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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 23, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ neil: all right, tom brady flipping the double bird. and this seattle seahawks player flipping out. tonight we are actually going to tell you. and why this is a very big concern to you. huffing and puffing, all of the markets once again gyrating. tonight, you're going o find out more. welcome, everyone, i am neil
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cavuto. not worth looking up. does this look olympian to you? is speedskater flipping not one but two middle fingers at the sky. and there's this guy named tom brady or tom baby? >> i could care less about watching the game. >> really? grow up. because apparently has plenty of company. >> i'm the best one in the game. that's the result so you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. neil: i found that interesting. i still have no idea he was talking about. but i do know that he was a big
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football star but he also exposed himself. but apparently it's no big deal to most folks. because sherman is still playing and he's still making deals, despite brady will still be playing. even the double-digit nitwit will still be skating and i bet you they are good at what they do. just that it how to act when they don't. and this much i do now. kids look up to these guys and take their cues from these guys and they begin to think that it's okay to be a sore loser were not the winner. the money was then and the same rolls on. so everyone should just move on. well, i'm not going to move on. but so at the risk of sounding preachy, connecting the dots
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tonight. a lot of us try to set good examples for our kids. i'm not saying the superstar has to act superhuman. he is exhibiting behavior that almost looks inhuman. there are bigger issues in the world. but none cut as close to the court as those we build up knocking our trust to the ground. and it cuts across a lot of professions. a president who promises you can keep your health care policy and many find out that you can't. a governor who said he's a very different politician but caught up in a scandal with the same old politics. i'm not saying that any of these guys are right. but it bugs me when they all seem to be collectively sprinting to our kids. so am i on to something or are all of these unhinge deals with me now? we have robbie ludwig and larry
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davis here in washington. over to the good doctor. what do you think of this? >> we like these figures because they are successful and good at what they do. but to make the assumption just because they are excellent in their field that they are emotionally mature, it's really an overstatement. it's interesting about personalities. very often the inner child is alive and well and they are going to act on that entitlement by what you just described. >> tom brady said that he's not going to watch the super bowl. okay, big deal. how many people are going to watch the super bowl in people's homes? and he says that we are not watch a bit because of this.
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>> he's going to watch the game and he's a professional football player. he's into the football day in and day out. >> truth be told i don't want everything myself. [laughter] >> but chris, what is going on here? how widespread do you think that this is or whether we are seeing more of this or whether we are blowing it out of proportion? >> by the time it reached the football field in the locker room, it is everywhere. the worst part of this politically correct regime is your hurt feelings and your happy feelings and are angry feelings. and everyone is always talking. just keep it to yourself. played out in the field. >> so let's say you say you're not going to watch the super bowl and your little peevish in august. what would you say? >> i would say pretend that you are watching the super bowl,
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don't tell her we all heard about it. >> you think electing like a baby? >> yes. neil: would you tell him to shut up? >> i would tell him to keep his mouth shut about it. neil: what do you say? >> radio show, tv, he can say whatever he wants. most of america isn't going to watch the game. >> there's a different reason why other people might not be watching the game. i have to tell you that in some ways there is no downside. when you have a celebrity that behaves badly or ays something that is unedited, they get a lot of attention for it. in some ways their careers are helped because we talk about them and we keep their name in the public eye. >> it's one thing when you give the person the finger. i wouldn't say that that is creative, that's pretty
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creative. so what do you have to say, chris? >> i think the whole thing i mean, these guys are at the peak of their game. it's like me saying that i'm not going win or feature, i'm not going to read this newspaper anymore watch this anymore. these guys don't want to see the best win or go at each other? and that is their life? when you lose a game he was a very have to go back after work out and come back and beat the guys. but don't just throw them the bird and embarrass for your kids. neil: i was thinking the same thing. night after night every word must be read. and our twitter followers are weighing in on this. one is saying that he is a sore loser and it was great watching him on sunday. and football has been good to
