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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  January 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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on monday when how to partner with a celebrity we will unbolt the details. have of a great weekend. the willis report is next. >> hello. tonight, though willis report. the environmental report on the keystone pipeline is in the president is out of excuses to delay his decision. people told to keep their kids at home if they don't get a flu shot. is that legal? something surprising is happening with a mortgage rates. they may be going up but they are going down. tonight to. the "willis report". gerri: major advancements
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for the keystone pipeline the state department issues the even if they say it's not, it's always about money. volume report saying it will not hurt the environment by proponents claim our next guest is in the middle of this fight in nebraska. welcome to the show. even the state department, the state department says no bigger environmental impact. how do you respond? >> first of all, has to be in the national interest with the national interest we have energy security but the president's promise to delay this five years and not taking action to make sure it did not hurt the environment and increased carbon dioxide. this report clearly states the impact to the environment is minimal and
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in fact, does not increase carbon dioxide and could lower its so there is no more excuses. i with the president to take his phone to call the prime minister of canada to say we are donee i will approve this. gerri: i have to tell you we have other hurdles before she will think about that. first of all, eight agencies have to report there is 1 million little steps the government will go through. is this the way it should happen? and john kerry is anti- keystone pipeline person. >> there are complications and secretary of state is one of them profound opponent of the pipeline but the reality is he has to reply of the state department finalization of this report that shows minimal impact to the environment and does not increase co2 or not to make
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a positive recommendation being is box dan. gerri: you see the president should move but if they don't what will you? >> ed is the ultimate question we have already passed my bill to approve it is sitting in the senate we know there is a majority of support. if the president and john kerry delayed this beyond 90 days for interagency review it will build up we will do everything we can to get the senate passed. gerri: you are clearly passionate what does this mean for nebraska? if this went through if we decided to build the pipeline? >> first of all, zero lots of the workers come off the bench to go to work.
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with the final review again confirms 22,000 jobs will be created along the pipeline canada through nebraska. a lot of nebraska workers ended is more about our energy security as an asian they and a state. gerri: 40,000 is debatable but we need help out here in the east. think you for coming it is a pleasure. the key for your help. of course, a start to the new year do you very ince with all index in the red seeing triple digit intraday swings with dow jones industrial average it is this volatilities set the tone for what is to come?
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the founder of harrington capital management, will come to the show. down again? we cannot get out of the way >> of volatility that we spoke about it in 2013 i thought it would continue for then your future so it continues on that trent it drove a lot of the volatility for the month of january. looked at the argentina or south africa or turkey's central bank the you mean currencies raising interest rates pretty dramatically so it moves out of the equity markets for those are big numbers.
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gerri: talk about markets outside the u.s. or it about deflationary in europe and number was down. is that a concern? >> i think it is. all eyes of western europe. we saw greece looking at spain and the numbers that come out manufacturing manufacturing, china was very weak and the of market sells off significantly. people are very visual with the institutional community and retail community of western europe with the data that comes with respect to inflation or deflationary but i think the central bank tries to defend the currency is a you will see volatility e and in addition if you look at the late earnings announcements like amazon that was disappointing.
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gerri: and wal-mart. >> you'll have trouble. gerri: the listeners think a blob blob why it is just in the ways so we see the impact. what do you do? you save for kids' college what is your advice? >> that is the question. you have to stay diversified you will have some exposure to emerging markets through the 401k but you cannot have all your money is in a concentrated position at this time in the marketplace so stay diversified whether biotechnology or technology or energy act what that does the fed. gerri: sector gets out of favor you can diversify their portfolio.
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gerri: emerging-market equity funds people are gaining their money is that the right response or an opportunity to buy? >> indicating is not the right response. actually if you have some allocation it could be interesting to take the flow from another sector or country. i just want people to be diligent and diversified. gerri: great to see you. enjoy the super bowl. later, it turns out even jon stewart is not a big fee and how obamacare is going. a and some good news how
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gerri: mortgage rates
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falling after a two month low but will they stay there? 4.3%? >> not bad. >> i think we will go higher how the economy shapes up but they are expecting one dash expecting 30 year to go web 5% a level we have not seen 2010 as the economy improves mortgage rates will rise but it is a good time to buy. gerri: we are at the two month low what happens here we had news about tapering but these were put together before the taper so we may see them go higher? >> they could. is up and down but the overall trend everybody expects the rates to rise it is a good time to buy because the rates are still low and affordability is still there is tapering off
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a bit but if you combine those two factors, why not? gerri: prices went up 20% so we did see a situation where prices went much higher. i think a lot of people are gun shy but should he take advantage? >> last year, the year of the recovery on dash we recaptured over a trillion dollars resaw price appreciation but double digits there and the florida market returning to the regional markets so this year if they return to more modest situation. gerri: it gives you more power as the buyer.
