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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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the famous. the last year your tax questions as we wrap of 2013. that is it for tonight on "the willis report." and dennis kneale. thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ lou: the house of representatives passing a bipartisan budget agreement just moments ago, despite the speaker of the house not so subtle war with conservative political groups. the right wing of his own party. his counterpart in the senate, well, the bill's state is far from certain. and lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening. the controversial paul ryan-patty murray budget has cleared its first big hurdle passing a house of representatives moments ago by a vote of 332-94. 1603 democrats joined with 169
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republicans to pass the bill that has caused some consternation with conservatives in congress and the political action groups to support them. house speaker when out of his way today to an jabbed conservative groups before the vote was a second day in a row. here he is taking shots. >> i came here to cut the size of government. at exactly what this bill does. white conservatives will not vote for this is beyond any recognition i can come up with. when groups come out and criticize an agreement that they have never seen you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. lou: his counterpart in the senate, minority leader, one of many republicans in the upper chamber who have already been to the bill and announced intentions to vote against it. center mark rodeo, one of the first republicans to criticize.
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comments responded to tersely while taking a shot at the entire senate republican caucus. here he is responding to a question about what he would say if he were to run into him. >> read this deal and get back to me. in the minority we don't have the burden of governing, getting things done. lou: the bill moves of to the senate where a vote could come as early as tomorrow. several republicans already on record with opposition. flatly rejecting the bill. the majority of the caucus is expected to vote against it. the only real question is whether or not harry reid can stave off potential rebellion by his own caucus and the democratic senators unhappy the bill does not include an extension of unemployment benefits. the obama administration does not seem to handle madeleines
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are deadlines very well. today they pushed back another deadline. individuals who want to be insured and january 1st now have until dec. 31st as opposed to previously that 23rd of december. and the department of health and human services says there could be more delays depending upon the exceptional circumstances. obamacare has been riddled with exceptional circumstances. three senators on loading same error extremely concerned about obamacare. >> , none of what you are seeing an are about to see is unforeseen. the affordable care act problem is not a computer site. >> there is no way that any of the hospitals, certainly in the phoenix area and a box of around the country which they opened. >> it is nice to carry a plastic insurance card. it is quite another thing to
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access care. lou: hh as announcing another $50 million grant for the community health centers nationwide to bring on more obamacare navigators to help people sign up. that brings the budget for navigators to more than $200 million. but if the navigator's cannot do the job, the obama administration is betting that people magazine newest, sexiest man alive will be able to. mayor riordan five frontman is joining other celebrities to promote the health care loss it -- the new social media and a number of state exchanges turning to comedy to raise awareness, producing this video showing in a bombing impersonator rapping about obamacare. >> if you need a new health care, and because it's hot. sign up coz it's hot. >> the commander in chief said i am to terms strong but i have
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this new health care which has got it going on. lou: the administration thinks young people are not signing up because of bad marketing. the man who provided they can sign language interpretation part of a loyal service of nelson mandela claims his performance of schizophrenia. the translator said he heard voices and hallucinated that angels were entering the stadium as he was performing. he tried not to panic because there were so many armed police and law enforcement agents around. he was also hospitalized and the mental health facility previously for more than a year-and-a-half and says he has been violent in the past. those revelations prompted the south african government to admit that they made what they call a mistake in hiring a man who insofar as it can be determined, does not know how to assign to the deaf. to give you an idea of the
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gibberish she was signing, compare him to the agenda an interpreter of south africa's public broadcasting channel, or listen to this sign language expert who was on jamaican alive translating what the man was saying. here he is. >> hello. and welcome so far. [laughter] well, cigarettes joined bringing in a different to yield a circled. [laughter] and i would like to brand and often. basically this is fun. all of these balls. this is kid. i'm sorry. to. [laughter] lou: south african government officials have tried to track down the company that provided the chance qaeda, but they cannot apparently identified the owners of the business.
