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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  December 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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thank you. ppy and healthy thanksgiving. >> monday with melissa frances is next. >> i am melissa frances and i have a show for you tonight. all around a special powerful of the best and funniest and liveliest segments we have ever done from your most annoying co-workers to why a shared the decaled brings marital bliss. who is to blame for your workplace blooms a of a the power of negative thinking. if they say that glass is half full they are lying. even if they say it's not, it's always about money. melissa: to your most
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annoying co-worker sandy work with them every day and you just cannot stand them you know, who i mean the one guy who shot across the entire office instead of walking over or though goldman despites thefever or cough never misses a day of work. we take themo task with our corporate coach and communications expert in my very own co-workers. check it out. a melissa:nd to witis yourg most annoying co-worker?e eric i am tried not to be offended that you booked me for this segment. [laughter] >> you are paranoid. [laughter] >> but i picked us sick mortar who comes in so sick they think they are so brave [laughter]
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melissa: dave wanted to look like a hero i am dying. t you tell them that you are so vuable feed need you toet get home and get better as you can come back to be here in full force.what what was the most annoyingt co-worker? >> they barely cover theirered bases. i think sellout talker is tough because you try to dois the assignment and you say ime don't want everyone to know. >> i the guy says several of those descriptions. [laughter] >> of course, not. melissa: i had to walk around i share this with so many don't talk about me but everybody else. [laughter]
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they said politely bring it to their attention that if that doesn't work but then you coordinate withhr everybody else in ur area and yes >> did you should speak lower. >> i seeing slow talkers are far more irritating because said it is so important, i am sorry. what? what?out melissa: you say that quiet whispered? >> to demonstrate to you think they will get the message? >> they cannot keep the natural inclination if they are the of loud talker. >> you just learn word your own town. t [laughter] >> i think gossipy is a hugeuge
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problem and it is toxic.ic >>. melissa: maybe i am wrong but i think the fun gossipce that is not her fault but across the other team across e river but then there is negative gossip where maybe sor they're not so happy with their own situation.a: >> j sometimes it requires cruelty there has to be a main element i had a wonderful dinner at a great restaurant. [laughter] >> it is negative id natures so absolutelyne. >> can i just pointssa: something out? >> there are a of a few of these but the end you have the nitpicker you come up with a huge item but did you have this second cancers only after i have done somethingou think that is
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the way to go? then the time sucker's they s want to have the meeting venue talked and talked nothing is decided that nothing ever >> do you have any solutions ? >> call from my entire career i believe stabbing in the chest. [laughter] that you are taking me off why are you sucking my time? [laughter] >> the person that says dave you get mm e-mail by the way? as if you are the only thing i have to do today said you get the audio response yes i did it i will g to read asl quick as i possibly can. the other who pops into your space all the time. what about the cubicle in greater? >> alligators around a vote?
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[laughter] >> but they are not availae. courted them on line but let them know you are busy you can set your own bndaries a and you need to set them for yourself so don't feel guilty. melissa: or headphones? >> that makes them moret ma because now they have to be seen. [laughter] it is a little bit of a violation to cross into the cubicle. i have an office so i am not susure. [laughter] melissa: there are thoseki people that are mild-mannered on the e-mailet they are really long winded but what does this mean? they say aggressive things the and what you do? would you really have said
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this to me? how do you deal with someone like that? >> they are technology tough guys. face to face with a persone that they have the issue they change their entireire demeanor. don't confront them but haven a nversation so let's talk about the issue that you brought >> huang e males are far worse. [laughter] >> just abbey in the front. [laughter]phs at six or eight paragraphs e-mail. >> but with technology the ip of van winkle those that don't adapt to current technology there are certain things and it is time to adapt. come on. melissa: is the key tt a happy marriage a shared bank account?
