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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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thank you. . >> the obama white house flooding the zone of the first family on their trip to south africa with a former first family, a clear attempt to move past the embarrassing and some say disrespectful selfie mr. obama participated in during nelson mandela's memorial service yesterday. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, everybody the white house today flooding news outlets with a series of "behind the scenes" photos, former secretary of state clinton aboard air force one.
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among the images that the white house photographer shared the current and former first family leaving air force one and problem showing his artwork and sharing joke with president obama. the administration using the official background photos to try to crowd out the images of the president's somewhat embarrassing selfie with the british and danish prime ministers during yesterday's memorial service for nelson mandela. the president under considerable criticism today for his failure to conduct himself in what some would say would be a dignified manner, just moments after the president had lauded mandela for making him the man he is. >> i learned of nelson mandela inhe struggles taking place in this beautiful land and it stirred something in me. it woke me up to my
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responsibilities to others and to myself and it set me on an improbable journey that find me here today. and while i will always fall short of mandiba example, he makes me want to be a better man. >> we are learning more about that krrl handshake between the president and cuban leader raul castro at mandela's memorial. they report the administration has been engijed in six months of quiet talks with cuba, including immigration, direct postal service and disaster response. republican senator ted cruz's office confirmed he walked out of mandela's memorial service while castro delivered his speech. political prisoners and failure to hold free elections. the president remained in his seat. and another bizarre incident raising questions about security at the event.
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it turns out this man whotood within feet of president obama and the various other heads oftate is a complete fraud and impost. the n is simply interpreting for the deaf, he was signing. instead of signing, he was making up his own gestures as he went along. white house secretary deputy didn't respond to questions, instead told the white house press core to talk with the secret service. the man still has not t been identified by either the u.s. or south african authorities. the foreign policy and domestic failures clearly having an effect on his approval rating a. new poll shows his approval rating at 43%, one point above his record low set back in october. 54% say they disapprove of the job president obama is doing. that's an all time high. for the first time, half of those surveyed view obama care as a bad idea. when asked what shaped their view of the president this year,
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almost 60% cited the health care law as the main facto speaker boehner blasted conservative critics of the budget deal announced by senator murray and congressman ryan. joining us now, a member of the house republican leadership, congressman bob goodlot. he is the chairman of the house just deborah area committee. it is great have you with u mr. chairman. >> it's always great to be with you, lou, and your viewers. >> let me ask you this, this new deal,do you support it on the terms as they stand right now about $85 billion worth? >> well, i have many of the same concerns thathe conservative groups have expressed about it not doing what really needs to be done. bu you know, you really need to place the blame where the blame belongs and that is a president who will not do entitlement reform, two-thirds of our budget, a senate that will not do entitle him reform. >> that is what the problem is
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here. we can't get them to do it without doing tax increases. we have already done tax increases and tax increase only mask the problem that we have with this out of control spending. so i would prefer to have a vote to simply extend the current levels of spending for the rest of the year and i think many of these conservative groups as well would. but, unfortunately, we don't have 218 votes to do that in the house. so chairman ryan is put in a very difficult position because he shares these same concerns of having to come up with something that is responsible. and i think this is a, it is a very small step. but it is a responsible way to make sure that we do not get those stacked increases, that we start the process of dng a little bit of entitlement reform, that we're cutting more than we are giving relief in the sequestration area. therefore, i think this deserves careful consideration by the house. >> all right. mr. chairman, i think that if i may say the deal, itself, which
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is relatively short cut, the tall card happens to be that in a return to regular rules and regular order in both the snate and the house, if that is the result, that would be worth whatever edge for conservatives or moderate republicans or whomever. would you agree or not? >> yes, i do. >> that would be the immediate result at least until we get to next fall. during this time, it would allow us to get to handling each appropriations bill separately. that's important not only to allow individual members to have the opportunity to cut various spending programs, also we use that to stop certain programs by cutting off the funding to them altogether. in my congressional district, a lot of my kwicconstituents are concerned about the order on the chesapeake bay. a $16 cost to virginia. for the cost benefits analysis done. no way to stop it other than cutting off the funding for it.
