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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 30, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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stuart: i was not expecting that, but that was a good one. [laughter] dagen: that was the craziest rant i've ever heard. eastwood, rawhide, nicholson and "the shining." that was nuts. [laughter] thank you so much, stuart. a late surge in enrollment on the government's health care web site pushes sign-ups past the one million mark. now what happens when these folks go to the doctor in the new year? even as those health care woes ease, republicans still hold the advantage leading up to the midterm elections. former reagan economic adviser art lover weighs in -- laugher weighs in, "the new york times" says there was no al-qaeda involvement in the benghazi terror attacks on our u.s. consulate there. kt mcfarlane has something to say about that. and the real wolf of wall street won't go away. he's already had to move, now he's thinking about reality tv.
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will that cash go the people he wronged? all that and so much more coming up on this hour of "markets now." merry christmas, happy new year, everybody. top of the hour, let's check out these markets. we do have some slight gains this morning. lauren simonetti is at the new york stock exchange looking at all of it. hey, lauren. >> hi, dagen. well, the dow is trying to stay in the green today, up about four points, the nasdaq and s&p 500 are down. i was taking a look, it's unbelievable that for all three major averages this year, there's been only two months where the major averages have been down, june and august. pretty unbelievable when you think about it like that. let's take a look at coke shares, number two in the dow right now. there was an article in barron's over the weekend citing a couple of things that should pique investor interest in the new year, a revival in earnings, steady dividend growth, a growing global middle class. and if you consider the fact
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that the broader market and the dow both up 26 plus percent this year, coke shares only up about 12%. so they've underperformed and might have some room to grow in 2014. dagen, back to you. dagen: thank you so much, lauren. the white house over the weekend announcing that the obamacare, the national web site, that sign-ups had spiked passing the one million mark. but enrollment in health care exchanges overall including the states still could be below the obama administration's own targets for 2013. joining us now for a look at 2014 and, well, everything, fox news contributor, jehmu greene. good to see you. what do you make of the number? >> well, you know, it's like the song, the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, and it did for obamacare. clearly, the rollout, the first few weeks of the web site was abysmal. but this is what was supposed to happen all along. there was never any doubt i, i think, in anyone's mind that
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there were millions of americans who were desperate for health insurance. and they do what we all do in paying taxes or buying christmas presents, they waited until the last minute, and there has been this surge. these are just the numbers from the federal exchange. i think when we get those numbers from the state exchanges, we're going to be even closer to that goal. the hiccup at the beginning means we're not going to reach those initial numbers that were targeted, but we still have time. this is about getting more accessibility and affordability into this market. dagen: but you admit that a couple, some critical things that we don't yet know about the difference between the younger and older, are there enough young people signing up for these, on these health exchanges for this health insurance, because it is critical to making this financially feasible in the grand scheme of things. and even howard dean cautioned about this, that the administration's had trouble signing up younger people. and then once these people who have signed up, when they go to their doctor in the new year, what do they get? has their enrollment fully gone
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through even if they sent the check in? >> well, i am one of those people who waited until the last 48 hours or so to sign up on the new york exchange, so i will be interested to see what happens -- dagen: was it fairly -- >> it was so easy. it was not easy when i first went on in october which then made me procrastinate. dagen: anecdotally, i heard he same thing. that's the state exchange. >> it was really easy the day before christmas for we to finish up. but i think what we're going to say the now the white house, they took five or six weeks to fix it and i think it's surprising to people how far along they came, now that they can shift their attention to the recruitment and to really promoting it, i thinkkwe will see those numbers of young people increase. one of the issues we're already seeing is that not as many latinos are signing up on the health care exchanges, and when you look at the latino population, they are actually
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much younger than the general population. it's really important that the white house communicate, recruit, focus on promoting this earth to the latino -- this effort to the latino community, and that will help bring those numbers up. dagen: don't you think that the president needs to be more engaged, even appear to be more engaged in the new year in terms of -- because one of the problems at least from a political standpoint and just, like, the perspective of the nation was that this thing went so badly initially, where was -- he didn't have any answers about didn't you know what was going on, he didn't seem like he was leading the charge on his centerpiece initiative. do you think that will change in the new year in terms of his leadership? more than just appearance.uch it has to be hands on engagement, and i think that's exactly what we have seen coming from the president after the web site failed so potently, that he has taken a much more hands-on
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approach to this. and, again, it's not going to just be about being focused on fixing it or making adjustments, it's now what can he do, what can mrs. obama do and other leaders within the administration to really bo out and promote this -- go out and promote this to the communities that need health insurance the most. i think his hands-on participation is going to be about being what he, doing what he does best which is actually showing the benefits of it. already today there are millions of americans who now have access to health insurance, more affordable health insurance, seniors are paying less for their prescription coverage because of the affordable care act, but a lot of what we're talking about is a faulty web site. the corner has turned, but now we have to -- dagen: we have to see the type of care people get, whether they have access that they want. i mean, this is something that will play out over years, and we will see you in the new year. happy new year. >> happy new year. i'll tell you how my first doctor visit goes. dagen: exactly.