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>> if you are at up by year you have leverage. >> remember the stories that we heard last year of multiple bidders. a the buyers are up against less competition prices are expected to rise 3% not like last year but they will have more selection also. coming back on line they could look at last ye. gerri: another interesting datapoint is down 9% that is forward-looking telling you what is coming up in the marketplace. i think the market is slowing down and the opportunity for people to jump bin. >> i think so alss you have to get the sellers on board
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they will want to get top dollar where the buyer has the affordability factor in mortgage rates and greater selection you could try to toss out the lowball but you may have some negotiating power but why not? gerri: great to see you. happy super bowl. [laughter] here are stories you are looking of fox business., the keystone pipeline has cleared a sick of the turtle was a department releases a report and encino environmental objections the review gives obama a political cover if he chooses to endorse the pipeline. disappointing reports from amazon and wal-mart our to blame for the steep drop in the markets. the dow was off by more than
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200 points before recovering but the index is down 5% for the month of jittery. the president urges businesses to do more to get the 4 million long-term unemployed americans back to work he met with ceos at the white house how they plan to help and also as a catch 22 the launder a worker is unemployed the more unemployable they get. twitter says their new deal will provide greater it in turn national -- intellectual property i am has more than 41,000 that is thought story on fox we have more coming up while the broncos and seahawks do pick out the other giants will also battle and a tough interview for nancy pelosi thanks to hard questions from john stuart
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gerri: remember when nancy pelosi walked up the capitol steps hold the a gavel to visa the democrats to obamacare? that is rather responsibilities for the disastrous rollout ended. >> we will set up a health care web site that is the exchange to people will come to it. why is it so hard to get a company to do that competently? >> i don't know.
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[laughter] that is my question. gerri: i have the majority leader here. but we ask her. [laughter] >> it is not my responsibility. gerri: not my responsibility? what did you make of this? >> just legislation it is a sherlock holmes mystery. hhs botched the rollout did not manage it well and set up to fail and the white house let politics. gerri: plate. we are letting her off the hook because you say her job is just to pass legislation but she was an advocate convincing americans every day this was a program to make a difference but now now, now, now when it doesn't work she says it is not my fault. >> she needs to take responsibility you cannot he
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end of that ridiculous undertaking to say it is not my problem. but to say i screwed this up but she said we gave them this ridiculous piece of legislation maybe we should be less ambitious. gerri: you cannot keep your doctor or your health plan or the price the same. what i did not even realize a lot of the rules still have not been written. i know maybe a few words but when they are interpreted by the booster asian it goes on and on. >> tens of thousands of pages it is endless work for case street and lobbyist is uncertainty for business in the players and insurance companies they're still waiting to hear about the
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mandate. gerri: but the actual rules and is the words they have to pay attention to and comply with hundreds of thousands of pages i don't know who will make sense of this. we have already rolled it out how do you not have the rules written? >> cover rich tries to micromanage the extraordinarily complex market they cannot do it as well as the market so then case tree grows and people become frustrated they see mismanagement and favoritism then due to pelosi says i don't know what is going wrong? gerri: i keep that on constant reply. talk about the california insurer that prices could go up 25% but the government can say no. we will not go along with that. but isn't this the impact of obamacare forcing prices
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higher? >> click get the of them reached by all. they have 11.5% medical trend they expect the utilization price to go up that much. gerri: i am lost. >> this is underlying prices of hospital care, prescription and drugs coming people utilizing more services because they are older in then it is the obamacare premium tax, a reinsurance tax cut the then 16 percent average increase around a 25. gerri: you are not surprised at all? >> not terribly but just with the obamacare impact of premium taxes and reinsurance tax is 9% that is a big number but they will be pushed back they will get a lot of push back on best. gerri: i love to talk about this. have a great weekend.
