the full purchase on the device. it's the tablet, with the real estate. i get to look at the sweater and see if my father would like it, screen real estate. interactive, there are beautiful applications developed specifically for purchases. crate and barrel, fab. all of these sort of niche applications which make
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shopping sort of fun, lean back on the couch with your tablet and don't have to sit at the desktop with a mouse and keyboard and they've got your credit card on files, they've got your credit card on the app on file and easier to make a perform. stuart: you're talking me into this. i might join the 21st century. thank you, clayton morris. the dow industrials are now up 134 points, it was expected. pretty strong jobs report, up goes the stock market. to nicole, who are the big winners on the dow? >> easy to find. all of them are winners. intel, j.p. morgan, american expression, your best performers on the dow jones industrials average. and it should be noted intel was rated a buy over at citigroup and that's helping that particular technology name. stuart: hold on a second, nicole. we've got another retail loser. american eagle earlier and what is it, big lots? >> people are going to say i'm this girl that brings the losers. look at big lots, what's happening, they made an
9:39 am
acquisition in 2011 in canada and trying to turn it around. that's not working. in the meantime, comp sales dropped 2 1/2%, also not good news for big lots, down almost 10%. a huge loser today. stuart: thanks, nicole. you know, we caught john layfield before he left the studio and went back to the beach. he's still with us. last night jon stewart hauled me over the coals what i was saying about minimum wage and compared me to ebenezer scrooge. what do you say about the minimum wage on this jobs friday. >> the problem, stuart, i told you for years, us americans are jealous of you with your baritone voice and english accent, you could read the phone book and sound great. and i could read the magna carta. minimum wage could be tied to a basket of wages and inflation and taken out of the political realm. watch who is $15 and watch who is $10.
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it's an arbitrary number. unions are using it as a recruiting tool and we need to take it out of the political process and tie into something more sufficient than an arbitrary number that they raise every few years. stuart: well-said, john. now go back to the beach after the few kind words about me. john layfield, good stuff. check the big board, we're up 125. 15,947. the white house making a huge push to get you signed up for obamacare, but they cannot guarantee the security of your information on the being change website. next, a professional hacker tells us just how easy it is to get into that. ♪ ients are always learning more
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>> labor market showing some strength. unemployment rate down to 7%. 200,000 new jobs created, not many people worried about the fed. up goes the market. 126 up on the dow. 29 of the 30 dow stocks are up. only ibm of all people down just 2 cents. all right, where is the price of gold when stocks are going straight up? i will tell you, 1233.50 is your price and that's just a fractional change on the price of gold. now, concerns about the security of not going away. not even esekial emanuel can guarantee your information is safe. >> i put my information on the website when i was looking for information. and i was confident. stuart: will you guarantee it's secure. >> i don't run it today. stuart: oh, we have alec mcgeorge now. the senior security researchers at immunity. alex on a scale of one to ten,
9:46 am
what do you give obamacare on security? >> i would say it's probably around a two or a one. stuart: now, it's your job, i believe, to try to hack into corporate websites and then tell the corporation how you did it. that's what you do for a living, right? >> that's exactly what i do for a living, yes, sir. stuart: could you go out this morning and hack into the or >> i believe it would be possible for someone to do that without too much trouble based on what i've seen from the website and the sites that support the obamacare website. i think there's a very, very good chance that someone could potentially break into those resources. stuart: i am told, knowing nothing about it, but i'm told that the critical fault is the transfer of information from your account on the website to the insurers. is that the problem? >> i think that is part of the problem. i think the critical fault here is that they're doing a lot of
9:47 am
security engineering and auditing after the whole thing has been pushed live, when attackers have the same ability. i think that's really where it is. you know, if you recall, there's a memo that was released at the end of september saying that this site had not had significant security oversight so i think the key fault is that security and the security engineering was not baked in from the start and now they're trying to bolt it on while the site is live, it's a very, very difficult proposition. stuart: so do you think it could be fixed without taking it down? >> i think they're going to have to. stuart: have to what? >> so yes. stuart: have to what? >> i believe they're going to have to do it while it's live. and i believe that it is possible to do, but it's going to be very difficult. the key question is, are we going to see attackers take advantage of this before the fixes are able to go in. now that the code base is stable after the 30th deadline, i think this is where we're going to see a lot of security
9:48 am
attention both internally and extern externally from attackers. stuart: a word of defense for obamacare's website we had a report today that j.p. morgan's website was hacked and 465,000 pre-paid credit card accounts were hacked into. serious stuff in a private enterprise company. so we're not dealing with something that's easy to protect here? >> no, sir, no, sir, this is a very difficult proposition. fundamentally you're saying, i want millions of people to put their information in for a larger good, right? we want people to have a better quality of life here having access to health care, a noble goal, however, it's a risky proposition the way they're doing it by creating a website that's by design accessible to everyone in the united states. stuart: alex mcgeorge, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. stuart: and then we have ron burgundy and he's taking over the airwaves and his movie doesn't hit theaters for two
9:49 am
weeks. my take on a marketing and entertainment phenom >> do you want my autograph? >> no, he was explaining who you were and i was looking at you. [laughter] is that what i look like when i talk? twins. i didn't see them cing.