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thank you so much. again, we'll see you in 2014. the federal reserve finally pulling back on that bond-buying program. more is likely on the way, but the question is, can the economy handle the higher borrowing costs that will surely follow? peter barnes is live for us from washington, d.c. with more. >> reporter: hey, dagen, that's right. and one former fed economist says that's the story in 2014. there will be a tug-of-war between the markets and the fed over the economy and interest rates as the fed continues to taper its billions in monthly qe bond purchases. the rate on the ten-year treasury has already rebounded to about 3%, its highest level in two years in anticipation of continued tapering in 2014 and a better economy. but the rising yields could threaten the economic recovery, especially the recovery in the housing market. former fed economist joe gag nonsays that the fed will tolerate some rise in rates because of stronger economic growth, but he says the fed will
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do whatever it takes to keep rates from rising too fast including putting the taper on hold for several policy meetings next year if necessary to show the markets it means business. >> the real key thing is going to be this tug-of-war, i think, between the market and the fed. and it's all going to be about what do the economic data say, is the market trying to get ahead of the data, does the fed have to pull it back. and it's going to be that complex interplay that will be the story repeatedly over the coming 12 months. >> reporter: still, barring any major increase in interest rates, he expects the fed to finish tapering by the end of next year. he expects the new fed membership and leadership with janet yellen as chairman to keep current policy plans for 2014 on track. dagen? dagen: thank you so much, peter. peter barnes down in washington. and also joining us from washington, d.c. is alice rivlin, former director of the office of management and budget,
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former vice chair of the federal reserve among all of the things she's done so far in her life. alice, great to see you this day. >> good to be here. dagen: broadly speaking, how high an interest rate say on the ten-year treasury do you think that the economy can handle and we as a nation can handle given our level of indebtedness? >> oh, i think there's no magic number, certainly. it can go up a bit. that may be partly a reaction to the taper. but more importantly, it's a reaction to the actual strengthening of the economy, and that's good. so i don't think there's a magic number. i'm not really worried that this very modest tapering is going to interfere with the recovery. dagen: well, with the bond buying that's still going on and richard fisher who will be a voting member in the new year said here on fox business that he was pushing for a $20 billion monthly pullback in the
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bond-buying program. but do you think that -- what are the bubbles that are developing? are you worried about stresses that are coming forth because of this bond-buying program still at 75 billion a month? is -- >> well, that's sort of the other side of the coin, no. i think that the potential for bubbles in some kind of assets wasto start the taper, and they did. but they started it very modestly, and they will see how it goes. but presumably, keep the modest taper going for the rest of the year. i'm not one who sees bubbles on the horizon everywhere. we really need a p general strengthening in the economy, and there's some evidence this we're getting it. manufacturing is doing better and looks like christmas wasn't all that bad, and so there's
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hope that we've got some momentum in this economy that can carry us into a better 2014. dagen: do you think, though, that the federal reserve has been and is still making it easy for lawmakers and those elected officials in washington to be fiscally irresponsible? do you think that we will not get our own as a nation financial house in order until all of that stimulus by the central bank is gone? >> no, i don't think that. i think the fed is doing approximately the right thing at the moment, and it's a good thing that we got the budget deal, because with it creates some -- because with it creates some certainty for the next, most of the next two years that we're not going to have another government shutdown, and we're not going to fight about the near term budget appropriations. we still have a long-term problem, but it's not as bad as it was. back when i was serving on
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simpson-bowles, for instance. now with the moderation in health care cost increases, it doesn't really look so scary. we've got time to deal with the longer run. dagen: do you think that that will be lasting, though, that ongoing moderation in health care costs? many people think that it won't. >> well, some people think that it won't, but i've been looking at a lot of the things that are going on in the health care industry both private and public, and we are, i think, moving away from fee-for-service medicine and toward more value-based system, as they say, and that's likely to make the increases slower. dagen: alice, it was great to see you. have a very happy new year. we'll see you very soon, early in 2014, i hope. alice rivlin. >> same to you. dagen: "the new york times" casting doubt on al-qaeda's involvement in the deadly 2012 benghazi attack. others call that report
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completely false. google's trying to make your car even smarter, and we'll tell you who the special person is that gets to push the button to start the countdown in times square tomorrow night. and take a look at the oil market. oil to was trading back above $100 a barrel. let's take a look at gold because gold's had its worst year in more than three decades. whoops. ♪ ♪
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dagen: yeah, we've still got the poinsettias out, what about it? merry christmas. i don't care if it's two days before the new year. [laughter] speaking of poinsettias, three stocks seeing red. lauren simonetti has all that for you at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: yeah, it's been an ugly two days for twitter, down 13% friday on a downgrade and down again today. look at that, 5.5%, so twitter certainly losing some steam. you can see that cooper tire and rubber is down as well, it's ending its merger deal, $2.2 billion, by the way, with apollo tires. of that's a loser. that company's also down 10% this year when most everything
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is up. and then finally, myriad genetics, this is down very sharply in today's action. the agency that administers medicaid benefits said it was slash rates for a genetic test that predicts women's risk of breast cancer on january 1. dagen, back to you. dagen: move over, ryan seacrest, a supreme court justice is going to be ringing in the new year. justice sonia sotomayor will start the countdown at 3 1:59 p.m -- 11:59 eastern time tomorrow night. sotomayor, of course, is a new york native, and she'll be the first supreme court justice to start the countdown. one person will be missing from this year's celebration, mayor michael bloomberg. he will miss the celebration for the first time in 11 years, and we're sure he's celebrating somewhere with a glass of water and nothing else. apple and google working to develop smart dashboards, technology combining apps, navigation and music all in one
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using their operating systems. audi and google are collaborating on a smart dash device using android's operating system which will be unveiled at the consumer electronics show in will las vegas next week. they already produce smart dashboards using the same ios operating system found in its ipads and iphones, and let's take a look at shares of both of those companies today, lower. and the real wolf of wall street looking to cash in. being the focus of a movie not enough, now he wants to do reality tv. we have the details ahead. and if you've been procrastinating about buying a car, we will tell you the best day of the year to do it. get ready for it. here are a look at some world currencies, how they're holding up against the dollar today. ♪ ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
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♪ ♪ dagen: who's here? charles payne. he's going to make you some money and why conservatives -- this is something you've been talking about all year --
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>> yeah. dagen: why you believe some conservative republicans missed out on this rally. >> well, i know that they have. in fact, you know, i was doing a radio show out of orange county, kf be i, the largest radio station in the country, and a lot of conservatives will call in and say i'm going to sell all my stocks, this is march, april 2009, and go into gold. what we rekindled me thinking about this because you and connell and i had a great conversation, the post has an article about david tenner, hedge fund manager, he should make about $3 billion this year, and the main reason is because he's a democrat. so he doesn't hate the fed. he doesn't hate president obama. he doesn't hate redistribution. and even though the word hate is a strong word -- dagen: or he wouldn't invest based on his political persuasion potentially. >> with right. and for me, the idea is you can be against these policies, but you can still say do i want to be an owner of a great company? dagen: right. >> you and i agree on this.
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you're more of a mutual fund person, i'm more individual stocks, but people have to be wise enough to understand the ownership. when we start talking about the 1% got richer, they got richer by way of anyone watching this show can get richer. and so i think there's a lot to this. dagen: but i own stocks indirectly through mutual -- >> oh, sure. absolutely. dagen: i'm an owner. >> so we're both believing in the idea of owning. you go to a great store, you use a great service, why not be part owner of that? dagen: you're putting -- right. you are basically helping put people to work. >> by the way, i'm still really excited about this global thing,? we're going to set a record on exports this year, $2 trillion. we set a record in car exports, arms exports, refined petroleum exports, gold exports, that's just to name a few. i think that's going to continue to be a main driver. so be wary of all these policies, be wary of politics in general. believe me, try not to be hateful to the point where you end up hurting yourself.
