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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 18, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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connell: connell, get us out of this. connell: good to see you. not happy with the direction of the country? there are a lot of people out there like that. former press secretary for the disconnect many americans feel. then, no credit check out loud? the judge andrew napolitano on the new bill preventing companies from this committee against customers with bad credit. and no in-flight calls on delta. long time airline man will give us a call, just not from a plane. and you can now take a picture with google glass. with a wink. coming up this hour of "markets now." let's get this started. dagen: how do you feel of the credit checks?
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connell: we will talk about it in more detail, but it seems they should be allowed to check in. you cannot discriminate for other reasons. let's check things out at the new york stock exchange. nicole: good morning, connell and dagen. good morning, everybody. today is fed day. everybody's waiting to find out what they will or won't tell us this afternoon. a whole panel put together to wait those facts. the dow and s&p are posting gains. the loss of more than one-tenth%. the dow looking good with a gain of one quarter of 1%, s&p 50017.82. exxon and chevron among the leaders. oil stocks doing well. they have been pulling back on
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the big picture. a lot of people waiting on the fed. connell: the state of the economy, a new gallup poll showing a gap between the national satisfaction. dagen: personal satisfaction for us get a 79% are satisfied in their personal lives, just 23% are happy with the state of our nation. former white house press secretary under president george w. bush. this difference isn't surprising, but 80% is usually the level if you are below that level, even that is disturbing. it seems historically that suggests the economy is lagging. >> we have always had this discrepancy between personal popularity and how people perceive the country. on the one hand that is great,
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that is what you hoped would happen. it is worse now than it has be been, but always this big gap. connell: now i think it is not even to your point things are changing, people don't like their own congressperson. why do you think this happens? are we just caring about our fellow citizens so much? >> in our personal lives we give a lot of satisfaction. it doesn't personally affect me, so there is this difference between washington for the higgs solutions in which things are failing in our everyday lives and things seem to be successful, if you are falling
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behind in this economy, you probably have a different perspective. unemployment rate 7%. he may not like them all, but it is still too high. dagen: it is generally a sign an economy that is extremely weak, late 70s and even early '90s. what would you attribute high unemployment to? and if you're in the white house, do you worry about that? >> is one most important measurements that people are ready for change. it all benefits republicans. much more old and much less
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minority. it is even lower now than when president obama came into office. connell: is there a chance in terms of the issue they should focus on the midterm elections? using three out of four people. those are not those issues like nsa. how people individually were doing, much more of a change.
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it affects more of the politics. but a personal satisfaction, comes down to things often the government doesn't touch, your family, your faith, your happiness, be sill these are ths that drive individual satisfaction. dagen: it is the biggest mistake they made in the last year? >> that is obamacare. the rollout was disastrous. they should have been told by the department of health and human services is not going to go well, demand it from the very first day, to were first, that he wasn't satisfied. dagen: i would have been furious. never know what is going on behind closed doors. look at this, ansi looking at changing the way we look at movies.
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they now want to see if this is something that will sell with investors. connell: jo ling kent joining us with the word on the big ipo for the movie chain. >> amc stock reviewed. up about 8.72%. 18.4 million shares of amc stock price at $18 yesterday, the low-end of 18 to $20 range raising $331 million. it seems the third time is the charm. in 2007 and 2010. it is owned by property giant which bought it last year for $2.6 billion. their chairman bellin billina be the world's richest man with a net worth of $14 billion. right now amc entertainment has interest in 343 theaters in north america as of the end of
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september. i have 200 million visits each year. look at other comparable stocks right now in the theater realm, regal, imax cinema, up about 2.76% and at 3:00 today amc ceo lopez in an interview with liz claman, so tune in for that. connell: thank you. her the chance of getting a loan, even getting a job, but a new bill senator elizabeth warren's backing, it is really aimed at taking the credit check out of the hiring process altogether. dagen: judge andrew napolitano here to talk about that with surprising feeling about this. >> if elizabeth warren wants it, you can bet it is an interference of the free choices of consumers and employees in the free market.
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why shouldn't an employee or be able to gather whatever information the employer wants when deciding to their people. these are at will employees who can be hired and fired for whatever reason and is not against public policy. she wants make it against public policy to fire somebody or not to hire them because they have bad credit. dagen: where do you draw the line? medical records up for grabs by employers. where such an advocate for privacy and protecting one's privacy. >> i'm an advocate of protecting it from the government. if i don't like the information and employer is asking me as i am applying for the job, i will leave and go somewhere else. these are free choices of employers and employees. they want to take away those free choices. there's no free choice when the government captures my keystrokes.
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connell: i would assume in his race, gender, that is what you cannot discriminate against. >> the employer cannot discriminate on that basis, but suppose employer runs a business where if his employees have problems paying their bills, the business will be harmed, or employees having problems paying the bills will be tempted to look to the employer to pay those bills for them, those are free choices in my view employer ought to be able to make. the flipside of this is the employees should be told we are going to run a credit check on you and we need to know about your health because we're about to make a major investment in you. if you don't want to run a credit check or learn about your health, there is the door. but when the government limits free choices, one size fits all,
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that makes prices go up. dagen: you're okay with them looking at your medical records? we will not hire you if you are sick. >> i'm okay with him asking to look at my medical records and then me making the decision is it worth me revealing to them my medical history in order to be a candidate for this job, or is it not. that freedom should be there for a potential employer. you are assuming they will all do it. i don't think so. some employers could not care less, like ours, what our credit rating is, we have 200 2000 employees here. dagen: i was drug tested at my first job.
