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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 23, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ adam: hello, i am adam shapiro. stocks soaring as consumer income and spending rises. the dow jones and s&p 500 and nasdaq are at record levels. so much wrestle holiday week on wall street. confusion over obamacare. despiie reports of the contrary. the center for medicaid and medicare services tell rich edson that today is the deadline to sign up for obamacare. and apple reached an agreement with china mobile. which could translate to billions of dollars in new revenue. santa has a few extra helpers this holiday season. more along the line of cell phones hackers. in shedding light on your shopping habits, sales are up
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this year. this pocket-sized charger is packing a serious punch. and we have nicole petallides watching out for us at the new york talk exchange. reporter: that is right, the dow jones and the s&p 500 hitting all-time record highs today. just when we thought the rally was over. up 81 points. the s&p 500 up about a half precent. and the nasdaq, helped along by apple. forty-one, 43. these are the highest levels that we have seen. the s&p 500 is also out. if you are an insider and you follow the sox coming have to
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update your numbers. up 5% today. new highs, up 37% busier or facebook. that is a great year. adam::thank you very much. the s&p 500 up 35%, on track for its best year since 1997. we just learned from nicole. the my next guest says despite the major gains, this is the most hated bull market that he has seen in his nearly 30 year career. hank smith is a chief investment officer for haverford trust. and you don't think that this is even close to being over. i remember in january of this year having analysts say, get ready for a 20% correction. you say that they were wrong and will continue to be wrong in 2014. hank: that's right, it was the
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fiscal cliff and sequestration. one of the reasons this is the most hated bull market is because so many people have been out of it. individuals and equities and there has been so much concern up until recently about the next big disaster. and it just hasn't happened. so i think that we are somewhere in the middle of this bull market. adam: let me ask you this. has the s&p 500 become too expensive? it is almost 19 times, it should be along 16. but people like you say that's not too expensive. or is that? >> given the levels of inffation, the low levels of interest rates, i think that the s&p 500 is fairly valued. and we have seen an uptick in economic activity, which we think will lead to slightly better earnings growth. and so i think that we are
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definitely having correction and pull back, which is a part of the bull market. but the fundamentals do look good for the stock market. adam: one metric that i read that when we have these structural bull market, is that a valid metric to be looking at? >> well, i think that we certainly can look at that. we look at the fundamentals and we look at sentiment. and we are nowhere near worrying. you have fear and greed and we are a long way away from greed. we are just starting to see equities, having seen five years of persistent outflows. so there is a lot of money on the sidelines and we have not seen the rotation out of bonds yet. adam: guice for retail investors coming back in the second half of this year.
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and i was listening to analysts on here who would say that they had missed the upswing. but it turns out that they didn't. at some point the fastest turnaround. does it not? >> you are right. at some point we need to pull back. we need a correction. that would be healthy because that's part of an ongoing bull market. and we haven't had a correction since the summer of 2011. and we haven't had a pullback since 2012. so we are definitely overdue. and it wasn't the beginning of tapering as so many people thought. the market has a wonderful way of our confounding consensus expectations. adam: you talked about the rotation out of bonds. that money has to go somewhere. you expect that to be flowing into equities? >> well, some of it well. there won't be any great rotation. but you can still find
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attractive yields in the equity market despite higher prices. and you are getting bond white yields with growth of dividends. so that is a big theme. we saw major dividend increases last week from boeing, pfizer, companies are returning cash to shareholders, share buyback, and we think that that will continue to accelerate in 2014. adam: all right, hank smith, thank you so much. have a terrific 2014. i hope that you are correct about your predictions for the coming year. >> happy new year to you as well. adam: china's cash squeeze. enter bank lending rates climbing to their highest level. a panic continuing to ripple through china. expect from a .2% on friday to 9.8% today. the highest level since june.
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and a surge in the cost of borrowing despite an injection of almost $50 billion from the people's bank of china last week. the cash crisis and scrambling to obtain funds in an effort to meet funding requirements combined with monetary tightening innchina. and today, the markets were slightly optimistic. breaking their longest losing streaks in almost two decades. and there is more confusion regarding obamacare despite reports to the contrary. today is the deadline for obamacare. joining us from washington, rich edson. i thought the president had issued a royal decree giving everyone a part in that you didn't have to meet the deadlines that today was not the deadline, but i'm wrong and my humor is probably off target.
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reporter: that's right, it's like election day. the government will keep them open to ensure everyone who shows up vote. that is what they are doing with the centers for medicare and medicaid services are anticipating high demand and the fact that consumers may be enrolling from multiple time zones, taking steps to make sure that those who select a plan will get coverage for january 1. so if you are stuck on today, the government will allow you to sign up by the end of tomorrow and you will still have insurance at january 1. but you still have to go today in order to take advantage of that and that is when the bulk of obamacare goes into effect. some businesses like the manufacturers trade groups say it will cost them a billion. >> 90% have indicated that they
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expect the cost of health insurance go up. in 77% have indicated that health insurance costs are primary challenge of 2014. so clearly the cost is a big issue going forward. whether 2014, 2015 or 2016. reporter: tax credits for workers and businesses will make this more affordable. but this is the year, all the coverage provisions going into effect. this includes their premiums and what they are paying into it. alllof that has yet to be determined in 2014 with the future of health care on the line. >> the deadlines, the obligations, i'm going to leave that to you. adam: turning to commodities now, fox business contributor
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phil flynn. we thought that demand was getting stronger. >> i think the market is ahead of itself. if you look at the united states and around the globe, i think the prices are ahead of themselves. normally seasonally at the end of the year, the markets rally at the end of the year and then pull one back. and showing up in the first week of january. despite this, demand will be stronger and we have a lot more supply. there's a lot of other things going on as well. a spike in gasoline prices and we have cool temperatures where we use more oil. adam: gold prices down. some are saying that it's no longer a safe haven. >> that's right.
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nobody is scared. that is the thing. that's nothing to be afraid of. stocks go up every day. and there's a lack of it there. and if you look at the divergence between commodities and stocks, we have had the longest convergence between these markets probably in history. you know, that leads me to believe that commodities are way undervalued or stocks are way too high and i think that we will meet in the middle. adam: we will learn from you and that happens. thank you very much. and check out the apple iphone. going out to the mid-east. and a huge expansion as it gains access to the dean's subscribers
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and that is two times the population of the united states. china mobile is the largest carrier. and meanwhile, a rough road ahead. days after announcing activists are calling for a more dramatic breakup. and this is part of the star board value, only about 6%, planning to make ts case in a federal filing today. ended luxury goods company tiffany and company is paying up. the equivalent of $450 million in damages thanks to a failed partnership between those two companies. they teamed up in 2007. they parted ways in 2011. and consumer frustration. the bottom line for you is coming up just ahead.
