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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 13, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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investors look to next week's critical reserve meeting. lori: tear the roof of the taper. adam: and service connecting patients and physicians. lori: without the sci-fi movie. lori: the entire field of view. lori: dropping her first visual album. how are things down on the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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the cable sector heating and began. >> reporter: a few names to take a look at. up about half of 1%. charter communications up. and this is as big news. a story we have been following. charter communications preparing an offer letter for time more -- time warner cable. now, those companies have declined to comment about what may or may not be happening. the offer is reportedly expected to be less than $135 per share. we will see whether or not that comes to fruition. time warner cable up nearly 40%. there is a one-year charter both of them. and i nice performance over the last 52 weeks. lori: thank you.
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he is stepping down. that will happen in march. replaced by steve malenkov, the chief operating officer. this was interesting. the changes coming after reports that he was being considered to takeover. microsoft. shares cruising up. adam: bill will may be stepping into a new tech arena. adam: a potential partnership. among the largest buyers of server processors and the world. intel dominates. the fifth largest customer. shares are trading down on today's session. adam: whether they wait until next week, the managing director says it is a buy on the news opportunity for both equities and fixed-income. great to see.
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>> thank you for having me. lori: let's begin with that. we are so anxious to hear the fed planned on tapering. you say it does not matter if we get it next week or early next year. by on the news. >> absolutely. first of all, this is probably the most telegraphed move in history. everyone knows it is coming. is irrelevant whether it is coming in december, january, march. we sit here like the credit markets. tax receipts continue to go up. the treasury's offering less securities. they're offer 600 billion less securities than they did this year. if the fed were to taper by $50 billion per month, which is
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obviously a very robust estimate, no one thinks there will be that aggressive. that will be a neutral effect. lori: basically it's that and is raising a lot of concerns about the threat of lower prices and inflation in the economy. i am wondering if this is something that bernanke and company are looking at closely saying maybe as sooner taper than later is in order. >> it is certainly possible, but given the fact that the producer price index is coming in weaker than expected. japan is trying to struggle out of their deflationary environment, if anything that would give -- deterred the tapir. washington d.c. this is the excuse that was given back in october because of what was going on with the budget showdown. obviously the debt ceiling. even if they agree on a budget, and signs are there will get one
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done in the next couple of days, there are a lot of indications that it will be as easy passing the senate as it was the house which could cause stress. all this suddenly have washington d.c. politics, it's transition, and economic data which shows improvement, but it is in fits and starts which is not necessarily the super strong environmental. lori: you think the market in the economy is set up an healthy enough to withstand a tapered. if you look at the treasury market, see rates rising. maybe it is already some positioning. that is basically what you are describing. >> absolutely. a lot of times the market is about positioning. good news is sometimes the market does not react well. this is an instance where it will be bad news in the market might. the tlc, the 30-year long bond etf, see that this tree is
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positioned to go lower and race to go higher. as far as the positioning with treasurys. treasury shorts are near one-year highs. very good chance that will surprise everyone and you see rates dip down. lori: and equity markets. chief equity strategist, making headlines. first everyone knows rates are going up. >> the economy continues to strengthen. systemic changes which could fleshed-out of to the sidelines. i have been reading reports that a lot of the managers are still sitting on elevated levels of cash. this is probably the most jaded
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rally that we have seen in the years and i have been a trader. also we have some regulatory tailwinds next year. people keep talking about maybe the fed moves on excess reserves a negative interest rates. what does that mean? ever since the financial crisis banks have been warning about 2 trillion that the feds have been trying to flush into the system. if the fed was to start taxing gas was savings that we have a depository institutions we will be pulling money out, looking at different asset classes. lori, we have the back. >> anytime you want i'm yours. lori: you never said to me. adam: investors are dumping bonds elizabeth mattel is here.
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>> you're right. good to be with you guys. look at the chart. when you see what that redemptions have been. look at a take off in june. this is the exact time when many bernanke's are talking about tapering, reducing the bond purchases. here's the deal, the problem. they are surpassing the dollar amount of redemptions. the bond yields start to spike higher north of 6%. bond yields still trending around 2%, to the 3 percent. and they are trending down. they're trending down to levels that we saw before the federal reserve stepping in to do there bond purchases. >> individuals, but mom and dad to own municipal bonds actually
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were pulling money out. it is the lowest level we have seen since 2007. over one and a half trillion. adam: that is roughly 32 billion less. why are they pulling it out? >> they are afraid. growth was talk about this. the bond king. interest rates probably going up. well the total bond universe. still smaller than the redemptions. 2 percent. they are afraid of interest rates going up, afraid of the bond fund going down in value. as a problem for the month. of the remember, it is being priced into treasurys. we are seeing that already.
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buying mortgage-backed securities. funds that invest in corporate. lori: expectation. >> compton of corporate bond funds trending down. that is the picture we're looking at. >> awesome. lori: crude-oil falling below $97 per barrel. fox business contributor phil flynn has been in the trading pits of the cme. what other drivers? >> everyone is talking paper. there is more to the m overseas.
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that will put a lot of oil out in europe. it is also a possibility. the other big one, to a broad, taper off. today not so much. we have seen them turn the market around. bullish. back to you. lori: you do the same. adam: and maybe someone's lucky day. that is the second largest prize. $269 before taxes. the drawing is tonight. the cash option is the way to
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go. you need the money now. adam: the cause of a september tapir. lori: the backlash. there could be one voice that will trump all others. capital to make it happen?
