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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  December 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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85 billion-dollars a month bond buying program. liz: peter barnes always seems to ask fed chairman ben bernanke the news breaking question at the news conference. you have to tune in. david: melissa is now. melissa: the government spying scandal as a paying customer what are your other options to make sure the government isn't listening in? is the next step a class-action lawsuit on your dime? even when they say it's not, it's always about money. melissa: some good news if you're worried about the government listening in on your phone calls. a federal judge has ruled against the nsa's controversial surveillance program, seeing the practice likely violates the constitution. is a class-action lawsuit next and if so, how much money is that going to cost you? here now, former federal
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prosecutor fred tecce and former nsa official john schindler. thanks to both of you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. melissa: fred, let me start with you. >> great to be here. melissa: were you surprised by the ruling and do you think it holds up? >> i was not surprised by this, melissa. i spent years as prosecutor and i refused to do criminal defense work i thought what the nsa does is violation of fourth amendment rights. it may not hold up on procedural ground whether a u.s. district court can review orders out of a secret court. we will see what is next. melissa: do you think a class-action lawsuit is next? that has been threatened. >> the haifa loose if i on class action lawsuits, it is lawyer emfair independent employment act. some lawyer will charge verizon 10 of millions of dollars to defend themselves. subscribers will get gift certificate good towards
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next purchase after verizon cell phone. i'm not sure what it gets you. you laugh,. melissa: you do a lot of good jokes. they go by quick. there are a lot of good jokes in there. john, let me ask you. i'm a paying customer. i feel like i have a choice out there but, the government he's listening everywhere. i don't trust them even with the ruling to back off. am i save anywhere? what about skype? what about face time, is there anything safer than anything else? >> first, it is great to be here with someone as cynical as i am about all of this. melissa: two people. >> kindred spirit. >> exactly. there's really no telecommunications platform of any kind that is completely impervious to surveillance, it doesn't exist. i also want people to understand, there are a lot of people listening in out l it is not just nsa. if you're a business person, you're a political figure you're great interest to foreign intelligence agencies, not nsa. melissa: who is the best at it,
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john? who is the best as it listening in? is our government, private companies, who's the best? >> well it depends. obviously in some ways nsa is the best signals intelligence agency in the world but obviously the companies have access to your data far more than nsa does, probably more vulnerable to them. not to mention we give it to them voluntarily. >> here is the big difference. they can't put me in jail, okay? they can't violate my constitutional rights. only the government can do that. melissa: great point. >> i'm very cynical about this but i'm, i was a federal prosecutor and for the first time in my life when i hear stuff like this i get a little nervous. why is, why do we have a huge data dump system being built in utah? why -- melissa: because, fred, it is all about terrorism. it is all about stopping terrorists. you don't buy that. >> i'm with you, melissa. that is erstwhile goal. we were sound asleep before 9/11. those days are long over. if you want to stop terrorism, want to put a cop in everybody's house and camera on over phone
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pole? that will stop terrorism. where do we draw the line. >> look, i don't want to put a cop in everyone's house either. nsa doesn't either and we don't have the personnel anyway. on the metadata issue -- melissa: they want to put a microphone in everyone's house and listen to everything going on. >> or a tv to look both ways. melissa: they go back and listen to it. john, go ahead, i'm sorry. >> yeah, look this is, the metadata program is vital to the nsa's counterterrorism program since 9/11. senator feinstein today, the chair of the senate intelligence committee said the issue will wind up in the supreme court as an american citizen i think that is where it needs to be adjudicate. but let me say this the metadata program is not a threat to your privacy unless you are in bed with al qaeda, talking to terrorists. >> john, how can you possibly say that? they're using a vacuum cleantory suck up my emails. hang on. hang on. >> i've done this. melissa: john, let me ask you, they're using a giant vacuum
