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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 3, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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melissa: it is cold. record cold. why is the secretary of state looking for coldarted cash? welcome, i am melissa francis i for neil cavuto. don't worry, he is back on monday. john kerry had some pretty bad timing. millions of people are digging out from the massive snowstorm and it is freezing cold everywhere, even downspout. and that is not stopping secretary john kerry for makin climate change a big priority in his life. critics say that hotspots are just about everywhere it should be the only real priority.
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iran is pushing for nukes and so is korea. terrorists are attacking russia with the olympics just weeks away and syria is still a mass. former mcdonald's ceo says that we should focus on global warming. >> absolutely. when you look at our country today, you have to worry about nuclear weapons in north korea and the shipping lanes and the pacific be controlled by a nitwit in north korea. these are very important strategic matters on global warming is highly suspect. let's let the scientists tell us and figure out what the issues are. the secretary of state should be concerned about international diplomatic efforts to keep the peace. to keep us safe. melissa: it is even more mind-boggling when you look at his appearance. he took on transit about the mequon delta and he made reference to the war and this
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area and then he immediately tried to link it to global warming. and he said that it's going to be the sit an even bigr problem down the road. meaning that this is one of two or three of the most potentially impacted areas in the world with respect to the effects of climate change. what do you think? people standing up listening to that guy? >> for them in his dogs and a society and its about freedom and libey. and you talk about in the united states we should be worried about ports and shipping and importing and exporting. this global warming thing is so suspect in so many ways and there's an equal amount of data on the other side. personally i look forward to some palm trees at lake michigan. i am sick of this cold. [laughter] >> the secretary of state should focus on strategic issues that deal with the safety in this country.
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not just political headline grabbing nonsense that appeals to people that really don't know what is going on. melissa: no doubt. we are all freezing to death in the have to call a climate change. and there a ot of people that have said that there's a bigger impact on the climate due to volcanic eruptions and things like that, rather than what humans are doing. but i am not a scientist. those sound appalling to me. >> my background is physical science. when i went to college, chemistry, biology, geology, the fact of the matter is that shift of the tecton plates created volcanoes and earthquakes in the landmass moving. and it has a much greater impact than mankind that. and they are giving up fossils and people didn't arrive for 10 million years after the dinosaurs were gone.
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the world today. it's an organic creature. melissa: in the meanwhile, john kerry is in the middle east, and many are calling him a oward and their israelis outside protesting the hotel that he is in. and it seems like we are becomi everyone's least favorite country, it even faster than other countries. >> let's be realistic. the people of israel suffered through the holocaust andhey should never ever have to suffer another. and it will create a psychological holocaust and if you want to focus on something important, that's what youhave to be focused on. melissa: ad, ed, thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you at. melissa: thousands of airline delays and cancellations and things to get worse. revamping airline rules for
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pilots. they will have less time behind the controls and jane says get ready to wt even longer at airports. the jetblue vice president said everything we know about planning for an and operating a winter storm in the hurricane season will change on some level and there will be flights reading around because just because crews are not available. the biggest change in decades. melissa: the biggest change in on one hand without question i want my pilots to be
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well-trained. e crash was blamed on tired of pilots. someone might be well rested. united and continental say they are hiring about a hundred to help out. is there a chance that they will mitigate tht delays and we will all be on time and savor? >> no matter how you look at it, there will be a cost. it will be increased for fares. and it is, all of this is based upon a false premise says. and quite it doesn't mean that we have no regulations, but let's put this in perspective. air travel is ae andt's
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safe tha was eore. melsa: fa, th iwh th el head h dea operionshats well. the we will have to take pilots and others offff duty. so does that mean i should try not to book the flights that started late in the day and travel in the morning instead from a practical perspective? >> there really is no escaping it. and you may be waiting in small towns where there are no crews available. melissa: -underscore and to stay home and have a nicemeal and watch a movie. [laughter] melissa: james, think you for coming on. have a great weekend.
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people think i'm trash. but they're wrong. today i'm just an aluminum can. but one day, i could be a stadium.
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>> i think that the government blew it. they said basically we're not spying on any americans. but it is like, oh, wonderful. melissa: mark zuckerberg taking his information, but he's okay sharing yours. saying they are not cashing in on private messages. some say they have a case. >> this is a very interesting case or it the class representive of all e facebook users. what they are saying is that facebook is iolating their privacy rights under state and federal laws because they are going into the private messages. we're talking about and that is
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being scanned by facebook and shared by others. melissa: there is an argument that this is violating the electronic communities and privacy act. >> that is the argument. but really we needo lookat what the user agreement is between facebook and its users a master copy of a complaint. and it shows thafacebook warns people about what they will do what their with their data. and some of it includes giving it to advertisers or that they have access to just about everything. >> under the complaint that says that it compensates the data related to the private messages.