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>> having some problems with its battlefield four game. is bounced back today. the fed want j.c. penney to open the books and down it goes. and the latest reality show craze that will be, rodeo. in our next hour, one of the stars of the next big show, rodeo girls. how much money is there in that? and we will take you inside one of the first e-cigarette vap vaporiums in the country. this is how you get your nicotine fix. if you've been anywhere near a tv set in the last week you will know that ron burgundy is back. here is my take. those of us who work in television news sometimes take ourselves a little too seriously. will ferrell in anchorman 2
9:54 am
brings us all down to earth. he brings back ron burgundy. surely one of the great spoof characters in movie history. ron is pompous, puffed up. totally self-interested and totally self-absorbed, he will do anything for ratings and he's also foolish to the point of stupidity, but the anchorman movies are funny. isn't that the point? when i go to see a comedy, i want to laugh and anchorman 1 made me laugh. i know will ferrell does not share my politics and there have been times when i so oppose an actor's point of view i won't pay to see their movies and some musicians whose music is banned from my ipod. but at some point you've got to divorce politics from talent. will ferrell is talented. and the movie is backed up with an advertising campaign that's
9:55 am
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stuart: friday, december 6, we have a modest improvement in the jobs picture and a very solid rebound for your 401(k). and then there is this.
9:59 am
the split among democrats, taxes at the heart of it, the "wall street journal" weighs in on that. who knew, rodeo hits the big money. a barrel racer. and some airports say okay to eat cigarettes. we will take you there. and those russian diplomats milking medicaid, is it that easy to take our money? the answer is yes. watch out, charles payne and monica crowley are back. with more. ♪ look at this, it is a rally, stocks surging on the jobs report that came out an hour and half ago. last hour telling us a selloff is going to come this afternoon probably. charles payne is here, you disagree with that. charles: that has been the
10:00 am
pattern. in those intraday sessions there was a point in the session we were up, in other words what the pattern has become, excitement in the daytime, morning and the professionals, the smart guys kind of selling into that. i don't think so. we will be challenged. stuart: are you or are you not protecting a 200-point rally at the close of trading? he will be happy with that? because the economy is stronger, profits are stronger, that is your theory, right? forget the fed. charles: profits have always been stronger. but the u.s. economy, the most vulnerable part of the rally, looks better. there are still some aspects which are worrisome. even if they get jobs, even if it goes up a little bit, they have been hesitant to spend
10:01 am
money. one of the more important numbers is the 3:00 credit. they increased credit balances. stuart: i want to dig into the jobs report number. here it is, 230,000 new jobs added last month, and the jobless rate, implement rate fell to 7% even. conservative commentator monica crowley is here. are you going to pour cold water on this? stick your stiletto in? >monica: if these numbers are to be believed, the census bureau take this information may have been corrupted and so on, if these numbers are to be believed, it is a relatively stronger report than those we have seen so far. stuart: it kills you to say that. monica: we're heading into the holiday season, how much of them are part-time workers, how much are seasonal? we need the information before
10:02 am
we can say we are starting a new trend into a stronger economy. stuart: you realize your new pal is the architecture of obama economics which was on the show , "the new york times" will say it is a strong number. never has 200,000 jobs been a strong number at this kind of recession. stuart: thank you very much indeed. the market rallying, that is a fact on the jobs report. that is why it is going up.
