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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 26, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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arrive on time. elizabeth macdonald has latest in what happened. cheryl: strata had a agent on how to market your home to the fastest growing group of foreign buyers come into this country. adam: may want to stick around for store that will cause you to think again before you make the electric car purchase. first, stocks hitting record highs. lauren simonetti watching it a all, and we are near the highs of the day, or are we pass them? lauren: good afternoon. we are just smooth sailing now six days in a row. we have not seen a long since march. volume of course is very light. there are two answers everyone's stock declining, so the market is very positive. report initial jobless claims
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falling more than expected, that is good news. the first time in three weeks, we will take it. the vix is down. the fear in the marketplace is down 12% in the month of december. and i twitter again because thik is on such fantastic and phenomenal run. you asked me a couple of minutes ago why isstwitter going up so much? an analyst said earlier this week investors are betting aggressively on twitter being the next great media technology platform. back to you. adam: lauren simonetti, thank you for answering that question. cheryl: there you go. christmas is coming late for millions of people who are depending on ups and fedex. bad weather come overwhelming
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volume being lamed, but once the in time for christmas guys for these companies, liz macdonald has the bottom line. >> interesting story. ups is saying all personnel are working hard to make deliveries, really is the air delivery packages exceeded their capacity to make those deliveries on-time. they do apologize nearly all the packages will be delivered by tomorrow. we're already seeing the states affected, nearly a dozen states. candace, california, georgia, alabama, we're hearing scattered reports of people getting their deliveries not by christmas day. we do not yet know how many people are affected, but let's show what fedex is saying. is essentially no major service
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disruptions, isolated incident that every single package is important to us, it will work directly to make these deliveries. amazon also out this statent ellayi throcsed e spmen onime teir enand ey a revwinghe perfmancof t delery caiers adamit iintestinlookt h the setup, fedex has more aircraft and ups but ups has more on the ground road delivery vehicles and could there have been some snafu for ups? >> such an important point you're bringing up because there was a report out saying essentially if you're going to ship something by ground, do your shopping by certain time. one day by december 11. if you do your shopping online after december 11, delivering it by ground, maybe difficulties getting it to the recipients especially if there is a weather problem.
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>> they have been expanding those. part of the problem. our member went in and said i need to ship to texas. they said we can estimate a delivery, but if you want to guarantee it, it is an extra $100. it is a money making opportunity. >> interesting to get there by a certain date. amazon out with $20 base we e-mailing 20 gift certificates and moving to refund. i think going forward people closely story, there may be more refunds coming. adam: disappointing for several retailers, many are expecting christmas sales to be stronger. founder and ceo joins us now.
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we welcome you to fox business market now. we all had doubts on the national retail federation said we would have 3.9% increase this year over last year. >> 60 to 70% off, i did not see that. by christmas day, only about 70% have gotten their shopping done. holding out until the very end. adam: i want to get you regarding your list of retail winners and losers, but i have seen in the buildup to christmas for instance banana republic offering 40% to 50% off. now some as high as 50%. a luggage store 80%, at what point does that say to the consumer i am paying too much, have to drop your praises year-round?
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>> they can say they have these, they have to move the merchandise, the stores are full of merchandise, so it is pretty similar to that. but here's a big problem this year. christmas fell on a wednesday. more stay home the weekend before christmas because they could not take two days off. they kept christmas day off. taking off tomorrow and the weekend, last year we had more business after christmas, this year more shoppers before christmas. it won't be nearly as big of a week as retailers had hoped. adam: one thing retailers have to do is keep their core customer base. something like is that over 50% some have come back the store to be successful. who was actually able to do that this year? >> like to keep 70% of your customers at home every year. only three retailers did that.
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walmart, dollar tree, target, they kept 72% at home. the devastating thing is both costco and barnes & noble cap half at home and toys "r" us 53%. please arrest has to have a great christmas to be viable. this paper in question how strong toys "r" us will be going forward. adam: a question also about barnes & noble. these are the only contract right? >> they are struggling because of all of the e-books everything else. also because of the growth of online category for books. the big shocker for me, this is the first time in five years amazon did not make the top five. with its 1% came back this year compared to previous years, and best buy only half a point away from being in the bottom five. you can see a shift in retail
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particularly when you see best buy near the bottom five and amazon is not in the top five. adam: let's talk about those who shop online. number of hits amazon receives over anybody else is astronomical. they are juggernaut that cannot be stopped. stoppedare. >> yes and no. last year it was 40%. bless your customers with online spend about half of their budget online. this year consumer spent about 34th of their budget online. the online customers spend more, but actually lost a couple of points. what amazon has to be worried about is more and more consumers are demanding free shipping. as more consumers demand free shipping, handling, that puts a crunch on amazon because they advertise online, but only handle themselves. not your partners, so to speak. adam: by the end of december 14,
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amazon has 203 million hits whereas the next closest was walmart with almost 60 million visitors to the site. which is why i was asking about amazon. talk about free shipping. amazon prime free pay for that. we'll all them have to go to model where we pray them for yearly rights to ship? you cannot ship for free and so make a profit. >> that is a problem have had. the consumers begin to expect that where they pull back. there has to be some program by which retailers can offer. we're trying to do that on cyber monday, but that was a limited number of retailers. going forward the online guys got a deal with this really big monkey on the back with all the free shipping charges. that is wha with a have to deal with. you will see amazon or other people are doing to pay a fee and get the discount all year long. that is what will happen long-term.
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adam: thank you for joining us. we're hoping for some information. adam: t-mobile shares edging up to a new high as softbank is reportedly in talks to acquire the carrier in a deal that could be valued $20 billion deal. softbank acquired a majority stake in the company having the t-mobile deal. the ceo met with multiple bankers to discuss financing. if it goes through, and help boost softbank the number two mobile carrier by revenue going past u.s. giant verizon and at&t. adam: blackberry shares are falling as one of the cofounders is cutting his stake in the company. they reduce their stake in the smartphone maker from 8% to less than 5%. also disclosed he is no longer planning to pursue a bid to acquire blackberry.
