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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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calls in a aspec of life. now bilit the showers. ♪ the obama administraon's cotion of scandals and lies have l to comparisons to formerresident richard nixo and today, the washington post released a statiscal analysis confirming the comparisons, the nixon, the only president to post lower ratingsin the position than where predent obama fis himself tonight. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, every. the washington pot, today, released damming poll for the obama administrati, the president's approval rating at the end of his fifth year in
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office has fallen to 43% with a disapproval rating with 5%. the post writing of the findin, quote, president bush had a at the end of the his firefight year of presidency and otr post warii esidents. the numbers getworse. when asked who they trust do a beer job with the nation's approximate? respondents have the president now tied with congressional republicans at 41%. only a year ago, the president had a 15-point lead. now it'sgone. all gone. the president also trails republicans on the ecomy by fo points. last year at this time, prident obama held an 18-point lead on economic issues. the revelations of scandalafter scandal the declarations that have turbid out to be lies and
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the failed rolloutf the federal health care law has contributed to his nos in hipoll, jay carney today, admitted that the president's sinking numbs a can hurting his credibility and effectiveness with congress. >> does he real still have the power to move the public, to move the congress on these big issues? when he approval ratings continue to sink? >> again, ed, you won't hear an argumentrom me that everyone in washington hass taking a hit. >> more poor timing coming for the administration. president obama himself praisee the fictionanal cgressman frank underwood fr hbo's "house of cards" the ruthless character playedy oscar winner kevin spey who maniputes his way to the presidey through lies d ultimatelyurder.
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>> i wishhings were ruthlessly -- true. like kevin spacey. >> our first guesest tonight, voted in favor of the budget compromise in the house. he als stresses the deal eases the burdenaused b the sequeste joining us now scott, member of the budget committee, congressman, good to he you with us,you an many of your colleaes in the house, particularly those who style yourself as conservatives wrestlehtily onthis, what was the point to cast yourote to supportit. >> thank you, lou. a critical topic for our countr the alternatives before were
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this, if i voted no, we wou ha hadontinuing resolutions where we fund things that didn't need to be funding. i have been among i think the strongest advocates for turning to regular order, where we have a top-line budget and we have agreed to that in this agreemt and work through all of the apopations bill. >> if the senate approves, almost a certaint they will approve it tomorrow and move it on, regular order wi be restored. we're talking about $85 billion against a budget in x sesz of 3.3 trillion that doesn't amount. this isn't small potatoes. in terms of financial numr. but in terms of returning regular order, and establishing a budget for two years, after successive continuing resotions at make a mockery of the budgetocess, this is a
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very big deal, isn't it? >> it is really a big deal and i'm in a sean ofblic service. this is really the first time that ihave really felt that i could come home and come before this incredible district tho serve. so we have a lot of defense contracts and this isn't ju protect the he base here, lou. i have the privilegof working with our general. told my colleagues the day we were wrestling with this, if you're inclined to vote no, i said come withme and hear the direct andery real daamage that can continuing resolutions combined with sequestration are doing to our military an the fiscal conservative, i said let'get back onegular order here and get on to mandatory spending. >> and at isour reaction,
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coressman, and your thought and your concerns in the cost of living benefits for retiring military personnel under the age of 62? the provision that would cut benefits. >> lou i answered the question today, i was talking to a group of our ship repair folks, no more than 200 peoplen e room, the very last questn was on this, i knew that this question was coming and i told my colleagues, m republican colleagues that we're going to have to wrestle with this, because it's a ruction, what's not being shared in t media, when the service member does reach 62, that cost of living increa crease where they didn't participate for all of these years potentially, they get caught up at eagef 62. wounded warriors, there's no reduction. there's reduction of 1%.