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coming up next no one seems to be winning with the war on retailers. not just the two football teams to major social media sites will battle it out. details to come. ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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>> from the fox business studios, this is "the willis report" with gerri willis. gerri: partying in times square because of the super bowl. let's talk a little bit about amazon. and amazon prime membership, $40 from a consumer analyst said that this may not last. we have a consumer analyst with
6:29 pm
us. i'm very disturbed because i love amazon and what it does. and also i knew this was going to happen. they would start raising prices. at the beginning of about than? >> remix expectations and that is going to cause a big stir. they are pointing out delivery charges and that is all leading to them to consider increasing the charge. gerri: it is super popular in our household in getting that free delivery with a one annual charge that is magical. they may be offending a lot of customers with this. >> especially with a huge fee of
6:30 pm
$40 extra a month. people are not going to be happy. and if you think back to 2111 not change their pricing structure, it is something that has outraged customers in the struggle for it while afterwards. it is something that is going to bother a lot of people. let's talk about earnings. wal-mart disappointed that amazon wasn't quite up to snuff. >> though sales are not limited and the stores have to include these prices and they are losing sales and we have these
6:31 pm
brick-and-mortar stores continuing to struggle. gerri: would have been amazon? amazon is not during the great either. they are virtual and online. >> we are seeing that consumer confidence has gone down. it is taking away from discretionary spending. the could be down because of all this data breach that is in the news. gerri: i think you may have something there. gerri: a fight among retailers to a fight about football
6:32 pm
fields. gerri: he will determine the winner. it is the social media between facebook and twitter. let's bring in the cofounder of the digital advertising company. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. gerri: how important is this? >> it's very much so. and marketers won't be part of that .
6:33 pm
>> twitter and facebook are getting lots of attention. >> absolutely. and those opportunities to pay facebook. so it becomes a critical part in your absolutely right. gerri: arby's tweeted about this because there was a big cowboy hat area are because that is what their logo looks like. what did you think about? >> they did a great job. and it is a real-time opportunity. it is a spot that has so well and they went for it. i think the best example is lesser super bowl. the power goes out and the oreo team was very forward thinking. they had a command center and agency and everyone involved. and i think that is the type of
6:34 pm
thing that many marketers have been going for. gerri: facebook is lining up against twitter. i don't think this is the place to have a conversation but they are overcoming that. >> is where real-time happens and they have a much larger situation. and they are enabling hash tags and it will make her very obvious with that on the right-hand side of the screen. as an gen xers 14 million and 2013.
6:35 pm
and it has a presence being on twitter. gerri: i think it is so much fun. and now they are showing them. that tell you about something about the outcome. >> conversely this could be a great opportunity to get ahead of things. and it is only apple that has held back. you can generate a lot of use of your part of the conversation on all of these different platforms area is a great way to enhance the return on investment. gerri: it is so much fun having you on.
6:36 pm
who are you pulling for? >> the broncos. peyton manning. gerri: me too. i don't think anyone disagrees with us yet. >> i just got a great seat on this topic. jim says facebook is for friends and twitter is for news. so thank you. what do you think? and the social media, which team you play for? log onto in and vote on the right-hand side of the screen. and fans flock to twitter and facebook this weekend we thought that we would look at the most tweeted events in u.s. history to see if this super bowl will stack up. that is tonight's top five. lesser super bowl blackout and there was a massive blackout after the halftime show. they got nearly 4000 tweets a second. and number four is miley cyrus
6:37 pm
epidemic last year. and number three, the reelection of president obama. fans took to twitter to comment about the end of what was a brutal campaign. and the impending birth got nearly 9000 tweets a second 2011 for beyoncé. and the number one most tweeted event. steve jobs. when he resigned in 2011 from his name was tweeted more than 7000 times per second. the reaction to his death top 10,000 per second. including what was originally
6:38 pm
released in 2013, 143,000 tweets per second. coming back next, flu shots? and celebrities have doctors that are just like us as well. the website that they are checking out for medical advice may surprise you [announcer] welcome to the all-new intuituickbooks.
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gerri: a new report finds the doctors are not consulting journals when they don't know the answer. who do they call? wikipedia. joining me now is the executive director of the imf institute. thank you for joining us tonight. this shocks me, i have to say. should i be worried that my doctor is going to wikipedia? anyone can change wikipedia.
6:42 pm
>> we don't think you should be worried too much. doctors are going to sources of information and that is not often where doctor goes to get information. gerri: on some topics wikipedia is not always right. you say when it comes to medical topics it is different. >> well, what we are seeing is wikipedia has come a long way. and for example the page about diabetes or the one about rheumatoid arthritis and the updates on those pages. they are coming not from anyone but from clinicians or health care professionals.
6:43 pm
gerri: who knew that. holy cow. show folks how often wikipedia is listed for information. those health care pages about 1.9 million hits last year. to that is not just nothing. the let's talk a little bit about social media with health care. what is my doctor going to respond to my e-mail? i mean, i would really like to see a real-time kind of interaction with the health care industry. >> that's right. some doctors are already doing that. and this includes the security of information and those are being quickly addressed and dealt with.