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side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayeyed backache or muscle ac. to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you ve any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. lori: take that phone in airplane node. two government agencies grappling with other passengers should be able to make calls from airplane seats. the fcc voted 3-2 yesterday to enhance the idea, but the surprising announcement, the department of transportation says because of the outcry for passenger and the airlines, it is considering banning all in-flight calls. seeing is the transportation department decision would take precedence over the fcc, the rule change such unlikely to be
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the final decision is expected to come in a couple of months. folks have spoken, and it sounds like they're being heard. adam: make the phone calls. it is time to go back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is their call watching amazon, looking to take on the big box stores. >> reporter: call your doorman to see if delivery arrived. right now up one 1/4%. i am talking about an amazon delivery at is actually -- let's talk about this particular service. the idea of drones with your packages. how about this one? they are reportedly working on pantry. this is a wholesale grocery service. that will likely compete against names such as costco, sam's club call walmart, at the track. bring in some of your groceries. costco and amazon have up arrows. walmart and the lots are to the downside. no, "usa today" says that the service is set to launch next
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year. so we will consider it. and you can also see it as another push to get customers to sign up for emma's on prime. adam: are you after we woman? >> price direct and ordering in. lori: closer to finding a replacement. she assumes the role pending her senate confirmation, of course. peter barnes joins us from washington with more on the candid it's near the top of the list. >> that is right. stanley fischer has been called and economists economist, and pfizer and teacher to some of the top economists in the world including, you know a few, ben bernanke, chairman of the federal reserve, head of a european central bank, and former treasury secretary larry summers. most recently fisher was that of
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the central bank of israel and is credited with saving its economy during the financial crisis. he worked at city for several years after his stint, the second-in-command in the international monetary fund where he helped to rescue mexico, russia, and several asian companies during their economic crisis. he taught at mit for two decades as an economist and central bankers he has advocated for aggressive action by central banks control the economic times of the trillions through which. he has called in dangerous but necessary. >> it is very hard to reach the conclusion that the unorthodox measures are, in effect, ineffective. they appear to be ineffective. >> but he has expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the fed's other major policy tools, giving guidance about the future path of interest rates. he said recently, we don't know
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what will be doing one year from now. it is a mistake to try and get too precise. but a former fed official says that at the fed under janet yellen, the incoming chair, he would be a loyal deputy and follow our lead on how long to keep the easy money policies going. lori: peter barnes. thank you. adam: the next big thing, 2013 brought us to will glass, smart watches, and a point. what tech wonders are in store for next year? we are joined next. adam: and did anyone know anything about this? as much for your eyes as it is for your years. we will have a preview. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: at 23 minutes past the hour, and arthel neville with 31 minutes. startling new details about the fate sign language interpreter and nelson mandela's memorial. a south african news side reporting the man has faced charges of murder, rape, and kidnapping among a slew of other very serious crimes. enca saying the outcome of the
1:24 pm
murder charges unknown. you remember, the phony interpreter was positioned directly behind president obama during his speech of the service . a bombshell revelation about american citizens vanishing in error on nearly seven years ago. the associated press reporting robert levenson was working for the cia on a rogue nation. for years the u.s. described the former fbi agent as a private citizen traveling and private business. and take a look at these pictures. a massive winter storm blanketing the middle east. nearly 3 feet of snow shutting down roads in jerusalem. it has even made its way over to egypt, cairo recording its first snowfall in over 100 years. those are your headlines. we will get you back not saddam and lori. adam: thank you very much. right now given the massive changes we have seen in the tech world over t year, 2014 promises to be a wild ride. what is in store?
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techno buffalo senior content producer joins me now with her top tech trans for the upcoming year. it is good to have you here. thank you for doing this. >> thank you for having me. adam: let's get right to. smart watches. what happened? are people using them? who is going to really see these proliferate in 2014? are they yesterday's news? >> i think terrible really kind of hit their stride in 2013. so now the people are sort of familiar with them we have seen pebble become a little bit more mainstream. i have seen them, you know, one by people on the street which is always something of a sign that something is getting popular when you start seeing it out in the wild. but i definitely think that 2014 will be a big year for where rebels, and not just on the wrist, not only are we going to see the iphone five as with the ms seven coprocessor the real stars seem developers and
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application makers really start to kind of let it loose a little bit in terms of what that can do for people who use an iphone five yes. we will also be seeing even crazier where rebels as some people are not familiar with. glass is a big deal right now. it has been a big deal in the tech community, but it is starting to bleed out into the mainstream. my dad asked me about it, which is always a sign that something is going to be bigger than you normally would expected to be. and also, even sony is getting into the game. a little while ago we some patents for smart ways which is completely bonkers and just great. i think, you know -- adam: what does it do? >> kind of a crazy idea, but they are saying that it would be helpful for somebody with a vision impairment to get directions as they walk around. it would give vibrations.
1:27 pm
it could also monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure. it is an nteresting time. not only will we be seeing better wrist where rebels in 2014 but some are really amazing applications ways and glasses. adam: let me ask you of something. i am still waiting. is it ever coming or will someone beat them to the punch? explain to me why everyone will go nuts over four k. >> well, it is -- so when we made the jump from standard definition it will be the same type of job. it will be little more subtle to the human eye because the more dense the pixels are in the resolution is on the screen the less likely you are to notice it in terms of, you know, while, it will be a little more subtle stag. we have seen it in the trade shows.
1:28 pm
all dry hd. we will even ctk screens are smart phones and tablets which is a big deal. you know, apple is super secretive. so we really do not know. until we start seeing leaks coming out of factories and from the inside, we are not really sure exactly when we may see. i don't know if it will be next year because i think there will be focusing on the fabled watch. i hope there are changes. lori: when i here i tv acting space 1999. you may not be familiar with that. very quickly, digital cash. but coin not ready for primetime just yet. fourscore is everywhere. paypall as its own version. >> digital currency is going to become a really big deal. it already is. a certain number of your debit and credit cards, cards.
1:29 pm
you can use it as an all and one for all of your different cards. but coin is really ready to hit the mainstream. we have also seen douala you're able to get an actual physical card. i think next year will be a really big year. we might be seeing some larger company buying out these smaller startups. the larger corporations, but it will definitely be a pretty big year for digital currency. adam: digital would be -- into his empty. it is. all the best. adam: i need to hit the atm. lori: beyonce fans woke up to an early christmas surprise at midnight eastern.
1:30 pm
releasing her fifth album on itunes. fourteen new songs and 17 music videos making a record one of the few major releases not leaked in advance. the pop sensations said she was bored of releasing music the traditional way. clearly. right now only available on itunes for physical copper is not expected to be in stores until december 201st. so far though reviews seemed to be fairly positive. today they're moving in the opposite direction. adam: a lot of people say it is cool, and that might not be -- the new way maybe the old. lots of people, whether youtube or itunes. lori: that is the new way. it. adam: that existed is news. move forward. when you want to feel better and not slap me, like lori does right now, but don't want to get off the couch, the doctor on the mend, technology connecting six
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open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. srt a tax-free business at lori: time for stocks now. let's head back to the floor of the new york stock exchange and nicole. you are watching one of the winners on the dow today. >> one of winners in the dow jones industrials, it has been on the top three throughout the day. look at home depot. the dow is up about 40 points. it has gone back and forth. home depot is looking good. a couple things to note. raymond james raised the company
1:35 pm
to outperform from market perform. this comes on the heels of upgrades yesterday. don't forget the cfo came out and talked about the numbers that they were seeing. 79 billion likely for the fiscal year which goes back to their 2006 peak. things are looking really good for home depot. that is one of the reasons you might be seeing it up. year-to-date up almost 30%. back to you. lori: thanks, nicole. adam: tomorrow's visit today. waiting for a doctor in a stuffy, germ-infested waiting room may be a things of the past. our next guest, adam jackson, co-founder and ceo of doctor on demand. the company connects consume with doctors via cell phones and tablets. he talks about the revolutionary new service that only costs 40 bucks. good to have you here on fox business. for 40 bucks i coon sign on to my tablet with doctor on demand and diagnose what is going on with me and get a prescription.