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dagen: and if you own all treasuries, you just loan money to the federal government. [laughter] doesn't that make you feel good? >> there you go. you kind of hurt your own cause. dagen: don't go anywhere. after a wild weekend in the nfl, the playoffs are now set. nick foals and the philadelphia eagles, yeah, baby, becoming the final team to clinch a spot in the postseason. topping -- the only reason i said, yeah, baby, is because they beat the dallas cowboys, 24-22 last night. who else is this? some incredible games yesterday in the nfc, the eagles will host the new orleans saints on saturday, the san francisco 49ers will head into the frozen tundra at lambeau field to visit the green bay packers on sunday. that packers/bears game, another awesome, awesome showdown. the seattle seahawks and carolina panthers earning the first round byes there. in the afc the kansas city chiefs will travel to indianapolis to face the colts on saturday, the san diego
11:26 am
chargers visit the cincinnati bengals on sunday. the denver broncos and new england patriots received first round byes in the afc. shanahan, by the redskins, gets fired. who you got in the super bowl? >> oh, boy. dagen: who you want? >> i'm going do go with seattle even though i've been a little wary of them in the last three weeks. we've got those traditional powerhouses who struggled this year, new england, the saints, green bay, against these upstarts who look like maybe they're the real deal, you know, the seahawks for one or the panthers. well, the guys who struggled but now how to win, it's going to be a tremendous season, playoff season. dagen: if my kid since can't get -- redskins can't get anything done, then i root for the seahawks, so there you go. that's my completely messed-up logic. >> well, this year you would have made a lot of money wetbetting on this crazy logic. a crazy season. the jets didn't end up too bad. dagen: they weren't bad enough
11:27 am
to fire rex ryan. [laughter] charles, thank you. >> thanks a lot. dagen: so the subject of martin scorsese's movie, "the wolf of wall street," is now getting capped to star in an upcoming reality star. jordan belfort would help people who have hit rock bottom like himself and try to help them. the hollywood reporter, quote: i knew without even seeing a picture of him that he could be a talent both behind and in front of the camera. so will he pay those that he wronged when he was running a nut shop back in the '90s? just asking. and if you're in need of a new car, well, who needs a new car? well, need or want a new car? head to the dealership tomorrow. new year's eve is the best day of the year to buy a car with dealers offering consumers the lowest possible prices on vehicles trying to meet year-end sales goals. the majority of sales come with
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perks like 0% financing or cashback offers. the catch, these deals apply tt 2013 models only as dealers look to get the new year's supply, this year's supply off the lot, the new ones on the lot. this compared to kelly blue book and you can take a look at some of the automakers, how they're trading today. obamacare woes giving republicans a boost when it comes to the midterm elections this november. we talk to former reagan economic adviser art laffer. and a new york times report casts doubt on al-qaeda's involvement in the benghazi consulat kt mcfarlane has something to say about it. she's fired up. ♪ ♪
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dagen: apple is calling on its sharehos to not side with carl icahn at its next annual meeting. lauren simonetti has more on this fight. lauren? >> reporter: hi, dagen. we're watching apple shares, that's right, everyone knows that carl icahn wants apple to use a lot of its cash. it's got about $147 billion in cash, a lot of that parked overseas, to give it back to shareholders in the form of buybacks and dividends. we found out friday night that apple filed with the sec informing it will put icahn's demand forward at its next meeting, but it's recommending they don't approve that. dagen: continuing problems for obamacare could cost democrats dearly in the 2014 midterm elections. the web site's debacles are causing a decline in support for the party. art laffer is former economic adviser under president ronald
11:33 am
reagan. good to see you, art, happy new year in advance of that. >> thank you. of. dagen: how much of a difference will the midterm elections make, democrats or republicans? >> i think they'll make a huge difference. i mean, you sit there, we're on a cusp here. neither party controls the country. it's in a very bad situation and it and if the elections go the way i think they will, you'll see a sharp move toward supply-side economics. obamacare is the classic foible that the democrats, whoever it is, when they get into power, hay think they then can do anything, and they can't. jimmy carter with national energy, richard nixon and, of course, barack obama with obamacare. it's tragically flawed, dagen, and it can't work. it's not just the web site. dagen: you brought up nixon and carter, let's bring up the inflation and the gas rationing, that was kind of the classic
11:34 am
thing that hit virtually every american. >> that's it. that's true. dagen: obamacare problems, there have been problems with the web site, problems with ebb rolling these -- enrolling these few million people who are signing up so far, but that isn't all of america. >> no, it's not. dagen: people read about it in a paper what a disaster it's been, it's only going to touch at least in the short run a few people, will it ultimately take everybody who has health insurance and uses health care in this country to feel some change in what they use on a day-to-day basis -- enter yeah. dagen: -- to influence an election? and i'm saying it might be later than midterms. >> i agree. it might be later than midterm. i think it'll be both midterm and then really big in 2016. but you're right, dagen, it's not the web site, it's not how many people enroll. these are just minor, peripheral issues. the real problem is you can't give away free resources and expect the system to work. people will way overconsume health care.
11:35 am
you've got 30 million people they want to now cover that were not covered before, they want reexisting conditions to exist -- pre-existing conditions which doesn't change your health care benefits or your cost, they want to have children kept on their families' policies for a long time. they have all of these things, oh, and uncapping the whole system. finish when you do that, you've increased the demand for health care enormously, and what you haven't done is figure out how to pay for it. you're also squeezing doctors down -- this system cannot work. it will collapse whether the web site runs well or not. it doesn't matter. dagen: well, how long do you think it will take then for your average american with health insurance to feel the higher cost and to feel a squeeze in the quality of care that they get? >> i think it's happening right now. you know, it doesn't have to happen to everyone. what you really need in a political process is 5% of the people shifting is enough to make a landslide in one direction a landslide in the other direction. what i think happened in the house, if you'll remember, in
11:36 am
2008 the democrats took over the house an enormous percentage, and by 2010 the republicans had gotten the house back, again, with an enormous percentage. what happens in 2014 is i think the republicans take the senate, and i think they increase their majority substantially in the house, and then you'll start seeing legislation coming through where obama will be playing defense rather than offense. and 2016, then you have the presidential race, and i think it's exactly what we saw in 1978, 1980 and the election of ronald reagan and the complete change in america. i couldn't be more optimistic about the u.s. than i am today because of politics. dagen: art, good to see you. >> good to see you, dagen. happy new year to you. dagen: see you early in 2014, promise me that. >> i will be back. dagen: thank you again. a new report says al-qaeda might not have had anything to do with the 2012 consulate attack in benghazi. former deputy assistant secretary of state kt mcfarlane has something to say
11:37 am
about that. and the latest on the two terror attacks in russia that have killed more than 30 people. what does it mean for the sochi olympics coming up in the new year? and take a look at the treasury market. that ten-year yield was at 3% on friday. it's pulled back a little bit but with, oh, how high can she go? ♪ ♪ just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before.
