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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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tomorrow. >> senate democrats joined with republicans to join in the distrust of the administration and foreign policy. the senate effectively taking the lead on iran urging sanctions in direct defiance of the obama white house. i am lou dobbs. lou: good evening. a major break in the ranks of the democratic party senate foreign relations committee robert mendez leads the charge for sanctions against iran. acting in direct opposition to the repeated stated
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wishes of president obama while obtaining bipartisan support. mendez and his co-sponsor of illinois today was introducing the legislative effort for a new iranian sanctions detracting co-sponsors including members of the banking committee and armed forces committee said judiciary and foreign relations committee. democrats earn a last-minute effort to kill the bill and ignore the committee chairman urging them to reject mendez. fox news has confirmed chief of staff also was part of the group's spending the last 24 hours pleading with a number of democrats to hold off on the sanctions. white house press secretary
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today accusing the senate of deliberately undermining there president's diplomatic efforts to tell the white house press corps that the president will veto any effort to pass new sanctions while negotiations on the iranian nuclear program continue. >> with very regular and direct conversations with members of congress on this subject has made very clear we do not believe it is time to pass any additional new sanctions through congress. we'd want to see actions that would practically undermine diplomacy. if so the president would veto. lou: harry reid is not allowing amendments to the defense authorization act and remain silent on the mendes led sanction an
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effort but did leave them open after there is clear there were no new sanctions. that if we need stronger sanctions i am sure we will do that. i look forward to input from the majority in the minority when i get back and we will move forward appropriately. the senate is expected to vote and pass the $625 billion defense authorization act later this evening the house passed it last weekend the white house supports it. it will crack down on sexual assault by stripping commanders of their ability to overturn jury convictions also giving 1% pay increase and provide monday for chemical weapons thank give the president flexibility to decide the fate of terrorist suspects.
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republicans are upset the senate will not consider one of the 500 amendments that have been offers. hispanics senator reid your device all the available to him that prevents us from offering this amendment or others has taken over this and it running it as if he was of a dictator. lou: the senate will work to go through the nominations including janet yellen of tonka deputy secretary of the department of romance security and to serve as commissioner of the irs. despite the extended schedule the senate leaves unfinished business. the majority leader will let unemployment benefits expire but he says he will bring up of'' on the extension no
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butter -- no later than january 7th. when obama leaves for hawaii for his vacation he will need one. polls show voters have more positive opinions of president bush and president obama. compared to 46 percent that said the save about obama compare 50% with bush also they say that government is broken compared to the 21% to say it is broken find. 6% say it works pretty well but it is not better with the president's health care law. the new cbs poll finds a majority of the uninsured, a 53% disapprove of the affordable care act. we have a call tonight joining us on the senate's
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plans with tougher sanctions against iran. as doddy herman joins us what it means for the housing market. looking at the future we will introduce chutes to a company leader whose business is focusing turning algae into natural gas. president and founder joins us tonight. 40 million shoppers who visited target for the day before thanksgiving may have had credit and debit card data stolen including customer names and debit card numbers and expiration dates three digit security codes and investigators say the attackers could get the
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device off readers in the store in target is urging customers to watch carefully for any suspicious activity it report to authorities immediately. shares were more than 2% on the news. the dow gaining 11 points gold falls to the lowest price in more than three years smith are the $41 an ounce settling below $1,194 per ounce for the jobless claims up for the second week over 379,000 in sales of previously owned homes dropping 4% posted in the first decline in two years.