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to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmol. because using energy responsibly as never been more important. energy lives here. ♪ adam: back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. you are watching the menswear retailer. who do you have? >> we are looking at men's warehouse and joseph banks. that is the kind of relationship that these two companies have. trying hard to collaborate and finding a way to do this. joseph banks, 2.3 billion, men's warehouse thought that was ridiculous and not enough. now you have men's warehouse offering thhm 1.8 billion.
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and they are saying that you're clearly undervaluing our company. in the meantime, they are trying to continue to work together. but joseph banks is trying to reeiew the strategic options. but the idea is that it would be great for those companies and it's very difficult to get these numbers right because they clearly think that they are more valuable than what the others are offering. adam: thank you very much. and super frustration over the holiday hack. this happened as evidence rises that fake cars are coming into the market. with more on this, we have the bottom line with elizabeth. select talk about this. >> fears are mounting on the part of consumers because of what is happening. we still don't know the details and what caused the breach.
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we spoke with law enforcement as well and there is a concern of a serious security breach and the fact that it happened at point of service. but it did not happen over the internet, it tells law enforcement that there is something going on internally but we have yet to hear the details about after the world learned that 40 million credit and debit cards were hacked at target. adam: so does that mean perhaps someone on the inside could be a part of his? >> that is the ongoing concern in the part of law enforcement. and i will tell you that right now we have a number of individuals coming out, some of the lawsuits were saying that we were not notified in time that there was a breach. we have target reacting, saying that we were going to give people a 10% discount and they
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are saying that we have zero liability and all of them are not liable for fraud. but when you dig deeper, we will limit you to these withdrawals and that tells us that they are not playing around the. adam: any one of them could be a concern. and it is something that we know is very secure. so whether or not it will be possibly developing within the next few months.
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adam: running low on power? nothing is more frustrating than a battery drain phone or tablet. our next guest has found the fix when you're on the go. derek miller is the cofounder of the company and has created a pocket-sized charger. and we have some pictures of it. and they are right here to show you that there is a real market.
1:24 pm
the product had a one-day sales record accomplished, 300,000 sold in that first hour on the home shopping network. so i trudge up the charger and i carry the charger with me and when my phone guys a plug it in? >> yes, it's very simple to use. this is our halo 5500 power charger. adam: okay, o it charges a home? >> that's right. portable power in your pocket. how this works is the built-in cables and then this charger will recharge your iphone three or four times. adam: one charge on this willfully recharge it for about eight hours women. >> yes. and then this cable is a macro tip in at the bottom of it there is a usb port. so you plug in any electronic
1:25 pm
device. >> this is pretty amazing. do you have a patent protected battery technology that allows this? >> e have developed this and we have patented the technology and we have also designed patton and we have several patents protecting the power. >> this one retails for 5999. adam: for $60 on the capability of not having to plug in my phone essentially three days because my phone is one-day on a charge. and this looks like a lipptick? >> this is the one we set the record on the shopping network with. it was 370,000 with the
1:26 pm
campaign. so about 380,000 in about 6.5 hours of airtime. and we sold 380 thought and 10,000 sets. adam: how much of his? >> $49. or you can get two of them for $55. adam: how long will it take to charge this? and i'm trying to figure what is the cord come out. >> it has a usb port right here. you plug it in and it charges and it also has a flashlight and it also has a fuel tank that tells you how much energy and power is in the device and it is simple and easy to use the. adam: how come the tour hasn't called you to get the ford battery rolling again.
1:27 pm
[laughter] >> so we keep expanding with more innovative functions. [laughter] adam: that's okay, it happens everyone. >> so what we have done is a lot of our products are very innovative. women love their phone cases and the guys love their phone cases. but it's such an accessory that we want them to be cool and fashionable and we have expanded them into different shapes and sizes and pocketbooks and wallets and things like that. adam: is very date coming when electrons could be submitted from a central source? is anyone trying to look about? >> people are alwwys trying to
1:28 pm
come up with new ways. our biggest power is power with our phones. and we are always trying to figure out how can we take this power with us. and so far this is the best way to do it. frequency in dealing with power and people are afraid of this kind of situation what it can do to help allies. adam: thank you both. congratulations on your continued success. we hope to have you back for the new year. thank you very much. adam: a limited experiment. it is called smell-o-vision. you have to play a game to go with it, the device will spray
1:29 pm
thh scent of butter. the device is not ready for the masses. only three of the kernel shaped devices on ebay and bids are as high as $300. the proceeds from this auction will go to the american red croos. in coming up next, the latest holiday forecast and the outlook for your christmas plans. >> it is a white fall and it's time to sleep. can you tell? comeback. we have a story to tell you. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ adam: 13:02 p.m. you want to check on stocks. nicole petallides, coming up and highs of the day. >> reporter: pretty amazing. managing to hold on to gains that we have contained. right now about 79 points. a few points of of a high of the day, 16,300, up one-half of 1%, the s&p 500 up one-half of 1%%3
1:33 pm
today. the nasdaq up. also components hitting highs, visa, j.p. morgan, american express to my goldman sacks. other names hitting new highs, wells fargo. when you start to think about financials, up a full percentage point. 1,115 unchanged. say that three times fast. as i noted, the credit cards are doing well. is. you can add mastercard. back to you. adam: thank you. major storms heading east which means some people could be left in the dark. has the latest for us, our meteorologist. >>meteorologist:
1:34 pm
[inaudible conversations] adam. we are still tracking the storm system which produced all of the weather just this weekend. extending from new england. starting to taper from d.c. into baltimore, still coming down pretty good from philadelphia to new york city up into boston, delays be reported, philadelphia international to my new work, laguardia, and jfk, expecting that to continue through the course of the afternoon. north of boston, this peak area %-the rain band extends all the way down to the gulf coast, coming down pretty good from tallahassee to colombia up into charlotte. over 3 inches in philadelphia. the heavier band. could be looking at flash flooding. i want to take a second to talk about the temperature differential perry very warm in the east which will be changing. yellow temperatures, from sunday, expected temperatures for tuesday. much colder, but the core of the cold as across the upper midwest.