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melissa: forget love or communication as key to a hay marriage. what keeps you together is the most corruptive thing out there. "money." those that share bank account our happier than those that don't. we asked our psychologist and veronica and celebrities and watch what they said. melissa: what do you think? >> would have to percent happier i pulled my money. he has much more than i do. [laughter] now i am doing okay but it ou is one less thing to fight over out of the question because couples fight about money and power if you haveing separate bank accounts who
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pays for dinner? the food this week? melissa: people say if thisers is the pool then they'd know who is the big spender you do this or that. thi >> look at the study there is a lot of selection bias p they were woing with couples cool pool the theyther are more interested in a trust each other's of course, it will show theythey are happier but a lot of people who do have issues with money and it is the bane of many. marriages.d melissa: i wonder why if they keep it separate because they have one flight out the door? so it is easier so it is so selecting those who pool already think about staying together. >> i thank you are right if ri you think about a divorceou you thinkt to walk away you are buildingld your secret
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next day toward getting walk out to pay for aor lawyer or whatever else that you need. melissa: but half of everything is everyone>> i else's. >> i want to qualify. my mother said you always have to have your own.e. which my husband does notg agree with that all. i used to take cash a and hide it away this way i doy not have to ask him for money. i hate to that. it is my money. i don't have the atm.n at melissa: you do not even have the atm card? >> he has most of the money. >> but then the cash stocks.
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>> it should be transparency tuesday i have my account and you have your account to pool in e middle for youhat have to have a little bit of privacy. thi melissa: then you fight wt and comes out of the edge joint account? i do this but that comes outy of that account? >> of course people fight with you have the marriage is about communication and to work those issues and then you compromise.g >> but it takes the pressure off if you go to a wedding ii want to spend 300 you want to spend 500 why are we even d arguing? i amn charge to buy the gas for the family it comes out ofe one big accounting and i will do that. melissa: you have to have the cfo one person who is responsible to keep track of are everytng.amil
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>> to is that in most families?er t >> women. it >> knocked out my house.t >> because women are wiser what to do. melissa: are you the cfo at l your house? >>o. >> that is another reason why because if you get a divorce you will be close less. >> my husband said a lot of women are in trouble becausene. they don't have a stash of money. >> that sounds obscene. [laughter] >> financially.k melissa: if one person makes sid the money and controls of. ba isn't it lopsided with per?ll >> if one person makes all>> a
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the money and pays the bills melissa: even if you say do what ever you want the power is there. >> when it had presented their partners because of that that could cause a divorce but if someone does make all the money and with will you findill something else? melissa: a lot of women each have to ve their own separate account.s that is the society we are in. what you think abouthat? >> my mother what happens to the old saying what his is mine and what mine i mine. i melissa: i don't think so. think we are pass that. >> with independence that should be within therela confines.nd melissa: that mak no sense >> you have a good jointt -- dekalb but maybe 5% of each in, you can spend without
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checking with the other person. melissa: now that starts to make sense. that is how networks in my house. so far so good. have come a long way baby. who says we cannot have that all? the former burberry ceo and she says it is impossible. a new study says the negative mind-set may actually give you the advantage. you have to hear why. can you ever have too much ney?
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melissa: and arguably one of the most important questions of our time can women have that all? for merges burberry ceo does not think so here is what she said with the london
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times before taking a new job atapple. >> balances the big board one of the most important parts of my job you cannot have all. naturally be needed our favorites to weigh in on this. brace yourself. >> is this the truth? are they fighting words? [laughter] befo you get in troub and. >> let the ladies go first. >> she has a really intelligent and thoughtful point. she is living this the ceo wi three children andaid husband and she says here isur b our high rank responsibilities wife and mother first and ceo second what she gets right t is you can have it all but notst n all out one time. moment to moment he cannot be a great wife the andnd mother at the same time you you make executive decisions in@
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the boardroom. melissa: i love what she h to say that i read her bio who is she kidding? sh has all. fashionable, she gets up at 430 in the morning eve day. what is she talking about? >> she has the 18 hour day but i will compartmentalize my life but you can achieve that level o success is. >> thais where y cannot have all. >> the three women who you do have a albrightere. but she focuses onbalance the most important word. having it all is the myth. ben do not have all we all a have to make a level of sacrifice period it is simplistic or nicaean kids a
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fall to say it is the destination. >> the key word is bance.itie which is absolutely critical to us succsful career they in full for all of that sometimes the priorities get out of whack i took the last week of august off i was so tired and burned down i fell asleep.rg [laughter] d no reflection but i said iata vacation to check into ground myself did reconnect with my fiancee and my family. you have to say you are not a machine you cannot be a perfect mother and wife all the time. >> some of us are very critic. i am not there for my children. you feel guilty all the time.
