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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  January 7, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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♪ >> this is a special edition of "countdown to the closing bell," live from the consumer electronics show in las vegas. here is liz claman. liz: live from the floor of the north hall of the consumer electronics show 2014, there's a north hall, there's a south hall, there's a central hall, there are hotels that have entire displays all set up to bring in some 150,000 tech lovers, tech consumers and people who matter when it comes to the world of technology. it's a $206 billion industry. this is the biggest show ever when it comes to technology, and this show has finally gotten its mojo back. five years of recession, ces wasn't doing that well. i've been here for all five of those years, the crowds were nowhere as big as this. right now we're in the car area because the so-called connected
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car, a smartphone turns into a car on wheels, is very much at the forefront of what people are talking about. let me just show you before we get to the news. this is how general motors is setting up its connected car. this is a live feed of what's happening in this car and on its dashboard. we've got mary chan, head of the global connected consumer group at general motors, they are going big. in fact, nine of the ten major car companies in the world are here at the consumer electronics show. a lot of these people were either delayed, some haven't gotten here because of the deep freeze that's engulfing the nation, but that ice has not extended to the stock market. take a look at what's happening, a decent day, a bit of a rally on wall street, snapping some of the losing days we have had. cheryl casone's coming up in just a minute to give us all of the market news including that big news about jpmorgan and its $1.7 billion settlement involving the bernie madoff scandal. we're going to take you to washington, d.c. because, of
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course, there's a big battle brewing over unemployment benefits and whether they should be extended. that, of course, is a major story. we know it matters to you. we're all over it here on fox business. but for now, as i said, the connected car is an absolutely massive trend when it comes to the consumer electronics show. general motors, right here and the woman who is facing the whole effort to turn your smartphone into a car is mary chan of the connected global consumer. nice to see you. >> nice seeing you, liz. liz: thank you. so tell us what you guys are doing and why it matters to general motors. >> we're so excited that starting this summer chevrolet will be introducing the broadest 4g lte services to consumer in the auto industry. along with that we will have connected by onstar services for security and also personalization services around applications. so we have a chevy app shop that we're introducing along with these vehicles. liz: you know, i remember a time, mary, when people were
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buying cars, and they wanted to know about things like horsepower, interior, how many side mirrors, but now it seems that people want to know one thing at the start, that they can sit in the garre, and their bluetooth will kick in immediately with their smartphone, and they can do what? >> so this is really an opportunity for a consumer to have a connected experience inside of that vehicle. liz: but finish. [inaudible] >> absolutely. this is a very high demand feature not only just for those drivers, but passengers coming into our vehicle. this is an option to really personalize your experience inside of that vehicle. so we have a number of applications in terms of music application that really personalize for that in-vehicle experience. liz: in-vehicle. let's take you inside. as we open this door and, frank, i'm just going to move this across. that's adam, or he's going to run it for us. tell us what adam is doing, mary. >> adam is showcasing
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capability around downloadable apps so applications can get better as the ownership experience. we have more applications coming to the vehicle. so this is just the beginning of the app that we've launched and a dozen of these apps -- liz: like what? >> vehicle health maintenance capability as an example. we can actually have the driver diagnose the vehicle and really work with the dealership in terms of maintenance scheduling. we also have the capability of weather channels and music applications to really help personalize the -- liz: okay. does anybody drive anymore in a car? [laughter] i mean, there is the question of the distracted driver. i know all of these car companies are very concerned that they do not hold themselves up to negative scrutiny when it comes to that. >> so one of the things that we've done leveraging our experience with onstar, we're 17 years in the industry around similarlifying, we work with these -- simplifying, we work with these application developers to simplify and
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minimize driver distraction. all the functionalities in these apps, we've actually worked closely to minimize those distraction factors. liz: which, i guess, partnerships are you working with? google wants in on a lot of these cars. we're speaking to audi tomorrow. apple has partnered with a lot of companies. with whom do you work? >> so one of the things that we have a mission to really allow consumer to bring multiple devices into the vehicles, we actually work with all those players, apple and google. we now say open automotive alliance at this consumer electronics show, so our mission is to really make sure that a lot of the capability to build application in a android environment can be simplified inside a vehicle, so that's the purpose of the alliance. liz: at some point will general motors go for the driverless car? >> >> we, obviously, worked through a transitioning point, so a lot