10:03 am
give us the big winners, please. nicole: all 30 dow components have had up arrows. a real stellar performer over at citigroup, so that is about 3%. proctor and gamble up, those technologies. the fear index pulling back, nobody cares today. they seem to be buying everything across the board whether it is technology or financials or energy, all 30 dow components with up arrows. stuart: are you with charles that we will get a triple digit gain, or are you with scott who says a selloff coming up the end of the day? nicole: why do i need to make predictions? oh, geez. i don't know, i don't want to play. stuart: okay, okay, all right. backing right up. if you don't want to make a prediction, don't do it. i will. the dell goes up triple digits plus, that is my prediction.
10:04 am
charles: bye-bye. nicole: i will hold you to it. stuart: the daily show, jon stuart pokes lots of fun at me over my comments on the post. >> i disagree with the pope who doesn't like free-market capitalism. i think free-market capitalism is a great liberator. >> you're going up against the pope? you're going up against the pope on how to help the poor? [laughter] helping the poor is in this man's wheelhouse, this pope helps the poor. but you are telling him how to do his job? the pope doesn't come over to where you work. stuart: wish he would. my point is simple, free-market capitalism and riches everybody. a great prosperity. am i so wrong? monica: you are absolutely right. i took a look at the pope's comments.
10:05 am
what he was attacking really was hyper consumerism. remember the phrase in the bible is "the love of money is the root of all evil." not the money itself. the love of money, that is what drives a wedge between you and god. stuart: chapter six, verse 10. thank you. monica: well done. charles: think about the industrial revolution and where mankind has come since then. even go back to the world's fair in chicago, a lot of people think that is what sparked america when we leapfrogged britain. a lot of people blame consumerism but also the dawn of an age when you tear planet has gotten so much better. people live twice as long as they did before. capitalism, free-market capitalism has changed the planet so much better that we cannot even begin to argue.
10:06 am
he was the part to talk about, i think i heard jon stewart mentioned, i don't think anybody ever margulie argues it. don't use that as a fact to kill when you don't like the person in the first place. stuart: turning a little nasty later on. i personally do not want my spiritual life mixed up with my political life. i go to church to save my soul. [laughter] >> then why aren't you there right now? stuart: he went a lot further, by the way, which we will not show you. he became obscene. we will not go there. any further comment required? >> you have made it big when you are on "the daily show," so i would take it as a comp lament. you were right on the ecooomics.
10:07 am
charles: you hit a nerve, and that is a good thing. stuart: excellent, i'm so glad you're on the show. retailers, are they getting slammed? even though the market is straight up. nicole: most of them are under pressure. did not do so well, 2.8%.ix5 camilla sales numbers jcpenney, and down one and a quarter percent for abercrombie and fitch. the retailers are not participating in this rally. stuart: the retailers are going down. good stuff, thank you, nicole. shift away from the market to bring another interesting story. dozens of russian diplomats accused of bilking the u.s. government out of $1.5 million. they allegedly used medicaid to cover their own medical expenses while they lived truly lavish lifestyles here in america.
10:08 am
let's bring in former state department adviso advisor and af the book "smart power." is it so easy for foreigners to come here, spend time temporarily and walk away with a million and a half dollars? is it that easy? >> i am beginning to think it is. russian diplomats are not known for being coy. we come across, using silly but to hand a million and a half dollars to these people collectively would ask a few questions and want to verify some claims about intelligence and all of these people are pretty much paid, diplomats in places like new york, washington, but apparently it is pretty easy to do. stuart: it is bad publicity for obamacare because hidden within obamacare is a massive shift of people onto medicaid. their personal details cannot be checked as they claim medicaid.
