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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 11, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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that is set for tonight. thank you for joining us. to not forget to dp are the show. have a great night. >> the obama white house floods the first family on the trip to south africa a clear attempt to move past the embarrassing and some disrespect of sophie that mr. obama participated during the memorial service yesterday. i m lou dobbs. lou: good evening the white house flood's news outlets with a series of behind-the-scenes photos showing the obama, the bushes, secretary of state clinton on airforce one among the images the white
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house photographers the current and former first family leaving air force one in president bush should win his artwork and a joke with president obama. the administration uses the background photos to try to crowd out the images of the president's embarrassing himself be with the prime ministers during the memorial service for nelson mandela. the president is under considerable criticism to not conduct himself in a dignified manner just after the president had blotted mandela for making him the the main he is. >> i learn from nelson mandela as the struggle was taking place in this beautiful land. investor something in me. it woke me up to my responsibilities.
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if to others and myself and sent me on a journey that brought me here today. and while i will always fall short, he makes me want to be a better man. lou: we are 30 about that controversial handshake between him and castro. stated mr. scheck has been engaged in six months of quiet talks including immigration and direct postal service and disaster response and senator ted cruz office confirmed today he walked out of mandela's moral surface while castro delivered the speech protesting his political prisoners and failure to hold free elections but the president repeated his seat. another bizarre incident
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this man who stood within feet of obama and other heads of state is a fraud and imposter he was to be interpreting posing as a translator scimed which but instead he was making episode gestures as he went along the press secretary did not respond to questions about him but telling them to talk with the secret service but the man has still not been identified by the west or south african authorities. domestic failures having an effect on the approval rating as the ulster journal poll shows 43 percent 1.above the record so setback in october. 54% they disapprove of the jawbone is doing and for the first time half of those surveyed as obamacare as a bad idea.
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almost 60 percent cited the health care law as tte main factor. and new numbers show the obama administration is no where near his teens the ambitious target of 7 million americans through the obamacare web site. just under 365,000 people have signed up for obamacare 1/3 of the 2 million people originally projected by the end of last month. of those purchasing private insurance more than double band that has been determined eligible to join medicaid. in that marketplace has grown but not as quickly. oregon has only 44 applicants. hhs secretary sebelius appeared before congress for only the second time since the obamacare web site went
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to live. she testified before the committee and came prepared and called for an investigation of her own web site and her own department and herself. >> i asked our inspector general to look at contractor acquisition the overall management of the project of performance and payment of contractors. >> she had this to say when asked about the 5.6 million americans lose insurance has been cancelled. >> i don't know where the 5 million number comes from but i have been told the house plan does not match from the a.c. a compliance plan and a number of the individuals have reenlisted so losing coverage and be notified the plan that they had does not exist in the
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four are two very different things. lou: those 5 million americans and plans were canceled mayfield entirely different approach we're trying to sort out what she bent. today a fourth video was released showing obamacare navigators in texas advising applicants to commit fraud. this shows the following up with nonprofit organizations and he learns five negotiators has been fired as a result. were the 100 organizations benefited from $67 million so he has his work cut out if he does a full sweep. ahead john baker lashed out to conservative groups to encourage republicans to except the budget deal with
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patty murray and paul ryan. >> the use our members in the american people for their own goals it is ridiculous if you are for more deficit reduction you're for this agreement. >> america's prosperity fall lobby against the deal reducing the deficit by $2 billion per year over the next decade but it is a reduction. house republicans have announced they will bring a deal to the floor tomorrow. one of the last legislative facts before they leave for washington. it is interesting to see two votes no. democrats are skeptical because partly it does not include the unemployment benefits. with democrats reservation
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steady for here is not whipping up any votes as of this hour in the senate next week will go on the proposal is expected to pass although the growing list of senators is opposing it including mitch mcconnell and marco rubio and rand paul. on wall street stocks finished for the second straight session and the nasdaq is down 57 points. and all said to return to the new york stock exchange the biggest ever for a hotel raising 2.3 billion dollars. much more ahead. sticking with the dealings of the west while our guest tells what it means to the iranian nuclear talks also too big to fail the great
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recession on why the economy is safer because of the volcker role. obama is having difficulty in creating controversy over the sophie he took that the mandela memorial. we taken up with our favorite house. we will be right back. >> house speaker brainer -- john baker blast of marie and right in deal we will talk with that congressman coming up. ask me what it's like to get your best nht's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep.
