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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  January 9, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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password as a new facial recognition system could make password's a relic. we will be here to demonstrate tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.. when. ♪ gerri: hello. tonight:the "willis report." the new trend to check your credit. facebook ian and twitter and other social media we tell you what they're looking for. obamacare orphans those who thought they had covered by insurance companies have no record. we have the lowdown on popular foods the not what they say they are with. >> they call them i did flavored for a reason. [laughter] tonight. "the willis report." gerri: face it.
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getting a loan was already a financial all strip search but if not bad enough already the documentation the forms, files, some lenders are asking for much more. they want to know your social media post your facebook page, are they going to far ian to invade your privacy? we have our small business experts in the director of consumer education. what do you make of this? it seems so weird but there is a lot of lying on the internet. >> and i think raises serious privacy and regulatory concerns not to mention we don't know how accurate this confirmation is. it is of reported i could
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say anything want. gerri: what are they looking for. you think it is a good idea? >> they're looking for character. character is one use of credit. you could tell one story on your application but social media postings tells the real story. honestly anybody who thinks there is any privacy of the internet is a fool. gerri: i get that. but when i go for a loan i have an expectation of privacy. let me ask you says. how do you understand somebody's character looking at what they do on the internet? >> say you are a small business owner you put an application together to show great growth projection but yet you're online
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complaining about your customers, losing business, bad reviews, 92 with your customers and by the way you're partying every night. that will not instill trust with a lender to take a risk to fund your small business. gerri: you make a good point but one question i had maybe this is a reaction that credit scores are based on credit reports and we know 80 percent have some mistakes. if you're a lender trying to get information relying on the report or the score maybe it is not right. >> there is a lot of excitement with this and with consumers and interest is in the 40 million americans who don't have credit scores. that is to the lenders want to reach. but a small business, and they look at other ways to gather information because
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there is a different amount of agencies that cover business. but this is in the early stages and what lenders have to prove is this helps their bottom line does this information helps them to make better decisions? gerri: people said they will use this. down that means mainstream. d.c. downside? >> i do. justice same as lenders as with employers if you were using information people have posted with social media and use that in a discriminatory way, then that opens up for litigation that is a downside but look for the applicant. with link to a new king get great recommendations from employers, clients, co-worke rs.
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if a lender is on the fence and cannot decide they go to your profile and think while. impressive. that pushes them over the edge so it could work both ways. gerri: there is a big loss to right now just decided by a judge where people who put our reviews anonymously were forced to divulged who they were it is a big question so once you are forced to do that now you are a part of their loan application? this seems ludicrous. mainly because what is on the web is so unreliable and sold many reviews are done by competitors trying to get the edge. >> credit years -- could the scores take millions of pieces to develop to see if they predict risk. this is so new, social media
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networks, people are using them and adopting them but i think it will take time before we know how this plays out. gerri: i am afraid i am being old-fashioned and short sighted maybe i don't see the opportunity. what am i missing that this could be great for me or my business? >> as i mentioned a the recommendations, typically those are people you work with. not competitors put people kyushu and opportunity to showcase your awards and honors but go to the small business. what about the business doing real well to engage their customers. maybe financials are not the brilliant but you can tell that small business is going places. responding to their customers, people singing
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praises and with the fraudulent endorsements or statements on review sites by competitors is illegal and the ftc is cracking down. but if you see space the ugly review it is an aberration will not take much credibility. gerri: i still have big questions. but relying on the information on the internet to lend money? i don't know. think you for talking to us. i am sure we will cover this more. what do you think? should lenders on check social media? boats and we will share results of the end of the show. really? it just cannot imagine.
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if you try to be more health conscious with food head over to mcdonald's instead of olive garden. and meal at a full-service restaurant chain has more calories, fat, sodium than a single meal through the drive through. how can this be? our nutritionist, deborah, is with us tonight. this was a shock. we are talking about olive garden, fridays, a lot of the changes -- chains that people love how do they have more calories than mcdonald's? >> we spend more money so we would assume we are paying for higher quality, lower sodium levels but that is not the case. one of the reasons is that fast-food restaurants are very regulated exactly how
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many alex's of meat, how long to fry french fries and a the larger sit-down restaurants don't have the same regulations. mcdonald's has their system down and they know exactly how much you are eating. gerri: to help flesh this out it is not intuitive. put it this comparison fast food and a chain on the other. 630 calories, 930 sodium with a salad, a french fries , cole and ice cream. that is a lot of food. >> substantial. gerri: that is healthier? >> it is a tough call because not just mcdonnell's but fast-food restaurants now have a very healthy menu. we could get a salad at
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500 calories. the study done where they show sit-down restaurants the meal was over 2,000 calories and three days of sodium. said is too much for anybody to handle and they don't count fiber this is fiber for about three hours. you should be getting 40. the restaurants are not as healthy as they seem unfortunately. gerri: it is of business and everything is recognized and if you look closely you can see that coming out. a fascinating story. i was surprised but it makes sense and you told us about it. still to come, don't let food labels full you.
