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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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consider this an invitation to come on "the willis report". that's my "2 cents more." and that's it for tight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. the obama administration's collection of scandals and lies have led to comparisons to former prede richard nixon d today, the washington post released a statistical analysis confirming the comparisons, the nixon, the only president to post lower ratings in the position than where presint obama finds himself tonight. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, everybody. theashington post, today, released a dammingoll for the obama administration, the president's approval rating at the end of his fifth year in
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office has fallen to 43 with a disapproval rating with 55%. e postriting of the ndings, quote president bush had a 47% at the end of the his firefight year of presidency and other post war ii presidents. the numbe get worse. when asked who they trust to do a better job with the nation's approximate? respondents have the president now tied with congressional republicans at 41%. only a year ago, the president had a 15-point lead. now it's gone. all gone. the president also trails republicans on the economy by four points. last year at this time, president obama held an 18-point ad on economic issues. the revelations of scandal after scandal the dlaratis that have turbid out to be lies and
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the failed rollout of the federal health care law has contributed to his nose div in his poll, jay carney today, mitted that the president's sinking numbers are can hurting his credibility and effectiveness with congresess. >> does he really still have the power to move the public, to move the congress on these big issues? when he approval ratings continue to sink? >> again, ed, you won't hear an argument from me that everyone in washington hass taking a hit. >> more poor timing coming for the adminisation. president obama himself praisee the fictional congressman frank underwood from hbo's "house of cards" the ruthless character played by oscar winner kevin spacey who maniputes his way to theresidency through lies and ultimately murder.
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>> i wish things were ruthlessly -- true. like kevin spacey. >> our first est tonight, voted in favor of the buet compromise in the house. he also stresses the deal eases the burden caused by the sequester, joining us w scott, memberf the budget committee, congressman, good to have you with us, you and many of your colleagues in the house, particularly tse who style yourself asonservatives wrestle mightily on this, what was the point to cast your vote to support it. >> thank you, lou. a critical topic for our country. the alternativesefore us were
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this, if i voted no, we would have had contiing resolutions where we fund tngs that didn't need to be funding. i have been among i think the strongest advocates for returning to regular order, where we have a top-lineudget and we have agreed to that in this agreement and wor through all of the appropriations bill. >> if the senate approves, almost a certaint they will approve it tomorrow and move it on, regular order will be restored. we're talking aut $85 billion against a budt in x sesz of 3.3 trillion that doesn't amount. thissn't sma potatoes. in terms o financial number. but in terms of returning to regular order, and establishing a buet for two years, after successive continuing resolutions th make a mockery of the budget process, this is a
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very big deal, isn't it? >> it is really a big deal and i'm in a seaso of public service. this is really the first time that i have really lt that i could come home and come before this incredible district tho serve. so we have a lot of defense contractors and this isn't just protect the home be here, lou. i have the privilege of working with our general. i told my colleagues the day we were wrestling wi this, if you're inclined to vote no, i said come with and hear the direct and very real damage that can continuing resolutions combined with sequestration are doing to our military and the fiscal conservative, i said let's get back on regular order here and get on to mandatory spendi. >>nd what is your reaction,
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congressman, and your thoughts and your concerns in the cos of living benefits for retiring milita personnel under the age of 62? the provision that would cut benefits. >> lou i answered the question today, i wasalking to group of our ship repair folks, no more tn 200 people in the room, the very last question was on this, i knew that this question was coming and i told my colleagues, my republican colleagues that we're going to have to wrestle wit this, because it's a reduction, what's not being shared in the media, when the service member does reach 62, that cost of living increa increase where they dn't participate for all of these years potentially, they get caught upt the age of 62. wounded warriors, there's no reduction. there's reduction of 1%.
