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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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viral. thank you for joining as. have a great night. ♪ lou: and massive winter storm bearing down on the northeast corridor at this hour. thousands of flights and trains already cancelled with some regions expecting more than a foot of snow. and temperatures predicted to plunge far below zero. i'm lou dobbs. ♪ good evening, everybody. happy new year. a major winter snowstorm reaching from the midwest and to the northeast affecting more than 120 million americans across more than 20 states. the storm expected to reach lizard-like conditions in parts of massachusetts.
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states of emergency already declared. and travelers are already feellng the consequences. more than 1900 flights canceled. more than 4,000 other flights delayed. those cancellations and delays stretch across the country from loss angeles to boston's logan airport. seizing all takeoff and landing at 8:30 p.m. until last and clears. on the rails, amtrak has canceled hundreds of trains in washington d.c., pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, and pennsylvania announcing just moments ago that they are moving to a modified some of schedule that begins at 5:00 tomorrow morning. drivers in new york state told to stay off of a number of highways until further notice, as ordered by governor andrew cuomo. the storm has already dumped snow all over the midwest including the greater chicago
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area which received its heaviest snowfall and more than 15 years. fox news senior meteorologist is in the extreme weather is a judgment and is the very latest. >> it is crazy. we are already seeing over a foot of snow in massachusetts. 18 inches. some snow totals could surpass our forecast. we are looking at it right now, really from d.c. to philadelphia and new york. the storm really has not gotten its act together. two pieces of energy, one coming across the ohio river valley. then another piece of energy coming up from the gulf of mexico. those two combined are merging together off the coast and will bring a nor'easter. the problem is we could see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles-per-hour. even if you don't get the big,ie wind gusts in excess of 50
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miles-per-hour you cannot travel anywhere. rose will be shut down overnight. there's a look right now. the temperatures dropping as the storm continues to move eastward. filling in across jersey, philadelphia, new york. boston, it has been snowing. that is the first piece of energy. the nor'easter has not gotten its act together, but when the guests already along the coast. thirty-six, 37 miles-per-hour. nantucket 40 miles-per-hour. this storm has not even really gotten its act together. that is the problem. as people say, well, here it is, it is not here yet. it will start to crank up overnight and into tomorrow. a blizzard warnings for much of long island and all along the coast. that means when gusts in excess of 50 miles-per-hour for an extended length of time. and winter weather warnings for
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of the city's a uc here. snow totals, several inches. washington d.c., a couple of inches. its temperature will drop. overnight tonight, 3:00 a.m., the worst of it. and then the bulk of the storm will be out of fear by tomorrow afternoon, but we will still see wind, and temperatures that we have not felt in years across the north east. we will feel wind chills the low zero. take a look at this. 8:00 p.m. tonight, dropping as the system cranks up the-2 is what is going to feel like. we are still at zero and new york state -- new york city,-8, you get the picture. frigid. a lot of kids have the day off, but they will not get to enjoy that snow day because it is going to be dangerously, dangerously cold. the wind will continue to haul
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overnight tonight and into tomorrow. even when the storm is long gone we will see the potential for blowing snow and wind up conditions. people are urged to stay inside. this is one of the computer models of philadelphia, opting to around 10 inches. 11 inches on top of what they have already received in boston. they've already received several inches. as i mentioned, nor the boss and we have totals in excess of 1 foot, and we are not done yet. this is just darling. back to you. lou: it always bothers me when you say it is a starting. >> and you know what, next week, next week, he talked about chicago, they could set all-time record lows. even colder air will sing again from canada. really incredible. i think spring is 76 days away. lou: and i am sitting here trying to remember the last time we saw this many 70 temperatures in the forecast plus these
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extraordinary wind that you are warning us about. this is quite a combination. lou: -- >> and we just started winter. typically run we see this so early on, sometimes it is a precursor to a lot more storms and cold. lou: thank you. well, turning now to obamacare. officially the law of the land. 2 million people now have medical coverage zero obamacare because of a late surge in enrollment, and nearly 4 million are qualify for coverage through medicaid. the obama administration is not saying how many of those 2 million enrolled in private insurance plans actually a plate -- paid the first premium, payment that is to combat the latest, by next friday. house energy and commerce committee chairman says the figure is critical. >> time will tell as to the
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hospitals, physicians demand terms of whether people are actually -- that show up are actually -- payments will be made, how many people will actually write the check to get into the system. lou: we have some indication on how many people of pain at first premium and we will be taking that up without panel tonight on obamacare. the white house, we want to bring you up today, also forced to defend its obamacare contraception mandate after a challenge from justice sotomayor who was appointed by president obama, temporarily exempting to catholic church affiliated non profits from having to provide contraception coverage to their employees, of course spending in response from the administration . one attorney explains their concerns price listen, we have been a catholic organization for one month and 75 years.