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lou: senate homeland security committee despite
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the fact that the candidate is a subject of an active inspector general investigation at issue if he improperly aided a company owned by the brother of former secretary of state clinton with foreign investor pieces sandy reports that he would help expedite applications for about two dozen foreign investors for a loss vegas casino after pressure from senate majority of the jury and his staff. and senator lamar alexander fires his chief of staff being investigated for allegations involving child pornography. law enforcement's agents searched his home and alexander is one of seven republican incumbents up for reelection next year facing the tea party challenge as well. speaker boehner blasted the
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critics with the budget come together. joining us now the chairman of the house judiciary committee. this chemical always great to be with you. >> do you support the new deal? $85 billion worth? >> i have many of the same concerns the conservative groups have expressed but you need to do place the blame with the president who will guide do its entitlement reform, said it that will lead to entitlement reform that is the problem. we have already done tax increases and that's only masks the problem we have
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with out-of-control spending. i prefer to have a vote to @%tend their current level of spending for the rest of the year and i think conservative groups would as well but unfortunately we don't have to hundred 80 votes so chair brad wright is put in a difficult position to come up with something that is responsible and i think is dave really small step but a way to make sure we do not get the tax increases to start the process that we cut more did we give in the sequestration area and therefore it deserves careful consideration by the house. lou: if i may say the deal looks like relatively short. as a return to regular roles
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in the senate and the house of that is the result would you agree or not? >> that is the immediate result but during this time it would allow us to handle each appropriation bills separately. that is important not to have individual members to have various spending programs but also to stop certain programs by cutting off funding altogether. my constituents based on the no cost-benefit analysis this is one of the many examples.
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lou: to other subjects in the interest of time secretary sebelius talks about the investigation of herself and her department does that satisfy you or are you astonish to make such a proposal or statement? >> i think secretary sebelius would serve us well to step down and the president to appoint somebody hugh understands how to unwind the mess called obamacare but since i will not hold my breath the inspector general should continue the investigation and that i think is very important the same thing to be promoted to a leading position is steve
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administration in gone awry now compounded by a senate by a requiring a send people with a show the nuclear option two weeks ago. lou: to other options hirings the aide to senator became as he pushed forward the kennedy became amnesty legislation that has people very concerned and second, though where we stand will speaker bather -- speaker boehner had his way for immigration reform rather than the approach where you have leadership for a good six months?
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>> it has been working with us very closely including the speaker who was very helpful about one month ago to make it clear that not only will we take up the amnesty bill but not even conference with it after reid to our work with a step-by-step reform first to the legal immigration reform then finding appropriate legal status for people that aren't illegally in the country i have every confidence we can work with the leaders and the staff that is a reassurance day. lou: your committee holding a hearing tomorrow it turns
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out some of the drug cartel try to gain asylum in the country to game the system that it is bodacious participating with his administration? >> we have no longer a strong history to welcome people who face real political or other persecution in their home country. it is a number of different ways including no basis for fear of persecution in the not the details until a proper determination but then told to show a for a hearing later on then they don't show up.