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and so it does. melissa: decided their hope of? >> it doesn't do them off the hook though. the facebook user agreement is ambiguous on this topic and i think for a reason. to take advantage of its privacy -- user privacy for profit. google was recently sued and a judge ruled against google for this exact same thing. google is appealing a trade-off has also been talking about this type of privacy invasion and if that is going to have difficulty defending this. because it's not as if you're posting it for the wholl world to see. melissa: they are there using algorithms to see what you're saying and then sell your interest in what you're doing to othther people so they can take advantage of that and sell that and sell things to you. so even though they are
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appealing. >> the judge has ruled that it's too big and they violated their own terms. against facebook to see i there user situation is as vague as that. bjorn from what you heard, it sounds like it is part of this remark i think it's probably more ambiguous and i also think that reasonable expectation of the facebook user is that those private messages will be private. they won't be part of any other purpose for profit or for any other detrimental costs. melissa: it means big money to them. i don't want to gloss over the point. but that is how they make money on facebook. and if you are honored during your business and posting your pictures, the only way facebook
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makes money is you look at the stock price or. and so this is a big blow if he loses. >> it is. i take issue with the fact that anyone who really believes that they could have a private message on something as big as social media. if you don't like facebook, you don't have to belong to facebook. you can turn it off. sn i don't expect the government to be listening on my phone calls either. >> let's keep in mind this lawsuit is coming in the wake of a federal judge that says that investors in the public offering last year can go forward forward with our lawsuit against resort. severe dealing with lawsuits on so many different kinds you and thank you to both of you, we will talk about it more.
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no geen card? no problem. how one state is allowing illegals around the law. ♪
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>> a lot of people follow and i know florida is basing this same issue and i really think that they were both waiting o us to act. melissa: that is sergio garcia who can practice law in california. the california supreme court giving him the green light. that i the latest giving more rights to illegals and many lawmakers in washington are pushing for immigration reform as well. the heitage foundation estimating that granting amnesty to ilegals would cost taxpayers more than $6 trillion.
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and that is exctly what our editor is afraid of. here to clash out with her is adam lashinsky. the kiwi, let me start wh you. because every time i do this today, there are so many individuals on either side. the cost to all of the social welfare programs, versus how much productivity, what work that they would do and what they can consume. so how do you come by the numbers? >> i actually ascribed to paul ryan's view tt entitlements, yes, that's something we need to look at. and it doesn't actually allow some to have entitlements. so that is part of the debate. but when marco rubio, when he approached the chief actuary, they said 3.2 million jobs will be created over 10 years and gdp growth will actually be one third-grader over 10 years. so as long as, in my opinion, as
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long as wecan push aside the entitlements and allow people to get jobs, it will be that good in the long run. melissa: adam, what do you think about that? >> that makes goo sense to me. there's no question that our entire economy in the history of our country is built upon the backs of immigrants. so everything that we can do to make illegal immigrants legal in a sort of responsible and measured process, it will be good for not only those people that the entire country. melissa: but you know this whole idea of pushing it aside, already you're seeing illegals in this country become part of the system, whether it'sending their children to school where they are not legal residents or paying taxes. and it is a drag on the ecnomy. we were talking about this the specific case of sergio garcia in california. and it makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. someone who has been living outside of the law illegally is
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not supposed t respect and uphold s legal advice when h is still here illegally. >> yes. he is someone whose immigration status is pending. he was born in mexico and he came at a ung age. he went to law school and so the court said in this case, he is someone who can practice law. until it is in a very special case. he's not some criminal who hopped over the border in the dark of night. melissa: but by virtue of coming here legally, you say he's not a criminal. but the law is the law. >> to comment. his status is pending and that's part of it. >> when it's been pending, we all know people have come to this country illegally.