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i was a finance writer and i got drug tested. you cannot take the job he ha. is there a role in protecting the individual? >> there is a role protecting them from the government. if the individual has free choices about which employer or potential employer to deal with, no free choices when it comes to dealing with the government. we're stuck with it. dagen: we're having a discussion. creepy? maybe. google lets you take a picture. take a picture with the wink of an eye.
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connell: ford with the headlines surrounding g gmi have been talking about. through the automakers planning to do about that coming up. dagen: a huge move the upside to the housing starts. real estate guru talks about that, inventory levels, what is hot, what is not. 97 and change. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spai and the use of medical technology in the u.s.?
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dagen: let's talk a little bit about it. nicole: let's talk about it. up 13th of 1%, it has been a stellar performer along with some of the other guys like starbucks. up about 40%. mcdonald's has a different model to a certain extent but has been pushing for coffee.
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all four names have a barrows as the s&p is up fractionally. we have the ceo of dunkin brands on the fox business network in the noon hour with cheryl casone and dennis kneale. i am sure they will be talking about a lot of things including duncan brand. back to you. connell: thank you, nicole. google introducing a new feature allowing users to take photos by winking and the conclusion is winking is faster and more seamless than voice command or pushing a button or whatever, so this new version includes a screen lock feature. the ability to upload content to youtube, google glass expected to be rolled out officially next year sometime to the public.
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there is the google stock price. dagen: i am so not into these google glasses. you know the feeling you're working on the fly, on the train, your laptop is going to die and you forgot your charger. 5% of the battery is left, you are looking around, borrow a charger from somebody, they don't have your laptop, none of the chargers will work. the international electrotechnical commission is coming to the rescue. the organization proposing universal charger that will power up any computer by any manufacturer. just like the standard micro usb found in most smart phones. they do not such great news for apple. connell: apple likes you to use their own. one of those things that thought existed, but maybe not.
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we will see how ford went to regain momentum coming up. dagen: a very well known realtor down in miami, she is going to talk about those housing starts numbers running at highest levels in about six years, some more inventory. does she like it? and oil currency. ♪
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>> 23 minutes past the hour, and jonathan with your fox news minute. developing news and the middle east, egypt state tv reporting aztec president will be tried on terrorism charges. prosecutors say he and 35 others including the muslim brotherhood top three leaders conspired with foreign groups at military training and other acts undermining egypt's stability.
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reviewing nuclear talks tomorrow with the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany. this after stalling negotiations for a sanction move. representative starting the plan to put novembers interim nuclear agreement into action. an update on the bomb scare at harvard university, 20-year-old student do in federal court for allegedly e-mailing phony threats. it was all a ploy to get out of a final exam had those are your headlines. now back to dagen and connell. dagen: thank you. connell: talking a lot about gm, but the ford stock taking a hit today. the target for global operating margins also at risk. dagen: jeff flock is in chicago
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with more on that. jeff: et's go to the headline, which is the stock. today as soon as the outlook call this morning, the stock took a huge hit. down a point and a quarter, about 6.5, 7%. a nasty day for ford. we have the good, the bad and the ugly. it wasn't all bad news this morning. there is a prophet fiesta, 8.5 lien dollars expected this year. operating margin and cash flow unfunded pensions will be cut in half, and there will be 16 north america launches in 2013. that is the good news. the bad news, the pensions are still about $10 billion underfunded, their profit margin is the fact that is pretty good is going to be lower based on recall cost for the ford escape.
11:26 am
north america will be less profitable next year, which is a really bad sign even though the problem would be between 7 7-$8 million. the ugly, it gets worse. $700 million of cash ford has in venezuela, cannot get it out. they will take a huge hit. europe is going to have huge restructuring costs and the 2014 forecast is for industry up in the u.s. but ford volume is down. theithe forecast for the mid-dee also they say is at risk. we will talk about the ceo, that is also a cloud over ford right now. don't want to talk about product, that is what the company needs to talk about. connell: you are right, that is
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ugly. dagen: forget it, it is not going to happen. the ceo of delta airlines takes a stand on the phone calls in flight. connell: katrina campins will be back with us talking real estate and the housing number today. stay tuned as we continue your "markets now." [ female announcer ] there's one thing dave's always wanted to do when he retires -- keep working, but for himself.
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connell: we are at the half hour and this is what is still coming up. first, katrina campins, she is standing by right now to talk to us about the blockbuster housing number we've already gotten in today. and delta ceo shutting down the talk of in-flight calls on flights. we're going to get the thoughts on this decision. a new way of giving, to give and know where your money is going. before dagen talks to katrina campins in a few minutes, we go to nicole. nicole: one is a very big mover today. looking at fedex. the numbers came out and missed the analyst estimates. the stock not moving too much, working on their delivery options, pricing plans, they have been doing the
11:32 am
restructuring, multiyear restructuring plan that began last year, their quarterly profit did rise 14% so that is good news. somewhat of a mixed bag and that is why you see the stock of the unchanged line. you can see it is to the downside not only is it lower, down 21% hitting new lows today. dagen: the largest annual increase since january of 1990. what to make of these numbers. we don't get to see her often enough, but she is so busy. katrina campins. >> great to see you, pretty lady. dagen: based on what you are seeing, how tight or supplies at this point? >> today's numbers are an
11:33 am
indicator the real estate market is indeed helping the u.s. economy. inventory levels are so extremely low throughout the entire nation. which is why builders are taking the risk and they're going out and they are starting to build. another reason why they feel more confident is because the job market is doing better, so some people argue what about interest rates rising. they are still historically low. dagen: down in south florida, how much new construction are you starting to see, how much supply is on the market left over from the last building boom before the collapse? >> inventory is still pretty low, but we are seeing it little bit because developers are going ahead and starting new projects. south florida is a different animal than the rest of the market because so much is coming from international market. it is definitely continuing to
11:34 am
do well. i still see inventory relatively low and i myself convincing soldiers to build because i know i can sell their home. dagen: talk about the buildings going on at the beach, it is one of the buildings down there. are you seeing most of it being super high-end? or is there some midprice construction going on as well? >> some of it is midpriced. they're going to look in this area and realize there is a lot of money with individuals coming into this area. so much money is coming from the overseas market into software. a lot coming to the market.