1:36 pm
>> that's right. we work on any ios device, ipad, iphone as well as android devices. adam: do you have doctors on staff. i know it is available in new jersey and new york and could you have doctors in new york that deal with the new york people or is it one central location? >> yeah, that is a good question. we have doctors currently in all those states. we're currently live in 15 states. if you're calling from new jersey you will get a new jersey doctor. adam: what kind of things are the doctors capable dealing with over a tablet? i always thought they had to see you in person but apparently not. >> face-to-face communication is really helpful when you're diagnosing things and we do that over video chat. the service is built for handling non-emergency medical issues. a cold, a flu, cough, sore throat, various kinds of bacterial infections we can help you with. pediatric questions. babies crying, little kid
1:37 pm
crying, you're not sure whether it is serious or enough. we're trying to set you up so you don't have unnecessary trip to the e.r. or your care. adam: application or $40 a call. >> down load it. sign up. get your account ready. no subscription fees. you only pay when you talk to a doctor. it is $40 a call. adam: that can be paid out of flexible spending account with a credit card. what about insurance, does insurance cover this. >> health care savings account, flexible spending account, credit card. we don't accept insurance. we're talking to insurance providers right now. we should be accepting most forms of insurance next year. adam: is it possible, i realize a lot of tests you get in doctor's office, can't be done on tablet, put your pulse on the screen or temperature and stuff is that in the works? >> we don't do it now, but there are some cool devices coming out right now that plug in or
1:38 pm
bluetooth into your phone. they can tell your blood oxygen level, take your pulse, all these cool things. as they come on the market we'll be integrating with them and, forwarding that data over to the doctor so the doctor can see, wow, this is, your blood pressure's high, your pulse, whatever. adam: and the customers have already used this, what kind of things are you seeing most commonly called in? people with a cold or something more serious or totally other than that? >> yeah, you know it is, we're in the thick of cold and flu season right now. we're getting a lot of those kinds of calls. fair amount of pediatric calls. it is non-emergency stuff. they're not sure if it's a big deal or not, right? so they want to talk to a doctor. you can use the app to send a picture. pause the video chat. send a high resolution over so the doctor gets a better look at it. if it's a rash or bug bite, something like that. those are kind of things we've had so far. adam: you got three million
1:39 pm
dollars in additional funding? >> that's correct. our seed round was $3 million. adam: i want to ask very quickly, anybody looking to buy you up or talk of an ipo in the near future? >> no. nothing like that. we're very new. we just launched the thing on tuesday. nothing like that yet. adam: all right. not twitter yet. wonderful idea. look forward to maybe checking this out. thank you very much, adam jackson. best to you. >> hey, thanks for having me. lori: speaking of making live easier, four of the largest mall operators are partying with silicon valley to offer same day delivery for shoppers. it use as team of deliverers to pick up bags from the mall to bring them to your house or office. bags from multiple source drop them off in a deliv booth in the mall or mall employee. they will even deliver for online shoppers. look how a few of those mall operators are trading and how they're getting into same day delivery. simon property shares are up.
1:40 pm
they were divesting properties in the news as well. adam: twitter whistling a new tune. humbling reversal after angry twitter users revolt. lori: some like dollars or some like chocolate. a 120 grand hershey heist. we'll tell you about that next. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate.
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i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliabili of fedex.
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>> i'm jo ling kent with your fox business brief. janet yellen's nomination to chair the federal reserve likely come before the senate next week. senate majority leader harry reid says the senate will consider yellen's nomination after tuesday's budget deal vote and wednesday's defense authorization bill vote. dave and buster's is exploring either a sale or ipo according to reuters. the combination restaurant and arcade chain has hired goldman sachs and jeffrey es on potential sale. that could value the company more than one billion dollars. boeing says machinist union leaders in washington state reject ad second contract offer to build a new 777-x jet in the state. union leaders say it is the company withdrew the latest offer. the company's offer is still on the union table and in their hand. that is the latest from fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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lori: twitter under fire from the twepps it involves mean tweeters the right to block them or not. dennis kneale here is explain. what a turn around in short time. >> they put the policy in today and removed it today. causing a tangle of user protests and backing down. on twitter people can get mean, when someone calls me a jerky block emthis, gone! twitter introduced a new feature to let the jerk tomorrow meant you. could respond to what you say and snipe at you this time without you seeing it. lori: no way. >> they complained and twitter backed down and feature eliminated. users are far more in control than users on facebook. it was the betweens. not twitter to invented hashtag and it has grown up it has to be more responsive. we have a new break down with
1:45 pm
the new policy before the old policy. old policy when you block ad user, the blocked person can not follow your tweets, can not add your twitter account to their list. can not have their replies show up in your feed and can not ever see your profile in your timeline. they are excommunicated. look at new policy they rushed to take off. if you block a user you will no longer see that user in follower list. any updates from the blocked user, their replies or interactions but they can continue to talk about you. lori: that's a problem. what you don't know won't hurt you. that is theory people said no way. >> twitter had a good reason to do it. when you block the user, user is alerted and told that. they tomorrow meant you. get a new handle. friend come and tomorrow meant you. twitter wants to sell ad. more people that have more interaction the more ads twitter will sell. lori: to clarify then, if you block somebody, does that person still receive the block notice and still go about and do other
1:46 pm
ways, tricky ways to get in touch with you? >> not sure. because they are rescinding the new policy, going back to the old, that means the blocked user will know about it. have you ever had to block a useer? probably not because you're so sweet. lori: sadly, yes. people are emboldened. adam: something liking all this, twitter is -- 58 bucks. that is what people are paying for this stock. not turned one penny of profit. lori: you're always skeptical about twitter and facebook. adam: not facebook. >> lack of profit thing. keeps on flying. >> there you go. that is great comparison. dennis, thanks. >> thanks, guys. lori: youumake a good point. adam: thank you, dennis. let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange.3 albert freid and company's ben willis on the floor of the exchange for us right now and, very quickly can you explain this wit fare mom none? 5bucks. they set a new record for them today. >> i can not explain it.
