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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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guide to taxes continues with a tax strategy session so you can do some planning. that is airports might "willis report" and we thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ lou: the nation's east coast is hammered by a deadly winter storm that caused scores of car wrecks and canceled thousands of flights and that's just the first round. the second round begins in just hours. a powerful storm with more ice and snow that will hit tonight. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the relentless storm pounding cities along the east coast, dropping snow and sleet and freezing rain across much of the region. forecasters say that washington dc could get up to 5 inches of snow in philadelphia up to three
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and new york at least 1 inch. the storm system is wreaking havoc on the roads and in new jersey a car slid off interstate 78 and two people were killed. overall, 11 deaths across the country have been blamed on the storm in the snow and icy conditions is causing an exceptional number of pilots. the chain reaction crash on the pennsylvania turnpike that involves 50 cars. just north of new york city, icy roads triggered a 24 car pileup. aaa estimating it at the annual cost of traffic collisions can be an amazing $166 billion per year. air travel disruptions rippling across the country. 1600 flights were canceled, mostly out of dallas and fort worth. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is live from the fox
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extreme weather center to tell us what to expect. good evening. i'm going to work on meteorology. reporter: into mouthful, that's for sure. look at some of the snowfall totals that we have received from the last round, new jersey, pennsylvania, it an inch to 2 inches an hour, and we could see that tomorrow. starting tomorrow morning. you mentioned airport delays and we still have them for the new york area in some cases over two hour delays and that might be a conservative number and people are going to have to pack their patients. the next wave of low pressure is right here across the south. we have a stationary front and these waves of energy continuing to ride up the frontal boundary, and that's what's going to happen in the next six to 12 hours. 6:00 a.m. on tuesday, the snow
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starts for eastern kentucky and tennessee. we have that wintry mix here of freezing rain and sleet. then south of washington dc, you mentioned that they could get several inches of snow right in the heart of the rush-hour. then towards philadelphia, 10:00 a.m., new york city as well. we could see some heavier snow bans and one to 4 inches in some areas could get even higher totals. i am sure i will see you this time tomorrow evening. here are your snowfall totals. one to 4 inches for this wide swath here. up towards philadelphia and new york, higher totals depending on how much cold air is involved and how long it sits there and whether or not we get these heavy bands of snow, which can happen just like it did in philadelphia. so as we head into monday and tuesday, tuesday is the big day here. if i can give you any advice if
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you're traveling, please try to do it early because the worst of the weather is going to come six and 7:00 a.m. and back is a good idea, or possibly you should work from home. the temperatures across the country are way below average and we are in for a deep freeze. a lot of the snow is just not going to melt. thirteen in kansas city, negative 2 degrees in minneapolis. the only one spot on the map is tampa. what it feels like with the wind is absolutely dangerous. it's been dangerous across the northern plains and upper midwest. below zero temperatures in the winds are just whipping around and you really can't be outside. travel troubles are guaranteed across the northeast corridor were here. interstate 95 tomorrow. you're going to see delays and cancellations all up and down this northeast coastline.