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of this technology from a vehicle automation process is coming to the vehicle, so we, obviously, are looking at those road maps and transitioning the connectivity into those technologies. liz: okay. this, all of this smart car stuff, 2015 i know for chevys, what about cadillacs, buicks, etc. >> at this electronics show we're announcing chevy as a brand for connectivity, but as we go through 2014, we will be announcing other models with 4g z lte services. liz: it's face nateing to see d fascinating to see, at what point do people say i'm not paying for this anymore, it should be standard like side mirrors. >> first of all, the connectivity comes with the vehicle. the services associated with data will be actually purchased by the customers like an onstar service. we have flexible data plans with at&t to really allow customers
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to add a vehicle to a mobile share day plan as well as buying a dedicated data plan. so i think there's a number of options that the customer will have. liz: okay. i just want to listen to the eagles on the radio, but i know everybody wants to do a million things in their car. gennral motors forging ahead with its connected car. mary chan, it's great to have you. >> thank you. liz: the mobile consumer connected unit, first on fox business. we appreciate you giving our viewers that first look. >> thank you for your time. liz: our pleasure. we've got so much more. listen, every single piece of electronic equipment on this entire consumer electronics floor probably has a piece of this next company coming in it, arm holdings. they headache the architecture upon which many chips are actually designed. first on fox business, we have simon seeger, he is the brand new ceo. they're going into business to challenge intel, the server business. we'll talk to him about that first on fox business. and 50 credibility, the
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rapper -- cent, the rapper, he is here. he's coming to speak with us about two new partnerships he's just struck, one that will thrill star wars lovers and another that will thrill gym rats who want to wear their headphones but not get them all sweaty. cheryl, we're going to send it back to new york. cheryl: we need that, liz claman. we'll see you, of course, in just a few moments. as liz just mentioned, stocks do look poised to break a three-day losing streak. take a look right now at the dow, we're up 116 points. the s&p and the nasdaq up as well. remember, we started out the first three sessions of 2014 in the red. we are changing that today. do want to show you shares of jpmorgan right now, that stock is actually trading down. we learned the bank will pay $1.7 billion to settle claims related to bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. take a look at the stock right now, we've within monitoring it -- been monitoring it, but unfortunately, jp hover began right now not having a good day.
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i'll bring you that board in just a moment. also we're looking at some big stories coming out of washington right now. there's jpmorgan, down 64 cents, but as you can see, it's come back a little bit at least for the intraday. and one of the financials of the year, one of the strongest names for all of 2013. and now we're watching d.c. there's a battle right now over whether to extend unemployment benefits. that battle clearrng a major hurdle today. the senate voting 60-37 to limit debate on that measure. and at the same time, senate republicans said they would try to make sure the estimated $6.4 billion price tag would not be added to the deficit. well, now for more on what's happening in our markets, let's get to our floor show. traders at the new york stock exchange, the cme group and, of course, the knew hex. and, teddy, we had talked a lot about congress coming back -- they're back -- and the debt ceiling fight be lt that is one of the things that troubled the markets back in october, was what was happening in
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washington. do you think that this issue this month will be as much of a problem for market participants? >> oh, i think potentially it is. i don't mean to be cynical about it, but quite frankly, every time congress is in session, it's a potential problem for the market. the markets tend to do better when congress is not in session for the obvious reasons. so, you know, whether it's the debt ceiling or extending unemployment insurance or perhaps some other unknown that we're not aware of, i would say from a cynical point of view always, always potentially a problem when congress is in session because you never know what their going to do. cheryl: you never know what they're going to do, and, of course, that could give us some volatility which we haven't seen so far yet. bob at the cme, we had the first three sessions again, stocks were down. you're saying maybe this isn't the only time we're going to see a little bit of a pullback for the month of of january. what is the trigger in your mind, bob? >> well, it's not just the month of january. i think we're going to see this repeated over the course of the year.