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we will show you how to decode a the mysteries. viral photos has many predicting a slow death of a handful of plastic retailers like sears or target. you will be shocked. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years...
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gerri: in 2014 could be the death of traditional retailers as customers and employees lining up to social media with pictures the depicting gross department stores was close on floors and miles of empty shells. kristin, welcome to the show. these pictures. i was shocked. yukon native stack of analysts' reports but just need to go on to the web to lick of these pictures because they show quite kmart, sears, wal-mart and they are a mass. what does that tell you? >> nothing new unfortunately
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but investors and consumers it will give you a glimpse why these stocks are performing so portly -- poorly. gerri: what about the health of the retailer's? >> look no further. some of these local white juvenile hall with the broken lights and the bad plastic furniture and the horrible carpet. it is not a far stretch to realize why consumers don't want to spend their money with you. you don't want to be in that environment to the. gerri: granted the people posting these pitchers have the advantage because there is a lot more employees and regular people walking through the stores but really? to view of having big problems with the profit
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will you pick up hadrosaur make sure it looks the best? >> you would think so. that comes from the top down so when management doesn't do that job it will not trickle down to the staff. if the manager does not take pride then the person making minimum wage will not care either. why should they? gerri: this is how we should evaluate the stocks to see what looks like to tell such an obvious story. >> that is our i evaluate stocks. there is more than just a balance sheet. you do need boots on the ground that can see but is happening out there. that's is the consumer business as. gerri: other funny pictures pictures, one act wal-mart's the rollback price is cheap -- more money than the
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rollback price. really? get that straight then we do not have permission to use this but they say the discount is zero. >> i saw that. you reap what you so i came out of the retail industry working my way through graduate school but sometimes not to the sharpest knife used in the drawer and it goes to the management. so that markdown was taken at the register but if you are joe consumer, seriously? gerri: would you make a decision based on this kind of information? >> there is a lot about their. target is in the middle of an identity crisis. of first they bade values
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sexy in the first discount retailer with high-fashion at a value price that worked for a long time but now they have changed their brand messaging that is everyday low pricing and every day values so you went from sexy to clorox? they don't know who they are right now that affects their business. them but have the debacle point-of-sale the debit cards. gerri: we have cover that extensively. could it be the death of the big box store? >> that is a big leap although big box retail had a tough time matt christmas. bet bath and beyond came out today and it was rough for pretty much everyone unless you were luxury you had called in your stocking. not to a death knell but
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retailers have to adapt to the new normal if you don't do that you will not be around for long. it is simple. gerri: i like your analysis and your intrepid few. you have to utilize what you came and in some of that comes straight from the web. thank you for coming on. gerri: later in the show a string of down days and what that means and the question and how do you do that? raised to spot those food labels and the fake out. there are a lot. ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
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gerri: ever wonder if the blueberries do your serial or real or if the cremator creamer is real? you would be shocked to find out how du decode those labels? we visited the "consumer reports" testing facility to find out. good to see you. we will talk about a food stakeout with the packaging says one thing the reality is something else. >> you see the legacy products we mindlessly pick this up we like it or we don't the we have expectations. we assume naturally that a
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product that says it is a creamer with pictures of ice cream and mentions the brand if it looks or? or talks like of documents be adopt. [laughter] but it is not necessarily the case. look at oreos. looked at that kreme bid is with dan fluffy butter or milk and it says milk's favorite cookie but there is no dairy component in this product at all. what makes the filling? we ask one customer service representative they told us it was the trade secret but there are one dozen ingredients and it starts with flour, sugar, vegetable oil and corn syrup. in the cookie? chocolate is the last ingredient.