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him. and you had a choice between looking at peyton manning or giselle. which would you go if? >> i have to agree with that. let's get to richard sherman. everyone's all over him for what he did. but i went to stanford, that's a pretty good school. >> i think that it's just the passion of the game. and that's okay. he's passionate. what is wrong with that? >> it's the football field. it's passion, it is what is going on. >> it's interesting and we're very interested in watching primal reactive emotions. but having said that, i don't
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think that our children see these people as heroes anymore. they may enjoy watching them, but i think they know the difference. neil: when i watched cal ripken playing, i respect and i looked up to him and i still do. so i think that there is a place in our hearts. >> while it needs to be earned and it's not automatic. cameras are going where they never used to go before and we are seeing lots of different sides to these personalities. neil: but like tiger woods, he has been the focus every time he is on and he's part of the ratings spike. >> if you look at that, that's a very good point. and the point is that you can make a lot of money with a lot
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of controversy and people want to see and hear you and this is actually encouraging. >> to some level it is. but you have to do the right way. you have to use your aggression. user popularity. and that primal thing that everyone wants to see, take it out and win. people like tiger woods and who go too far and air their personal life and lack of discipline in public, the companies know that the parents say it inappropriate. so what they are going to get, they don't want us but they want discipline. and that's half of that. >> if you look at michael phelps and he got caught in dubai, he is still around. neil: who may be the color of target stores should have been the first clue. that is where this whole breach
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neil: target stores are read after all. so maybe this bit of news shouldn't come as a complete surprise. all of those hack attacks, come all over them. at least one russian guy veering in on a 23-year-old russian suspect that they think that the whole breach booming. my next guest says this is just a start. but bad guys are getting smarter and apparently they are everywhere. so what would be the interest? a lot of us originate places here and what is going on? >> i think people are missing the point. they sell it and these aren't
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necessarily the guys that are perpetrating the crime. these does go out in a much nicer code base and then they can buy it at the entry. neil: so whatever this hacker or whatever you want to call him or whatever it is, he is effectively dismantled a system? >> the code is able to dismantle the system. >> i like you would be looking for who he gave that to? >> yes, whoever bought the code. >> so this particular code base was for sale last year. and he is outselling his code to anyone that will buy it. those criminal groups can take the code base and customize it. they say that we can target all point-of-sale systems for a certain vendor. and so the story to unfold here is how many people bought this and how many different groups
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and how many point-of-sale systems are executing against? so it's a widespread attacks across all points of retailers. neil: so this would be analogous to a high-tech version of selling nuclear materials to third party terrorist groups? >> yes, and he's an arms merchant. to what end? where does this go? >> the underground marketplace has been alive and well for years. neil: what do they want to do in the marketplace. >> they want to make it simple to make money. >> so they can target is because we don't have a lot of the technology that would make it more difficult. is that right? >> yes, that's part of it. >> red after the money were just dismantling the system and embarrassing it? >> it's all about the money. and so these guys, the software coders want to make money.
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they sell the code in and air done. you can buy the code and you can go by that code base and use it to test your systems. and so a criminal will stay on when to use to exploit the systems. neil: how much money do you think that they will get? you always hear that target markets reveal this and there's a lot of compromise. how much money do they get? because the banks tell you that a few people having their accounts hacked into, there's not much money. >> up the great question and the disproportionate loss and the victims. because they have to reissue all of the cards. >> that's right. >> that customer confidence at stake and so you have the bad guys economics as well. so they steal the credit card data, we see the data and whether it's valuable, this actually replicates the card and you can go use it in a store versus just getting the data on the card.