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there has to be give-and-take.tere she put herself out thereng that we always examined her life to say are you kidding me? you cannot have become the ceo without missing a activities she says wife and mother first but i don't know that i believe that the then michelle steinbersaysr leading in and leave the office at five but what do you dowh when you get home? are you on the black perry? people put themselves out there then be a tax. >> then they have helped. >> now i will lock gun the eggshells. [laughter] she did say something that is not totally honest but you can tell she doesn't exa follow her own example. you cannot say as the ceo is
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more important to be a mother first. that is very hard too reconcile because in theory it is the most important job but if you are female surgeon but are you a mother first? no. you are a surgeon first we have t come to a point to is okay to keas sacrifices as long as the end justifies the mes. melissa: during the day she is the ceo first? >> est.hat >> that was my point moment to moment the priorities shift. also we are focused solely women.n. we don't talk about of mail ceo what is there workife balance?ba how are they dividing their day? >> they don't expect to have balance but without regeneration the man loves balance.
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but now with oureneration they want more. >> but its almost more is acptable to say to read tohat my kids' classrooms and on an is it easier for us? you are totally rits because the expectation is of course, the mother's first obligation is to her children issues successfullyfull feels she can go to work she wi then somebody will help if she has accomplished athe workplace undersnds for though woman. melissa: is that true?epe >> it depends. with law firms they expect men have the work life so alloc ceos what you saveno affect the stock you know,
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what the shareholders to question what do you mean? melissa: she says i only work one night per ek. that is part of her job she is a fashion company to be out there to get people to wear her brand. i that is a great point that burberry shareholders are not happy to readhat article. melissa: now apple shareholders don't mind either. looking on the bright side may not be as productive as to be the donor. experts say negative thinking could be better for business. tell me what you think. in case you did not know why you are miserable out work. not because you are overloaded that your boss a nightmare. ♪
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melissa: you here look on the bright side but you may be more succeful if you focus on feeling. a study shows it could be a positive. do you bite it? we ask your favorite panelist to wait and.on -- way in. >> this is really interesting and they we're
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doing darts that if ulike anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong youom compensate.yo you are the doctor.ou >> is a risk assessment. instead of thking i know it will get done because i think it to look at what can go wrong so you prepareours yourself it is the adrenaline word it kicks up when you have that kind of thinking. melissa: but denis envisions p his next answer will be fantastic he steadies his answer that you thought this would be the smartest? the no pressure. >> first of all, people throwing darts and drawing a numbers in sequence does not equate to the same as success in business. this story really says if you are negative and pessimisti positive thoughts don't help but if
5:35 pm
you are positive and upbeat negative thought does not capitalism often i am motivated by a fear of failure and insecurity but i am upbeat and positive person. melissa: i love that about you. [laughter] >> i agree. i a combination of both. on the negative side therein is the line where bain said victory has the feat did you. you can beme complacent if you think things will go well you need to evaluate the possible negativeco outcome to build a strategy around those. melissa: a different studyf said 80 percent of the co is an optimist but the cfo was say pessimistic mindset whatt c could go wrong. i think that goes into your role if you are the anchor
5:36 pm
man you have the optimisticyou you have the producer looking for every pitfall and fixing it before the bottom falls out. >> that is why you have theav ceo and a cfo to bance one melissa: so denis you say define who you are to play s to that strength. >> so you want to be the upbeat person 37% more tha pessimistic has sold run that screen there areer negative thinkers through the ages a there is cassandra she knew the world was in the but nobody could believe her. [lauter] melissa: she was right? >> murphy's law whenever could go wrong. >> i know that too well. >> also the one predictingow
5:37 pm
the meltdown but never made money personally and did not get rich they do have another making hundreds off millions of dollars by investments in. melissa: but did dints hap gabriela pdict those small towns? you always love forhe next disaster. >> if you look you will find it. >> youet cannot just be into that mind set.u g if you get too relaxed to have to have the adrenaline and look where things may go m wrong and to find the common t ground to have the upbeat attitude but don't take anything for granted. melissa: but you are theto doctor of sport psychology you envision yourselfth hitting the ball and givinghe the perfect speech that you don't think about you may
5:38 pm
drop your papers or spill coffee or dat you have to focus or visualize yourself. >> that does work but there is a step before that preparing as much as possible. i tell my medical studentson don't worry about the test as long as you prepare bloc began to do your best. >> of the people ofe p peimistic people whichple would you rather have at your company? of bunch of whiners who are negative?an llord. gerri: people who are happy with wha they are doing? i melissa: but i want oneor pessimist who will look what will go wrong who anticipates the disaster toe make sure. there is a role for that t person on every ship ore company. by the way are you considered the optimist?
