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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 23, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EST

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>> hey, boys and girls, deadline day for obamacare, today is the day that americans are going to have to sign up for obamacare coverage if you wanted to begin january 1st. and joe manchin of west
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virginia pushed for a deadline away said yesterday that a transitional year is needed for bomb care. if it's so much more expensive as anticipated and if the coverage is not as good as we have. you've got a complete meltdown at that time. and so, this transitional year gives you a chance to take products to the market and see if the market will absorb and buy the product. >> that's not it. there's a new nntional poll that shows support for obamacare has fallen to an all time low. only 35% of those questioning, support obamacare and that's a less than five point drop. e-back -- e-mack the hits keep coming. >> what we're seeing is for this congressman to come out on the airwaves with the statements that he made is negative for not just health reform, but also, the democrats chances to win reelection or election in the mid terms. >> it's negative, but it's
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realistic, you know, we've seen somewhat of a revolt by democrats in washington d.c. who are starting to come up and say, listen, this is just ridiculous, and it's all driven by ego and ideology and this thing could have rolled out better and we haven't gotten to the particulars of the law itself. where does the president at some point do what's right for the good of his own party and not to mention the country? >> that's the question. will the president basically dial back on health reform or delay further? in other words, we sort of see it at the margins, charles and see the delays at the margins. >> patch work. >> the patch work. charles: it's ridiculous. >> that's what we're seeing now and the question will become who is to blame? in other words, the coverage you can get now, right, up to a year and is that where you're going to see the steady underlining in in other words, the delays and continued delays, meaning the law gets delayed.
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revealing the law takes a lot of effort and support to do that and now we see the democrats coming out before christmas saying this ain't working for americans. premiums are going up, losing doctors, losing coverage, nearly 6 million people seeing their policies canceled as they come home from the holidays. >> according to the administration of the 6 million all new half a million have coverage. 500,000 people and those will be the ones i guess who get a hardship waiver and coverage you talked about and insurance companies say you just made us dump that and we don't have it anymore, it's nuts. >> and also, to your point. the radio silence in the administration and the democrats, a month or so ago, this is just 5% of the population, right? it's up to 15 million people and that's a lot of folks coming home for the holidays, seeing their policies canceled and now you don't see any of the comments, these are people who are just rounding errors, right? and the so-called 5%. >> i don't know if you watched the press conference on friday. the president seemed agitated.
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at some point he needs to be contrite and an honest mea culpa with the american people on this thing and listen to democrats like joe manchin who says i'm going to lose my job if you don't straighten up your act. >> and the narrative. it will sort it's self-out. >> we'll look back on it. >> it's a bump in the road. no, people are losing their coverage, and not the doctors they used to get and insurance and premiums are going up. charles: give it some time, e-mack, come on. [laughter] the market is set to open in minutes. we're in record territory and the future, futures have been up all morning long and the u.s. economy is growing. and now, well, the bulls are back. a lot of people are jumping on this band wagon and i think it's a yellow flag for your money. find out why next. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man
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hmm mm-hmm. [ engine rev] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. gethe mercedes-benz on your wishist at the winter event going on now- t hurry, the offers end december 31s [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 ml350 for $599 month at your lol mercedes-benz dealer. >> all right. we're less than a minute away from the opening bell. joining the company from chicago is tres knippa. everyone is jumping on the bull band wagon and makes me nervous. do you think that some sort of a yellow flag for the rally? >> i understand where you're coming from. i guess i respect the equity market rally a little more simply because you do have record profits from corporations and publicly traded companies.
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why? because the corporations are lean, they're not hiring anybody and keeping expenses down. any positive uptick in the economy will really get reflected in the stock prices. what worries me is bonds. what worries me is people chasing yields. the fed has lowered rates to zero and investors seeking yields have put their money in areas that i find to be a little riskier. what worries me is global bond markets not as much as-- more so than say equities. >> as you can hear, guys, that's the opening bell, we're ringing right now and the market is starting to trade. your first trade outlook, 29 points, i have a feeling it's going to be higher than that real soon. it's official, apple confirming a deal with china mobile and it's a big deal. nicole, how is it impacting apple shares? >> it's interesting, stocks are running up. it's up 3 1/4%. what i was looking at, this is great news, this is great for apple and optimism to the market today. but this month apple is down
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1%. and a run-up the last three months and december is not the greatest month for apple, but, hey, a back half of the year boost and that's good news. we're talking 17 million iphones for 2014 and ratiigs upgrade from cantor, steeple, piper jaffray, buy, buy, buy, the price target. >> thanks a lot. these guys are fickle when it comes to apple. i want to go to keith fitz-gerald in portland. and you had this, a huge deal for apple. millions, we're talking millions of potential new customers. now we've had guests on in the past that said the stock hit a thousand bucks, since then slower, 650, 750, how far can the stock go? >> it's hard to say, but i think it's good for a couple of bucks a share. a jump from 3 to 12% already. and what's great about chhna and not many people realize that an iphone is what we call an aspirational buy. something the middll class wants because it shows their