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ination minus 1%. it's a difficult decisionlou. that's why it was not easy for me to vote for this. i pulled this voting card in my coat pocket out, i have a choicegreen for yes or red for no this isn't i wish i had a different choice button there. i lood at the sum of all of this, what's important here, lou, now we'r going to rrn to regular order, there's not excuse f any mmber of congress, republican or democrat, to get back on mandatory. >> fair enough. any excuse for the republicans or the democrats to put the country and theolitics of catol hill in positi to shut down the government after the new year as you move to the ne ise is the debt ceiling? i struge with ts as a businessman, i'm still owner of a business, it really deeply affect our business if we went
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into any kind of default, but at the same time, i don't want to enable what i so despise, it's moral. the direction we're going. >> i underand. but people are just outright sick of seein the rpublican party andn each cas it's been the republican party has had the choice. you have shown great judgment, i think a level, good-headed common sense in dealing with what's symbol numbers but return to order. surely you're not telling me the republican leadership would throw that all awaway on thedeb ceiling, why not go to the polls with your arguments and stop this nonsense? >> here we go, lou, we're right on track, i think any candidate, an uncome bent or new candidate, they need to be
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asked, what specifically do you propose to get mandatory spending? don't let those candidates get away from that difficult queson that's got to be answered. >> th question can't be posed until nextnovember. i'm asking you right now, is your leadehip committed of to oiding a shutdown of the government again? >> yes, they are. what we need to do -- >> i'm going to take what we can. in the time we're alotted. >> i understand. i understand. we shouldn't shut the government downt e same time, lou, we got - >> i would urge the republicans, geout and get a ground game gog and move some voters to the polls, because that's where the answers lie not in parliamentary maneuvers, i applaud the republican leadership for moving frward in this direction and specifically,
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congressman paul ryan who pulled out the -- >> i was proud of hi >> won't be very proud if it % results in another shutdown in the debt ceiling, congressman. >> i don't think that's goingto happen, lou. i don't. >> we'll take thatasassurance and it's welcome. >> congressman, thank you. >> thank you so much. up next, e teaparty, well, they say thatohn bey ne declared war on them. we'll be talkingith fmer republicanan national committee chairman mike duncan about john boehn boehner's job security and by the way, how is the war on coal going? not as well as the president might like.
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>>the internet is having a lot of fun with the president after thpresident holding this card, encouraging young people to get covered with obamacare, beca quote, nobody shouldgo broke just because they get sick, end ote. it has been photo shopped dozen of times. it's a ubiquitous across the web. obamacare canceled thelan that you had and liked. d the national republican congressional committee, also, participating, creating a version with the president holding a card,eadi hashtag don't worry because i got a trillion coin to fix all this. the tea party is in an all-out war with house eaker john boehner, for whatever reas, he decided rt the feud, escalated it yesterday.
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saying some groups lost a credibility. tea part y favorites fired back. saying, boehner delivered what they call a smug rant. joining us now to talk out the not so civil war within the republican party and much more, mike ncan, the former chairman of the republican national committee, he now heads up of the american coalition for clean coal electricity. great to have you here. this president has declared war on not only fossil fuels but coal in particular, he says if you own coal and if you got any plans for coals, you'reut of business. you're having kwiemt a different experience sf. >> coa is alive and well in the united states. parts of the country certainly understa feel like they have been in thewar, eastern
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kentucky, where we lost over 6,000 jobs in the last go years. >> why in the world is the industry putting up witith it, there was a time when you saw people hitting, i mean, getting screwed like this and they stood up for it,ou know, and the politicians had a clear, loud voice, they're just getting rolled here the industry is fighting back, we're fighting back in court and in congress, but congress has been somewhat dysfunctional, if y win in congress you till have the veto threat. he's taking this through the regulation process, he's using the a standds and he's getting rey to put out standards for existing coal plants. >> and wearing just everybody out wi the epa. you have cleaned up your act. u're using it in much cleaner fashion and yet the epa says, the hell with you.
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>> the last 90% of the particles have been remod frocoal in this country. coal is affordable, reliable and increasingly clean. >> congress, it's getting interestinright now. speaker boehr attacking the tea party, specific heritage action, the club for growtwth, these ouits, freedom works, what's gng on, your party is arting to show some grit, some life and me spark? i kind of like it to be honest with you. >> we're only one good candidate away from the present of the united states from having unity within our party. we're having afree throw of ideas, we're bringing more people into the party. >> but there seems to be a negative. when the speaker decides he's going shut down a wing, and
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you know, they're saying a war has been declared, meanwhile, i n't see what the alternative was what boehner and ryan did. and by the way, i suprtully the tea party, i think they're one of the strongest and most vibrant expressions of this country. so, what is your view here? >> i support a big ten. i also understand and eect government to work. that's what you saw in the house this time and i thi you'll see that in the senate. it may be a different proce. but the ammrican people want us to have a budget. >> more deliberate, are u kidding me? you got to be kidding. mike, i got to tell you, there's nothing dlib ra tif about it. the leadership on the immigration reform and the republican leadership in the house -- the senate has screwed up everything the have touched. they're acting, i thi,
11:19 pm
bizarrely, don't you? i think we'll get a budget. the american people want the rnment to work. >> all right. mike duncan, good to have you. >> thank you. >> win thatwar. >> we're working on that. we would like to tag ake a moment to give you a sneak preview of this book it's called "june heefl" winning back the country by empowering ideas. this n book, it debuts on january 7th. it is now available for preorders online, beat the holiy rush, be the first in 2014, to get toamazon, to a one of the bookores in your neighborhood, to order jt upheaval". we're coming right back. stay with us.