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♪ ♪ >> time now for your fox business brief. pending home sales rising slightly, up two-tenths of a percent in november over october, that's the first increase in five months. the national association of realtors saying that pending home sales -- pending sales of existing homes down 1.6% year-over-year. higher mortgage rates and higher home prices have slowed sales. wells fargo, the largest u.s. home lender, has agreed to pay $541 million to fannie mae to settle claims it sold defective mortgages to the government-controlled finance company. the one-time cash payment resolves all buyback demands related to loans originated prior to 2009. and crocs says chief executive officer is retiring and blackstone is making a $200 investment giving waxman a 13% stake in the shoe company. of there's still funny looking, and that's all.
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dagen: "the new york times" casting doubts surrounding al-qaeda's involvement this the september 11th, 2012, attack in benghazi that killed four americans saying, quote: there's no evidence that al-qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault. congressman mike rogers was on fox news sunday disagreeing with that. >> there was some level of preplanning, we know that. there was aspiration to conduct an attack by al-qaeda and their affiliates in libya, we know that. the individuals on the ground talks about a planned, tactical movement on the compound even -- this is the compound before they went to the annex. all of that would directly contradiction what "the new york times" definitively says was an exhaustive investigation. dagen: with more, let's bring in fox news contributor and former deputy assistant secretary of defense, kt mcfarlane. your initial reaction? [laughter] >> oh, my god, there is a santt
11:42 am
claus, and the santa claus is "the new york times", and they gave a great christmas present to susan rice and hillary clinton. dagen: that was one of the questions i was going to ask you, why now? there's always a why now to the story. >> yeah. ramping up for the election. this gives a clean bill of health to hillary clinton and to susan rice saying that, you know, al-qaeda wasn't involved and that it was all about a youtube video. well, you know, the fact of the matter is that this supposedly exhaustive study "the new york times" conducted, you know, the u.s. intelligence community, people who were there on the ground, the state department's report after the fact, they have all said that there was an al-qaeda-affiliated involvement. they have all said something very different from "the new york times". secondly, the guy "the new york times" says, well, they're not al-qaeda members. look, al-qaeda doesn't hand out an id card, okay? there's no card-carrying members of al-qaeda. al-qaeda is a loosely-organize toed, a lot of affiliated groups with al-qaeda. and the people who conducted that attack were part of the one
11:43 am
of the groups that was louisly affiliated with al-qaeda. dagen: what about some of the libyan terrorists who were quoted. >> who did they quote? is they quote the guys who were there. are these really reliable sources? known terrorists throughout the region? are they going to believe him instead of an american who was there that night? i just think the whole story is pretty fishy, and the guy who wrote with the story, "the new york times" reporter, i know reports he's done from egypt, i think, have been very questionable. i've been to egypt, i've talked to the people, and they say he's painted a very different picture. so i really have to question what are their motives? what are they trying to do here? dagen: what about the assertion that it's still related to -- >> [inaudible] dagen: yes. anti-islam video. >> okay. if it was just a bunch of guys who decided, ooh, i don't like that video, let's go attack the embassy, they wouldn't have had the kind of weaponry they had, a multiple-pronged attack. now, do you want to say that everybody in the crowd was, you know, al-qaeda affiliated?
11:44 am
no, i'm sure there were probably looters there, there were criminals there, there were people who were mad about the, you know, the youtube video. but the fact remains that even the u.s. intelligence community has said that this was an attack in the making. intelligence experts were warning about something like this two months prior to it. craig well, at least this story in the times says this won't go away. >> right. dagen: because we still don't have justice for anybody. >> you know, dagen, the three points remain: we didn't give adequate protection to our own people, while the attack was going on we didn't try to rescue our own people, and now the attack a year later we have still not brought the people to justice. dagen: do you think that they will be brought to justice? >> i don't know, you know? i kind of believe that there's got to be -- i still believe in santa claus too. the story just doesn't go away. dagen: people still want answers. >> people should have answers. now, i think that ultimately the people who were there on the ground, the americans, the
11:45 am
people in the intelligence community, i think eventually stories like that come out. i was in the white house during watergate. it took a year before watergate hearings and two years before nixon's resignation. i've got to believe there are people who know what happened and know the answers to that. and the final question i want to know is why do we have intelligence -- why were those special ops guys in the first place? they were not doing what people do at consulates, which is issue visas and look for lost luggage. these guys were special ops guys. what were they doing? because the rumors were always that they were running guns. dagen: good to see you. you look gorgeous, as always. gorgeous and intelligent. does et -- it get any better? >> thank you. [laughter] dagen: this horrible story is developing out of russia over the weekend, deadly suicide bombings striking the russian city of volgograd just this the past two days killing at least 30 people and raising security fears about the upcoming winter olympics in sochi. fox news' amy kellogg is
11:46 am
following this story from london. do the authorities know who is responsible for this attack? >> reporter: no, dagen, they don't. they haven't found out who was responsible for the attacks, and no one has claimed responsibility. but it's widely believed that these attacks were the work of radical islamists from the north caucuses region of russia, and that is where the rest of republics of chechnya and dagestan lie. there is a group there which seeks to create an islamic state in southern russia, and it also seeks to bring president putin down. and this group has threatened to do whatever it can to wreak havoc and prevent the winter olympics from happening peacefully. russian authorities believe that a male suicide bomber was to blame for the bust blast this morning in volgograd that killed 14 people and left many injured baby between the ages of five and eight months now in a coma whose parents haven't been found and may possibly be dead. yesterday's bombing at the
11:47 am
imposing central railway station was captured on cc-tv cameras. it killed 17. the first reports were that it was caused by a female suicide bomber, someone avenging the death of a husband or brother, but that theory, dagen, is now on hold, and it is believed that a man was responsible for yesterday's attack, possibly in conjunction with a woman. but that at this point is not clear. dagen? dagen: why target volgograd, of all areas, in this giant country, amy? >> reporter: well, why volgograd, there are possibly many different reasons. first of all, it's a symbolic city and an important city in southern russia, a city of a million people. it was formerly stalingrad, the scene of that historic battle. so it's a city that's been known for its resistance and its suffering. also hitting a city that is in the heart of russia as opposed to on the periphery in the north caucuses has a whole different psychological effect on the people of russia. dagen?