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second and even reverse some of the people applying for political asylum are members of drug cartels and mexico in their fear of persecution is killed by the other drug cartel that is not what political asylum was set up to do. babied reform but we need to get out the facts and we will do that tomorrow morning and i look forward to this hearing i hope your viewers will watch. lou: we will follow you throw. breaking news a security firm to protect the consulate in benghazi was ordered to avoid the media by the state department the watchdog group has uncovered e-mail's from the state department to the blue mountain group no word yet
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go national. go like a pro. lou: the fda finalizing plans to crack down on certain antibiotics used in livestock increasing of the food industry contributing to the spread of drug-resistant infections that thou kill an estimated 23,000 people every year. antibiotics are used to prevent disease but mostly to fat in cows and p.i.g.s. and chickens for consumption nearly 30 feet billion-pound of antibiotics are sold there in 2011 the latest number compared to of the
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8,000,040 reduce. sales of microsoft new x box one consol breaking a record taking 80 days -- 80 days to surpass 1 million units but saudi sold 2.1 in 50 days both are selling more than 1 million units of the first 44 hours after going on sale that is good news for about companies the american country awards dinner kirkpatrick steps out of her comfort zone to spend the evening with some of vegas showggrls bright and was named artist of the year
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taking home six strophes including new artist and on cbs the annual victoria's secret at fashion shows stretching their stuff to fall about a boy and taylor swift and of course, the highlight was the unveiling of the super bra. $10 billion number with 52 characters rubies and other diamonds yellow sapphires and precious objects. regulators of approval to roll yesterday including when next guest this says tough new restrictions poses the too big to fail high rollers group the commissioner of the commodity futures trading commission and it is great to have you with us for golf
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if you have opposed the level of rule as it was initially of tell fairly recently people are very upset it will be too restrictive to generate profits how do you come to the decision to support that ? >> i think the banks will somehow make a living somehow in the fall of 2008 and ever since the financial sector has made more ready than in the other sectors i am not too worried they will be in the poorhouse but my reason for changing but there was some definite alterations made at the last minute if i was a part of those.
7:29 pm
lou: what was part of that language? >> the banks but hedging for a the house not allowed to speculate with their own money but that is what we prohibited with the volcker rule that will make things safer. lou: when i start hedging foreign investment in somebody determines i am speculating i am hard-pressed to make the distinction how do we do that with lot a and regulation? >> you have focused on the dilemma in the grey area it
7:30 pm
is about 1,000 pages long. the part of the reason it is is that you have to get into the gray area.uld hedge your rik for the house but beyond that it has to be coronated -- correlated to the rescue cannot say i have this than i have a big hedging positions that turns out to be a speculation in the past to be calibrated. remember in london they started to lose money if they had the ongoing we calibration they would not have lost 6.2 billion. lou: the other word is
7:31 pm
proportion and commensurate to the initial trade or position at the house and that does not seem to hold. also to bring into line would never have happened in terms of risk. i don't want to get into the weeds but that is what it seems to. >> i really was not going to vote for this if it is a correlation analysis to insure it is appropriate to choose a risk if i was not convinced it was solid five would not be there. but the volcker rule will stop the banks from having a troublesome duplexes a that
7:32 pm
that for themselves in the customers sometimes they cross we know what happens then the basics will live in the customers will lose and it will slow down the excessive speculation the we have seemed. of course, we have to be concerned about liquidity in speculation but not the excess that can do things like push oil prices around. lou: also consummate interest in italy seems that your own and achieves priority. great to have you with us you have announced your resignation but we wish you the best as we wait to hear the next chapter. merry christmas.