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and i'm in the whole course of people who think we're going to be up high single digits in 2014. i think that's about the cap on the market. but what's different this year is we're now in unchartered waters. the market has gotten out of its comfort zone that it's been in, basically, since april of '97 all the way through. the volatility's come in at the high of the channels, the low of the channels, those are safe places to be short term. but now it's stock picking, medium-term earnings that are going to get the investors in the right stocks at the right time. cheryl: but, bob, as we go into earnings, there is some concern -- i mean, we did see reasonable growth in the fourth quarter, especially for the gdp and the third quarter as well, but at the same time a lot of these companies, there's concern about revenues in this upcoming reporting season. is that a fair concern in your opinion? >> if i were concerned about the next earnings report as i was in 2013. 2013 i was very much about earnings report to earnings report. i'm not feeling that way for
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2014. the market these a longer-term trajectory. so even if there's a little with bit of concern, as long as the economic data stays on an upward -- i have such a hard time with that word, trajectory, as long as the data is on an upward trajectory, i'm going to be buying dips and buying all year long. cheryl: overall bullish forecast, at least. let's go to the nymex with jeff grossman and, i know, jeff, you're watching the dollar today. some say this is the year of the dollar as in a stronger dollar. how do you play that though, jeff? >> well, very carefully, as always. but again, you have to watch it. there has been a time when the gold, the oil have really worked in tandem with them. strong dollar held the price down, weak dollar rallied. there's been quite a disconnect this the last couple of weeks here, so it's a very tricky game you're playing right now. i'm right now having enough trouble worrying about the cold weather we have and how it's shaping out here with the energy products right now. natural gas has been a major
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disappointment these first couple of days of the week. i'm not -- i haven't given up, of course, as you know. i still think it's a buy on dips. tonight's the api numbers and thursday we'll have the inventories for natural gas. these numbers should at least give you an idea of the kind of consumption that took place in these last few days because of of the cold weather, and maybe we'll be able to find a direction here that we really can take based on those numbers. cheryl: i'm predicting a surprise to the upside, and that's an easy prediction. >> i'm with you. cheryl: considering what the weather looks like outside. >> i'm with you. cheryl: gentlemen, thanks to all of you, appreciate it. closing bell ringing, here we go, 46 minutes to go. here's a question for you, should investors look overseas for new opportunities after last year's great big gains in the u.s.? it was a good year, but can it continue? coming up, we're going to go to london to find out which international markets look the most attractive for 2014. and, of course, we're going to go back to las vegas where liz claman is. she's going to be talking to arm
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cheryl: following the cold weather, lood outside of the windows here on sixth avenue, avenue of the americas, it is 8 degrees in new york city, and that's not counting the wind chill. anyway, talking about wall street, that's where we are right thousand here this new york, and strategists do believe investors are unlikely to see the same rise in stocks this year as last year, but our next guest says there are still opportunities this the u.s., especially if we look at international markets. joining me from across the pond is gareth london, this was europe last year, correct? >> we sure do, yes. it's certainly not as cold over on this side of the atlantic as you folks are having over there. it's just rather cruddy out on post occasions. certainly a little bit warmer.
3:19 pm
cheryl: you're used to that in london, at least the clouds anyway. we had an incredible runup in the u.s. markets this 2013, and you're saying now that your climates, that maybe we're not going to get that same type of runup. what's going to hold us back from another 20%, do you think? >> so, firstly, it's very unlikely as some of your other guests have mentioned, very unlikely that 2014 will see a repeat of s&p performance that we had in the past 12 months. several reasons for that, not least what's going on with the federal reserve and their policy over the coming 12 month period. returns outperformed in areas during 2013. what we're looking for in the next 12 months is something a little bit more realistic, a little bit more haddest for a lot of -- modest for risk assets including u.s. stocks. a lot of stocks on your side are not as attractive as they were
3:20 pm
this time last year, so i think what we're going to look for and next period is attractive valuations and more devout areas -- developed areas of the world including the eurozone -- cheryl: let me interrupt you, though, because you're mentioning something i want to bring to our viewers, ask there are a couple of u.s. names that you do like, and i wanted to kind of go through these. one of them is nike. really this is a global brand, and they've got a global imprint, but certainly they are one of the strongest performing names here in the u.s.. we like boeing, and you also like, you like visa. so these are names that i think have broad, multi-national appeal but are still strong u.s. names. >> exactly. nike really needs to focus outside its own domestic market. i think asia's going to be really important for nike in the next couple of year, that's really where they're going to focus for growth, that's why we want to be a part of this going forward.