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affluence. and china mobile will benefit from this and as will the big apple. charles: and tiffany's, the big news on tiffany's this morning-- i'm sorry? the tiffany's is that the big news with tiffany this morning, they were ordered to pay 448 million dollars, a failed venture with swatch. the ceo is playing up the overseas expansion and nicole first, i want to go to you and see where the shares are? >> which is the lead story for tiffany? and swatch, at 90 dollars, basically down more than 1/2 a percent. the analysts think that the fundamentals are intact after this arbitration decision starting for a buy, with $100 target. we've known this year, tiffany is up 58%. charles: all right. hold on one second, you want to say something? >> the thing with the tiffany story. that settlement with swatch is a huge deal and surpasses a dollar figure for the net profit for the entire 2013 year
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and could take a big punch to the earnings per share out of $3.05. >> and for the fiscal year, ill say, i want to get back to keith on this. the stock was indicating a buck. and this might change the dynamics they're working on the overseas market and talking about asia. you spent time in japan and know asia well. is this a good move? >> oh, yeah, i think it's an opportunity to buy because if you look at what happened in japan and what's going to happen in china, aspirational buy. the blue box is magical to the consumers and a lot of pentup purchasing power and 1% here, 2% year over year in europe and this longer term is going to be attractive for tiffann. >> i've written about this and i've recommended tiffany, a winner for us, one of the things i've noticed from my research, in asia they like to do things american and the
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diamond engagement ring is catching on like crazy and we should pat ourselves on the back and the rest of the world looks up to us in a lot of ways. >> it's interesting because there are a lot of things there, that luxury items, if you want growth. there is flash for cash over there, whereas here, you have consumers that pulled back and we've seen it for 100 years, 200 years and i think there's a measured caution in the wind here that over there, you've got consumers that have never seen this stuff before. that's the magic key there. >> speaking of measured caution, a lot of people jumping on the bull band wagon and we had tres knippa on. keith when you see this happening, if they're not in the market and come to you, do you think it's too bullish out there. you see a yellow warning flag? >> well, you know, 85% of all buy-sell decisions are wrong, we buy and sell, sell and buy. and the fact that a lot of people coming to the one side
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of the boat does give me pause, that said i think that the dow could be 18,000 next year, the question, where we're going to get the pullback, we've been on the bernanke put and a yellen, i guess presumptuous buy-in, people coming in at the last minute. charles: keith, we'll talk to you soon. imf managing director christine lagarde had a bright outlook, following unemployment the bipartisan agreement over the budget, all of that helps, take a listen. >> there's been good action taken by congress to eliminate the fear about the budget and to reduce the sequestration and we see the fed having taken some very well-communicated action.
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and in addition we've seen good numbers. >> good signs, good numbers. let's bring in reagan former economic advisor art laffer. we had the gdp number a gigantic number that dove-tailed with better data and it feels like we've got a wind in our sails, headed to 2014. >> i think that's why christine lagarde did the forecast. we had a nice gdp number, charles and happy it's there. the numbers are looking better. still a long way to go and that's why christine lagarde is raising the forecast for the u.s. next year and that's the only reason. charles: is this a false narrative or something to it? if you start to pick apart numbers, for instance, that gdp number, you take out inventory build and it's less than 2 1/2%. >> yes, that's true. but it's still a good number by any counts. i mean, and when you look at what's going on in the u.s., you can't help, but be a lot more optimistic, obamacare, which we all know is collapsing under its own weight. it can't work, it's built on
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faulty principles and it's coming down and political changes are coming and those are bullish signs for the u.s. the tapering by the fed. they should do much more than taper, and really unwind, but that's also very bullish for the u.s., charles, i'm quite bullish about the u.s. over the next 12 months, two years, it's a very exciting time. and i think we've got a great future ahead of us. >> yeah, i love art laffer, he's always positive. so much fun. >> thank you. >> it's e-mack here, art. you know, i hear what you're saying about taper light and basically this is a dovish tapering happening at the federal reserve. a couple of years ago we were talking black swan events. where is the black swan event? we know that possibly the fed printing money could be undone or unwound by obamacare. what's the next black swan event? is it europe, here in the united states, what is it? >> i say it's the last six years or eight years have been the black swan event, elizabeth. that's been a horrible,
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horrible period, all manufactured in washington d.c. it was completely policy-driven and now we've come to the end of this black swan and i don't think there's a black swan coming in the future to be honest with you. let me do one with you. a year and a half ago, the long bopped. 10 year bond, today is 2.90. a huge rise in interest rates and what's happened to the stock market? what's happened to output of employment and production? getting interest rates higher when you have the real yield going higher, the real yield tells the expected real return on capital is bullish, not bearish. higher interest rates reflecting i remember yahoo!-- reflecting higher yield. charles: less than a minute. at what point do the low expectations give way to higher expectation, one thing to generate 200,000 jobs and pat ourselves on the back. in the grand scheme of things
9:39 am