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at this point. he will keep you up-to-date on that investigation , we will call it. much of the nation is still dealing with bitter cold temperatures as a blast of arctic air from canada blankets the country with temperatures in the single digits from the upper midwest and teens and twenties from the dakotas across the great lakes. temperatures ten to 20 degrees below normal. are you ready for this? temperatures dropping to- to-29 degrees. upstate new york hammered by snow. more on the way. the latest expected to dump an -dditional 12 to 18 inches of snow. some areas buried in up to 50 inches of snow this week alone, and it certainly will not end there. developing into tomorrow,
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bringing with it more snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. beginning tomorrow on afternoon freezing rain and sleet. arriving in the northeast. on wall street stocks finished lower for a third straight day. the s&p lost seven, the nasdaq down five. soaring seven and a half%. weekly jobless claims of 68,000. the highest level in two months. retail sales posting the sharpest increase since june of seven tenths of 1% in november. and j.p. morgan chase expected to pay more than a billion in the justice department investigation into whether it provided adequate warnings to regulators and of the scam
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artist bernie man of his ponzi scheme collapsed five years ago. and much more ahead. a top democratic senator aligning himself to the white house and putting a hold on future iranian sanctions on the ramifications. the house speaker flexing his political muscles on the conservative groups. it will his lead unify house republicans. the "a-team" will be with us. damaging new evidence about the obama administration efforts to cover up the nearly september 11th attacks in benghazi. the latest. judicial watch residents here with us next. coming up next, chinese hackers use naked pictures of the french president's wife to spy on or leaders. that story straight ahead. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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♪ lou: the obama foreign policy leaving syria and disarray. administration officials talked -- claim that the top rebel backed commander fled his headquarters -- headquarters over the weekend during a takeover by islamist forces. officials now say the leader of the free syrian army was in turkey when the site in northern syria was overrun by the islamists. a european union official says the president intends to sign a free-trade agreement forcing closer ties with the european union. his refusal to do so last month sparked weeks of mass protests that have not subsided despite assurances by the president that he will sign the deal. hacking into the computers of high-level bureaucrats and democrats is to apparently not
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that difficult. all you need is a pretty woman and an e-mail account. a computer firm says chinese hackers were able to gain access to the foreign ministry servers of five european nations at the 2011g20 senate -- summit by sending their diplomats in mel's promising to provide new form of -- data as of former french first lady. the white house today targeting more than two dozen companies for evading sanctions, freezing the assets of firms in countries ranging from panama and singapore to the ukraine. some companies are accused of covert business relationships with the iranian national tanker company. others involved in the nuclear program. joining us now to talk about all of this, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst. the idea that there are going to enforce sanctions now, is that some sort of quid pro quo?
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>> i think so. the administration is trying to say, we are tough. and you're going to do these things over here, enforce sanctions which should have been in force before the and assure you that you should not go ahead and have new and additional sanctions while negotiating -- negotiating. lou: does it not also raise the question in any serious public servant mind, why in the world has this administration permitted these covert relationship to be created and maintained between western companies and the iranians national tanker company. lou: -- >> they should have shut it down all long time ago. they have been enforced somewhat but not complete which is why you're seeing is bullish on the part of some who are critical to say, why don't we just in force
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will we have. they always try to get more. but the sanctions have brought the iranians to initiating table , and i think it is foolish of us to give up the sanctions. lou: there are those who cannot understand how they could have possibly delayed getting to the negotiating table. they seem to be doing so well. let's turn to syria. overtaking one of those locations of the free syrian army. his own people don't know where he is, and the united states is providing support. this makes this administration look rather foolish in his judgment to do some. >> president obama's said there is a red line. and then president obama has now been bailout. obviously one of a senior russian leaders earlier this week, he said, we don't have any
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particular loyalty or relationship can above all we care about is stability. i think what that means is that now that russia is calling the shots in syria he stays. what does it mean for us? there are thousands of experienced terrorist fighters. estimates of 2000 european fighters who are in rebel groups what are they going to do? they're going to go home and be experienced bomb makers and committed terrorists. lou: the reason seems to be blessed with experienced, well-trained bomb makers. combatants from afghanistan to syria. >> absolutely. lou: given all of that, the united states has another failed policy in another state and is being destabilized.
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and the russians seem to be managing to come out of this looking as though they never hand in the game and all. at the same time they are preserving their interest in the region. we are learning nothing from the russians, our experience what is the point of the exercise for this demonstration? >> that is when no one can figure out. what has it done? did destabilizes countries they you just mentioned. libya, syria, certainly a rock. afghanistan will be a disaster. what is the take away? the war looks at american and says, you screwed up the middle east and now you're going home. washington says, great opportunity for us. this has created an opening, and we will take it.
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lou: and opportunity have been never dreamed would be possible when leaving afghanistan with their tail between their legs. thank you so much. appreciated. up next, one city has found a way to just simply ignore the second amendment. the washington post openly lobbies readers for gun violence stories. those stories and more straight ahead. lou: the president a lame duck and losing popularity. the speaker now waging a very civil war against conservatives. the "a-team" next. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card.