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gerri: onion rings? >> they call them onion flavored for a reason. it is a buzzword it is like the word begin it is not real bacon. these are not the deep fried fresh slices most people would not think about that necessarily packaging but there are 17 ingredients in the onion flavorings in search of cornstarch cornstarch, tapioca starch and vegetable oil. and it has brendon powder and garlic powder and onion daughter. gerri: here are the bacon pieces. >> watching your diet they have no cholesterol. >> but there is no bacon. >> moseley's soy flour,
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canola oil and salt. it taste good to a lot of people. >> we have written about sir up from here to eternity. the collet table or pancake or syrup for a reason there is no maple in there in there is no butter either the spokesperson said back in the '70s there was 2 percent real maple syrup but today pure maple syrup is not one of the ingredients. gerri: ended is super expensive. >> that is why when you go to a restaurant if they are serving real maple syrup the vast majority are not. but nowwit is a cost add on with the us -- this is butterworth there was
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molasses but no butter and also a generic preference to flavor. bylaw the fda says they can't get away to save natural and artificial flavors of didn't have to tell you it is a proprietary and secret formula. gerri: but they suggest other things with the labeling like that coffee creamer made out of ice cream? >> people love this product but cold stone creamery a well-known ice-cream parlor than it has the picture of the screen and the waffle cone and it talks about the gourmet coffee creamer and the hyperbole and the taste of melted ice cream in your coffee. that is called a genius. there is the buzz phrase
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inspired by because you find out it is nondairy product as far as ice-cream goes you will have to go to baskin-robbins. or cold stone. gerri: this made me laugh. >> we see strawberry, blueberry, banana , it has fruit but there is no fruit. when we called kellogg's. there are pictures of blueberries but that is not necessarily the case. it is made of the confidential m proprietary ingredients. gerri: no maple syrup, and no syrup no milk. i feel misled but i appreciate the two were. >> that you were the ingredients the better every time.
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gerri: great job. great lesson. what happens when you sign up for obamacare only they tell you they have no record? also i sign of things to come with a slow start to the year a warning for investors. ♪ so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there areno hidden .
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gerri: stocks sell least doubling of the gate to ending in the red today while the s&p 500 squeaks' no less than 1..
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what does this portend for the rest of the year? we have talked to gary kolb of. is there any relationship to relationship of january in the rest of the year? >> there is a lot of people out there that say there is but i don't think the market really cares what happens in the first week and all we have seen is '01 percent pullback only because we had a good december. what we have seen is normal we have not had a 10% correction because of the fed but i expect one sometime this year. gerri: first let's go to short-term and one is the jobs report tomorrow. looking flats that 7 percent , 196,000 jobs, what will that do to stocks?
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>> i think a the market will not react that bigamous there is a surprise. we're at the point the market knows what is going on the fed is tapering but the job market is a little better. the economy is a little better, nothing exceptional the market is used to it. i am looking at earnings coming out in droves. gerri: all croat out tonight with a big quarterly loss and i'm hearing some analysts are disappointed for earnings. what are you hearing? >> in 2013, earnings for the whole market were low single-digit its and is still up 30%. but eventually something will give. you cannot have another year where three yen is up to 50% with earnings growth of 3 percent that means valuations are stretch where we will hit a wall
6:35 pm
eventually. we're already starting to see a sign. we saw a stock go up $200 because of a drug announcement that gets us closer. gerri: if you seeing there will be a pullback. how much? >> i am sure we will get a 10 or 20. but that is not bad. we had a good run, a corrections wipe the smile off their face, it put some doubt back into the market and if any market needs that it is this one. i don't think that by the way the financials and semiconductor continue to act well then the market will not correct in any fashion. gerri: you continue to be concerned about the fed. will that started the
6:36 pm
plummet of the stocks that you call for? >> i seeing clear in a bubble. those are good ripuarian them while they're happening but the eventuality there'll be trouble. but the fed still has control of asset prices and use the data on a daily braved -- basis. there giraud's right now but long term there jury is still out gerri: i hear more and more of that sentiment. great to see you. >> my pleasure. gerri: now to look at stories from fox business .com. stocks ending flat today and investors react to a string of bad news because companies like bet bath and beyond and family dollar cut their forecast of the show ring good news of the jobs front. the supercomputer getting its own division in their
6:37 pm
new home in new york city. in 2011 and by defeating a para of jeopardy champions i am have been trying to find a more practical use like banking and health care. snap chat rolls out the update following the security breach where millions of users had their phone numbers exposed. the update it gives you the option not to link the user name to the phone number. as a compromise according to senate majority leader will reduce benefits for the long-term unemployed republicans only said they will agree to a renewal of it is paid for. those are some of the hot stories on fox when we come back of a new look at a special book, a thriller and the problems surrounding
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gerri: health insurers are spending the new year's looking for their lost orphans many are trying to use their new policies purchased last year but now finding the insurance companies have no record that they even exist. the ceo of vital spring technologies joins me now. how is this possible? but now what obamacare then happens? >> we have suspected this all along that the problem