that's not a lot. >> no, it's not the ratio has been the lowest it's been for the last 40 years, it's terrible and this economy is awful. it's a nice little bright light at the very base of this economy and that's-- where we see the real bright light coming, charles and where it is is when you see political change and that comes this november, november 2014. we've got the house elections all 435, and 33 current senators going in two out of sequence senators. that's the range, if we see the right direction. charles: next time, art, we'll have a chart of washington d.c. polls going down and the stock market going up and that validates everything you just said. we've got to let you go. >> merry christmas to you very much. charles: you, too. we've got to be checking the big board. not a bad session, a new all-time high. yes, guy, it's deadline day for obamacare, your last day to sign up if you want health
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9:45 am
and the shares 56.53. and today is the deadline for obamacare, what does it mean to you? i mean, we keep hearing about it so we've got the best, author beating obamacare, betsy mccoy joins us now. what are we talking about here? >> it's left entirely to the discretion of the president. here is the affordable care act. this is what congress passed in 2010. what you're seeing roll out now, there's no resemblance at all to the affordable care act. as you can see, the pressdent or kathleen sebelius, secretary of health and human services again and again disclosed their clarifications of the law like last thursday night. >> clarifications meaning-- >> they're not clarifications, they're contradictions, they change the letter of the law. for example, last thursday night. they said that people who have lost their health plans, because they didn't conform with obamacare, 5.9 million of them don't have to sign up for
9:46 am
health insurance and will not have to pay a penalty. well, in the coming weeks, charles, you will see-- >> these are the exemptions -plike hardship and-- >> they're supposed to be hardships like bankruptcy, death in the family. charles: i meant to pay it, my alarm clock didn't work? >> in the coming weeks you'll hear the president or one of his minions say look at the people who got pushed down and look at the people who lost spousal coverage, ups and other companies said obamacare is so expensive we're not going to cover spouses anymore, how can you inquire if those people havv health insurance if they got the plans canceled because of obamacare and other circumstances don't have to have it. before long, this mandate is going to be gone. charles: which circles back to the big question, how do we pay for this? all of this insurance is being given out. given away, so to speak. who pays for it? >> well, the key is that you're
9:47 am
going to see big changes. and let's hope this time that congress acts instead of simply allowing the president to seize control. >> yeah, i mean. >> behaving like-- >> and the law is hollowed out. and you can get catastrophic coverage if you've been canceled. and the frame work of the law will likely be intact. what's the answer to that. >> you always get to the best question. the fact is that democrats want to wake up in january without exchanges, without those controversial navigators, without that one-size fits all washington knows best health plan. and you've seen the democratic line of unity broken last week when they went to the president and asked for a hardship exemption. so how to do it? the best way to do it, the compassion without compulsion remedy for all of this is it to keep the medicaid expansion and
9:48 am
each can decide. and keep the popular one-liners, like, oh, i want to leave my kid on my health plan until my child was 26, right? but remove-- >> this is in the title 1, section c, d, e, f. remove the individual mandate and requirement that everybody have had a health plan that the government defines. >> and then health reform collapses and really doesn't-- >> no, it doesn't collapse. >> what happened to people who already lost their coverage in this scheme? >> if we proceed along this line, they can go to an insurance broker and buy what they want. >> joe manchin is asking for a transitional period. do you think that's the best course? and changing the wheels on this bad boy, scrapping it for six months, is that the right way to go? is that the only way to go? >> i think that joe manchin is indicating exactly what the democrats want. they want to get rid of these-- >> you as the expert, is that the smartest point? >> yes, because we don't have
9:49 am
the-- >> history shows mid term elections, every second term president his party loses the majority of the time. >> 2014 will be the referendum of this. charles: no doubt about it. we've got two stories for you after the break, all about free speech. one, a pr executive fired over an offensive tweet on her personal account and yes, the duck dynasty controversy continues and the question is what does it say about jeopardizing your job. when does the first amendment supercede the fact that, or doesn't apply to you because you lose your job. a lot of tough stuff here. it's all next. ver cash back card from capapital one. it's not the "juggle a bch rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" ca. it's the no-games, no-messing-'roun no-earning-lim-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion of-the-world cash back card. thiss the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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has never been more important. energy lives here. ♪
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>> so just where do we draw the line between offensive and free speech? duck dynasty's patriarch in gq have people wondering. but it's the latest pr mishap. and she was head of public relations for ibc before she tweeted this while boarding a plane to south africa on friday. going to africa, hope i don't get aids, just kidding, i'm white. the tweet went viral and she was fired by iac before she got off the 12-hour flight. the question is shouldn't people know better than to put
9:54 am
stuff like this on social media. >> she is an ex-pr person. a public relations person. it's not just that she was offensive. she was working in pr i eyedbly -- identifybly for aic. and what she said was deeply offensive and in a 140 word tweet. >> and don't ever make a tweet like this, but when you shift to something like robertson, not a media person even though a top-rated show on cable. where do we draw the line with phil roberts. >> she apologized for the quote, needless tweet and phil robertson, who is his contract with? is it with a & e or a production company? does a & e as a private sector company say you cannot be on
9:55 am