11:35 am
dagen: as you said so much activity has been all cash and buyers from overseas. is there any shift more in favor towards of the local or the u.s. buyer? or is it still predominantly international? >> i am seeing most of the purchasing power coming from new york. the new york-miami connection continues to be extremely strong. because of the weather and tax reasons. we are seeing buyers from texas, from those markets, it is coming from other countries. dagen: have it pulled back a little bit, or is it at one point getting heavy again where you would get it, people were getting into bidding wars over these condominiums. >> also the single-family home.
11:36 am
there was the hitting mentality, but it depends on the area, depends on the product and it depends on how well your price. at the end of the day, the price is the main driver in this market. dagen: are the sellers easier to convince too pricey properties to move? that was so difficult during once the market started tipping over, i have to get what i paid for this property. are they more willing to price it to move at this point? >> its depends on where they are in their life, there's always a learning curve because everybody thinks they're home of their property is the best so it comes down to the numbers providing the sellers with the numbers and at the end of the day if they are ready to sell, they get more aggressive with the pricing. if you're serious about selling, now is the time to do it.
11:37 am
dagen: absolutely, we are all very jealous. joining us from south florida. >> it is a little chilly out here. connell: this decision made by delta to not allow you to talk on your cell phone in-flight. dagen: and a new way to give this holiday season without wondering where your money is going. connell: and the ceo of dunkin donuts with cheryl and dennis at the top of the hour as "markets now" continues. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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and this park is the inside of your body. see the ecial psylliumiber in metamucil actually gels to trap some carb to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. metucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fer. >> i am jo ling kent with your fox business brief. setting up factories in mexico and china and will build more cars outside of germany for the first time next year. audi aims to sell 2 million cars overtake luxury champ bmw by the end of the decade. a possible ceo succession plan. the current head of boeing defense division closer oversight of the day-to-day
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physicians with the current ceos. the world's largest processor will relocate 75 employees with no layoffs planned. they considered sizing telethon minneapolis and indiana. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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connell: for naughty fcc is considering lifting his ban on calls in flight, but today delta said they will not allow it. regardless of what the fcc does, airline would continue to ban in-flight calls. on the phone with us right now presumably not from an airplane is bob crandall. what do you think of the move? >> it proves richard anderson is a smart guy. connell: he got out ahead of
11:42 am
this. >> it is a very good business move. all of us who travel dread the dreaded the seatmate who has to tell you his life story. dreadful. and even worse, just go have your car report, yapping on the cell phone. if peoole start making phone calls, it is an absurdity. connell: i wonder if somebody else, it was a big deal, one of the other airlines we don't know as much about, coming out and say if they allow this, we will let people talk on the smart phone.
11:43 am
>> terrific for me, delta, american which i hope will soon follow and all the other guys that won't allow cell phones and let all the guys talking on cell phones going whatever airline wants to carry them. connell: all of us agree it is annoying and drives us crazy but what do you think the fcc should actually do? who should this be up to? should the fcc ban it? >> the fcc is not in charge of banning, if it is safe i suppose i ought to say it is safe. if the public at large and the airlines that serve the public are in charge of activities on the airplane, i do think what delta has done is very sensible, and i think and hope other airlines will soon follow.
11:44 am
connell::think you for calling in today. kind of funny in a lot of ways. >> it is, indeed. connell: we will talk you soon about something else. >> merry christmas. connell: youtube. dagen: investors around the world eagerly anxiously awaiting the federal reserve's latest policy decision out at 2:00 p.m. eastern. connell: sanda smith is watching all the action as she does on the cme joining us from the trade. sandra: we can base all the notes, pretty much consensus is the fed taper move won't actually happen until january or march. it still says 11% chance a taper could happen or be announced as of this afternoon. guys watching the market right now, the stock market wavering in and out of positive territory.
11:45 am
the dial on a 21-point gain right now. the nasdaq down, oil prices are down. now it is turned up about $0.15, copper prices are down, we have seen copper, this is the fed played. if a taper oakhurst, we could see a weaker economy, therefore less demand for copper. yield on the 10-year, the bond prices coming down. the market really kind of setting themselves up, gold only down $1 right now. so everything is sort of in this wait-and-see mode. back to you.
11:46 am
connell: you have to play along with us, picture a library, everybody should know what a library looks like we hope, but forget about the books and the card catalogs and dewey decimal and everything else, just think of a clean room that has ipads and e-readers in it and that is being presented as the library of the future. we have a library that is already ahead of the curve. dagen: out in san antonio, texas, at vibri bibliotech. >> it looks like we're in an apple store and not so much in a @ibrary. not a single hard paper book or periodical. this thing opens at noon local time, but you can see the stations here. 48 imax, 200 tablets, 200 e-readers. i want to show you how this works.
11:47 am
you can use these terminals to browse the catalogue of 17,000 titles, and it is growing. or you can come to these kiosks, you can go through all of the book selections you want this, you have a description, similar books by the author to check out. you simply log in with your library card, it is downloaded to your account, they put it on an e-reader for you and you leave. it is officially opened in september. this is san antonio, by the way, but you can download the library app. the books expire, your access to them after two weeks so you don't have to worry about late fees or returning them because there is nothing to return unless of course you physically check out a device.