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everyone knew seizes knows that we are. we can't turn around and sir disrespecting life at its earliest stages by paying for and participating in drugs and devices that can take human life. lou: and the administration has until 10:00 tomorrow night to respond. a white house official says they are confident that the birth control rule will be ultimately upheld. the administration is also betting that all obamacare needs is a good pr push. health and human services secretary kathleen sibila as will be publishing 38 obamacare op-eds in papers nationwide over the coming days. the white house is asking americans to log on to their website and share their obamacare success stories. we are sure that the white house will be bombarded by those success stories, so we would like to get in and out as best we can and be something of an intermediary with the overflow.
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the asking that you e-mail us your obamacare success stories and we will share with them with the audience. just send them to the successful obamacare stories at joining us now is senior fellow with the manhattan institute, a former policy adviser to the romney campaign to my grace mary turner. it did have you with us. dr. mark siegel, a member of the fox news medical 18. good to have you here. let's start in that order. your reaction to the idea that most of this is medicaid signups and about half of it is enrollment as best we understand the term from the administration of about 2 million people. does this sound like success?
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>> the blizzard of obamacare is just starting and will be with us were a long time. on the point of enrollment, you said that 2 million people have enrolled in the exchange's. that is not true because you are not actually enrolled in a health plan unless you have paid and until you pay that first month premium. a lot of people, the vast majority have not paid because the obama administration is only now on the process of building bi t infrastructure that allows people to pay their insurers. of people walk in and it will not have coverage. it will go see a doctor, think they're paying a bill, and it will not have coverage. lou: to be clear, in the spirit of generosity and openness, using the numbers provided by the a ministration expecting that there might be some qualification and some wrangling with facts which you have begun here tonight, and we appreciate you doing so. >> i have a word for it, the
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undocumented. we have replaced the uninsured with the undocumented. they come to the doctor's office and say, i signed up. the doctor says to my can't find any evidence of it or you don't have a check. am i supposed to see you and maybe the government will see a penny down the line? we already have enough trouble trying to figure out the mandate for electronic of records. trying to make transitions. now with obamacare coming in we have patients that will not end up being -- we will not be paid for seeing them. plus quality of medicine is in jeopardy. so it is a perfect storm. lou: going to your point on this issue, about 30% of obamacare enrollees in the states of washington and nevada, about 50 percent have made their fiist premium payment. those are the only states right now that are providing a breakdown.