11:48 am
dagen: amy, thank you for the reporting, as always. amy kellogg from fox news. a group of nonunion retirees in illinois are filling -- [laughter] filling the first of what could be many more lawsuits to come challenging the state's plan to fix its public pension system. the most underfunded in the country. jeff flock joins us with more. >> reporter: dagen, good morning to you. only $100 billion underfunded, and now the state legislature finally came up with a bipartisan way to try and straighten that mess out. but as you might guess, it is under fire today. first lawsuit filed, as you point out, by those nonunion retirees. the unions are going to file their own lawsuits. take a look at what this lawsuit alleges, and i read from the lawsuit -- so i'm going to put my glasses on or -- countless careers, retirements and medical treatments have been planned and justifiable reliance on the guarantee of the state's constitution pension protection clause. what's the pension protection
11:49 am
clause? well, it says that the pensions are an enforceable, contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired. well, you could argue this deal does, in fact, diminish or impair the pensions. take a look at the deal the illinois state legislature agreed to. they're not going to compound the cost of living adjustments going forward, they were compounded before, some people said that was a real sweetheart deal. retirees must have to skip five cost of living adjustments over the course of their retirement. retirement age will be extended, and -- but on the positive side, contributions will be reduced. some people think that that will make it constitutional, it'll pass constitutional muster. i will be back in the 1:00 hour, dagen, because i hold in my hand a list of illinois' top 200 pension receivers, people that are getting pensions. most people, you know, most people don't make a lot, public workers, you know, they collected the garbage, they
11:50 am
chased down the dogs, you know, not a big deal. these are people that will make maybe $10 million or more over the course of their pension time. we'll have that in the 1:00 hour. dagen: so you're making me wait for it? that's real cool, jeff. >> reporter: oh, yeah. gotta bring the audience along. come on, you have got nothing else to do today. dagen: okay. next time, next time. bye. thank you, jeff flock. check jeff out in the 1:00 hour. mean time, seven-time formula one world champion michael schumacher in critical condition after suffering a severe head injury during a skiing accident. in the french alps. more on his condition straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays...
11:51 am
that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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11:53 am
dagen: seven-time formula one champion
11:54 am
michael schumacher in critical condition and fighting for his life after a terrible ski accident on sunday while vacationing in the french alps. schumacher, who was wearing a helmet, slammed his head on a rock and is suffering from severe head trauma and internal bleeding. schumacher had immediate brain surgery upon his arrival sunday at the university hospital in grenoble, but he remains in a coma, and doctors there say it is too early to say what his prognosis will be. oil trading near a two month high after a bigger than expected drop in supply. sandra smith has the very latest in today's trade. hey, sandra. >> reporter: hey, dagen. it's those supply numbers that are still playing a big part in holding on to these near triple-digit levels. crude oil taking a little bit of a breather of its rally of four straight days higher. we got that wig inventory -- big inventory report last week that showed a drawdown of 4.3 million barrels, this was a big shocker for the market that currently is
11:55 am
seeing the largest amount of supplies on record for this time of year ever. that would normally be be very bearish for this market, but the fact that we saw that bigger than expected drawdown is what pushed us up past the $100 level. down today at 99 and change, but this starts to look at the big picture, guys. as we wrap up december, crude oil prices on track to finish the month up 7.8%. that would be the best monthly performance going back to july. when we use a lot of oil and gas during that summer driving season. for the year crude oil prices up 9%. this would be the fourth annual increase in those oil prices. you start to wonder, what does 2014 hold when it comes to energy prices? well, jeff curry over at goldman sachs, he's basically keeping his brent crude forecast for 2014 at $106, his wti forecast at $98 a barrel, and he is telling his clients that oil is on the cusp of a new cycle.
11:56 am
he's talking about demand in the united states now bigger and faster, growing faster than that of china and india and that the pick up in demand in the u.s. is going to be the big driver behind what he's calling the new normal for oil prices in 2014. he's saying we're going to hover around these levels at least for a year. back to you guys. dagen: happy new year. we'll see you tomorrow, i hope. sandra smith, in chicago. can a ceo save obamacare? the white house is reportedly under pressure to appoint one. cheryl ca sony is up next with a panel to debate this, they'll tell her what they think. the -- and colorado's going to pot, recreational marijuana starts this wednesday. details in the next hour of "markets now." welcome back. how is everything?
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
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12:00 pm
here you go that was a live picture the times square new york city getting ready for the biggest celebration of the planet tomorrow night. hello. i am sure all cassone. it take you through markets now. the new year may have the unwanted change whose unemployment benefits have just expired. should congress helps them out? we will take it to our panel also we want to hear from you the white house is under pressure to appoint a leader for obamacare and colorado will start recreational sale will lower states follow suit? all this and much more on "markets now."
12:01 pm
cheryl: the crowds and the tourist everybody coming to new york city literally rights around the corner. happy monday. top of the hour be have stocks every 15 minutes and we have the next day with lauren simoneti. but what about the year we have had. we don't expect it to move into 2014? >> you are right it has been up 29% but the only major averages is in the green. the highs and lows is near 23 points it is very tight. looking at the sectors sectors, energy is the weakest white facebook and twitter and apple they are all down on friday as well.
12:02 pm
, and take a look at the fix index is up today by the markets are down but that fear gauge is a solid 27% in the broader market is up 29% so at 2031 solid. cheryl: here is how i'd like to kick off every monday first on the agenda unemployment benefits have expired for over 1 million americans. the numbers are expected to reach 2 million over the first half of 2014. economists are split how this affects the nation. we have liz mcdonald and charles paid. also matt welch co-host of the new fox business show the independence of. one of the big questions is
12:03 pm
it will be a political fight the democrats will definitely bring the fight but should they? should we let it expire? >> i will start a fight in say extend it. why not? i will fight with charles and max because here is the problem. the jobless rate is down 7% and we are not in the emergency road the long term we are 11 billion could not find work maybe 14 billion with the underemployed i would say within g.o.p. watch out. this and the minimum wage a fight will come up to bite you hard. cheryl: the disadvantage the studies have shown if you are unemployed six months or longer you have more of a challenge to get a job.