11:48 am
the brain behind this tells us it is far cheaper to operate than a traditional library. >> we don't have to have a huge building, we are in one third of the space of a normal branch library. we don't have the expense of stocking these books, people borrowing them, losing them, wearing out. it will not wear out. >> when i go to the regular library and up with 30 or 40 books and they are hard to carry. this is a lot easier to carry around with me. >> this is in a lower income neighborhood, so a lot of people who live around here don't even have internet at home, so they can come here, they don't have devices like a lot of us do so they can have access to this stuff, and it is pretty spectacular to see in person. connell: pretty cool. thank you a lot. dagen: peer to peer charity.
11:49 am
knowing how your money is spent. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its engy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz.
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energy lives here.
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connell: we are back here with tomorrow's business today. the idea is pretty simple, matching up with compatible members. our next guest is taken an idea in a way and putting it to charitable use. peer-to-peer philanthropy site connecting donors with recipients. give locally .net cofounders. if a minor name too many people. i'm told you go by the name bo.
11:53 am
tell us about the idea of what does. >> i came up with the idea in 2010. i got the giving, and i thought when upgraded tech company whose product is helping people. we can fulfill unlimited needs. connell: interesting is that that was a choice, talk about why he wanted to do something that was insufficient in some way. >> you can log on and see and choose the specific family and the need to need to help. connell: and you follow the money, right? >> yep.
11:54 am
there's a trespass you don't see in traditional charity. we are not waiting on the government to help us, not waiting on charity. we are hard-working americans who have pulled together to be able to give $10, 20, $100 at a time. we don't care about the tax credits replications involved. they want to be able to help one another like to help a neighbor or a friend. connell: i thought, i interviewed the founders, but that is different because their website, you give a loan, which you guys give money to people. >> we don't give a loan, what we do is more directt more impactful. we prescreen our families because we don't give cash to the families. we screen you and when you raise money, we pay it to your landlord, your doctor, your school, unlimited needs, fraud
11:55 am
proof and hard-working americans. you know who the givers are? not bill gates, not the fat cats. hard-working americans who say this is the best way i can do something with 20, 30, $40. connell: you can see where the people you are helping what they're doing with the money. give you an idea of how the economy is doing to put it simply. people are giving more than they were last at this time? what have you observed? >> the economy as such people still cannot make ends meet. we are doing everything right, budgeting their money, still unable to make ends meet. a lot of what it does is help the working class people who are smart, hard-working people, but they need help with the hardship. we step in and allow our givers
11:56 am
to help these people one family at a time, one individual at a time, it is nnthing out there on the internet like it, people really enjoy the reward they get from giving in this way. connell: hopefully people check it out, being able to know where your money is going this time of year is a pretty good story for us. thank you for coming in. again, coming up, dunkin' donuts. competing with starbucks and mcdonald's. creator of "the walking dead" suing the network that airs the show. keep it here. hi honey, did you get e toter cozy?
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>> i voted against this legislation because congress should continue to adhere to the fiscal restraints both parties agreed to under the budget control act. >> this is a compromise. it doesn't tackle every one of the challenges we face, but that was never our goal. this bipartisan bill takes the first step towards rebuilding the broken budget process. >> the first budget deal in two years. we are taking you to another hour of markets. and another government shutdown, and a new battle over the nation's that. the day is here. we are two hours from the fed decision that could have major affect on the markets. caper time. dunkin donuts making big moves to compete with stocks and mcdonald's. we are talking to nigel travis
12:01 pm
about new products and just announced expansion plans. of that and more in the next hour of markets now. christmas came early, said day. dennis: i want my jaw 16,000 back and we are quite a ways away from there. cheryl: maybe we will get it at 2:33. dennis: top of the hour, stocks every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. stocks losing steam. >> watching the vix over a few hours and the vix had been to the downside, the unchanged line, the dow and the nasdaq and the s&p, the dollar is higher up 22 points but lost some of the momentum, nasdaq composite going down 1/2% indy is indeed down
12:02 pm
slightly. you can see something that has been happening which is near the unchanged line as we await news from the fed, will they won't they taper? what will the language be but that is what we are looking at. we have some winners on wall street, some lenders under pressure for it as well. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: time for the fox business stock trader, robert luna of sherman's capital was the runner-up in the fox business all-star show down. good to see you. before we get to your pick i want to ask about the fed. the day is finally here and it is 50/50 weather that caper happens between now and january. what do you say? >> i don't think the taper is happening today, ben bernanke's last meeting, i don't think he
12:03 pm
creates those fireworks for janet yellen to pick up. in february or march it will happen. a lot of this has been prized into the market. when you look at april and they start talking about the tapir, the tenure is 1-6 and we push against three. another is thing to look at, the s&p low volatility index, that index was basically peaking out in april since april way the s&p has gone up 12%. the market rally is led by high performers overprice. cheryl: this is a three year chart from phoenix but i am showing you the three year chart, the last two years, 2012-13, steady rise in stocks but if you look at volatility, something a moment ago, volatility tells us this is priced into the market. and if they do decide,
12:04 pm
