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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  December 22, 2013 9:30am-10:01am EST

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have a very merry christmas. have a wonderful time this week. ic bolling and "cashin' in" starting right now. >>we are taking aim at the "duck dynasty" controversy. sponsors of the hit show sticking by phil robertson after the controversial comnt. is that a foul decisiono free market working like it should? plus -- [ ♪ hallelujah >> president oma the divine? >> we thought hwould be, i shouldn't say thiat christmas time but the next messiah. >> the main stream mediaoing an aboutfe admitting it was blinded by the aura of the man in t white house. the broken lies leading to this broken retionship. how love lost could mean freedom lost in 2014. duck for cover.
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"cashin' in" starts now. hi, everyone. i'm eric bolling. the ew this week wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, mielle fields and richard fowler. welcome, evebody. we have the lowdown on the "duck dynasty" dustup in a moment. but first, i know you are tired of hearingt but you have to hear it one more time. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you wille able to keep your healthcare plan. >> period. >> call it the lie of the year. "wasngton post" giving it four big picchios. now we see the president taking three of the top ten spots on that pinocchio list. michelle, the media love affair is over. wh do you think about that? good for taxpayers? >> really goo fo the taxpayers. now the big government plans that the democrats and obama administrati want to push through are notoing toet through because the decrats run awa fm obamacare, they know it's a liability. we have the mid-term elections
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coming up. democrats won't t seats. they're vulnerable with the obamare fiao. >> john, plate effect started it off with the pants on fire. lie of the year. president obama earned four pinocchios, also the lie of the year. we have been talking about this for a long time. we predicted this, did we n >> i n't thk there has been a realajorhange. there are scrutiny on this or that issue, but there has been no disagreement from the press or the public on obama's basic fundamental pinciples. it's the self-sacrifice, deferenceo authority and the distrust of the indivllism. many on the right echo the statent. mike lee saying we're in this together. so until there is a real alternative to the colctivism, i don't see mediar anyone standing in
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the way. >> barbara walters said we thought he would be the messiah. we're so let down. t is the media, has the media turned itsack on president obama now especially with whs going on with the obamacare failure we're in the midst of? >> i don't think the media was on the present's side to begin with. there is time the media supported him and timthey didn't. right now, the fact that a lot of the mainstream media sayg we disagree for the president, that's greator him coming to 2014. give him a chance for restar reset. push for the immigration reform. push for raising the minimum wage. all things that the americans want to getdone. >> what aboutit, wayne? i am gng to pus back. i think the media -- it's not only leaning left. it's far left. especially though the approval rating continues toslide, they cut him a lot of passes. >> they did. i agree with jonathan. the terrible part of this, the fundamental part of this, this is not a law. they said it's a law. the house passed it, blessed by the sreme court. they are making it up as they
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go along. this is outrageous. is is fascist government at its rst. we have a totalitarian president who is -- every now an then he makes up something differtly. todaye made up another, anther part of this law. this is not law. >> fascist government, really? hold on, guys. let me do this. the press conference with jay carney, it wasddressed. what about the lie of the year, jay? what did the president haveo say about it? >> end of the year categorizations like that are always fun, even if they don't jive with the past categorizations of the same statent. we havewn and acknowledged where that roll-out, this fall has not been standards we expect and where there have been problems. >> michelle it's the commander-in-chief. they ve him lying -- jay ney says those en of the year characterizations is fun. >> this issue doesn just afft the left or the right. thisffects everyone. what is happening is really
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awful. i wld like to push back on the idea that the media, never othe side of this administration. the media never, ever investigated this president like they should have. they acted like archaeologists digging up anything they could about obama oponents. now the media is angry becase they see the cancellation of the health insurance and see what the president did this year. the administration spied on reporters they spied on fox news james rosen. nowhey are upset because the press corps doesn't have access to white house. >> ch can respond. >> not angry enough. the media is notngry enough. they haven't picked up on i >> that is not true. not at all. that is false. we have seen msnbc and other networks cover the faultiness in the affordable care act over and over and over. >i will tell you there are
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if you go to media research you find out what is covering obamacare is mostly fox. >> everyone knows that the president lies. the staff admit that. why isn't the right getting traction? they concede the premise we're our brother's keeper. that's another thing we hear the folks on the right say. so what if the president lied? he is doing what is right and moral. the government controlled healthcare. til they have a alternative, we're not our brother's keeper. >> we'll leave it the. coming up, the patriarch of "duc dynasty" getting support from sponsors folling the comments. network suspending him. will t free market decide who is right and whos wrog? >> i'm not sure that a&e has to go so far to remove him from the show. they could have issued a statement of what they believe in, if th felt differently an what he said.
