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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. see you here next week. ♪ ♪ nobel ♪ ♪ neil: it least it is all out and in the open now. speaker boehner saying,get off my lawn. yet the speakers just want to speawhat they have to say. i won't suspect he had this and this week he just blurted them out ♪
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♪ neil: anyway, get ready. the btle for the soul of the republican party is on. welcome, everyone. i am neil cavuto. so much for faking it. now they are just saying it. speaker john boehner really doesn't seem to give a darn and either does his republican counterpart just a couple of days ago told me this. >> some have seen them as anti-tea party. and many seem to double down on the notion. he said recently that the senate senate conservatives give them a bad name. he said they are participating in ruining the republican brand. it is sounding like a the tea party's call a rino.
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>> i am a big fan of the tea party movement and i think it's been extremely important in helping us regain the house and do well in the senate. especially i 2010. but there's one particular organization that i was talking about. which i think has been counterproductive. but i think the movement has been -- neil: but it has a lot to do with this. right? >> it's one of a number of different tea party groups in the and it is the one that i think has engaged in outrageous behavior. neil: here is how uncomfortable this is getting. rand paul told me the very next day that he is fine with mitch mcconnell. conservatives say that they were
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shut out. paul ryan telling him all that to shut up. and ironically, conservatives say a two-year budget deal has little to do on spending. look at the bright side. they're letting it all out in the open, even if they are clearly not acting like friends. mike huckabee, a minister by training and a former arkansas governor. a presidential candidate who remains particularly a darling in south carolina. he is leading the pack. the entire pack. south carolina is just the tip of the iceberg, which is probably not the way to the governor likely to refer to it. but he has to be looking at these polls and he should be pretty happy. >> it's very interesting.
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not having been on the political stage for the past five years other than radio and television, and ot being named in any survey when people say,who are you thinking about, this guy or this guy. and i haven't been o any of those lists. so was encouraging. neil: you're not on the rino lists. >> there's not a dime's worth of difference among republicans. there's no daylight between most of them. they all are against obamacare and offer loer taxes and limited government. the thing is, it's important if you like a candidate, tell us why he's good. don't push or the other republicans. i do have a problem with some of the third parties. and what does it do? it softens up the republican makes t so he eased her prey in the democratic election.
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all of these millions of dollars e being spent to attack republicans. and i'm not sure that i get that. when we take this millions of dollars and remind people of the difference between democrats and conservative republicans are not republicans and other republicans. neil: you might be right. and i think that it's very real and very palpable. mitch mcconnell just blurted out all this stuff. and it was like, thoughts became words. and it's very clear that a lot of ticked off conservatives feel the same way. take it or leave it. and a lot of them are angry. >> i don't think anyone likes it. paul ryan said this is a fantastic deal. >> what he think he did a? >> a showing that it least it's the first baby step towards government. these guys are not elected just
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to make speeches and that includes getting a budget together. >> $20 million is not much, it's pocket change. but it doesn'tinclude a 1.4 trillion tax increase order to complete destruction of the sequestration, which the democrats wanted. and it does not include 10 christmas trees with all sorts of giveaways and the democrats also wanted as well. and i guess they want to have indefinite unemployment. >> so it's something that is over which republicans and conservatives and you might
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provide that. and you can gloss over all you want. and you know that that is not true. -he tea party, t mainstam, they are shooting at each other. >> they usually don't end up with anyone winning. that is what the republicans have decided to do and i think that what you're seeing from guys like paul ryan and others is not that they disagree philosophically from a policy perspective of any deal.
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but we have to get done what we n and now he has decided that the simple majority, dealing with an obstinate and arrogant president who leaes his lack of power into a magic wand. >> it could be those who say that republicans have caved. wishy-washy, a mismatch of moderate views. >> there's an electionevery two years great election every two years great and he got to that they can do it better, it's always been a concern to me. the easiest job i've ever had. spew and you know how long it prepared me to prepare this questioning? [applause]
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>> and i think that these polls, they open up people's eyes. it shows that whatever works for chris christie, it doesn't always fly in other areas. i know you are a big fan. but i think that what we are beginning to find out is that a rock star in one state doesn't make you a rock star in another state. and it isn't always the flavor of who's nominated. >> i think that's very true. there's another factor at work. i believe that the republicans,
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not the ones with the biggest megaphones, but what ey want as much as anything is to win. they want to get the white house back. neil: sometimes it is dictated by who has the most financial backing and that didn't work for sun. i mean, are they going to get over this nonsense? >> people think of this with the differences between the conservatives and everyone is carrying this. but the truth is that there's not that much difference and what they want is communicating the conservative message to the working-class americans who have been very left out from something that was cooked up in the boardroom or the board of directors and offer the people and came down sweating through their clothes. when we take our messageand we communicated to the guy who brought his lunch home with
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empty plastic bs from his sandwich and he said at his kitchen table, and he understands that we will put these kids were they want to go, we winelections. and when we stop fighting amongst ourselves and start understanding the real water, it's want to regain the freedom that americans are losing under big government. neil: okay. thank you for the information out of the blue. >> the president has done pretty well reading a teleprompter. [laught] neil: governor huckabee, thank you so much. whatever consensus you have, it's always wrong. i told you this before.