3:21 pm
cheryl: what do you think's going to happen with boeing? their issues with their machinist union in this washington state, they're starting to build that triple 7x. we have seen aircraft demand in general globally, but what would a hiccup for boeing be, in your opinion? >> so when i come on your show, when i was in new york last october, i came on your show, and i talked about boeing. at that time really we were starting to see new orders coming into their order book, particularly from the middle eastern carriers. here we are four months later, and we've had another 15-20% rally in the stock. i said what's going on with the unions, there's not much wrong that boeing can do at the moment. it's got a very healthy backlog of orders going out several years. that's positive for us, and that's why we like to continue to own this. not only that, but it makes a profit consistently. cheryl: yeah. that's a very good point. and also, you know, i do want to say, there are, you know, you're positive on the eurozone. so let's go back to your side of
3:22 pm
the on the for a moment. how would you -- your side of the pond for the moment. how would you advise an investor on the growth you're seeing there? which is positive, we should say. >> sure. lots of positive names on this side of the atlantic. valuation in the u.s. have looked a bit stretched for a lot of the large cap components that we previously fed. for investors over there, they should look at something they can get involved with on this side that's large cap, good management and has significant growth prospects going forward. look at some of the large german and french names that are part of the indexes this those domestic markets. cheryl: okay. we should, obviously, with with looking at for stocks that trade on our exchanges that are based overseas. and really quick, japan. i do want to focus -- we've had a lot of analysts saying that japan is really going to be the growth story of 20134. and -- 2014. and your bullish on japan, correct. >> the. >> exactly.
3:23 pm
stimulus, when we look at what the federal reserve has been doing in the u.s. over the last couple of years, we've had a similar scenario in japan for perhaps even more aggressive in terms of their stimulus program. that's going to continue to take effect in the next 12 months. obviously, the japanese market had a significant outperform during 2013. again, the she scenario for thep to the three cay over in japan not so much in terms of a 30 or 40% expectation in the nikkei, but certainly something to what we have just witnessed in 2013 for the japanese market. cheryl: i don't have a lot of time, but one of the things you're advising is against speculative internet names. hi colleague actually in las vegas -- my colleague actually is in las vegas looking at everything tech, but where's the concern for you. >> is. >> so we believe some of these internet companies that have gone public recently and some that will daewoo on the public market in the coming months have
3:24 pm
yet to post a gain. valuations are significantly above what they should be for some of these internet names. we like to own companies that have very little debt to equity first and foremost, but as i mentioned, the you're not making a profit as an internet company, you really start to bring yourself back to the boom more than a decade ago with some of these companies. cheryl: there's so many names to go through, you'll have to come back. gareth ryan, appreciate you staying late there across the pond. the sun is still shining here even though it's very cold in new york city, and the closing bell is going to ring, 34 minutes to go. imagine a company whose chip technology is used in 95% of the world's wireless phones, we're talking about arm holdings. liz is going to be talking to the ceo in just a moment. and also when it comes to celebrities who become ceos,
3:25 pm
perhaps one of the most famous is curtis jackson, aka 50 credibility. liz is going to be talking to him as well to win over star wars and gym rats like me. ♪ ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
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♪ ♪ liz: welcome back to the floor of the consumer electronics show 2014 here in las vegas. okay, 15 miles of carpeted -- this is how they actually -- show the carpet. we don't want to make a big deal of it, what's important, blue-carpeted areas travel 15 miles on this show, unbelievable. and it's all about the damage jets, isn't it -- gadgets, isn't it? everything old is new again. remember, of course, gordon gekko? people want the abilitys of an iphone or a samsung or a smartphone. what this phone allows you to do, it's called the brick, it's $69, it basically hooks up with your smartphone, but it's like a happened set. hand set. it makes you look like you're back in the gordon gecko area. there is one company that
3:30 pm
actually created so much of their technology that there were more units of it sold than there are humans on the planet, and that was in 2012. so you can only imagine what arm holdings is doing in 2014. come meet the brand new ceo -- well, he's knewish, was he just took over -- newish, because he just took over last year. simon see or garre. how many of the items on this floor, and there are 20,000 products being rolled out -- [laughter] how many of them have arm holdings technology which is, in essence, the architecture upon which chipmakers can build whatever today want on their chips? >> hard to estimate exactly, but a very, very high proorganization of them. i mean, we're in the processers inside digital tvs, we're in audio processors, probably the vast heart of the devices you're going on the -- majority of the devices you're going to see on
3:31 pm
the floor. liz: he's being modest, it's 98 98%. in 201 you sold more unit than there are people on plant -- planet earth. >> about 8.7 million, i think was the number. 2013 probably closer to 10 billion. liz: well, to wonder the stock is up twelvefold over the past five years, more than 40% year-over-year, so you guys are really hitting it out of the wall park. >> thank you. liz: what is your next effort? i'm hearing you're striking a deal with google to put your architecture in their server business. >> general markets for us, our services, it's a very interesting space. all of the devices are east generating data or consuming data. that data needs processing, storing, and up in the cloud is where all of that is happening. servers, there's going to be a lot more of them, we want to make them low power --