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even the money they've invested elsewhere -- to create a an that can help weather all kinds of markets. because that'sow they're gettinready, forll the tngs they want to do. [ female announcer ] when people talk, greathings can happen. so start a convsation with an advisor who's fully invested in you. wells fargo advisors together we'll go far. why did you decide to stay with "duck dynasty"? >> well, that easy to s say why did you stay with "duck dynay"? i have been with "duck dynasty" for several year now. they are faith-based solid people. so it was easy, an easy decision. >> well, defending the ducks on sponsors of the show "duck
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dynasty" stay they wil stick with bill despite the controversial comments this week. the network suspended him and groups that are demanding a&e drops the show. jonathan you say let the free market handle this. go ahead. >> this is theree market at work. phil has every rht to say what he said and every right to fi him and sponsors have a ght to associate or not associate with him. there is no censorship here, as i believe i heard governor palin anduz talk about this. it only comes from government. not rom private interaction. i ink that phil will probly hurt phil. people will dissociate themselv with the remarks. to me, it feels like jimmy the greek part t. >> i'm n sure. there is a ground sell of support for phil robertson. the facebook page had more than the enrollee on obamacare put together. people say vote with your feet. do you think they will vote with your feet? what does it mean?
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does that mean the "duck dynasty," stuff they sell at wal-mart will go down or it will go u and they wil vote with their feet by turning the chael to something else other than a&e? >> at the risk of supporting my friend, he is right. he has a right to ma the remarks. he can say anything he wants to. martin bashear nbc, they got rid of him and the actor. >> alec baldwin. >> yes, thank you. if they dot like what you say, they every right to say hey, goodbye. owyou have every right to say this. this is a personal thing. if you have a personal interest in your morals, your politics,hose a persoal to you. >> iave a hunch that a&e
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will walkt back quickly. >> i don't think so. here is why. if you talk about capitalism and the brand. a&e's brand is a wholesome, family-friendly brand. comments like that don't air as family friendly. even the networks decide to stay, with "ckynasty," you have to understand phil is to longer there. he is suspended indefinitely for the horrible comments he de. >> however, they have a few episodes with what they call in the c that means they will roll the next season. he is on indeficit suspension. i may or may not change before the future episodes air, right? >> absolutely. >> they havell the isodes tt are planned for the next week. they don't mind profitinoff of it. they can decide what they want to d the free market is responding now, like you mention the facebook page has over a million likes of people saying
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to boycott. so people are not happy with it. they will have to change course. >>all up the screen that shows under armour, a sponsor of the show. ey will stick with phil and "du dynasty." they say, "we have no plans to change the current relationship, we e only aware of the situation and his commentare not idicative the under armour view." the important point is this the ee market. they are distancing from the comments. not a bad idea. >> after the canned episodes phils no longer there so they can make the ofit and continuto the market without connting themselves with the disparaging problems of phil. >> ifyou are an advertisern "duck dysty," do you stay with it or pull your ads? >> i think it's choice aso
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how the company positned themselves in the marketplace. if you'd yourself on mal issue, you can't support this. on the other hand, if y don't care and it doesn't have anything to do with it, yes, you could do that. i don't think this is one that should be like that. this is a purely personal choice. a company you say we don't like it or on the other hand we are going to spport it. >> th advertisers knew what they were getting. it's not as if they woke up and realized tt this was what the show was le. eople love "duck dynasty" because of what they say. they say things off the cuff and crazy. >> off e cuff and offensive are two different thing michelle. you know it. so a&e makes a decisi, right now they suspended phil. the six is made because they -- decision is made because they say we will get
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bl-backrom the gay community so well do this. however, do you think they would have expected as much blow-back as they get from the "duck dynasty" fans? start with you, joh >> i don't know if it's about the blow-back, eric. for me, just like racism or any bigotedgnorance judging people based on nonessentials like who do they love is simply not only- it' immoral and bad business. in the end i think you will see it reflected. great people are liking phil and supportingim and the advertisers as well. we'll have to see how it turns out. right now a&e doesn't want to be associated with the messages and my sense is other big advertisers will follow suit. >> maybe i'm not as tuned in as everyone else. my understanding is phil, his life went in a slide and he found jesus and he was quoting bible verses. do i see this impropey? >> ithat comment, yes,
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absolutely. he w inarticulate. but the comnt aut the african-amerin was offensive. very offensive to the african-american cmunity. so they are ght to wnt to distance thselveses from that. >> all right. richard? >> i disagree with the michelle. the comments made about the african-americans and lbgt folks. i' horrible. "duck dynasty" has been arod for two or three years and a&e has been around for 20. they can protect their brand >> holiday cheer and leavin uge tips for jesus. how the random acts of how the random acts of kindne are provi [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy?
