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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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a go. ♪ >> voters are ticked. welcome come i am melissa francis in for neil cavuto and the obama administration investing millions from th health care insurance mandate. americans whose policies were canceled won be penalized. arkansas governor says democrat still have a lot to do to sway the public by november's election. and that's a long way away. > people have to remember that 2000 cortinas year in which they try to navigate this impossibl health care nigtmare.
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melissa: the president is betting that things will clear up when the dust settles. everyo will have better insurance and they wilfoet the nightmare that it took to get there. >> yes, everyone will have a eunuch want for christmasas well. [laughter] melissa:y kids wouldove that. don't joke with me. >> structurally obacarwas designed to fail because oa couple of reasons. it was going to add a lot of sick eople and put thm in the pool. somehow magically with all of these new people aking one these new people taking more now on a putting lesson, the president id that you are gog toeduce the cost. melissa: and i went aways press people. i just don't understand h you think that tat map is going t wo. they would say that there is tremendous cst savings that will pay for these expensi people. lond behold, we havet seen thosetreendous savigs. >> the only ay can it can work is if you have an extraordinary
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infusion of very young and healthand very inexpensive people who are payg more than the market. theare staying on their parents policies until they are 26. and they just are going to take it. lissa: my mother-in-law's policy was canceled. casting asie the oes that we do't like, do we have the ability to do that? >> i don't think we are. the republicans can sing likely delayed make changes and the response was always tht it is th law of the land and that was well, if it i, then you can keep doing all of these things you're doing tchange it
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but the president today, he comes out with this newidea of what we are going to do, we are ing to delay the implementation, let you pick up a catastrophic policy, l's roll back a few weeks when he sad that the reasonthat you had to have the obamacare policy was bcauseof what people had before, it was junk insurance. melissa: you thought you liked it, but it was actually a terrible policy you shouldot have had. >> right. and did he get better all of a sudden? >> no, if it's a dumb policy, it's a junk policy. and so i think the president has talked himself into a deep hole. and whatever he does, it is not going fix it because he keeps changing his own tune and sition. melissa: always go back to the math. there's a lo of people that signed up because they were thrilled and desperate and willing to sit through whatever it took on the website beau they didn't have ay health
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care. but right ow, who are payg for those people? >> the taxpayers will pay for it. you will be heavily subsidized. t the 15% that we thought we would keep hearing, a lot of those jt did't want it. but there arepeople from obamacare will work, it will b the very sick people. but we could have done was fixed tand not disrupt the insurance for the other 85%. >> lee would've done a is to subsidize it. therno other way. put them in an independent poll. and then we do it whe we have co-pays and deductibles and premiu, and it' stale. and then they get impoverished by the diseases, many that are beyond the capacy of any milyo pay for it. melissa: we roll back time, we had this option like you just described, that would ensure these folks. but the side is that it's not going to disrupt the rest of the
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health care indust. if we would've had tt at this period of time. because it is -- it's mor ne of government. and anytime you get government invovolved, it is a disster. it is basically what we have ne. >> yes, and we already h model. it was passed in 1982 by the tax equity family responsibility ac and it made it possible for families who had this to be placed with the mecaid system without having to be impoverished to qualifyfor t and iteally is the way to ke is work and it can work in a dozen plus the family's budge a it doesn't skew the market. >> yes, we were talkingbout is, the very beginning of this and i'm wondering -- i mean, what does the pul at large, what is their perception? it so rd for me to tell. i look at the polls and they say diffent things.
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67% say tt they would like to delay obamaca. so do you really think in your heart that they think it this is a mistake? >> if you look at what has happene this is the only bill that i can think of where the american suprt has waned as time has come on. people get used to it, they get more familiar and they begin began to say tt it's not that bad. but in the case ofacare, it was split down the middle and now you e the numbs continuing to mo with people saying that this is really not working. and it's not just awebsite. melissa: affect the tip of the eberg. we appreciate your tme. okay, sothis isn't going to help democra either. administration officials knew about the security rks before launch, but they still didn't do anything to fix it. analyst says that there were 12
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sites that prove it. >> i did't actually happen to the sites is i identified a number of vulnerabilities inside of a number of state help exchange webpages. >> what did you find? >> well, what i und wa that a number of states had webpages that are portable withery simple explications of lnerability. melissa: i know hat you found a couple that were as vulnerable and i'm surprised by that. kentucky, rhode island, were the better? >> they were no portable to this flaw. kentky and rhodesland especially. but thre er a numb of states whose health exchanges were vulnerable to this.