1:35 pm
same for minneapolis the feeling like it is below zero. very, very cold. of course, christmas eve on everyone's mind. light snow from philadelphia northward. travel could be on the tricky side. we will keep an eye on that. keeping things dry across much of this out here on christmas day. however, across parts of the northeast. again, the disturbances. so we will need to watch that the next double bass. adam: thank you very much. have of merry christmas and happy new year. christmas is a couple of days away, but the ski industry is getting its christmas present. a snowy fall. ski resorts are having a pretty good season. accu-weather says snowfall in the northeast is up dramatically this year. jeff flock is hitting the slopes as we speak. hello. >> reporter: with some options if you want to capitalize.
1:36 pm
[inaudible] >> reporter: that is part of it. believe it or not, the camera guy is being backward down the hill. >> it is wonderful. we are really happy. >> reporter: here are some options. vail resort just bought a smaller resort here in the area. >> west of detroit. >> reporter: the idea is these kinds of areas, you know, this is not the matterhorn, obviously. a snow border. someone snowboarding of the area there, too. this is where you learn to ski.
1:37 pm
>> that's true. just exactly for that reason. they are urban ski areas. >> reporter: got you. here is another stock. what they do is our f id technology. @%e -- they do that with the chip. >> they do. you don't even have to show your @%ft ticket anymore. you can keep it in your pocket. >> reporter: zebra tech, one essential option. ♪
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adam: its 1:40 p.m. here is your fox business brief. consumer sentiment came in at the highest in months. eighty-two and a half in december which is up from november's reading, 75. the survey shows american outlook on both the economy and job prospects improving. boston scientific is planning a china expands in increasing its china-based staff by 20%. the medical device maker will be adding training centers across the country and is seeking a 30% sales increase in china over the next 25 years. markets will be open tomorrow but close at 1:00 p.m. new yook time for christmas eve. both the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will close on wednesday for christmas holiday. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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♪ adam: bill asman releesed a letter to investors explaining why he thinks it is still a scam, but several investors prepare for a large stock buyback. charlie gasparino has the latest, the first to report that the potential on the buyback. >> it is odd timing. he comes out today, right on the eve. business each east. he comes out. and this letter just kinda rationalizes what he has done. a short position, has lost something like 700 million, three-quarters of a billion. by the way, he has overbuilt expectations. he gave no new information. one of the reasons he says he does not want to interfere with ongoing regulatory scrutiny. he continues to attack herbalife
1:43 pm
as a pyramid scheme. he says the regulators are closing in. his words don't based upon his recent discussions with them. we should point of that the bull side of this is in the court of carl icahn believes that herbalife could reach $100 per share. a lot of people think that this buyback which could come in the new year, a lot of talk about and hiring a banker. a big buyback which is basically a pushing the stock up. that could come. we will save it. it is interesting. telling investors that the big stock buyback would actually help his position. if you remember what he has done recently, he transformed his short,-on the stock. when it goes down into something known as a credit by, credit devolves swaps. adam: if he loses he will make money. >> the price goes up if you
1:44 pm
increase your debt. so if herbalife goes out and does a leveraged buy back, buying back shares, going into debt, he believes that he will make money on his credit the fall swaps because what will happen is increased debt means the likelihood of default grows. and the prices go up. one thing he also said to me, unlikely suede by anything other than what he described as regulatory action. in other words, until we know about a publicized regulatory action by the sec, sec -- ftc. he is now saying that there is really no price decline. adam: let's look at the price right now. it is up today, but last week, friday, $81. here is the deal. this stock was around $30 after he came out.
1:45 pm
when he says he is talking to regulators, you and i both know that when we have off the record discussions, we know the person on the inside is the regulator we are talking to. when he says water regulator talk to him, why would someone from the sec or ftc have a 1-on-1? >> i would say that regulators at the sec, i know them more than the ftc. i will tell you, they do listen to short sellers. there has been a longstanding -- i don't want to say bias, but custom at the securities a -- securities exchange commission to listen to shorts because the likelihood of stock fraud on the long side, penny-stock promotions, the stuff that jordan bell for use to do, the sec is worried about that. they take into account a lot of what they say. adam: switched over to them when you're ago. >> and i just cannot believe they are disclosing there hands
1:46 pm
to him. adam: they would never want public what they were about. >> n saying this stuff, talking to regulators and we all know there is an sec examination of what he says about herbalife being a pyramid scheme. what does up the pyramid scheme means? is not a ponzi scheme, not outright stealing. it is a business model. avon has it. they have distributors. amway. the company makes most of its money on getting other distributors. so the theory is once those distributors dried up because there is not enough end users, well, the pyramid collapses. that is what he says herbalife is. and let's just say this about the notion of a pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme. it could take years for that to happen. adam: could he be trying to gain traction about the weak and articles about dietary supplements? the new york times article? >> maybe. -nd also, you know, i know he
1:47 pm
will not be as public. that is what i have been told by his handlers. he will appeal going out there, doing interviews. he will not put this down. i think his fund is about. short on this. i will say this, a cautionary tale for people who want to invest with these superstar managers and pay feee. if you look at what the market is done this year, the market up this year? sold 30%. i guarantee his hedge fund is not. they are not lately. so just remember that. he might be up 11%, and that would be lucky. adam: 2% and then 20%. redo it for 1%. >> well, we do for vanguard. [laughter] adam: charlie gasparino to
1:48 pm
emigrate to see you. want to have back to the floor of the new york stock keychains. the last full trading day before christmas. keith, it is a nice day. we will have, it looks like a positive close. anything that investors should be worried about, a correction that some said we would have in january that just never came about. >> it never did. they are waiting and waiting. the short sellers had a pretty miserable year. as you were just talking with charlie, of the hedge funds from both long and short. that is why they are lagging the market. analysts see anything to stop this market. the santa claus rally will convince -- commence sen. the news is mostly good. we see how fourth quarter earnings come in and we will start getting those the second week of january. when our earnings start to roll over we will keep an eye on
1:49 pm
those. that is the only thing that i can see standing in the way in 2014 for the continuation of this rally. adam: from the floor of the new york stock exchange. happy holidays. >> sent to you. adam: the same technology that helps men and women on the battlefield, but now those heat-sensing trackers are helping retailers once you inside their store. we will show you how next. it is the place to count down to a 2014. how you can ring in the new year in times square no matter where you are. ♪ i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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♪ adam: helping santa know what to put under your tree in giving retailers an edge over their competition, devices that track cue, the shopper, now being used across the country. how does all this work? >> a couple of ways this works. he went to a company based in boston. download the application and put it on your phone and use it as you go through the store to go shopping. so many people actually already use their phone whether they're scanning prices are looking at things, colors, whenever as they go through the store. the idea is to put technology with the good old-fashioned walk-in trade. 90 percent of all sales will still go that way. we know from talking to them that this will detect when you are near by sending messages to your phone about specials,
1:54 pm
specific offers and discounts to adjust for you. >> it is a new world, and consumers are smart in terms of how to use their smart phones. they know that close to 70 percent of them take up their phone to try and research work product issue by the mower the best prices are. so we make it easy for retailers to define exactly what they're looking for. adam: and number of different companies doing this. that is the way this world as it. you know that they will interact with you in that store. of course, a lot of consumers like that idea because they know they are being followed at the same time they can interact with the store and was specials could come their way. adam: has it been successful? >> so far is seems to have been. shoppers we talked to like the idea because they know they are being tracked. there are other customers out there, heat sensing technology, others tracking from where you move, moving displays around. shoppers are congregating in one area. a little more controversial because they do not know they
1:55 pm
are being tracked. other companies let the shopper make that decision themselves. they plan on expanding this to all store. >> having the opportunity to a make an instant notification to a consumer base needs to be either in that moment, however, day, that kind of flexibility, speed, paramount to success. adam: others are also going toward this. two ways of looking at this, download, interact with the store, go through. and i'm looking at my phone when i went shopping. i have a number of different apps that i use when i am in there. that is a good way. the other is a bit more controversial where they're tracking you and you don't know. adam: someone is always watching you, that song from the 80's, i feel like someone is watching me. all right.