10:09 am
the russian diplomats running away with all of this money. it just does not work that way, does it? something amiss here. >> the government does a terrible job identifying it. pretty rudimentary forms of identification. your bank can do a whole lot better. they can do it much better than the government, just another one of these problems when you take away accountability pricing, they get worse, they don't get better. stuart: i know this is right in your wheelhouse. the chinese government has taken in, raked in $2.7 billion in fines because of their one child policy. it has brought them into $.7 billion. what do you make of this? >> part of the intense corruption of an outrageously evil system we forget about. to bring this home, there is a well-publicized incident of a
10:10 am
woman who wanted a second child, thought it would be okay since she lived in a rural area. she was unable to come up with $6300 american bribe. she was hunted down found beneath the bed of one of her relatives hiding given a forced abortion, one instance where a relative snapped a picture, it went viral in china. it is not just the evil of one china policy and the demographic horrors that have caused, this is part of the intense corruption in china. chinchinese have public officias squirreled away not hundreds of thousands or a million or two, but hundreds of millions of dollars really is corruption on a scale that has not been seen since i don't even know when. stuart: thank you very much indeed. this is your stuff, we know you know a lot about it, we appreciate you coming by.
10:11 am
let me throw this out here, you have two stories, it is so easy to take money out of medicaid illegally, here you have a totally corrupt government in china taking money out of people if they have one more child then they are supposed to have. >> the parallels are pretty interesting. we have talked about the waste, fraud and abuse in these programs, medicare, medicaid and so many others. now not only is it americans scamming these programs, now you have foreign diplomats finding it so easy to essentially take the american taxpayer. when i was there, the cities were so crowded the government officials actually turned to me and said you can see why we have the one child policy. you now see it is incredibly immoral and incredibly corrupt because they sense to use as a lever for revenue. don't they?
10:12 am
they put these policies in place regardless of how immoral they are as a revenue source so if you violated, to have a reason to gg and get more. charles: now they know they made a huge mistake and should have rolled this back years ago. you will not have the workforce they need to be the powerhouse. i would also say as far as take advantage of our programs, foreigners have always known how to do that. over 400 checks went to one mailbox address in eastern europe, 400 checks. everyone promises to fix it, but they don't. stuart: let me get back to more good news, may i? up 128 points, it is a rally. most on the upside this morning, some of the big-name technology stocks are doing very well indeed, and it is a rally on a friday morning.
10:13 am
maybe you consider this good news, they will let you smoke the e-cigarette's in airports. you can use e-cigarette's in some airports. they are getting very big in this country. next we will take you to what flavors you can get to fix your nicotine fix. >> it is delicious. what flavors do you have for stuart? >> bubblegum, cotton candy, come in pairs. >> steward would like the coming bears. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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10:16 am
stuart: big rally for stocks that not everything is moving higher. disappointing forecast from american eagle, down it goes nearly 10%. a bigger loss and weak sales at big lots. down it goes 13%. a lot of retailers in trouble today. and electronic cigarettes now allowed in many airports around the country. the devices or banned on the flight itself, but you can smoke up the point you get on board. smokers can vape up until you
10:17 am
get on board. liz macdonald has more, look at this. >> i'm down in soho. stuart, i know you like to think you are the only steve mcqueen or humphrey bogart movie star of fox business, but you know what, all those movie stars smoke, you don't. but we are at the vaporium. what flavors do you have your? >> banana nut bread, palm beach, we have raspberry lemonade. we have bubblegum. cotton candy, gummy bears. >> stuart would like the gummy bears. he might like swagger as well. we're getting into deep conversations with the
10:18 am