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how concerned are you? >> i am hugely concerned. yes, there will be success stories. there will be people who get health insurance, but my goodness, they did not need to turn a two and a half trillion health sector over to the federal government. millions and millions of people have already had their coverage disrupted because they don't comply with all of the obamacare rules. tens of millions more people will. why on earth did they need to create problems for so many people in order to solve that for the few people who could not get coverage before, we could have solved through expanded high-risk pools and other state programs. lou: the earliest descriptions by one of the sponsors was last year, i train wreck. it is now, if anything, more of
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a train wreck. we will continue. as we talk about now what do we do. also ahead, the bin gauzy white washed by the new york times. core al qaeda not involved in the attacks. we are joined. just to is the new york times protecting and wall street veteran sam stovall with his new year's outlook for both the market and the economy. and the "a-team" breaking down the clinton influence in the reshaping of the new york city mayor's office and the implications for 2016 to. all of that and a great deal more straight ahead. today on wall street stocks posted the worst start to a year since 2008, and we all remember 2008. the dow down 1305 points, as and
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the loss 16, nasdaq down 33. jobless claims unexpectedly fell to 3,309,000, with the previous week was expanded higher. it's complicated. no, it's really pretty simple. the manufacturing sector expanding. driven by a gain in orders. pork prices are expected to rise this year as the nation's hog herd is facing a deadly virus that is reducing the herd. hog and pig inventory down 1%. the first noticeable decline since the virus outbreak occurred. fatal obviously to young pigs. we're coming back with much more. ♪ lou: duck dynasty, and empire and expansion, controversy behind him, a network in full support. it just gets better.
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lou: new reports that a gun from the federal gun trafficking operation known as fast and furious run by the atf has now turned up at the scene of the drug cartels shootout in mexico. at least one ak-47 was discovereddlast month 60 miles south of arizona were issued with mexican authorities left five cartel members dead. a federal judge in new york this week upheld most of the state's strict new gun-control laws including an expanded assault weapons ban. the second amendment and to have advocates can claim a partial
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victory because he also struck down a provision that prevented them honors from loading more than seven rounds into a legal ten round magazine. end "duck dynasty" is launching a new business venture, and a camouflage guns. it partnered with mossberg on all line of nine shotguns, two rifles, and a semiautomatic pistol. back to talk about obamacare. i want to start with you. this issue of medicaid expanding across the country at a rate that is dramatic, it doee not even begin to express the explosiveness, the scale of the increase. what will be its impact? >> well, it is a good question to ask today because just today the scientific journal of
7:20 pm
science published new economic research that shows that contrary to the president's promise which is the reason that we have to have obamacare is because all of us are paying higher premiums because people in getting free care through the emergency room. it turns out that if you expand medicaid there is even more emergency room usage. these people on medicaid cannot actually get access to a primary-care doctor. a lot of doctors don't take medicaid. lou: as many as one-half of our doctors don't take medicaid, just to underline the point, just, by the way, well-known. >> yes. i think this study that just came out today, you will hear a lot about that. undermines one of the central rationales of the law which is that we have to have obamacare because more people will have insurance, there will be less free care in the emergency room command premiums will go down. the opposite is true.
7:21 pm
premiums are going up, more inappropriate use of the emergency room and expanding medicaid. lou: i want to get to another policyke. obamacare is a series of while fully inverted models -- it is just upside-down thinking cavalla disastrous contract with the general public policy, economics, any part of the architecture of this law. let me turn to the other part that is upside down. people are not talking what the employer sponsored insurance in this company. employer sponsored health insurance. the truth is that this started with breaking a contract and changing another model which was employer sponsored health insurance. the corporations, the big corporations in this country, every bit as much responsible, in my opinion, as is president and the democratic party for pushing this scam, this train
7:22 pm
wreck out on thh american people in the form of a panacea that is obviously nothing more than a train wreck. >> and this is the busiest sorry that is coming up in 2014-15. your spending a lot of time focusing on the individual market, but a big majority are getting insurance to their employer, and the employer is under a lot of regulations. pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits, up to the age of 26. if all of these premiums go up, with the regulations that the law put
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can we all gesticulate that employees have so graciously been providing there labor and talent and energy to corporations for years? >> there is a huge tax incentive for employers to provide health coverage. it is tax free on both sides. will we need to do in this modern economy, and i think you will see the republicans talk about this. allow people to have that tax break. health insurance is portable. they don't have to rely. lou: if you will forgive me, that is another dog whistle for letting corporations lower compensation in in the interests of being internationally -- >> has not true. lou: finish my sentence and then you can do whatever you wish