5:39 pm
>> as much as insiderel myself at the end of the day am preparin a proposal for a new client i am distressed and anxious and what could possibly go wrong? and it works for me. but i do start with the belief that i could get the client so you have to start that is more optimism comes in but then beealistic. melissa: after that i will never booked at positive thinking the sameay again. if you think too much work is why you hate your job it comes down to your boss. the inside scoop to deal with the one that you hate. targeting those job seekers with the checkered past rolling al the carpet to those with the past. ♪
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the. melissa: you might not realize it but your boss is to blame for your work ays blues. reduce study says it is not too much work but a bad boss in the talks said working fire and it tha is the main reason for workplace depression. we went to our best.y
5:44 pm
i really believe is is stu true. this study takes all the way but it has nothing to do with your workload but all the about the tone from fatah. you are my happy warrior. you agree? w >> i am so happy here at fox business.ea [laughter]h. they are amazing. s melissa: we areo havi fun so that does say something about the work environment.ptim >> at fox news and foxome business is the optimistic environment coming from the top but i have word in the environments with a psychotic boss forwhes those whe not to survey and thele general sense of injustice that makes for a terrible environment and these psychotic co-workers. melissa: it is a managementan style i have worked in the
5:45 pm
plays to pit people against each other that fear vs. .eward mechanism >> how successful? melissa: terrible.yon it was tough to make anybody can be the ceo or the boss env but that you peekskill that motivates people and they want to be iolved. i agree. s work is positive.a melissa: they say if you are in the environment you look aa a stack of papers but you are just so overwhelmed.erwh >> what is worse is the inconsistency. if he treats your co-worker great and they produced less and you are treated like crap you feel there is theed injustice but it goes to the corporate culture whher two orlt 200 it is the boss a and you have to motivate and
5:46 pm
inspire your workers. i love to be busy or i love to have a lot on my plate. >> i have several bosses ineral my life. [laughter] they are all fantastic. melissa: there has to beas some situations that fair -- pure mentality works.lac like the trading desk?y so many e driven that way?ne no? tra >> not reay. it is not my experience. >> it is confusing with it beautiful blondes. [laughter] >> rethink work as being a hard but it gives you the self-esteem or confidencehat that when you have a bad boss imakes it difficult i am not surprised. melissa: apparently when you get older were keenest -- o
5:47 pm
nine at the 1050 or older are satisfied. are they just desperate th laugh . 1 [laughter] >> in certain cases you have built eight based little mistake figure it'll have to work here d you want to. melissa: nobody has any money in this economy. w >> there may be something where is your 20s and 30's and '40's and 50's and i on the corporate ladder and very driven but now you have achieved what you will so that pressure is off. >> i agree. you are out of the rac not pursuing directed becausevely during retired into enjoying your job with decades youersp have a perspective to as tocess
5:48 pm
why you should be happy but not feel that you always tryi t to climb over somebody. that is a nice point of wa leisure. >> they want to be valued and field value but they contribute like they are a part of something even if it is flipping burgers. melissa: why do appreciate that at 50 the and when you or your under? >> yourself a sense-- -- sense of self. you are more comfortable. melissa: you don't think, i agree but it is my job to be the devil's advocate you don't thk they have given up? because they are resigned this is the best that i will do and with this the economy there is no hopeful chance you for mobility. ahe maybe if you were younker but now you think it is overrkin >> by and large you were
5:49 pm
working because you want to. >> all work has value no. matter what you do. hap you can succeed. >> some the happiest people are though wal-mart greeters.d t i am serious. they're retired, still paid paid, they greet you with a smile you can say that is aut their job but there isbsol authenticities. >> absolutely>>. they are happy to be there. >> think of how many people get to a point to leave the the work force then a comeback? l because they underandbe there is a lot of benefits. you feel more productive and valued and that comes with a perspective of >> and t cnection of older workers going for the>> good bosses? >> when they retire then find themselves that, then go back. [laughter]