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cleaner to vacuum up all of our emails and voice mails and all our conversations. >> no, no, no. melissa: decide later what they want to listen to. where is that wrong. >> no this is metadata only. okay, let's say this, is metadata. the to from and time of the call. it is not content itself. nsa has no ability to go back and look at a previous conversation. they are not collecting that. let me make this very cllar. if they want to collect -- melissa: i don't know that is true. when they brought in the head of the nsa -- >> do know that is true. melissa: the head of nsa lied in front of congress when he testifying. they said are you listening to the calls, do you have the ability? i wish i had hits name in front of me and he said no, we're not authorized to do that but he didn't say we didn't do it. >> that's true. melissa: he didn't say we didn't do it, can't do it. he said that is not our mission. >> capability to do it, doesn't mean they are doing. i can tell you how the procedure actually works. i have done it. >> first of all, i understand
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what you're saying, john, there is wo points to all this. this is packized data. metadata and information is out there. i disagree, the district court, the judge recognized this in his opinion took me a long time to read and 91 pages we'll put that aside, he recognized there was a big factual issue with respect how broadly the nsa could look at this stuff. you and i know it is packettized data and metadata wouldn't be listening i would be amazed if the nsa doesn't have the ability to go back look at content. >> they don't. simply don't. melissa: you have great answers. i hope you will come back. we didn't solve it. we need to. >> great to be here. >> thank you. @elissa: which is worse for americans and economy, income inequality or unemployment? does one problem cause the either? what's the relationship? that debate is coming up next. think about it during the commercial. tweet me. tell me what you think. inequality and unemployment. are you missing out on
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melissa: so have you heard the expression, if you don't have a solution you're just part of the problem? what about picking the problem? which is worse, income inequality or unemployment? they are both hot topics right now. we've got wage wars in full swing. many seem to be forgetting all the people that could lose their jobs all together. so which would you choose to fix first? here to debate it, fox news contributor steve moore and economist harry dent. thanks to both of you for joining us. you know a lot of this arose from a editorial from "the washington post", ezra klein talking about pick your problem and the frayedoff. steve moore, do you accept the principle there is trade why you have between -- >> no i don't. no, i don't. melissa: you don't? >> if you look in the 19780's, 1990s we had rapid reductions in unemployment, melissa and incomm disparities actually became narrower except the at very top.
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people at very top who did better. my philosophy about this, as kennedy and reagan said, if you have a rising tide it lifts all boats. people don't care about inequality, melissa, if they're doing better themselves. melissa: maybe you get into the get the problem with one or the oertingerring with it trying to come up with a government solution. for example, when you raise the minimum wage, we cite it on the show, economists from cornell university, if we raise the minimum wage to $10.10, they estimate through mathematics we will lose half a million jobs. harry what do you think? is there a tradeoff trying to micromanage the economy? >> especially when the government is stimulating the economy. steve's right, '80s, '90s everybody won but after the '90s, you know the rich got better and wages have gone down. inequality has gotten worse again and it is highest since 1929 here in 2007 and again in 2013. the government is trying to
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stimulate the economy by goosing financial assets because you can't get banks to lend in an overexpanded economy with too much debt. i know steve would agree with that. we have too much debt, not too little debt. this is the wrong solution. but here's my thing, from the long term point of view greatest bubbles burst when inequality were at levels like this, 1929, 2007, and 2013. >> what is the bubble that will burst right now? >> same thing but inequality is worse. melissa: you're saying that bubbles have burst when we've seen levels like they are. are you saying there's a bubble right now that is going to burst? is it equities? what is it? >> yes, absolutely 100%, if this bubble doesn't burst next year or two i will hang up my economic hat. >> i will hold you to that. melissa: it will be really sad you said that on national television. >> in the last five years the last bubble burst when they advanced 100% from 2002 to 2007. this equity bubble is going to burst. it is all from stimulus. all going into speculation.