7:25 pm
with it. in the name of being internationally competitive. now go get him. >> here's the thing. absolutely right. the thing is this. however corporations pay you, whether they compensate you through cash, wages, health insurance, there is an economic value. the tax code rewards companies right now for giving you more of your compensation and health insurance, and you actually probably needed. if the tax code was fixed you would have higher wages and may be a skimpier health insurance -- lou: there is a corporation in this country would sign up to compensate more. have you looked to the compensation in this country? >> i have to get involved. a kind of disagree with everyone here. i think of insurance should be based of the employer, but i
7:26 pm
also think that people need a disincentive for overuse, when need more flexible spending. health insurance has gotten out of control. and your point is right which is what obamacare does, pushes it away from where it has worked fairly well to where it will not work. lou: the last word. >> all the evidence shows that when consumers have more control over their health insurance, the cost of the coverage and more control, they wind up seeking better value for their health care dollar. that is the direction we need to go. rather than government mandates, invisible restrictions, let consumers be able to make their own choices and the market response to them and they're only going to do that if they have the money and they get the tax incentive directly to shop for the best policy that suits their families in their own need. lou: i assume you mean by that that they have to pay more of the price of health care.
7:27 pm
>> i do not think so. i think that you will see -- lou: then i don't think it works. if you don't mean that they have to pay their way, i don't think we have any sensitivity, any response and it -- responsiveness, any elasticity within the health care market itself commanded fails. >> they're paying for it either way. >> they don't know the actual prices. there is not enough skin is the game here. lou: un nighter making so much more sense. >> it changes an incentive to get to more efficiency. we are never going to get there. it. lou: we have great political leaders, and they will lead us to the promised land. thank you for being with us. thank you. a very important book recommendation for you tonight. it is called of people. it is actually out. this is amazing. physical copy of this important
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7:32 pm
hardly any trading. >> the first day of the new year. a lot of people was still on vacation. lou: working hard. we are setting an example for america. >> hopefully we are, but i think a lot of what was going on today was simply portfolio rebalancing. as investors decided i will sell some of my stocks and but my other assets to work on december 31st. those orders were not executed until today. and after tax accounts, i want to wait and have this be a 2014 taxable event. let me do some rejiggering. our belief is, as i said, good years tend to follow great years . lou: there is no question that it was a great year. have begin this year be following that gains? >> if you looked around history as a guide, certainly never
7:33 pm
gospel, since world war ii, whenever we have had the market up by 20% or more in one year it has gained an average of 10% in the subsequent year, and the batting average, the frequency of the market demands rose to about 80 percent of the time. lou: i am signing a bride now for 2014. what happened today? i mean, we understand the adjustments. we understand the technical rejiggering, as you put it, but there is also the sense that things are not going quite as well as we expected in china. we had a little suggestion of a slowdown in this country, as these things are. they're nothing more than suggestions. where are we headed? and how much better can make it? >> i think the market is tired. it had a nice run toward the end of last year. now i think that investors are willing to digest some of these gains. add all but the market is
7:34 pm
overvalued, but it is due for some kind of a correction. we have done 27 months without a decline of 10% or more, and the median between such decline since world war ii has been only 12 months. more than twice as long as normal. lou: that does not sound good. >> you can sign up online. >> i don't want to sign up for that one necessarily. i appreciate you being with the sky as always. great to have you here. happy new year. it sounds like it will be, assuming, as is always the cass, your forecast holds up and reality follows as it should. up next, the billionaire mayor. new york city has a brand new deal. a few thoughts about the meaning of yesterday's inauguration of a great socialist, well, a liberal, progressive, and a few other things. well, we will look attthe description is more carefully
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next. ♪ lou: the new york times follows up its benghazi whitewash calling for a pardon for edward snowden. national security experts on snowdon, benghazi, the middle east, and the obama foreign policy. ♪ welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really likingour flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. rely makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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♪ lou: we have a lot to sort out and the national media and the obama foreign policy. joining is to do just that is former cia operative michael sawyer and fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst. thank you for being here. let's turn right straight to it. the new york times report that says very simply, there is no involvement. your reaction.