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7:37 pm
former u.k. advisor to the country's ministry of defense perry good to have you both here. i mean, this is a quick return to old rhetoric to talk about the elimination of. where is the iranian government headed here? >> look, the nerve center is headed by an agency that you just mentioned, the iranian revolutionary guard. what he said basically means that the center is in that direction. the president is doing diplomacy. what is interesting about that is that those leaders have won top boss. ayatollah. so whenever one of the other says a the end of the day, it will decide where they are going. he has not decided to let go of the nuclear power. that is why i am very reticent to believe that he will go far as policy. lou: is this an effort and an
7:38 pm
effective attempt to block his power from reaching out further? >> well, in order to acquiesce i think it is important that the ayatollah actually a line with whatever the ultimate outcome will be, but i think what this does is gives us a good indication of just tell the political leaders are split. who actually has his hands on power? is the ayatollah. he is the guy that makes the foreign policy decisions, the guy in charge of the military, the guy in charge of the judiciary system. lou: but that has been the contract since 1979, and point of fact. what is different here is we are talking about a split within the iranian top echelon mall simultaneously the obama administration is accused of being cavalier and, in fact, reckless with the negotiation have undertaken. does this confirm, support, or
7:39 pm
create greater ambiguity iran the effort to negotiate a deal with the iranians? >> i think the latter. the point you make is good and creates a little bit of ambiguity. the diplomacy efforts are on. in the after moving forward. lou: the iranians now presumably by some accounts, and we will include that in the israeli intelligence show that they are very close to having a nuclear bomb. but we have been told this by western intelligence agencies, including our own for the past four years for crying out loud. we are sort of at sea as to what is actually happening. we are at sea as to what the purpose, goals, and the approach that is really being taken here
7:40 pm
by the obama administration and what will be the israeli response to an all. your thoughts. >> well, first of all, the iranian strategy of developing a nuclear bomb is very complex, not just having the bomb, tested summer in the desert and telling as we have it. they need to protect it off. they need a fleet of missiles that can, on the one hand, the liver that weapon, the terrace, and victor the israelis and the other arabs and also have the anti-aircraft system to protect themselves if we want to strike at them. so it is not as simple as having a bomb. i myself think that the iranian regime has been the everything except the bomb. the bomb would be the last component because once they have it they will have to protect and defend it. that is what they're working on. clearly saying, we are developing missiles. that is where the issue is. the initial tip of the missiles, that is where the issue is. lou: at the same time members of the senate seeking to increase sanctions.
7:41 pm
the administration, particularly secretary carry on point trying to say differ, the late, give this an opportunity to be a sell negotiation that will demonstrate effectiveness. >> i don't think economic sanctions -- the evidence is not compelling that they are working. he think about the financial institutions, they have been ostracized for seven years. trade embargoes on military arms , on oil, gas. it is not working from in the reason is the amount of centrifuges is gone from 3,019,000. the iranian continues to be enriched. stockpiles are increasing. and it continues to be constructed. there also needs to be well and intent. and this is a catch-22 situation. the economic sanctions, strengthen the resolve of the leaders to develop a nuclear capability, so we have pursued diplomacy. lou: all right.
7:42 pm
thank you very much. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. lou: join the discussion at home . you and paula. >> caller: gosar facebook page, the links. up next, the budget battle pitting the speaker of the house against conservative political action groups. we will take up the harsh attack tonight. as ebony williams, monica crowley, and vons you're down and join us next. stay with us. ♪ my mantra? family first. but with less energy, moodins, and a low sex drive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron. the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to rmal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than8 or men with prostate or breast caer. and childr should avoidwho are contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signof puber in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur.
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john podesta has been brought back from the clinton era. what do you think? >> a reputation for being something of a second term turnaround artist which is what he did for bill ccinton during the monica lewinsky impeachment proceedings. he is the quintessential washington insider, spearheading until just a couple of days ago george soros organization, the center for american progress, steeped in progress in politics which makes him right at home and the obama white house. my feeling is that as talented a manager as he is, he is not going to have much influence. he will be a bill daley kind of character, someone who is brought in ostensibly to try to out straighten things out. the inner circle remains the inner circle. that is it. lou: that is a very tight group. let me ask you this. is the fact that no one has been fired here because there is pleasure at their service or is it because the optics don't permit it?
7:47 pm
layer and someone else who are being brought in for what is clearly a desperate white house. >> it is a good point. i do think adding to what i think is essentially an echo chamber for the obama administration is a good thing. they need fresh vision and voice. they do need to listen. the president can no longer afford to hear what he wants to, and i think that the numbers are finally resonating with him that it is time to make a change. i do think the inner circle is slightly bigger than the first lady. but i do think that certainly that is not going to cut it. some accountability needs to be had in this white house which would include some heads rolling. i don't think the optics would be all that mattered. the american people would be happy to see the president's stepping forward in a meaningful way. that would go far in establishing credibility. lou: what do you see is the possibility here for accountability for a change in
7:48 pm
tone and approach by this president. he said it was not about his management style. he said it was all about this vast and ponderable, inoperable government. no mortal could possibly control of. >> zero and zero, but as to does not have a chance. he is a goner already. i agree with monica. double mrs. obama and valery jarrett. in the end a president who feels what are you going to do to him? he has gotten away with everything imaginable. like his actions at the funeral yesterday. lou: we will talk about the president's sophie that was seen around the world and also came republican party that seems this is more than a civil war. it is a war, and there is nothing subtle about it. we will be back in moments. up next, the war on christmas, expanding into our military every special interest groups targeting a to the scenes just
7:49 pm
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♪ lou: shaw air force base in south carolina forced to remove a nativity scene that had been located near its memorial like. according to the military religious freedom foundation, an undisclosed number of chairmen were so emotionally troubled by the sight of a plastic manger and baby jesus that they contacted them to take further action. the reason behind the altman barring of the nativity scene, according to the religious group spokesman, a self-described atheist, and anti religious group, the scene is illegal because it was not erected near chapel.