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and it could have been related, but it's something that we don't necessarily know about and so the card data, people sell it and they had a huge surplus underground. and this is early on. neil: okay. >> the economics plummet as a market at $100. so the credit card prices go down and sony make a disclosure people say they can't go make money with those cards anymore so people actually gain financial gains. neil: what is the next step for shutting down and emptying out the bank accounts? >> it is facilitating the wholesale crimes. it's thing the thing how do we create a whole cell crime and go
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harvest a tremendous amount of value across the market. neil: think you so much. i have no idea. >> definitely in the face of crime. for sure. >> they are good capitalists in the end. interesting stuff. by the way, now we know why they are the young muscles. they get tired of politicians who say stuff like this. >> this is for people who have health insurance. you will save money. >> i would just suggest people check it out for themselves. >> affordable and quality health care that is available for all americans. [ me announcer ] this is the story
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>> it will bring down skyrocketing costs and save families money and it will save
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the government money. neil: not quite and not even close. in tonight's clash, when politicians make promises that fall flat. a new study showing this rush to get the uninsured insured, it's cheaper for young people who say uninsured. rickard doesn't believe it. and no wonder the young have a currently have enough of it. so you have a lot of methodology what does the least over the statistical dispute. so the young people have crunched the numbers and realize that it's not worth a? >> obamacare was doomed and this was the number one reason why. young people are not going to buy the affordable care act because it's not affordable. you think that they're going to give up their beer money or car? forget it. it's over and done with. neil: what do you think?
8:24 pm
>> they should be responsible. they can't crunched the numbers that tells him for sure if they will get sick or not this year. neil: you sound like a that. >> i am one. and this has to be seriously the stupidest study i've ever seen. the whole argument is seven out of 10 of you are going to get sick. therefore duncan and turns. and the odds of your house burning down are even greater. so if i were you i'd take out your phone and i would call and cancel your homeowners insurance. when you're done with that, cancel your conscience because you only have a 30% chance of this over your entire lifetime. so hugh has a crystal ball? these guys don't understand the. neil: there is also a cavalier attitude that when push comes to shove no one can refuse.
8:25 pm
>> there is a very important demographic group dress. >> is an equal opportunity. >> now he is saying okay, we will just go to urgent care. and why would they pay for it the old geezer to get the viagra or whatever they're going to get. we are going to keep our money which is affordable to eisenman we will go to urgent care we need it. and people are saying live long long and prosper. that is the attitude. >> you know, it has to be cost
8:26 pm
effective and a lot of them are saying there is no rush. >> which by the way is kind of interesting. a lot of them aren't covered. >> woody mena to wash? even have insurance or they don't have insurance. if they don't because i don't think they're going to get sick, they are stupid because this is just silly. >> that's being very disgruntled young people. and that's the problem. >> maybe it would've been smarter for the president to make the penalty worse? >> i kind of agree with that. i don't think the penalty is near enough. but the fact is according to the sun content study, three out of 10 will have a problem that they are not revealed before.
8:27 pm
>> no one is going to turn me away. >> young people are saying that the penalty is actually cheaper than the suck of this nonsense. a lot of young people don't need that. >> gets clarified his understanding. it's going to get set and no problem it's on ice. if they go into the emergency room and they are diagnosed with cancer, it will only stabilize them. they still have to deal with everything. >> they are not taking care of their student loans. the government is going to get
8:28 pm
money of young people is going to be that student loans. and that is what they are thinking about. they're not thinking about health care. forget it. [talking over each other] >> you agree with me. neil: well, if you want to recruit young people, then he would have had to of this law to make it mathematically okay. >> bear in mind a higher percentage of young people who are paying very little. maybe because of the subsidies. you can complain about the subsidies. neil: my kids will be living with me forever. [laughter] >> from what i know about your kitty will be living with them. >> their kids that are kept on their parents plan until they're 27 years old. so that is a big turn.
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it's a disaster and it's just doomed. we want any of you young people that are still watching, stick around. by cell or infectious disease. a princeton study says it's very model is dying. we will have that next [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the e and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. neil: halftime and get ready. fox sports is going on dennis kneale on whether our friends might be overdoing it.
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>> and this is the one thing you don't need to do anything special to get more people to watch because it is the tv show of the year every year. on the other hand you have so many people that want to watch, this is the way that they can end up selling are putting out the applications let you do this live streaming so we can watch anywhere and anytime. fox broadcasting and fox sports. we have is ourselves rather than let someone do it to us. neil: you don't get cannibalizes existing broadcasting? >> it does but nielsen recently began for the first time beginning to measure these viewings. we think 60 to 80% have that second screen going on and maybe 20 million go directly to that little screen and skip the actual broadcast.