$10 billion as if that would absolutely handle it. do you think that conversation is at least going on? >> absolutely i think that conversation is going on. is not necessarily going to happen today. if it did happen you could see a short-term selloff in the market but i would not be surprised if the market rallied back. a lot of it is priced in. one thing i have learned, the market always moves the direction where it hurts the most people and people are short bonds right now, short dividend paying stocks and that racism and line. cheryl: one thing i want to show our viewers, commodities and want to get your stock picks because this is the stock i am diverging today for some reason and if you look at gold, and >> gold is a no man's land, it is a trading vehicle to us, the
12:05 pm
near and low, if you are looking to play you can play with low risk and put it 3% below where it is trading. bold, not a lot of interest right now. oil is an interesting story. everything we have going on with drilling in the u.s.. somewhere around $95 a barrel. gold and oil not very interesting. cheryl: not sure if you are the grunge or not because the season of giving and time to pick stocks that are the most hated in the market but i want to start with a company, i love their clubs, lulu lemon, we are looking at a one month, this stock down 13% over the last year down 24% and you say by it. why? >> a real downward dog if you will. the stock has gotten beaten up. the thing about lulu is it is a
12:06 pm
premium brand, a lot of lulu lemon stores here, they are always packed. some peculiar men are wearing their things. this reminds me of deckers outdoor is, got beaten up in the 30, 40s, no one wanted anything to do with it, stocks trading and tripping over themselves to upgrade. i think lulu will grow at 18% to 20%, new ceos coming in. that will propel the stock. cheryl: this is another one. you had to bring up the downward dog joke. john d.. a company that you say has been one of the most hated names, why'd you like deer right now? and a growing middle class, healthier foods and they will have a great growth cycle over the next four years, but this is
12:07 pm
an american icon. it has done nothing this year. they are buying back $8 billion worth of stock, a quarter of the outstanding shares. this is the stock you getting? >> $8 billion buyback, great to hear and shows confidence. money is chief at least for now until we hear from the fed at 2:00 eastern. thank you again, merry christmas. dennis: the budget agreement, senator mitch mcconnell says the next battle already is upon us and will be over the debt ceiling. the gop plan demand something for a debt ceiling lift, rich edson is in d.c. with the latest. >> washington is lining of the debt ceiling, two senior republican and cable ask for budget reform in exchange for debt limit increase, budget committee chairman paul ryan says republicans will need to
12:08 pm
figure out their opening offer, mitch mcconnell doubts he will give president obama and increase with no other policies attached. that is what the white house demanded during the last debt limit fight and is demanding next on the government approaches its borrowing limit which is expected this spring but one hill watchers suspect demand will recede and congress will raise the debt limit with little difficulty. >> the sense of crisis permeated the last few generations of this debate won't be as high this time around. >> the senate is trying to finish the two year budget agreement. that vote is expected this evening and is expected to pass. the senate is moving to confirm janet yellen to share the federal reserve as part of that. sources tell fox business republican leaders are pushing for the senate to vote on rand paul's built to expand audits of the federal reserve. spokesman for senate majority leader harry reid says the senate could consider it after
12:09 pm
it confirms janet yellen. that confirmation could come in the next few days. dennis: let's bring in peak for all this news out of washington. thank you for being with us. what do you say? did reaching an accord require republicans to give a penny attempt to cut spending? >> i think reaching an accord forced what you see in every kind of agreement, democrats gave up some things, republicans gave up some things, bottom-line is they passed an agreement, first time they have shown some adult leadership in washington in quite some time. we now have a budget agreement that goes forward two years, that is a very positive thing. dennis: a increase spending by $63 billion in sequester cuts the party been put in place and they're back in so congress can spend it. why do that at all? >> republicans and democrats bo
12:10 pm
where they felt there needed to be adjustments. republicans felt they needed to be more spending in the defense area, give some relief to the pentagon, democrats wanted some spending on social programs so they move the sequestration cuts, increase spending levels, found some sources of revenue, went forward and claimed despite the increase in spending they are going to have a net $20 billion improvement in overall deficit numbers. the kind of agreement which is not a great agreement but it is one that both republicans and democrats have to live with when you have divided government. dennis: it shaves $23 billion over ten years from the annual deficit, $68 billion in the most recently completed year. very dramatic cuts. for those who are conservative and would like a better deal and to change obamacare we need to create the same situation democrats created to pass the
12:11 pm
law. what do you mean by that? >> i was in congress when obamacare passed. we had a democratic president, 60 democrats in the u.s. senate, nancy pelosi was speaker of the house. john boehner, republican in control of the house, republicans don't control the senate. republicans don't control the white house. to try to get the budgetary reforms, changes in health care, repeal of obamacare, can't happen in this situation for the goals and objectives we have to grow this economy to improve fiscal order to get this country moving forward again to be strong internationally, we need to control the senate and need to control the white house, bottom line. dennis: america would love if washington could stop bickering and avoid a shutdown. mixture mcconnell out with his concerns. some say the next battle is here over the debt ceiling. what is your outlook on that. >> they will reach an agreement
12:12 pm
on the debt ceiling. can't imagine after what happened ii 2013 with a government shutdown and all those things, moving into an election year, march, april time frame, you will see government close, that is bad for everybody in the house and senate who is up for reelection. they will reach an agreement. it may be messy, may take time the government will not shut down in 2014. dennis: that shutdown and the sequester cuts didn't kill us. we survived just fine. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. cheryl: duncan brands making big moves in sports and around the world. ceo nigel travis joining us in studio. dennis: number 2 theater chain amc entertainment making its market debut. joline kent has more on the theater giant's idea. and future plans.
12:13 pm
let's look at the energy price.