12:04 pm
companies don't want to pick up the long-term unemployed. thinks what do they do? >> people were a key great many working the factory line. you cannot make that many now people there are jobs they don't want to do. they will have to take salaries while they wait for the perfect job in. cheryl: you say expiration's should stand? charles: when you talk 99 weeks you cannot probably ever get back into the job market i dunno if we have done more harm than good. >> i do agree with that time but just another three months. >> but it is always just another three months. when unemployment --
12:05 pm
benefits thus a 26 it was 13 then and now the permanent ratchet of government at times of crisis yield pooicy that never our jeep rolled back because they are portrayed as a monster. that said i will agree somewhat on the politics that is this the hill you want to die on when democrats have nothing except the income inequality minimum-wage fight on their hands. >> he is right. we have been come in the quality because of for job growth. stop talking about it as a populist issue. @% you don't have jobs you will always have the flat line wage growth and that is the issue behind the whole flight to. that is the number one focus is to create jobs. that is why the debate this. >> to long-term unemployment
12:06 pm
benefits help job creation or suppress it? >> it is mixed. >> but generally long-term unemployment benefits compared to people who are not are less likely to take abos lower paying job. do those incentives matter? they a matter to the americans at large. cheryl: and talk about political fights it will be about health care. this is a topic number two. the white house under pressure from its allies to name a health care reform ceo. critics include former white house advisor emanuel, the center for american progress even the president of the obamacare fix it by the lack of management is a problem. the white house has not taken to the idea to say it is not being considered. but would obamacare fare
12:07 pm
better if with a seal at the helm? >> bb marginally but we over glorify the ceo we had that before obama and he was great until he was the president they realize running the government. cheryl: hoodoo you talk about? >> george w. bush with his business degree. >> he was not the ceo but a business executive. >> but you have a notion and that the private sector can do a great job. the problems are so bureaucratic and structural of starting with the president that you may get a marginal improvement and a good headline but it is still a mass. cheryl: i get where he comes from a i guess he is saying he would be a puppet at the whim of the president's ideology and ego which has driven this but
12:08 pm
accountability is important in the private sector what makes it work. all day long we talk about coaches that have been fired because they did not do the job. >> by the way did you see the rest of the requirements for the ideal person? itt experience insurance business experience. why would somebody was such a blockbuster reza may go work for the government? thaw they could go into the private sector. by the way there are a lot of conflicts of interest to get somebody into that role as wall -- as well. cheryl: don't you think that private sector experience is a better option? we have seen what the government has done and it is a complete failure. >> whoever has that job will still work with government policy that has been written in very bad they by the
12:09 pm
government from the beginning. they can exact a marginal improvement but that absolutely will not sixth the underlying problem that is a bad law that is addressed politically with duct tape and a rubber band fix. cheryl: we talk about this later but all of these americans that are rushing to do doctors to get test done because they lose all those benefits that is the real world the fact -- defect. charles: there are real ramifications. there is a horrific lot that the web site is just a proxy and it will not be changed unless but the president comes to grips. cheryl: what about the health care ceo? >> it could be a good choice
12:10 pm
>> but there has been no accountability the takes the fall or who is responsible. i agree with both matt and charles but i don't think the ceo is the cure all to fix what is wrong. cheryl: let's get to a topic number three. recreational marijuana legal and colorado starting wednesday with washington state not far behind. will more states follow or will have burned out before it gets traction? i don't know how you feel but they voted it will be a business and they will tax it. charles: you talked about all the touristy and their mother this segment. [laughter] way intel colorado opens. [laughter] new york will say where the
12:11 pm
hell ddd all the tourists go? [laughter] will the tax receipts justify that is the same social impact that you had when alcohol became legal again? they will have the views but i think states will look at those tax receipts and say count us in. >> it will bring medical tourism to a whole new level because of the medical marijuana lew -- use but that is always debatable with the receipts because there is always a black market they are not stupid whether or not we have paid marijuana representative remains to be seen. cheryl: will other states follow suit? especially california they are definitely looking. >> they voted against it 2010 will probably vote november this year.
12:12 pm
the states hatter looking to legalize rhode island could do it legislatively but i the getting is irreversible uruguay legalize recently as the first country to do that. when it is exposed there is no intellectual opposition anymore. nobody wakes up except the few dead end people that say we need to win the war on marijuana people realize it is lost. the first experiments that showed the of world did not fall just like good medical marijuana became legal 1996. >> but i don't want to be on that hill. but it is still illegal under federal law the president has pushed for experimentation at the state level. cheryl: that does it for the
12:13 pm
of monday headlight panel that is it for the year. her reach to the hospital. patients are rushing for last minute tests and procedures by the end of that gear. are you in the market for a new car? the best day is coming up. take a guess and looked at energy hand oil over would hundred dollars a barrel. we will be right back. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards
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12:16 pm
cheryl: the dow is up 25% year to date take that here are some of the names making it big n coca-cola has a long way to run. a bullish call but here is the sector we are watching. not a full accounting of the numbers of told to do very but best buy a one-year chart we are down
12:17 pm
1.6 percent today but best buy is the big star with retail. telesco to the floor of see chicago mercantile exchange -- new york stock exchange with lauren simoneti. look at the shares up 20 percent that is the highest i have seen it all day today. here is the news. blackstone has $200 million in the stake and the ceo of croc's also retiring it has an upgrade to a neutral this is what the folks have to say. , so that removes the roadblock for croc's also as the blackstone bid involvement as a positive change maybe they will close underperforming stores. cheryl: we will see you at
12:18 pm
the bottom if you sit there at home and think i would like a new car. head to the dealership tomorrow that is the best day of the year to buy a car offering the lowest possible price in the effort to beat the year and calls the majority coming with zero% financing, a cash back this applies to the 2013 models only as they look to get the supply of the lot according to kelley blue book catalog that the automakers. coping that you go to a dealership tomorrow you have a mixed bag and a flat day for trading. is business suze that the dow is up 25% and climbing today and to bar all. we have our guest here a and
12:19 pm
he says ditched a single stocks and he recommends you put your money somewhere else. as the market heats up the temperatutemperatu res will plummet and we have the latest god wild winter weather just in time for the new year and a look at the currencies against the u.s. dollar. we will be right back. [ laughter ]