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tuesday, all of these big cities, that is when the storm moves in. it won't be a blockbuster event, but it will add more trouble to an area that is seen quite a bit of trouble with in the last 48 hours. lou: thank you so much, janus. it looks like a very big deal. thank you so much. president obama in his typical foreign-policy challenges are being magnified by recent events in afghanistan. president hamid karzai refuses to sign a security agreement with the united states that would define american military presence in his country at the end of the year. but he did agree to a new agreement with iran. he agreed in principle to a friendship and cooperation path dealing with security and economic issues and within hours of that agreement, he was also already calling for the removal
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of american forces from the area. he said that we believe that all foreign forces should leave the region and the security of afghanistan should be handed over to people of the country. the so-called moderate has aalowed executions to surge since he took office, with more than 300 people executed since just the month of august. iran is the leader in executions. president obama and other dignitaries are on their way to south africa to attend tomorrow's memorial service from nelson mandela. hitching a ride on air force one with the president and michele obama, former president george w. bush and former secretary of state, hillary clinton. bill clinton and jimmy carter also expected to attend the memorial but they are traveling separately. and a collection of troubling new obamacare developments tonight. the architect of the president's health care law moving along
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substantially when it comes to the president's impetus and false declaration that we could keep our doctors if we wanted to. here is ezekiel emanuel on fox news sunday. >> didn't they say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? >> yes. >> but if you want to pay more, you can do that. this is a matter of choice. and if you want to, you can pay for it. lou: he would be called an elitist for his remarks if he were a republican, so he gets away with it as a liberal. "the wall street journal" reporting that lower income individuals may be able to report on obamacare plans, but not the astronomical deductibles that will be required before the insurance kicks in. the average deductible for a so-called bronze plan on the exchange from the lower-priced coverage, is more than $5000 per
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year. that is more than 40% higher than the average deductible for an individually purchase plan before obamacare took effect. and volunteer fire departments could be the next victims of obamacare. the affordable care act forcing companies with more than 50 employees, volunteers or not in the administration has yet to carve this out in the law and joining capitol hill where house and senate negotiators are reportedly close to striking the first successful budget deal ends 2011. the deal would reportedly raised agency spending to just over $1 billion for the next two fiscal years. but it would not significantly reduce the debt or replace the sequester spending cuts. time is also running out for that deal and lawmakers leaving town for the holidays on friday
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and there are other pressing legislative items on the calendar, including a 24% drop in medicare payments and the expiration of long-term jobless benefits for 1.3 million workers. that date is september 28. on wall street, another record-breaking performance in the dow jones up four points from the s&p 500 closing at its 39th record high of the year, the nasdaq is up six points. cisco announcing that it will buy u.s. foods in a deal valued at 3.5 billion and the combined company expected to account for a quarter of the food distribution market with about $65 billion in annual revenue. much more is coming ahead. the obamacare disaster, the crisis of credibility for the obama administration and brad thor joins us in a budget deal still on capitol hill as the
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clock ticks down. the "a-team" on the political prospect in the book that the atf didn't want you to see and that attorney general eric holder insisted that you not. we will be joined by john dobson and his new book much more straight ahead. the chinese aircraft carrier is on its way to the south china sea and afghanistan signed an agreement of cooperation with iran, but not with the united states. general tom mcinerney joins us next to a possessed the success or failure of the obama foreign policy. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada?
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lou: two days of talks to work
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out the details of implementing last months and around nuclear deals and specifically the two sides need to settle the start date of iran's promise of a six-month nuclear freeze and how it will be monitored and when sanctions against iran will be eased. in a permanent deal is taking a number of very serious obstacles. holding talks with top government officials and the drawdown of american forces from neighboring afghanistan. today, chuck hagel warned pakistani leaders to resolve anti-drunk protest stalling nato shipments across the border of afghanistan and pakistan wants to continue to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in u.s. military aid.
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also, intensifying political standoff in the ukraine, which has been gripped by more than two weeks of mass antigovernment protests and at issue, the president's decision to freeze ties with the european union and the align himself and his country further with russia. today, and they they rejected the discussions until certain demands were met and democratic republican leaders have reached an agreement on a compromise and a total $632 billion, including more than $80 billion for overseas operations such as the conflict in afghanistan. they are urging the house to vote on the bill before they leave on holiday this friday.
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joining me now is the fox news military analyst, general, what is your reaction to the insistence that this bill be put into law in the least at least voted completely on the house by friday? >> i think that it's going to be very difficult to do that. and i'm quite surprised that they allow such a narrow window. we've always had an authorization bill in the committees have worked that out. but this doesn't look good in the authorization bill is very important.
7:17 pm
and so is the pay increases, it had situations for aircraft and etc. and they are very interested in it. i am disturbed that there is such a tight timeline and we may not get it. >> the fact is that there are so many pressures on this congress and on the senate, as you well know and i find myself not surprisingly hard of this with poor time management with senate and house leaders. and in pakistan, saying that it is entirely a possibility. >> he is spot on. if hamid karzai does not find that agreement, then we should pull up our steaks and get the
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heck out of there and let hhm go his way. leo latour to, the tribal leaders approved a and i say if he doesn't do it, then let's pull out of there. they are the ones that are going to lose and when we leave, nato leaves as well. so they are going to lose an awful lot. >> if you welcome the premise for the coalition japan and a handful of other countries. if you don't attack the enemy, the taliban in afghanistan, that there will be greater terrorist threats around the world. and we just simply drop this premise? >> my question is will 10,000 advisors really go after the problem of radical islam?