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cheryl: the cost of mailing a letter is going to get a little bit more expensive next year. government regulators approved an increase in postage. but in a costly stamp $0.249. an attempt to help recover losses and should not last longer than two years. consumers able to have the forever stamps. until january 26. adam: it is cold outside, especially in parts of maine and michigan were power has been out for several days due to snow and ice. therefore cap next. cheryl: a surgeon last minute sign-ups. rich edson will be developing that story coming up. adam: take a look atthow metals are faring before we had to break. ♪
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cheryl: hundreds of thousands of people are still without power from last weekend storm and a new storm could cause setbacks as workers try to restore that power. martinez has the details. so how are things looking today? it has been kind of up and down across the country. >> thank you. yes, absolutely has, temperatures have started to rise along the i-95 corridor from washington, d.c. they will be up in the low 40s to mid 40s today. however it is still a little chilly around maine last couple of days, that is why it is taking so long to restore power. the ice has not been able to melt with the extreme cold. we also have a disturbance moving across the great lakes advancing toward new england spreading quite a bit of snow. you can see this little area right here is the snow across portions of new york into northern new england. if this area of low pressure beginning to form east of the
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jersey coast rising up into maine to produce three to 6 inches of snow tonight. most of this will be a nuisance snow across internet are these best but quite a bit of snow in maine and already keeping an eye on another system for in due form in texas this eekend, that system is going to move over toward the eastern seaboard threatening mainly just rain because of texas. as it gets into the colder air in northern england it will produce quite a bit of snow so theikind of get another hit. cheryl: thank you, appreciate it. adam: baxley floor of the new york stock exchange, watch the dow up over 90 points right now. keeping an eye on some of the banks. lauren: if you look at the sectors would like to watch, nine of 10 of them are in the green right now. the banks are higher, but just buy a little bit, and a lot of
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banks have red arrows. i am pointing them out because they hit new highs today but have since come back down a little bit. another thing to point out is if you look at the etf versus the broader market versus the s&p s&p 500, the banks have done better than the s&p 500 this year. for the second year in a row, haven't seen that since 2003. they are both up about 33% and 29%, silly banks to a little bit better. just not today. back to you. cheryl: thank you. rich edson live in washington with the latest. it is the website, can it handle the amount of last-minute traffic the administration is expecting? >> they can handle about 50,000 at a time. last week they're getting 60,000 or more from people in line, that is what i keep extending
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the deadline. the administration says it is sticking to its deadline, it is simply accommodating those who may have had difficulty logging on because of heavy website traffic. the administration ridgway said americans have until december 17 to sign up and officials pushed back that headline the 23rd, than an ounce of who had at least log onto the website previously had until the end of christmas eve. now the administration says is allowing shoppers to enroll still and possibly have coverage on new year's day sang as you might have run into delays caused by heavy traffic, maintenance or other issues that prevented you from finishing the process on time, it is happened you, don't worry, we still may be able to help you get covered as soon as january. generally begins an election year. the continued rollout of obamacare couldn't control who
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has control of congress in 2015. >> if there's a slew of problems, it will be a very difficult election night for democrats. if the worst of the problems are behind us and the formal care act starts to work a fairly effective way, that will create a real challenge for republicans who have staked a lot on the failure of this program. >> republicans have to pick up 6 seats and there are six traditionally democratic states. cheryl: if you are a republican right running for office or reelection, the best advice is don't say anything. >> see how it does play out. we had an analyst saying you need 7 million by march and looks like they will have or million. adam: 2014, will the year we see a busy decline in the chinese economy, china forecasting better than economic growth, but
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predicting doom and gloom for beijing. adam: the chinese may want to buy your home. how to make your home more appealing to an increased number of foreign buyers. the chinese are looking at u.s. real estate. we will be right back. this is the quicksilver cash back card fromapital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up forewards each quarter" card. it's the no-mes, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. thiss the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere,
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easy, if it is furnished, comes furnished it is great. -@something that is, you know, again it is a safe haven for them. we'll see a lot more coming in the next year or so. cheryl: safe haven for them but what about the financing? are there financing issues when you have the chinese buyers coming in or are they strictly doing all-cash deals? >> most of the deals are cash deals. some of them do have financing available to them, especially with great banking relationships. keep in mind that 90% of the chinese luxury good purchases are happening outside of the u.s. a lot of that is with brick-and-mortar. that is one of these things, cash is going out of the country. as they're making it and the wealth that is occurring in china is just at an unbelievable pace. it is currently home to the second most billionaires after the u.s. and the billionaires in china tend to be kind of younger
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the millionaires to be younger skew than other countries. youth with money, new money, and taking it out of the country and real estate is a great place to invest it. cheryl: of course. you're active in l.a. and i hear the same story is happening here in new york. i was looking at research from a consulting firm, $5.89 billion in projects announced between january and october. that is six times the amount prove projects announced in 2011. that figure was actually stunning to me but do you think that that pace can keep up for 2014? i'm sure you have a lot of your clients coming to you saying, hey, loo fding oveeas buy. prce wl bette ati th.s.kssu, a tt stf,re yu gtin tha momeum? > wl tre i defitel a lotf thmomeum bt viouy asupp srts hitng te mart. ghtowe d't he ao of suly. lot o new cstrution i
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starng t occur. the new construction that occurs will be the stuff that gets kind of purchased first and it is just a question of how much. i always warn sellers, don't buyer that will bay you 20 or 30%. do all of your underwriting based on smart investment, underwrite it properly, understand supply hitting the market and you should be okay but there is definitely a lot coming on the market. cheryl: just in general because obviously you're doiig so many u.s.-based deals as well. are you finding with interest rates tick up and fed taper beginning for january, interest rates will tick up a little bit, are you worried that will actually hurt the pace of deals, especially for your company, the agency, which you just founded within the last two years? >> i think that within the long-term, i think if interest rates continue to pick up that certainly could create a little bit of a slowdown in sales. however generally speaking when we start seeing a little bit of that early, in the short term
1:28 pm
you see a lot of people jump into the market to get that last bid especially if it starts trending upwards. so you know, yet to be seen but hopefully it continues. cheryl: what is the hottest house you're selling in l.a.? >> oh, my god, we've got a few of them. i would say 1201 laurel way, an amazing hot house and we're really excited about the carlyle residences, condominiums as well as mandarin in las vegas. cheryl: well, you've got a lot going on in l.a. it's a hot market. hopefully it will not slow down. thank you,. >> thank you, cheryl. adam: coming up in the next half hour, detroit auto plants are shutting down for extended periods this holiday season but jeff flock is explaining why it is good news for general motors and shareholders who have ford stock. cheryl: before you buy an electric car you need to stick around for a story that may try
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you to buy a gas-powered vehicle. adam: stocks hitting new records on this day after christmas. should you pull some of your cash off the table? our market mavens are ahead. cheryl: we'll look up who is up, who is down over at dow. exxon, home depot, microsoft are leaders by percentages. ♪ you make a great team. it's been that way since e day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil fodaily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe re confide in your ability to be ready. and the same alis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.
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adam: this is the kind of breaking news we love to talk about the dow hitting a new all-time high. we'll go to the floor of the new york stock exchange and lauren simonetti takes it from there. >> adam i want to see 16,500 but right now 16,468. that is all-time record high, 16 in a row for the blue-chips. there are three trading days in 2013, thinking about that is kind of scary, right? broader market, s&p is at a new high, this market to the upside and on auto pilot. i was talking to ben willis. this will be interesting if we have less volume on tuesday, one of the lowest volume trading days which was half a day. that is how low volume is. look at tesla shares in january. this stock was about $33. take a look at it now.