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melissa: let kelly get a word. >> ironically, the questions were soprobing all the way down to have you, if i had had a traffic violation, there there's an illegal immigrant who doesn't even have the goods are there has to be respect for the law. melissa: you can of the last word. >> i will talk about that. and that i just told you how upstanding you are as an individual
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the one he has been living outside of this. bless his heart. he has worked so hard and got to school and all those things. and at the same time, you can't escape the fact that he has them @% illegally. he wanted to give of you, have a wonderful weekend. after first you don't succeed, change the rules. meet the attorney general who says what they are doing with health care is illegal. ♪ ♪
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11:28 pm
that relates to yourrior story, there is a fundamental issue in this country. the law is a law. americans get frustrated when laws are not enforced, wetherbee the immigration issue or the obamacare issue. it was just months ago when the president came out and said obamacare is the law of the land and people need to abide by it. we have seen that along care is supposed to be enforced. the obama administration then sells realized it could not be enforced, so they keep changing the law which violates the constitution because only congress, not the president, has the power to change laws in this country. melissa: it is incredibly frustrating, and americans share your sentiment in both stories. you feel like, i am forced to live my life within the law or risk going to jail and did you see other people who are supposed to be enforcing an embarrassing loss in the country or violating them, the president to launchour point of being one of them. how worthing pposed to be
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changed as we get closer and closer boat -- we passed the deadline, but as the president saw that it will be hard to meet, what could he have done? >> i actually -- action was taken to fix the present -- problems. e united states house of representatives passed laws that fix these problems. all the president had to do is pick up the phonn, call harry reid and say, i need you to have the senate agree with the law passed by the house which would have fixed the problem. that is the constitutional way to address this challenge, not by these e legal fiat's. melissa: what is it that you are doing now? banding together with these other attorneys general. what to you hope to achieve? >> the first is to give the secretary of health and human services, at to get her to agree to no longer make these illegals changes and to ensure that navigator's comply with the law
11:30 pm
and rise to higher standards, but failing that, this is team is set for other potential legal challenges to the way that obamacare law is being enforced. it is now no longer the law of the land. the obama administratio has written a lot. melissa: and they are running for her -- to the majority of people and texas not like obamacare? >>exans are completely frustrated with the obamacare law. fresh credit wh the federal government tried to tell them what to do, make them buy products that they don't want, but presser with the president's that has no regard for constitutional principles. yes, taxes are in agreement with me that we need to do all that we can to overturn the overreached. melissa: the tremendous lack of
11:31 pm
security. does that surprise you? what duties to be done about that? >> this is a part of the letter that we sent to secretary sibelius. the second time we broke -- pass this issue. we're in the process of covering -- coming of the new standards not try to compromise the private individual information. melissa: thank you for your time. good luck. it is important that we provide coverage for all people. if everyone has coverage then they're not going to the emergency room for treatment. melissa: enrollees are actually 40 percent more likely to visit the emergency room. the daily caller jamie wines teen says those numbers directly counter that the president's
11:32 pm
promised a health care reform would cut costs the hospital. you know, i found this study- welcome to the show, shocking. it found that people that were on the roles of medicaid, and this is in oregon, i believe, went on average to the emergency room one-and-a-half times per year as opposed to closer to once a year for people who are not. had the race when this? >> a national study program. let's get the researchers. they expanded their -- so researchers would compare the 10,000 that got medicaid for those that didn't. aziz saidhey frequent the doctor more often than not. melissa: one of the logical assumptions.
11:33 pm
the logic behind thinking they would go less is that if you had coverage you'd have a primary care physician. so you would rather go see a regular doctor then go to the emergency room. let's be honest is a nightmare to the riser room. takes forever. you don't know what can of -- even the new york times is supported that theirs is not enough doctorsp there to take care of medicaid patients. that is certainly a possible explanation. that is the only way one can explain that. they're even coming in for route things like colds, which would not think he wouldeed to get emergency care for, the emergency room, especially if he did not have insurance. melissa: i have to look at this personally because it makes no sense. no one in my household has gone
11:34 pm
to the are even once. you would basically need a gunshot wound in my house because it is awful. you sit there for hours, have no idea who you will see, and it is muchasier to wait and go to the doctor. what are the policy implications of this? does is get john? is a lot more expensive to send someone to the right to zero and then to send them into a doctor's ffice for a visit. >> a goes to one of the planks of what president obama use in order to sell the law, that this would decrease the deficit. tens of millions of more people, they get is short and the defici will go down. there was a lot of gimmickry. now we know that one of the planks that people would not use emergency care as much if they are on insurance. turns out not to be true. melissa: thank you for your time >> thank-you. melissa: remember when former vice president dick cheney said this? >> what do you think of snow
11:35 pm
and? >> i think he is a trader. >> you do? >> absolutely. melissa: now liberal media is trying to give this guy pass. we expose the media bias right after this. friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash bac you are money. you are gonna neforget him. a wingman. my airline miles will take your game worldwide. what i'm really looking for is -- i got two words for yo re-wards. ♪ there's got to be better cards than this. [ maleouncer ] there's ay with creditcards. to find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, compare, and apply at first round's on me. we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all...