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and i don't think it well. we are not going to win their hearts and minds. as long as we are giving them money, they are happy. they have not change the ideology as far as attacking radical islam. lou: it is important and the afghanistan people have produced a record of supplying most of the world's opium and until to the dedication and the push that the united states had carried out an effort to shut down the taliban and the opium trade. >> absolutely. the key is in pakistan.
7:20 pm
this was a counterpoint with the indians and we ought to carry that message to him and say that you take out the taliban, the isi is funding him. admiral mike mullen pulled pointed that out. lou: what he think of that as well, general? holding ourselves accountable? >> i think it's a great idea. lou: what we are watching now, announcing that they are extending their own air defense identification zone in the south china sea and that japan is insisting that it will not relent and the chinese are moving in an aircraft carrier along with three other ships that birdie arrived in the
7:21 pm
general area. this looks like it has the potential. >> this is the first time that the chinese have been so aggressive. including more of being focused on more than just being protective of north korea. they now have this huge economy that we have helped to fuel and grow and they have been growing their military with nuclear forces and conventional forces and so i was a little disturbed when the u.s. asked our airlines to register that is going through that. i don't think that we should have done. this was but this was different than the ones that we have in the continental u.s. and it is in international waters in international airspace and ours or not. lou: general, it's always good
7:22 pm
to be here. thank you for talking with us. going onto the weekend box office or winter storms are affecting a large part of the country, it didn't stop folks from going to the movies. bringing in more than $31 million, the "the hunger games" drop in second place, earning 27 million. and a box office bomb for relativity and christian bale, his newest movie earning over 5 million, good enough for a distant third. coming up next, sticker shock setting in for those who have been able to enroll in obamacare and there aren't many. we will be taking it up with "the new york times" best-selling author brad board on the obama administration's ever worsening crisis of credibility. please stay with us, we are coming right back. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one,
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♪ ♪ lou: eight of the countries largest technology companies today calling abound in turn upon president obama to implement sweeping reforms to stop surveillance. the coalition saying that there is an urgent need to change
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spying practices because according to microsoft, people will not use technology that they don't trust. and there is some irony in that statement as we look at all of the cyberattacks on technology around the country. and new reports about just how extensive the national security agency really is. they have spent years spying on online gamers, including those playing on world of workout. in obamacare architect ezekiel emanuel says people haven't signed up for coverage because the obama administration has not sufficiently promoted it. my next guest says he couldn't write a greater piece of fiction in the obamacare narrative. we are joined now by best-selling author in his latest book. i was going to make a remark about a number of things. i will constrain myself.
7:27 pm
ezekiel emanuel, saying if you really want to keep your doctor, the obama deal is just to pay up. >> so what is he telling us? in obamacare works if you're rich. so if you're rich, you get to have choices and we heard that certain high and technologically advanced hospitals are being dropped off of all these insurance plans. and again, don't get access to the doctor you wanted the best health care system you can possibly have unless you are rich and that is the bottom line, which is a stunner coming from the high progressives to. >> the idea, that these hospitals would be excluded. i mean, this is something where we find out that it's so huge. and the premiums are lower than
7:28 pm
some had anticipated, which means i don't quite understand how high they expect them to be. and this is a very difficult thing for people who thought obamacare would amount to something, in particular the one middle middle-class working men and women in this country. >> i have to tell you that there is a poster of obama that says that the nra sales, through 2008 and 2009, this guy is the best salesperson and so the necessity of us is to embrace liberty, i love liberty and my first and only test for legislation it doesn't bring me more freedom or less. and every single thing has been less freedom for you. the problem is that they believe you and i are too stupid to make our own decisions. so they have to legislate and regulate us to death so we do what they want us to do. i believe the endgame of the democratic party in constituted now is complete government
7:29 pm