our channel making these comments? did he alienate certain people? that's the question, where he debate lies. or should a & e get onto that show, a gay couple to debate them. we're in the free marketplace of ideas. >> did he offend certain people? >> yes. >> does he have a strong fan base. >> yes. >> are others wanting this duck dynasty show. >> yes. >> and the family will land somewhere else, a powerful brand. charles: it feels like the lines are murkier and the questions are not answered. i want you to check out this video, it's a brutal fight caught and camera, you won't believe what it's over, a hint, it's not over a job. it's obamacare deadline for president obama and his fellow democrats. it's not looking pretty and it's 2014 and are the democrats jumping ship over this obamacare fiasco. we'll ask a lawmmker in a few
9:56 am
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here we go varney viewers, i'm in for stuart varney. we have headlines for you, the deadline for obamacare coverage, you can get it by january 1st and you've got to get it here today. will the website work? not clear, what is clear though, nonstop confusion on this thing and i've got three
10:00 am
stories for juan williams. one, a fight breaks out all over the country over the air jordans and two, steven a smith says makes no sense and the patriarch of duck dynasty on preference. and the latest on the target hack, big banks limiting transactions. lawsuits have been filed. has your card been compromised? another hour of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ markets in record territory and a loo of bears turned to bulls jumping in. and imf christine lagarde has said it's going to be a good year. >> and it's eliminating the fear of the budget and reduce the sequestration, we see the
10:01 am
fed having taken some very well-communicated action concerning the tapering of a program. and those are good signs. in addition to which, we see some good numbers. >> my man, david asman is here and here is the thing. and should all the bears and fence sitters jumping in the market right now, dave, be a yellow flag? >> well, not on the basis of what the imf has said. imf was saying below 2% growth for all of 2013. it wasn't until we get. >> because of the sequester. >> because of sequester and not enough government spending. now they're saying, maybe it's going to grow after the good numbers come out. and the percent of gdp is going way down and we see the private market stepping in where the government was causing bottle necks and now we need more sequester. these guys, if the imf stays out of it. if all the government interexperience stays--
10:02 am
the government stays out of it and they have to step out of 1/6 of the economy then i say, yes, bulls for 2014. >> and the predictive powers of those that said the mayan collapse is coming. you heard nowhere in the imf comment right now, comments right now about getting this private sector involved. getting the analyst spirits of the private sector involved. >> i've got to be honest, i never take the imf seriously, and i do take nicole petallides seriously. >> there is something to take seriously. look at google. as high as $1,111 and change right now. it's 1108. a gain of more than 1/2 a percent. a good run up again for google. charles: it doesn't stop. thanks, nicole. it's a thing that we hit often on varney, on-line shopping is
10:03 am
king, according to one report, as much as one third of all on-line sales could be returned, liz. >> it's become almost like a military exercise or a blood sport, or an olympic sport. there are serial returners, there are people who shop and bring it back and that costs a lot for retailer companies. the name of the game. how do you stop that the a the front end and stop the serial returns. do you offer less discounts or bigger for people who don't do that. say to the eturner, hey, you're a size medium not a size1 large when they go to shop. do you do flagging upfront? that's for the retail companies. >> amazon is making it easier to return. and places that make it so easy to return, you'll have double the problems than before. not only true, it's going to get worse. at some point it comes back to cost. it costs a lot to return the things and play this game.
10:04 am
what do you do, you have two pairs of shoes? >> usually what i do, when i order something on-line, i go to the store first to check out how it fits and everything, and get the sizes down and color, et cetera. and then i go and order it on-line. i think a lot of people are doing that, they're using both brick and mortar, but they're not buying at brick and mortar. they're sizing at brick and mortar. charles: some of the stories i read are abusive. and people just all day long, buy it-- >> what the hell, it's there. you live and die by the sword if you're in the free market and the fact is, it's there, if you're a consumer and you want to take advantage of it, fine, take advantage. but eventually with the razor thin margins or looses, amazon decides, are they going with the e-mack model. charles: it's hard to call someone a consumer if they return it two weeks later. >> absolutely. charles: this is the deadline for obamacare that americans
10:05 am
have to sign up if you want coverage january 1st. joe manchin of west virginia previously pushed for a delay in the deadline said yesterday that we should have a transitional year. what we need for obamacare to work. take a listen. >> if it's so much more expensive than what we anticipated and if the coverage is not as good as what we've had, you've got a complete meltdown at that time. so, this transitional year gives us a chance to adjust the products to the market and see if the market will absorb and buy the product. >> kevin brady from texas joins us now, and congressman, what i saw was a democrat who is extraordinarily afraid of what is going to happen to the party come the mid term elections and the president watching a basketball game and didn't have a care in the world. which one is right? >> well, senator manchin, all of this was predicted several years ago on the passage of this bill. the coverage gap is real, the goss to americans who have been
10:06 am
forced out, texans in my district forced out f the health care plan that they want and like and unable to get coverage, new years day, not sure if they can go to the hospital or to that life saving medicine that they need and so, right now, i think because the poor enrollment at the beginning, the white house has to be enrolling 100,000 americans each and every day, every day of december to prevent that coverage gap. obviously, i think they're probably covering maybe 1/10 of it. congressman brady, no doubt about that. now, here is the thing when the botch originally happens they blamed governors in red states i think maybe one or two blamed bush. where does the g.o.p. find itself? i know it's completely partisan. does the g.o.p. risk anything by not trying to help out this fiasco? >> i think we have been helpful from the stand point, early on, this needs to be optional.
