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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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be now neiman marcus. the 1%. now the outrage that is officially 100%. now over the top. john mcafee putting it in terms only he could. there are 114 million in this country, 110 million target accounts that were compromised. you do the math. this hack attack, this is us. welcome, everyone. what is the difference between a
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target customer and a neiman marcus customer? well, a lot of them have credit lines upwards of $50,000. forgetgreat coupon. they could a hacker and think about some targets making up in real dollars which just keeps raising the number. don't think that that is as far as all of the schools now. target having these full-page ads. and it is doing its darndest to present and the future mass. those former fbi director says that might be a lot easier said than done.
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stephen says try everywhere. and so how do you stop them these promises notwithstanding? >> law enforcement, what we are seeing is this starts and it is a massive conspiracy worldwide these individuals are working with. so you might have the ringleader but if the conspiracy of specialties, another person who knows how to launder money and often they don't even know who the other one is. they are working as a unit and they don't even over their co-conspirators hour. >> all the systems are able to oversimplify them. how do they do that? >> with law enforcement and
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target own investigators, neiman marcus hasts own group coming in. and from there they start looking around and figure out what else they could access. before they know it either by skill or bad luck they all of a sudden find that they can exploit the vulnerability to give them access to the entire kingdom and once they find that they look tosee that other corporations have the same vulnerability and that is what we are seeing right now. once they see it wants, i would even be surprised.
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neil: as to whether any of their systems have been comprosed, obviously it is like pulling teeth to get these type of individuals out. and he says that is where the money is. and so the same thing here. you could have a heist that pulls off an excess of 100 million of peronal data debit card numbers and personal phone numbers. neil: i guess what i am curious about is baguettes publicized and we learn about it.
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do you have much greater amounts of money that have disappeared as a result of this? but this is much more pervasive than what we are being told. >> one of the things is that law enforcement is working very hard and there's a flipside to that. most of the state data breach notification laws have an exception that the retail organization doesn't have to ll that they have lost personally identifiable information if in the view of the law enforcement organization making such a public pronouncement would damage th investigation and it would do more harm than good. so there are a lot of retailers right now that might not be obligated based on a request from law enforcement. >> that is a little bit scary. well, now it is time to get in the mind of some of these.
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what drives them and how can we stop them. but they do have a same sort of deal and almost a goal with this assistance. >> well, i think that they are creative and they are challenged by making trouble for other people. and these tend to be men although we are trying to understand. it's very hard to figure out who they are. even if they can't get the money, what do they do? >> they are angry and i think they are envious and they te to be excessive and not have very good coping skills. these are people who thought probably feel most comfortable behind the machinery and like the idea of targeting certain companies or individuals.
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probably because they feel that whoever they are targeting they are in position of power or strength. and the person who is a hacker can only feel strong if they are creating this kind of trouble. they don't feel strong in real life. neil: affecting average folks like you and meanwhile me who all of a sudden see a bank account was money. >> victimizing people as part of the sadistic pleasure and the high. when you're attacking someone in your angry and you feel like you're getting revenge than you feel good. and it's like secret of power and sometimes these hackers on them until their best friends what they are doing. so they know and they sit back and say okay, how much power i had and destruction icons and it's relatively easy when you think about it for some of these personalities who can use the
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compur in a kind of way. neil: be careful. what do you do perhaps we get these peopl that are talented and we find a way to use their skills in a positive way. and they will always have elements of the population that are going to use their skills and talents in a way that harms other people are. >> maybe the solution is a jobs boom or a booming economy. >> that is a good point. that would address the and departed. if you have people that are doing well and feel like they are successful and in control of their own lives. and they will be least likely to want to cause trouble for other
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people. neil: what about the effect that this has on shoppers? if they fear that any transaction might be stolen or that the weather was a factor, this could be an even bigger one. >> i think it makes shoppers very nervous because they probably know that they financially do not have to be responsible, but it's the personal information that is being shared. so yes, i am sure that it stopped many from shopping. >> people are not losing money. but if shoppers were to lose money as a result an absolute stop people from shopping. >> she knows how to listen. she feels your pain. >> okay. anyway, i want to talk about
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this mass e-mail. this may violate this order? and what if i told you about him talking about this. we will be right back ñ@ç@çpçpç
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neil: google may be in trouble. this m automatically sent out an e-mail, including an ex-girlfriend who has a restraining order out against him. first off, i didn't know that ending an e-mail violated such an order. but then again i am not a lawyer. fortunately we have our ladi here that aren't. i'm confused on a portion of it. but when it comes to putting it on google. what do you think?