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melissa: what is the particular thought you were talking about? >> there is a flaw in th programminthat allows what is known as a road access point to collect user credentials and names and passwords and if a hacker has access to that information, and here she also has access to all of you personal information as well. andi thin that that information can then be used to commit identity fraud. melsa: the aras that have this portability, new yor nevada, i live in n yor uld you just avoid the website altogether? >> not necessary. but i wouldnotrecommend signing up o accessing yr accounts from a public wfi service provider. melissa: kennedy fixedimax much we have heard is th it's
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very hard to patch them and you have to start over from scratch and what is your opinion? >> i kow for a fact that the vulnerabilities can be fixed. six weeks after weontacted the state of minnesota, they agreed to sit dwn with me and i met with them and i explained the vulnerability and i told them how to fix it annd in less than 24 hours it was fixed. melissa: ark, thank you for coming on. it is friday, that means we are letting you control a segment and we want you to send us a tweet. let us know who is ot in washington and he was nice. and later we will rad your reonses. the first, get redy for a not so happy new year. some of the market watchers sayin that 2014 is going to be a saster for some. find out why ♪
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it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates fohow much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses withy business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unithealthca. because u can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommded frequent hetburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hour zero heartburn. >> tte reason i am pessimistic about this is that both parties are playing dickensian gamef adding to the national debt. >> that terrifs me as well.
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>> where you se it going? >> think you'll take out the 2009 well and it's up to the financial individuals. >> that's a long way down. melis: that best economic minds in the ountry woworrying about is much we get our spending under control. general david walkeris confident -- is incompetent confident that the parties will comeogether, sorry. when e think it wil happen? >> i am nota stock predictor and i know about iscal sanity, i know about the numbers and we are living in a bubble right now is going t taper this by aboue $10 million a month. it's far more than the dficit. and we it ended up avoiding a government shutdown, but we are not dealing with the things we
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have to deal with to resre fiscal sanity. >> we have gott so goodt ignoring these things. yolook at the market and it is up today. we still saw go gher in light of that. but when the chickens come home to roost and wh is the thing and finally that final set off the reality of the situtio? >> andinteres rates ws, the value of the dollar declined significantly. andt is when it happens and only god knows if nd when this will happen. lissa: what wouldake other countries cide tt we are really not going to pay our debt
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that? a st in whe we were going to give a couple budget dlsare getting sequester. >> let's be clear. the united states will never default on its debt cause it is granteed by the constitution of thunited states. and the question is what interestrate will we have to pay. right now we don't have to rely on other people. the federal reserve is buying all of ourew debt and more and the key market plaaers including china haverty decided that they are not going to buy our long-term debt but short-term debt in order to mitigate this and currency sks. so we are living in a buble. we need toget our fiscal house in order and the federal reserve needs to get back to more norma monetary policy. and only when that happens only know what real interest rates are. right now we don't know wha the interest rates are.
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melissa: you mentioned this and it's really a shell game that is going on,idon't think enough people are worried about. what is the danger that? >> well, the danger is you ca't spd more money than you make. melissa: we can then we do. >> you can do it for a perod of time, but it's no a sustainable strategy. there are other cotries have tried to do that in the past, not lage, ad we are not exempt from the aws this aad prudent finance. and hopefully as part of the debt cling women, you're not going to get a grand bargain to get new president, but least we could agree upon a goal. let's get public debt to gdp and keep it there. and that will force the issues that i have entioned. health care reforms, tax
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reforms, it will force them to the table becae you just can't get there without dealingwith those. melissa: david walker, that's a very sobering. what happened to all of go rightwing extremist talks? >> mlast two ds with willam paw and i spent lot of time an and i've grownto really like him. melissa: has he been dipping in the holiday eggnog? has he turneda new le on the
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melissa: so this is the senator harry reid that we now. >> the republicans were against
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things. they are obstructing things and it's totally unprecedented. melissa: and this is the senator reid that we don't know. >> i met with william palmer last few days. i have grown to really like him. he wants to get tngs done here. and i find that wonderful. melissa: who was that guy? harry reid praising and paul for crosng party llines. going to liz macdonald now. fiuring it out, hashing it ut. >> i also like what the senator said. i hope i don't ruin his reputation but that was so funny. but its alays great to try to reach acrossparty lines to get things done in washington dc. this is a refreshing moment and let's revel in it.