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inflation mus 1%. it's a difcult decision, lou. that's why it was not easy for me to vot for this. i pulled this vong card in my coat pocket out, i have choice, greeor y or red for no, this isn't i wish i had a different choice buttothere. i looked at the sum of all of this, what's important here, u, now we're going to return to regular order, there's not excuse for any member of congress, republican o democrat, to g back on mandatory. >> fair enenough. any excuse for the republicans the democrats to put the country and the politics of capitol hill in position to shut downthe government after the new year as you move to the next issue is the debt ceiling? >> i struggle with this as a bunessman, i'm still an owner of a busess,t really deeply
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affect our business if we went into any kindof defaul but at the same time, i don't want to enable what io despise, it's mol. the direction we're going. >> i understd. but people are just outright sick o seeg the republican party and in each case it's en the republican party has had the choice. you have shownreat judgment, i think a level, good-headed common sense in dealing with what's symbolic numbers t return to order. surely you're not telling me the republican leadership would throw that all away on the debt ceiling, why not go to the polls with your arguments and stop this nonsense? >> herewe go, lou, we right on track, i thk any candidate, an uncome bent or a new candidate, theed to be
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asked, what specificado you propose to get mandatory spending? don't let those candidates get awayrom that difficult question that's got to be answered. >> that question can't be posed until nextnovember. i'm asking you right now, is your leadership committed of to avoiding a shuown of the government again? >> yes, they are. what we need to do -- >> i'm going take what we can. in the time we're otted. >> i understand. i understand. we shouldn't shut the government down at the same time, lou, we got -- >> i would urge the republicans, get ou and get a ground game going and move some voters to the polls, because that's where the answers lie not in parliamentary maneuvers, i appld the republican leadership for moving forward in this direction and specifically,
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congressman paul ryan who pulled out the -- >> i was proud ohim. >> i won't be veryroud if it % results in another shutdownin the debt ceiling, coressman. >> i don'think that'soing happen, lou. i on't. >> wll take that as assurance and it' welcome. >> congressman, thank you. >>hank you smuch. up next, the tea party, well, they say that john bey ne declared war on them. we'll be talking with former publican nationalal committee chairman mike duncan about hn boehn boehner's job security and by the way, how is the war on coal gog? not well as the president might like. might like. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cas i earnvery month" card.
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the internets having a lot of fun with t president after the president holding th card, encouraging young people to get covered with obamacare, because quote, nobody should go broke just because they get sick, end quote. it has been photo shoppedozen of times. it's a uquitousacross the web. obamacare canceled the plan that you hadnd liked. and the naal republican congssional committee, also, rticipating, creating a version with the president holding a card, reading hashtag dot worry. because i got a trillion coin to fix all this. the teapay is in an all-t war with house speaker john boehner, for whatever reason, he dedecide start the feud, escalated it yesterday.
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saying some gups lostll credibility. tea part y forites fired back. saying, boehner delived what they call a smug rant. joining us now to talk about the not so civil war within the republican party and much more, mike dunca the former chairman of the republican national committee, he now heads up of the american coalitn fr clean coalelectrity. great to have you here. this president has declared war on not only foss fuels but coal in particul, he says if you own coal and if y gny planfor coal you're out of business. you're having kwiemt a different experience s >> coa is alive and well in the united states. parts of the country certainly undetand feel like they have been inhe war,astern
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kentucky, where we lost over 6,000 jobs in the last go years. >> why in the worl is the industry putting up with it, there was a time when you saw people hitting, i mean, getting screwed like this and they stood up for it you know, and the politicians had a clear, loud voe, ty're just getting rolled here? >> the industr is fighting back, we're fighting back in court and in congress, but congress has been somewhat dysfunctional, if you win in congress you till have theeto threat. he's taking this through the regulation process, he's using the epa standards and he's getting ready put out standards for existing coal plants. >> and wearing just everybody out with the epa. you have cleaned up your act. you're using it in much cleaner fashion and yet the epa says, the hell with you.
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>> the last 90% of the particles have been removed from coal in this cntry. coal is affordable, eliable and increasingly clean. >> congress, it's getti interesting right now. ker boehner attacking the tea party, specific heritage action, e club for growt these outfits, freedom work wh's going on, your party is starting to show somegrit, some life, and some spark? i kind of like it to be honest with you. >> we're only one good candidate away from the president of the united states from having unity within our party. we're having a free throw of ideas, we're bringingmore people into the party. >> but there seems to be a negative. when the speaker decides he's going to shut dn a wing, and
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you know, they're sang a war has been declared, meanwhile, i don't see what the alternative was to what boehner and ryan did. and by the way, i spo fully the tea party, ihink th're e of the strongest and most vibrant expressionsof this country. so, what is your view here? >> i support a big ten. i also understand and expect government to work. that's what you saw in the house this time and i think you'll see thatn the senate. it may be a differentprocess. but the ammrican people want us to have a budget. >> more deliberate, are you kiddg me? yogot t be kding. mike, i got to tell you, there's thing dlib ra tif about it the leadership on the immigration reform and the republican leadership in the house --he senate has screwed up everything they have touched.