10:07 am
those who want to go into the new health care law, fine. make this completely voluntary and this past summer we passed legislation in the senate to the senate to do exactly that. 20 democrats at the time joined with us, saying that this ought to be optional. if you want to put people first and it's sitting there in the senate, my guess, if we vote on it again, we'll get double the number of democrats joining us. the solution in the senate, it's already taken up. >> congressman, liz macdonald here, switching gears slightly. we have the target breach of the accounts hacked and j.p. morgan saying we're going to restrict your debit card if you used it. but watch is reporting that the government health care website, health reform website, that it does not have to disclo disclose if those consumers have been hacked into, only if they're state-run exchanges. the federal government doesn't have to disclose if the consumer is shopping on that
10:08 am website and have the personal identifiable information hacked into? why is there a disconnect between the government being exempt here with this website and not the private sector companies? >> well, despite the white house calling this a marketplace of health care, it's anything, but that. and the fact that this he could exempt themselves from those types of privacy notifications, that every american takes seriously, in fact, expects and demands from their own private companies that we do business with like credit cards, clearly, this could be an area of common ground between republicans and democrats. we've lost-- our credit cards have been stolen, the identity of them and used. it's too common in america and the thought that one-sixth of the economy would be exposed without recourse or notice to consumers is troubling. >> the president just made
10:09 am
another adjustment to obamacare on his own, unilaterally, allowing some of the people who lost insurance to get catastrophic, low cost catastrophic insurance. that's had a concern of the insurance companies thinking maybe hat will bust them. how much longer will you guys in congress allow the president to diddle around with a law that was sanctified by congress. have you ceded that to the president? >> no, unfortunately the president has a blocker in the majority leader, harry reid in the senate. that would come to a vote and enforce the way it was passed and signed and unfortunately as long as they take that approach, the president is going to be able to do this. what he's doing, he's accepting republican solutions bite by bite by bite to try to avoid the political consequences, of
10:10 am
a terribly written law. >> and that's the whole irony of it all. ego and ideology pushed the president into a bad decision and nowwthe same thing is stopping him from making even another bad decision. before i let you go. a lot offpeople are saying 2014 feels good already out the gate and the only thing that can mess this thing up is the debt ceiling fiasco in washington d.c. do republicans, is your party going to be united on this? will you just go ahead and pass a higher debt ceiling or draw a line in the sand that could take the focus off of obamacare? there are a lot of people in your party that want you to fight. >> yeah, i don't think it has to be that stark a choice. they're not going to do that without some effort, some authentic genuine cuts or reductions in spending going forward. but we're also cognizant that the biggest budget buster we've got is the affordable care act. we want to keep the curtain drawn back so the american
10:11 am
people can see the impact of this law on their lives and on doctors and hospitals and eventually our budget. so, obviously, we'll do nothing to distract from this new law. >> congressman brady, have a great christmas and we'll talk to you soon. >> nicole, she's got two stocks up. apple and china mobile. nicole: apple up 3% today as they move forward and solidify their deal in the huge, huge market. the analysts are all over it. 17 million iphones likely for 2014. and a 640 price target. you have them all over this thing, that was paper jaffray. >> a lot of people saw this bill coming eventually, but a lot of people might have saw the idea that facebook was going to be included in the s&p 500. now, they made its debut today and how is it doing in the shares? >> great. how about new all-time highs. is that good enough? >> right now, i just wrote it
10:12 am
down. 56.89. i looked up. it's on the highs for the day and moving higher to the upside and ad revenues increased now during the holiday season and a deal with t-mobile for their customers. so a few things on facebook today. >> and zuckerberg with the gigantic sell didn't phase shareholders. a wore of words between sports casters, steven a smith and kobe bryant and-- >> are black conservatives a pariah in the community? juan williams weighs in next. ♪ [ male announcer ] wt kind of energy is so abundant it can help provide the power for all th
10:13 am
natural gas. ♪ more than ever before, america's electricity is generated by it. exnmobil uses advand visualization and drilling technologies to produce natural gas... powering our lives... while reducing emsions by up to 60%. energy lis here ♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> ubs raising its price target on darden restaurants. investors like the news. it's up over 4%. espn host steven a smith took the opportunity friday morning to respond to a feud between hall of fame running back jim brown and kobe bryant after race-related politics. he says it makes no sense whatsoever, that black conservatives are ostracized in their communities.
10:16 am
this tweet aimed at jim brown. a global african-american is an infearer to american african-american. >> that doesn't sound very mandela-like. juan, here is my problem. black people fought for a long time to be viewed as individuals and yet, within the black community there's group think and if you're not quote, unquote, keeping it real, they come down on you pretty hard. >> i have no doubt about it, charles. i think we've got something much bigger at play here. you remember that miami dolphins situation and you know, that was jonathan martin, and remember that he said, you know, he didn't like being bullied. well, it turned out he was being bullied by a white teammate and among the bullying tactics was calling him the n-word. and guess what, a lot of black players sided with the white teammate and they singled him
10:17 am
out, he was educated, gone to stanford, a classics major. i think there's an increasing class divide inside black america, forget what's going on in the rest of the country and we see it play out in terms of if you don't identify with lower class blacks in terms of everything, like how the rappers try to be authentic with the tattoos and i've been cut and of' been stabbed and i've been in jail, if you don't identify with that, then you're not a real black person, it's unbelievable. charles: where does that put us? isn't that exactly what we fought for? >> exactly right. i mean, to me, this is kind of going to the lowest common denominator and insisting that everybody fit into an earn box, but i want to just come back with something that you started this morning when you talked about black conservatives. because i think that if somebody says, hey, you know what? this is very telling because i mean, woof we've seen this play out in sports and the discussion you hear is in the
10:18 am
sports arena and that's where blacks are dominant these days. people say you come from a two-parent family the players down at duke. coach krzyzewski had-- and they have two-parents families, they're not really black. >> how come the black people in power, beginning with president obama, they never say anything like this. why do they let this play out and even some would argue, fan the flames of this stuff? >> when obama spoke out about black men being fathers, a lot of it starts with family anddet family, you know the statistics, 70% of black children born out of wedlock and break down in family life and marriage. when the president said something, jessie jackson and others said they're speaking down. if you are out of the box, you'll be vilified, i know this
10:19 am
personally. they'll call you an uncle tom, call you worse for simply expressing your point of view. charles: no doubt about it. we've seen it happen to amazing people, including bill cosby. and juan, i want you to check this video out, brawls break breaking out all over the country over new air jordans and i hate to say this, more often than not, it's about the blah being kids beating each other up over $200 sneakers. we'll talk to juan williams next. ♪
10:20 am
[ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event s back, with the perfe vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] gethe all-new 2014 cla250 starting at just $29,900.