12:20 pm
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12:23 pm
cheryl: to suicide bombings in russia and the killing over 30 people ahead of of february winter games we're standing by in london. what do we know? >> no one has claimed response ability and authorities have not identified the bombers but today it was carried out by a band and also yesterday but they will bid may have been involved. this 46 ocean talking about a trolley bus that killed 40 yesterday was that the
12:24 pm
central train station until the 17th the bomber was stopped at a security checkpoint and detonated. what investigators said they remained of the same material and packed with shrapnel for maximum carnage. think group has been calling for a tax to disrupt the olympics games tax month if it did not claim responsibility expected of involvement security is stepping up in moscow where terrorists have managed to use strike before at the major airport and subway and other high-profile locations with the holiday crowd rushed and christmas is next week, there will be a lot of traffic and other major centers of activity. people had to give the gift of blood and they turn down large numbers to do donates
12:25 pm
in the city once called stalingrad it is a transportation hub for southern russia. the impact occurs in the hearts of the russian city as opposed to the periphery of of the north caucuses it is our chance great concern it could have opted again maybe not so cheese that is protected by a ring of steel cheryl: they are seeking a of the olympic plans. think you. why from a did thousands of american households still in the dark as the northeast braces for another hits of winter weather 20,000 customers from michigan and surveyed have not had power through the weekend. they already spend christmas in the dark also have to win joint christmas eve plumb dash new year's eve by candlelight the storm was already making difficult
12:26 pm
travel worse. of making a bad dash while the clock may be ticking to get medical procedures. some are making the dash to vegas. brittany is back with the west coast minute we would never miss covering the story. looking at s&p disney right now. we will be right back. and she might have if notor kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. every year, millions of americans just like you
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12:29 pm
cheryl: en coming up a are making manet and we are here with tips for you for the 2014 year. the wolf all full street
12:30 pm
coming to the small screen. is america ready? the taking a second job for the holidays at wed justice sotomayor will be doing. right now is looking up the stocks every 15 minutes at new york stock exchange with lauren simoneti and there are big moves today. >> disney is one of those stocks. it is up 2.3% to take out another annual high. it got the upgrade into a buy from guggenheim partners it expects further multiple expansion and driven by content and international growth. it is positive. it is not just to is the but five other components we will show you those dupont dupont, american express, express, 3ma and many
12:31 pm
continue to do dominate the market and will continue to rise but we will see a lot of action tomorrow of the final trading day of the year. cheryl: interesting guess things settle in for the year. it is time for the stock radar we have seen the note joe, you are big right now. really big international stocks but here at home you say focus of quality? it is all about quality? up the last six months it is only up to% but it has room to run it? >> what we are seeing is a shift from the low growth environment and data very slow-growth environment it is what you see now is the
12:32 pm
fed is stepping back end end, only one of those that are more industrial in nature to provide growth from a global recovery. so we will seize the accelerated growth rate so the other names will take off so that is the stage of the economic recovery. so we can shift away from a high octane growth names. cheryl: i see your strategy but you are hedging and that is a year today lucky guys but shares of the emerging markets this is something that has been a fever over the last two years of emerging-market consumers this is a way to bridge the other countries for the kids to buy the i found or the electronic gadgets? talk to me about the
12:33 pm
emerging markets. >> hit is the interesting etf and all the new ones it plays specifically to the growing consumer of the middle market that we speak of the emerging-market regardless of what happens with interest rates a growing area for the world. of a great long-term investment. cheryl: cannot interrupt? it is hard to convince when the dow is down 25% to look here because the emerging markets is not where anyone has made money if you look at the last six months it is only up 2%. how would you make that argument? >> you make bundy where everyone else has not not where it has been made that where it has to be. we were into growth stocks
12:34 pm
for the coming year we say the u.s. will to fight but if we end up with global growth of the consumers in the emerging markets again he does not look here but to the future. also challenges are looking out what has done well. cheryl: so you seek apple has done so well i have to be here. so here is the ovoid your church that is more than 30% it is global industrial names mostly u.s. based companies? >> that includes the names like apple and google or dave said have done well or will continue to. that is true of disney had
12:35 pm
taken a new high. the babe's that everybody recognizes that are so aspirational that we seek are interesting. for our research team we look forward away to go for the future. be careful with your equity rebalancing because people have the very overweight stock because of the incredible appreciation and think about the overall allocation is the way things have done very well. cheryl: i wish you well. the etfs talking about the of follow title so happy new year. >> i hope ned share is as good as this. cheryl: i will take this. with the fed finally announcing plans to pull back of the bond purchasing
12:36 pm
program can the economy handle the higher cost? peter barnes is live on this story. welcome back. >> we will talk to another joe, a former fed economist says the story is a tug of war between the markets and the fed with the kind of the industry as it tapers of the bond purchases. of the ted year has already rebounded at 3% the highest level in two years with continued tapering but the rising yield could threaten the recovery especially in the housing market. joe says the fed bill tolerates of some rise of rates because of stronger growth but do whatever it takes to keep rates from rising too fast to show the market means business.
12:37 pm
>> particularly to put the taper off on hold onto another $10 billion cut at some be taken as a way to tell the market we are serious. don't get ahead of yourself as. that is on the table. this is the struggle for all your. >> bari nt -- in bahrain and the tapering he figures as genteel and as the new chair to current policy plans will stay on track. cheryl: good to have you back. obamacare 2014 we will debate the state of health care and will the loss survive? pretty spears making her big vegas debut it is coming up with the "west coast minute"
12:38 pm
will she make money? looking at the 10 year treasury we will all be right back. welcome back. how is everything?
12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
cheryl: dick cooper tires decision and to terminate the merger agreement leaves apollo notorious but to pursue legal remedies that would have created the seventh largest tire company. existing loans rose quietly in november over october the first increase in five months. then did home sales were down 1.6% a year after year with higher home prices and interest rates to slow down sales. the wessel lender has agreed to pay $541 billion to fiddle made to settle claims of defective mortgages. the one time cash payment -- paving includes all buyback close that is the latest. you are prospering. any we will be right back. ter with . run payroll with it. sync this stuff with that stuff with it. make more time for what you lov.