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melissa: adam, i think maybe he was drking too much eggnog. [laughter] >> i think it is a good pre-christmas moment and i happen to agree wi liz macdonald. we're i agree if this is an aberration. maybe he was in a good mood, maybe they did have a good meetg. maybe he itimistic. unfortunately, eknow that it's not gointo last. melissa: that rigt. ggesting anything that ty can work together or that t anyf them wants to reach across party lines and i think that is what the country needs the. melissa: what exactly do y think they would achieve? it is hard to imagine what they would comeogether o. >> absolutely. i can understand where you are coming from. >> they still have to have immigration refm.
6:23 pm
and there is still, you know, there's vernment spending. because congress understands this. but the question is this a good thing for the unitedstates? weaw that in california. whether or not 's good for t country y remains to be seen. melissa: is ra paul becoming cool all of a sudden? may be here he is the guy tht everyone wants to like? >> there is an ab in the flow these sorts of things. he isarticulate, he has a following. and politicians. and i say this in a positive way. politicians understandnd these things. when you see someone who has a following, it wod be correct to have good instincts work with them. and whether we are talking of thesewho ae other leaders, i
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see him as opportunities for politicians to be working with each other across the aisle. in the ccuntry was built upon compromise. we will have audget. too many reblicans in particular. but also some mocrats ha said hat i dot like the budget. i don't like it. well, too bad, your job is to compromise the melissa: i mean, i don't know, if you're a fan of small government, you wouldn't would ink that this is built on gridlock. the entire cotry of belgium, it ran without a budget. for years and years. and we don't want to ok like that. and wcan't do budgeting on continuing resolutns. but it is a part of things of the american people are not aware of peopleeed to come tgether and get confidencback,hich is eally something that has been gone for a long time. >> i like this, harry reid said
6:25 pm
that altugh hes ll aware that political opponts thrive on making him miserable, adobe to give you ames that the handful of people out there are part of us. ndhe only wants toake me miserable part of the time. >> i think it's for litical antagonist to fight with each other. it's good for them to disagree with each other. d business people do this all the time and they say that we have an idea and somehoways that's a terrible idea. ok, let's lk about it, th's what we should be doing. and let's then move forward. >> it is tre. woering what these guysare like together behind closed doors. here's thenetwrk and we may fight the show and then we are all in e elevator and all
6:26 pm
friends. these guys want totab each other on the elevator what? >> senator chuck schoener said that iike talking to them as well. >> thank you guys, i apprecte it. melissa: coming up next, how local sam is doing the same [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? [ exhales deeply ] [ male announcer ] well there is biotene. specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants, biotene can provide sootng relief anit helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ alause ] otene -- for people who suffe from dry mouth.
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melissa: it looksike @%vernment censorship is alive anwell. google's transparency reported removing allmy context. it is up a whopping 70% this year. his after the scandal with the nsa. google commenting that on trend has remained consistent an governments continue to ask us to remove political content.
6:30 pm
then brn doherty says that the . has beooking like a nightmare. >> i it is the definition of itn 1984, te big goverenwas capable of throwing iformation, people that didn't want you to fall down the memo hole. if t government ha the company discover things from their server and oogle gosone and complies, that is extremely frightening. the nsa scdal sas that the government wants to do this and they also wantto control everything we read in the digita age. melissa: what aretheyasking? >> in a lot of cases, it is -- they are calling it a defamation thing where they or they think that something written were a video o youtube portrays a governme official on a bad light and they are asking about that as well. they are making claims
6:31 pm
that the government produces and politicians eeches and i do want to say that google does not go along with these all the tme and they are good enough to warn us nd the reason we know about this is because google fits into the transparency report about this a certainly these solutions to the defation has been the same as defamation of character for anhing else. not trying to wpe the alleged definition out o the public record. the. meliss i'm confused becase it's lke an american pastime. there are whole shows a nigh based on doing this in a hysterical way. and what what makes this so much more to various >> well, it is the part wher they're trying to stop a and they are trying to say that we don't want these expressions to be avvailable. >> what becomes particularly offenve? >> we don't know. anything that the police officer
6:32 pm
judgedas signs, we are going asked google to get rid of it. and again google doesn't just bend over and dot all the time. but it's extremely upsetting. >> google is on this pr campaign and it looks like a lot of the social media sites and websites have cooperatein the past with the nsa fishing for information. suzes part of their pr campaign to say wait a second, we are being forced to do things by the government and you should understand that and those that were? >> google s beenrying to separate itself from the way the government uses it to approach ings on the right. they cried foul and was revealed th the nsa was probably grabbingheir data links. aninded,his information we are talkinabout that come from google tself.