e-cigarette far down here. are you loving it? i am. >> these are the chemicals in cigarettes. there are thousands of them. on the 80 of them here. this is everything we have eliminated. 80. >> you can see arsenic up here. ammonium. >> cannot even pronounce most of it. >> there must be a health upside versus putting this stuff in for the government. >> definitely. cigarette smoking cost $200 billion per year. >> i'm going to send it back to you, spending some more time smoking now. see you later. stuart: she is here right now. i will not take up the nicotine habit. you walk into this vaporium and they offer you flavors, is that how you do it? liz: and you inhale it. these vaporium are breaking out
10:19 am
around the country as city councils like in new york city are saying to ban e-cigarette, stop this movement because it could be a gateway for younger children to basically smoke regular cigarettes. stuart: give me a sense of the vaporium. you walk in, choose your flavor, stay as long as you like, can you sit down? liz: it is a sort of like being in a bar. stuart: can you drink alcohol? liz: i did not see alcohol there. stuart: can you drink coffee? liz: there are all sorts of things. these are nicotine free. e-cigarette's have some nicotine, should we regulate them. these were nicotine-free vapors in the vaporium. stuart: what was the point? liz: listen to this, talking multivitamin, red bull energy,
10:20 am
may be champagne vaporium for you or cucumber sandwich. stuart: you have lost me. and e-cigarette delivers nicotine to me, i get a buzz on it, that is what it is for. what is the point of and no nicotine vaporium? liz: if you want nicotine vapor come you can get it. if you want other types of vaporium things to tase, that is what they are offering. stuart: if i am addicted to nicotine, i want to walk into a vaporium and get a little high on nicotine. liz: tell them to step in and say you have to have nicotine in there, is that what you are saying? stuart: i thought you cigarettes contained nicotine, and that one doesn't. liz: so what? stuart: i am not getting the fix i want. liz: you can find it elsewhere.
10:21 am
stuart: if i were to spend an hour, how much does it cost which mark liz: 15-$25. stuart: and i don't get any nicotine? you lost me. charles: it gets you in the mood, maybe transitioned off of it. liz: i really enjoyed it. i thought it was great. charles: did they have a lot of flatscreen tvs? liz: a lot of conversation about economics. charles: that is where all the intellectuals hang out. stuart: bald eagles, symbol of america. they're getting killed from wind turbines and the fed say it is okay. we have that story next. every day we're working to be an even better company -
10:22 am
and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to amica. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here
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10:25 am
stuart: smile, everybody, checked the market, it is a rally. up 146 right now. charles says he will make more money.
10:26 am
linked in is what he likes. charles: a reiteration, but it is important you say it. the problem is in the street. this is one of the social media kind of things that know how to make money, they are making money, they should grow 60% every year for the next five years. 6-0. stuart: what grows 60% per year? charles: revenue. on the other side people will say it has a 100 p/e. i don't care, these guys are making enough money. positive scuttlebutt about them in china which will be a deal for them as well. i see this documentary getting back to 237 and the longer-term target is $300. stuart: i keep getting invites to join it. if i got into linked in, would i
10:27 am
be deluged with e-mails? charles: that is when it would go to 250. stuart: the white house in closer to finalizing a deal that would give windfarms a pass on killing bald eagles. they prosecuted duke energy for the killing of 14 gold eagles that got sucked into the turbines. seems to me like if the president says you can go ahead and kill the symbol of america, he is doing anything he possibly can to okay green energy. it is sacred, almost. monica: that is exactly the point. this ruling puts a lie to that. when is a administration came in, when obama talked in 2008 about fundamental transformation of the nation, they went after the major pillars of u.s. capitalism. they went after the health care sector, the financial sector, and they went after the energy sector.
10:28 am
they really like this shows they don't care about the eagles, they only care about remaking the energy sector. we have seen so many green energy boondoggles that have cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, now we are going to see the lives of eagles caught up in the fundamental transition. stuart: if they were to say he cannot kill golden eagles, you have to shut windfarms down. so, the point is these sacrificed. charles: didn't we hear the argument a porcupine caribou, re-conception of certain salamanders. the polar bear, the woodpecker, they use all these things even with keystone people talk about certain species that were endangered. according to the wildlife society lecture 888 were killed.