1:56 pm
the number of people watching the new year's eve ball drops in times square just got a whole lot bigger. downtown entertainment is creating a free mobile application that will allow a user to watch a live 6-hour web cast whicc will include behind-the-scenes interviews, music performances and, of course, the much-anticipated countdown to the ball dropped. also includes live tweets from the town square ball which will tweet news and photos from the event high above the crowds. now it is expected to be released one week from today on december 30th at midnight. they can come down here and freeze with the other 1 million people. it is this season to return. rampant merchandise returns. a battle of the box. u.s.a. versus japan bragging rights. robot groupies into million dollars in prize money. all coming up with tracy burns
1:57 pm
and ashley webster in the next hour on fox business.k is open. ♪ open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state and pay no taxes for tenears... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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ashley: good afternoon, everybody, i'm ashley webster. tracy: and i'm tracy byrnes. christmas comes early. new market highs. will 2014 be the first year the recovery feels better on main street than wall street? michael jones from riverfront investment group says yes. we'll talk to him in a few
2:00 pm
moments. ashley: how about this? a two-minute pizza. chipolte is joining with local restaurants to have a casual pizza. tracy: makes italians in the rooms very happy. after the data hack, customer data is on the black market. class action lawsuits and shopper traffic is down. can the retailer ring in a happy new year? ashley: we couldn't go too long without a robot story. nasa's valkyrie robot against japan's robot. the department of defense's darpa robotic challenge. the winners, losers and robot groupies. tracy: like another language to me what you just said. i didn't fully understand. ashley: watch the video for hours. tracy: time for stocks. nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange. nicole, the dow is up 65 points. you have the green, i have got
2:01 pm
the red on, girl. >> you see that? we have it all covered here on wall street especially in this holiday shortened week. the dow lost a bit of momentum. it was aaove 16,300. set new record all-time highs for the doww s&p 500, all-time intraday high as well. when you thought the rally was over, it is not over yet. today obviously marking new highs for the nasdaq composite as well, back to the 2,000 era. look at the 10-year, it was 6500 during the financial crisis. weren't we happy to get back above 14,000. here we are clearly above the 1600 level. new highs across the board. all 10 sectors have up arrows. we're watching everything from financials to industrials. credit card companies, we're watching a lost these names moving higher..3 google new high. facebook moving into the s&p 500, new high as well. back to you. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. now that the fed started
2:02 pm
tapering and removed a big uncertainty for the market what will the new year bring for wall street and main street? michael jones, riverfront investment group. michael, thank you so much for joining us. you say they played their taper hand we develop. why? >> mainly because ben bernanke did not taper in september when everyone expected him to but the economic data simply wasn't strong enough to support a change in fed policy by holding back he allowed a much stronger pattern in non-farm payrolls to develop over recent months so by the time he actually tapered the market was convinced we're only going to have to put up with taper and less accommodative fed to the extent we get the support of faster economic growth. it was really masterfully done. ashley: okay. but let's get to the crux of the story. you say main street will finally begin to feel effects of the
2:03 pm
recovery. so far it is a great story on wall street but the cheap money is not packed down to banks and consumers and small businesses that need it. why do you think that will happen next year? >> we think at long last we're ready it see banks be the money printing engines of the u.s. economy. the last five years the fed aggressively printed money because the normal money printing mechanism of the u.s. eeonomy, the private sector banking system, has not been making loans. there have beennvery good reasons for that. they have had to rebuild their capital. they had to pay for past since from a regulatory perspective, and frankly from a fine and legal action perspective. we're starting to turn the corner on some of those headwind to the normal money printing neck system from the banking system. the fed, the problem with the fed is, that the primary source of money print something all that gets bought with fed-printed money are financial instruments. those are the things at that go up. ashley: right. >> when the banking system is
2:04 pm
where the happens, homes, cars get bought, inventory, equipment, all important for the economy. ashley: we had terrific returns on the markets this year. do you expect those kind of well, taper if you like to use that word a little bit in the new year? if you have money, where are you putting it? >> i think in the u.s. we need to recognize that the powerful rally 2013 has left the market pretty much so at average valuations for the last 140 years. average valuation should lead us to expect average returns. that means don't be dialing another 20, 25% into your expectations. it should be more like 5, maybe you get tapering on the fed, that's a headwind. you get accelerating growtt, that's a tailwind. they pretty much cancel. by contrast, if you move overseas, you're still about 20% cheap in europe, about 20% cheap in japan and there the policy will stay very, very
2:05 pm
accommodative, very, very stimulative. we think you could get double-digit returns overseas. that is where our portfolio is allocated. ashley: very good. lastly, we have people say, hey, emerging markets are always good value. you don't think they're cheap enough right now? >> no, we actually think, we've had a long, long bull market in commodities, starting back after the russian collapse and oil getting down into the single digits. it is been a long wonderful run for commodities and the commodity sensitive emerging markets. we think the long bull market led to elevated valuations only in recent years started to come back down to average. ashley: right. >> we think we may have an overshoot as china continues to pull back from lots of investment in infrastructure and we think we will see cheap markets best emerging markets finally bottom and get back to the positive side. ashley: very good indeed. great information. michael jones, riverfront investment group, thanks for joining us and happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays to you.