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
cheryl: one hour and 45 minutes from the fed decision. i will show you something, one of the sectors i am watching, the transportation sector. delta airlines, the ceo confirming they will not allow voice calls, why is this still interesting? the sec voted for the public to comment on this, considering what is in a band of in-flight cellphone use. this is not happening on delta or delta connection flight. employees hated it, the company saying first of all the plan with the faa a, part of electronic devices, 10,000 feet. they are saying we will let you use the devices, but talking on the plane, most people say that is the issue as well.
12:17 pm
another company we are waiting to hear from the southwest airlines, there's a three year comparison. let's bring in nicole petallides, looking at more good news on housing for an. you are doing this greta van susteren jerry howard and yesterday was also positivee nicole: what we are looking at with housing starts numbers is they are quite impressive at least in the latest month. the home builders at the same time all have up arrows. the data is housing starts hit the highest level in nearly six years. housing starts rose 22.7% month over month so obviously a big move. that coupled with some quarterly numbers from lennar which showed a profit on the rise, 13% jump in profit and lennar is over 3% and other names 1.8%. much like pulte group. winning group overall where a market on the unchanged line and home builders are moving up and
12:18 pm
away. cheryl: up 200%, it has been crazy. appreciate it. dennis: google introducing a new feature for the google glass allowing users to take photos by winking. the tech giant including linking was a faster and more seamless option than voice command or pressing a button. the new version by the consumer friendly name x the 12 include the screen lock feature and ability to load content to useto. google glass expected to rollout next year providing the perfect attention getting accessory for geeks who might otherwise never get noticed at all. would get shares of google down $2. cheryl: one for every one. emt entertainment looking at stocks, actually popping. it is actually higher by more than 8%. joline kent coming up with the
12:19 pm
inside scoop for the long-awaited ipo. dennis: from amc entertainment, cable channel getting sued by the creator of the number-1 show in cable walking did. details in your mediaaminute. let's look how the world currencies are faring, the u.s. dollar is strong. ♪
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
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>> 23 minutes past the hour your fox news and, diplomatic standoff between the u.s. and india stemming from the rest of the female indian diplomat living and working in new york city, she is accused of lying on federal work visa documents and underpaying housekeeper, indians are furious the diplomat was public arrested, strip search and put in a cell with other alleged criminals. kim going before a judge accused of e-mail in the phony bomb threat to the university on monday. was apparently all the play to get out of a final exam.
12:24 pm
gee officials evacuated students after receiving the threat that explosives were found in four separate buildings on campus and 800 firefighters still battling the massive wildfire in california's big sur region, the blaze destroyed in a dozen homes and forcing 100 people to evacuate the area. officials say the wild fire is 20% contained. those are your headlines. back to dennis and cheryl. cheryl: thank you very much. take a look at this. amc has revolutionized how we experience bills by adding requires recliners, now something to catch the eye of future investors with its initial public offering. restocked taking off, and joline kent joins us with more. >> take a look how is doing, is up 8.67% right now, 18.4 shares,
12:25 pm
$18 yesterday. at the low end of this range freezing $331 million. last year, the chinese property giant bought amc for $2.6 billion. their chairman recently became china's richest man according to forbes with a worth of $14 billion. liz claman spoke with the ceo and ask how chinese ownership has helped amc. >> they bought into an idea we had developed, we adjusted and begun implementing. their ownership being so long term, gave us a chance to go forward been able to move. >> you can see the interview at 4:00 eastern on "after the bell". looking at how the other theater stocks are doing today, regal, imax, mixed, about 2.1%.
12:26 pm
overall strong day, three hours into day one of trading. cheryl: thank you. dennis: shares of ford sinking after a billion dollar plunge in profits next year. jeff flock will bring us the latest. cheryl: from california to the united kingdom duncan brands on the move. the ceo here with all the details coming up next. as we go to break let's get big winners on the s&p, we told you to watch out for those. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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dennis: duncan doughnuts expanding to compete with mcdonald's and starbucks and nigel travis is here and cutting the cost of health care by making your workers pay more out of pocket. advising business to embrace the controversial fix for obamacare. the creator of walking dead suing the network that carries his show accusing amc of cheating them out of tens of millions of dollars in profits. cheryl: stocks every 15 minutes, let's go to the floor of the stock exchange and nicole petallides, we are 90 minutes away. i like the countdown. nicole: i like a countdown as well. sitting in one of the amc movie theater chairs and that is the ipo of the day. the ipo is actually done very well, as n a parrot, keeping a close eye and mr. lopez will be
12:31 pm
on at 3:00 p.m.. federal judge said facebook's cheadle and dozens of lawsuits about misleading investors and financial conditions of we are seeing facebook lower. a new high for cbs among the companies that raise their dividend so that is a great performer and we are watching fedex which came out with some numbers, mixed but missed analyst estimates. ford warning there so we are seeing ford down 6%. that is your good side i heard you say. cheryl: another movie star. thaak you. the united states has become a world's largest coffee market. it is $30 billion industry and growing in the u.s. with 83% of u.s. adults drinking coffee. business growing overseas and duncan doughnuts hoping to capitalize on that trend. nigel travis, you just off of a plane from london where you are
12:32 pm
expanding. >> in mile regional home country yesterday we opened our first store in 21 years in the u.k. went very well. we are excited about it. cheryl: there will be more. you were already in russia as well. is it more european opportunities? >> i am very excited about europe, the center of the european structure is germany. we had some very successful stores in germany that opened the. we are excited about the opportunity germans can bring because it is the center of europe and you can say scandinavia and other german-speaking countries so that is important. but the u.k. is particularly important because such a great understanding of the brand in the u.k. because of many brits come you're on vacation. gerri: there's been done on
12:33 pm
every corner. crispy cream was on last weekend was talking about something different, emerging markets, targeting africa, india. is that something you would see duncan brand doing as well on top of what you are doing? >> we have done much of that. we are in india, china, and between our brands, baskin-robbins and dunkin donuts, 4,000 stores in asia and looking at brazil. there's a lot of opportunities there. if you go through our history and you can only play the card you are given as a company we missed out europe, 1% of revenues in europe. europe has a lot of attraction, i gdp, relatively high ticket so we think it is the good opportunity in europe particularly as we can manage dunkin donuts with the same discipline that we have shown in
12:34 pm
the u.s.. cheryl: this is a renaissance for duncan. you were in california, this or shed down. we talked about that in the past. now you are going back with a major expansion plan for california. is the west coast right? >> we are very excited. everywhere wwst we are opening up we are delighted with our numbers, on this looking at numbers on the plane last night about where new stores are opening up. two stores right now, you will see the big openings in 2015. 1,000 stores in california, potentially 1,000 in texas. texas, we are not paying into the company of years ago, we were concerned about texas and we bought back the stores in a deal with jerry jones and troy aikman. that has been the catalyst, driver of growth, 1,000 stores. cheryl: one thing that starbucks
12:35 pm
did was pick up tea ivana. do you think duncan is missing the explosion in the tea market? >> great question, something we talk about regularly. i drink tea and coffee. i think our tee is very good and i know a number of bridges, our key is the best. there's an opportunity because so many types of tea, i went to another key plays the other day that had 160 different -- cheryl: would you acquire a key chain? >> we have intended to be in a choir. we looked at keychains but there is nothing planned but you will see an expression of tea and less social -- cheryl: one thing about you, we have done this several years, you use to run blockbuster. blockbuster as of this year is no more.