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so that gives us the opportunity to do those kind of things. that's one of many, many examples like. all right. congressman, we've got a huge number of subjects i'd like to get to with you if we may very quickly here in the interest of time. sebelius today calling for an investigation of herself, in effect, her own department. does that satisfy you in anyway? are you astonished that at her brazenness in making such a propal ostatement? >> i think secretary sebelius would serve us all well if she were to step down and the president would appoint somebody who understands how to unwind this mess called obama care. in the meantime, since i'm not going to hold my breath for that, i think the inspector general of her dartment should be continuing the investigation of what's going on there and that i think is very, very
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important. same thing with mr. myorkis and his dealings now to be promoted to a leading position in the department of homeland security when this oud is hanging over him. it's all an example of an ad menstration gone awry and now compounded by a senate willing to throw overboard their own power to hold and check the administration requiring they send people that can g bipartisan support before they serve in these top positions when they use the so-calle nuclear option two weeks ago. >> two quick development, speaker boehner hiring rebecca talent, aid to the senator mccain, as he push forward the kennedy-mccain amnesty legislation. that's got a lot of people as you know very concerned. i want to know if you are concerned. secondly, where we stand, will we witness speaker boehner have his way and put forward? it seems he is pushing for the g-8 amnesty version of immigration reform rather than
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the bob golot inlot incremental. >> he made it absolutely clear not only will we not take up the senate g-8 amnesty bill that you just described, but we will not even conference with it after we do our work in the step by step reforms that address enforcement of our immigration laws. first doing reforms and finding an appropriate legal status. not a special pathway to citizenship for people illegally in the country. we will stick to that. i have every confidence we can work with the leaders and their staff to continue down that track and that that's where we should stay. >> no bill is better than a bad bill and the senate bill is very bad. >> congressman, thanks for being
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with us. chairman bob goodlot. >> he was supposed to be the vote to stop obama care. now one state wants to elect him to repeal it. former senator scott brown on the scott brown movement building in new hamp
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. >> obama care's problems continue to compound themselves. the washington post reports that in addition to millions losing access to their current health care plans, doctors and hospitals, obama care will also limit drug coverage for those with chronic conditions. joining us now, fox news contributor former senator, scott brown. scott, good to have you with us.
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>> it's great to be on, lou, thank you. >> every night it seems to bring here another development, velation about what obama care is with nancy pelosi's voice over my back saying if you want to know, just pat the darn thing. we are finding out. the idea that truck coverage would be lost here for people with chronic conditions and other road blocks just unimaginable but they keep coming. >> well, lou, i don't want to say i told you so, but when i was running for the united states senate, i pointed out a lot of the problemshat were going to be experienced with obama care. you have half a trillion of medicare cuts, which are starting to take effect, even 18 new tax, including a medical device tax crushing businesses. it's no surprise. listen, the money has to come from somewhere. so they're going to take from obviously the leser expensive
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drugs and sorry for the more expensive drugs and try to save money so they can pay for the entire plan. it's broken. everybody knows it's broken excepthe administration, that's why they brought in pedessa. as you referenced earlier in your show, the average american isn't going to be siing around the dinner table saying, oh my gosh, he's here, no one knows him except the washington insiders. he is there to push a liberal progressive agenda to expand the executive pourers to try to address and deal with a lot of things that congress isn't allowing him to do. >> pedess as you all know is a highly effective person and operator but jay carney said he is being brought in to implement the care act. if it's going to rest on his shoulders as good as he is, he
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is probably going to be in deep trouble. >> the president and his administration and everybody flying toed a menster the plan is basically changing law without the ability of congress to interject or be a part of the process, i wasn't be shocked if there is a constitutional challenge to the fact they are plaik making laws. no. 2, everybody know, it's a me, even their own, some democratic senators, senator baucus said i believe it's a train wreck. it is, we see it on the website and the cancellations. each and every day there is something new. that's why you have senators and congressmen who voted for this, rammed it through, they need to back to their home states and tell people why they didn't vote for the grandfathering of all these amendments. and why are they losing their
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prescription drug care now. >> let's go to the politics. let's take a look at the president's most disapproval rating, which is an astonishing 57%. his approval rating has dropped to 38% in the newest que quinni poll. the first time that democrats have come up as the underdogs on the generic ballot. this is the panic and the concern and the senate early is now in the house, this administration making these moves. is it a seen of desperation? >> of course it is, you get what you vote for. every single democratic senator rammed this thing through. they made sure they did not take up one amendment that would have protected the american people to
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allow them to keep their plans. they had many opportunities to fix this. they chose to do nothing. now they're filing bills saying listen, they say, i'm really doing it. i didn't understand it. i'm going to fix it. when they're just doing it for show. the american people i hope are finally waking up and holding these senators and congressmen accountable for ramming something through against the policy that is hurtful to the medical industry, to doctors, hospitals, nurses, throughout our great country. >> let's go to one of the other big things. that's your view on what you think of draft movement, particularly for the united states senate, in new hampshire, you are one of those people being drafted. your thoughts. >> liste there are three good candidates running right now. it's an honor. i dropped an e-mail to a young man at unh who is doing that. i'm not sure what i'm going to do. i think senator shaheen and
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every other senator who voted for that have to go back to their home states. explain why it's a good thing for new hampshire and every other state. i'll figure it out a little more. right now, i'm focusing on obviously the holidays, contributing as i'm doing right here right now. >> those sound like extraordinary priorities as well. positive ones, indeed. scott thanks, so much for being with us. up next, he said he didn't leave the democratic party. >> that it left him. dr. charles's block bust er book. things that matter, detaming his transformation into one of the country's most respected conservatives and thinkers of any stripe. he's our guest here next as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards!