8:34 pm
so do you help cannibalize your very own audience or do you get out and have fun doing it instead of letting the rivals do it? neil: in the meantime, how would you like to be compared to an infectious disease? to make matters worse, it will lose at least 80% of its users. talk about a slap in the old facebook. >> i think that princeton is right. this is the most ridiculous out of nowhere thing. the reason is because they draw parallels to viruses and take it over and end up killing the host and moving on. and facebook is not like a virus. they are like a parasite. and a parasite no slouch on and hang out and not kill you also can keep feeding wimpier.
8:35 pm
losing 3 million to 11 million teenagers out of this base of more than 1.1 billion people. and it's like trying to move an oracle database from a corporation. you are not going to pull out and politely start over. and no 40-year-old is ever going to quit. so no, i don't think that facebook is in danger here. and maybe it won't be the big huge growth. neil: so what about the 40 and older users? >> those are the people spending money. neil: you know how those with advertising. >> i'm not worried about that and i'm not eager to follow a teenager on another new website. neil: all right, finally we
8:36 pm
might not get another one of these anytime soon. ♪ ♪ neil: quentin tarantino pulling the plug after the script was leaked and people concluded it was a disaster. he gets really upset and said that he is going to publish the script is a book instead. would what do you make of this? do think he is lying about the subterfuge? >> he is a liar, liar, pants on fire. you'll make this movie if anyone offers enough money to do it. and if you have the nerves come out and name names, and he says really is his agent that did it.
8:37 pm
>> the ca guys argue that he may >> the ca guys argue that he may have actually we did himself when he had someone make a photocopy. and for him to say that i'm not going to make it for five years, give me a break. this is a business decision. [laughter] neil: thank you, my friend. remember this live interview with me? >> one of the biggest tax hike in american history. >> i'm going to stop right here. neil: he is back and now he's getting grilled over this movie. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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[bleep] i'm sick and tired of that. neil: that is basically what they have said in minnesota, he said that they canceled the screening of this documentary. >> i just don't buy.
8:42 pm
what do you think? >> there are lots of different reasons. initially they are saying it is because this consensus is not a documentary. they are saying then that this is a kick starter. and they are all over the place, they are very vague. i think that we all know the answer. and there's one poll scrapping documentary and that is not widespread. neil: did anyone just make that clear? the scene of this whole thing is that tracking is bad. a lot of alternatively alternative energy strategies are bad and we just can't tell you that on the record. so you just don't fit in here? >> well --
8:43 pm
neil: i guess i don't fit in. i don't know. neil: well, thank heavens we don't all fit in. that is exactly it. this is not a documentary and are they making a film festival for the consensus. in "the new york times" but the fascination was a. and obviously be directed to the frozen river film festival. and so they said they have decided not to show it after that.
8:44 pm
but it is by kick starter and so that doesn't make sense. >> i didn't know that. neil: when you look at it, it's the same thing. did you concede any points in your anti-tracking documentary that are legitimate concerns that raise the same concerns that they have been a threat to our water supply? about ever come up so someone could say, well, he gave a fair and balanced look at this? >> there are ots of things about tracking. but really if you asked the scientist, the epa says that there has never been a single case of tracking happening in america ever.
8:45 pm
>> my dog is sick, my husband doesn't like me anymore. and i went to pennsylvania and i went there on this tracking situation and they wouldn't release the results in the epa, it hasn't happened. >> i don't buy that argument coming up. you are almost saying, okay, but it's not like that. there is no contamination. there's more traffic and the places are busy and it's an industrial protest and apart
8:46 pm
from that this is about freedom of speech and understanding a different point of view. they don't seem point of view. i don't think the likeness of these film festivals. neil: i give you credit for not going for the low hanging fruit approach. and you just go right for the evidence that supports what you're saying. so good for you. you are a brave man so thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> it's great fun watching you and thank you so much. in the meantime, health care is falling apart because republicans just say that things about it. and fox news just tape it and ibm as part of these big state
8:47 pm
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neil: the answer to that quiz why is a health care law falling apart? republicans ripping it or fox news questioning it or ibm software watching the coverage data or all of the above? well, surprisingly it is not the second one, it was the third one. ibm software apparently the latest culprit for health care rollout that has an increasing number of americans saying that enough is enough. health care exchange officials talking about their big enrollment exchanges.