1:33 pm
156 and change, up more than 3% today. up more than 20% this month. when ford and toyota for instance are down in the month of december, it's a winner up 360% this year. adam: lauren simonetti, my brother would say you're right, tesla is a winner. he has got one. he loves it. >> cool car. cheryl: people love those cars. adam: they do love the cars, they're gung-ho about them those that have them. thank you, lauren. cheryl: so should investors keep on riding this rally or is it maybe time to start pulling back evaluate what you want to do for 2014? mark luschini, chief investment strategist at january any montgomery scott. i do want to ask you, mark, today here we go again. we'll close another session, another record close for the dow, another record close for the s&p. are you worried if the retail investor still continues to jump in, at what point is that play over? what does that mean for next year, especially the first quarter? >> i host a similar concern you
1:34 pm
expressed, cheryl, in terms of order of magnitude we experienced in equity prices this year. we're north of 30% year-to-date. obviously it is a seasonal time why equities will typically rally at this point between christmas and new year's holiday. lack of market pam pants it doesn't take much to push equity prices around. the clearly path of least resistance for prices to drift higher. we'll know more after the holiday season and market participants go back to their desk. nonetheless it is certainly welcome but a bit disconcerting we continue to climb on valuations expanding and we don't yet fully know what earnings will look like here for the fourth quarter. cheryl: exactly. >> that will be telling. >> exactly. also too, again as we're looking for numbers and setting a new all-time high intraday for the dow, may close there, et cetera, et cetera, you have to wonder at what point are earnings going to be able to support the numbers that we're seeing and
1:35 pm
valuations. bond went by the wayside in 2013. equities was really place to go. maybe commodities if you look at thatside. at the same time you do have to worry when we get first quarter numbers and or fourth quarter, excuse me, that companies will tell us, look, there were issues in the economy. this is impacting business. you're worried there will be a massive selloff in january. >> we're certainly due for one. it would not be a natural, would probably be quite healthy if we get a bit of a reset on equity prices so we could restore better valuations in the marketplace but i think you're right. i think what we'll want to hear that companies are more optimistic about how things look in 2014. so far preannouncements come out by companies who are letting investors over the wall in terms of what things might look like have been mostly biased to the negative. so you know, the multiple expansion really a driver for equity prices this year is unlikely to be repeated in our view in 2014. therefore it is going to really
1:36 pm
require much better earnings growth to support valuations and be again the catalyst for higher equity prices next year. >> you're still looking for positive returns for 2014. you're just scaling back those returns, correct? >> most definitely. cheryl: what is your target for s&p for next year? >> our base case target is 1920 and we're borrowing some of that as we speak. cheryl: great. you're getting close to it as well. let me ask you this, another big story of 2013 was the fact that many hedge fund investors actually did not make the returns that did general equity investors made. tough wonder if that money is also moving out of the market. that is one question i want to ask you. i want to get your thoughts overall on bonds for 2014 and if you're buying your clients a little bit to get into bond. >> sure. well on the former i think that is a potential catalyst for higher equity prices is the fact that so many hedge funds are on the sideline waiting for a correction that didn't come to pass or two, had performance
1:37 pm
that lagged considerably the returns of being long heavy only equity investor in the s&p 500 index. so that, i think pension fund reallocation could be another source of monies into the equity markets driving prices higher. as it relates to bond in 2014 our view is that on the back of better earnings or that is economic growth next year, which we think we'll see, we're going to see further pressure on bond prices and likely yields drifting higher. as a consequence we could in fact repeat what we had in 2013 and 2014. that is to say another year which bond indices report a negative total return. cheryl: what about employment situation, narc. this is from the a smartest people in the room can not seem to agree what the labor m the e. consumer spend something 70% of the economy. if jobs don't come back or we had a guest say that we'll have
1:38 pm
service sector jobs created in 2014. that is low-paying jobs and bartenders and waitresses getting gigs and maids at holiday in and we're not getting jobs created. will that be a issue for the stock market? >> certainly an issue as you said. consumer spend something the majority driver for economic activity. you have to look with will be the source for consumer spending. we had massive deleveraging that has to come through wage growth or job growth. since we haven't seen wage growth year l year-over-year basis you have to make up for it in volume which is much more job growth european lower paying jobs in the services industry. we expect that to occur in 2014. we're averaging 200,000 a month over the last four months. ultimately the key to a self-sustaining economic expansion and certainly going to be the focus of the fed and janet yellen is again that pace of job growth and what kind of quality of jobs are being created for them to continue
1:39 pm
down this path of tapering their bond-buying regime and ultimately restore the fed fund rate to some normal level. cheryl: right which we haven't seen in what five years now we're sitting on? >> right. cheryl: mark, thank you very much. great to have you the day after christmas. hope you had a nice holiday. >> thank you. adam: stocks had a nice run this year but you can't actually say that for municipal bond. muni debt is down more than 2 1/2% after a gain of nearly 7% from a year ago according to barclays. it is the worst year for municipal bond in 1994 when interest rates spiked. fears of fed tapering and headlines from puerto rico contributed to the bond market's weakness. cheryl: competent getting a forecast for space? find out why tracking storms? the stratosphere is very important for business. adam: china averting a credit crisis, at least in the short term. straight ahead gordon chang on why the country's issues are reaching a boiling point. ♪
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1:42 pm
the suit seeks class-action status for 3,000 people who hold those shares. a federal judge rejected bp's argument that businesses seeking to recover money from the gulf of mexico oil spill should provide proof that their losses were caused by the disaster. a settlement agreement says certain businesses could be presumed to have suffered harm if their losses reflected certain patterns. sony and panasonic reportedly ended a development venture to make big and ultrashin televisions. the companies were working on organic light-emitting diode tv screens. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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adam: china avert ad credit crisis early this week but is it sign of greater fiscal catastrophe on the horizon? gordon chang is on coming
1:44 pm
collapse of china and believes the real trouble is still to come. gordon, a pleasure to talk with you. i will challenge you today. we had you on several times talking about the coming collapse of china and it hasn't happened yet. we saw the credit market start to freeze up. but once again the government with lots of cash came in and liquidity restored. >> yeah, but this is not a good sign. we have to remember what the people's bank of china, the central bank was trying to do. they were trying to tighten liquidity to avoid a debt crisis. with soaring rates, they had to reverse the process and inject liquidity and the problem with china credit is growing at 20 to 30% a year. so the problem is critical. they can not deal with their most important economic problem. that's not a good sign. adam: let's talk about what this means for us. we won't get into too many nuances for china. 1.3 billion people, millions bought wealth management products which is part of the
1:45 pm