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that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. ♪ lou: my next guest, one of the most influential and respected coentators of our time. . >> my next guest, charles krauthammer is the most influential columnist of our time. his newest book is a personal collection of writings over the course of the last three decades. it is his journey from left to right as well, from doctor to writer to thinker and social
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critic and ardent conservative advocate emight add as well, syndicated columnist, we thank you for being here. we are pleased to recommend what is a block buster best seller already. good to have you here. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> charles, let me start if i may, because i don't think that most people know your entire personal story, obviously, what makes the book look so compelling in part, walter mon dale, henry jackson. these are, how could you be associated with such people given your conservative philosophy? >> i'm glad ask youed, because people -- >> you never dreamed i would. >> people ask me, how do you go from walter mon dale to fox fuse? the short answer is i was young once. now the longer answer is that it actually wasn't, i didn't have an epiphany. i didn't wake up one morning the clouds parted a. shaft of light
8:24 pm
came in and the lord spaketh unto me. in my 20s i was a democrat and incidentally this is a road that was not, that has been trod by many, including, of course, ronald reagan who started out with a new democrat. what happened was simple. in my 30s, i began my writing career, the evidence of the great society the war on spofrt, which i had believed in, in my 20s and my ten, the evidence on what the empirical effects were began to come in. i was a physician. i am opened to imper eccal evidence. the evidence was unmistakable. it not only was money wasted. it not only was in helping the people it was meant a to help. it was undermining the communities and the people it was meant a to help. i began to reexamine the premises of this kind of great society of liberism i believed in. overtime, with the accumulation of everyday, i thought to achieve the same end, to remain
8:25 pm
a decent society that works well and provides for everyone, a small government conservatism is e far more accurate answer for any society and that's why i changed over years. >> and as i have listened to and ride over the course of many years, you have alwaysad a certain amount of humanitarianism, humanity in your rationality and your assessment that is not always present in conservative thinkers and advocates. how have you preserved that and what is your reaction now to an environment that is in washington, d.c. and around much of the country? it's utterly toxic as between advocates of the left and the right if. >> i think one thing that people tend not to do anymore is to create a sincerity and a good will of the other side. in some ways, if you were once a
8:26 pm
liberal, i do understand the intent of liberalism. there are some liberals who want to control the political class, the ones who believe with obama care i know what you need. i mean, you may like your plan, i know it's not a good plan, that kind of thing. that's a part of leb rallism i don't like very much. it isn't very attractive. there is another side, the rfk liberalism. you go back to the few deal. the idea of social security you don't want the elderly living in deficittusion. that was a wonderful idea. but the problem is this. liberals are stuck in a reactionary seekle where they are attached to the institution rather than the idea. when social security was created, life expectancy was 62 it is now 80. it was never intended to subsidize the last 17 years of a boomer's life. and, therefore, it has to be adapted. liberals will not be willing to
8:27 pm
adapt. one embraces the goals of a decent huh mane society that looks after the helpless and the elderly but isn't afraid to reform and do it in a way that is market oriented and rational. >> your thinking it seems to me collide with a number of impulses in the republican party and establishment. that is, if you will, to put and i don't mean this in the pejorati. but there are actors within the republican party. there are libertarians who seem to have no place in either their other minds or their hearts or to meet responsible regulation and a role for government. we have a republican establisher of mitch mcconnell most recently as you know calling for the establish. to stand up to the tea party. i mean, it was a bizarre statement and i think perhaps a seen of some considerable trouble to come. your thoughts.