8:51 pm
and ibm. does that sound familiar? the politicians pointing fingers at anyone but themselves. over to bradley graham he's an adviser and a good friend of ours. to what is going on here? this gets old. i can blame the thyroid in fact my parents were heavy or how about that i am heavy. the come on, things are getting old. >> it is getting old and i think the american people have had enough. we have seen from the polling that many americans believe that this doesn't work and they don't like it and they don't think it's for them. neil: why don't they just say that we botched the rollout? the very people that are there to help them, i'm just saying they were brought in to fix it. >> is never the governments fault. but the government passed a law and put out this work that they needed done and they created all of the criteria and ibm became
8:52 pm
one of the best and most honorable of the companies in the world by not producing for their clients in quite the contract bid of anything they are incompetent or two blame. neil: at any time when democrats or republicans have pointed the finger with democratic spending and republicans are pretty good at spending a lot of money themselves. toilets and it looks good from the other side. but eventually they say it's on you, you will fix that. but when the city state you can't fix it because people are blocking you were companies are stopping you for a news network is belittling you, you blew yourself, don't you? >> there is no excuse for it. the fact is that the government created this monster in something that is unsustainable
8:53 pm
not only in the software with a website or just the tip of the iceberg and we've seen it with everything. the ceo of aetnasaid that we don't have enough people coming in to pay for those in need. so this has become the new too big to fail in the government is going to be looking for handouts to these companies. neil: you and i have talked about this. it was wasn't ibm or fox news that prompted a lot of companies to jettison their policies and center workers to other health care options. those companies made that under the light of day. and none of these have anything to do with companies crunching those workers out. >> let me just say that not one republican voted for obamacare. when we were warning for obamacare they couldn't keep their promises. we were told that by the
8:54 pm
democrats that republicans are just against everything and everything we said is coming to fruition and more. neil: i'm with you on that one. even if all of that were true and republicans are evil and fox news is evil and all that. he had the complete run of the table in the house and the senate to get all of this and now people can criticize about it. and now you're stuck with it. brad blakeman, well put and we thank you. >> thank you. neil: wasn't just 18 months ago they were calling it that six? netflix is either on fire was setting itself up to be eight financial house of cards [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room
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over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of ere every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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neil: i don't know that netflix is past its 15 minutes of fame. but the comeback has been going a lot more than 15 minutes. the stock is on fire.
8:58 pm
but a lot of short-sellers are talking about it as well. over to to lori rothman. what the thing? >> having the fundamentals supported shows they had a brilliant turnaround strategy. they had a pricing plan that was very interesting. and they have lowered the figures now and it's like single-digit dollars per month. and you are talking about house of cards, pins watching and brilliant. >> what do you thing? >> i think it is a cautionary tale it dropped 74% and then made its way back up to 389 which is a 14% rate of return.
8:59 pm
so you consider the s&p averaging 16%, only one 10th of the volatility. you can see that picking individual stocks whether it's netflix or any other game is a bad deal for individual investors. neil: okay, so you would hold off. >> we've had a volatile week. the dow jones testing a key support levels. the index code at that level -- it could be a sign. and they really sort of set the tone and it's kind of early on. neil: were you watching? >> markets are at or near a full-time high. don't pay attention to that narrative. records are up three out of every four years and an average of 21%.
9:00 pm
rebalanced. >> i want to thank you very much. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> as an american i am here to say that we need to act. john: on dramatic weather is our fault? >> terrible tornadoes in oklahoma. >> we know that this is because of the burning of fossil fuels. john: but who wants to ask al gore about that? but where is he? whether he is right about global warming, you already paid. >> who will win this


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