shadow banking system. that is essentially what the government is propping up when they inject cash in. if that falls people get wiped out, average chinese investors. what happens in the united states if that date comes? >> the shadow banking crisis is a real problem because amount of shadow banking assets is increased 40%. this is unregulated stuff esppcially risky. essentially they have short term liability the and long term assets which is a classic mismatch. the problem for us, chinese economy fails people here will panic. they shouldn't panic because their problems are really peculiar. nonetheless the psychology right now, everyone here thinks we depend on china. we really don't. it is more the other way around. if we understood what was going on they could fail and it wouldn't hurt us too much. adam: the government is failing one, that banks don't have kinds of reserves they need. the loans they made have no real assets underlying them. that is the part of the shadow banking problem. but there is also inflation, is it not, really hurting the
1:46 pm
average chinese citizen? >> the inflation is probably much higher than the chinese government says. right now that will not be the critical problem. the critical problem is debt n 2007, for every new dollar of credit they created3 cents of growth. that number plummeted to 17 cents beginning of this year. now it is a probably a dime. which means they don't have the economic growth to pay back the debt. this is debt crisis that is inevitable. adam: the debt to pay back themselves. >> right. adam: the debt is taking on average investor for wealth management vehicles. regional government sells land to raise money to a developer who builds a project nobody buys except for local investors who then buy the debt that the government's issuing. >> this is not argentina. this is not a foreign currency debt problem but you can have a really big crisis internally. china right now has that. its debt skyrocketed. when you look at credit creation. when you look at low economic growth, you put all the these factors together they will not
1:47 pm
be able to pay back their debt. it doesn't matter whether it's a local problem. it is a problem. adam: let me challenge you. chinese government, i realize you have to take it with a grain of salt predicting 7.6% growth for the coming year. china has outperformed, it would seem, if you believe the numbers what everyone expected. when do we get this correction? eventually they have to correct if you are accurate in your predictions? >> this is like 2007 in the u.s. everyone knew there was a problem. we didn't know when it would happen but people knew that something was really wrong. that is china today. because you look at even their own numbers, they talk 7.6% this year. that means it is also 7.4% in the fourth quarter, which is a real come down from the 7.8 in q3. those numbers are really crazy. adam: they essentially lie. >> it is one or 2% growth. adam: i little wrap up. cheryl did a interview with a man selling property for cash to chinese buyers. are chinese elite and wealth
1:48 pm
flowing out of the country pending some time of catastrophe? if there is a correction, give me a timeline when? >> certainly investment into u.s. real estate. it is not just homes but it is also apartment buildings and rest of it. office towers in the city. that is capital flight, when will it happen i would like to say it will be soon because the numbers don't make sense. i'm a year or two out of my time chinese economy would fail. you san see all the alements of failure is in place. just a question when people in china lose confidence. and that could be a matter of time. adam: gordon chang. we'll invite you back in 2014 and keep eye on it. >> especially if it falls apart. cheryl: we're looking at cities we've been watching on television and it's a real possibility. adam: videos and pictures of overconstruction. can't deny it. cheryl: nice to see you gordon. >> merry christmas. cheryl: you too. time for stocks now. lauren zimmmerman on floor of the new york stock exchange. once again we're sitting at 104
1:49 pm
points to the upside at 16,461. we're on track for another record close. nasdaq and s&p also pushing to new potentially record closes. >> yeah. cheryl: but the volume, lauren, how worried are you about the volume on this. >> not even 200 million shares changing hand here, cheryl but every time you come to me i have a new piece of good news for you. not only is the dow up 105 points, two points away from a record set a couple seconds ago, the s&p at a record high, the nasdaq just took out a 13-year high as well. these markets are flying. dow transports, russell 2000 also at record highs right now. if you look at 30 components in the dow industrials, 10 of them are hitting highs today of course as the broader average is hitting a high. you would expect many of the components are. if you look at some winners this year, look at three best, boeing up 83%, american express and nike, newer components are each
1:50 pm
up more than 50%. one negative stock for the year. that is ibm, down more than 3%. back to you. cheryl: big blue. yeah, hopefully they can turn things around for 2014. lauren, thank you. adam: you soon may be able to tell what the weather forecast will be in outer space. the british meteorological office invested more than $8.5 million in a joint project with the u.s. which aims to provide early warnings of solar storms that can affect satellite and 1/2 -- navigation systems. the 24-hour business will give warnings and alerts to minimize impacts for several technology-based services. those forecasts are to begin next year. cheryl: it does matter. adam: local tv stations will do this and have the accuweather to watch. cheryl: more weather. when bad news is good news. detroit auto plants shutting
1:51 pm
down for extended holiday periods this season. jeff flock is coming up to say why it is positive for gm and ford shareholders. adam: that electric car shocker, before you buy you need to stick around for a story that may cause you to pull the plug on your next purchase. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit t cash i earnvery month" card. 's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilvecard from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪
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adam: u.s. auto plants usually shut down from end of the year. some will stay closed and idle. that could be a good news for business. jeff flock with details from chicago. jeff? >> adam, i want to talk to you about people working today. kind of an interesting contrast. look at car that is selling or vehicle selling so well they had to put extra shifts on over the
1:55 pm
holidays. that is the jeep cherokee, 2014. they make that in toledo, ohio, they put that with extra shifts today, tomorrow, next week to keep up with demand. who is not selling too well? gm cars with a glut of right now. gm car glut consists of chevy camaro, 167-day supply, brew i can lacrosse, 168 days and regal also. what is gm doing, shutting production at plants making vehicles right-sizing to production. some think that is great thing for the stock. we told but good things. this hour we tell you about the concerns on gm stock in addition to the cars not selling that well. some concern about market saturation. have they sold enough cars out there? we'll see. the stock is already up 44% this year. so has it already had its big run? people point out, mary bart. been there 33 years. everybody or most of the
1:56 pm
leadership there before the bankruptcy. andy, large price-to-earnings ratio worse than ford or toyota. we'll see what gm does in the coming year. but when you shut down a plant, not necessarily bad news. adam: clear the inventory. those numbers were higher than what we saw before bankruptcy. that's not good. jeff flock, thank you. cheryl: stay with the automotive theme right now. electric cars may save you money on gas but won't be saving you money when it comes time to sell them. resale value, turns out electric vehicles deappreciate in value fatser than other cars. for example, a nissan leaf sells for only 15% of original list price after five years. similar non-electric vehicle, nissan century sells a bit more, 36% of salt you. tell last owners may less to fear. musk said he would personally back for those purchased with tesla's financing program. big gamble but he has been smart
1:57 pm
so far. he made great gambles. adam: put your money where your mouth is. he does. cheryl: just did. adam: more retailers offering huge after christmas discounts. are you shopped out or will you take advantage of them. are you shopped out? cheryl: i'm going tomorrow, are you kidding me? great deals out there. adam: our expert is ahead as tracy byrnes takes you through the next can't-miss hour of "markets now. ♪
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
tracy: i'm tracy byrnes. the santa rally, could be a better gift for wall street? research firm says traditionally the best day to be in stocks. ups and fedex are grinches that delayed christmas for many. they couldn't deliver as many presents as they thought they could on time. liz macdonald investigate that is next. are you shopped out or will you be taking advantage of retailers post-christmas discounts? tweet us your answers. edward snowden christmas manifesto. the nsa whistle-blower said government surveillance destroyed privacy. that and much more ahead on can't-miss hour of "markets now.