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the washone postfact checker today released today i top ten lies of year, that's a lot of lies. we thought because 's tevision we would bring you the five worst, let's start with number five, 5, president obama's claim that the day after benghazi he personally acknowledged that it was an act of tersm, not so much. and number four, darrell issa, his claim that then secretary of state hillary clinton had signed a cable in 12 orderin a drawdown of security for the consulate in libya, not so. number t three, reas reasserting himself at the claim the capil hill january tors would be getting a pay cut when the sequester kicked in,
11:24 pm
fox news contributor pat cadel.
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and former mber of brad blakeman. would president- would president bush ever three out of five? what would you say his record would have been? >> well, i don't tink he wuld % have a record anywhere close? because president bush didn't lie in order to use it to get anything done this president's inducement on obamacare was said on several li, you can keep your doctor in affordable health care. the youth seehe value in signing up, thesere not merely misstatements, these arelies. when the president is not lying he's exceeding his authority. >> pat, thisashington st story i thought it was a blockbuster over the years, carrying out policies that
11:26 pm
they've thought would be too ntroversial and would not to the benefit of the president during an eltion year. >> yes, wel the most transparent administrati is one the most manipulative sie richard nin if you like your plan or doctor you can keep it, probably the biggest lie of this century, and it speaks to everything they have done on health care and regulations ich is we'll foolhe people the main stream press f the most part, they'll let us get away with it and we'll lie our heads off if we want and that's what politics in government has come wn >> w mu trouble is this president in now? focuses on administration that is described as ethically squalid, it's almost
11:27 pm
imcomprehensive of their conduct, your thoughts on where they go from here? >> their idea, the bond of trus is broken and i believe the lie which could havebeen the lie of any last four years, becauseou say, he's been saying it all along, you c keep you plan, once thatond of trust broken, it seems to me that it's very hard to take the president at his word on anything, that's what we teach our children. if you lie, no one will trust you again. if you can't spell, no one will trust your facts. wh theenal of thenited states says things that are untrue, why should we believe him onn iran or the next budget or anything? >> and we'll be taking that point in just a moment. the my len yals, in the two latest polls, the mylen yals are abandoning this president at a dramat rate.
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google acquiring the company of animal-like machines supplied to our military, look athis thing, it'sextraordinary, boston dynamics google's latest acquisition in a string of mysterio robotic initiatives led by android chf andy rubin, nearly23,000 robots valued$1.5 billion sold to north american cpanies last year you thout we were talking about the future, it's here. certainly in google's future. brad, yourarty taking on the teaparty, your establishment,
11:32 pm
paul ryan, evn, being careless with his rhetoric, you know, once considered toe at the forefront of the tea party, what are you guys trying to do to yourself. >> we should be trying to unite. some of us to be govern in a world that they wish it to be, but we have a divided government, we got to rule in reality, this budget deal may not be the best but is a step in the right direction, getting back to regular der. >> i agree withyou. i agree with you. but what i don't understand is sort of the cdescending and nasty attitude on the prt of karl roves, theaul ryans and michigan mcconnells, they're talking toeow citizens, fellow replicans and i got to tell you, th look like fools when they do that.
11:33 pm
these peoe weren't smart in 2012 and theyaven't learned a damn thing in 2013. >> look, we can't be eating our own. we need to be uniting. in 2014, united we stand, divided we fall, makes no -- you have pointed it out, lou, it makes no sense to vilify your own, we have enough ammunition against the democrs, let' unite and be successful in 2014. >> what do you think, mike, any more effective than theyhave been? >> i suspectome of this lou is personal. there's a lot of personal bad blood. some of the groups have been criticizing him personally by going after the republican caucus, paul ryan probably feels, too. >> they're sensitive, aren't they? michael, at's too bad. >> but i do think -- we should never discount the personnels.