3:32 pm
liz: intel has 95% market share in the server business. you guys don't get into businesses to lose, i know that, that's quite obvious, but how do you even get a toe old this i'm pushing you here. >> i noticed. [laughter] the thing about servers, the workload has changed. other the years we've gone from crunching big numbers to serving up photographs, storing video, dealing with social media. the workloads of servers are running, changing. and what we've seen is a desire by people who build them to change the architecture, to go with a much lower power approach by building a highly integrated system on chips. so while arm is certainly a new thing, there's been a disruption, a discontinuity that enables low our to be applicable. liz: well, how about the licensing fees for something like servers? is it more valuable to you guys than a basic start toni? >> well, i mean, adultly, our business model is the same
3:33 pm
whether it's servers or microcontrollers or application rossers in smartphones. -- processers in smartphones. typically, that royalty's a function of the selling price of the chip, so that kind of scales with the complexity of the market it'sing with used in. liz: now as we look forward, you're based in the u.k., so you're kind of separated from the united states in all of the drama that's there. but people talking a lot about trends here on the floor. what's the most interesting thing you have seen on the floor of the consumer electronics show? >> just a moment ago, the company is headquartered in the u.k. i personally live in california. i work out of our san jose office, and we have people all around the world, you know, keeping tabs on what's going on in the technology hubs around the planet. on the floor what we're seeing is big screen tvs, very aggressive content, lots of video, and we're seeing hot of wearable quites as well. liz: do you want in on those? >> we're already in on those. i think you'd find it difficult
3:34 pm
to have a device that doesn't have an arm-oured processer -- oured rosser in it. again, it's a low power processer. most of the wearable technology all based on us. liz: intel said they will go big and massive when it comes to wearables. does that mean that you look at them as a competitor? i know you guys have partnerships with intel, etc., but that's a big, big -- >> well, it's going to be very big. there's going to be room for lots of people. almost everyone who's going to be in that space is going to be using the arm architecture. intel will probably go their own way on that, but there's room for lots of people. liz: do you have a server deal with google? >> i'm not going to comment on any of our customers, nice try. [laughter] liz: psi hon, thank you so much. >> liz, great to see you. liz: first on fox business interview, arm holdings.
3:35 pm
of course, their chip architecture is in just about every single product on this show. thank you so much. enjoy the show. when we come back, more on that freezing weather. look, we know it's winter, but this is epic. of course, the global changes and the climate, that's a big issue. it's really be messing up travel and so much more. we'll get on that story when we come back. plus, curtis "50 cent" jackson, the famed global rapper, he's huge, but he's also an entrepreneur, and he's got sms audio headphones. help me, obi-wan, i need to hear better. yes, he has struck a brand think deal with "star wars" and lucas films for his headphones. wait until you see those. we'll see you in just a minute. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: okay, so welcome back to midtown manhattan where it's now 9 degrees. before we head back to las vegas, want to show you one of the biggest winners from 2013 that is already turning it into this year's biggest loser. nicole petallides, what are you watching right now? >> reporter: i'm taking a look at both netflix andr, two names that have run up. of course, when we saw netflix last year, it was a big runup, but now it's a different story. this year, just the week alonee% it's down 7%. this is because morgan stanley came out and just put some concern out there for netflix and just talked about the intense competition from amazon prime instant, also hulu plus and hbo go, and so with that morgan stanley downgraded to an underweight. that's the fist part of this story -- the first part of this story. the other part is what happened
3:41 pm
recently with twitter. morgan stanley also rained on that parade, by the way, down 9.5% this week. now pulling back. they're concerned about twitter's ability to grow in a crowded online ad market. and so while these two companies seem to be high fliers, no doubt netflix was a real winner on the s&p 500 last year only to see it be a big loser this year, right now there's some concerns. also a valuation call, right? went you start to see companies running up the way these two have, you start to see them taking some money off the table. cheryl: nicole, thank you so much. this is our power mover of the hour today, and it's yahoo!. this is a media and search giant. the stock is up 98 cents, it's at 91, a gain of about 2.5%. of yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer is set the deliver the keynote address today out in las vegas, that's going to be at 4 p.m. eastern time, that's about 20
3:42 pm
minutes from now. so we're going to see her out in las vegas talking to the troops out there, giving a little update. investors, though, around the globe are going to be listening to what she has to say, and they're probably pretty darn excited about it. she is going to discuss in detail her vision for this cane and where she sees -- for this company and where she sees the overall technology industry going this general. and this is going to be a far-reaching speech by marissa mayer. the stock has really performed under her. it's been, actually, an amazing rise for the stock, up about 150% since she took the reins back this july of 2012. there was many questions when she came into the job whether or not she could turn around a company that was troubled and was struggling and especially during the recession, but now the stock, as you just saw on your screen, it is doing incredible. well, the closing bell's about 18 minutes away, and coming up we're going to head back out to las vegas. liz is hanging out with somebody i personally can't say his name correctly. i say 50 cent.