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lou: inquiry to aid development in texas a federal judge's accusing the obama administration of complicity of the smuggling of illegal immigration, and don't dash children into the country in more than one case immigration officials have arrested human traffickers smuggling children across the border
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then he and delivered to their parents here illegally the policy which is carried out with taxpayer money helps the drug cartel who run the operation. the administration reporting the fewest number of people since obama has been in office slightly more than 360,000 were reported this past fiscal year ended you were thinking making your new york -- new year resolution losing weight for get and michelle obama said americans resolution should be to sign up for obamacare. think about it. said republican governor of by what terry branstad offers of harsh assessment of joe biden's chances in his state in the 2016 primary. said quebec abided is dead
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meat out here. not introducing legislation to restore military retirement benefits that were cut $6 billion over 10 years and with annual cost-of-living adjustments 1% cut but only for those that retire after 20 years of active service when they turn 62 they go back to the full cost of living increase joining us now congressman langford hot good to have you with us. it does look bad when you look at spending for the federal government are you confident you can restore
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that? >> i am confident. looking at the budget in december we had one choice to pass a budget or have sequestration. it with the across-the-board cuts in the strange way this bill cuts immediately for active duty with the much larger scale it will change so the timing was important we have to take care sequestration but old -- also retirees but to say be cut their retirement but protective for members of congress when there are so many other areas of waste and the government. lou: i could not agree more. and with the next battle tough talk with the
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appropriations talking about the debt ceiling expiring will recede more tough talk in a potential threat to shut down the government? >> no. for example, we can deal with the billhook for military retirees but over the next two years the immelt we do for budgeting is resolved and policy differences. we will have a lot of appropriations work to negotiate at between the go out of that then starts the appropriations work early as strange as that may sound.
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the difference is we have the budget already done so the appropriations can be done during 2015 -- for the year 2015. real tough measures that go into march or april but it is important that we try to do with how we have to stop the debt ceiling votes. we have too much away. >> the election is where you are. going into midterm elections that you desperately need and frankly the party cannot be led around by the victory in your eyes but it is good to see the leadership does the right thing. obamacare. still talk of defunding but
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the latest poll shows 53 percent of the uninsured hate the bill. i don't know what is in within your grasp but something must be done for the simple fact it is a disaster. >> we have fought this every way but no it rolls out of this to the president and democrats passed it they own it. not one single republican voted that helps politically but doesn't help the america we have to help try to protect the people of our district it is a web site issue with the web site is just a small part of the larger problem. lou: 6 million people live is a lot more to the web
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site issue also new cat -- taxes that will be felt as people start doing taxes in hitting people with the new year. watch the leadership immigration. one congressman dennis taken on leadership of the judiciary committee and we hear a lot of noise is whether speaker boehner boehner, republicans in the senate with no we and a nod the cake is pate but it will be amnesty and look-alike g8 to the matter the fools that put you in office think. we will watch very carefully. americans to have some
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confidence, will they be jerked around? >> the main focus as we will not agree with the democrats with a lot of areas of immigration. clicking the cross border policing of the process is in shambles. whether ice or border patrol or emigration and services there are issues that need to be addressed and common ground but we will not be able to resolve some of we have to determine the basics can we resolve 60? or will they say we will not do it? >> amnesty is not going to happen. lou: good to have you with us. congressman. lou: team.
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last year coming ahead of the debut on the s&p 500 on monday facebook shares down 1% on the development closing above $55 per share price will be tomorrow. a new report for a major league baseball player 5.4% job to give a sense of how much of the raises civilians on average 1.10% of an increase in the yankees had the highest average salary just over $8 million but that did not work out too well in the houston astros have the lowest have $550,000. free-speech advocates rushed to defend phil robertson after the tv star was iidefinitely suspended by a and the for his comments on homosexuality. when asked if he felt it was
7:25 pm
sinful he said'' matt start with sexual -- homosexual be alan c. a bestiality city of with that women did that women but he may not care what executives think considering he skipped out on reading barbara walters for most fascinating people special because it is a duck hunting season. a mortgage and straights go higher as they scaled back monthly bond purchases. now at 4.four 7% up from day when the talk about reduction of bond purchases first began. the largest real-estate firm in new york it is great to have you here.
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we see some disappointing numbers there is some strong reports what about this market with recovery? >> you can read the reports but they are confusing. the fed buys bonds their artificially keeping interest rates low. as they're expected to pick up that is a sign that the economy is doing well. the national numbers from the ml us have the country is not on it. but november from october is housing numbers are better them and this year.