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and i told you this and why are you people listening? [laughter] >> anyway, hot how bad does this do? we will hash it out. not only what it means for republicans, but for democrats as well. and for investors who want to take their money and run. sides of this stunning soap sides of this stunning soap opera here and only [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is...
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>> i am disappointed in the republican leadership in washington. very disappointed. that includes speaker boehner and everyone. >> it doesn't worry me. i think it is a sign of the dynamism inside the party and the fact that we have people who are mad and angry and want to do something about it, it was part the vehicle in which that should be done. and i do have a problem with some of these third parties. and what does it do? it makes the easier prey for the democratsn the general
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election. neil: methinks there is some divisions there. the fallout from these various situations. jennifer, a lot of your colleagues feel left out of this latest budget process and they are angry. are you angry? >> yes, all americans should be upset by this process. two years ago there was a bipartisan agreement and 67% of the people rejected president obama and his hysteria over the sequestration. so my question is why would republicans give back the one political victory that they had.
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neil: the mainstream media would love to pounce on this and blame republicans for it. >> of course. you'd have to thk that they want the republicans to stay divided. the government shutdown, which we know was incredibly unpopular this year. leadership is saying that we need to win the election. if we really want to see spending cuts and the deficit duction. we need to make sure the republicans get elected on the on way we can do this is if we stay focused on the democrats with obamacare. neil: adam, what do you think? >> i will say what most americans feel, which is they don't give us who what the parties think about this. what we see is that e obstructionist wing of one of the parties has been defeated in that part of that that wants
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once the government is worng with the other party to govern and that the huge victory for the united states. the democrats are working with the republicans who care about governing. the. neil: why is it that the conservatives in the republican party are doing the opposite they insist upon cutting spending, and not democrats who are insisting on continuing spending? >> because they have been obstructionist in rms of gettg things done. neil: but i mean, are you not just a stubborn as the other person? >> they have been a smaller percentage of the party they have been shut out as well.
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neil: the democrats calculate that they think obamacare and where does this go? what do you think we met. >> they are focused on this task. and if they can get harry reid, that is one step forward for them to focus on deficit reduction. it is the key where they have to work together. there is no way we can win if we
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are not part of this. neil: we lost our satellite tv. do you think the markets respond one way or the other? >> i think the markets like stability and certainty. if they've done while youdo certain things. and long-term the markets wan the government to function and i don't buy into this what they want to see the government fail because of bad and all of that. neil: i want to send my apologies.
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coming up, the end of our civilization. ♪ ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ all i wanted was to break you a ♪ a ♪ ♪ every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largesenergy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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neil: are right, it is time for one of our special segments. my buddy david asman is here. >> that's right, you pulled the
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plug. [laughter] >> the ms. good riddance. closing the place down, i wish they would talk about it. they can't wrk more than 30 hours per year, some say. >> i would be happy if the whole congress was going on break, but it's true. they are dismissing the members of the house. the senat is staying in harry reid thing that you can keep them through christmas eve. the reason is because they got rid of the filibuster and in all of these appointments that they want to usher in there because they are loading this up with all the very left liberals. neil: i would go with the viewers on this one and i would look at the stock market rise, we have been most
5:26 am
obstructionist. the economy is slow, but how are they going to fix that? >> like 10 days or so. now mile cyrus is performing at times square just moments before the ball dropped. and lots of you are talking about that. so why do we want this to be part of our future? what is wrong with us? i feel so badly for the music industry. and i wanted to see this as much as i wanted to see you on the times square ball. [laughter] >> why was there an image that appeared in my head? >> i don't want to know. >> we are talking about this, the instability of politics and the whole general stae. it is the culture wars that bill
5:27 am
o'reilly talks about. and what is it about it looking like this is part of your situation. >> and again with that, the fact is that once you have taken this close-up, where do you go from there? once you keep setting the bar lower, there is a roblem. and again, otherthan this, after ou do this. >> young lady? okay, a new chief financial special has said that we have had some amount of obamacare. and that's just the beginning.