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not into lending and not new jobs and capacity because the economy already peaked and already overexpanded from previous overstimulus. which again, steve would have to agree with. >> this is not where this conversation was supposed to go but that is interesting point. >> that is a good conversation. melissa: but as the conversation goes where it goes. steve moore, what do you think about that? harry's not alone. he is dire and he is dramatic, may be alone in that but what do you think about his reasoning. >> i have great respect for harry. i read many of his books and agree with him at lost time. i don't agree with you here, harry. the reason i don't look, washington is paralyzed right now. it can't do much of anything. all of the negatives on the economy that we saw in obama's first term are kind of going away except for obamacare. you're not seeing a huge surge in spending. you're not seeing a massive increase in debt. debt is going up but not nearly as fast as it was three or four years ago. i see the policy environment in washington becoming somewhat bullish. i think 2014 is going to be a
5:14 pm
great year because washington is not standing in the way. melissa: do wheels come off eventually though? >> they always do. but the question is when? when? melissa: how can we continue down this road? when will we see runaway inflation with all the money-pumping we've done you. >> will not see runaway inflation. melissa: why, harry. >> no way to create inflation. the economy is overinflated. it is trying to deleverage and the government is trying to prevent deleveraging debt. high real estate, high stock prices are terrible for the next generation trying to come along invest in the future, to buy a house. we're killing our economy by saving the damn banks. and that is what the government's they're putting money if banks. killing middle class. look at surveys of 08% of people say no recovery since the great recession. 20%, the college, educated, one o.w.n. all the assets government is inflate something better than ever. that is not a good look for future. >> how in the world are higher stocks prices and higher housing
5:15 pm
prices bad for the next generation? who will inherit all this stuff. >> how will you buy a house steve, if you're 25 years old and it is $800,000. melissa: buying stock first. >> how will you invest in the stock market with such high valuations that the predictions of 1 to 3% gains for next 10 to 20 years? you're killing the next generation to save the banks. forget the banks. melissa: but, harry, you're saying that the stock market is going to collapse though. what will cause that to happen? >> i am saying it will collapse in the next two years. melissa: when will it happen? >> i think stocks peak in the first quarter next year. we'll be in recession by second or third quarter because they have stretched this bubble. look the previous bubbles -- melissa: what pricks the bubble? what is the event. harrr, harry hang on, we're running out of time. what is the event that finally bursts this equity bubble? people are wondering that for a long time. you think it is coming what's the cause? >> the fed has created so many more new bubbles the bubbles burst. southern europe, greece and
5:16 pm
spain are seeing bad loans going straight up while people are saying they're recovering. china has greatest real estate and overinvestment bubble in history of. its ready to burst. the u.s. real estate recovery is almost all speculation, no real buyers. all three of these things along with rising interest rates are going to create a downturn next year. >> bubble is in higher education. that is only bubble. >> i agree with that, steve. melissa: that wasn't what we were supposed to talk about but i thought it was highly entertaining. i hope the audience did too. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. melissa: online ads ruining all of your holiday surprises? if you're not careful savvy kids and spouses can figure out exactly what their gifts are just by seeing ads in your browser. did you realize this? a tech expert shows us how to keep online and keep santa's secrets. plus during flu season you may think anti-bacterial soap is the key to warding off germs but fda says not only is there no
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evidence that these products work but they actually might be dangerous to use. are anti-bacterial soaps really a germ a phobe's nightmare? no way! don't move, more "money" straight ahead. ♪
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melissa: no pressure but if you haven't finished your christmas shopping you have 174 hours to get presents wrapped and you under the tree but you don't have to go broke playing santa this year. if you have the gumption to ask you can negotiate for better prices even at major retail stores? can you believe that? haggling has gone mainstream. we have a retail expert. everyone is talking about this. >> right. melissa: i don't believe it! i can walk into sachs or buying a wallet or something behind the
5:21 pm