10:29 am
573 birds were killed. this is mass killing of species of animals that supposedly to your point the obama crowd loved these animals. stuart: which do they love more? monica: fundamental transformation of the economy. charles: it is what they hate moormore and the hate nothing me than fossil fuel. monica: and capitalism. stuart: wasn't that the name of your book? monica: "what the [bleep] just happened." charles: a lot of birds are going to be saying that. stuart: scott sheller said we would get a pullback. not midday yet, not a pullback yet. we had a split among democrats. you're used to hearing about it, we got that, now the democrats and taxes at the heart of the split.
10:30 am
$1.5 trillion in new taxes. some colleagues say that is political suicide. the "wall street journal" weighs in next. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. stuart: dallas and 127. charles says we will finish with the triple digit jean. watch out for an afternoon sell-off. you have to watch to find out. i usually call intel a door stop because it never goes anywhere. look at it today. not going that far but citigroup says buying ended is up 3%, a big gain for intel. struggling sears is going to spin off land's end. what happens to the stock? is up $0.61 liz nevermind the split between conservatives and the tea party. now centrist democrats are splitting with the far left over taxes, senator elizabeth warren's proposal for $1 trillion in taxes.
10:35 am
mary kissel with the wall street journal editorial board is smiling. is this for real? is there a real split here? not something i am inventing. is there a split? >> it is a struggle for the heart of the democratic party. you saw a obama pull the party itself ought to the left at you see centrists coming out and say and what are we doing? look at the polls, look what happened in colorado where voters rejected a tax hike to fund public education. look at history. populism works on college campuseses but looks a guy like bill bradley or howard dean it doesn't really work. stuart: we are riding a big piece, your newspaper. >> reading the wall street journal editorial page. stuart: the hard left is -- they used the word reckless, stronger
10:36 am
stuff than that. >> a set weekend have all these kinds of fiscal fantasies as they put it. and a couple existed -- stuart: she wants to raise social security benefits and tax everybody. >> social security is broken and you can't promise american voters something you can't deliver, it is irresponsible and future generations will pay. they sounded like mitt romney in his op-ed. very refreshing. stuart: you are closer to politics than i am. uh battle between moderate democrats and the hard left, you say who wins? >> it depends how badly -- the minute this thought that can out you saw and other groups try to shut down this debate. it is not conversations they want to have. this is a hallmark of the obama era not just demagoguing the right but also demagoguing elements within the democratic party that one to have a serious
10:37 am
conversation about fiscal burdens. stuart: now we have obamacare and it is can out. sure the moderate democrats will say we cannot get reelected if you do this. >> you are seeing that from democrats in purple states taking that kind of line. will you see senate democrats, people like harry reid say we need to start distancing ourselves. stuart: will harry reid say hold on a second, mr. president? not sure about this. >> i will not make that prediction. i don't think he will. i agree with you because the far left which controls the democratic party and has since 1960 with one period of renaissance during the clinton periods but they have run this party and our ideological. they are not pragmatic, they are about remaking the economy into a redistributive model so you won't see that kind of change
10:38 am
but there are so few moderate democrats to wage this fight. they have been decimated. stuart: on a moderate democrats right? will they get decimated if they go forward with a far left agenda of higher taxes? >> one problem is the white house continues to boom farther to the left. you saw president obama come out with his big income inequality speech and say we have to hike the minimum wage so forget about what is going on with obamacare we need more income redistribution so he is not promoting the message so they are going to struggle to have their voice heard. this thought that was an important piece. stuart: where do moderate stand on the minimum wage? >>, when you raise the minimum wage job the destroyed. companies can't afford higher wage levels. and the faces and names of people, higher than the first
10:39 am
place. stuart: all the news coverage has been about the split among republicans, and we are hearing a big split among democrats and i certainly wasn't. >> this administration has done more to produce higher income inequality. for the poor, the minority population in america, looking at the polls, centrist democrats are saying weekend win on this record and can't win with empty promises. stuart: let me close with a quote from margaret thatcher. they would be happier, if the poor got poorer so long as the rich got poorer too. is that accurate? >> absolutely. stuart: thank you very much. rodeo barrel racing. we really covered it all.