12:36 pm
how do you feel about that? >> sad. my wife and i talk about it a lot. they should down in the u.k. with a final time last week. that was particularly sad. if you think about it i joined the company in '94 and in my interviews they said nigel, tell me something important. you will be here five years and i left off ten years, you could turn it around the other day and say blockbuster last longer than any of us expected. they are learning and we talked about it before, stay one step ahead. we did moron bending and got into video-on-demand earlier, the brand was terrific so every day i think how can we at duncan avoid those mistakes? cheryl: we are one hour and 43 minutes from the caper decision. we don't know what will happen? are you worried about interest
12:37 pm
rates going up? >> we need to have a decision. they need to say they are going to taper or not. all this uncertainty doesn't help the. i am concerned about further debate about the debt ceiling. we need to move past this. they need to send out a signal of what they are going to do because the uncertainty drives people crazy but from other duncan brands point of view. none of our franchisees' have any problem raising money and that is a result of the success. cheryl: good to see you. thank you. glad you stay awake. went to let you know friday we will have more coffee and doughnuts, cliff burroughs about the holidays, coffee and tea and the seattle coffee giant friday. dennis: ford chair taking a hit after the detroit automaker lowered its profit outlook for north america for next year,
12:38 pm
expenses moron major vehicle launches. board seat e l alan mulally's future plans? >> there was some word, not good word for the folks at ford, the cfo telling analysts and reporters he expects there will not be an announcement any time soon on alan mulally and the succession plan at ford. look what happened at the unveiling of mustang in new york, people are concerned interest in alan mulally and potential microsoft ceo, that is overshadowing these product unveilings. 16 new ones coming this year. look at the headlines. here is what ford said today, 2013 profits, $8 billion, one of the best years in history, 2014 forecasts for reduced profits although still about $8 billion which isn't bad. real trouble in venezuela, can't
12:39 pm
get the money out and is devalued and the long-range forecast for operating margins, quote, at risk. look at where the rubber meets the road in terms of the money. this is what will cost in different operations, restructuring costs, severance to the european auto workers letting go another half billion, devaluation, $700 million worth of venezuelan currency they can't get out of. and another $300 million, not great news for ford. not a great thing for afford today. dennis: even a billion dollars, thanks very much, jeff flock. and in your midweek media minute
12:40 pm
in the flesh, worlds on the television, creator of the hit show but the hand that fed him. walking dead creator filing suit in new york court alleging amc networks heeded him out of a share of the profits for cable's number one show. it drew 16 million viewers per episode this year if the show is made at a loss depriving them of any cuts of would be profits. amc paid an artificially low feed to a sibling studio to make the shell. welcome to hollywood. superagent emanual and william morrison to buy the sports talent agency img who had been controlled by katie forceman, now emanual and challenge sports turf of rivals see a a. at long last, and darman ii opens this weekend. how much led ray, after all the hype and cameos?
12:41 pm
$30 million in three days on par with the sequel to the hobbit. it is an impressive number. $84 million, nine long years ago. quite a job. gerri: washington state during the up for the legalization of marijuana and consumption forecasts are soaring. your west coast minute. dennis: fixing obamacare. jim martin will give his advice on how the government can cure health-care headaches. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technogy. new from philips sonicare.. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full.