6:42 pm
with the registration process was a reconciliation between the permission the consumer enters to synchronize with the insurance company and the web site. as we talked about before, the synchronization of data rolled in the verification process is very complicated. this was the concern that insurance companies may not be able to find these people or when they show up at the doctor's office they figure out they don't have coverage gerri: we know from the insurers they are getting incomplete or bad informational reforms that make no sense. how does this come together or how long does it take? >> a long time. inherently this problem with enrollment with all kinds of errors second have been or
6:43 pm
those inherent to the industry for a long time time, even if you look at what happens in the employer environment and a freefall that getting the right to a and accurate information and the back-and-forth between the insurance companies and people signing up is a very complicated process. it is not something that will be fixed necessarily as easy as has been reported with the interface. the problems are more complicated because you have multiple systems that need to talk to each other to share the complicated data. gerri: not only orphans but also goes. unbelievable. both ends have problems also out in colorado the senator is criticized for his analysis of what is going on
6:44 pm
with cancellations. can you eliminate as? >> there has always been a controversy of the reported numbers in the real numbers. those who are proponents of going forward with the mechanics of obamacare will constantly challenge the numbers as far as the cancellations with the argument will the same individuals off for a benefit if the insurance company cancels the policy? what they don't complete the sentence with is if that benefit was in fact, the darfur value what the consumer was getting in the first place. it is not enough to say the insurance company offers you something but what good is that if they have a strong the policy and coverage you
6:45 pm
are happy with been offered something of lesser value? that does not make sense. gerri: that is the problem we see throughout this conversation there is not good information. information is bad. the government wouldn't tell us for weeks comedy were signing up and we paid for the program. it makes no sense. >> true. but they themselves that they have not add access for the reasons we mentioned in terms of the problems of insurance companies and they need to get this right in order to receive the subsidy , they now push the deadline back a little more to allow people to make payments this month.
6:46 pm
why? because the insurance companies don't want to lose out necessarily to get those extra consumers to make sure they get the subsidy payment for the right to individuals gerri: there are no rules. they just keep moving them around. >> they make the rules ended just as we move on and then ready to talk about the younger people. gerri: that is absolutely true and my apologies for not getting their. think you for coming on. good to see a. i will be joined by one of the obamacare orphans tomorrow cruz says she signed up for obamacare but the insurance company disagrees. crazy?
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top legal eagle but also a big selling novelist a preview of her brand new book. don't go away.
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gerri: you see her every week on this show giving legal insight not just a commentator but the best selling author calling her latest novel shows --
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snapshot her most personal yet. said you said the most personal book you had never written? >> my dad took says pitcher of me and a little girl at a civil-rights march. he is an fbi agent. he takes his daughter to the civil-rights march he just finished debriefing mrs. dawes walt. so he takes his little girl to the march this black girl walks up to me for everything around us was not important we just have a good time. so i take this snapshot end you can see a civil-rights march there is an up-and-coming is civil-rights leader who was
6:52 pm
gunned down now all these years later can solve a mystery. gerri: what part of this is made up? >> there were so many of course, snapshot is real but from there it is fictional. there is a key character will yell lot of right and who know him present life is in snapshot is a cable news network running his own show and writing his own books. [laughter] but in real life he was in dallas and when i talked to him all right lease said there is an aside by a wide williams a and bill o'reilly
6:53 pm
at that time bill about his time in dallas and want williams of the 1960's then i enter my own fbi agent father. retired. gerri: is starts with something real but then you have fun with that. it is a thriller. nothing boring. gerri: did is so exciting spee backed the wrong guy is on death row. the little girl the suddenness of federal prosecutor and past to find this little girl after all these years. gerri: would you like to meet her? dementias real. she is a grown-up woman but the i was in love to find her. contact me. exactly. gerri: good luck with the buck per card or you are very excited about it. congratulations. the book is called snapshot
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so ally bank has a that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> we talked about how lenders have a new situation.
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that was our online question of the day. 69% said no. and the retailers that define shopping for us over the years, they have serious problems. as usual you don't have to read a stack of analyst reports to figure that out. it is laid out their on the show room floor and that is how it is in a massive economy. >> if you have tried to get alone in last couple of years you know just how tough it can be. the question is the data to present and maybe a little bit of competition for our business for new lenders that will help all of that.
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and that can be a good thing. have a good night. >> a chris christie stocker fired less than 24 hours after a massive traffic jam was orchestrated at the gwb bridge. all for political retribution. i am lou dobbs. ♪ double mocha lou: e-mails


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