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>> this is pretty diect. the man says that i did not send an e-mail and google plus sent an e-mail that apparently ad a restraining order against him in that contains a provision that said no e-mails or phone communication or nothing. and the reason for the restraining order was obsessive e-mails and offensive e-mails and i don't know what the specifics are. so how would he have violated that? >> apparently the man said that google unbeknownst to him when he created a google plus account, send e-mails to all the people in his contact list and again, unbeknownst to him and that is directing or violating a court order. it was the fact that there was an e-mail. of coursehat is a ridiculous thing. there's a ridiculous line in the sand by the judge. but the reality is that google should not be using your e-mail account to generate this.
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neil: could also be that this guy not deliberately but accidentally, here we have group e-mails and i might type in one too many letters in and that spending something to the o'reilly staff and that is part of what happened. so i'm thinking that it might have been this dude just accidentally hitting one too many keys? >> i think with google plus you have an ability to invite your contacts and so when you do check that if you have allowed gmail access to your address book it goes out. to everyone in your list. >> but don't you pick and choose? >> record he had to affirmatively check something c-130s blaming it on the google now? >> absolutely that is possible. but when you're asking about a restraining order, it is no contact of any shape or form, no e-mail or phone call drive-by.
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if you walk in a restaurant and she's there, then you have to leave. and here's why don't feel bad for this guy. he obviously was doing something that put her in fear for her safety or she founded harassing and the judge agreed with her that what he was doing was something reasonable person would find intimidating or harassing or offensive. to too bad for him. the law is not up-to-date with technology but they got this against him. >> i agree. he did have a restraining order. we don't want him to do anything offensive. but this e-mail have no content. it was directly generated from google, google plus account and possibly he didn't know what that meant when he put this account out there together. >> but if you walked into a restaurant where she was, he was in trouble. >> yes.
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>> he had an ordered list of bad and this judge found that e was held in contempt for this particular e-mail because the judge said that he has a problem following court orders i agree with that. put google at the first instance looking at our e-mail, having this is the man had a previo problem. grabbing information i think we have to say is there a problem. neil: what wanted to get out of this mass mailing? and what you think of that? >> i do agree with that. we allow it and we put it in her and we disseminate that information and when we give them access it can backfire. this is a great case and it also goes with do not be a creep and maybe you wouldn't be in
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trouble. >> this guy is out of jail whether he technically by but that's really just restraining order or not. >> when someone does one thing it doesn't mean that everything else is wrong. neil: okay, thank you both so much. problems and traveling outside of the area. this guy is about to get crowned upside the head. let's just say for the governor it made famous, not so as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry!
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neil: welcome back. do you think chris christie has openness traffic tie up? right now the scandal has all the new judge in trenton new jersey governors piling up
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etty much anywhere. so try this whole hurricane sandy payout. legislatures want to know where the turkey for relief fund was spent. especially when the governor got his hands on in the first place. do you remember that? >> there is only one group to blame for the continued suffering. the house majority ann the speaker and 66 days and counting. >> everyone makes mistakes and i thought it was a big mistake. i think it can be rectified. neil: that was rightfter the house voted down hurricane sandy relief. when chris christie look like a ho. when it could be adding another nail to his presidential campaign coffin. richard benjamin says it
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shouldn't and doesn't. so you ran the camp that says everyone calm down your? >> yes. we should be outraged in every department of homeland security. the coverage of the priest scandal, there were 17 times much coverage f that than of the irs scandal by the three major networks. especially in terms of the traffic scandal.
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neil: i found out that it was offensive. i think that we can do and should avoid these things. and leaving that aside i think what he did was -- he ignited a lot of flack from the left. so what do you think? >> well, it was important. the aftermath to let them know when new jersey was open again. we just have to question a little bit about how much of that money was spent and did it have any influence on the election.
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it could be a little bit of a good thing. >> a lot of people are horrified. i understand it has been conscientious and how folks tended to be screwed over. so now to find out again but chris christie dead, that is the problem. neil: could strike is a little bit high. and that the people will come ck to bite the governor, rather on the right or left, at this point it is part of he
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funds that went beyond what was necessary. >> especially leading on the panel with a direct story and there has been no direct indication. >> it is possible that you could rae the threat. and then back away. >> we have to be a little bit careful that we are not paying too much of the presidential politics in minutes. it has been a news cycle. so how do you think it will affect them? >> i'm gld you mentioned it. and let people see more.