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someone is spreading the wealth along with the holiday cheer this christma anonymoucustomer is leaving huge tips for waiters and bar tepidders across the country. putting tips for jesus on the checks. wayns that you? [ laughter ] >> private charity does a betterob than anybody else. private people go arou giving away things. this is a geat time of the year when people are willing to do that. it's a wondeul thing. >> i won't let u get away withhat. you begged us to wear t hat. i love thisdea. this is fantastic. waiters, waitresses, bar tepiders a some of the haest working people on the planet. leave a big tip.
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a couple were $5,000 tips. ho cares? it's cistmas be. ppy. >> it's amazing. even if you have resources or just a it will to spread the holiday cheer. but this is rumored the anonymous person doing this is the former v.p. of paypal. it's just a rumo but i don't know if y you used paypal before. it's a terribleebsite. i don't know if he is spreading holiday cheer or asking g for forgivess or making us use tt terrible website. either way it's good thi. >> my gos bury him on "cashin' in." >> chard? >> i love christmas miracles. the other one that comes to mind is west jet in canada which bougught everybody on the plane the best christmas wish, which is amazing. i love this stuff. this is great for the holidays. hopefully, though they are generous they'll pay their fair share of taxes. >> get the taxes in there. >> my gosh. >> let's say you are, when you die, you get taxed arond 35% of your estate. not a bad way to get rid of
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some of this before you go. >> yeah, i mean i hope whoever is giving the large sumums of money is doing itor him or herself. however not for jesus. charity should be all about you. it should be selfish. you should do it with the knowledge you get something out of it. even the knowledge this person will be so shockednd deghted if they see $1,000 tip on the bill. charity is about self, supporting the organizations you want to support. government has nothing t do with it. >> i seem to be supporting my barepidders in the area around 48th and 6th quite well. >> yeah. i think i dsn't have to be about self. i think it's great he is doing this for jesus. gre thing. i don't see the problem with that. >> it doesn't matter why he is doingt. i disagree with jonathan. it is done out of an actof kindness at you care about the society in which you live and youay i want to promote
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those things, good for this society. ultimateult, that is good for all of us. >> you're not part of society? of course you're part of society. you want to promote things that are important to you. >> that's what i just said, jonathan. listen to what i said. i just said that. yes, it's good for sociy. erefore it's good for everyone. >> all right we got to leave it there. couldn't end a show without wayne scolding jonathan. thanks to michelle and richa for joining us. no silencing this duck's minwas earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurae is often handed down
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all right time for what do i need to know for next week. wayne, you're up first. >> i have been attracted to the biotech sector for some time. it's volatile. you can be right or wrong, a big number. i like enzy. take a look at that one. >> do they have a big product we know about? >> they don't have a product you kw about. no. they do not have a product you ow about. it's not a popular product. they are in a researchpart biotech section. take a look at them. >> very good. now i understand. research biotech. >> i have a popular product, eric. coffee! coffee is popular. need at least one cup eve morning so i'm buying coffee futures, cafe. etn that tracks coffee prices. halved gold in 2013 but i -- i hated gold in 2013 but i'm bullish on coffee.
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>> very good thank you very much. that is it for the cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. but before we go, the "duck dynasty" ory is more than just a culture story. it's a test of america's resolve. our fiber, our commitment to the constitution. in fact, this issue is exactly what "shin' in" represents. therefore i support phil robert's first amendment right to share his christian liefs. our founding fatrs james madison specifically made it the point, the first point in our bill of rights to protect free speech. that said, i also believe the rket shall judge mr. robertson, not y activist group. that means a&e has t right to suspend the duck commander and the viewers have a right to demand the duck guy backed should. i have faith in the market and itll prevail. "duckynasty" will fly again with commander phil if a&e is dumb enough to let them go, i'm sure a smart cable network will take that oprtunity.
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have a great week. ♪ ♪ [♪...] >> announc: the following program is brought to you by nopalea, thenti-inflamtory wellness drink by trivita. stay tuned to learn how yocan receive a 32-ounce bottle of nopalea free. >> aew months ago, i h a hard time walking this hill. but today, i'moing it pain-free. do i have a cret? you bet. and that's why i'm here today to share th secret with you. >> announcer: could a natural wellness drink really help people with painful sytoms like chronic neck and back pain, swollen joints and muscle aches? or h about even sinus infections, skin disorders respiratory problems and me? on today's show, the newnd natural anti-inflammatory wellness drink that's changing people'sives. then travel to los angeles, california, for an intimate interview legendary super


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