7:27 pm
lou: the affordability index with mortgage interest rates appear to be headed higher moving up smartly with much higher numbers f that slowdown the market or will that be digested? >> if you looked at averages fed is still low 5% is still low we got in trouble because we let everybody anybody could buy a home. lou: they are doing that again. some deals are still zero. lou: but it is still done. >> them right now fannie and
7:28 pm
freddie are too strict so the good news is you cannot buy as much as you would. lou: is there a deaf inventory? >> there is not. lou: we have too little problems. >> also the pent-up demand and the scare of the interest rates going up before spring but honestly as people of the decade equity they can move up and move out. lou: we hope sooner rather than later. stay with us the often frosty relationship between obama and vladimir putin is showing signs of
7:29 pm
flexibility? the kgb agent thailand support for his by program. he is actually envious. next. >> senators defy the whitehouse the democratic senators calling for sanctions against iran as the white house insist they are not needed on what is next for iran.
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♪ lou: my next guest says the senate has it right concerning additional sanctions against iran and a negotiation is that fail to call for iranian this panel that of its -- dismantlement of its nuclear program. anything else is just foolish. joining us is retired four-star army general, fox is most -- military analyst. great to have you here. this is a remarkable development .
7:33 pm
twenty-six u.s. senators telling the white house to basically, thank you very much for your counsel, we are going to proceed with tougher sanctions. i cannot recall a time that this has happened. what kind of a position does it but the united states government in? >> well, i think it puts us in a much stronger position, frankly. we should applaud and welcome with the senate is doing. the history here, lou, is that the congress, as a body, has always argued that tougher sanctions will be better for this country. the sanctions in place now live to the creation of the congress, and the administration pushed back on some of it. this was strengthened, i believe, the administration's hand as it goes into it. viewers should understand that the iranians are coming to the table because there are tough sanctions out there. if we strengthen those sanctions may be we can get the deal that we really need. the deal we have now is not the final deal. it may be tougher sanctions
7:34 pm
would help us get it. lou: i want to share with our audience the latest fox news @%ll on fox business, if we could see that, if we could put that up. bear with us for a second. that polls showing overwhelmingly that they believe president obama is not being strong enough on the issue of iranian negotiations saying 68 percent saying the president is not tough enough on iran. 12 percent saying it is not right and 5% say too tough. it is clear that the senate is reacting to obviously their own assessment of the situation, but also to the polling data showing this kind of perception of weakness on the form of the president and also polls showing that this president is badly, badly damaged for congress and those senators going into the midterms. >> absolutely. the american people are on to this and know that this has been a 20-year journey for the
7:35 pm
iranians to in a nuclear weapon. they know there have been starts and stops in negotiations and pauses and full speed ahead, and now we have another negotiation and diplomacy effort where the entire program is on pause. there is a timeout, but all of the nuclear infrastructure to build a weapon remains in place, so the american people know that is not a deal. the only deal that makes sense is what you mentioned in the intro, lou, that the program gets dismantled, the secret sites closed down, and all of that is verified. if we do not get to that point we know how to deal -- we don't have a deal that is worth anything. lou: quickly -- we are very short on time here. i want to ask you, the man backed by the obama administration in egypt, hosni mubarak who was summarily dismissed from the u.s. policy, but muhammed morrissey, now we found out that the government of egypt, the military government
7:36 pm
charged him with conspiring with the hamas, hezbollah, and iran. this looks awfully bad for the obama administration and the united states and of egypt in the region. >> well, we don't know about the veracity of that charge, certainly. but it is a very, very serious charge. there are indications that are quite profound, to be sure. it also tells you that this military regime in egypt really does not want the muslim brotherhood participating in this political process at all. and we just have to observe and see what happens with these charges. lou: and the 35 co-conspirators have been charged along with more see and members of the muslim brotherhood. all facing the prospect of the death penalty. general, as always, good to have you with us. thank you. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: be sure to get your orders and for my new book.