1:47 pm
you're asking the wrong guy. when my children begged me to buy apple computer at $5 a share i told them microsoft had better music device. i'm sure if i was on twitter, i would be blocked. no one wants to listen to me. adam: what do you think is causing the turn around from what we've seen earlier this week? >> i think the downside move was really quite minimal. there was no volume. the same thing with the upside move. we're just meandering through a confusion created by our own federal reserve that was supposed to give us forward guidance. they missed the mark and muddied waters not tapering in october. the entire investing world is significant on their hands trying to figure out what to do next. you saw record outflows from bond funds. you saw outflows from u.s. equity mutual funds this month. that we've not seen in a while. that tells you there is confusion to the investor. professionals in this market are protecting the yield they had on the year. record year, up 25, 30% for asis
1:48 pm
the managers. they don't want to see that go away. while open for trading using derivative trading. that is the basically the tale on the equity side is a tale of the derivative side. adam: ben willis are, thank you very much. lori: he knows about derivatives that's useful, great. some thieves steel armored cars filled with cash and some steal trucks filled with $120,000 worth of chocolate. a truck driver called 911 after his truck filled with hershey's was stolen and told the operator his truck was quote, hooked to a trailer fully loaded with chocolate. when the 911 driver seemed confused the driver, somebody with a sweet tooth, trying not to laugh. maybe that is what the thieves were going for? if you live in the florida area and see a the logo and thousands of dollars of chocolate inside, remind the driver, chocolate could should stay cool.
1:49 pm
adam: that could be nasty in florida with the heat. have to clean that up. google glass but without the dorky look. they are creating their own smart glass that is allow users to keep their frames. lori: we'll speak with the company's founder, paul traverse on his high resolution competition that may put google glass to shame. ♪ (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my char, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with sttrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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lori: watch out google glass because there is a pair of smart glasses out there with four types the resolution and you may find them more fashionable since you can actually wear these within your normal frames. paul travelers is the founder and ceo of louisiana six.
1:53 pm
he is here to -- vuzix. welcome to you. >> lori, a pleasure to be here. thank you. lori: we've been hearing so much buzz about google glass for a while now but you've been actually selling wearable display for use in industrial and in the military industries, in those areas, for quite a while now, right? >> that's correct. we've been at this since 1997 and from the beginning we've been working on technology that would try to make these things look like they would be conventional, more fashionable style devices. >> as we said in our introduction to you your technology can actually be worn within a person's existing frames, is that correct? >> well, they can be -- lori: to a degree. >> to a degree they can be employed in frames that look like conventional glasses. for instance a pair of oakley sunglasses, our tech is small enough they can fit inside those glasses. >> tell me more about the technology. i understand you're using wave guide which is similar to the
1:54 pm
kindle paper wait. the resolution is supposed to be better in that than google glass. tell me about those factors. >> there is a bunch of things about the waive guide technology that sets it apart from conventional optical glasses out there today. this is pair of glasses vuzix just started shipping. they operate like google glass and focus on the enterprise place. lori: hold them up higher. you're underneath our description. >> okay. lori: they don't look all that cumbersome, some google glass i've seen do appear clunky. is that a fair assessment? >> these guys are actually, fairly conventional optical systems. they're not using the wave guide. we're using the wave guided optics. what that allows you to do, by the way these are focused on enterprise space for people in warehouses, et cetera. these are optics going in our next generation display systems. you can see, if you compare this giant head here to this really thin piece of glass, this
1:55 pm
technology, literally fits in a pair of sunglasses. and these are the pair that we'll be coming out with mid to end of summer next year. you can see -- lori: so vuzix, what you're describing to me is how vuzix has made a big investment to transition from industrial military uses for those glasses, this new version will be spread or targeted for consumer use, right? can you tell me how any ol' person can use this and how it will enhance their life and experience? >> it will create amazing experiences. imagine you're having these guys on. you are in japan you read the menu, everything is translated for you innenglish. we have a partnership with ntt docomo in japan, they're like verizon wireless in u.s. they had 90 minutes of long lines waiting to use our current products to try to experience that you might imagine playing games with these things too or in your living room, characters come out of your tv set, come into your living room.
1:56 pm
from navigation to social there is just so many parts of life this technology is going to impact. lori: good luck wit. we would love to check back with you, paul travers. we have to cut it short for breaking news. good luke. >> thank you. adam: as lori said, there is breaking news. an individual has trying arrested trying to bomb the airport in wichita, kansas. fbi confirmed it was an under cover operation. a press conference will begin shortly. we'll bring you details as they are released to the public. lori: whiteout on christmas sales. will a nasty snowstorm on this christmas weekend hurt key shopping during the holiday season? coverage of the upcoming storm is next as tracy byrnes and ashley webster guide you through a can't miss hour of "markets now." ♪
1:57 pm
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tracy: happy friday, i'm tracy byrnes. ashley: thank goodness for that.