control in this idea that it's falling flat on its face, between july of 2010 and the end of last month, obama met with kathleen sebelius as many times? >> not anymore, it isn't. [laughter] lou: amazon developing plans and i'm not sure if jeff bezos is happy or not with that. but it sure brought drones forward as an issue and google having a fit about the idea of amazon having drones in the air to deliver packages. at the same time, many saying they don't want any further surveillance by the nsa and this is a crazy country right now. we have technology companies telling us that the national security agency should start spying, which is what they have been doing and mining data for
7:30 pm
years without anyone's permission. talk to facebook, talk to google. this is crazy stuff. and there's something that's about to come to market, which is a brand-new way of doing e-mail and i fear hear that these guys are going to do a kickstart process and that they are doing something where it never sits on a server and it's constantly moving kind of like this with the russian trains and the nukes. >> i'm trying to understand what that all men. >> it's good for the nsa. they get kicked around a lot and that is good. and they wouldn't be there along with all the other alphabets in the soup otherwise. they are in the public sphere
7:31 pm
and people are going to see it and that's why you're out in the public square and i give the nsa kudos. it's like i'm saying you shouldn't of been flying on that flight academy even though there was a whistleblower saying that we have to learn how to not land this plane. lou: i'm trying to understand how the country can take these executives seriously, talking about personal privacy and security and pushing against the nsa one guess they want a monopoly on that access. >> if you own that domain, if you get a gmail or hotmail for free, this is the way the marketplace works. i'm paying for it if i want that privacy and the added encryption and i think a lot of the nsa
7:32 pm
stuff is forced upon some of those companies even though they do their own private data mining. lou: thank you, coming up next, we will come right back. if you like your doctor, you can keep them and you have to pay in this includes the ever-changing narrative. a.b. stoddard is here next so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel tha in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a ng story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank.
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7:36 pm
ezekiel emanuel making it really simple. if you want to keep your doctor, pay for it and that is what the president really meant to say, apparently. >> i think we learned a few weeks back that one president obama said he like your policy, and he was not telling the truth and what doctor ezekiel emanuel made clear is that if you're going to go into the program, you're going to get the services that meet the standards for the affordable care act and it is the people that are going into the system for the first time
7:37 pm
that haven't been assured in a long time. lou: as you put it, you're going to have this, it's like the basic message and i think you are exactly right. this is such a coercive tone and a piece of law that i can't believe there is a greater focus on it in the national media. >> in fairness, i think the national media has followed this story ever since the government reopened on october the 16th, night and day. and this includes anyone, including the elected democrats are in negotiations with president obama and his team all along. and i think as we look to the future of what is the enrollment
7:38 pm
look like and what it is reassessing these prices for 2015, what does it look like next summer when businesses and waivers expire and they might take a bunch of people in their companies imported into these changes, people that think they are unaffected by the law. there's a lot of potential problems that could come from the slot that have nothing to do with the website. and the administration needs to face that. lou: one of the unintended consequences is to invert the ratio and medicare is swamped. $17 trillion in unfunded liabilities are a likely outcome for medicare. >> i think that medicaid will reach a crisis actuation fairly soon. but it will not be alone. we talked before about the cuts to medicare and what was required by obamacare. and this includes the private
7:39 pm
insurance market starting with the individual market and it started off as a website problem and it could well become a health care crisis. lou: doctors are not abiding mr. medicaid patients. >> yes, and they are going to lose money on this. most doctors are small business people that have to pay for this and what have you. and if you tell them that they have to get less money, they are just not going to be able to function and the problem is they can end up being a state burden and it will break the backs of good health care. lou: among the many miscalculations, the horizon of these problems would manifest themselves, they never dreamed of the day would be a crisis within a matter of three months as they had been of obamacare.
7:40 pm
that is where they are now. coming back to continue the conversation with the "a-team." and joining our discussion, taking a minute to check us out on social media, you can follow us at and coming up next, three of the most recognized managers in baseball history. well, they are part of our history again and that is coming up next. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
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lou: major league baseball hall of famer proves the three do members. and unanimously elected some thrale a committee all future inductees were in the top five of the career list of managerial victories. abiding 7,558 wins with a world series championships over three decades. quite a performance.