5:28 am
and they are waiting until january the first. it's nothing new for the one-time middle-class. >> the tea partiers and ted cruz, you know, they were right. it is not as bad as the implementation of obamacare and i think the public is feeling goodabout this. neil: do you think that he robs people of the ability to do that? >> we had this shutdown from a partial government shutdown. and it turned out at we gained employment on the private side.
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and so the implementation is turning out to be worse. beyond thank you, david. the health care law that has been administration doing more delay. delay. and the guy who helps get this just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too.
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5:33 am
companies to be much more flexible. and it might be missed economics professor who says there's no reason to worry that it will be a disaster in the end. the principal architect of romney care and obamacare joins us now. and by the way, we are getting indications that thissite is running more smoothly. but it is what folks discover when they get on the website that is willingness signing the process down. a i don't thi that that is getting the number of responders or respond these that even the administration forecast. another worry for them, isn't
5:34 am
it? >> it is not at this point. they are paying attention to two things. one is the growth. they know they messed up the website. they are working on it and fixing it. one is a woman that has been asked potential and hug. and getting a couple hundred people per month signed up is pretty good. the second is the mix of who's coming in. neil: but what about old people like me? >> then we have a problem. >> we have a problem and basically what we need to do is see what happens. what we do know is that the healthiest people are going to wait until the last minute.
5:35 am
and this includes insurers who reveal their rates. the 2015 rates will be through the roof. and that is really going to be the key task. neil: what happens when the employer mandate kicks and? a lot of them are going to talk about their intentions. and this includes what's private and public. and that is going to be a big deal and i think a lot of people are going to get frightened. am i wrong? >> i thnk that if employers are going to put these insurance exchange up to this comment they will be all the more alarming. neil: you're right, some employers, it' goingto make sense to drop insurance because
5:36 am
they're less than 50 employees that are not subject to this. neil: you havarti dumbness with your existing retirees into private exchanges. and it isstill different than what they had. and it's getting something new that is unnerving to a lot of folks. >> this is not an issue. neil: those big companies jettisoned this for what those workers had for something else. and it's something also will draw folks. >> they have taken the retirees and put them in a private exchange. >> the private exchange was growing over time. >> you don't think that the had that transition? >> no, because it doesn't affect
5:37 am
retirees. >> but it does affect people and their health care. with these retirees and others, you don't think mpanies would punch these numbers and look at this and say that we are going to do what they did were going to move down the food chain to existing workers because it makes sense for us to do this? >> is a separate issue that is part of the non-obamacare exchange. many are serving this and the overwhelming numbers and they're not going to do that. but some small companies well. >> millions of more americans will be facing higher premiums or no insurance. >> yes, as we discussed, there will be a couple more americans that wl take this and there will be many multiples of that as well. and once the website is working and people can sign up, things are going to look a lot better. neil: websites always going to be bumpy.
5:38 am
and he really think people are going to really just grab onto this? >> i think that there will be a significant number of losers and a larger number of winners. what they appreciate what they have, they will become more popular. we want you look like you read help me. jonathan thank you so much. it's good to have you. and all right, coming up next, the grinch who stole christmas. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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♪ neil: what is the one thing that
5:42 am
is tough during the holidays? laying people of up to 100 staffers got the heave ho, some of them coming on black thursday, after a slew of negative ress. our expert says that the christmas axing is a tough time. a lot of this has to do with accounting reasons, getting things done before the new year. >> the first thing you learn in pr school, and i wrote the book, is that you never fire anyone at christmas. not at christmas time. i remember sitting in meetings at chase bank and we would say that we have a layoff coming, we will defer it until the next year. a good company never fires anyone around the holidays. especially one run by worthwhile
5:43 am
people. neil: you do say whether investors look at it as, boy, you know, they are tough on us, and they're a lot more reasons. >> absolutely. in the martha stewart stock is up 50% today. she brought in a guy whose job was to incentivize if the stock rises, as you say. the stocks go up and this is why you need public relatns counseling. you don't do it now. neil: what would you have told mike that? >> i would've told her to wait. she made $5 million last year. she is the diva of discussion and you can see late-night comics and i, christmas %-home for the holidays has a nw
5:44 am
meaning and this is just disaster. >> the long-term you think this is another pr blackout? >> yes, especially for somebody like a lightning rod like martha stewart and the stock has gone from 37 down to three overtime and up to this as speak. and they have to cut expenses. >> now is not the time to do this. neil: thank you very much. in the meantime, how one in the meantime, how one retailer's screwup now has every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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neil: merry christmas, not. people who thought they got play stations for free were in for a big surprise. website wants to clear the controversy away and they are threatening to sue if these play stations are notned. this includes high-priced electronic items and giving out a 10-dollar gift card to the consolation prize. should they keep this even if the company made a mistake? many saved the company has the right to get things done.