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melissa: if you have a criminal pasttarget could be the place to look because now they will not ask if you have beeconvicted of a crime on the initial job
5:54 pm
application. they are not the only one an unbelievable 10 states and 51 cities have signed some a version of this into law it has a lot of people fired up one of the most fiery talks ever and of course, denis neil who was ready to go. >> you are bad? >> this is now the new politically correct cause of libels everywhe t's pass a lot to tell companies that they're not allowed tonce, ask applicants at first glance had he been convicted? why don't you let theem, companies figure that out? it sued bmw and dollar general because they used as screening programs to say the impact is racist and while the intent is not it is the impact that is.
5:55 pm
then your policies are not. >> no one would ever accusest me to be a liberal but oneh added four american adultser either have the arrest record or conviction. melissa: they are not screened out. what if it was a kid who got bust for a kid busted for dru at the early age? >> then let the company havea: thought exception a.>> >> absolutely right. but to say if you have a criminal background your problem it has to be related to what you are interested for if you were busted to have a joint now you want to wh be a cashier why is that her it? >> the employer can say it has nothing to do with that.
5:56 pm
>> the ason has to be another reason. >> i used to practice divorce lot it makes the person go crazy.disp if there is a domesticng dispute that is the only person on the record i am sorry i will give them slack melissa: i have the right to know if they have robbed a bank? that is the target isey'r talking about the idea they will not check? >> but they could find outom t not that they cannot po consider it at all but the bottom line is with thee african american males with in the criminal-justice system is a neutral way.ob i
5:57 pm
>> i do not buy that at all. it is not a bright day get to choose who they have in their store working for them >> there is something about this government is always so well intended because nowie thes companies are nota, allowed id minnesota to ask. if >> thatis not true. >> and then what date will and ppen they will find that i was convicted then dash mys dreams and not n hire me. tak >> it has to be fact sensitive you just make this too simplistic. at they are only say we will abased look as the candidate becomes serious they have every right.kno melissa: and then why up front? >> because the company isgu
5:58 pm
intelligent enough figure how to handle that one should government tell them to lst thabad behavior? melissa: why should minimum ge lome in to >> it requires minimum wage laws and overtime laws andagai that we don't discriminate. >> where is discrimination because they want a person has been arrested? if they are convicted. >> has a disparaging effect. >> even not the disparate impact it you want people toople come out of jail never to work again? then they get what about those to be a functioning in society?en >> y were eight not on n entitlements any other issue but now you cannot use it foyour side.
5:59 pm
don't youg realize government m is telling us at to do more and more and mor? go they are in our face you you have to not just heuran insurance but this insurance. pretty soon they will tell us about the left leg before the right leg just let the>> business brief ando what itoes best. melissa: and a bet. >> you are being so idealistic.pen. about will never happen. one little box on the -- application. e >> it screens people out who never get a chance. >> but there are jobs for those who have never ben arrested or convicted of a crime. melissa: clearly some heat we will have to revisit that soon. that is all of the special monday talker show.
6:00 pm
be sure to watch every day 5:00 p.m. we always bring that he to. have a great holiday. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. welcome to a special edition of "the willis report." over the next hour we're bringing awe users guide to taxes as 2013 wraps up. we'll be drilling down on all the changes and telling you what you need to know with some concrete strategies. for a look what to do to make sure you don't pay more than you should, i'm joined by dominic sevila, president of personal wealth advisors. dominic, great to have you herek >> thank you. gerri: before we get intou solutions, let's talk


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