10:40 am
rodeo barrel racing. an actual sport. apparently much more popular than i thought because some races in the show, there is serious money involved. we have the star of the show sitting there in a moment. >> show us how we run another rodeo. we are good. have a lot of work to do. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade.
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10:42 am
stuart: big news the november jobs report, 203,000 new jobs added last month, the unemployment rate 7% even. investors liked this news. monica crowley at a hard time pouring cold water on it. the dow is up 123 points and american eagle, a loser, holiday discounting will cut profitability and down it does tend%. announcing plans to exit the canadian market apparently matters, down 13%. ac penny down too. a letter of inquiry from the sec seeking an explanation for the company's financial position, down another 7%. give me a winner. bouncing back after down big yesterday. up next what you have been waiting for. bu with a compact fluorcent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes?
10:43 am
1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is. 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy qz. energy lives here.
10:44 am
stuart: progress for the free agent of the off season, robinson cano, he flew to seattle, hit his new agent, jasey offering a deal to play for $225 million. they demanded a 10 year deal for total of $215 million. seattle said no way. his current team, the yankees said they would go no higher than seven years for $170 million.
10:45 am
j z and his client, $50 million -- charles: ten years from now he will not be worth any of this money so if you went nine years at $225 million, listen, i don't know if it is bravado or whatever he said, really passed a lot of people off, might have caused robinson cano lot of money. no other team was going more than $200 million. >> what he should do is write robinson cano check for $50 million if you screw this up. stuart: they are not finished. he will play for somebody. he just won't get $213 million for ten years. charles, back to you. get a lot of the show today, very worried. polk and materials is your new thing. charles: a play on the housing shortage of housing, a big boom. this company, last quarter, they finally had a good housing report in the texas area, selling concrete on asphalt,
10:46 am
things like that. building materials, mostly for homes, they will have a boom times ahead of them, and the verge of a major break out. stuart: it would take it to what? charles: at least $75. stuart: you will get by when? charles: sometime next spring or summer. it will be reasonable to say that. stuart: i have got to move on. rodeo girls, not rodeo ladies or rodeo women, rodeo girls, a new show on a and the premier is december 11th. what exactly do rodeo girls do? watch this. >> move over, cowboys. it is our world now. we are out liarlaws. stuart: an award winning rodeo
10:47 am
barrel racer, welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. stuart: i watched that clip that you are selling sex. >> we are not selling sex, we are bringing a light on professional barrel racing and professional rodeo. stuart: barrel racing. i am not familiar with it. what is it? >> the only sport for women in professional rodeo. we can't ride bulls. we wouldn't do very well. the speed event where we entered the arena and circle 3 barrels and we can go in a cloverleaf pattern and we'd do this over and over again in different arenas across the united states. stuart: why is that so exciting? why does it get you a show of your own? why are you a star? >> we take it back to the beginning after my husband passed away in california, i was broken, i was a piece of my former self. i wanted go home and i did and i
10:48 am
went to a rodeo with my dad and i saw the pageantry and the excitement the aura of the crowd, i wanted to be part of that and i saw barrel racing, beautiful women, it was the best of both worlds, entertainment and the glamour of it and i wanted that so badly so i worked hard for seven months. i would take my children to school and would rise and train for two hours and come home and make dinner and pass out at the tree see -- in seven infested placing in rodeos and made the most money as a rookie. i was thrilled. stuart: the most money as a rookie. i could be crass and ask how much that was. would you answer? >> i got $3,000, not $250 million, we would love special rodeo to have those numbers.
10:49 am
rodeo can go to the level of nascar and other big professional sports. i love the sport so much i don't know if you have ever been to rodeo. i would love for you to come. charles: at the garden it was fantastic but bull riding was oh my god, bullseye the most amazing athletes out there. stuart: why ride bulls? >> i could but would not stay on long. i might have muscle but i am not that strong. stuart: not allowed to ride bulls. >> we can't. stuart: barrel racing is a speed thing. >> speed thing. stuart: broken bones? dangerous? >> i had a compound fracture, a plate in my neck, a few broken fingers, cracked my ribs, four concussions but it is not unusual like football and that. stuart: an easy demographics, in television that is what we long for, the demographic.