7:39 pm
>> just being a mouthpiece for the administration. they want to make sure that hillary clinton as a chance said it elected. al qaeda owns eastern libya. there were involved in the attack. it was a very professional attack, and we are going back to this silly video that the administration first landed on. it is a ridiculous story. it is professional news organization to be involved in this kind of clear deceits. lou: do you agree? is -- >> absolutely. actually, the author of this report has been criticized in egypt for months now for having sided and continue to side with the muslim brotherhood. more and fork to but more important, this was an attempt to shift the debate from what it was in 2012 and 2013, meaning that the administration did not do what it should have done according to what congress was
7:40 pm
disccssing to something else. yes, this was an organization, but it got of said. there is a return. and as michael said, absolutely commit eastern libya is controlled by the energy harnessed militia. lou: to in the world is the new york times working for? is it hillary clinton, another influence of some kind? how can the new york times and by the way, that chairman of the house intelligence committee say exactly what you gentlemen have said. no matter what. so what is in it for them? >> well, what is in it for them is hillary clinton. she has blood on her arms up to her elbows for not being willing to protect the people who are representing as in libya. by definition the counter-terrorism budget never runs out of money because if you take that position you're responsible for killing americans.
7:41 pm
hillary clinton killed those americans. they have to kill that story or it is a ploy to become mainstream for 2016. lou: strong words. your thoughts? >> look, what we know is that there are reports coming out of the region, the trials. and now coming into libya, reports confirming that not only these were militia but their links to al qaeda, both regional and international. i think this is an attempt, a preemptive strike to created decoy that that is not really about al qaeda with the story because the information will come at the end of the day. lou: i want to ask you one last question, and this is on edward snowden. the new york times editorial board in coordination with the guardian newspaper in the u.k. calling for clemency, apart for a return to status because he was simply a whistle blower.
7:42 pm
your reaction to iraq. >> well, the guardian and the new york times should both change the name. clearly, he did a service in the sense of advising us about the way the obama administration as shredded the fourth ammndment. that said to me it was perfectly possible to handle that with the united states. looks increasingly as if he was working for the russians all along. the obama administration, as it once, does not defend america. we could have kidnapped snowden in hong kong and brought him home. he should be brought home either openly or covertly so that he can be tried, convicted command executed as a trader. >> two groups in five administrations. the bureaucrats who don't want to see an agency going down like this, and the other, let's keep in mind, but then the camp of
7:43 pm
the obama campaign, those who want to criticize the agencies in bringing down. the result is will we see right now. lou: thank you both, gentlemen. >> thank you very much. lou: check out my new book. winning back the country with knowledge that empowers, ideas that matter, and solutions that work. debuts january 7th but is available online now for pre orders. please avail yourselves. up next, new york mayor inauguration playing out like a roast of outgoing mayor michael bloomberg. the billionaire was visibly unhappy and appropriately so. i don't often agree with the former mayor. the "a-team" up next. ♪ [ me announcer ] this is the story othe dusty basement at 06 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffma ...and the little room above the strip mall f roble avenue. ♪ this magic momt
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♪ lou: joining us tonight, our
7:47 pm
"a-team." let's begin with you, john. i take it from your column that you were not exactly impressed with the mayor, at least in a positive fashion. >> well, he ran as a west winner. fine. we got what we voted for. but the other speakers, someone selected them. i am appalled. harry belafonte once compared the american government to the terrorists of 9/11. he said, if you believe in justice, democracy, human rights, you have no a choice but to back fidel castro as long as it takes. and he was the keynote speaker. >> it was shocking to hear him talk about prisons. the extraordinary thing about the prison population you referred to is the kinsey in which is absolutely absurd.