2:01 pm
floor and new york stock exchange. lauren simonetti is down there. hey, lauren. >> tracy, the stocks are up close to 16,500. if we close at another record high today, it would be 50th in 2013. that is the most in any year. nasdaq is at 13-year high. s&p 500 up half a percent at new high as well. not just major market averages right now. the transports at record highs russell 2000 at record highs. the vix is down. we have the dollar down. everything else is green. what do you think, tracy? tracy: we'll make it. shirts. see you in 15 minutes.
2:02 pm
christmas coming late for millions of people who were depending on ups and fedex. bad weather and overwhelming volume are being blamed for delayed deliveries. once the in time for christmas vow is broken, is much more at stake than a late package for shipping companies? bottom line with lizzie macdonald. i was one much those people waiting at the front door for the last minute package on christmas eve, thankfully the big brown truck showed up but a lot of people didn't get them. >> you didn't get my christmas present either. i will blame the delays on the truck. it's coming. just kidding. here's what is going on, tracy. promise you're going to get it. regifted candle or something. so here is what is going on at this hour. ups is saying, trace, this is really interesting, that they are apologizing, essentially saying that we will make nearly all deliveries coming up by tomorrow. so what we're seeing though is, amazon though, is out of the box quickly saying, hey, we
2:03 pm
processed all of our orders on time. we're going to now review our carrier relationships. remember they hooked up recently with the u.s. post office to do ground shipments. but amazon is saying. here is the statement from amazon. we're reviewing the performance of these delivery carriers. what is going on now? amazon is giving 20-dollars gift charge. they're refund shipping charges to people guaranteed certain deliveries but now the question is, is this a game-changer? in other words all of sudden ups got overwhelmed. their air capacity got overwhelmed. they're apologizing for it. fedex said isolated incidents. they continue to work directly with customers. u burr seeing the ups action, down fraction alley. fedex in the green today. tracy is this a game-changer moment for online retail, right? nearly $80 billion in online
2:04 pm
retail according to forrester. this could be a game changing moment. tracy: you don't take that back, tracy. if santa is delivering ups and santa's stuff is not under the tree that night, that is huge. >> that's big. the question is, here's the thing. by the way this is where delays happened in nearly a dozen states. texas is in here. california, georgia, kansas, alabama. the question is, we are seeing word out that if you have a order online, that you're shipping by ground, by ground, you may want to get it in by a certain time frame, say middle of december so it get there is on time. air, overnight, and air packages were hurt, that's a big deal. that's a game-changer moment. shows you where online is headed. it will continue to go up. tracy: we might get drones delivering packages sooner than you think. >> your pizza. my gift to you should be coming. tracy: about that gift, don't bother. i get it. have enough candles.
2:05 pm
lizzie macdonald, thank you very much. are delivery woes got you singing shopping blues or are you ready to go into the store to take advantage of those post-christmas discounts? tweet your answer at the bottom of the screen. our guest knows a two about retail. bill, you have have to explain to people what you do? you basically take returns and excess inventory from retailers and sell it at deep discounts, right? >> happy holidays, tracy, great to be with you. yes, we power what we call recommerce strategies for about 1,000 retailers and manufacturers. we have completed over $4 billion in transaction of returned goods. we sell the goods online through our own channels and power online outlets for retailer and manufacturing clients. tracy: about $64 billion is expected to be, excuse me, $60 billion expected to be returned this holiday season. we talked about this on fbn a while now, that all the free shipping options that i'm given it is no surprise that i ordered
2:06 pm
three pair of shoes and returned two of them. i have to try them on for size, right? you're clearly benefiting from the fact that these online retailers are giving me a perk. >> sure it, was a record season for online sales. also this is a record year of customer-returned merchandise. this is both a problem and a opportunity for retailers. smart retailers recognize that if this is managed poorly you can jeopardize customer relationships. if managed well you can cement loyalty of consumers for years to come of the we help smart retailers track, manage and sell these returns. it actually creates new revenue streams by offering their loyal customers great deals on everything from tablets apparel, general merchandise, sporting goods. we do this by connecting our consumers of our clients on their own retail channels and those clients who use our own marketplace such as tracy: we're putting websites on
2:07 pm
right now. government liquidation. go industry, gov deals. people go to the websites. how do i know where the stuff came from? do you make it known you bought leftover inventory from a particular store? >> we partner with retailers to read, sort, grade, certify condition of every returned item. reality a high percentage of these items returned have no faults found this is great opportunity for consumer to find something of value, for 10, 30, 50% less than the manufacturer's retail price. this is a win-win value proposition for retailers who want to reduce the loss of handling returns and for consumers who want to pick something up at a great rice. tracy: right because a person like me, i bought three pairs of shoes, i returned two, did nothing but tried them on in the bedroom, put them back in a box. how do you make money here? are you purchaseing? do you bid on leftover inventory and turn around and sell it at somewhat of an upgraded price?
2:08 pm
>> sure. well we provide a retailer and manufacturing partners with a turn-key solution to receive the items, prepare them for sale and effect the transaction. we share in the revenue eated with our partners and profit sharing and revenue sharing relationships. this helps drive additional store traffic and online traffic to their sites. in fact there is very little cannibalization that occurs for new full-priced good by selling refurbished and return goods on the same channel. tracy: i see. so you're sharing in the revenue. youuput no cash out basically. much like, you know, going to, or the stuff has to be sold in order for someone to make money? >> absolutely. remember, that the majority of our clients focus on the sale of newly-manufactured goods. the returned items are a distraction. we're reducing the loss they incur on that piece. we share revenue created for both parties by being more
2:09 pm
efficient in the secondary marketplace with them. tracy: like an online consignment shop. i like it. i had a little mental block. i was trying to get that out earlier. bill, thank you for being here, sir. >> my pleasure. tracy: a surge in last minute sign-ups for obamacare but can federal and state websites actually handle it? we have rich edson ahead. he will handle that. bilge building and big lawsuit. a lot of investors into the empire state building lawsuit that they lost big money in the sale of that big skyscaper. for those that doesn't want to finish that bottle of wine, can't believe there are people out there but it is true, we have the coolest gadget for 2014 up ahead for you. as we do this time of day, look how oil is trading, basically flat. $99.52 a barrel. hovering near the $100 mark. the dow is up 104 points.
2:10 pm
lauren simonetti said, we're looking to hopefully hit that 16,500 point. we'll be right back ♪
2:11 pm
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lps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go ftell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, like needing to go ftell your doctor about and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have anyllergic reactions such as rash, hives, if yswelling of the lips,crease or lotongue or throat,vision, or difficulty breathing or swallowin stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor abt cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. tracy: deadline, what deadline? the obama administration pushing back the deadline for obama care
2:13 pm
coverage in the new year yet again. this time due to a last-minute surge of americans signing up. rich edson live from inside the beltway. the big question now can the websites actually handle the so-called surge in traffic? >> they can handle 50,000 at a time. last week, tracy, they said they were getting 60,000 or more. there is no penciled down s.a.t. moment here. the administration contends it is staying with the latest deadline but bending it for those who had trouble getting in applications because of heavy website traffic. originally the administration said americans had to sign up by december 15th. officials pushed that deadline to the 23rd. they announced those who logged to the website previously had to the end of christmas eve. the administration is allowing shoppers to still enroll and possibly have coverage on new year's day, all on a case-by-case basis. 2014 brings the bulk of obama care into effect and brings in
2:14 pm
to an election year. with so much rollout left one political analyst says so much could decide which party holds congress in 2015. >> democrats truly failed to communicate the benefits of the program in a devastating way. if that continues, be trouble for them. republicans meanwhile have largely controlled the conversation on health care and have been very effective in conveying their points and convoying their criticism. if they continue that success, it is doing to be a successful year them and a successful election night for them. >> president obama expects nearly two million americans will enroll in obamacare by next wednesday, still millions short of the administration's initial goals. we still don't know if the younger, healthier customers to make this work are signing up or how much correct information the insurance companies to accurately begin benefits wednesday, january 1st. tracy? tracy: a lot of big unknowns, rich edson.