8:19 pm
they're acting, i think, bizarrely, don't you? >> i think we'll get a budget. the american people want the government to work. >> all right. mike duncan, god to have you. >> tha you. >> win that war. >> we're working o that. we would like to tag ake a moment to give you a sneak preview of ts book it's called "june heefl" winning back the country by empowering ideas. this new book, itebuts on january 7th. is now available for preorders online, beat t holiday rush, be the first in 2014, to get to amazon, tony one of the okstes in your neighborhood, to order jt upheaval". we're coming right back. stay with us.
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the wash tone postfact checker today released today its top ten lies of year, that's a lot of lies. we thought because it's television we would bring you the ve worst, let's start with mber five, 5, president obama's claim that the day after benghazi he personally acknowledged that it was an act of terrorism, not so much. and number four, darre issa, his claim that then secretary of state hillary clintonad sign a cable in 2012 ordering a drawdown of security for the coulate in libya, not so. number the three, reas reasserting himself th the claim e capitol hill january tors would be gettg a pay cut when the sequester kicked in,
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fox news cntributor pat cadel.
8:25 pm
and former member of brad blakeman. would president -- would president bush ever three o of five what would you say his record would have been? >> ll, i don't think he would % have a record anywhere close? because president bushdn't lie in order to use it to get ything done. this president's iucement on obamacare was said on several lies, you can keep your doctor affordabl health care. the you see t value in signing up, these are not merely sstatements, these are lies. when the presidentis not lying he's eceeding his authority. >> patthis washington post story i thought it was a blockbuster over the years, carrying out policies that
8:26 pm
they've thought would be too controversial an would not to the benefit of the president during an election y >> yes, well, the most transparent administration is one the most manipulative since richard nixon if you like your plan or doctor you can keep it, probly the biggest lie of this century, and it speaks to everhing they have done on health care and regulations which is we'll fool the people the main stream press for the most part, they'et us get away with it and we'll lie our heads off if we want and that's what politics in governmentas come down. >> how much trouble ishis president in now? focuses on administration that is described as ethically squalid, it's almost
8:27 pm
imcomprehense of their conduct, your thoughts on where they go from here? >> their idea, the bon of ust is broken and i believe the lie which could have been the lie of any last four years,ecause you say, he's been saying it all along, you can keep your plan, once thatond of trust is broken, it seems to me that it's very ha to take the president at his word on anytything, that what we teach our children. if y lie, no one will trust you again. if you can't spell, no one will trust your facts. when the penalty of the united states says things tha e untrue, why should we believe him on iran or the next budget or anything? >> and we'll be taking that int in st a momment. the my len yals, i thewo latest polls, the my len yals are abandonin thisredent at a dramatic rate.
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google acquiring the comny of imal-le machines supplied to our military, lookt this thin it's extraordiry, boston dynamics is oogle's latest acquisition in a string of mysterious robotic initiatives led by android chief andy rubin, nearly 23,000 robots valued $1.5 billion sold to north american companies last year. you thght we were lking about th future, it's here. certainly in google's future. brad, yourarty taking on the tea party, your establishment,
8:32 pm
paul ryan, en, bei careless with his rhetoric, you know, once considereto be at e forefront of the tea party, what are you guys trying to do to yourself. >> we shou be trying to unite. some ofs to be govern in a world that they wish it to be, but we have divided government, we got to rule in reality, thisudget deal may not be the best but it's a step in the right direction, getting ba to regular order. >> i agree with yo i agree with you. but what i don't understand is so of the condescending and nasty attitude on the part of karl roves, the paul ryans and michigan mccoells, they're talking to fellow citizens, fellow republicans and i got to ll y, they look ke fools when they do that.
8:33 pm
these people weren't smart in 12 and they haven't learned a damn thi in 2013. >> look, we can't be eang our own. we need to be uniti. in 14, united we stand, divided we fall, makes no -- you have pointed it out, lou, it makes no sense to vilify your own, we havenough ammunition against e democrats,let's unite and be successful in2014. >> what do you thi, mike, any more effective than ey have been? >> i suspect some of this lou is personal. there's a lot of personal bad blood. some of the groups have been criticizing him personally by going after the republican caucus, paul ryan probay feels, too. >> they're sensitive, aren't they? michael, that's too bad. >> but i do think -- we shou never dicount the personnels.