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♪ lou: some news on the flu season. federal health officials said the flu season is off to a more normal beginning this year after last year hitting someone early and harder. according to the centers for disease control, more than 380,000 people were in the hospital last yearr the most since 2005. still too early to know just how bad this season will be, but the beginning is much better than
7:23 pm
last year. officials in burlington, vt. her reportedly thinking of using a loophole in their state law to violate the second amendment. burlington city council claiming that they have the authority to confiscate weapons for up to five days following in a domestic dispute. critics blast in the "washington post" for asking readers to submit personal gun violence stories. the post also asking folks to submit pictures of themselves holding the number of common the people they know who have been killed or injured by gun violence. that is going to be quite a fact checking enterprise to run all of that town. cadillac. this will all be part of the coverage for this saturday. it will be at a very hurried fact checking effort. joining is now, the "a-team". republican strategist, fox news
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contributor, former white house special assistant, senior adviser to president clinton. democratic strategist mary ann marsh. let me begin with you. speaker, so harsh and calling out the conservative groups of his party. is this a wise thing to be doing? and now you must be taking delight in it, but is it a wise approach? >> well, yes. he is trying to save his republican party from losses in 2014 because he knows that tea party and the professional t party, heritage, free markets, dragging him down, but you also have house republicans fighting with the senate republicans. the rebuke was a slap that was heard across washington and the country. this is the speaker trying to save the speakership. lou: it is actually run and
7:25 pm
slapping it marco with the help. he has fallen madly to the point that he is being slapped the side by the leaders and pie specifically paul ryan. >> i think republicans want to get stuff done. i think that most of them feel burned by the shutdown. lou: the administration fails so miserably. >> that may be so. but i think the speaker realizes that he has to deliver it but the american people want the government to work. they want the government to fulfil its basic function of government. lou: isn't an allison for the majority? the president, the senate. >> he is the boss. he has to lead. >> the democrats in the white house and senate. this was smart politically. a divided party cannot stand.
7:26 pm
if we would have had another shot down a republican poll numbers would have gone down. it the democrats would have stolen the bully pulpit and said republicans caused this and linda's once again. lou: the obama administration, having such trouble with redlines and he's enunciations that they are setting forth and deadlines. how many -- can we see the deadlines that there are rolling back? the enrollment. they are pushing back from the 23rd of december. payments by the 301st. pre-existing condition. the small business exchanges have already been pushed back. the business -- the business mandate has now been pushed back. is there any clear legal authority that you can cite for
7:27 pm
the president to be doing this? >> it is locked. the supreme court upheld it. lou: no, i am talking precisely the spirit with which you responded. -t has enunciated, defined the code of that law the states that this president is with the brush of his hand sweeping aside. >> people want this to work. lou: okay. therefore. >> it is calling to be better and better. the better obamacare in the economy goes the better democrats will do in 2014 which is exactly what will happen. lou: the democrats will do better. therefore he ignored the code with him all law itself and does what he wishes with headlines and with whether element he wants. >> i think it is the law. i do think there is a lot of the
7:28 pm
law of reasonableness. they want to make sure that people do not suffer unintended consequences from the technology infrastructure. lou: would it not have been budgeted to go through that phase of this before? >> it would have been better. lou: in just a moment. stay with us. up next, sultry soviet nominated for another golden globe as she makes a tacit admission about her salary negotiating tactics. the highest-paid salaried -- highest-paid actress in the country. perhaps everyone should pay attention. stay with us. ♪ y day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested ov $55 billion here
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♪ lou: the golden globe award nominations announced this morning, the historical epic 12 years preceding nonce for best
7:32 pm
drama, director, and actor. the con artist movie american household nominated for best comedy or musical. among those nominated, modern family. the highest-paid actor on tv earning 30 million per year. and the shoes worn by michael jordan during his infamous for the game and in 1997 nba finals setting a record at auction. the red and black nike sneakers, then given to a teenage ball boy who had befriended jordan-year by bringing him applesauce. it paid off, i can say, rather handsomely. back with the "a-team." according. [inaudible] they have a line of the year. if you like your health care
7:33 pm
plan, you can keep it. what do you think? >> the president misspoke. i will give him that. lou: for four years? >> i am going to give him that. lou: i love this generous spirit. >> i am trying. in 2010 republicans took over the house because of obamacare command and think there will take over the house and senate because of obamacare. that is why you had bill clinton cannot and say that the wall was flawed. lou: what he was saying is it is about time to establish yourself as the winner of ally of the year and is about time to keep a promise. keep your plan and keep your doctor. we have not finished the rest of the promises. where we are going. >> given the track record i would not put a lot of credence.