2:15 pm
thank you very much. merry christmas. >> you too. tracy: from health care frustrations to flying frustrations, more airline fees are come negotiate new year. actually get to sick down with rick seen any when i sit in for gerri on "the willis report" on fox business. come on by. quarter past, we have to get check on the markets. lauren zimmmerman on floor of the new york stock exchange. still market on fire, lauren. what's going on? >> it really is. it keeps getting better as the day progresses, tracy. the dow is up about 120 points, nasdaq up 12 and s&p up eight 1/2. records for the dow and s&p 500. look at twitter, also hitting new all-time high, just about $75 a little while ago. this stock started trading as a public company in the new york stock exchange in early november. it is uphundred% in 30 or so days since then. -- up 200%. unbelievable performance, tracy. tracy: to say the least. lauren we'll see you in 15 minutes. >> okay. tracy: nsa leaker edward snowden
2:16 pm
making a little christmas day appearance on british television believe it or not. build by the u.k. channel as alternative to the queen's annual christmas speech. wish stuart varney would be here to give good dialogue because i can't do it. snowden calling on citizens to work together to end widespread state spying. take a listen. >> a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. they will never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves and unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. and that's a problem because privacy matters. tracy: sure does. well, soon of course snowden is wanted by the u.s. government for leaking troves of classified information. the white house and intelligence community calling on fugitive to be returned to the u.s. where he faces felony charges. so much for your privacy. making money on obamacare. the cofounder of a website that rates doctors like yelp rates
2:17 pm
restaurants. more like an open table kind of website. we'll talk about that. squeezing you for the cost of orange juice. still my local, little breakfast joint is not serving orange juice because prices are soaring. it's crazy. in our tech minute the blackberry death watch. we'll tell you how come even the company's cofounder may be just giving up on the smartphone maker. sad but true. the dow though up 116 points. don't go anywhere.
2:18 pm
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tracy: so millions of americans will be entering the health care system under obamacare, raising some serious questions about whether there will be enough
2:21 pm
doctors to treat them all. tech startup thais inhe sins o matching patient with the doctors and sees this as a big ol' opportunity and its backers include amazon's jeff bezos,'s mark vanof. joining us the cofounder and coo, oliver cross. oliver, thank you so much for being here. >> good to be here. tracy: first explain to people like how it is open table for doctors and patients. >> doc talk is a service for patients come and find doctors and able to book appointments 24/7 and do it on mobile device or web browser. it has grown tremendously. we have four million patients using it every month. they see health ally, because obviously it is free and easy but a lot faster. >> i went o the sit actally caut was really cool. i wanted to put location and insurance and make sure the doctor is in my network and all these doctors came up in my area. how do you get the doctors?
2:22 pm
do you have to go knock on doors soliciting to get them in the system? >> we do that. we talk to doctors and there is huge unmet need for doctors because 25% of all appointments get changed last minute. people cancel, no-show or time is unsold. we create a win-win situation where the doctor gets to see a patient and parity gets to see a doctor instead of waiting a long time in the emergency room. tracy: the goal of every doctor, make best use of his time. >> absolutely. i think it is something very important for us in society as we think about potentially millions of patients entering the system as you said and nero new doctors being added. we have a supply and demand mismatch we can only overcome with technology. tracy: you're one of the few companies benefiting from this obamacare disaster so to speak? all of these people coming on to your point they need to see somebody somehow. >> we've been around for six years and we've been solving this problem long before obamacare was in the works.
2:23 pm
there has been a 120,000 doctor are shortage in this country a long time. why weime wait on average three weeks to see a primary care doctor which is pretty unacceptable. on zocdoc see someone within three days and vast majority within 24 hours. tracy: talk about funding. $95 million in funding to date and clearly big names backing you and they clearly see something in this. >> we're honored and blessed we have the trust of our investors. we are the solution for health care in this country because we need to make more efficient use of resources we're already putting into it. so, yes, in terms it has grown very quickly. we have focused on a handful of patient problems so far. there are a lot more patient problems to go. i think health care is the challenge of our generation. and we'll need a lot more physicians than. tracy: there are reviews on site and it is similar to yelp as
2:24 pm
well. >> there are reviews and if you're a patient go to the doctor and book the appointment on zocdoc and fill out the forms you need to fill out and when you go there, broke your leg when you're five or tonsill light is at two, and fill the forms out. we have product called doctor check-in where they fill out once and follows them to every doctor they go. there are lots of patient problems. tracy: we have to run but do you think you will take the thing public one day. >> we hope to make the service to all americans. that is one thing we're working toward right now. tracy: i have to get my doctors in your system. oliver, thanks for being here. a cool idea. >> thanks for letting me be here. tracy: it might be the wonderful time of year but not if you're a florida citrus grower. there is a little pesky asian insect called citrus greening
2:25 pm
that causes the fruit to drop early. this year they're also dealing with a rain shortage. two inches this year compared with the average of eight-inches. you have bugs, a little less rain, all sending orange juice futures up over 30 cents in the last three months. and i'm telling you, the little place by me in town is still not serving fresh squeezed orange juice. it is craziness. 3-d printer revolution is on its way. imagine your next christmas gift is spit out by this machine at home? you don't have to worry about ups or fedex not delivering it on time for sure. it is next. tech minute, how the smartphone will talk to the washing machine. how this will make housework and life in general so much easier if this could happen. in our special edition of wine with me today, the coolest gadget ever. make sure you don't leave any wine left. it doesn't spoil.