price, what is your press price, i will give you half? you. >> want to say it more nuanced. what we're not used to in this country is negotiating prices. overall people have the issue with negotiating. melissa: for cars, jewelry, not for lipstick. >> but you can. that is the interesting part about this. prices are not necessarily fixed in retail stores. and, as you said we have 174 hours before we put gifts under trees. melissa: how do i get started? what do i say? >> you shouldn't be so aggressive. melissa: that is going to be hard but go ahead. >> me too. go approach the person and say, i really want this piece. i really want this product but i don't know if i can afford it. is there something you can do for me. nicer that you are, better chance you have for the price to go down. >> what kind ever stores do you have the best luck? one of our producers went into
5:22 pm
tiffany's and buying a piece of jewelry and was nuanced. is there any way you can do better on the price? do you have something else, and, it didn't work, bottom line, didn't work. >> with luxury retailers those prices are fixed and they can't budge on that because of margins. dealing with department stores, you remember five years ago, saks fifth avenue had the fire-sale because they had all this product and no one was purchasing things. the last thing retailers want to do is have product on those shelves. and you're actually helping the retailers by getting that product out, by negotiating with them, to try to get the better price so that product will come out of the stores. melissa: so i pick saks? >> saks fifth avenue is luxury retailer. melissa: who might negotiate. >> macy's. nordstrom. tj maxx. go all the way down to dollar discounters. melissa: by we run out of time, you reached the day where you order stuff online, all of sudden you're panicking doesn't
5:23 pm
look like it will make it even though they said it would. what is your recourse? >> 40% of people are shopping online. people will start panicking. there is federal mandate that online retailers send you merchandise during the time specified. now if they don't, they have to tell you in an email or a phone call that they're not going to do it. then they will give you an example. give you a choice. cancel your order or wait until the shipment arrives. the thing is here, that you are protected financially. you don't have to necessarily pay forfeit it doesn't arrive on time. wallet is protected. i don't know about the emotional state of your family and friends. melissa: get on the call and it. >> federal mandate. melissa: good stuff. thank you so much. so buying the perfect gift for someone is hard enough but did you know your computer can give away a holiday surprise? that is right. personalized online ads by retailers can let the next person log on to the computer know exactly what you were looking at before they got
5:24 pm
there. is this really the way you want kids to find out about santa? here to tell us how to keep your gifts secret tech buffalo's todd hazelton. todd, wow, i'm shopping online. i read story about someone buying her husband a ex-xbox. no, no i'm not doing that. she did it in the middle of the night and next day online gets served in the margin. she was totally busted. he knew exactly what she did. how can you avoid that. >> one of the best ways to shop in what is called incognito mode in chrome or internet explorer. an option in the menu. choose incognito mode. browse in that and not keeping track of browsing history. when you close out you will not see the ads because it is not saving that kind of data. melissa: would you get a better or worse deal? sometimes i noticed when you go shop and get something and they come back with you an ad from other sites, offering you cheaper price on same thing.
5:25 pm
if you say no, you have been there and didn't buy. >> that's a good point but usually when you look at that sort of a business model, especially with airlines, actually, when trying to buy tickets. they know when you left. they hike the prices. when it comes to amazon and best buy and stuff like that sure you might get a deal but i don't think, if you're shopping with prime, right, it is set price. that is the way it is going to go. you will not find a more expensive price point. you're still good. use incognito mode. use clear the history. shop from tablet or smartphone. that is another way to do it, not using computer. i love this topic. i was shopping with my wife. we share a desktop computer. she comes on to do her shopping, holy cow, did i leave something up on amazon? thankfully i didn't. i have a little secret here. what i like to do after i'm done shopping for things i will start searching for other things we might need in the household anyway like towels or paper towels or food items. that is what comes up. they come up on the computer,
5:26 pm
you might want a paper towel. melissa: what about rand do things to really throw her off the scent? >> there you go. melissa: searching for, i don't know, high-heeled shoes and really scare her. >> oh, boy, my husband is shopping for high-heeled shoes. what will he bring home for christmas. melissa: what is he wearing in his spare time or have another girlfriend. those are someplaces than i was going. you're more innocent. what is best holiday shopping tip real quick before we go. >> my favorite one. retail me not. it is great. i use it all the tile. ggogle free shipping 1-800-flowers or 20% discount or promo code. when you see the promo code box google teddy bear, promo code, more often than not i found a lot of savings, 20% off or free shipping. i love it. that is my trick. melissa: what a throughout husband you are. todd, thank you so much. >> thanks. melissa: taking multivitamins according to a new study is a complete waste of time?