8:28 pm
>> well, look, in part, that's why i wrote the book. because i do think there is a conservative philosophy that takes the bets from everywhere an believes in the safetynet. it doesn't believe in the entitlement ciety, which is the liberal and obama hyper liberal idea and all the government regulation intrusion that we get. it does believe we are a decent society, a generous society and there are solutions, which incorporate small government, less regulation, but nonetheless attempted to do things that say government wouldn't have done 100, 50 years ago. >> it's been great talking to you. things that matter, we recommend it to you highly. with our recommendation, charles, i am sure this book is going to go eastern hieven hight seller's list. >> thank you very much. iranians say nuclear talks
8:29 pm
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[ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. . >> secretary kerry's so-called delegate diplomatic effort on eastern's nuclear effort makes no sense according to my next guest. he says they should walk away shows they understand how desperate this white house is for a deal. joining us now fox news strategic analyst colonel ralph peters, great to have you with you ', ralph. you are that unamused by this process. you think it's that bad? >> look, even a hule former lt. col. such as i am, can see a bad deal on the international level when it comes up and why on earth are we helping the
8:33 pm
iranians to get up when we need to be driving them to their knees? the sanctions were starting to work, they were really taking a toll. we're leaving them up prematurely. the easterns are giving us nothing in response. the bottom lean is the inians as well as every other decktatorship and band of thugs around the world have figured out that president obama is a weakling. john kerry is an opportunist and their personal egoes and arrogance trump the security not only of israel but of the united states. this is folley. >> iran the idea that $7 billion in sanctions would be lifted, the secretary said today the sanctions in place would overwhelm that number that one shouldn't worry one's head ab it. your reaction? sample my reaction is once the
8:34 pm
sanctions reseem starts crumbling. it's a mind collapse. and the reading in the international off the unscrupulous business community centered on the persian gulf is that the sanctions will go away. so, ou, are you already seeing a rushf international businessmen, oil companies, trying to get if on a deal they think is can coming, e opening of eastern. it's going to be hard to reverse. it saddens me, let me put it in another perspective for you. we have a president who is far more eager to shake the hand of raul castro than to shake the hand of israel's prime minister. >> that tells you a geat deal. i just feel that obama now is so desperate r legacy and john kerry so so desperate to go down in history as a great secretary of state that they are going to do incredible damage to not only
8:35 pm
israel's security. not only that of our allies and clients in the gulf but to american security. as i said on fox for years, president obama has already accepted iranians will get nuclear weapons. it's about contain. >> well, what about china? the president said he was going to pivot. pivot he did. china has an aircraft carrier moving to the south chosen seas. three other naval vessels and this president, well, where are we headed and what should the united states response be? >> we certainly should be standing firmly with our allie, japan, south korea and other clients, the philipines and we are doing, we are saying the right things t. obama administration is saying the right stuff. the problem is the president often says the right stuff then does the wrong stuff. with chosen, it's not about etoric. it about actions. certainly, we don't want an
8:36 pm
outbreak of hostilities of any kieventd right now, china is acting very dangerously as you know very well, emore wars start by accident tan by calculation. i feel as with the iranians, as with premier putin as wth islamist extremists, we are seen as a power in retreat, led by a president who refuses to lead. >> up next the majority of republican senators that are up for re-election pay some considerable competition from within their own party. we'll show you why and we'll have the a-team's reaction, analysis and outlook. here next. every day we're working to be an even better company -
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. >> a new challenge emerging in republican efforts to win control of the senate ne year. to do so, they need to score six seats. take a look, there are some
8:40 pm
inherent advantages, 21 democratic senate seats are up for re-election nex year compared to just 14. that's about a 50% advantage for the republicans. of those republican seats, 12 are being defended by incumbents, two others are de opened. now, this is where it gets tricky. 12 incumbents are now facing potentially tough tea party thalgshallenges, incncluding the top two republicans and in move last night, tea party favored congressman steve stockman said he would be challenging senate minority leader senator whip john cornyn. what prompted that gop rebellion? well, they didn't call at this time tea party for nothing, corn then's refusal to back ted cruz on a procedural motion aimed as defunding obama care is the reason corn nine now joins senate minority leader mcconn l mcconnellll, senator thad cochr,
8:41 pm