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10:23 am
time for a check of the markets of the big board. we were above 16,300. most stocks are up big. we have a loser, micron technologies, bank of america and merrill lynch. and we're out of it and we have taken profit and people are going to start selling it as well. people, now they're fighting about the on-line comments about phil robertson's comments in gq, but fistfights are breaking out in stores over sneakers. nike's limited release of jordan's gamma blue, these have caused intense fights across the country. want to go back to you, juan. a lot of people are saying nike
10:24 am
is to blame because they hyped the sneaker and put out a limited amount. i say they're apologieses and not what is going n. >> they have become a cons standpoi constant reaction to a new sneaker, it's not the first time. this happens on a regular basis. nike knows this. it's like a sensation, people look forward to it. you can go into some shopping malls and people are lined up the night before, charles, for what? why are you spending that much money on sneakers? these are not upper income people who are lined up, for the most part poor minority kids. charles: what do you say? juan, you defend all the programs that go to put money in these kids' pockets. how on one hand can you defend that and acknowledge that while they're taking all of this money. they're not destitute. and they can't be that poverty
10:25 am
stricken if o fight over the sneakers. >> i think that the kids are making bad decisions and bad priorities and i think their sense of self-worth is invested strongly in a pair of fancy sneakers puts them at risk of the next guy shooting them or stealing them and all that. the fact is that we as a society do have some obligation to try to educate people, make sure that people aren't going hungry from the street. but you know, their values, charles, they stink, let me say that and they're wrong. >> and i want to circle back to the duck dynasty situation and phil robertson's comments about sexual preference. and he made some controversial comments about race. what do you make of the whole thing? >> it's hard for me-- >> you know you're a friend and i've been fired for same things, and let people have a
10:26 am
full-throated debate, but in this situation it's curious, he not only went after gay people and described vulgar words for sex acts, but he's holding to his christian views, but portrays these people in a way % that's not compassionate for understanding and made them the subject of demonization and hate. what he said about blacks is interesting, what he said, oh, he's from louisiana a-and he's been out in the cotton field and he calls himself white trash and he's seen black people and never saw them complain about anything and mr. robertson is like 67 years old so he comes from an era when there was real rank segregation, not only in schools, but in business, in employment, throughout louisiana. and yet, he says he has no idea. all he refers to happy blacks singing and never saying, oh, those white people. i mean, this is like intentional avoid dance of a
10:27 am
major part of american history. >> oh, come on, juan, don't you think you make too much of it. thises with an an off-handed comment this guy made and he clearly some of the other things he said throughout the show he wh-- when you look at the whole series. he's three dimensional. you're painting him on the basis of one tiny remark, isn't that unfair? >> i've seen the show and i think that the show celebrates family and faith and i'm a big believer in both. >> in that case isn't it wrong to sort of characterize his entire personality and view on race relations based on one tiny little remark that might have been taken out of context? >> i don't think it was tiny. i think it's-- >> it was tiny, it was a sentence long, that's tiny, juan. >> oh, no. >> you can read it, it's a paragraph. >> and please-- >> i'm sorry, it's a paragraph long and it reflects this mindset that says, you know what? there's never been any race problems and-- >> anybody wants to talk about
10:28 am
that. >> do you really believe that's what he believes? i don't. >> i just read what the man said. >> do you believe, look, you watch the show, you've seen the whole thing and you really believe that he doesn't think that there have been any race problems in america? >> did you read what he said? >> yes, of course, but i also have seen other things he said, that show a little more three dimension to his character. >> well, i haven't heard him speak specifically about race and maybe you can inform me. >> i guarantee, you juan, he would not say there have been no race relations problems in america and you characterize him having said. >> i don't of to characterize. listen, i don't have to characterize. it's not me putting anything on him i'm simply telling you this is what he said, this is what the quote in the magazine. >> juan, then you went on to extrapolate for that saying there's no race relations problems in the united states. that's a mistake. you're doing what a lot of people do, take a certain
10:29 am
phrase that somebody has said and extrapolate from that a whole-- >> by the way, i don't have a particular horse in this race, i'm not a huge friend or fan of this guy, but i've seen so many little comments built up into characterizations and that's a mistake, i believe. >> i think that would be a mistake and i'm the last personal, i think it's a horrible thing to say because i think how can you not be in touch with the reality that our country has gone through, really, a difficult time-- >> and i think he would admit to that. sometimes, sometimes these interviews, people can say things off the cuff that are not a fair representation of their views. >> i hope you're right, but let me say, sure didn't look off the cuff, it looked like a fully formed thought that reflected a dire mentality. >> juan, where do you think this takes us? the big debate, what can people say with respect to the first amendment without having two, three different versions of that interpreted in the world
10:30 am
going at war over it? >> well, it's not a first amendment issue, government is not punishing mr. robertson. what you see is that advertisers and a & e, the network that broadcast the show felt the need to respond because they think they're going to get tremendously negative blow back that could damage their brand. if that's the case, then you have to say, well, exactly what did he say, what are the pressure groups? you can look at gay rights pressure groups that have come on it. to pick it up where we've been talking about it. i haven't seen the naa c. p and if the comments about bayh people and human rights groups and we find this offensive and a & e backs away and cracker barrel initially removed merchandise from shelves and they've suffered blowback from people who are supporters of the show and putting the merchandise back on
10:31 am
>> we're wrapping here, do individuals have a constitutional free speech right to say whatever they want when they're hired by a private sector company? that's at issue, right? >> no, look-- i i felt the fire, you don't have a constitutional right you operate at the will of your employer. charles: and you of course learned the hard way. juan, tremendous stuff this morning, thanks for sharing time. appreciate it. >> merry christmas. >> hey, guys, it's a final day for you to sign up for obamacare. if you want coverage on the first of the year. is the insurance industry prepared for this? one of the top experts in the insurance industry is here and weighs in next. ♪
10:32 am
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♪ charles: today is the day you have been waiting for, deadline day for obamacare. now, with all of these rules changes, so much confusion in the insurance industry. helping us to figure this all-out, joining us from grace mary turner, greece marie, i cannot keep track of this. people send me mel's asking what do i do. that is why we brought you in. maybe you could help.