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turn on only what you need wh it. sample from our smorgasbord of apps with it. take in the big picture with it. see your finances in a whole n way with it. this is your business on the all-new quickbooks. run with it. [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... chge in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. breaking into 52week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapp up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade. cheryl: reports emerging top hospitals are left out of the 2014 obamacare plan for
12:42 pm
procedures and special visits before a january 1st. now looking ahead is a e. i. resident and health research incident managing director. what is the initial reaction ? we saw people were getting test is this what 2014 will look like for health care? >> it is funny because i had that sense of deja vu if we had this conversation one year ago we would talk about people create begin at the end of the year because so many would look at where we were with deductible to say i hit my deductible i might as well get the services. it is difficult to tie these anecdotes to use the new law of wind that is a phenomenon
12:43 pm
that has been occurring quite some time. cheryl: id do you agree? this seems a different story >> as people max out deductibles they try to get elective things. is with that new element law but as they transition and it will do this anticipation. it is said narrowed network plan and so people will try to front load no question about that. cheryl: looking at insurance plans 2014 they realize they don't have the same benefits yvette companies are cutting back. >> they have to skinny down to accommodate the new mandate so most had benefits degraded for the new mandates.
12:44 pm
cheryl: how will companies respond? but most americans also see a lot of changes. what are your predictions? >> absolutely. 156 million americans still get health insurance through their employer of that remains of polka of the health care system today. that is rapidly changing. one thing that we fly to with respect to large employers is they're looking at a private stages very similar to what has been getting attention but they are designed for private employers to send employees to the new on-line marketplace where they will be shopping around to the office did with high deductibles and choices and they will see the same trade offs.
12:45 pm
another reason why health care goes retail. cheryl: dr., you say that when it comes to providers radian -- raising costume limiting access this will create the unprecedented amount of monopolies. >> it creates incentives for providers to do consolidate because they ask them to take a risk like the age of all model most also practices a eupepsia local oligopoly where providers are parts of hospital. they will use that clout to raise prices so law almost works against itself. cheryl: and do you agree they will see the opposite effect? >> there were a lot of provisions in view of its dues access poorly designed to for the uninsured by in terms of trends he is right
12:46 pm
we are seeing in the number of physicians site on with hospitals because they don't want to run a small business any more but what consumers are doing we finished a survey of 1,000 and 25 percent said their using mobile health apps that is just from 60% one year ago. another trend and to divide is price transparency with health care. it has been started with employers and the government to push out the price of information but it will a accelerate as consumers have to become shoppers. cheryl: do you seek, i know that you looked at the drug announcement but are you
12:47 pm
concerned america will no longer produce the new cancer therapies and we will lose to other countries with our system? >> no question research and development and trial cost has gone up and the united states i think will be the world but there will be less investment title takes the corporations can pick up the slack said uc big payoffs from the investments over the decade and this year's. >> you also see patient groups getting into the clinical trial business. the world is changing quickly. cheryl: they q both for being here. happy new year. it is time for stocks at the floor of the new york stock exchange with keith woods and you have the debate going with twitter if the
12:48 pm
stock is overvalued? >> that is not my primary duty ballot that the action and you could say it got ahead of itself. or facebook and google's trade at much lower multiples a you they actually have earnings. but you have to say it is overvalued. so with the exuberant action as soon as eddied news comes out the long side or the bullish or negative side that is why it has pulled back but their proper valuations of $50 per share. cheryl: talking about this issue will continue. think you. natural-gas gaining ahead of winter weather but first we
12:49 pm
are down over $1 with oil let's trade -- go to a the chicago mercantile exchange. >> we were over 100 but now we are down again. we will end the year with the most oil in inventory in history. we have more than reid know what to do with. people realize as we get closer to the end of the year we saw inventories falling dramatically that gave the market a big boost. all of that is coming off as a reality but the natural gas is a different story. talking about record demand for the lives of december what we saw last winter could go a lot higher.
12:50 pm
especially in the midwest. otherwise it is looking strong. cheryl: time for your "west coast minute" the oregon health care issues has extended the deadline by one week. it still is not working and only 38,000 have been told that is well behind a target microsoft is expanding the foot print in washington state by purchasing a 200-acre plot building a data center construction should begin this spring. it is in quincy washington where he got to has expanded a and it was also be hydro electric. the cat cracker shot -- would get shares right now it is down. said pretty spears made her las vegas debut opening her residency show at 4500 ideas
12:51 pm
members at planet hollywood she has signed on 50 shows 2014 and 2015 critics are giving get high marks the back of dancers are backing her up. leonardo to capriole is not the only ones getting big buzz why the man behind the movie could be the next big star. whole foods is the big winner.
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cheryl: the inspiration and behind the move the bill will fall street is tapped to star in the app, the reality show helping those who have hit rock bottom but still holding hope for redemption. the man responsible for shows like mob lives tell this to solid -- reporter i knew he could be a talent behind and in front of the camera charlie gasparino will be thrilled. the supreme court justice will of rain began the new york justice sotomayor will push the button to push the countdown at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night's. she is from the bronx. she will be the first supreme court justice to ever start the countdown one person missing is mayor
12:56 pm
bloomberg. the outgoing mayor will miss the entire thing for the first time in 11 years. as tech stocks test new highs as i you ration in should investors be concerned with another bubble? we have our chief market technician and one of the heart -- hottest trends the company that makes the us smart sox cut bait up with the next hour right here on fox business.
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♪ ♪ adam: welcome back to markets now, i'm adam lori: i'm lori rothman. twitter shares down 20% from last week as twitter loses more than $8.5 billion in market cap in just a couple of days. adam: and caper tantrums, the fed pulling back its bond-buying
1:00 pm
program starting next month, but can the economy handle higher borrowing costs? lori: plus, $375 per person to eat at applebee's. we'll tell you why one of their restaurants is charging that lofty amount on new year's eve. adam: and what you see may not really be there. how advertisers are digitally projecting their message onto everyday items inside your favorite tv shows. but first, we're going to head to the floor of the new york stock exchange, and they're fighting for gains, a big one point higher, right? >> reporter: you know, that's a great way to put it, adam. this is the type of day where you don't see much movement in the major averages. look at that, can it get any flatter than that? but you to see some individual stocks breaking out. as you can see, the dow's up not even two points. the breadth of this market is actually negative right now, and the sectors are more negative than positive at this moment. so you could say that this is more of a down market.


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