2:06 pm
ashley: coming up on "after the bell", liz claman will talk exclusively to dallas federal reserve president richard fisher. these are the first public comments by the way since the taper decision. don't want to miss it. 4:00 p.m. right here on fox business. richard fisher and liz claman. tracy: all right. today is the official deadline to sign up for health care coverage for january 1st. of course of next year. this is all under obamacare but due to the expected high volume and enrollee traffic today the administration made yet another change to the law. rich edson joins us live from d.c. with yet another delay. what is going un, rich? >> as long as health care customers try to go showing today be at federal exchange, they have until the end of tomorrow to pick a health plan and have coverage by january 1st. there is just too much traffic on the federal exchange today. consumers have to wait a few minutes before they can actually begin applying w that official offiiials say we quote many
2:07 pm
cheesen to make their final decision on today's deadline and we're committed to making sure they can do so. weehave taken steps for those who select ad plan through tomorrow will get coverage by january 1st. and that 2014. it begins a period of uncertainty for the health insurance system as the bulk of the law goes into effect. one analyst says the law needs even more fixs. >> we're going to have to fix the individual mandate to make sure we get young invincibles into the insurance market. we will have to fix the way states can deal with medicaid so that it's more uniform and consistent. right now as you know we have 24 states not expanding their medicaid program. we're going to have to fix, and really position the cost containment part of the law which is not getting a lot of attention. this is the elimination of fee-for-service and replacing that with value-based
2:08 pm
purchasing. >> now the administration has already delayed a handful of mandates for minute mull coverages, business and others. other mandates, taxes and fees and insurance requirements go into full effect next week. back to you. tracy: rich edson, thanks for keeping it all straight. ashley: for more on the obamacare deadline catch "lou dobbs tonight" at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. i will sit in for lou tonight. we'll talk to jack keen on spying for israel. iran nuke talks and latest from south sudan. tracy: he is so cool. ashley: jack keane. >> looks like it will not be a holly jolly christmas for target. a new lawsuit and stolen customer information hitting the black market. our own liz macdonald on the case. ashley: facebook on the s&p 500 today. are investors liking the social media company. we're going to the floor of the nyse to find out.
2:09 pm
tracy: look how oil is trading down, 50 cents. $98.82 a barrel. dow is up 62 points. don't go anywhere.
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
tracy: target getting slammed by federal investigators and consumers in the wake of. retailer's holiday hack attack targeting 40 million consumer debit and credit cards. with more on this, liz liz with "emac's bottom line." they're pretty screwed, huh? >> target is working really hard to regain the trust and confidence 6 its shoppers. we talked to law enforcement. there is deep concern on the part of law enforcement that the firewall was not secure for target for this to be point of sale situation. how could 40 million be affected and all of storrs? that to law enforcement that the firewall was too weak at target to stop these kind of hack jobs. ashley: if that is the case, i'm amazed it hasn't happened before now. i know the question is they're trying to get to the bottom of it. was it an inside job? >> that is the other question, ashley and trace. a week later we don't have details what exactly happened.
2:13 pm
two, concern for a hack to happen in and around thanksgiving. what target is saying this. we'll give customers 10% off. fraud. they're going to get free credit card monitoring and debit carr monitoring. they're not going to ask for social security and pin numbers. discover, amex, visa, mastercard and jpmorgan chase says you will not be responsible for fraud if your card was hit shopping at target. >> the so in other words they're selling people's information on a web site. >> they first broke the story, they're coming into the market in bulk, plastic ripping off people's identities to build these different plastic cards sold on the black market. ashley: these know these accounts have been hacked, how many bank accounts have been emptyd? >> they're's what we do knee, jpmorgan chase, let's put up what jpmorgan is doing, they're essentially saying, they're estimating 2 million of their debit cards, that were used at a
2:14 pm
get. they will limit to 100, excuse me, $100, a day withdrawals. 300-dollars daily purchasing. and it does not impact credit card users. this is the debit card. jpmorgan is taking no chances here whatsoever. these are serious precautionary measures. ashley: wake-up, call, emac for retailers looking at their firewalls. >> the next step is no more magnetic stripe. you will have computer chip embedded in your card. that means more costs on all part of debit card issuers and retailers have to change the system to accept computer chip cards. ashley: best advice, if you use target during this period keep a very close close eye on accounts. >> me, personally i canceled my credit card when i used it at target. i would say cancel, get a new card. tracy: i know we have to go. firewall, whose responsibility? target or point of service? >> target's responsibility, according to law enforcement
2:15 pm
officials. tracy: good stuff, emac. we'll keep going. >> okay. tracy: thanks, girl. ashley: coming up just a quarter after the hour. time to check the markets again. the dow up 65 points. of nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest, nicole. >> just trying to give you guys an idea how broad-based this rally is. of course we've seen major averages hitting record after record. they're up, 25 and 37% depending on what you're looking at. take the s&p 500.e 500 stocks. do you know 11% of them today on this 42nd record high of the year are actually hitting all-time highs. more than 10% of the names are hitting all-time highs. not just 52-week highs as we look at the s&p 500 right now, up about half a percent. the industrials sector had the biggest shares of new highs, honeywell and csx to name a few. tech sector has 11 members on the s&p 500 hitting new highs. in addition we have facebook,
2:16 pm
right? watching facebook here. entering into the s&p 500. now a component there. it is up 5% at the moment at 57.85. huge move there. don't forget the annual low was 22.67 when everybody was so worried about facebook. what a run-up we've seen. this year it is up 113%. back to you. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. we'll be back to you at the bought hour. wellties the season for returning. rampant returners are plaguing online retailers. it is a epidemic or a shopper's prerogative? we'll investigate next. tracy: are you giving up free shipping? holiday gift edition for the cool last minute gadgets for you, still time to run out and get them for the wine lovers out there. ashley: first, take a look how the good ol' u.s. dollar is moving right now against some of the major currencies. down against all the currencies, euro, pound, canadian dollar,
2:17 pm
peso, yen, all moving higher on this christmas eve eve. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open. en to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state.
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ashley: easy return policies have been one of the hallmarks of internet shopping. just ask tracy. shoppers return items at little or no cost to themselves which retailers say helped increase sales volumes. the amount of returns are starting to weigh on profits and e-retailers, they'rr fighting back. with more on this we're joined by's kate rogers. to tracy's point. we were talking about this, if they offer free shipping people will buy in bulk and return in bulge. >> free ship something consumers come to expect. this was national free shipping day.