10:36 am
>> well, hello, mary christmas. the people who are tryinn to run this are confused. you can imagine how the american people must feel as they are told that today is that they caught today's the deadline the sign up for obamacare. well, it is not really, of course. we have until march 301st, and we respect those deadlines to be extended as well. what the president has done is to create an offering for the very people that he has been pleading with general obamacare. basically they have been told they will be given a waiver. people who have insurance are now being given a waiver, of people who are uninsured know you have to figure out how to fight yo either the federal or the state website and get insured if you want to have coverage on january 1. this is absolutely causing mass pandemonium, and when you see
10:37 am
governor or former governor and now senator john mansion from western virginia basically you know that the president's attempt to basically taper over the problem, have for hawaii is not going to work. the american people i seeing for themselves the huge cost of this insurance, the huge deductible, the huge copayments, and they're saying, don't want any part of this. it is not a good product. >> we may also be headed for a bailout. an exemption that allows for the people of lost insurance to take the low cost insurance that frankly could bankrupt the system. are we looking for not only a meltdown, but beyond that of a vote -- bailout of the insurance company? >> we expected to have 7 million people signed up by the end of march. and now only about maybe half a
10:38 am
million have signed up but not necessarily paid, and i think that you are going to see that this whole -- the whole structure of the exchanges is not calling to work because the two and a half million young people are just not going to be signing up. they see it as too expensive. they see it -- the average deductible, what you have to pay is about $4,000 per year for an individual. on top of that, they are having to pay premiums of about $220 per month on the average lowest cost plan. that is another $3,000 almost. and then they have to pay $45 every time they see a gp, $65 every time they see a specialist this is a product that is not ready for launch. last week when the president said, well, you can buy a catastrophic policy even though we have been bad mouthing them for months calling them an apple policies and junk insurance.
10:39 am
it is okay if you buy them, well, they are not qualify for subsidies, and you will believe even more of a young, healthy people offer to buy catastrophic insurance that they most need for the pool source. so i think that if they allow it it is likely because boys the exchanges will be turned into high-risk pools. , older, sicker people will be enrolled. but so many of attendees to do this in such a smarter way. turning the whole health insurance industry upside-down. stuart: -- charles: most of the things you talked about, it seemed like we were the nomad from the very beginning. just outrageous. thank you very much. appreciate it. well, we might have won the fight over chemical weapons in syria, but does the president actually winning the war, former alliance to the un will weigh ir
10:40 am
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[ chienen caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutrales acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! charles: beginning with the big board. des gens industrial average up 56 points, 15,000 to 86. it is official. apple confirming a deal with china mobile. right now apple shares are higher, almost 3%. tiffany's, paying four under and $48 million for the venture, but
10:42 am
the ceo is playing up the expansion, the stock down, the market up. ubs raising its price target. investors liked the news. all kinds of things going on with the spinoff. up almost 6%. bill will hitting a new high this hour. new sales are up. facebook also making its debut on the s&p 500. everyone is up but micron. a merrill lynch and bank of america. it will talk about syria and a saab winning. stuart: in
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: the war in syria still waging. does this make president assad aware after all. former advisers and former lieutenant colonel joins me now to discuss this. i am saying that assad is winning. they just dropped this big gasoline bomb. i think the death toll is at 65. there reclaiming a lot of positions. it feels like this to make a weapons thing, the compromise sort of means that america will never really get involved. >> charles, i am always hesitant about using the word win whenever you're going up against a multistate actor. if we take a step back, we're seeing at the moment is what started as an uprising by moderate free syrian army rebels to topple assad and has now been
10:45 am
severely contaminated by greater ideology from the likes of the islamic state for iraq and syria for greater ideology which is a callous foot within iraq and syria, and this is not just assyrian problem, but a regional problem whisperings in the security situation. charles: you bring up all of the scary, bad actors, who is doing the dirty work? >> if we look at the region from macro perspective and of the brussels where having with iran and a much friction there is, i believe it -- let's separate the difference is a look about the commonalities are. the commonality between iran and the u.s. is they both have a large enemy in al qaeda. so for me it is about looking at who the enemy is from a foreign policy perspective from the u.s. in the region. charles: wrap this thing up right now. when we look to syria, even better for us if assad stayed in power as opposed to these other
10:46 am
forces that he does even more and can actually make iran even more powerful? >> sometimes it's better to go with what you know. we all thought saddam hussein was an archenemy, but if you look at the situation security now, 73 people killed eight days ago. seventy-three people killed this year. if we oppose assad or support the rebels, i guarantee you will have a situation like you see in syria that will produce an undercover in space and allow al qaeda to metastasize. this is the problem that we are seeing. so we keep him in power because his opposition is al qaeda. iran opposition is al qaeda. u.s. opposition is al qaeda. charles: let's talk about al qaeda. they apologize a hospital in yemen saying that it was a mistake. it is interesting to see al qaeda, of all entities, using