6:33 pm
every year they released their transference airrt and you can look iup online and it lists the reasons in numbers and google definitely wants us to tnk that they are on our side at least a little bit. but if they were on our side completely, they wld never comply. melissa: i'd guss you are right. judges hav aske us to remove them from critical inormation and his incldes shing a light on the conduct. local institutions don't want peo o findinformation about their decision-making process. th's not good. >> right, that is not a part of it. and eve if they think they should have a legal recourse, they should never be too wiped out the expression, it should either be trying to set the story straight or you shouldn't be able jussay okay, let's wipe us out the. melissa: okay, tha you so
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melia: if greed is so bad, why is there a backlash against this? baseball playe making far more than many. joe perry says it is the same news that came out abo bker pay, and the mia would jump all over it. it always media's fault? >> yes, absolutely. [laughter] >> is always the media against the bankers and corporations. melissa: you poor thing. and why are you not weeping?
6:38 pm
[laughter] so jonatha what do you think? y is there no outrage over professsonal athletes? >> well, professional athletes are only doingt for the team. and that is athletes that are being very altruistic. and they are interested in making money and that seems to be a very bad thing. >> they d the ghest aerage pay for the 50th consecutive season. an astonishing $8.1 million. tually heard someone in a radio interview say that the reason why they are so bad is because the ynkees are overpa and fat and lazy and they don't care. so those are some harsh words. what do you think? >> well, i think fir all that it is -- 's a problem
6:39 pm
with where the priorities of the erican people ar ot. the baseball salaries and no one is sayina wo. ticket prices keep going up. the ballplayers are in it for the love of the game and the money. let's face it. >> the only problem peop should hve are thoe who are paying those wages. and highly paid sports stars are worth it. just like a good ceo, a good sport star makes multitudes for the company for which they work versus what they acally make otherwise. >> we are keeping to go up and up. and i on't know. are we getting a? i think that we are selling a
6:40 pm
stk. and with people, the economy is do, people are uncertin with what is going onn washington and they want to be entertained, so they ovoverlook the prices tt they are payi. and you look at this they are providing bs, they are providing with the economy d th cuntry are doing, and i think that they are worth more than their salary. melissa: you e a brave mn. joe is trying to ake the point that these ceos are pilloried i the media and out in the public in general. >> both are valuable. but it is determining what it is worth. including he is not wth this amount of money or that amount of money.
6:41 pm
and so more power them. the samehingith the ceos. an i think it is up to usin this guide. we vote with our dollars, don't go to the games i think the players are overpd. melissa: my family is tampa bay did bay fans and hose ames are getting emptier because they're notplying well and people are ting with their dolars. when you see ceo running a company, you don'like it. it's the american way. we vote with our dollars on show, i give you the last wod. >> i like that. we vote our dollars. we have to pay more attention both ses of the salaries,
6:42 pm
cept for the fact that i look at the families who suffered paying high ticket prices for baseball games. the. melissa:uys, thank you t both of you. next up, a very special holiday edition. who in washington would make this year's naughty list? send me a tweet next. ♪ ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosti, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world sh back card.
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melissa: it is time for youo let loose and tonighs hoiday edition. david asman is here to react with what you areshouting about on twitter. first off, who in washington has been naughty or nice? john boehner. senator har rei another. harry reid has to be a tough choice. merry christmas. and no such thing as a nice lt in ts case. >> that harsh. >> let's start at the top, prident obama, for making promises that he coun't deliver on. melissa: thais very knotty. >> leading the nation down a path of dependencyinstead of independence and aays accusing others oharsh rhetoric when he is the onewho oes it. d then you can see the her one i have.
6:47 pm
>> there was someonen between. >> yes, he is allowhimself not to be pued around by politicians but also by wal street and the common man suffers as a result. melissa: chip wilson, the founder of lulu lemon, said the reason why the pans didn't perform well, he said it's not the pants come into your big fat butt. ihink he said sligly different words, but a lot of women inside the beltway and witht a belt. we were all about that. >> okay, again i started to talk about this, ted cruz, he stood up on principle. when everyone else told him to sit down.