senator mime cochran and senator enzi in a contest with the former vice president's daughter, senator lamar alexander on the lest of incumbent republicans with what could be a very tough primary battle. the question now is, could we see a repeat of 20 ten when two republican incumbents, senators robert bennett and lisa murkowski, joining us to assess all of this, doug schoen, judith miller, fox news legal analyst, great to have you all here. let me start with you, doug, this is, i mean, this looks like a real battleground shaping up for the republican party. >> it is, t best news other than the budget deal president obama had all day. bottom line, the tea party has a
8:42 pm
fervent group of activists who vote in primaries. even if this two, four, seven incumbents you have there are all leading, probably leading comfortably now. they all are worried because of the nature of the republican primaries. >> does this disquiet you? >> the squabbling has to be great for the democrats, right? you have all squabbling with nobody really out there as a primary, you know, front runner, you know, even the shop talk here, lou, with all those, you know, the faces up there, all these men that, you know, really are not all that well known to the american public. bobble away. >> let me throw something at you, this group of people, somewhat older, they have been there, they are tired of the views of the tea party. it's time for new and fresh thinking. it could be exhilarateing for the republican party, perhaps stimulative, simply a mistake
8:43 pm
in. >> for the, i think it's going to be a mistake. i think the democrats are popping their hands together, slapping their sides, the challenge hits 32,000 on cash on hand. >> that's big money. >> this isry deck lus. it will hurt republican, i think they know it. >> and the democrats, themself, they're runnin scared. 21 seats, i said it's a 50% advantage, at least theoretically by the numbers, nummerically it certainly is for the republicans. obviously, the republicans have demonstrated they can squander opportunity just as the democrats, i am told, more powerfully and reasonably. if obama care continues on this as we looked at these polls, some of these folks, whoever emerges as a republican candidate for these senate seats, it looks like they will be in a significantly powerful and preferred position going into the general election. >> i would agree. first of all, i'd say six of those seven are likely to be held by the republicans,
8:44 pm
mcconnell is the only one in a close race, a everyone if he survives the primary will have the advantage of running in a state where obama are popular. there are six seats where the republicans have a good chance of picking up. >> we will come back with our a-team in one moment. we will take up the great news today a fox news reporter who stood firm in her fight to preserve journalistic efforts has been, has won an important victory for journalists everywhere. that's coming up here next with the a-team. stay with us. much more ahead. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment fm miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too.
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. >> fox reporter will not have to return to colorado
8:48 pm
to testify in the james holmes' murder trial after a fork stay court of appeals ruled in her favor today 4-3 based on new york shield law. holmes' defense attorneys tried to force her to testify on the source of her information after she obtained a notebook holmes sent to his psychiatrist before the july 2012 aurora shooting. roger hale on today's decision. >> today's ruling is a major win for all journal allegists. the protection of jana winter's confidential sources was fess to preserve and protect journal allegism and democracy, itself, in my view. so the highest court in new york did the right thing. >> let's turn to a distinguished journalist who has bee through much the same thing facing your own trials and tribulations as others sought to breach, force you to breach, your ethics and
8:49 pm
your obligations as a journalist. what is your reaction? >> well, great relief. because i think the new york court decision was not anticipated by many, many first amendment people and something i have to says jonna had the support of fox news. having a major news office behind you and son week roger ayels is so essential. this was an enormously expensive, more than a year-long fight and thanks to the perseverance of this news organization and this young brave reporter, she has won a very important decision for journalists everywhere. >> and a close decision even with all the support of fox fuse. >> 4-3. >> what the dissent says it's a journalists shield law. it did not protect her. the commune categories she had the diary, were in colorado, colorado has a different shield law than new york does, it was a
8:50 pm
close decision than i think what you were getting at. it wasn't necessarily going the way it did. >> what this basically does, it says if you are a new york-based reporter or a reporter for another state based in new york. have you the total protect to project your sources. >> it travels with you. >> i love the pact the majority referred to the fact this i a media whal of the nation and, indeed the world. i think it was wise on that little. i objected to the dissent frankly because what it really said was, proximity makes this so difficult. if there is a diffusion the power and obligation in this matter. >> disagree with you. i'm saying, 4-3. in a dissent. it shows how close it is. that's just one vote dimpblts it could have turned out very differently. this law could have been exactly the opposite, which would have curtailed a journalistic ability to go from one state to the other to protect your sources.