10:47 am
some sort of public relations. why would they apologize on this when they always feel that date -- they always hurt innocent bystanders. >> this is an interesting development and a way that al qaeda seems to be developing a more softer approach. for this is a new development. al qaeda encroaches on government complexes in yemen which is a huge problem. charles: i hate the apology. we're running an of time. could their apology hint that they're becoming extraordinarily unpopular in places where they were? of -- >> it could be a slightly different strategy which embraces not just the harder aspects of suicide bombing and ied but embracing and leveraging suffer approaches using communications strategies. if they could get the support of the people within the region and say, look, this is what we are
10:48 am
trying to achieve and it will be better than what you see at the moment. charles: they have their work cut out for them. all right. taxpayer dollars hard at work. your federal government is killing off, but how. in order to save other owls. it is complicated, but it is an amazing story. details next.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> president obama making an amazing 11th-hour change to obamacare without congressional approval for the 23rd time. then he gets out of town for his hawaiian christmas vacation. former white house political director on whether this administration even cares about the optics anymore. join us for lou dobbs tonight at 7:00 eastern. charles: first attacks makers. and the lack of background checks, access to a whole lot of your personal of formation. >> access to your income, social security information, and that is then shared with seven different agencies and the federal government. the bottom line is navigators, kathleen sibila is said that,
10:53 am
yes when there are no government -- the cs me, federal background checks. states can do it. texas stepping into the background checks of navigators. pushing for a bill to do just that. >> these guys can make -- the starting pay is seven bucks an hour. that comes to about 900 dozen rr year. some of these people, by the way, have to be affiliated with acorn, the old group that was pushed out of town or. so some of these all the activists, it is not just anyone in this private affirmation. some of these people of political activists you may use that information for political purposes. stuart: -- >> and they're is a screening for a convicted felon. may be convicted of identity theft or fraud. >> this is a defacto job program for convicted felons. some of the agencies and organizations right now there is
10:54 am
no criminal background check i wouldn't want them to have any private affirmation. i love this story in a way that because this goes back to when he kicked off all those people and washington state, great amounts of money. this sacred, spotted owl. taken over.
10:55 am
no indication whether money will be spend. say something, animal rights activists, do not kill. charles: i wish there were let into courts, the president has given a green light to the window industry killed bald eagles, golden eagles, hundreds, maybe millions per year. this is all political. the spotted owl is extinct. they lost their jobs for nothing. >> worse examples. twenty, 30 years ago when there were willing to give up hundreds of thousands of jobs for something and no one even knew existed. as you point out, nature has a way of changing its priorities in terms of who they support depending upon the environment.
10:56 am
>> sea lions have been killed off to protect salmon, the fishing industry. you know, i will tell you something, making a good point. no pun intended. but it is worth debating why we are making these decisions. charles: i have to tell you, environmentalists and their power leaked. your take on what is being called that tweet heard round the world.
10:57 am
10:58 am
>> after the firestorms created by phil robertson's comments and former iapc, pr director justine's tweet, we asked you where the line should be drawn when it comes to free speech. here are some things you had to say. jim tweets, when you say something you can harm the employer your employer has right to consider taking action against you. when did we start living and dying on words someone posted on
10:59 am
internet? is our society this petty that someone's comment can ruin their life and career? when you work for a public relations firm and tweet a racist comment as she did i think the non-profit organization made the correct decision firing her. it was a for-profit organization run by barry diller, one. the most powerful persons. >> will the family find work elsewhere? i think a lot of networks would be willing to step in and fire them if a&e fired them. >> there is no doubt about that. you just, never know. but they're extraordinarily popular right now. i think some. comments phil robertson made since then, while he stood firm he also clarified that, you know, listen, i'm not this, i'm not that. >> i think he will clarify the race comments. >> really thoughtful comments from the viewers. i'm grateful for them. >> do these guys think, you know what? we've run out of time. >> oh, man we have to do it againn >> right now we have to hand it
11:00 am
over to my hand, connell mcshane. connell: you guys are just getting started. especially liz, she can go all day, right, liz? talk a little bit about shopping. people like a good deal, so much so they are willing to wait for them. it is helping likes of walmart and target, there is bigger message about the economy. "wall street journal's" simon constable will be here. it is not a good one, give you a hint. kim drapeer has the money to back it up and starring the argument public. we'll look at if anything to this at all, six different states. deadline for signing up for obamacare is creating a last minute scandal by the wwite house to drive people to the site and what edward snowden has done to american business overseas. the snowden effect. companies are complaining they're being hurt. why one shareholder advocate coming on with s, says the big-name firms need to stop the whining and start


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