6:48 pm
even as they were public and opponent, li jn mccain, calling m stupid. and he proposed meares compared to wifebeatin and now they areported to most americans. for placing his party in crystaclear oppositions to a vastly unpopular party just before theature of the election. melissa: so what abojeff bezos? i mean, he knows how to take risks. >> that's right, some people have a problem, but he definitely knows what he's doing. >> it was just like so much, i was trying to figure out wher to draw the line. next up, is it okay to re-get a
6:49 pm
present? fox news has shown that up to 70% of people are okay with this. and just make sure that your original recipient. and chia pets are the only things that should be rejected. finally, so hae you ever jected? yes, i have. i go mywife all this stuff and we traded it in and these cufflis re as a result. >> that is returning. >> it was repeating to myself the. melissa: a you unclear? >> yo just give gifts and then they go their merry way, whereverhey want to go, if someone wants to reject it it's totally up to them.
6:50 pm
melissa: it can be er dangerous. i just don't kn. >> you can do if you guess what everyone. ev if it's giving em to others. melissa: coming up next, why investors cod soon be ditching investors cod soon be ditching warren hi honey, did you get toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex oneate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i untilt wafull. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex dave's always wanted to do when he retis keep working, but for himself. so as his financial advisor, i took a look at everything he has. the 401(k). insurance pies.
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melissa: tonight's business blitz. target is s being sued after credit cds and debit cards were compromised. to gary smith on what is going on. stay away from targe stock
6:54 pm
until this blows over? what do you think. >> bu a lot of consumers felt the same wy. but we are not going to know if the damage is significant. >> ts i like a natural disaster, a hurricane, whatever, it just happed to hit in a town and a country and coastline melissa: it happened to people who are going in on foot, you dot expect it in person. i feel like people regoing to steer clear of this for little while. >> i think the average consumer ignores this a i think ty come in and say that this is terrible. and some will avoid it. and i think that -- if it drops
6:55 pm
an further, i think is a buying opportunity. melissa: a new study howing that we have a new struggle with innovation. so maye mayb weould be a part of that. >> yes, i have become a little reticent about technology and innovation. and you're happy to sit back. and jeff bezos was 33 when amazon went public. and so what does tat tell you? >> i don't know,this is like you can'teach old dogs new tricks. and they should demand t moneyback. >> exactly. the one thing, i would have a different inion because te one thing that theousters
6:56 pm
don't have that experience. soi'm oing to go with the older ceo becauseethey got hose two factors. i don't care hat kind of technology they have at their disposal. >> just determine the last time we sid we idn't need to listen to warren buffett any longer. it w right before the internet bubble burst. and now he as lasted allthe way sce then. >> is always the excepti that proves the rule. name another individualthat has turned things around. i think thatlewis still till shy of 50 are sold under my avengers 51 we turn this around. melissa: what we sang? >> look at guys like richard branson. turning money out of souvenirs. he gets an idea. jeff bezos is the sameway. he understas how to take risks. i think there's a lot of guys out there that do.
6:57 pm
this includes what tools you're using to do it. see what you trust those guys? is that inspire confidence? is an inventor a nnovator. >>ill tes, just with every one of tese guys, steve jobs, they need this. the guy brought in a guy from pepsi, i think he brought it in to elp a a time transition. and i think that they do need lit hand they can learn hese skills and move on themselves. >> he ses to be able to reinvent and remarket again and
6:58 pm
again. >> yes, i think that elon musk is part of this and i am fascinated. there's nothing he can't conceive. melissa: here comes the beautiful music. it is time for the nightcap. gary smit, were you watchi this week? >> i am watching the credit card companies, mastercard d amazon. ey are making all kinds of all-time highs. maybe that means that i have underestimated things. >> iam watching holiday car sales. >> i want t know what that
6:59 pm
customer is doing and weare leveraging it up to and gentlemen, thank you so much. merry christmas and happy holidays. don't forget t watch me on "money wh lissa francis." 5:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. thank you for watching. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: the teams that we adore r and knowing no bounds. and the players and teams and owners and fans, when they cross the ine. concussis and subsidizing stadiums, we are in it to win . night, the topics that go hrough our heads. we are "the independents." it is time to play ball. hello, i am kennedy. i have matt welch a


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