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>> when it came to the irs justice abuses and et cetera. >> up a separate issue. if he wwas serious he would ta about this for 2016. the fact that he was still wallowing. and if he were serious he would let this go forward. >> if he were serious he would show up. i want to thank you and karen. and e got through that ridiculous website and finally signed up for the health care plan. and the proof is coming up next welcome back. how is everything?
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neil: imagine health care coverage. you signed up for it and the computer told you at the time. butit is happening more often than what you think. over to kate rogers with firsthand experience. so what is going on here? >> people are enrolling online on it isn't working properly. so somepeople like george bush orfinding out that even though they paid on time, there are other people are called innurance orphans where the insurance company has no record even though they did so online and paid the premium. >> did you get any e-mail or electronic confirmation that everything was set?
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>> we are staying in the same company as and we have been doing that for maybe 25 years. i was trying to get two different policies. >> over 60 workers and it was a nightmare for this moment. we have been calling every day. we have paid our money and send them the forms. they don't even recognize the baby and so i can't even speak about it. as we speak i was driving through the city now and they had to pay for coverage.
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neil: did you get anything like a card? >> you you're using the same existing policy numbers. >> they come to me and think i don't even know what to say to them anymore. and tomorrow hasn't come yet. >> do you see the exception? >> i pose that question to america's health insurance plans and they say about 90% of the industry, we can't really put a number on how many people this is happening to because so many of the stories are anecdotal. that being said people are going to use their coverage and being told they couldn't do it and there are people across the country that this is happening to and it's really frustrating and we don't have a grand total but i think it's definitely out there. neil: people are trying to talk
11:34 pm
about the administrative assistant. and they are saying that i am sorry he's a very good guide. just another you have to pay. and so what about those that couldn't put their hand in their pocket or have anything where you have an accident or something like that. what happens? >> a lot of people transition. and it was supped to be kind of a glitch prone as it started. and everyone calm dowstarted.
11:35 pm
aneveryone calm down. the payment deadline was moved back to january 10 and there's a ton of administrative work which leaves people like bush who did everything right and paid on time, it's frustrating for them. they have a lot to catch up on. neil: you guys, thank you so much. you know the health care law. in new york city they have a taller hurdle. mayor bill de blasio
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neil: in new york city now they have a new mayor. ever since bill de blasio came
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in, all he has been talking about his taxes going p. >> i think we will ask the very wealthy to pay a little bit more in taxes. taxes increase by an average of $973 per year. >> we have the ability to tax those in our city who have done very well. neil: let's just say that alan bain is not dead. it is a lot easier said than done and you didn't like the tone. so why not? >> it makes people fearful. what is coming down the road. and i've been here for many years. i came here from 1961 after britain and living there and going up there. it was a rally tough time at that time.
11:40 pm
and if you remember bryan park3 and if you remember bryan park has been completely part of this because that is important. and my customers are important. so i provide this to major corporations and individuals and they stay with me for years and it's important. neil: is now more of a factor for you than the revolving door at the you have gone through and rudy giuliani? >> i have seen a big difference from rudy giuliani and bloomberg what i saw before. neil: what is the biggest thing the fear? >> i fear that people will be
11:41 pm
discussed right next door to my building. and so multimillion dollar apartments. as people were going to be spenders and they get frightened about it and what is going on in the city. >> they haven't shown -- they're not selling in the units right now. but you say that this keep up and they just might. >> that is a possibility. and people are concerned and we seen it happen before and we don't want it to happen again. and that is the ultimate. but it is not taking so long to get there with no small steps. and i hope that this would really understand the implications that the he is
11:42 pm
proposing. neil: they say that london is actually more expensive city than new york. sawicki say that? >> looking at the paper today, what i hadn't realized was how constrained britain is in building new houses. so the astronomical increase labor government act. they wanted to do a lot of things and this is one of the two city kind of country is that
11:43 pm
possible. i ask myself and i'm not clear to the answer and who are these people. i mean, there are some that they deserve and there are others who have just gotten clementines to this. when i was a student at the university in england i was married with one child and i had a nice apartment and i saw this young kid and i had two entrances. and so he had no ownershipso so
11:44 pm
many young kids, very good young kids. many didn't turn out that day. why? it was too cold. we have nurtured people that have gone on to this. >> did you know that? very good wisdom here. all right, we are not exactly search and seizure. let's see what we can get out of here. a federal judge is okay with authority if you're in 1100 miles of the u.s. border. anit's a [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95.