2:21 pm
sixth one in a row. more than a billion was spent. "wall street journal" reported that 1/3 everything bought online winds up getting returned because you don't like it. 1/3. that is a big cost to retailers. doesn't fit, you don't like it, whoever you give it to you don't like it. tracy: i will be first to admit i buy two of stuff and too lazy to return the one that doesn't fit. you have to go to the post office and envelope thing and it doesn't happen. >> that's true. ashley: they love you. >> companies are trying to figure out ways to curb this because it costs them money. for example, rue lala, last year alone, $5 million worth of returns coss their business. what they're doing, giving you as consumer access to your shopping history with your company. they say you bought a medium this time. bought a small last time. buy same sizes again. last time you returned the small, maybe go with the medium. ceo, customers are not getting offended and don't mind at all. ashley: you won't fit into the
2:22 pm
small so don't bother. >> they're getting real with you. ashley: what about wardrobing. people wore the clothes and keep them and return them. >> they're called wardrobers. keep the tags and return them and get money back. macy's and nordstrom's with through fit will tell them how the clothes fit in real life. that will try to curb some of the returns. tracy: there is nothing these keep can do. you're either offering free shipping and free returns or you're not. >> that's so true. retail me not said one in four consumers won't consider buying something if there isn't free shipping attached. >> if easiest thing you do a google coupon code for free shipping you get it if not automatically found on the website. i got it down. ashley: you're a complete professional. are you rabid returner. tracy: i'm not. i don't get out much. order three sizes even for the kids, i do it all the time. >> that is so true. one thing important to remember,
2:23 pm
women return things more than men. men. at least 1/3 of consumers will return one gift this holiday season before new year's. people are getting them in the mail and returning them right away. ashley: often biggest returners are tracking it are often the best customers. they have to be very careful, retailers not to upset them. >> not tick them off. that is so true. tracy: at least returning, not regifting. >> amen to that. ashley: kate rogers, very interesting stuff. thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: you buy two. don't send one back. you're a dream for retail years unfor the that thely i get lazy and return in 30 days, and like 32nd day i forgot to return it. happens all the time. we'll change the subject a little here. we have burrito bowls and pizza dough. chipolte is getting in the new pizza business. we have their recipe for success next. ashley: coming up we'll have
2:24 pm
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ashley: 90 minutes until the close on this christmas eve eve. look at dow 30. we call the heat map. a lot more green than red. dow was up 73 points. 20 stocks moving higher. top of those cisco, unitedhealth group. downside, microsoft, p&g, proctor & gamble are the laggards today. nicole petallides down on floor of new york stock exchange. looking at a restaurant, nicole. >> i am looking at darden. darden under umbrella of olive garden, red lobster, longhorn steakhouse. these are the names you're familiar with under that darden umbrella. they have a lot of real estate. one of the activist investors, starboard value, which has taken
2:28 pm
a 5.6% stake in darden because they have great ideas for the company according to them. this is what they're thinking according to a regulatory filing they have this 374 move dollars investment. what they wanted to do, darden was thinking of spinning off red lobster. what starboard wants to do, put casual dining group into one group three names together and the real es state into a real estate investment trust a reit. that echoes from last october of baron group they wanted darden to move into a reit and separate the. darden is at 54.50. back to you. tracy: thank you, nicole. see you in a bit. 30 minutes or less, how about two-minute pizzas? mexican casual ining chain chipolte is launching a a partnership with two
2:29 pm
restaurateurs. we have the co-owner from denver. bob by, thank you for being with us. tell everyone how this whole thing came about. how does chipolte hook up with, you know, a little entrepreneur like yourself. it started about 10 years ago, truly. my business partner, chef business partner, we open ad restaurant in boulder, and the founder of chipoltes is a good friend of ours, spend time at the restaurant and spend the night cooking in the kitchen with laughlin. we would have conversations about doing something together. he came in 2 1/2 years ago and saw the pizzeria we opened next to our restaurant, he was like, guys, this is something we could really do something very exciting and the first pizzeria was more of a sit-down. we spent 18 months meddtating how to fold it into the more
2:30 pm
than chipolte model, that fast casual piece of the equation. ashley: bobby my question is, now that you're tied in with this huge, massive, company out there, how much does that impact your day-to-day operations? you are the classic, as tracy said, local entrepeneur. you had great success. now you're being part ned -- partnered with this huge entity. does that change things for you from a business model point of view? >> it does and it doesn't. everything about it has been positive. we've quietly working with them and working on this project for about 18 months. we oaked up the second pizzeria locale but the first one in the fast casual piece, we opened that one in may and it has been so positive. one thing we really get to work on things that we couldn't, if it was just us. tracy: right. >> for example -- tracy: go ahead. one of the things i know you re-engineered the ovens, right?
2:31 pm
so they rotate different and cook in about two minutes. tell us about the concept then. how it makes everything go faster and still taste fabulous? >> well you know the whole idea was to lower the price point, make piece rea local have wonderful ingredients to a more larger net of people where people could afford it. we wanted o work on the through-put, just like chipolte does a great job on their through-put, getting people their food quicker and easier. one thing we could work on is the oven where we could in two minutes get a pizza to the customer perfectly cooked. and launch lynn and help of some engineers designed an oven that does what we needed to do. ashley: bobby, here in new york city, that is great concept. they want good food and want it quickly. are you looking to expand and could i enjoy this anytime in new york anytime soon? >> i hope we can, i don't know
2:32 pm
if anytime soon. we're pretty deliberate. it took us eight years to open a second restaurant but we do want it too be a little quicker now. we're looking for two more spaces in denver right now. we're going to be really deliberate and work on that. and build a better mousetrap. tracy: so how do you go from being wine con sure, james beard award winner, thomas keller in california to being a pizza guy. >> it has been pretty fun. you know, i wear all three hats. i'm still a master somale and i will be at frasca and pizzeria local spy e. for diversity. ashley: is this how the industry could be going? these type of partnerships make sense? >> this makes a lot of sense if you're partnering with someone with a shared philosophy that you do. if you look, if you look at
2:33 pm
chipolte, look at whole mission statement. much food with integrity. using great ingredients. getting more people to eat sustainable products that works hand in hand how we think every day. i think if you can bring those two meetings of the minds together no matter what your business is it will be a positive relationship. tracy: hopefully bringing your wine list to the pizzeria as well. bobby stuckey, owner of fresca food and wine, thank you, sir for being with us. >> thank you. have a great week. ashley: you too. it is the battle of the robots. nasa superhero humanoid, competing in the department of defense r challenge. we'll show you the winner in this tech minute. tracy: no wine this time of year unless you're talking liquid kind. we have last minute gifts for the wine enthusiast on your gifts. ashley: jeff flock is training for the 2014 winter olympics on
2:34 pm
the slopes with a look at the ski industry. jeff? >> we're in the middle after blizzard here, ashley and tracy. this is a fake blizzard. it is a snow making machine. i'll tell you why this is an incredible year for snow so far. oh, man. a lot of snow. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 1... change in aftemarket trading. ♪ all the tech stocks th market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male annoucer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile ader app. from td ameritrade.