6:44 pm
and that doctors will be able to engage more directly and securely with their patients. part of the objective is to keep patients are healthy out of the doctor's office. and patients are reassured are satisfied that they don't need to make their trip to the doctor, that is a good thing for everyone. gerri: they take up a lot of space in waiting rooms. let's talk about what you say are your top picks for health care information. what is next? >> we think that web m.d. and medscape, everyday health, these are all websites that are well confederal credentialed and heae
6:45 pm
information changes very rapidly as well and frequently. and they're paid in pages. it is one thing to remember that if you see something too good to be true, it probably is. another thing to remember is all going on online information, it's a good first that. but the ultimate professionalize your doctor who you need to be @% front of to consult with when there is a significant health care issue or you have a significant concern. gerri: thank goodness for those medicals do students updating wikipedia. have a great weekend. gerri: still to come, my "two cents more" and students in rhode island forced to get flu shots or stay home from school. our panel weighs in.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
gerri: should preschoolers be forced to get a flu shot? the debate is on in our legal team battled it out in two minutes.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
gerri: a debate is brewing on the set right site right now about whether preschoolers in rhode island should be right to get an annual flu immunization shot. joining us for a fair and balanced debate is built from 10 and lis wiehl. a fox news legal analyst. i will start with you first. and your child will be first flu shot? >> you cannot force a parent to get a flu shot. if they want to do it, that is
6:50 pm
fine, but the state or federal government, you must do this or else, that's something that they cannot say. >> under the police power that is given to the states by the constitution. >> wait, you're talking about a police power for this? >> giving the state the right to regulate health and political subdivisions and ultimately they feel that it is better for health care workers. and the flu can be serious. >> there is no indication, frankly, that the flu shot is really going to help them not get the flu. gerri: parents are willingly vaccinating their children.
6:51 pm
there's a frustration with officials who have been unable to vaccinate these children against influence. maybe saxony is. >> you can opt out of them and that is the point of all states. in every single state of the united states. >> i was going to say that there >> i was going to say that there are exemptions to this as well. >> there are exemptions. >> we are talking about very small children and we don't know what their allergies are. things that are in andy's and part locals in this immunization. it has nothing to do with the vaccine itself.
6:52 pm
and you agree with me about. >> yes, absolutely. >> it is one in a million. gerri: one issue is her appearance. those that object to them being immunized for anything at all. >> i just want to say that there is a movement and the correlation allegedly between vaccinating and getting onto them and the good that will be done from vaccination for the flu and you can't propose a law based on allegations. >> some weeks i allegedly always make a point. but the bottom line is that there is no question. but it is proven to prevent the flu and we are talking about younger children.
6:53 pm
and they are a risk and the immunization system. and there are also the people that work the school system. >> it can be greatly litigated. >> i think a lot of teachers will voluntarily take a flu shot >> and parents have to take those immunizations whether they want to or not in the state is making them do that. >> you have to get a drivers license. >> they shouldn't be able to come to home and say that
6:54 pm
parents, you must do this. we're not talking about child abuse or anytting like that, the that you must go to a state provider. and if they don't on accommodation and have it. gerri: okay, we have to go. >> not asked to do it, but order to do it. gerri: okay, that's enough. certainly a hot topic in a little scary. [laughter] do unthinkable so much. have a great weekend. we will be right back with my "two cents more" and our question of the day dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. open to innovation.
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[ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned mercedes-benz for the next new owner. [ car alarm chirps ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through february 28th. gerri: sunday's super bowl battle is not just between the seahawks and the broncos. twitter and facebook are battling it out.
6:58 pm
when it comes to the social media super bowl, we asked this question on 82% said facebook. 18% said twitter. i am in the minority. you should log on to for our online question every weekday. here are some of your e-mails. michael writes i truly have compassion for the cancer patient you recently had on this problem about obamacare. the problem will continue to escalate. where i live there are eight hospitals that are full-service and only one of the eight appears on the health care plans and only one of my doctors. this is one of the worst bureaucratic nightmares that the country has ever seen in and millions are getting thrown under the bus. and no money from florida says they say they banks and stories will pay for the chip and pin
6:59 pm
credit cards. but that's baloney. and bill says the nsa has the best and smartest hackers. why don't they help to secure our data? they could show companies how to secure data and get some better peon of it as well. it's a good idea. we love hearing from you. go to finally, what a week. am i not right, markets are painting. it seems like a lot has happened and there is a lot that didn't happen it should. tonight we have talked about the state department and a long-awaited report on the keystone pipeline. predicting no bad consequences as a result of pipeline construction. next week the hearings began on the breach of customer data at major retailers. those retailers should come clean and especially the ones that had not that forward publicly yet. that is my "two cents more".
7:00 pm
thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you right back here on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: house republicans working towards a proposal on immigration reform and their concern is that they can't trust president obama. a concern shared by most americans on our host of issues, according to the latest polling. today the president confirmed that there is skepticism. "the weekly standard" executive editor fred barnes joins us for the mixed and conflict in messages on immigration and his politicization of the keystone xl pipeline. in a rough january for investors.


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