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neil: the aclu talks about constitution zones. the newly accepted areas that the government can configure electronic device and you don't have any chance to say anything more about that. they can border on you anytime and allthe time. the judge says that that is a large swathe of americans since the number who reside include about two thirds of americans. >> unfortunately it is a judicially created exception to the fourth amendment. and in my opinion it is a rape of our constitutional rights and
11:49 pm
judges have no business cooperating on this. >> the border idea was that the government has the right to protect our borders and government has the right to know that people coming across the border are not bringing anything dangerous with them. so this decision written by a good friend of mine, a rnald reagan appointee sits in brooklyn. basically what has been when you arrive at the u.s. the government can stop you insert you without any probable cause whatsoever. the opinion says that they can conduct the search within 100 miles. it doesn't mean that the constitution doesn't apply for the border and they can't stop you 50 miles later. they can't say give us your lock
11:50 pm
neil: so let's say i arrive in jfk. >> too little and too late. your only fair game at the time that you arrive and if you enter the u.s. >> yet and that is a fancy ipad. neil: o'reilly gave it to me. [laughter] >> if you and your missus have that with you even if it has nothing to do with a potential harm to the freedom and peace and security of the united states. okay, that is the danger in it. neil: even if they are not out for anything. >> they could be harmful to your privacy and your liberty is a learned something in there. their job is to keep dangerous
11:51 pm
people from coming in court not to learneverything about you. neil: you know we have a two-hour press conference last week and is the free and clear without? >> i think he boxed himself into a corner. by mimicking gen x and he said i am not a crook and i'm not a bully and i knew nothing, absolutely nothing about this. neil: but others were bullied. >> many of the people subpoenaed realized that if evidence shows that he knew about it he has a very interesting situation.
11:52 pm
and it's the same thing when nobody believed him. and the slightest little crack will bring political hope for them. neil: okay, wow. that is interesting. all right, in the meantime, it is almost easier to count the retailers who have not been hacked. so it must be easier to make money off of them. we will have that [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. [ male annncer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. [ male announcer ] (voseeker of the you can separate runway diculousness...
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list and en the great coupon crowd. neiman marcus, the latest to admit that it has been targeted in that revelation only came to
11:56 pm
life when asked. neiman marcus didn't volunteer this so last year, be that as it may, i don't think any of these are one press announcement way. >> we are at a hearing that in the next couple of days or so the worse it is for these retailers. accounts when they get to the retail environment and i think that this has led lie it's coming out of theame area and it looks like they are coming after us in a very big way. neil: the reason why retailers are targeting it, that is where the and christian exists because they do seem to be more targeted than others.
11:57 pm
are there certain sectors here because you are concerned? >> everyone is subject to this. there are no safe havens anywhere. this is the tip of the iceberg and neiman marcus have a forensic consultant tell them on january 1 for that their security has been breached and things were stolen and this comes out nine days later and it was postponed nine days in a not so sure that the state didn't actually happen after this season. i'm a little bit concerned about the disclosure here. it's supposed to provide
11:58 pm
customers with this information. >> americans are supposed to apply that information. neil: the second issue the competitors might hope that a rising revenue tied with this with all of the thrill pill pushers, will they be hard-pressed to put arise on those sales? i have d exhausted every enology possible.
11:59 pm
>> i don't know what it is, i've never used it, i swear. losing weight and when you come up with the things that work and make this better. and so really could be weird. would he make of it? >> we have the weight loss aspect that increases the libido and this is the holy grail that i think will be terrific. two both sexes will be there and help them get thinner. so i just you to think about it. into that maybe next year at this time you will all be sleeping better.
12:00 am
>> thank you both so much. again just to let you know, it is a year off. we will see you tomorrow. kennedy: what you do when your political enemies give you lemons do y capitalize on your misfortune by keeping shovel after shovel of manure on your newly dug grave? you make lemonade and this presidential season is just heating up. we are "the independents." welcome.


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