11:34 pm
>> i am not discounting it. taking it all rsonally. my odness. >> our rulers and ourulers have a sensitivity problem, beuse after all, nothg is worse is watching the other party. >> for the republican or democrat? >> that's right. nothg worse than the lead. the benghazi thing the administration h ld from day onx, allof their probms, they're right about one thing, american people are as mad as hen the issues were bigger, w women inhis cotry were in greater jeopardy as a result of the policies of both rties. i'm talking about e outsourcing of jobs. >> absolutely. >> i mean, you go through the list. it's disgusting.
11:35 pm
and here we are. we'll continue this. it's great to see you, pat. thanks for being here. brad, thank you, sir. michael, good to have you here. the stunning reasons why our prison system so expensive and provides perks and punishing views. views. we're coming [ male announcer ] newew york open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or stara new business here anand pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's somethg that creates more jobs, a ows more bunees... we'ropen to . start a tax-free business at yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex o rate, i could ll box and ship it r one flat rate.
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turning now to our turning now to our failing correctial system, our next guest who waserewo weeks ago, when we first started talking with him about his idea of punishment. here to continue our conversation, the fundamental credo of let the punish fit the crime. pressor of law at new york law school andhe author of the important book, "the death of
11:39 pm
punishment punishme." you have spent how many days, to see some of the facities that are available to some of our prisoners, some of the video of the places whe robt has been, i mean, running shoes, prison in oklahoma that advertises world's largest prison rodeo, i mean, what in theorld has become of our prison stem. >> well, hasn't become of our prison systtm is an instrument of justic not offensive to have these facilities but they're inappropriate in any facility, i think,ut the fact is, these we don't make that discrimination and that convicted murrers who are ll behaved inside can get transferred to parts of the prison that you can see and mock the very idea of justice. >> good time for a rapist or
11:40 pm
murderer, this is -- how does all of this begin? you know, sheriffoe arpaio, out in arizona, he had pinkjump suits or has pink jump suits for prisoners, he doesn't give them any meal beyond adwich for lunch and he's considered to be a very harsh and hard character for so doing, how do we get to a pointhat's become an entertainment land for many? >> well, justice stops at the prison door, that's the irony, that's wre it's supposed to start, but where it's supd to be stop. but the essence of punishment is the daily experience of it. and so, what we have our facilities that don't discriminate based on the nature of the crime, they only
11:41 pm
discminate how they behave once you are there. >> the author ofhis ok, as we listen to u, do you believe in capital punishment? >> i do. >> based on the number of people, how do they kill people? >> aristotle found in the extremes. the attitude in which he kills. there are the sadistic serial killers in applying pain to their victims. the callous who don't take any pleasure or don't care. i spent time with people who with shooters who mow everyone
11:42 pm
down on the street. when you shot, did you think that there was a wle group there? you would be killing ople whose mothers, children, would be grieving? and they paused. the love between us was palpable. one of them i can't repeat on the air and e other one said, shouldn't ha gotten in the way of my bullet? that's a coldness. one partf it is t measurement, the attitude and the her is, as you point out is the consequence, those who are multiple killers one killed with intent, premeditation. capital punishment. >> premeditation isn't the issue. a great thinker on this issue pointed out that, an abused fe can -- can mull it over, she can't escape with her kids, she
11:43 pm
kills her children. someone sees child fishing off the bridge, spontaneously, for sport, pushes him off to wch him strgle and drown. the premeditated kirl, the abused spouse is less dervi of punishment. emeditation isn't the issue. 's either sadistic satisfaction or the vulnerability of the victims. >> i find, first of all, your point to be exact distinction that you draw, at the same time, it's not satisfying. it's not satisfying. the punishment, you w, guy
11:44 pm
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house minority leader nancy pelosi speakingout yesterday against the deportation of illegal immigrants in an interview with lemundo pelosi said quote, our view of the law is if somebody's here without
11:48 pm
sufficient documentation that's not reason for deptation. if someone has broken e la or committed a felony or something, that is a different story. that big sign language at nelson pandela's funeral servic was among a mo of people who accosted two people and burned them to death. he never stood tial because authorities determined that he wa not mely fit. that appears to occurred more than oe. a new report northweern universi lidging chronic marijuana to brain abnorlities similar to schizophrenia. the defects last at ast a few years after peoe stop using the drug. my next guest taking on both republicans and democrats in h brand-new show, airing at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox siness network, joining us