7:53 pm
and if the military is falling for that sort of thing in my opinion we need to, well, beef up our intelligence service. we are back. let me -- let's start with you. the president in a self the effort. i don't know if he succeeded. the prime minister of denmark and david cameron, the prime minister of the u.k. embarrassing enough? it was for me. >> i am born and raised in the south. no one appreciates public decorum in respect more than 90. but within context. not know if you have had the privilege of going to a funeral in new orleans, but it is a laboratory. a photojournalist has come out because of all the speculation. give it some context and set in this moment there were two hours into the service, there were two more hours, and all around south africans are celebrating, singing and dancing. it was apparently a very carnival-like atmosphere and the
7:54 pm
photojournalist not think that it was an all peculiar. lou: i think that is a terrific point. do you agree? >> no, i don't. you try to bring a humorous story or something. it is about that, mandela. it is not about the president and this group be stuff with cameras in the weather. inappropriate and if it is four hours, suck it up. as part of the dignity of the office. lou: the guy the surprise me in that was cameron. are you kidding me? the british acting like that. >> three heads of state acting like total goofballs and nelson mandela's funeral. i think the first lady's expression says it all. she has that face, respectful and dignified in a little past off and her husband is acting like a defense. look, i mean, it is embarrassing, but they're much bigger things in this country in the world to worry about. lou: one of them as the republican party. i know you must be deeply troubled to see the speaker of
7:55 pm
the house go after the conservative wing of his party and just lash them over their opposition to the budget deal by ryan and mary. lou: yeah. >> here is the thing. i think he learned a lesson he is thinking about 2014. no question about it. he wants to be able to make the argument that his party is one that can reach across the aisle and work. we see paul ryan and senator murray doing a bipartisan budget deal that does not raise taxes, reduces the deficit, does not extend an insurance -- excuse me, and one insurance and you still have the gop up in arms. we see the speaker having a bit of forward thinking and really chastising his party for not coming along with him. lou: i agree 100 percent. this is the speaker that i think has learned something, and i don't think the conservative wing hands.
7:56 pm
this is an opportunity to return -- as the chairman said earlier on this broadcast, the rules, the regular order in the house and the senate, at least until next -- the end of next year. i mean, that alone is a huge development and constructive for the conservatives in the party as well. >> well, i would say there is a third element. the speaker, these professional tea party groups to i think are suspect, like freedom works. the realty party people that i interact with. your radio shows that our actual grass roots and are willing to go along with this because obamacare is still the big issue and we don't want to take attention away. lou: that is a great point. the tea party right now is packed with what pelosi called astroturf in certain quarters. name one. in expression of the popular will, thank god.
7:57 pm
fifteen seconds. >> i will just say that the democrats went through their civil war over a couple of decades. the far left one. now you're seeing the same thing happening in the gop. lou: thank you so much. thank you. thank you. great to see you. ♪ textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their0-year lipper average t. rowe price. invest with confidence. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years -
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: look at what we have started. we took a stand and watch the blood flow at what is a death match with a the very soul of the republican party. very few people have worked this out. and i don't know what it is. he cut his people and he connects. this guy can get it done. and what washington needs now is a strong leader. >> chris christie is a promising figure. i don't agree with him on a lot of things. i'm more conservative than he


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