2:00 pm
i'm ashley webster. could be a whiteout for christmas sales this weekend. could it hurt christmas sales during this key holiday season? tweet us. expert coverage of the upcoming storm is ahead. tracy: fed insider raising the odds in favor of the fomc reducing bond purchases at next week's meeting. at least one of our expert panel members disagrees, that they have the nerve to pull the trigger. you can't afford to miss this one. ashley: plus, come on, you know who you are. netflix says bing viewing is reshaping tv industry. dennis kneale ahead on the growing phenomenon. tracy: in our tech minute, twitter hitting a new high after users revolt and the social network agrees to restore a blocking feature. that and much, much more on the tgfi edition of "markets now." time for stocks. nicole petallides where she always is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. hey, nicole. >> hey, tracy and ashley taking
2:01 pm
a look at a market that is up about 30 points. we've had a lot of selling this week. down for the week for the dow and s&p. second week in a row. nasdaq also to the upvied today. so today's not a bad day on wall street but not too much significant news. most of the news is story particular, right? you mentioned twitter at a new high on some news. we're watching home depot, a leader in the dow jones industrial average on analyst upgrade and recent news about their sales looking good. more of a day where we're looking at individual companies or sectors for that matter. we are seeing that the lead that we've seen so far is by technology and materials sectors. that is something on the s&p 500. energy and telecoms have been under pressure. for the week, health care and utilities have been laggards this week. but we're under pressure. watching that fed as you noted, 2.86% on the 10-year right now. back to you. ashley: all right, nicole, thank you very much. a former fed insider says there
2:02 pm
is now a better than 50, 50, chance the fed will begin its feared tapering a the next week's meeting. peter barnes joining us with details from inside the beltway. peter. >> ash, that's right. former vice chairman don cohn who is close to ben bernanke and janet yellen says it is still a close call but he says there is now a 60% chance that the fed will start to taper its $85 billion a month in quantitative easing bond purchases when it meets next week. in a conference call he told clients of potomac research that two things may have sealed it. yesterday's report on a pretty good, solid retail sales in november, and, the bipartisan budget deal announced this eek, which takes a headwind off the table because it would, in theory, make sure that have not going to be any government shutdowns going forward for a couple of years. but cohn says there is an argument to wait for more data
2:03 pm
before tapering and if it does the fed should present its plan for doing so. ashley and tracy. ashley: all right. peter barnes, thank you so much. tracy: so big question of course is, will the fed taper next week and will the markets object? i mean you would hope it's priced in but you never know. we have an all-star panel. brian gardner, senior vice president of washington research at kdw, russ koesterich, chief investment at blackrock. brian you disagree with donald kohn but you're still giving it a 50/50 shot, aren't you. >> always dangerous to contradict a former vice chairman of the federal reserve who knows more about the inside game than i do but i think when you look at the data and look back at fomc minutes from the last meeting where participants themselves acknowledged thaed onom forasts ha bee ovly ros ihink the fedantso se lile b mor evinceefor thoveor fwardo srt
2:04 pm
taring i'margeng mar. i ink i less than 50/50 that we see it in december. ashley: russ, same question. do you think we see tapering from the fed later on this month or much like brian, maybe in march? >> i'm more in agreement with brian. full disclosure here, i believe there is narcissism of small difference. debating whether the probability is 50, 40, or 60. would be great if we have that precision. agree with everything brian said. the fed is under no pressure. more evidence with ppi. inflation is well below the fed's target. second of all this is strange time of year to change monetary conditions. end of the year, trading desks are less well-mannedded. usually likes to-away from that this is transitional period. janet yellen is still not confirmed there is this odd in between between mr. bernanke and miss yellen. i would agree it is possible,
2:05 pm
more likely in early 2014. tracy: brian, russ make as very good case for that. we're talking about two different things. talking about mortgage purchases and potentially an interest rate rise. one or two or both could happen, we don't know. going into all this. to russ' point we all know what is happening, today, tomorrow, the next day. what should i do with my portfolio right now? >> you know, going into, going into the end of the year it is a tough time to russ' point, to be doing a lot with your portfolio because end of the year, you do have a liquidity issue where a lot of money managers try to lock in profits for the year. in yen i would -- general i would be cautious. we still continue to like the bank stocks and regional banks. they have a good run over the year and have outperformed. but, from a kvwer perspective we think regional banks are, and some of the larger community
2:06 pm
banks continue to be a good place to be. regulatory pressure from larger banks continues to be a concern. the bank stocks seem to kind of bull through it, bull through the regulatory pressures but when you look, as i look at it from a regulatory standpoint i think there's less pressure on the community banks an the regional banks so i tend to like those. ashley: russ, jpmorgan putting out a note saying they're looking for another 20% gain on the s&p next year. do you agree or is that a little overly optimistic? >> would be nice if they were right. we would enjoy it. i think it is a bit overly optimistic. to get that type of gain one of two things have to happen. really strong year for earnings growth which i think is a stretch and market would become quite expensive. we got that through increase in valuations which was largely the case this year. there are three big themes to emphasize for 2014. one, emphasizing large and
2:07 pm
megacaps over small caps. second of all, a little bit more after cyclical bias in your portfolio, less on dividend-paying defensive names particularly in the united states. and third, the u.s. has had a great run. it is still a strong economy. we be taking profits off the table from the u.s. and reallocating to international markets. tracy: russ i have to follow up with that too, last time you were here too you also mentioned emerging market plays but what countries in particular are you guys looking at and forwarding your money to? >> i think a lot are in asia. japan looks interesting. had a big year this year. we think there are room for further gains this year. market is still cheap on price e to book basis. we think the bank of japan remains accommodative. outside of japan, emerging markets in asia. china, korea, taiwan look interesting. even in the context of a taper, because we think the countries are running current account
2:08 pm
surpluses, they have strong foreign currency reserves they're better position to withstand that taper than some other of the emerging markets. ashley: brian i want to ask you about the consumer and psyche of the consumer. we're in busy and very important holiday sales time for the retailers. could you argue that the consumers are on the end of a deleveraging cycle if you like? then next year we could see a nice push forward from the consumer which is obviously very good for this economy? >> i think that has been speculated about for some time. from the consumer standpoint let me take a slightly different angle on that. one of the things i, as i have as a concern going into next year is, new mortgage rules hit the books in january. so on the mortgage side i think the first half of the year the banking industry and lending industry will be in a feeling out process about exactly what those new rules mean. ashley: yeah. >> so you may see some constraint in credit early in the year. i think as we go through the year and banks get more
2:09 pm
comfortable with parameters of new rules, things will get back to more normal. i am somewhat concerned on the mortgage side in early 2014. >> bring up a great point, brian. brian gardner, russ koesterich, thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. tracy: that was good stuff. ashley: here's a question, will a big snowstorm headed to the northeast this weekend put a dent in retail sales during the holiday season? still time to tweet us. your responses are next and up-to-the-minute coverage of that storm coming up. tracy: wine with me. it is friday. our feature, she actually holds the world's top wine title. master of wine jennifer brian is here to talk trends for 2014. ashley: i thought that was your title. tracy: imagine, imagine. ashley: plus power to the people. looks like the to allow cell phone conversations on planes may go unanswered. we'll dial you in ahead. tracy: as we do this time every day, look how oil is trading thanks to fears of a potential taper.
2:10 pm
you have increase in lib yawn oil production. potentially. your metals are all up today as well. the dow is up 10 points. don't go anywhere.