5:49 am
>> that is part of the problem. what is interesting is that the people say it was a gift or a windfl for they were entitled to keep it and they know that's not true. if they themselves were in a business exchange, and they say they accidentally accidentally put their diamonds in there, would they want it back? >> i have watched enough of shows to qualify for that, so i think i can handle it. but if you have it in your hand, it is yours. >> the consumer actually doesn't have the right to do that. but the problem is i think that they should quit being scrooges and saved our mistake and you can keep this and it is good business. >> by me legally demanding not?
5:50 am
island think that you can stop it from going further. to go back to the very people who took advange of it. >> they can legally sue these people. but it costs more and then the playstation for legal fees. neil: they can really do that? i will jump in and tell you why. it is a contract. and there is no consideration. >> so you want this to be the case. whether r not you let them kep it, the question is do they have the right to get it back. and can they legally sue? well, yes.
5:51 am
neil: the highlight if you bought this box of twinkies. the you'vgot a? >> well, some people want, but most people wouldn't. >> we are talking about tomorrow what is good to separate legally and do pr wise. and they think the way to do it is to leave it at that. >> absolutely. this is a big business. they don't lose money by giving these products accidentally. his dislike, merry christmas, enjoy this. neil: that's right, have a wonderful christs and we are going out of busiss. ladies, thank you so much. meanwhile, not expecting a happy new year. >> i think it's probably over.
5:52 am
these figures are going to just get worse. neil: still have that doesn't get? what will have you shaking coming up (vo) you are a business pro. . baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrft. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro.
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1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is. 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. >> the dow jones, where you see it going? two at a minimum, it will take out this low. especially after how far it goes. >> it's long ways down. neil: robert proctor telling me that a major crashes on the way. cisco is cutting the growth outlook and earnings for the next three to five years.
5:56 am
predicting that stocks will drop for the next three to five years. to liz macdonald, the prediction to come true. is that right? >> i think he's really overstating it. i don't think they will let the market go down to 6000. and here's what we already know. in 15 to 20% so you could see next year. >> that's exactly what happened, in 2010 in 2011, with every iteration of it. that is what you can expect next year. neil: that would be in due course, right? what you've been? >> well, it's very interesting and i think as long as her foot
5:57 am
is kept on the grass, the general resistance is up. neil: i don't know if i buy that. >> i thnk to the point of liz macdonald, the fed is going to do athing they can to keep the illusion going. p> i don't think the feds can control this. if everything hits the fan, i don't think that them by a bazillion dollars of security per month is going to stop it. >> we have been heari the same story. tom said at jpmorgan chase, woodland creatur seeking higher ground. in the market so contues to go up see one in the meantime, bad news for unions, good news for investors. >> yes, and this is a trend that we have been seeing.
5:58 am
and a dozen states are saying, we will take you, build your plan, we want those 50,000 jobs that would've been created. so this is another signal and trend. neil: absolutely. capitalism works. that is what boeing is doing. >> that company lost $80 million on market value and it's about
5:59 am
making the right move for your company. >> i am watching the flick everyone. and everyone seems to be busy enough watching this. so go ahead. >> i am goig bargain-hunting right now. there will be surprising growth in two areas. germany and china. u.s. companies should do business in both of those areas and i'm taking advantage of what the pullback is and that's what i'm looking at. >> about the correction next year. what do you think? >> i believe that without the
6:00 am
fed come the market is down w generally have liquidity, welcome to the best of imus in the morning on the box physician network. a place to check out if you ever make your way to new york city. along the hudson river the intrepid air space mutual. great to have you with us here this morning. we doave another terrific show lined up with some of the i-man's best interviews and a felaughs along the way as well. we start it off with mike tyson. former heavyweight championship of the world. funny, he stopped by in the studio one day and said he wanted to meet imus. true story. he was on the radio with him the next day and comes back two days in a row and does a long


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