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(vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like a pro. tracy: tracy byrnes with your fox business brief, jpmorgan chase suing over acquisition of washington mutual. the bank was encouraged to acquire them by regulators in 2008, at odds over responsibility for legal claims stemming from decisions before the deal. jpmorgan claims the fdic is more the $1 billion. fedex disappointing second quarter results, the company earned $1.57 a share, $0.07 below the estimate, a $11.4 billion, just missed expectations. and increased meg whitman's base salary for $1.5 million a year, this comes two years after she
12:44 pm
agreed to take a base salary of $1 when she was named ceo, risen 20%, the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
12:45 pm
dennis: of the big problem with the obamacare is it tries to cover too much. the next guest saved billions of dollars in health-care costs by preaching a tough message that a business can lower its costs by making employees pay a bigger portion of everyday health care saving the insurance, and jim martin, a cattle partner ceo. let's talk about the problem of obamacare, supposed to help with rising health care costs but health care keeps going up. >> health-care costs going up 9% a year. if you look at inflation, we got the numbers, 1.2% avert the last 12 months and wages going up 1.5
12:46 pm
to 2% but health care costs continue to rise immeasurably. dennis: small-business 12% year so you come to some companies that want your advice and turns out obamacare says you got to cover all kinds of extra things like pregnancy, shrink bills, all kinds of stuff and you tell them to cover less. >> we need to put thes on the employee and the consumer to spend their health care dollars more wisely than they have in the past. dennis: and up front with a higher deductible, premium costs go down as a business and the worker. >> high deductible programs in the last 5 or six years have gone up in premium 25% less than traditional plans. dennis: the amount i payment is up less with a high deductible that requires me to pay more out of pocket. one of thing here if health-insurance is covering everything, i go for a a nail
12:47 pm
and pay at find out front. >> as far as putting the risk, to put more responsibility on the insurer on the employee so that you are more driven to make choices on where you are going for health care, whether you will go into the emergency room for a cold or go in to the doctor's office for an and needed visit. dennis: more judicious when spending my own money upfront and you say this plan, there is a second component, health savings account that i could roll over year-to-year. >> the component to a high deductible program enacted ten years ago. the h s a is a great vehicle for saving money for retirement but while you go through your earning mean is you have an age as a that complement the high deductibles program. it is tax free and it ill continue to grow over in the years because the biggest dollars we're spending is after
12:48 pm
65. 60% of health-care costs are after the age of 65. dennis: saving year by year. there was this other account, use it or lose it. this new hsa, important component, a 10% of businesses offer a high deductible plan as the only option. you like the idea of more business, the only option we offer. >> it is tough love. you want to say to the base we have to put the program in because it is a hedge against rising costs, we want you to focus on this program and become educated on the benefits this offers. dennis: pretty good job overall. $1 million in premium costs annually, small company, and other spends. >> 50%. dennis: pay more out front.
12:49 pm
workers may not like it but that is the better answers than we have been seeing. jim martin. okay. cheryl: oil is holding on to gains after supply data shows a big drop in crude stocks. the trading pits of the cme, phil flynn, you are watching natural gas all over the place. >> the inventory report when it comes to petroleum they missed on every count. crude oil, gasoline, distilled inventories, food down in a big way mainly because it was very cold. that was the biggest draw down in the report but you have to look at what is going on with crude. we are seeing the spread widen again, more risk on the brent side at that spread has taken off. concerns about the strike going on longer than anticipated and concerns about egypt with the trial of president morrissey so natural gas is rebounding again on cold temperatures in anticipation of what will be the
12:50 pm
biggest draw down in history and gold and silver, can't wait for the fed. pretty flat but decide whether we should rally or not. cheryl: thanks. time for your west coast amended. jobs in vegas at stake. the group set to begin building the $7 billion resort next year. main not be on track. nevada officials have yet to get a clear idea what stage of development is in. getting a little bit and see. marijuana use in washington state may be double earlier estimates so retail marijuana stores begin opening next month, january 1st and according to rand corp. marijuana consumption in the state branch from 135 metric tons to 225 metric tons in 2013. delta airlines and alaska airlines beefing up turf war with delta announcing another
12:51 pm
round of expansion out of seattle. nonstop flight from san jose and alaska being launched and additional routes will be added in and out of sea-tac and that is your west coast minute. dennis: two lucky winners in the mega millions drawing. i am not one of them but even if you didn't win the big prize you may check your numbers one more time, you are one of many leaving hundreds of millions of dollars in priie money unclaimed each year. details ahead. capital to make it happen? without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing toake it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. it can change the future. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours.
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12:54 pm
cheryl: we heard of the two jackpot winners splitting the 366 million made millions but
12:55 pm
what about other winning tickets worth 1 million? according to lottery officials $800 million of lottery prizes go unclaimed, that represents 2% of the total prize money awarded. new york state alone had $65 million in prizes go unclaimed in the recent fiscal year, california had $22 million in unclaimed prizes. dennis: some say laughter is the best medicine but taking a vacation may do the trick too. a new study by the travel association which promotes a that stuff says there's a connection between more travel at lower risk of heart attack and depression but improvement in brain health and men who did not take an annual vacation had a 30% higher risk of dying from heart disease. you don't even have to vacation that long to improve your health. 89% of respondents felt the significant stress relief after being away for just a day or
12:56 pm
two. cheryl: paper -- one hour and 5 minutes from the fed decision. the only question on wall street's mind and in the next hour in sight in some of the brightest. they economist merriman and jeff kleinstop join us with a paper timeline. dennis: 90 days, $1 million, 10 employees and a great idea. that is solid takes to create a headstart. the founder of box will join sharyl and adam. stay tuned. [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ ma announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event s back, with the perfe vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list youe on [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 starting at just $29,900.
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cheryl: when will the fed cut back the bond purchases? it will come down to the all-important wording of the 2:00 p.m. eastern time statement followed by 2:30 news conference, which we expect to be chairman ben bernanke's last. adam: will it be jawboning with a bite? chief economist and others on when they see the tape are starting. cheryl: amc entertainment making their trading debut. we will hear from the ceo as they go public on the new york stock exchange. adam: started growing at a breakneck pace. it took 90 days, $1,000,000.10 employees for online startup to spread to 48 states. delivering bulk size items a run for their money. nicole


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