3:43 pm
anyway, she's going to be talking to curtis jackson when we come right back. stay with us, closing bell will return this just a couple minutes. ♪ there are. ♪ [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor,
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liz: well, it's definitely not the oscars, but there are still celebrity sightings here at the consumer electron igs show to 14 international -- 2014 international here. a lot of companies that are sometimes just fronted by celebrities, but some are actually run by entrepreneur celebrities, and, boy, this one, i have to tell you about it, he is a global star, a massively popular rapper, but e also just recently starred this summer in a film called escape plan, okay?
3:48 pm
you recognized sly stallone and arnold schwarzenegger, well, how about curtis jackson? yeah, i paid to see the movie, i thought it was great. as i mentioned, he's a entrepreneur who has a high-end headphone company called sms audio, and now curtis jackson, 50 cent himself, here to roll out these brand new headphones, curtis -- see, we've been friends for a long time, i get to call you curtis -- [laughter] >> that's right. liz: that have a deal with carmelo anthony and star wars. >> and it's exciting to have the collaboration. melo, most professional athletes have a passion for it was it's a lot of physical discipline involved, and we could take it down to the basics the way we would actually utilize it on the treadmill or just, you know, keeping ourselves healthy. liz: let's talk about the
3:49 pm
treadmill headphones. these are sweat-proof which i find be hilarious, because there are times when my ear buds get is soaked in sweat that i can't hear anymore. >> that's right. a lot of the products we have receive water damage and go blank on you, and you go what's the matter? either they were heated up and actually had hoisture in the actual device -- moisture in the actual device for different reasons or actually just water in it, so we used the technology that's coming out now. everything's getting so much better. liz: tell me about these. >> this is the actual sports headset from sms audio. it has a 40 millimeter driver, the durability, there's a nylon included in the actual -- liz: what does 40 millimeter driver mean? >> the actual boom, boom, boom. liz: woofer, baby. [laughter] >> it's actually tuned for all drivers in music because hip-hop
3:50 pm
is a genre that samples everything. liz: right, right. >> that's what sms stands for, studio master sound. liz: how much do these retail for? >> those are 259. liz: and they come in different colors, as i see. now we get to the "star wars" one. if you have to pick a character after which you think these were designed, think about it. who ran around in "star wars" who ore all -- who wore all white, right? stormtroopers. tell me about these, i love the low duo. what's it like to work with lucas film? >> i want sms audio to be what lucas film is to film. they've always been aware of the technology and the effects to make the actual brand in the series something that will consumers -- that consumers will continue to have interest in. i think the first one came out in '77? liz: yeah. when you were but a young pup. [laughter] >> so it's so much, it's been so
3:51 pm
kilt, that brand, now know it's going to stay there. for a brand that's made millions of dollars to assess what we're creating and where we're at and to say they would want us to be part of the license, it says where we're headed. liz: you are not alone in the headphone venture, that's an old story we've talked about. simon cowell's getting involved in a headphone company. how do you maintain the stature of sms when your name is actually not directly in there like dr. dre? you are on the box, here you are. >> sms, yeah. liz: how do you make sure that you maintain the lead when it comes to being at the forefront of audiofile stocks? >> now everyone sees me differently. you have viral activity and social networking visibility is important. you know? so i do that, and then a lot of times the actual, like, these
3:52 pm
are monsters. because we come in, the competitive nature of hip-hop puts us in a competition. so it immediately makes people aware of sms audio. liz: well, our money is definitely on your efforts so, curtis, thank -- curtis and i were looking at some of the innovations taffe come out here. >> yeah. liz: okay, neither 50 cent or i -- east from queens, new york, i'm from beverly hills. [laughter] so what you do with this, this is a camper. it's called the power pot. are you ready for this, you guys? curtis, do you have a phone? you put this over your campfire, and this will then charge your phone from the actual flames under the pod, and here you cook your food. i don't think we're going camping anytime soon. >> not long enough we're going to need that one. liz: the power pot. listen, thank you so much. good luck to you. we see you every year at ces, it's great to have you. cheryl, i will send it back to