5:27 pm
do you take vitamins? i do. obviously didn't work. do you think they work? tweet me and tell me what you think. we have a "money talker" all fired up on this one. where is my vitamin c? who made money with news of today's big buyout. she is helping to raise the bar big-time. stay tuned to see who it is. "piles of money" coming right up. ♪
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the. ♪ melissa: it is the most wonderful time of year, flew season. are you stocking up on multivitamins and an sanitizer? you may be wasting your money. it is today's "money" talker. our panel is sick about it. here now with dennis kneale and lisa. thanks to all of you for joining us. i cannot believe this. multivitamins, $28 billion industry. does not do a thing. totally useless. i use surprise? >> i am surprised. i am one of the sticking my vitamins every day. a chill on the flintstone
5:31 pm
vitamins. melissa: worthless. in a surprise defense and you have is suing on is worthless? melissa: an argument for taking vitamins. >> i eat the fat on my stick because back then they thought that was good for you. they keep changing it. >> if teeseven is still long enough you could just be here and agree or disagree with every new study it is every study knocks out the study before it. it's ridiculous. melissa: even more reason not to take vitamins. all three of you just convince me there is no point. >> take them. >> it costs a fortune. some of the market biggest check
5:32 pm
in your throat. i hate that. you have to do the flintstone thing. melissa: the whole antibacterial thing, a total fraud. i am not as surprised about because i feel like first of all , is a soap antibacterial into a? what is the point of soap if it was an antibacterial. isn't that why you wash hands? >> to clean the germs. i like them, but i want them to between. >> like the germs. >> i just never really -- you know, i shook her hand before the start of the show. among little freaked out. >> i don't want to wear a mask and plastic guns or ride go. that is the choice. you cover yourself up or live life. >> antibacterial soap, it shows just how lame the fda truly is. this is an agency, let's remember, though only now has decided it has taliban trans fats and seven around for 30 or 40 years, and the ingredient in the into bacterial soap has been on the market for 40 years. he has been mean to get around to that. only now they want to.
5:33 pm
one more thing, the fda can say one bad thing about antibacterial soaps, mckinley to the creation of super bugs to resist antibacterial soaps. also, we are saying into a bacterial cells don't kill bacteria. which is it? you can't have both. >> that's why i stay in the studio for the next couple of years. melissa: what if you'd drink bacterial soap and grow the vitamins on their hands. >> i think that when you see terrell the spencers, consider the brand name, i felt so good about it. i feel like anybody could -- you know, the germs. >> then make people feel better. when i do it. melissa: kill the germ. you rub it on your hands from even the people with terms rub the bureau fingers be relevant. still in its terms. >> i think it probably works if you don't overuse it. i am told that people get addicted to it. that is another thing. >> a piro my phone, everything, my keyboard for my phone. melissa: of the talks to your
5:34 pm
therapist about that? >> i haven't gotten that bad. melissa: now that the d.a. says it is arrested you going to stop? melissa: is in this brilliant marketing? bringing his back to the business seventh and above the these groups greeted new glasses of products. and i was a high-school, bristol, there was no peril. it created a new thing and convinced us that we needed it. melissa: great story on the rise a bureau in the new yorker a few months ago. quite interesting. i have to tell you, i just feel like a product like that does not get widespread acceptance unless it does work, and i think that the study is wrong. melissa: i don't want to the -- will not saying that perilous work but a antibacterial soap and the active ingredient in can be harmful. i mean, that was a really the my mind. >> it has some negative impact on hormonal -- >> the fda bans everything, and it would have banned this long
5:35 pm