10:50 am
>> i am changing it. we are coming into the mainstream and nascar crowd, tb offense, crossing over into the ladies. hopefully i can be an interval part. stuart: when if i call you a girl you don't object? >> at my age with three kids? loved it. stuart: congratulations. >> do you have a lot of little girls who watch? >> oh yes and we are role models. they are not looking into the bathing suit but the bathing suit was part of -- stuart: hold on. what bathing suit? >> you have to watch. stuart: when you go barrel racing a bathing suit? >> no. we have a strict dress code. hat, boots, button-down shirt, collared shirt, strict dress code. what you are seeing on a little clip of the show. stuart: december 11th. you are the stock, executive
10:51 am
producer, andy, dec. relevant, promo starts, best of luck. you have opened my mind to barrel racing. >> come out and see us in a rodeo. stuart: i will. the market is up triple digits. where will it close? more actors this. the most free research reports, stomizable charts, powerful screening tools, anguaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of iall is a surprisingly loprice -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and etrade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are chsing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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eveand we've made a big to andcommitment to america.ts. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largt energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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lou: the millennials, younger americans, the key determinant whether obamacare might succeed but those millennials are rebelling against president obama. most of them want him out of office. former romney health care policy adviser joins us on the prospects for obamacare, lou dobbs tonight at 7:00 eastern, please be with us. stuart: looks like the market is having a harr time staying with a triple digit game. charles, you still think we end up over 100 points? charles: absolutely but people should change the channel. will be exciting to watch. stuart: always is. even though we are a financial program we are not going to ignore the news of nelson mandela's passing yesterday, former south african president, 95 years old. your thoughts? charles: my first thought was he
10:56 am
was 95. he had an amazing life. i was sad. i cried a little bit yesterday. he was one of my heroes. i love nelson mandela. i wish americans would know more about him and learn about him. the talk that oh man i heard someone say is the communist. when you put yourself in the position of someone under apartheid, black people were not human beings, they burst second class. when you are on the quicksand of that he did you reach out for anything and the only branch you can grab as marxism, you grab that branch but he was so much more at the police that he had. he is so less bitter than president obama and was in a jail cell for 27 years. the broader nation together, didn't return a part that had every excuse in the world to be like the guy who took over zimbabwe. stuart: he offered forgiveness. charles: absolutely amazing. stuart: more varney in a moment. ya know, with new fedex one rate
10:57 am
you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. well, did you know that just one sheet of bounce outdoor fresh gives you more fshness than two sheets of the leadi nation store brand? who knew? so, how doou get your bounce? with more freshness in a single sheet.
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stuart: i was the star of jon stewart show last night because of my views on the pope and minimum wage. here's what you had to say. don says when you take on the pope, you've got to expect some reaction. well said, certainly got it. and tim says "the daily show" is about trashing things and tight editing in favor of jon stewart as well. but we all had fun, he was very funny. thank you for a great appearance today. it is yours. dagen: i love seeing you on jon stewart, stuart. thank you so much. it all comes down to this for the economy, creating jobs in america. will the federal reserve throw cold water on this party? the brutal cold and wintry mess across the country's midsection, whether bell will tell us what you can expect to see more of
11:00 am
this through the new year. a selfie for your online security. one entrepreneur has an apt that uses your face to keep your precious data secured. and a $10 billion floating city, the nation all of its own. why in the heck would you want to get on one of those things if you would not even want to get on a cruise ship. a man who want to make this a reality. that and so much more coming up on this hour of "markets now." ♪ i need mcshane hereto agree with me on the cruise ship thing because it is like one big nightmare of a cruise ship. good morning, everybody. stocks finally good news on the economy means good news for stocks. nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange to explain it all. nicole: we are seeing something have not seen in some time,


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