2:26 pm
and you try the really, really good stuff in your cellar aging. the dow is almost 118 points. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] onc there was a man
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to the close look at your dow 30. a lot of green on the screen, dow hitting all-time highs, jpmorgan the only one in the red but by a few pennies. lauren simonetti on the floor of the stock exchange. >> looking at a bunch of telecom stocks today, most with the arrows, japan acquired this spring over the summer, now looking to take a majority stake in t mobile from deutsche telekom. t mobile shares of data new high, verizon, sprint and nokia all of the. eventually become a world's number 2 wireless carrier between china mobile but have verizon and at&t. obviously any deal would need regulatory scrutiny and this is what they are looking to do, moving on that news. tracy: see you in a bit. in tomorrow's business today, 3d
2:30 pm
printer changing business. will you be printing your christmas gifts next year rather than buying them and having an delayed by ups? the executive director of the tech website techno buffalo says 3d is in. the big thing for 2014. >> i think there are a lot of big things the 3d printers are hot now and i think they will take off as prices come down and become a consumer product versus multi thousand dollars product right now. tracy: so that is a couple years away. >> i think we will see next year. we will see one of these big companies snatched up by somebody larger but we will see. tracy: we are all waiting on this i watch. >> when troubles will be huge. we saw them take off this year, we saw it go up, 90's new fuel been, samsung's galaxy and year,
2:31 pm
new products, there is news out of a smart watch in february, in barcelona and i watched from apple can't sit on the sidelines any longer grant let these people to the market, hiring executives who worked on fuel, a lot of hints they will be building something. tracy: along with apple we got to talk about apple tv. apple has to step up. >> seems silly apple tv exists as wahabi. tracy: we have been talking about it for so long. >> not sure they will come out with a tv set. there's not a lot of evidence that is actually coming that they will put a lot of effort into the set top box and bring more functionality especially integrating with your smart the and tablet. tracy: what is ideal thing? >> one of the least talked-about features and they are outfitting retail stores with technology called i.t. deegan, qualcomm has competing products and walk around the store, is local based
2:32 pm
gps so if you walk up to and i'd had, informational and your iphone about the ipad and this applies to sports stadiums, and definitely apply to malls. >> find your parking garage a lot quicker. tracy: is that what this is all about in 2014? getting rid of the phone. >> we will see a converg between tablet operating systems and mobile operating system. it is a rate of this year, if you look at the processor, 64 bit which today's computers run on and are not taking advantage of it. the convergence between desktop and mobile systems and we will see that with windows phone and microsoft and two platforms, one strictly for mobile and one for pcs, pc tablet and phone.
2:33 pm
tracy: i picked up a laptop for my kids, almost topped out of it. he wanted me to get an ipad instead, basically can do anything a laptop can do. are we moving away, move away from the desktop. are we moving away from the laptop? >> i think we are and with a 64 bit processor moving in the next couple years our phones are going to be very capable of running these applications, and you might have your mobile operating system on the go today but then you go to the desk and plugging into a keyboard, mouse and monitor and give your full desktop environment, and the tablets and a phone, on one device. tracy: that is really cool. i hope that is where we are going because then i don't have to forget. if that wasn't enough tech news,
2:34 pm
more in your tech minute. call one fair trade commission finds apple $600,000. the price charged by local telecom carriers for their iphone contract. the first time apple has been fined for this type of action. regulators say apple agent require telecom carriers to obtain permission before setting contract prices. this was a big violation of free trade laws. in case you missed it blackberry co-founder michael blizzardis cut his stake in the smart phonemaker to ended 50%. likely won't pursue a joint bid to acquire the company out right. in october, he and another co-founder said they were considering the joint bid for blackberry after it put itself for sale in august, near the weak sales. back to blackberry last week, announced $4 billion quarterly loss as a new line of smart
2:35 pm
phones failed to get any traction in the market. shares of blackberry down over 34% in the last year and today down $0.57 but down nevertheless. you can message or appliances. and japanese messaging service line so users chat with the next generation of smart home appliances. if you are going on vacation you can take your refrigerator that you will be away and switch to vacation mode. the next generation of elderly smart appliances will be unveiled at the consumer electronics show in january and texture washing machine and said can you run away for me or the dishwasher, that is where we are going. detroit automakers extending their planned holiday shutdown, jeff flock is ahead with especially good thing for
2:36 pm
investors. coming up we have a special thursday edition of wine with me and show you the hottest wine gadgets of the year. found one under the free myself but as we do every day, take a look at how you're 10 and 40 years are trading at 30 year yields hovering near 3%. back in september, above 50%, for the first time since july of 2011 everyone waiting to see a jump over again. we will be right back. ack card . it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... at's in your wallet?
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tracy: time for the fox business brief. the actors behind a massive data greeted at may have compromised users pin codes, at least one bank is reportedly concerned encryption code. withdraw money from the consumer bank accounts. a new lawsuit over the empire state building initial public offering, thousands of stakeholders loss $400 million from managing the owners of potential buyers. the suit seeks class-action status for 3,000 people who own shares. average rate for fixed mortgages slightly high, freddie mac reports the rate on the third year alone increased to 4.48% from last week's 4.47%. the rate on a 15 year loan rose to 3.526. the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:39 pm
2:40 pm
tracy: wine lovers rejoice, it is possible to enjoy your favorite red or white or anything over the next couple weeks instead of a couple of hours or days entities to the old good stuffing yourself you are afraid to open. and actually keep the quirk in and magically let's plan out. i sat down with greg land breck and he told me how he got the idea. >> stop sharing the wine we had together so i had to figure out a way to drink a glass of wine when i wasn't going to drink a bottle. tracy: you are a medical device
2:41 pm
inventor, hooked up with i need a glass of wine brain and what it is. >> it is a wonderful thing, a medicinal product. i realized when you open a bottle, where wine deteriorated. you are committed to it. tracy: oxygen hits it and starts to kill it. >> there has got to be a way to put wine and a bottle without opening it. without committing to it and removing the accord, so i put it back in my cellar and drink it when i went to. tracy: you had this prototype for ten years and hopefully you can show everyone how you'd do it but you have been tasting wine and it is not aging. or supposed to age. >> my goal was for it to not be distinguishable from bottle that had not poured from it. i have done as part of my
2:42 pm
development, medical device background, blinded test with masters of wine around the country with wines i had access up to a decade ago against one i had not touched, they could not tell the difference. tracy: and introduced me to the product a while back so you have to show everyone that it works. you have a fabulous ball, don't want to open the whole thing for a myriad of reasons. >> have a glass of white and follow-up with a glass of red. this is a bottle of wine given me by the person who runs bordeaux producer, we drank this together in bordeaux a couple months ago. i take the product and put it on top of the bottle and push the needle to the cork and tip it sideways, pushed in the gas, let go and wine comes out. you can for as much or as little as you like. tracy: there is a little container of it that is attached
2:43 pm
that you need to refill because oregon gets used up, this is your sign for the day, completely inert, doesn't hurt anybody. >> argon gas is one of the noble gases. doesn't react with anything and is heavier than air, comes in a little cartridge we make, really pure stuff we get out of europe and that argon gas not only displaces from the bottle but make sure no air gets in so no oxidation occurs even though you for yourself a great glass. tracy: that is the key to this thing, not getting oxygen in. >> getting the wind out. tracy: ten years in the making, your son who inspired this is 14 so here you are. there's a little underground thing going, everyone is talking about it. >> the response has been incredible. i thought was just my problem and started having investors in my company's ask me for one is
2:44 pm
as gifts, started the company in 2011, launched in july of 2013 and the response has been incredible not just collectors and winetasters', people who enjoy a wine like me but restaurants are opening their sellers to wine by the gas particularly in new york. cheryl: you hired the seat of courage. now you have real business acumen behind you. >> it is the prototype and an idea until you find the right person to run the company. the ceo brought the product from pre revenue to the time you sold it to green mountain coffee. he likes to change the way people drink and relate to beverages. he is an incredible guy who built an amazing team which is the only way we have been able to be successful. tracy: i heard from wine industry people, people on vineyards that it works, it is fabulous. we thank your son for bringing this to the world and your wife for getting off the bottle while she was pregnant, a founder of
2:45 pm
corbin, thank you for bringing this. thank you. pretty hot give to this christmas, and expected try it. retail 299 and those who pulled one and worried about that cam out with this serious thin needle because they get sober as they get older so there is a lot of potential with this thing. changing years, most offices tend to be pretty empty during christmas time. take a look around here but car plants come to a complete stop. before it shuts down its auto plants through new year's day but some will get an extended close. to explain why and how these shutdowns may be good news for investors, jeff flock, trawling the halls of an empty chicago bureau. what is going on? jeff: more people of means more people stay at home and watch your wine special which i watch over the weekend, great stuff. very good stuff.