ago. it is just an exaggeration. it is just bowl. some researchers some are trying to make a name for himself by coming out with come controversial stance. melissa: i think we solved it. i don't know. thank you so much. thanks to all three of you. no one wins tonight's mega millions trying the jackpot could grow to 1 billion by christmas spirit billion dollars, would buy a ticket if it were a billion. but to the new rules mean that no one will win? whether some many unplanned lottery prizes? i'm so confused. the end of the day this story is really all about "money." ♪ my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helpse, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business,
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♪ melissa: from the u.s. every corner of the globe money has been flying. first to russia. it is giving the ukraine and $15 billion economic lifeline. buying a ukrainian debt and reducing the price that they pay
5:39 pm
for russian gas supplies by about one-third. moscow and the market seems happy about the deal. there are fears it will fuel protests against the ukrainian president who is facing accusations of selling ukraine to the highest bidder. the country has already dismissed the trade deal with the european union before returning to russia for help. over to china or central bank officials are banning payment companies from clearing that point. companies that currently accept the virtual currency must stop by the chinese new year which begins january 31st. after that people wanting to pay with bits. literally won't be able to get money off the platform. and touching down in uruguay, the passage of landmark marijuana legislation. it seems that it is the first country in the world to have a system regulating the illegal sale, use, and production of pot the bill still needs the president's signature, but he has been backing in all along, so it is practically a done deal
5:40 pm
reports say applause and cheers broke out in the senate after the vote. of course, they then ran home to get high. you can see that in the video. $363 million to be yours. you just need a ticket and a dream. it is just $20 million away from the highest payout ever. unless you live under rocky know that the mega millions lottery drawing is tonight, but ever since the rules changes seems like it has been even more impossible to win. have you noticed? here to explain to my fox business jo ling kent. but today changed? >> essentially it used to be 056. now it's up to 75. there are so many more choices. the idea -- melissa: mickey. >> this seems like it is more choices, more chances to win, but in reality is less. so the good news is that you actually have higher chance of winning the smaller prizes. i believe it's one in 15 to get a smaller price.
5:41 pm
of course hitting the jackpot is that much harder. melissa: and i heard on the radio that sense the change the rules that no one has won the big jackpot. i mean, from a commercial standpoint it is clever because you keep the big number growing, growing, growing if no one wins, which brings all this publicity. we are all talking about it. the same time you have smaller winners. so that is good. more people walking around saying, at least one something. >> is definitely good for business. in virginia the lottery coordinator says that 70 percent of all of their tickets are bought on jackpot date. if you extrapolate that across a $1 billion jackpot or even the one that we have tonight, it could be extremely good for business for them to increase their odds and they can have more small prizes. melissa: but your chances of winning are so incredibly small. i mean to make use to be one in 176 million. that was a chance of winning. now it's one in 259 million.
5:42 pm
you have a much greater chance of living to be 110 years old. that is one in 7 million. the odds of a woman giving birth to a difficult quadruplets. melissa: -- >> identical quadruplets. not just for babies, but for babies that match. that is one and 15,600,000. the chance of being attacked by a shark is one in 11 and a half million. you get bitten by a shark about 20 times before you when this lottery. that's not good. >> the i certainly are not good, there are a lot of people who say, you know what, buying into the lottery, it's what gives you that little hope and peace of mind, see what happens. maybe you will walk, rich. melissa: those people work for the government. >> i think they definitely have a dog in the game here. melissa: meanwhile i was reading about these jackpots that have gone unclaimed. so hard to win then there are people who win and they don't go claim the money. for example. there was an unplanned prized among $130 million.