11:49 pm
now, host of the independent. kennedy. >> you have be so sweet. r offices are right next door to each her. >> we're gladto have you in the neighborhood. >> tnk you. >> you're a delight. you got a terrific show. since i am a registered independent, i'm sort of pulling for you. >> lot of people out there i think share your views. you have a lot of fans, you make sense. so many people out there gng issue by issue. and we welcome them, every night, for a nice discussion. >> now, your show, i mean you' taing about many ofhe same issues, u're talking about a presidentthat hasied over the course of four years, you're talking aout a repubcan party that can't win an electionit seems, at least a presidential election, certainly hasn't for the last twond doesn't understand what a ground
11:50 pm
operatiois, how do you deal with those issues? >> w tend not to not think about them in party terms people have been doing for so long. growing up what do the republicans say? oo i agree with? one side or the other. and you know, i found living in soutrn california, there are so many people who go iss by issue and their views change. whether it's immigration or health care and you know, thinking about what is within the scop of government. and oftentimes as you're political mros my evolves that scope narrows. that'sfine. >> southern california, an entirely reasonable pla to live. in fact, it had 13 -- over 13% in taxes, sales taxes, income taxes. i mean, it's a pretty striking place -- >> which is what makes people so independent. they see this governnt
11:51 pm
regulation worki against them in their daily decisions. lot of theegulation in california directly affectshe poor. so if you consider yourself a robin hood popuus, you should be a libertarian. not rt of the libertarian party. but you want less government. i celeate that. >> you know, celebrating it, you've got alot of company, fewer people than ever, at least in rect history are now self-identifying as republicans, just a few more are self-identifying as democrats. and someself-identifying as independents. >> young people are leaving obama. >> can you believe the
11:52 pm
millennials? >> he was never really there f them to begin with, and he always took the youth vote for granted. but you're looking at aroup of people who have such incredible easy access to information and when ideas reach crical mass, they all know about it instantly. >>hank you, kennedy. come back soon. >> thank you. >> "the indendents." mond through wednesday, friday, right here. up next, he played ralphie in the hollywood classic and he's bringing the story to broadway, peter billingsley. hollywood megaproducer and look out broadway, he's next, right here. broadway. we will have thhhh my custome can sh around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it dsn't usuly work that way with health ce.
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one of the most iconic christmas films making its way to the broadway stage, of course, "a christmas story:the musical" it continues its tour this week at madison squa garden. peter billinley, 30 years ago, now a suessful broadw and hollywood producer and we're delighted to have you here, a this is rrific. you associated yourself with so ny great stories and successes. how do it feel to continue to move a christmas story into, well, into broadway and into lives of so many people. >> it's really gratifying. the 30th year since it came out. it was a little film. nobody wanted to make it. it took 12 years to get it off thound. it didn't ke a lot of money. >>rlly? >> no. >> i got an entire -- i suspect
11:57 pm
a lot of folks at home, iave entirely different perfect tif. >> because it plays every year. tbs runs this 24-hour marathon of it. and none of it imagined it could have come here. over the years, people, maybe you remake it. don't remake good movies. . the notion of a musical was really intriguing. it follows the tone. we take big musical set pieces from iconic scenes from the fill zblm broadway big success for you. >> yes. >> i mean, what is the secret, i mean, you know, there are a l of folks in iconic movies who go on and don't do much in sow business youave dne immensely well in every medium you push, what is the secret
11:58 pm
>> wl, you know, it true. i had a really good family and that was honestly thkey and i was raised very well and i had an incredible experience getting a chance to work on things. it waslways viewed as a privilege. it turned into a business now. disney, nickolodeon generation. i started doing commercials. >> having fun, always seems to me, is an importa thing to anything. >> you said the movie wasn't particular particularly that successful then, you must have made money with those reruns? >> no. those contracts. thoseesiduals are from that time before cable. i get the joy of getting watch the film over and over again.
11:59 pm
now i get the joy of producing the musical. we're in our fifth year. we were nominated for three tonys last ar. it's a very high-quality show. we enjoy it. >> we really, really rommend you see the musical. it's spectacularnd we're delighted to see you. and i think you may have just given us to remake a very good movie. you must consider those siduals that don't come. >> update the contract first. >> that's right. >> thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> all the best. "a christmas story:the musical" running at madison square garden for three weeks, don't t >> announcer: the following is a aid advertisement r cold plasma sub-d by percone md. how old does your neck make you look?
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