7:48 pm
it is idiotic. because that city prison system has been under federal monitoring for the last to my know, 25 or 30 years. we're closing prisons, not increasing them. lou: fewer police officers in this country, one of the safest cities in the world, but in this country. been killed and then 120 years. the attitude was that they were talking as if they had just freed the slaves themselves and then this was a matter of the struggle, you know, the proletariat. >> this is a corn-style politics. >> silly. >> basically a form of socialism >> i had to pinch myself. lou: struggling to use the word socialism. >> it pitts. >> communism. i really felt sorry for the great mayor.
7:49 pm
>> we are talking about new york city. new york city. >> mike bloomberg sat there through this litany of insults'. and -- lou: standing there, former president bill clinton swearing-in. >> one touch of class because he at least said he wanted to pay tribute to the man who had less -- left new york safer, more secure. lou: swearing in this mayor. by the l.a., it none of the sanitation department and tell he showed up. what sanitation department has a chaplain? are you kidding me? >> the muslim cleric who was there is supporter of louis farrakhan. lou: this cannot be imagined. >> bloomberg saved new york. 9/11, the city that was going down the tubes. he restored confidence. he had done nothing else but that his legacy would be secure.
7:50 pm
lou: don't leave out a guy by the name of rudolph guiliani. and nine not thinking he was invited to that ceremony. they're coming right back with the "a-team." they have a lot to say. he will try to bring it out of'm them. ♪ that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uhma? go g help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feelrapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. oh that sounds nice. ally bank. your money needs an ally. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away.
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♪ lou: we are back with the "a-team," and we want to complete as best we can hear in a short time, the new york times and their call for clemency and pardon, if you will, for edward snowden to many, many of us feel somewhat different about. >> it is typical, what you can expect a massively self-serving because they have benefited from much of the material that
7:54 pm
snowden stall, and of course they would defend there whistle blower. lou: and the guardian in lockstep with their joint editorials in the same publishing cycle. but also, the reporter for the new york times who wrote this 7,000 pages of drool. >> this is a great shocking story. on the scene in libya. basically indicating his own reporting. lou: that to put too fine a point on it, but those of you not interested. >> it was shocking to me.
7:55 pm
lou: it is stunning. your thoughts, snowden, what should he -- where should he be right now? >> at think he has been drained whenever usual as he had to the russians at this point. i'm sure he's going to at continue to go dribble them out. i am not saying he did not bring valuable is used a light, but he did in a despicable way that should raise our century, not our praise. lou: the democratic party here has been relatively quiet on snowden. this president has not been adamant in any fashion. what are your thoughts? >> as an american, never mind what i do for livingg i am deeply disturbed that such a person would do this to this most extraordinary nation and that the russians are smarter and we are because of the same moment they're preparing to make
7:56 pm
-- make the ukrainians feel of the world is ending, they're laughing hysterically as which is not good for world piece or this country. lou: let's give the republicans a little notice here today, if we may. a tea party challenger in the primary. it looks like we're going to see midterm year. >> well, some candidates have a chance of winning. i suspect that one does not because he has all the money and consultants in ohio. having said that, a battle of ideas. , a useful exercise. lou: not to support the tea partier that candid it in any way, but he only has about 35 percent of the voters who want him reelected despite his standing in all of that money. it is a very republican idea, the same thing as having voters. we know that did not work out so
7:57 pm
well. >> i hope we will keep this up thank you. thank you for being with us. a great evening. you will see here tomorrow night. good night. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room
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[ male announcer ] there's a better way with compare ndreds of cards from all the majoranks to find the one at's rig for you. it's simple. search, compare, and apply at first round's on me. ♪ ♪ >> what is happening in new york? lookout. because the new mayor has a war on the ridge that could go national. welcome, everyone, i am melissa francis in for neil cavuto. bill de blasio laying out his agenda yesterday. >> those would see their taxes increase by an average of $973 per year. and that is less than $3 per


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