2:11 pm
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ashley: we a breaking news for you briefing on that man arrested trying to bomb the wichita airport. the fbi confirming it was an under cover operation and turns out the man, an airport employee, never did have explosives. so there you go. apparently he had what he thought were explosives but were not the real thing. tracy: that's a bummer when you figure that out as a person trying to do harm. ha. too bad. ashley: thank god for that. >> exactly. time to make money with charles payne. this hour he is looking at a stock hitting a new 52-week high. >> i'm looking at stock in a space, i think we talked about this dry bulk space before. maybe it has been a while. remember the dry bulk index was really hot 10 years ago. tracy: yeah. @> it would be the proxy for everything and replace the dow jones transportation. the problem is these companies over extended themselves. they ordered big giant tankers
2:14 pm
and cost a lot of money and the economy went down. any way the dry bulk, this is the talk i like, navios maritime holdings. breaking out to new 52-week high. has a lot of room to the upside. know the all-time high is october of 2007 at $17. i still see room to the upside but the dry bulk index is breaking out to double top, which is a major, major move. i'm not a big-time technician and this chart formation, when you see that happening it is usually very good news. what that means, guys, underscoring to me that 2014, i think the global economy will be so much better. i don't even know there is any part of the world where it will be worse in 2014 than this year. tracy: under the radar. bar is ridiculously low. >> right. tracy: fell off the radar for a while, that index. >> it did. tracy: we talked about the bulk index almost every day at one point. what happened? >> it went from 11,000 to one thousand. it was a combination of things.
2:15 pm
companies themselves, shipping companies themselves overextended themselves they were all almost bankrupt and almost all of business. give me a couple, 500 million? just as we took possession of panama mex. with the on panama canal. the new ones opens next year to the panama canal. i love the global prosperity play. this is good way to own them. obviously because the way they have broken down to losing money. higher than normal risk. which i like to say for you guys. i start off here and work my way up. tracy: these are shippers. >> right. tracy: do we worry about fuel issues, things like that, do you worry about that? >> a little bit. sometimes they have leeway in the contracts. what i worry about more than anything else is the global economy. they are charging more and more for the charters. by the way very expensive business. very, very expensive business. they have lowered their costs
2:16 pm
and think they're ready to do very well you know. tracy: charles payne, good stuff. >> thanks a lot. ashley: good stuff. tracy: baltic index. maybe we'll start about that again. ashley: can't overemphasize the baltic index. quarter past. time to check the markets, down negative. only slightly. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange, watching building materials companies texas industries, nicole. >> watching texas industries. yeah, the dow turned negative. the vix went positive. we had a little market shift these last 20 minutes or so. the construction materials supplier, texas industries, owners and group there exploring sale of the company. probably working with citigroup here to find a buyer and what's interesting about this dallas-based company is that we'll see where they draw some interest maybe. vulcan, which is one of their competitors, vulcan materials. also worth noting carl icahn has been involved with this company.
2:17 pm
his money management firm had taken a 28% stake in texas industries as of september 30th. so we'll see how this rolls forward. this is a story only beginning today. we'll see if they're finding some buyers and some interested people to participate with them. back to you. ashley: keep an eye on it. see if someone is in the market. nicole, thank you so much. tracy: obamacare, the administration further bending deadline rules. rich edson investigates from the beltway. you keeping it all straight? because i'm certainly not. ashley: every day. new calls for the sweeping overhaul of the nsa in the wake of snooping. details next in your fox news minute. first as we head to the break, let's look how the good ol' u.s. dollar is moving right now on a day when the dow, just down slightly as you can see but the dollar kind of mixed. the euro and pound moving lower against the dollar but other currencies including the canadian dollar as you can see actually gaining some ground. we'll be right back. when does your work end?
2:18 pm
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tracy: breaking news at 21 minutes past the hour. i'm arthel neville. the fbi foiling a terrorist plot to bomb an airport in wichita, kansas. the feds apprehending one individual, a 58-year-old
2:22 pm
aviation technician named terry lee mullen. this morn it happened under a joint undercover operation. mullen is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. authorities say the public was never in danger. we'll keep you posted. the white house deciding today to allow a single military official to continue to oversee both the nsa and the military's cyber command. the administration had considered splitting the posts amid controversy surrounding the government's surveillance programs. current head of the nsa and cybercom, general keith alexander is planning to step down in the spring. and listen up. tonight's megamillions jackpot, the fifth largest ever, is getting bigger and bigger. lottery officials boosting the prize to $425 million today. $425 million much. that is thanks to strong ticket sales. your chances of hitting all six numbers, 1 in 259 million.
2:23 pm
those are the headlines. get you back to ashley and tracy. tracy: arthel, i don't know why i'm sew opposed to lotto, i still will not buy a ticket even with the multimillion dollar pot. >> you're right, tracy. tracy: drives me crazy. girl, have a great weekend. another delay for president obama's fordable care act and health insurers are once again stuck in the middle. rich edson in washington with the latest on this one. hey, rich. >> hey, tracy. the private insurance industry says delays in policy is complicating transition to obamacare the administration, losing millions and enrollment numbers well below projections is trying to insure americans get covered on january 1st. to do so shoppers can choose a plan by december 23rd and insurance companies must cover them on january 1st. the deadline was december 15th. the administration also asking insurance companies to accept partial payments in january in exchange for full coverage on
2:24 pm
january 1st. and it encouraging insurers to treat out of network expenses as in-network. one of critic says encouraging insure es to cover outof network services will be costly. >> what you have happening is, is the administration is asking health plans to pay claims and pay bills that aren't even theirs. >> of these changes, hhs secretary kathleen sebelius says, quote, we're providing additional flexibility to consumers across the country to insure they have access to coverage options that begin on january 1st, 2014. given the problems with the rollout, reporters asked secretary sebelius in miami this morning whether she offered her resignation to president obama. sebelius says she will not discuss what she talks about with the president. the administration projections from september officials thought more than 3 million people would have enrolled in insurance plans by the end of this month. the administration says fewer
2:25 pm
than 400,000 had earlier this week. officials say website problems prevent americans from enrolling in insurance. they expect a flury of americans to sign up closer to the march 31st deadline. back to you. tracy: rich edson, glad you're keeping it all straight, sir, thank you. >> thanks. ashley: all right. we have tomorrow's business today. it is not looking good for airline passengers who want to make cell phone calls on planes. the department of transportation issuing a surprise announcement saying that it thinks passengers and airline industry are overwhelmingly against such cell phone use. the department is considering a ban on inin flight voice calls. this comes after the fcc voted yesterday to move forward in the process of allowing cell phone use. any decision made by the dot would supersede that of the fcc. airlines are today, new u.s. american company is up after monday's merger. i don't think a lot of people would support cell phone use on a plane. tracy: because people will abuse
2:26 pm
it. ashley: they will abuse it. i know you can have quiet sections but honestly you have all these people trapped on a plane and there are lot of incontract people. they don't know how loud they're talking. i'm on the phone, how are you? tracy: i'm great. snow coming to the east coast this weekend. will it be a white out for retail sales? tweet us your senses. up to the minute forecast from the fox weather center is next. ashley: in tech minute, no need to leave your home to shop though. if you don't want to go out in the snow, amazon pantry, internet shopping is going after your supermarket. tracy: friday wine with me. our wine person jennifer brian will talk about the best and worst wine trend of the year. we'll be right back. hi honey, did you get e toastecozy?