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>> i'm david asman with your fox business brief. blackberry will outsource its smartphone hardware to, for taiwan's foxconn but the company also announced it wrote off nearly a billion dollars in unsold phone inventory in the fiscal second quarter and another $1.6 billion in the third quarter. boston scientific planning a china expansion, increasing its china based staff by 24%. the medical device-maker will be adding surgeon training centers across the country and seeking a 30% sales increase in china over the next five years. tiffany lost a contract dispute with swatch group. a deutch court ordered the new york-based jeweler to pay swatch $449 million in damages. the dispute started in 2011 when a deal between the two companies to develop watches under tiffany fell apart. that is tte latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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2:38 pm
tracy: now to our special wine with me. doing a special edition for those of you out there looking for gifts. you have the serious collector of course to your enthusiast. there are a nice little inexpensive gift to bring to your wine lover on the list. here with the last minute ideas, melissa rabb, ceo and founder of bottle notes. one of the most 100 influential people in the wine industry. she of all people would know what to give people. you have spectrum. >> you do. tracy: you have people you want to impress, what do you bring to them? >> serious collector, keep it middle. fairway, a great bottle of the champagne. done parry yom -- don or, bbrute. tracy: all wine lovers go home and have a glass of champagne anyway.
2:39 pm
>> es specially for the art lover. tracy: this book is stunning. >> perspective napa valley is a art book and for the art and wine lover were shot with expired films. they're grainy. this is beautiful coffee table group. about $100. a less than a bottom of champagne. tracy: the gift of giving a book is dying, so why not give one. >> absolutely. tracy: talk about the glasses. i love this. this for the wine guy that thinks he knows everything. more than we're hearing you only need one glass. >> especially for everyday consumption or holiday event. you might start with sparkling wine, move to white and go to red. these are gabrielle glasses. they're from austria. they're absolutely spectacular. i will let you do the honors seeing how beautiful they are. but they have actually a pretty interesting shape that you wouldn't anticipate. it is the shape specifically that enables you to them version till for sparkling wines through
2:40 pm
to red. tracy: how much is that. >> $25 for the gift set. tracy: that is great idea. more and more you don't need all the darn glasses. >> agree. tracy: this is like the perfect carrying case. >> it is. if you know you will have christmas dinner with someone who might not have your same wine taste, or byo, i love the bags. they will have a gift hopefully you will enjoy. you can keep the bag. it is neoprene because it is weather proof. great for rainy days like today in new york. $10 on amazon. tracy: i love that. fill it with wine you want to brink. we'll have to talk at the end about the etiquette of that. i prefer to drink my own wine. >> one for you. one for them. that is the secret. tracy: good thinking. one of the other things you suggested was a glass wine polisher. >> meticulous. tracy: i know this person. i will have to buy it for him because he is ocd about this stuff. >> also nnt to expensive.
2:41 pm
ridel, another famous wine stem maker has micro fiber wine polishers. get them on amazon, $10 or so. secrets to restaurants they polish the stems before you enjoy them. if you have the ocd wine enthusiast the micro polishers might be a good fit. tracy: spots on wine glasses are unacceptable as they are in my house. i love these. they're hot. do they work? >> they do. i call this for immediate gratification person or if you have a glass of wine at work on a friday. good news that they put them in the freezer for three hours. then you put them in the glass. they actually chill the wine down 20 times faster than a refrigerator. so williams sonoma makes them. that is 39.95. not super inexpensive but totally reusable. they work in champagne flutes or wine glasses. if you have multiple stems. tracy: on way home from work you buy a bottle. you don't wait to chill it. drop it in the glass and you're good to go. >> or at work.
2:42 pm
tracy: or at work. a long day. melissa, before you go we're all going to dinners. we all want to drink something we like. what is the etiquette? do i insult the hostess by saying you should open my bottle? >> if you want to be very safe, bring two of same. i want to experience this wine with you.3 i brought one to have tonight and leave one behind. tracy: i want to try it with you. >> anytime. tracy: i lo would of that. from bottle notes. thanks for being here. >> merry christmas. tracy: you too. ashley: fabulous stuff. time for your tech minute. turn up the volume. volume of customers. apple confirming the deal with china mobile to carry the iphone, iphone 5s and 5c will be available starting on january 17th. china mobile has 760 million customers. it will have 340 ciiies covered by 4 g networks by 2014. analysts estimate that china
2:43 pm
mobile will allow apple to sell anywhere 15 to 20 million more iphones. stiffle nicolaus raising the target price to 650 from 600 for apple. shares up over 5% for the year. they're up today, up 3 1/2%, up close to 570 bucks a share. paying you to switch. that is part of t-mobile's carrier strategy will be unveiled to the consumer electronics show. uncarrier will consist of early termination promotion with t-mobile picking up fee if customers switch carriers. $350 users in credit, trade in existing handsets. credits are earned when they submit the final bill to t-mobile. shares of t-mobile hitting 52-week high. up to 31.80. battle of the bottoms has a winner. they won the round of department of defense's darpa robotic
2:44 pm
challenge. 5'9", 200-pound shak was able to bring significant power to the darpa trials. challenges including opening deers and hoses and cutting part after wall. schaft won 27 out of the possible 32 points. eight of the top teams may receive a million bucks in funding ahead of more trials next year with a 2 million-dollars prize. they will take over the world. just a matter of time, trays tracy. tracy: they can cook dinner at my house all night. christmas is still aways today. skiiindustry has gotten a christmas present, tons of snow. ski resorts are having a good season how that goes. snowfall in the northeast is up dramatically. we've had a bunch here. jeff flock is hitting the slopes and joins us with more. hey, jeff. >> got off the ski lift with rick norton that run as ski
2:45 pm
school at place called swiss lally. feels like we're in switzerland this year. you had early season. a snowy season. great news, right. >> couldn't be any better. it is a wonderful christmas present. >> christmas present, if you see our man on skis up there with the camera he is incredible. you need snow obviously. you know, took a look at the ski stocks. like vail resorts for example, they have done tremendously well. and, it all hinges on the weather, right? >> certainly it does. no different here than what it is out west. no snow, no sliding. >> gotcha. other stock to look at is a stock called zebra technology. they do rfid technology which, whoa, whoa, whoa. last skied in 1986. i have to be careful there. they do rfid technology which they do chips instead of flip
2:46 pm
tag, right. >> out west they do. we still do the lift tag here you betcha. >> here is the other trend, to give you a sense of the trend. these smaller resorts, you say small, how many hills have you got here, rick. >> we advertise 11 runs. we have three chairs and two surface and have 11 runs. >> gotcha. this is good size for me. i don't want too steep of a hill much this tends to be a feeder to the big resorts like the vails. this is where people learn how to ski and in fact, rick, that's what you're b you're about teaching them. now these resorts are starting to buy some of the smaller resorts because these are feeders to them, rights? >> they realize they're feeders. there is very few of us left family. we have lesson going here. >> thank you. appreciate the, head's up. there you go. it is, oh, up close and personal there, on a beautiful day and a beautiful snow season. feels like this lasts up until april, wouldn't you?