3:53 pm
you. cheryl: and, liz, i'll be with taking you to arizona to teach you how to go camping. that'll be coming up soon. [laughter] liz: no. no. [laughter] cheryl: see you in just a moment. i'm good on threats like this. all right, more than half the u.s. population, 187 million people, are getting hit today by an arctic chill from the polar vortex that is blanketing much of the country. fox news' rick leventhal is standing by live in new jersey with the latest. rick? >> reporter: colder today than antarctica, cheryl, which may explain why there are so few people out on the streets, but there continue to be people working out here including some guys who are very busy delivering home heating oil. we met a yes han this morning, steve, who's delivering for longhorn oil. he's been working overtime since the day before new year's because there are a lot of hedger calls for people who are running out of oil and need to get filled up fast.
3:54 pm
>> depends how far apart they are. maybe a few minutes at each house but driving around three or four in an hour. >> reporter: so you have a chance to warm up in the truck. >> oh, yeah. it's a sanctuary in there. i run to it as soon as i'm done. >> reporter: steve says he loves his job in the scherr time but on days like this, not so much. we also ran into some sanitation workers who were hustling up the street collecting garbage. despite temperatures that felt somewhere between 14 and 17 degrees below zero. >> we ain't going to be out here that long, but, you know, work, we gotta work. >> reporter: your face hurt at all? any part of -- >> my fingers is numb. pretty much everything else is all right. >> reporter: how many layers you got on, man? >> about four. >> reporter: you feeling all right? >> we good. >> reporter: what about your face? >> i mean, we used to it. >> reporter: big rob had advice for seem at home, he said
3:55 pm
don't try this at home, but the you do have to go out in this cold, try to keep moving and definitely cover up, cheryl. cheryl: all right, rick leventhal, thank you so much. head back inside. we are going to see that closing bell ring inside the new york stock exchange in about five minutes from now, and we're going to go back to las vegas. liz going to have a lot more out of ces. keep it right here, you're watching fox business. ♪ ♪ she keeps you on your toes. you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a qution of blood flow. cialisadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can beore confident in your ability to be ready. and the me cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequent or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates forhest pain, it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor
3:58 pm
in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform with think or swim from td ameritrade. key grease here in new york. the market is cooling down a little bit. it is still triple digits. let's go to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. by the way, we have to toot our own horn, nicole. of thomas key was in on friday. he said on friday to sell twitter and buy blacker i are --
3:59 pm
buy blackberry. what happened last two days. >> on right side of twitter, down 9%. blackberry you would have been on the right side of that trade. that is up about 6%. david: pandora has also been on a tear you were past couple days, right? >> we talked about pandora gaining market share. gaining more customers and the like. pan door a up 3% hit a new high of 33.70. david: google it is not as big a percentage move but dollar wise a new all-time high. >> he it is amazing. i have to cross out my google all-time highs. it is up 2% as analysts continue to like this one. david: unbelievable. continue with tech for a minute. this one is going to the downside. netflix though has had a pretty big move up but it is down today. >> now concerns about amazon prime instant, hbo go, hulu
4:00 pm
plus. the competition. [closing bell ringing] david: the bells are ringing. looks like we'll hold on to the triple-digit gain in the dow. this is the fourth day of trading in the year 2014. the first three days were not good. not so today much. as we see all of the indices in the green. the dow is up over 100 points. it is up 103. looks like, who knows it could settle in double digits. sizable gain on the dow and s&p. nasdaq doing best of all, up almost a full percentage point, 39.5. the russell 2000 is up almost again, a full percentage point. a very good day. the fourth day is the charm here on wall street. 2014. get ready, "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. david: so let's break down today east market action. we have lance roberts, from


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