8:51 pm
>> and those who might wander at all, a decision like this and jana winter for bailing and one of the reasons we are so proud to work for fox news is the support se received and the principle support here, those efforts. a president trying to preserve a legacy and agenda. his numbers look horrible. we're looking at a 57% disapproval rating. astonishing. >> he is about to lose his ability to govern effectively to influee policy even to hold onto the democratic base. if that happens, we could see political discord and division that would make the last couple of years look like a tea party unintended. >> and well done. >> your thoughts, foreign
8:52 pm
policy? >> we have 15 seconds. i don't know why i brooched this. the policy side of this equation is not working so well either. >> unfortunately, you all are working well. we thank you for sharing. >> thank you. up next, hillary clinton's top four campgn staffers not interested in helping the former first lady make another run at the white house. what in the world is going on? do they know who they're talking about, too? the new york times best selling author of "the am dhur" ed clean knows all, tells all right here next. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and defitely not with our health. innovations that work for you.
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8:56 pm
decision. that's because mr. obama doesn't want to see the clintons winning a third term in the white house. joining me now the best seller, the amateur, ed klein. great to see you. >> it's good to be here. >> what do we make of for warren who i think she is a left wenger if there ever were. i'll tell you what, she is a smart and effective person. >> and she represents a good segment of that left wing base of a party. it is very, very popular. the party i think has been in a state of almost revolt against all forms of best interests. whether it's moneyed interest, whether it's the people in government. they want to throw out the bums. and you see now that the president of the united states is talking about. >> the millennials are reacting
8:57 pm
now. they felt betrayed. most want him recalled. >> i know. the very people who loved him, the thrill seems to be gone. >> and this thing that went on now, colorado with some of the democratic party saying she is too old to run. we're not going for the get associate. we had this year her campaign manager patty doyle, a policy director, former keefe strategic markle whoson communications director said they won't get involved. >> i think she wasn't going to ask. >> i think you are right about that. patty doyle and others were in the 2008 primary fight, did a terrible job for her. i think she is happy she is not going to get these people. as far as age is concerned, though, think about it. hilly is going to be scene in
8:58 pm
2016. >> right. >> reagan was almost 70 when he was elected to office. >> well, it's impossible. he couldn't possibly have been elected then, could he? i love this idea this thing they come up with, these too old, you know, you said in clinton. by the way, i'm one of those guys, i agree with barbara bush, there have been enough bushes. there have been enough clintons. this is not a deny city. i chemically am adverse to it. it may be unfair, that's the way i feel. i think she has to overcome that. my gosh, her name is still magic in the democratic party there it is. but, you know, in 2008, she was going to be coordinated and suddenly out of nowhere comes this guy nobody ever heard of. >> that could happen again. >> your thoughts here now. how much of a liability is this president now? this administration, his performance, throughout the entire five years, i'm not talking about simply the
8:59 pm
disaster that is obama care, how big a mess sit for the democrats in 2014? >> i think it's enormous. i don't think he will dig his way out by pretending that class warfare is going to solve his problems. it's not. he still has not figured out how to coordinate wealth before he stributes it. you know, he can't even create the wealth that's necessary. >> he's dones i said earlier pretty well on the market. it's really quite funny to wch him talk about income gaps when he is presiding over one of the greatest runs in the market since march of 2009. >> it probably hurts him when he goes to keep at night thinking all thoseuys are making all that money. >> he's more of a redistributor, not a creator. ed klein, author of "the amateur." thanks, for being here. always good to talk to you. that's it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
we thank you for being with us. we'll see you here tomorrow night, please. good tonight from new york -- good night from new york. ♪ economy. neil: we will watch and i will do it for us tonight. ♪ ♪ >> we are all social now. >> it is still too much capitalism. john: the socialist are here. and they make a powerful argument. >> if you have been successful, you didn't get there on your ow >> once upon a time there was a window was happy and fascinating. >> and another time rich people decided that they weren't rich enough. >> inequality, is that so important after all? >> we are better off.


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