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♪ lou: the "a-team" now, former special assistant to president george w. bush, ron christie, a democratic strategist, republican strategist, fox news contributor. let's start with you, angela. the senate, 26, 13 republicans, 13 democrats, they want tougher sanctions against iran, and the white house is absolutely beside
7:41 pm
themselves. themselves, lou. those democratic soldiers have now stepped out of line underneath obama's rain, and it is great because it is better for america, but they do not follow this president. his pro foreign policy lockstep. it is time for these elected officials to do their job and protect america. with the iranian sanctions, they do not adhere to any sanctions we have had previously, so there is no diplomatic process going on. i am glad that they stepped out of line from running behind obama. lou: and is this about iran itself, or is there a strong belief on the weakness on the part of this president politically and senators and congressman alike, democrats scared for their job? >> i think it is witnessed by this administration. the fact that this administration did not consult israel, saudi arabia, that did not talk to our toughest and strongest allies in the region,
7:42 pm
and i am not calling on the saudis but israel. why in the world would you still allowed the iranians to enrich uranium. why would you allow the opportunity to look at the 17,000 centrifuges that they have, the obama administration to might think these democratic senators are worried about their jobs and recognize that this is a terrible deal for america and the region. most importantly, a terrible deal for our dear friends, is real. lou: the white house threatened to veto the sanctions to read and a new gallup poll showing that 72 percent -- if we can put that up, full screen. big government, the number one issue. people say it is the biggest problem that they country faces a, a government that is too big, out of control, and not being managed by this a master's effectively. >> the poll shows this is a bipartisan attitude. we have not seen anything like this in quite some time, nothing close to it, the fear of what can be done to americans by their own government and this
7:43 pm
president is extraordinary coming from obamacare. underneath it all there is a fear about what is going on in the middle east. lou: and other polls are showing generic republicans in congress and the senate winning in november, in addition to the basic principle of the democratic party big government, big programs, obamacare is a disaster, 53 percent, angela, of those who are uninsured think the program -- beat the program. >> obamacare cause republicans to wwn the house in 2010, and i think with this midterm election it is going to be obamacare again. we have the uninsured actually rejecting policy which is a problem for democrats. lou: cutting out the tea party in terms of facttrs concerning the outcome in 2010. >> no, i did not. lou: where did you go? forty you go? >> obamacare, obamacare -- of iran in 2010.
7:44 pm
but listen to the people of the tea party. i'm not counting out the tea party at all. lou: i just want to make sure. [inaudible conversations] >> the hatred of obamacare actually caused people to go to the polls. [inaudible conversations] lou: i got it. >> one point. you are looking to save oregon. at the end of november they signed up 44 people. they spent $303 million advertising for the health care. lou: how many people were signed up? our forget. >> forty-four. forty-four. people wonder if there squandering this level of money in one state to get 44 people to sign up. lou: and the head of the exchange their went on -- took up the to leave for a few months. there's will be longer than that. four of these exchange folks get the heck out of the business. you have a president sitting on top of a multi -- it is almost
7:45 pm
2 trillion in pontefract. this program is not delivering squad. how the world of the democrats re going torvive this? pay a price for this for a long time. they will start next year in the voting booth guy and that is just the beginning. this year of government was about obamacare, but it was mostly about this president dennis washington government that does not seem to get things right. lou: and getting things right, i mean, that does not even seem to be on this president's agenda. if you look at the foreign policy, domestic policy, and by the way, not being in the logical. i, frankly, don't think that the republicans have showered themselves with glorr. sorry, angela, ron. but the fact is that this is an administration that seems to have set out to show you how exactly not to function in government, how to govern. or, they frankly do not have any clue how to do it. >> here is my take.
7:46 pm
there is gross incompetence at the staff level. the president of the united states -- [inaudible conversations] >> wait a minute. wait a minute. gross incompetence at the staff level not being able to tell the president what he needs to hear and it is his ultimate responsibility to hire the right people. [inaudible conversations] lou: i have to be honest. you are my good friend, and i respect your judgment on politics. i have to say to you, to blend the staff -- do you know how many stamps are involved here? every democratic. [inaudible conversations] lou: take leave of his and her senses. i mean -- p> and my good buddy will come right back its you and agree with you, but i'm talking about the white house. [inaudible conversations] lou: you don't think the president knows what the hell he is doing. you just need a good staff.