2:47 pm
>> we take it into march anyways here. love to be going until april, yeah. >> exactly. whoa. back to you before somebody gets hurt. tracy: jeff flock, god bless you, man. i'm still on the bunny slopes. ashley: not only is jeff great, but the person running camera equally as great. tracy: you're actually rightt3 about that you're right about that. is it loarie? ashley: great stuff. carrying a camera and skiing not an easy thing. tracy: no. ashley: a quarter after the hour. time to look at stocks as we do let's head down to the new york stock exchange. keith bliss among the few that turned up for work this week. keith, surprisingly volume down about 10% on the markets today but we are moving higher. it is this santa claus rally we talk about all the time. >> it's a santa claus rally which officially get as kickoff day after christmas, christmas and new year's. santa claus rally was for told with momentum inside this
2:48 pm
marketplace and we do believe there will be a lot of extra cash sloshing out around there, and other places coming in january. we should see good additions to equity mutual funds in january. we'll have a full-on january effect. my anticipation like most januaries last 20 years. 13 out. last 20 years we had january up. i suspect this january for 2014 will go along the same way. ashley: i think you're right, keith bliss. now that the fed has taken its move, a lot of uncertainty come out as well which is always a good thing. >> absolutely. uncertainty for monetary policy and uncertainty for political process as well as politicians seem to have gotten their act together at least for the time being. ashley: as much as they can. keith bliss, happy holiday season. >> thank you so much. same to you. tracy: do you believe this? you swipe, you pay more. extra charges to pay with a credit card. gerry willis on the benefits to
2:49 pm
american express and mastercard. ashley: we'll tell you which hollywood starlet brings in the bang for the studio's buck. we'll be right back. tñ
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2:52 pm
tracy: tomorrow's business is about to get more expensive. pending a judge's approval merchants will be allowed to implement surcharges or basically swipe fees on credit card and charge card purchases. we want to hear from you. tweet us. will you pay with cash if retailers are allowed to charge more if you use a credit card? it will be at bottom of the
2:53 pm
screen. joining us is with gerry willis. don't they do that at gass3 stations. >> yes they do. 2 to 3% differential. possible merchants across the country, corner coffee shop will decide to charge more if they use a credit card. devil is in the details. i wouldn't be surprised if a lost retailers would hung back and do it? see how much they cut prices over christmas? they're reluctant to charge consumers a lot more. they realize consumers are struggling. ashley: isn't this a bogus fee? it is all computerized. is it added card? >> hard, no, i think you're absolutely right. ashley: completely bogus. >> this is bogus this is 10-year fight actually going on here. and you know, pitted against each other on this thing. the consumers, they're being toll, hey, if you pay with cash we'll cut your price. really? there is lot of suspicion what it really means if it did change pricing. tracy: be interested if it
2:54 pm
changes shopping habits. >> true. tracy: someone across the bottom said i would definitely go to cash. when push comes to shove, i don't always have cash on me. ashley: who wants to carry a lot of cash around? that is not comfortable. >> team what i'm talking about with the target story, now you've got telling argument for not using credit cards. people have gotten addicted to all the rewards on credit cards but reality is, these days, they're bringing that all in. they're not as good as they used to be. tracy: i seem to never get the rewards. am i only one? they never work for me. >> convert them to airline tickets. tracy: seems that way. airline tickets never works for me. never works for me. ashley: you will be getting into i'm sure it night? >> we'll talk about this and target. i'm out ragerred over what has gone on with target. 22 days to tell the public what was going on. 22 days. they wean even the first to find out what was going on. somebody had to tell them. where the ceo? we haven't heard from the chief executive officer from this company, have we?
2:55 pm
tracy: we still don't know why, nothing. gerri willis, 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. tonight on fox business network. thank you, gerri. ashley: ron burgundy could not stop hobbits and dwarfs in the sequel look in $31.5 million over the weekend. "anchorman 2" opened in second place. staying classy, making 26-pointmillion. by the way, who is hollywood's best investment? this young lady here, emma stone. she tops fors list of best actors for the buck, returning $80.70 for each dollar studios paid her. the list is dominated by young actresses mila kunis and jennifer lawrence who was great in "american hhstle." natalie portman also up there in the top-ranked areas. the top-ranked man on the list, duane johnson, all the way down in 6th place. duane johnson. >> i love me some rock but these
2:56 pm
girls are in high school. ashley: they bring in the dollars. tracy: holy toledo. these kids are young. ashley: they are very young. if you were in stocks this year you're probably have a particularly joyous holiday season. will the new year bring a hangover and what can you do to head it off? we'll sit down with blackrock's global chief investment strategist russ koesterich to game it all out for you. liz claman coming up next. don't go away.
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♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody. i'm liz claman. it is the last hour of trading. and so glad you're with me because after today there are just five more sessions for the entire year. what is working today? tech and social media stocks are the gift of choice on this monday starting with apple. the marriage between apple and china mobile, it was finally made official today giving apple a gigantic foothold in china with access to 716 million new subscribers. let's take a look at the stock right now. that means i have to put on my glasses. up three and three-quarters percent, up about 20 points. apple standing of $569. welcome to the s&p 500. investors gave facebook quite a
3:00 pm
hearty handshake of a welcome. reaching out to day as the stock reached an all-time . $58.32. it has pulled back, but inclusion in the s&p 500 means that the social networking site as automatically 1300 mutual funds that need to mirror certain aspects. and 13 exchange-traded funds. they all have to buy facebook. not a surprise that the stock is jumping $2.36. check out the year-over-year 100% gain for facebook. it has been quite the year. of course we all remember the big stumble during the ipo. fought back with good, quality numbers. target, a different story. it's facing all sorts of criticism. there are lawsuits after target announced that credit and debit card information of about 40


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