2:46 pm
back to general motors, take a look at the stock today, people working today, trading the stock and doing pretty well at it. stock about 2% today. why is that? even though gm announced it is closing its plans. take a look at the bare facts plan in kansas where they make the chevy malibu and also makes the buick lacrosse. the lacrosse has had overproduction, haven't sold as many as they made so they decided to shut the plant down. why is that good? in the past gm wouldn't do that. they keep producing and have to discount cars. a lot of people like that in the world of picking stocks. here is another list of reasons the web site is seeking alpha. it thinks gm is one of its momentum stocks for 2014, they get out the government is out of it so no side pressure. funds have been talking this up. don't get in the way of hedge funds. economy is good which speaks
2:47 pm
well for overall car sales and gm and china, world beater in china and china is the biggest market in the world. one other piece of information about auto plants, who is working today? they can watch your special because in toledo, ohio at the jeep plant where they make a new charity they put extra ships on because they can't make some fast enough. there you go. tracy: pretty cool. jeff flock is cool, merry christmas. speaking of stocks every day for 15 minutes we head to the stock exchange and teddy weisberg joins us. can't believe you are working the day after but here he is, record after record after record. is it because there is nobody in today? or is the market going to keep going? >> i wish we had a crystal ball but clearly the line of least
2:48 pm
resistance continues to be up but there is some things i think we need to pay attention to that are not so positive. ten year trading 3%. the highest it has been in many years. we word there last fall on a capering scare. no one seems to be paying attention at the moment and sensitive stocks, big dividend paying stocks, utilities and particular as a proxy foo that continue to lag and continue, it is not getting beat up but basically it they have not been participating in this rally and in fact continue to be under a lot of pressure. the message clearly is people are worried about interest rates in the sense of interest rates are probably going higher in spite of what the fed is telling us and in spite of the benign capering move on the part of the fed. tracy: cautious optimism, wise words, thank you very much. your business may be closed but
2:49 pm
your customers can still interact with your product. it is pretty cool and it is the wave of the future and it is coming up next, the dow was up 115 points. don't go anywhere.
2:50 pm
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2:52 pm
tracy: the future is right at the tip of your fingers literally with these interactive kiosks and touch screens popping up everywhere. in business storefronts, a way for customers to shop and get information, changing the way we do things. de blasio front of this technology metro click's co-founder jesse cooper joins us now. i know you had a big renovation product going on with madison square garden but before we get to that explain what this is.
2:53 pm
asking you a million questions it is like when you go to the atm and touch your way through and get the money. >> we create different interactive platform so touchscreens and interactive kiosks and video walls, the newest thing is interactive touch through glass so we can control a display from the inside or outside of the glass that is using a touch film that is inserted on the inside. tracy: in studio you are saying you put this film on the outside of the window and i could touch my way to what ever -- >> we are putting it on the inside of the window and the display behind it so there is no fear of vandalism and things like that and people walking by can interact with the flow window as any other touchscreen, to get information, products and things of that nature. tracy: stores could do this, you are welcome to save gas for instance and i can see what is
2:54 pm
going on and what they are selling. that is really cool. you are doing this in madison square garden. >> we worked with alexis and their agency team wanted to create two very large video walls on the terrace level and interactive kiosks and the interesting thing we did at madison square garden is interactive kiosk controls thee larger video wall. along with a lot of really cool things in the kiosk. we had local dealer maps so people could see what lexus dealership is closest to them and apply for more information so they can interact with that more personal touch. tracy: you go to those garden and lexus wants you to buy a car is what it comes down to. >> or learn more about the brand and feel more part of the brand rather than seeing a sign. tracy: i love the idea you can watch by your favorite store and touch the window and figure out if what you are looking for is in there. >> the other cool thing is instead of buying something on the window to text or e-mail to
2:55 pm
yourself so you have security of actually buying it on your own device and taking that marketing campaign with you so creating landing pages from that campaign annualizing that technology in a different way. tracy: you set your family was in printing, taking printing to another level. >> i grew up in the printing industry. my partner in the company -- we tried to bring printing and web to get it to create a physical medium that brought the two together in a different format. tracy: i hope it is everywhere. it will save busloads of time. dizzy cooper, thank you so much. i am putting it on my front door and have my kids touch it, mom doesn't want you in the house, go somewhere else. coming up on "countdown to the closing bell" will be affordable care act promote or stifle innovation in the medical world? the man behind the next generation of medical device miracles is going to speak out in a fox business exclusive.
2:56 pm
cheryl casone just walked in. the dow is up 114 points. we will be right back.
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2:58 pm
liz: hello, everybody. i'm cheryl casone in for liz claman. today is the last hour of trading. as we, on the air, looks like
2:59 pm
stocks are the christmas gift that keeps on giving to all of you. the dow on track for a sixth consecutive session of gains, longest winning streak since the month of march. take a look at these numbers right now, take a look at your dow. 118 points right now. take a look at those numbers doing very well pushing on the dow. the nasdaq up above the 4100 level as well. this is the sixth straight day looking at the dow winner 50th record high. 50th record high for the dow jones industrial average for 2013. don't you help 2014 will be the same? take a look at what is going on with these numbers. dropping 42,000 last week, 338,000. and look at treasury prices,
3:00 pm
treasury prices falling at the stronger than estimated data coming in pushing the yield with the yield on the benchmark yielding 3%. we also heard about a last-minute surge in online holiday shopping that caused quite a few delays for shippers like ups and fedex as well as retailers trying to get presents delivered. those promises have now been broken. take a look at this, investors not too worried about it. ups stock at a 52-week high today at 104.52 and change. investors not concerned at all about what hey are seeing in the headlines. we will talk about it, fedex a gain of more than $1 per share. speaking of new highs, the santa claus rally continues with the dow on track for a 50th record close.


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