7:34 pm
lou: how can you undercut them? >> go look at their record. that said, the president ran on finishing the job, getting america back to work, making sure people have access to affordable packed care. lou: you are so much better than that. we bring you on here because of your quick mind and honest hard to. >> flattery will be you everywhere. lou: beholden to those talking points. >> i don't do talking points, but that is what democrats will run on. lou: i did not ask you. do you remember what i asked you? >> promises, and that is what he promised to do. he needs to win the house back. lou: i am going to try his with richard. i am going to see what happens. their median memo out there.
7:35 pm
we will find out right now. richard, where does this lead? the president has a disaster on his hands. the model is upside down. sick people assigning a for obamacare. we are watching millions of people signing up for medicaid, and it will likely break the system. we're watching the president and his health and human services secretary asking the insurance companies to ignore every deadline, please, please do whatever is necessary. where is this headed? >> there is no question the implementation has been a disaster. they fundamentally believe. lou: are we still get in the implementation? >> you are still in the early implementation. some of the things you referred to are a result of the fact that the law has not been implemented
7:36 pm
as smoothly incoherently as it should have been. >> this is what happens. >> me answer the question. we won't know for at least a couple of years once people sign out and once they actually have to go to the doctor, get treated, and access obamacare. lou: make a judgment about pola itself. >> you have to wait two years. >> this is what happens. lou: will this get us through the presidential election? >> in the midterms. [laughter] >> and his political legacy before policy. it is a flawed lot. should we scrap it? no, but we should add amendments to fix it. >> we don't really know if it is flawed or not because it has not been in effect long enough.
7:37 pm
>> when 40 million people lose their health care is a problem. >> no one has lost their health care yet. lou: 6 million people have had their policies canceled and will lose their health care. [inaudible conversations] >> they will have the opportunity to take advantage of the exception. >> you might not be able to keep your doctor. lou: they will yell. but not over me. thank you for being with us. could to see you. if you want to respond to what they said, check us out on you can follow wise. go to our facebook page. love to hear from you. earlier coming right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ lou: the budget deal working its way through congress contains a provision to allow oil and gas drilling in the western gulf of mexico. the obama administration negotiated deal last february to join the open one in a half million acres for offshore drilling, but is still would need congressional approval to take effect. calling for the united states to repeal restrictions on exporting domestic oil. this comes as the company forecasts the world will be consuming 42 percent more energy because of booming populations. new trouble for obamacare as the obama administration extends numerous deadlines for coverage. my next guest said it is the
7:42 pm
latest sign that the net -- the signature line is unraveling. joining us to discuss the latest , a member of the house armed services and veterans affairs committees, also a member of the house republican doctors caucus. >> nice to be with you. lou: the vote carries in the house. you voted against it. >> i did because i felt that we were somewhat secure. the other thing and i and a problem with is we did not embrace will we needed to. that is social security, medicare and medicaid. if we will be fair to the next generation we need to address those issues. i think that paul ryan did a great job, as best he could. i felt like we could have done more. one advantage, as a military
7:43 pm
person is good to see that there will be funding set aside. keep in mind, the budget is a shell. lou: when i talk with you, a reservist, a doctor serving in the reserves, a congressman of serious purpose, i always enjoyed it. i am, frankly, a little surprised. the idea that the minority in government, the senate controlled by the democrats, the white house controlled by a democratic president, it is their responsibility to deal with the issues. we have seen what happens. the shutdown which is, i think you would read, an unfortunate
7:44 pm
approach to governance, to shut down the very government for which you are responsible which is taking you into places that the speaker frankly and honestly said takes you into places you don't really want to go. >> i don't think he is incorrect. i felt we could have done better . since i have been here this is one of the toughest vote. there were several good things. i felt like we could have done more and my constituents feel the same rate. i think there is still a lot of work to be done. we will work within this budget plan, and there are games that can be made. i contend that we have to get serious about entitlement reform. lou: that is right. i think that most americans aren't quite enough and aware
7:45 pm
enough and knowledgeable enough to know that you do not have the power to influence that. and then i think to the election of 2012. what did cover romney as a candidate for president say? what was his plan? will was the platform of the republican party? i cannot tell you that there was very much there at all. the values were expressed, and i think appropriately, but it seems that the republicans have a far more urgent and appropriate mission which is to relate to the middle class and those who aspire to it to talk about prosperity which has elicited this president and his party with more than 20 million people unemployed cannot jobs not being created and irrational rate.