5:43 pm
this was a power baltica that was sold on november 16th at roca's bakery and deli in brighton beach, brooklyn. people are still buzzing about this. this person does not know they have the ticket. november 16th. 130 million. what do you think happened? with a drug? >> if i were drunk and i bought the ticket and found out it would take me out of the truck and stupor right away. melissa: what happened to this person? did they get hit by a boss? >> maybe it was misplaced. things happen. slip of paper. melissa: the precious slip of paper. hundred and $30 million the paper. thank you so much. did you buy a ticket? >> i have not. are you? you going to? melissa: allied last night and said that about one, but i haven't. i know now. on your dime. if you're looking for an extra chance to get a piece of a big payout, one company is willing to share. i like this.
5:44 pm
college towns hauling junk bonds of mega millions ticket, and they're promising to pay up and pay out to you. joining us with the details, cleared of fraud and self, nick friedman. i just wanted to embarrass your at the beginning. you're used to it. when my thinking. you started this promotion. you bought one lottery ticket? >> yes. we bought one lottery tickets yesterday in a religious thinking that we would buy it to see if we won. alice talking to our creative director in a said, what we throw a picture up on our facebook page, obama blog, twitter and tell all of our followers and vans and prospective clients and franchise owners if you like our facebook page and we win this jackpot were going to share with everybody begin sharing is caring. melissa: what if they had already like your page in the best american showing how little i use it. what is still count or is it only people since he put it up there? >> that's a legitimate question. quite honestly one of the happy to figure added we win the
5:45 pm
jackpot. i think we're gonna share with everybody. we won't exclude people that like this before we put it up. melissa: if you happen to win, you're going to have to wait like does it cost you more to go of a business and run away with the money and never come of anger teeseven a ton of angry customers which kind of who cares because i have a billion dollars. it's better than sharing. start a new business under another name of all new identity or you can really divvy up the money with all the people like to. >> that is a moral dilemma we would have to face, but on confident we would make the right choice and divvy up the money properly. out of the deck lid my parents and the guy if we did not split the properly. melissa: unless you give them a whole bunch of money. you could bring in in on a. how much activity have you seen since this happened to make them many people have liked you on facebook correspondent on twitter? >> a ton of engagement which is really was such a meeting is
5:46 pm
about. it is creating engagement, commmnication, conversation. we've seen about a thousand lives and reid tweeds and follows the turner facebook and twitter page. we really did not do a whole lot of promotion. put it up and asked people to share with friends and family hoping that we might create some bus and communication. melissa: was your creative director in come up with this idea? >> it was our creative director that came up with the idea. we were bouncing off each other talking about the mega millions. he said to my going to put it on a facebook page. see what kind of activity we can land. melissa: i'm impressed that you guys are so big. you have a stand alone creative director. that's pretty impressive. >> nowadays it's really all about communication and to customers and prospective customers. what he does is to create a copyright for our blogg facebook page, marketing collateral. obviously a brand like college
5:47 pm
honks falling junk is pretty creative. we have to have some brands control to make sure we don't get out of control. melissa: that's right. you definitely need rent control. and ghandi alike fox business facebook. could lead to you. >> we got it right here. melissa: thanks so much. how far would you go to make 50 grand? my next guest auctioned off his last name for the second time. this is the second time. now jason is here to tell us his new moniker. can you believe this? he did it again. was it worth it? we have to hear this. you can never have too much money apparently. [ male announcer ] my client gloria has a lot going on in her life. wife, mother, marathoner. but one day it's just gonna be james and her. so as their financial advisor, i'm helping them look
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melissa: it is time for a little fun with "spare change". today we have a "money" update. we told you about that guy that auction of his last name to the highest bidder. he is at it again. this time he sold his last name to and after $50,000. what what this guy do for a little "spare change"? you have to love that as the founder of i where your shirt. he's back with me now. jason, while. so your new last name, let's get the plug at of the way, what is it, is the business, what today? had this happen? >> yes, my last name was auctioned off again. a final wedding better was surfer app. it's an anti can download right for your iphone the research surfr. it is basically promoting social goods through surfing in surf spots around the world. i'm going to have to learn the serbs apparently. data not do that yet. this does their awesome, hilarious.