2:27 pm
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90 minutes until the close. looking at the dow 30. five hours ago the market opened and we are where we her, this mack shows you, 15 stocks advancing, 15 stocks actually declining. home depot getting a nice upgrade from raymond james to outperform from market perform so that sucked up by $0.41 just trailing visa on the top of the dow gainers. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. pretty much where we began five hours ago. nicole: who knows where we will go from now to the closing bell. look at and name we are following closely, anadarko petroleum, down 7%, $77.80 a
2:31 pm
share. this is a story did the back 2005-2006. u.s. bankruptcy court judge saying they may be liable for between $5 billion, and $14 billion. this is for a company that makes pitt and plastics look brighter. was dustbin of, they bought it in 2006 and this is something at that point. if they were to appeal this, we have analysts who could be a ten year appeal process going forward and city cuts their rating to neutral from buy. this is something in 2005-2006 that could go another ten years forward. >> eight states under a winter weather advisory as forecasts
2:32 pm
call for a complex system. that is what i call my daughter's. to hit our area. let's head to our friends at the accu-weather center. the weekend outlook as holiday shoppers, can they get out there? >> you will be on the difficult side once we head into saturday. let's look at what is going on. one piece of energy bringing rain from parts of northeastern texas in 2 parts of arkansas, temperatures much colder, getting some mixing, getting rain but 20 miles to the east reporting some sleet. the preconditions are the concern from st. louis in southern illinois as we head into the remainder of the afternoon, not even on roads but sidewalks. make sure you are stepping carefully. when things start to come together the disturbance starts to push to the northeast and we have another disturbance, this disruptive snow will break out
2:33 pm
from missouri in to the eastern great lakes. we are expecting a relatively quick change to rain for places like d.c. and baltimore keeping accumulations down. it will be slippery but travel will be impacted on a wide swath of i 70, off 80 and i 90 into the northeast. new york city looking at 3 to 6 inches before these transitions over to rain but the bullseye will be from pennsylvania into new england, looking at 6 to 12 inches and keep in mind that includes the pocono is an the catskill. that will create a lot of problems in terms of travel as we head into sunday. a lot of folks. tracy: good for them. thank you so much. ashley: could this snow barry retail sales during the key holiday shopping season? tweet us and we will have your comments on the bottom of the
2:34 pm
screen. joining us is lori lack in philadelphia city, which has already been hard hit with snow this winter. thank you for joining us. the big question is what impact could this have on retail sales at this important time of year? >> certainly putting everyone on heightened in the end needles. this will be a shortened holiday season. usually there are four weekends between thanksgiving and christmas, this year only three. it makes every weekend count that much more. you can't be too happy when it is difficult for customers to get to the store. there's a silver lining in ecommerce, becoming more important, 14% of overall holiday sales so hopefully people can shift some of that not being able to get out to sit in all cozy on their couch and pointing and clicking for christmas trees. ashley: what about the mom and
2:35 pm
pop stores that don't have this great internet site set up for people can't get to the store? are they going to be really hurt? >> you bring up a good point. i have seen a lot of public retailers spending enormous amounts of money over the past five or ten years on developing their ecommerce websites and continuing to improve the customer experience but a lot of those retailers do not have the wherewithal to develop a web site so they really don't have the option of switching to going online and i think it will become a disproportionately bigger impediment for them this season. ashley: we have a storm this weekend but once it clears out those people who would have done their shopping this weekend, are they just deferring it and in the long run still coming out as far as how the retailers make this holiday season? >> that is the hope and when you have these storm events you see people go in advance and pushing
2:36 pm
into the week but there's always the one% or 2% the doesn't get purchased because not in the right place for the right time and self purchasing at this time of year runs at 14% or 15% of holiday sales. when you are time pressed in terms of making sure you get all the items on your list you might not be as likely to take the time to pick something up for yourself. ashley: with time running out quickly will stores the forced to cut even more to get people back in? >> it is an incredibly promotional holiday season. 50% off is the new 40% off and they started that so they probably will have to cut a little bit more but there is still ten days to go and that they build some of this in already but it will be a difficult retail season for retailers. ashley: did you get your shopping done yet? >> i am getting there.
2:37 pm
ashley: get the snow tires out. thank you for joining us. tracy: when you are in the mall buying for everyone else he picks up for yourself. can give you are not there, sucks for me. it is friday. wine with me. jenna person and eddie will tell us the big world trends for 2013 next. ashley: twitter hitting the new high after users revolt the social network and this apparently worked. they will have a blocking feature. tracy: that can year unchanged, 2.86%. and your 30 year not moving much either, slightly down points, 3.7%. dow up 5 points. we will be right back. rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that?
2:38 pm
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decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> i am jo lin king and with your fox business brief. exploring either a sale or ipo, the chain hired goldman sacks and jefferies on the potential sale that could value the company and $1 billion. sixty-five locations and owned by private equity firm oak hill partner is. union leaders in washington say boeing has withdrawn their contract offered to build a new
2:40 pm
777 x jet following encounter is still on the table and the union hands. judge will hear a challenge to a voter approve $15 minimum wage for hotel and travel workers can and international airport. this was led by alaska air argued the city should not apply to workers within the airport. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:41 pm
tracy: 2013 has been a banner year for wines, i drink a fair amount of them myself. increase in weinstock ups to new technology to wine marketed for the addition to we have to go there? our next guest will recap the year in wind and tide 2014, master of wine, here with us now. everyone should know this is a title that how many people in
2:42 pm
the u.s. have? >> 3-2. >> how many apps is? >> four. to get the title. you should have something -- >> i got a ted cruz somewhere. >> let's talk about trends. >>, hottest thing going. 2013, this is the core, what it does is like a wine access. you can get wind out of the bottle without pulling the court. the magic happens where you have but little needle and you put it on top, put the needle down, press this button, put some are gone in it and you can't for and -- the court is shed and the bottle goes back to aging. this is perfect for collectors. sayre in restaurants are doing really exciting things. tracy: they were venting all of their bottles.