7:47 pm
>> knowing how to manage. [inaudible conversations] >> i don't think it is about the fed. i disagree with you. i will tell you what the problem is. it is barack obama because he has decided he does not need a staff of one or two people who will tell him whatthe wants and guide him where he thinks appropriate and the rest be damned. >> that's it. i agree. lou: how do we get out of it? that is the question that is, frankly, right now, rhetorical because we don't have time for the answer. it is safe to say none of us have that answer. >> you're right. lou: unfortunately. angela, it is good to see you. >> you, too. lou: angela mcclellan. it is hard to figure how we got in such a mess so quick and the and how we will get out. thank you, folks. good to see you. up next, a frightening new report about the safety of one of our most popular foods. scientists making an astounding discovery.
7:48 pm
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♪ lou: a troubling new report about this country's most popular and potentially harmful bacteria found in 97 percent of raw chicken breasts inspected nationwide. the study from consumer reports finds that almost half of more than 300 store despot chicken breasts carry bacteria resistant to three or more antibiotics, making it more difficult to treat people who became ill after eating chicken with the so-called super bug. a new scientific breakthrough could change the way this
7:52 pm
country produces and consumes energy. my next guest along with scientists and engineers has found a way to produce crude oil from algae. normally a million-year process that they have condensed to under one hour. that's quite a reversal of scale. joining us, president of jim of fuel corporation, a partner in with the pacific northwest laboratory on this fascinating project. jim, first of all, thank you for being here. and tell us, if you will, and as simplest terms as possible for me, how this process works. >> well, lou, it is a process that really mimics what the earth itself did to make fossil fuels, except, as you said, we do it faster. it is a process that uses water, temperature, and pressure to convert elegy into crude oil. lou: i imagine that the real issue for you is one of scale. that is, the ability to create
7:53 pm
enough of this stuff to make it commercially compelling to the marketplace. >> well, that's right. and we are not really at the scale yet where we can make a big dent in this country's fossil fuel needs. lou: most of the alternative fuels out there in energies that are being, you know, supported, subsidized, upon which we all have great hopes, we are talking about minor fractions anyway. you have an exciting process and potentially an amazing product. house and -- what are you doing to get to that scale, and house in the you think you can reach both the marketplace and profitability? >> well, i was said that we could start making a reasonable quantities of algae-based crude-oil in 3-5 years. and in the years beyond that
7:54 pm
reached commercial -- commercial price parity with fossil fuels. lou: what is the regulatory environment for you, if i can use that expression? this is obviously an exciting alternative. if that federal government helps commanders, where is the marketplace? is this a matter of bringing in enough capital to your firm to move and to accelerate that 3-five-year horizon? where do you stand as an enterprise? >> well, first of all, the federal government has sponsored and funded this research for over 30 years, so this is not a new startup technology, but it is one that is a major breakthrough. now, to get to the commercial stage we need to not only be able to implement this technology come but we have to be able to grow the elegy on a large scale. think that will be harder than scaling up this breakthrough
7:55 pm
technology for converting to fuels'. lou: where are you growing the algae now? >> the biggest algae grow or in the united states right now is in new mexico. it is a san diego-based company called sapphire energy, and they have right now 100 acres of algae ponds, expanding to 300 acres in the mexico. lou: and that is the biggest producer in the country. are you trying to create your own, or are you quite content to have them be the provider of input from your process? >> well, when we started out we were doing both to my grilling and doing the fuel conversion, but we decided to focus on of tool conversion and advance the techhology. so we are not growing. we would use this as a technology that those who do grow algae would produce crude oil with.
7:56 pm
lou: and i want to conclude, if i may, by asking you your perspective about how big an operation will it be and what is your vision of this kind of fuel? >> well, this has the potential to supply at least 10% of the country's fossil fuel. maybe 10 percent does not sound like much, but it is a lot more than other available technologies like wind or solar, which are really only a few percent. lou: right, 3%. it is an exciting prospect, and we thank you for being with us. we wish you all the best of luck . adelle make some money. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: come back and we will talk more. thank you for being with us tonight. former congressman joins us here
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♪ ♪ logo. ♪ >> the nsa, get out of the way. tonight, the pressure is on. people are saying enough is enough. ♪ ♪. he won welcome, everyone. i am liz macdonald. a panel appointed by president barack obama obama recommended strict limits to the nsa spying program and this comes after a u.s. judge ruled the program unconstitutional. it looks l


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