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♪ melissa: id -- a major shot after leaking top-secret security information. a new york times is giving him a not t so secret endorsement. he deserves better than the lives of permanent exile, fear, and light. he may have committed a crime to do so, b he is done is country great service. it is time for the united states offer him a plea bargain or some form of clemency that will aow him to return home. a media expert who says this is an open lobby for the president. why you think that? >> this is one of those things
11:39 pm
where the new york times had a man of the year, like times mazine, it is clearly snowden. he is their hero, and there alternately lobbying him to bring him home. he is a national hero, being wasted in moscow. he deserves a better life, one of a national hero. what you have here is the new york tires basically coming down weight to the left a barack obama. melissa: is it fair to include the fact that a financially benefited quite a bit from him and his reporting and sold a whole lot of papers. he provided a lot of copy. i mean, is that a fair connection to make? >> newspapers always love lakers. we have not seen tested, someone
11:40 pm
in the new york times provides a massive leak. would they be a hero? i don't think so. melissa: what do you think is the reaction? >> and ideological hero because these people have never liked a war on terrorism, never liked their nation's intelligence agency. still stuck in the 1970's about whether the cia was somehow more evil than the soviet union. melissa: to you think they are providing cover? do you think they're out there setting up a test plan and saying, this is the right thing to do. maybe it is in advance of the president doing this and they're starting to begin to pave the way? >> if you read, andrew rosenthal was interviewed, and he said, we're trying to tell him what he should do. it might be impossible or unlikely, but this is what he
11:41 pm
should do. whether they think it is good for obama or not, ty clearly want this to happen. this is one of those things where it is kind of mind-boggling. they predicted grave and -- grave damage to our nation's balance justs we learned that valerie wilson had a job at the cia. he let's go reams of intelligence that we cannot even figure out how damaging it is in this new york times editorial basically says there's no proof that he has damaged anything or anyone. melissa: absolutely. thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> sure. melissa: rob ford, you will never believe what he is up to know and what our followers are saying about it now. we can read your tweets about th twit cong up next. >> had not appreciate calling atlanta a prostitute.
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♪ >> yes, i have. but do i? am i an addict's? no. probably in one of my drug in stupors. melissa: i never get tired of that clip. not even i cracked. because now he is running for reelecti. here is what our twitter followers had to say. so blind. and another, doing crack at handful of times is not make you a crack head. any more than having a few drinks makes you an alcoholic. there is no one better to ask that our very own david asman.
11:46 pm
>> what does that mean? melissa: i don't know. i did not write it. melissa: even if you do it once in awhile it does not make your crack head, apparently. melissa: even if you have 80's in the political field it does not get rid of democracy. we have had it he is going back to it james michael curley who was reelected violent prison. he probably deserves to be in prison, but even if he is reelected was in prison, that is what democracy is about. you're stuck with what you have even if is a buffer zone like this. melissa: part of me, i hope that he wins reelection is the delicate tired of these videos. >> and he will always keep us moving. melissa: at the same time, the theme of this show tonight, if you're supposed to be enforcing laws are part of the legal structure and foundation of the
11:47 pm
company that isuled by law -- >> you should be put in jail. if then they still want to let you well you are in jail, that is democracy. if you want to come up with a rule that prevents being elected while in prison or prevents you from breaking the law and holding public office, write it into law. melissa: if you admit the you have broken the law, that is not -- >> they have a videotape of him smoking crack with a hooker, and he got reelected. melissa: but that was just a regular weekend. right. exactly. it. >> he finally admitted it and went on with his life. melissa: what is your personal bad? >> deep down i think he will die. the way he is living his life i don't think he h much longer
11:48 pm
to live. he may be reelected, but i do not think that he can keep going like this and serve the rest of his term l.a.'s hard is failing. imagine. melissa: a new report shows bill gates is the world's richest person with of fortune of about 79 billion, and he has not given me 1 blion -- 1 penny. he keeps pushing for higher taxes on the rich. one of our followers says he should take a hike. i bet he is not paid a penny more than the taxes that he is obligated t. yet another says the money belongs to those who earned it. right. let him get his money away if he wants to. why -- >> this is one that makes me mad. first of all, he never lived in the real world, always been an outl land of computer world.