5:52 pm
sold for $50,000. melissa: i was going to say it's worth torre to serve for 50 grand there paying all this money to advertise. not know that those things kind of gut together. they ddn't care. >> i think the vowels -- is passe. on the internet. al letters as possible. melissa: you're right. so how the put a value on this? how do you quantify what the government for the next person? >> no expectations last year. the first time i've ever done this, first and i never seen anybody do this. when it sold for $40,000 to had says stop, did know what happened. luckily folks talk about it.
5:53 pm
it had an increase of $250,000 in sales selling headsets that you wear around the office when you're making phone calls. $6 million in unearned media. if the server guess you ended up with my name for next year end of the the people who did this past auction saw that and knew there was potential. it's just fun, a crazy, unique marketing opportunity. melissa: it is crazy. you talk about earned media, that's when you quantify the on the time even on different stations. symmetric the people and p.r. used to say yet displacement and it was worth it because this is how many people watching. the $250,000 in sales, wonder if you feel like maybe you should change yourself. you only have 45 grand. it make you happen up. what was the most memorable moment? was the craziest thing that happened? >> there were a lot of stories. live my life last year with this damn my driver's license and
5:54 pm
credit cards, but it had to be sitting in for a record room going up for a judge of the lawyer am asking, our users its aegean into this and he said yes , and even committed felonies everyone nervous now realize the end. all right. this is my first thought, in a stamp to paperwork and i was on my way. a lot of fun to be had to be this game is even different because it is not a dot com. it's an out. melissa: to you think that gives you a hard time? >> i don't think so. >> that were there were hilarious about it. they loved it. people in general, social media, have a good community of followers and fans. they think it's funnn. i think there definitely people with tickets selling out, but i have a lot of fun with that. i don't regret it for a day and menendez and means something to me like it does for a lot of other people. melissa: o.c. would you come up with.
5:55 pm
her new deal is treating communications-count. not sure who it is? keep watching the find out. you can never have too much "money." ♪ s and a low sex drive, s and a low sex drive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron. e only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to rmal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than8 or men with prostate or breast caer. and children should avoido are contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puber in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tellour doctor about all medical conditions and medication serious side effects could include increased risk decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation
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whether it is on wall street or main street, here's who made "money" today. communications. buying the communications network for $2 billion in cats. investors sending a clear signal that they are loving the news. the stock surged more than 8.5% and that's very nice. the chairman and ceo on a very healthy 3.4 million shares and she made $1.3 million and making bona fide box office money. the top grossing hollywood actor
5:59 pm
for 2013 and even though robert downey junior's iron man was the top grossing movie with 1.2 billion, that was his only movie of the year and so his movie added up to an impressive 1.3 billion. his actual earnings this year, $46 million. and looking for a 3-d? billionaire beatle paul mccartney. this is last night's mets game in brooklyn. look at him, scoring a free t-shirt during halftime. and i guess they will just have to let it be this time. and that is all we have for you and i hope that you made money today. tune in tomorrow on how to escape health care for just $40. it's called doctor on demand. to revolutionize the way that you see a doctor.
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don't forget to set your dvr everyday at 5:00 p.m. eastern and kept us at midnight. be sure to get your money no matter what. we will see you back here tomorrow and "the willis report" is next. ♪ ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i am gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report." spending a lot of money on vitamins? we will tell you all about it. and the government says inflation is flat. so do these officials need to spend more time in the grocery store? and college presidents making millions of dollars. is it any wonder why tuition is skyrocketing? we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ gerri


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