7:44 pm
back with the "a team". we're now watching a chinese aircraft carrier booby id to the south china seas see with the buildup of troops and author three bob dash three other ships in to the region now the announcement of air defense and the dedication episode and the japanese are not backing off a at all and it is not clear what the united states >> historically we are the force that goes in there and with diminishing until a check -- military you don't have the other resources to put the carrier group in there to keep peace. all of these countries are about-face and will not back off. there is historical bad blood and it is a bad
7:45 pm
situation. lou: the fact that as a raised earlier we have the nsa beseeched by technology companies to stop surveillance and to back off your reaction'' that there is a cadre of technology companies that think somehow their interest is better represented than the nation and? >> i think all of these are different pieces of the same puzzle. you have a week government viewed as weak abroad now teetering at home. so nobody wants to the witness everybody wants to carve it up in their own way. the lack of american strength, at home and abroad
7:46 pm
, a lack of consensus stubbornness speaking for all of the people or most of the people, has a damaging moment. when americans beverages we can sell whole world goes off the rails. we see that t chided chided, ukraine, a soviet mother ship almost arab countries moving to russia and all lost the sense of resentment that the government does not represent public it is a very dangerous moment and abroad. lou: congress does not seem to have a clear voice what is happening with ford policy we don't hear from the foreign affairs committee or the republicans or the democrats to shoulder part to show interest of the country and the president. what is going? >> a very interesting turn
7:47 pm
of events and i have covered congress since 1994 to watch what has happened and to both parties is iiteresting because there is a tangible draft if not the isolationist bent but to get away from the tradition of the republican party in the international posture are broad and the emphasis of global leadership. that's is disappearing. as we move away from the republican party from those spaces that are so popular from that traditional republican position that and on the democratic side they lost so many so-called moderates and left with such a liberal and thai military
7:48 pm
investments posture that we see a new coalition were what greasy and afghanistan of senator rand paul to name one person in siding with someone like denis percentage. you can see in this area debate that was a debacle for the entire congress turned against him and use of both parties say no. lou: was it a debacle or checks and balances? >> i am characterizing it that way because even a democrat was not privately furious and embarrassed that the president created redlines and the news this was coming. lou: they were embarrassed for about president?
7:49 pm
>> yes. >> foreign policy is always led by the a administration with the agreement of democrat or republican and the weakness of this president on all fronts he is not respected abroad or domestically. >> i think syria was a dry run and the iranian arrangement is a very dangerous situation. lou: there are plenty of challenges. think you so much. too quick programming notes state to end at 8:00 for the exclusive interview with former presidents dick cheney and at 9:00 the brand-new show his independence starting kennedy. check it out. ainge the new book see an armed pitchers revealing what the government knew
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about "fast & furious" and why they let it happen. "fast & furious" as next. as a busins owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every d. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings startt 11, cindy.
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lou: the etf and obama administration tried to silence our next guest from publishing this book about his role of operation fast in various cover the gun running operation that led to a the murder of border patrol agent bright and cheery nearly three years ago he and the ongoing investigation by the house oversight committee and ultimately holding attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. right now whistleblower author of the new book
7:54 pm
entitled the an armed truce. -- truth. good to have you with us. the idea that they tried to silence you how did they fail? >> figure for having me on. originally regulations require you have to make a request before you could do in the outside speaking were teaching or writings were submitted the request by the chain of command and was denied effectively absolutely cannot do it the reason they cited was harmful to where route and the relationship with other departments. lou: the u.s. attorney of phoenix arizona actually leaked confidential information and restricted informations and trying to do you irreparable harm in
7:55 pm
the judicial process as well as the process to get the book out. >> correct actually in violation of the privacy act the former u.s. attorney of arizona release personnel documents to the press to smear me and retaliate against pulling go whistle. lou: just 2.0 the foreword to the book is written by a senator chuck grassley and darrell ice of the two men most responsible to lead the congress to an effort and to once again your title is called the unarmed truth and we recommended a highly. we just cannot believe after all this time what you must think that the truce and is not out. the powerful oversight
7:56 pm
committee in congress has held attorney-general holder in contempt but still very far from knowing the details of operation "fast & furious". >> to my knowledge this is the only time the president has used executive privilege with those documents in question. part of the reason to write the book is that this is not over. people think it happened three years ago it is all i asked and answered but we don't. there is a number of questions that pass to be answered am brian terry's family are still secretly -- desperately seeking answers. lou: question asked and answered from the house oversight committee but that answer that came in february the following year had to be retracted by the attorney general because it was inaccurate?
7:57 pm
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b1 let's say you are one of the millions that couldn't make it into work today and maybe you figured that you log onto the obamacare website. chances are that you're we time goes down. today we are just learning that things are going up. promoting low premiums for scores of americans, but there is a catch, and it's a big one. it comes at a cost of much higher


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