8:34 pm
>> am not discounting it. taking it all personally. my goodness. >> our rulers and our rulers have a sensitivity problem, because after all, nothing is worse is watching the otr party. >> for the republican or democrat? >> that's right. nothing worsthan watching t political lds of both parties contend the lead. the benghazi thing the administration has lead from day one about this. hn boehner w has it in his power, refuses to have select committee x, why, because god only knows why. it's this washington inside game. we he a regular order budget. we have no real deficicuts. the tea party,r all of their problems, they're right about one thing, american people ar
8:35 pm
as d as hell. >> mad as hell, t seemingly passive as hell. i can't a time when the issues were bigger, working men and women in this country were in greater jeopardy as a result of the policies of both parties. i'm talking about the ouourcing of jobs. >> absolutely. >> i an, you go throh the list. it's disgusting. and here we are. we'll continuthis it's great to see you, pat. thanks for being here. brad, thank you, sir. michael, good toaveyou here. th stunning reasons why our prison systemo expensive and provides perks and punishg views. views. we'reoming [ale announcer ] new new york is ope open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the ste.
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turning now to our turning now to our failing correctional system, our next guest who was here two weeks
8:39 pm
ago, when we first started talking with him about his idea of punishment. hereo continue our conversation, the fundamental credo of let the punish fit the crime. professor of law at new york law hool and the author of the important book, "the death of punishment punishment you have spent how man days, to e some of the faciliti that are available to some o our prisoners, some of the video of the places where robert has been, i mean, running shoes, prison in oklahom that advertises wor's largest prison rodeo, i mean, what in the world has become ur prison system. >> well, hasn' become of our prison systtm an instrument
8:40 pm
of justice. not so offensive to have these facilies but they're inappropriate in any facility, i think,ut theact is, thes we don't make that discrimination and that convicted murderers who ar well behaved inside can get transferred to pts of the prisonhat you can see and mock the very idea of justice. >> good time for a rapist or murderer, this is -- ho does all of this begin? you know, sheriff joe arpaio, out in arizona, he had pi mp suits or has pink jump suits for prisoners, hedoesn't give them any meal beyond aandwich for lunch and he's considered to be a very harsh and hardharacter for so doing, how do we get to a point that's become an entertainment land formany? >> well, justice stops at the
8:41 pm
prison door, that's the irony, th's wreit's suosed to start, but where it's supposed to be stop. but the essence of punishment is the daily experience of it. and so, what we have our facities that don't discrimite based on the nature of the rime, the only discriminate how they behave once you are there. >> the auor of thi book,as we listen to yo do you believe in capital punishment? >> i do. >> based on the number of people, how do they kill people? >> aristotle foundn the extremes. the attitude in which he kills. the are the sadistic serial
8:42 pm
killers in applying painto their victi. the callous who don'take any pleasu or don't care. i snt time with pele who with shoers who mow everyone down on the street. when you shot, did you think that there was a whole group there? yo would be killing people whose mothers, children, would be grieving? and they paused. the love between us was palpable. one of them i can't repeat on the air and the other one said, shouldn't have gotten in the way of my bullet? that's a coldness. one part of it is the measurement, the attitude and the other is, as you point out is the consequence, tse who
8:43 pm
are multiple killers one killed with intent, premeditation. capital punishment. premeditation isn't the issue. a grea thinker this issue pointed out that, an abused wife ca -- canmull it over, she n't escape with her kids, she kills her chchiren. someone sees a child fishing off the bridge, spontaneously, for sport, pushes him off to watch him struggle and drown. the premeditated kifrl, the abused suse is less deserving of punishment. premedition isn't the issue. it's either sadistic satisfaction or the vulnerability of the victims.
8:44 pm
>> find, first of all, your point to be exact stinction that you draw, at the same time, it's not satisfying. it's not satisfying. the punishment, you know, a guy this is e quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards
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house minority leader nancy losi speaking ou yesterday ainst the depoation of illegal immigrants in an interview with lemundo pelosi said quote, our view the law is if somebody's here without suicie documentation that's not reason for deportation. if someone has broken thelaw or committed a felony or something, that is a different story. th big sign language at nelson pandela's funeral service, was among a mob of people who accosted two people and burned them to death. he never sod trial because auorities determin that he was not mentally fit. that appears to occurred more than once. a new report by norwestern
8:49 pm
university lidging chronic marijuana to brain abnormalities similar to schizophrenia. the defects last at least a few years after people stop using the drug. myext guest taking on both republicans and democrats in her brand-new show, airing at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network, joining us no host of the independent. kennedy. >> you ve been so sweet. our offices are right next door to each other. >> we're glad have you in the neighborhood. >> thank you. >> you're a delight. you got a terrific show. sie i am a registered independent, i'm sort of pulling for you. >> lot of people out there i think share your views. you have a l of fans, you make sense. so many people out there going issue by issue.