7:46 pm
he talks about the great and defining issue of part-time. i think the president is entirely wrong. the issue is will we be a nation of independent and self-reliant citizens fall will we be a dependent, frankly tested, you know, citizenry. lou: i could not agree more. i think that people are losing the spirit to find the american dream. opportunities are tremendous command we are doing so many things trying our economy in the wrong direction. i go from business to business talking about how they are not hiring. those are clear facts that are being ignored and do not help our economy. you had at peace. this country, god shed his grace on me. so lucky. we all want to be responsible, healthy, but we have so much
7:47 pm
opportunity, and it is being blocked. lou: when you say god shed his griefs on the, if you don't believe that the united states in its birth and in its existence is an act of providence, to think that here we are at this particular point of time and we have energy researchers and access to that energy opening of a vast treasure that 20 years ago we were told the not only did not exist but would be impoverished. always good to talk with you. you get the last word. >> it is an answer to our prayers to be able to have this opportunity. we can be so much more secure if we are energy independent. we need to be led in the proper direction. that is what i hope to do.lou: h
7:48 pm
us. up next, proof of a state department cover-up in the aftermath of benghazi. next on was a conspiracy times as high as the white house next. ♪ as a business owner, i'm constaly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purase, every day. i break back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer t the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here
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♪ lou: inspector general report shows executives improperly benefited from a steep discount on jet fuel from the federal government. the internet giant was able to land and refuel at the government done to cut government-run the airfield for six years. the federal communications
7:52 pm
committee voted to advance the proposal and would lift the ban on south and used during flights . not the final word from the federal government. looking at banning and flight phone calls. and hawaii officials say the state health director who verify the authenticity of president obama's birth certificate and authorize the release of affirmation about it has died in a plane crash was no word on why the aircraft went down in the pacific. the other eight people aboard survived. more bombshell evidence revealing how the obama administration apparently tried to cover-up details of the benghazi terrorist attack. stays after, the state department e-mail the company hired to protect the u.s. mission, ordering them to dodge the media rating camel we
7:53 pm
concurred in at the moment the best way to deal with the inquiries is to either be silent or provide no comment. our next guest has the organization responsible for uncovering this document. joining us tonight, president of judicial watch. thank you for being with us. in reference to the blue man group, the security firm in question. it turns out not to have been a security force on the ground as a contractor and the sub contractor appears to have been solely the militia, the 17th martyrs brigade. is that correct? >> that is right. there is a u.k. company is subcontracted out. it the february 17th martyrs brigade, an islamist militia that our state department was
7:54 pm
relying upon to protect our diplomatic and other american personnel on the ground in libya lou: the accountability review board said blue mountain may have left the big -- pedestrian gate open. this is the ." the pedestrian gate open. they have left think the unlocked before. >> this is the damning material. and these new documents that we had to force out of the administration after a federal lawsuit show that there was a real traffic suggesting there was a dispute with the state department, with the blue mountain brew in england verses the blue mountain group and libya. we don't know what it was, security related or they were arguing over who did what, but the e-mail show that the dispute was ongoing the day of the
7:55 pm
attack. e-mail traffic the day of the attack. lou: according to the cia, the first call for assistance, according to people on the ground in manager made calls on two-way radios and cell phones to colleagues warning of problems one hour before. what more do we know? >> we don't know much because the official investigative body for the state department's really did not look into what the group was doing. as you point out, this e-mail, the questions that started popping out, there was collusion between the two to stonewall requests for information. we know there has been an
7:56 pm
ongoing dispute from july thanks to reporting by your network. and the contract, by the way, we finally uncovered cost nearly 800,000. it looks to me like it or arguing over who was supposed to do what. one of the he knows that just came out show they asked the state department, when can we get paid for all work in september. lou: of course this is the same route. morgan jones is the name of the man on the ground. it now raises further questions. we have about 30 seconds. is there any bearing on an issue and the 16 men's report? >> the concern that i think has popped up and reporting and has
7:57 pm
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