2:43 pm
>> 1982. tracy: now i don't have to drink a bottle day. so there is a lot of venture capitalist money going in. >> a lot being thrown around in world of wine. you have things like label recognition technology, $10 million, and something like social media kind of apps. tracy: that is the next new thing. >> social media kind of apps. tracy: net of valley interestingly enough. >> wine investments. that made it interesting for 2013. it was investing in napa valley, and more wine. tracy: the money coming into the area. tracy: we talked about wine shortage supply. come on.%
2:44 pm
there is no shortage. tell us about this bizarre casting. >> in japan, it is a wine made from cabernet just for cats. a wine for grumpy cats. tracy: it really was -- buying it and the translation is me out nouveau. going forward, i love this stuff. wine consumption is up but wine kegs. >> a company that was created in 2009, causes a resurgence in 2013 but this is low wave of the future. tracy: get them on tap. >> marriott starwood hotels, less shipping, less recycling, less carbon porridge. tracy: let's talk about the interactive technology. the notion of all these things helping me pick a great wine.
2:45 pm
>> the new frontier is personalization technology. it is not enough to just understand references. there has to be a low a i involved in this. so not only knows where you are with your preferences but it grows with you and with this, i have been -- i see the broader applications for this and come together with a company called wine ring and what this does is it is a platform, a technology platform. tracy: the coolest thing in the world but we have to go. it will help me pick out the best wine that suits my needs. >> absolutely. what it does, you have not only are you able to get recommendations but you are able to take your mobile device and
2:46 pm
reverse in beta form right now. tracy: when do we expected to be live? >> 2014. tracy: all part of the trend of 2014, jennifer simonetti brian. $30, not cheap. ashley: love the gadget. it is a quarter till. time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. let's go to the stock exchange. we are up, and down, pretty much where we began the day. >> we are. i wouldn't read much into how these markets are behaving today. we see this trend over the last few weeks where we get a little bit of movement, on top of zero at the start of the week, we went her into the weekend and that is what we are seeing. you see these markets are mildly oversold especially the s&p down 2% in the month of december but i am not concerned about that. we are very far away and
2:47 pm
everybody should watch the last two weeks in december, given that the markets are a little oversold they have a pretty good end of december 4th this year. ashley: we had guest earlier in the hour who said the chances of a fed tapered going up a little bit. maybe above 50/50. we are going to look into the early spring. >> there have been some things that happened recently most notably a budget deal seems to be getting done and the fed in the past said the fiscal problems inside the u.s. congress is a problem but i still think with the the weaker pricing data that we heard this week, they will wait until march to do anything of substance. ashley: thanks so much. have a great weekend. it is time for your take minute. they got the message. twitter riverses policy on its
2:48 pm
blocking function. short-lived change to the feature that made blocking more on newton than a block that was changed back. the original policy in place now so when the user blocks someone they cannot follow, message or at the account to the list, twitter saying, quote, we never introduced features to the cost of users feeling less safe. shares of the social media company hitting a new record today, 57 a share. picking up a carton of milk may be more point and click than a quick run to the store. amazon launching a new business called pantry that will let members by consumer packaged items like paper towels that will be shipped in a set sized box with a maximum weight. this will put amazon in close competition with big box retailers like costco and sam's, entry is set to launch next year targeted at amazon prime members. metal head, get ready to rock and game at the same time. the creators f guitar hero have taken on cigna's equipment,
2:49 pm
introducing exercise equipment, friendly game controllers that allow users to play games on a treadmill, stationary electrical machines. $99 will get you two wireless game controllers attached to the machines with velcro straps. it also has an activity tracker that monitors your speed and get your game characters more power. the faster you run the more power you get in the game but you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the technology. it can be used with a reader apps to scroll content rather than swiping an ipad or holding a book. ali baba technology. tracy: anyone who knows metal nose their skinny. they do a lot of stuff. that is their workout. good enough. admit it, you spend the summer walking -- watching breaking bad. netflix says viewers are reshaping the tv industry. dennis kneale ahead on the
2:50 pm
growing revolution. ashley: the worst airlines to fly this holiday season. is there a best? we name names coming up next. ♪ [ male announc ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪
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cheryl: must been kicked it -- we watch where we want what we want when we want. new numbers from netflix provides surprising details on how much we watch. dennis kneale. do you think we have jobs? dennis: most -- have of us are binging on tv shows. interesting implications for content creators and netflix earnings. wall street journal has the story on netflix releasing the first details on just how much
2:54 pm
we have become a binge nation. americans have become accustomed or addicted to watching an entire tv series and a few days. we knew bingeing was in overdrive with house of cards but 13 episodes all at once, now the numbers are clear. fully half of viewers watching ten popular shows on netflix. they view the entire season in one week, could be 22 episodes. they wouldn't disclose which shows, they will raise their prices but for one popular 13 episode drama, lee 48% of people watched the entire thing in one week. 25% watched all of it in two days. makes you wonder why they have so much more time on their hands than i do. netflix says the been the trend holds across men and women, older viewers and young viewers, for one 22 episode, eddie, half watch it in a week or less than 16% watched all of it in two days. these fuels' network subscriber
2:55 pm
growth for netflix but could hurt earnings. the stream spends billions of dollars, doesn't deduct cost from earnings until much later out because shows have long shelf life. now that life looks to be a lot shorter. costs are deducted sooner. stocks up 300% in the past 12 months. tracy: my kids do. my daughter pin watched hague boss. she did. >> you wait until the next episode. dennis: talk about it before the show or after the show, instant gratification world. >> netflix has rejected the phrase, can't find a good euphemism, just embrace it, or go ahead and own it. tracy: they are right. the one with the binge. dennis: the best
2:56 pm
on-time. ashley: hawaiian air. why there is no snow, they don't worry about travel delays. tracy: why they wanted you to do when their line story. all for the better we didn't get to hear it. ashley: coming up "countdown to the closing bell". it can also mean drinking at your holiday party. what are you talking about? a way to help you feel little better the morning after. had a? something james bond needed back in the day. a british study finds 007 to too much. they drink all day long. we will explain. lori rothman up next. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up.
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♪ lori: hi, everybody. i'm lori rothman in for liz claman. the last hour of trading.
3:00 pm
snapping a three day losing streak, but stocks right now, well, maybe we still well. one hour to go until the closing bell. gm in the news again because it has announced the completion of the sale of its 7% stake for $343 million. gm lost about 69 million on the deal. checking shares, up $0.13 and 40 hours and $0.7 per share. general electric made time. it plans to boost its quarterly dividend which is about a 16% increase. in reaction to that bit of news, checking shares of general electric up $0.18 to $26.72, a gain of almost $0.70. you can scratch long time exact off the list to become ceo of microsoft because he was just tapped to become ceo of qualcomm starting in march.


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