8:50 pm
and we welcome them, every night, for a nice discussion. >> now, your show, i mean you're talking about many of the same issues, you're talking aut a president that has lied overhe course of four years, you're talking about a republican party that can't win an election it seems, at least a pridential election, certainly hasn't for the last two and doesn't understand what a ground operation is, how do you deal with those issues? >> w tend not to not think about them in party terms. people have been doing forso long. growing up wt dohe republicans say? who do i agree with? one de or the other. and you know, iound living in southern california, there are so many people who go issue by issue and their views change. whetheit's immigration or health care and you know, thinng about what is within the scope of government and oftentimes as you're political mros my evolves at
8:51 pm
scope narrows. that's fine. >> southern california, an entirely reasonable place to live. in fact, it had 13 -- over 13% in taxes, sales xes, incncome taxes. i mean, it's a pretty striking place -- >> which is what makes people so independent. ey see this government regulation working against them in tir dailydecisions. lot of the regulation in california directly affects the poor. so ifyou consider yourself a robin hood populous, you should be a libertarian. not part of the libertarian party. buyou want less government. i celebrate that. >> you know, celebrating it, you've got a lot of company, fewer people than er, at least in recent history, are now
8:52 pm
self-identifying as republicans, just a few more are self-identifyi as democrats. and some self-identifying as independents. >> young people are leaving obama. >> can you beeve the millennis? >> he was ner reallythere for them to begi with, ande always took the youthote for granted. but you're looking at a group of ople who have such incredible easy access to information d when ideas reach critical mass, they all know about it instantly. >> thank youkennedy. come back on. >> thank you. >> "the independents." monday through wednesday, friday, right ere. next, he played ralphie
8:53 pm
in the llywood classic and he bringing the story to broadway, peter billingsley. hollywood megaproducer and look out broadway, he's next, right here. broadway. ♪ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in aentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospae industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it' just one reason over % of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with cfidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investmeninformation, risks, fees and expenses to read and conder carefully before investing.
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onef the most iconic christmas films making its way to the broadway stage, of course, "a christmas sto:the musical" it continues itsour this week at madison square garden. per billingsley, 30 years ago, is now a successful broadway and hollywood producer and we're delighted to have you here, and this is terrific. you aociated yourself with so many great stories and successes. how does it feel to continue to move a christmas story into,
8:57 pm
well, into broadway a into lives of so many people. >> it's really gratifying. the 30th year since it came out. it was a little film. nobody wanted to make it. it took 12 years to get it o the ground. it didn't make a lot of money. >> really? >> no. >> i go an entire -- i suspect a lot of folks at home, i have entirely different perfect tif. >> because it plays every year. tbs runs t this 24-hour maratho of it. and non of it imagined it could ve come here. over the years, people, mae u remake it. don'tremake good movies. . the notion of a musical was really intriguing. it folls the tone. we take big musical set pieces from iconic scenes from the fill
8:58 pm
zblm broadway a big success for you. >> yes. >> imean, what is the secret, i mean, you know, there are a lot of folks in iconic movies who go on and don't do much in show siness you have dne immensely well in every medium you push, what is the secret? >> well, you know, it's true. i had a really good faly and that was honestly the key and i was raed very well and i had an incredible experience getting a chance to work on things. it was always viewed as a privileg iturd into a businessnow. disney, nickolodeon generation. i started doing commercials. >> having fun, always seems to me, is an important thing to
8:59 pm
anythi. >> it is. >> you said the movie wasn't particular paicularly that successful then, yo must have made money with those reruns? >> no. those contracts. those residuals are from that time before cable. i get the joy of getting watch the filmver and over again. now get the jo of producing the sical. we're in our fifth year. we were nominated for three tonys last year. it's a very high-quality show. we enjoy it. >> we really, really recommend you see the musical. it's spectacular and we're delighted to see you. and i think you may havejust given us toreke a very good movie. you must consider those residuals that don't come. >> update the contract firs >> that's right.
9:00 pm
>> tnks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> all t best. "a christmas story:the musical" running at madison square garden for three weeks, don't miss >> this was the year of obamacare. >> gornment shtdown. the government shutdown. john: i did notice that spending and kept going on and poor people helped in our government lied and lied about it. >> no one is listening to your telephon >> and many policies are eager to go to work. >> this is notthe time to be a silent spectator. >> the left was eager to pass more gun control.


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