11:49 pm
he was never in a position where a t increase could put him out of business. he had $15 billion last year and is retired. secured bonds or whenever. that is what he thinks they should be taxing more. melissa: 15 billion last year. a billion. i always say, go to the irs and write a check if you want to. he could pay taxes for all of us >> i don't know. i should not speak for you, but i remember a time when a tax increase related difference in my life. a lot of people could get but the business by this.
11:50 pm
melissa: absolutely. last but not least got sickened more popular than be for the first time in more than a century. the first case of magic. chicken is cheaper, of course, finally did ring dings for dessert. >> first of all, that chicken is comfort food. i will give you that. but a big chunk of state. that is powerful. last time i was feeling kind of down. i went and had a stake. it in the rates you, doesn't it? palin he did not have before. prices have gone up about 15% in e past five years. melissa: i thought it was that
11:51 pm
chick-fil-a campaign with the cows saying eat more chicken. >> says just because the fact that it is war cheaper, but you need beef every now and again. melissa: we have been told that chicken is more healthier, lean. >> we cannot afford it every night, but once a week the have a slice of state. melissa: a much cheaper date. >> you like the big mac. melissa: you are so good. all right. we don't need more. i love you. thank you. all right. gas guzzlers are still that top sellers. a solar powered car. i love this. taxpayers have to pick up the tab. i don't love that. even if you don't buy one. ♪
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over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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melissa: remember that girl, she just got fired. just ending their relationship with oy she ickes, hired last year as creative director at the launch of the blackberry chain. was a zero. our producers are here to sort it all out. let's start with you. what do you think about this one? i tell you what, i have three rules for getting rid of a company. an they put their name on a building, on a stadium, and when they find a celebrity endorser. that is the time to say, maybe they are out of options. melissa: i don't know. whato you think?
11:56 pm
everyone loves ashton kutcher. maybe that with me all the difference. >> that's a good point. anyone who thinks that she has something to do with this, you know will change? she is a rising star. blackberry is the descendants, going into a black hol going into nowhere. but over a billion dollars in september, which she was supposed to help launch. melissa: they paid her money, and she was still tweeting with their iphone. that was among the most esntial problems. does that a grt rson to have it endorsing a product. >> certainly at think she made a few mistas. typical of these kinds of promotional deals i hope for her sake she did not invest in blackberry stock.
11:57 pm
that is a loss yesterday. sets up a little apple incident. melissa: all right. topic number two. foresails paving the way. the top seller. people still want gas guzzlers. doubling down on a green as it spins big box developing a new solar powered hybrid car. this car could be a tough sell. the only thing that would be tougher is one of those little tiny cars with a huge wind turbine on top. what do you think? >> i think it is odd to be jiving around of the solar panel your roof. we used to see a lot of folks. what i they going to do? as it stands right now you have to have a garage for it that has solar panels that actually focus in on the car like a magnifying glass to and about the sunlight that goes in there. they have to move. it is tough sell.
11:58 pm
i'm not sure how it will pan out melissa: in seattle and know it would be a huge hit. i would work like magic. >> absolutely. i kind of agree. it is dumb, probably under global, stupid, but i love the area. it -- you think about it, and windows 31st came out, that was done and clumsy. these -- sometimes these failures try it you will, -- i mean, if this turns out to be a failure, they often lead to other successes. its the right step. melissa: and you know what that mes it is, what are you looking at before you go? i would be loong at a nice glass of cheap white wine. what about you? >> and ice class of cheap beer, but in essence the job reports next week. everything sets of.
11:59 pm
2014ets a but what we first see out of the box come next friday. that will be the most important number that we see soar. melissa: what will you be looking at before you go to bed? >> t weather channel and thinking my stars i am down here in florida. melissa: what a jerk. i cannot believe that you would stick it to us like that. >> it was too easy. next week we have the fomc meeting which will be telling is how the fed is seen the economy going forward. the first dt. that of the key will beyond that. and, of course, the unemployment numbers will be critical. we have a whole host of numbers coming out. with the markets, momentum. melissa: think you so much. i have revealed that i am a cheap date.
12:00 am
there you go. monday neil is back. you can't catch me on money every week night about 5:00 p.m. eastern.


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