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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  February 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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i don't know what they want us to do. that's it for tonight "willis report" and we thank you for joining us. we will see you here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your identity. this year, it's going to be a bumpy ride. welcome, everyone. i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. it turns out that target and neiman marcus were just the beginning. a new report showing 91 major hacks have been ordered in the verse 43 days of this year. that's more than two per day. and it's not just big retailers that were talked about. medical offices, local banks thomas school districts. transportation companies and even nursing homes.
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our security expert says don't expect these attacks to stop anytime soon. so it's going to get much worse? >> yes, we are in the embryonic stage. the business model is terrific. the amount of revenue alone that this will generate, i mean, with over 400 billion. >> we never hear much about the bad guys having a business model. but that's exactly what is going on? >> yes, these are brilliant guys. these organized crime groups are brilliant and smart. they know how to play the weaknesses and how to use our culture against us and it's pretty simple. charles: what we have going on is a perfect storm of disaster? to no, when you start talking about the result of cybercrime, it could be financial or physical. but the ones that we are looking at right now is just the genesis of going into the revenue stream associated with attacking the vertical market. charles: okay, we had the vague
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target. it feels like maybe we haven't had an update out. maybe it was minuscule with respect to the actual damage done. >> is look at it this way. 200 million is what we are suffering from that. but we are talking about the front end. so what about reconstructing the brand? shareholder value. and that is extraordinary. >> where is the disconnect? it feels like consumers, even though target botched it in time, it feels like maybe they were more forthcoming right out of the gate with this lingering damage the said might've been mitigated. but it seems like we don't start using our credit cards are buying things on the internet were putting out information and the retailers haven't done much to make us feel more secure. so where is the disconnect between the consumer and the
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businesses they were talking about you where it comes to is the board of directors and the fact that cybersecurity is not a priority as it should be. you're going to see that is going to change going forward. because we are oing to continue to use credit cards and that's not what this. escorted america we need to do a better job of protecting that information. charles: these guys are ahead of the curve ball. there's a lot of companies working on stronger network security. but it feels like he's weighed the pros and cons and they cost too much to implement. we would rather pay this. where the bad guys always be ahead of the curve muster something catastrophic were trillions of dollars were hundreds of billions of dollars are lost in one fell swoop?
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>> businesses are trying to decide whether i invest what is the risk of this happening to me. >> so far? >> so far we are losing it. they taken this with the occasional heads. >> is expensive. this is really going across the movement. >> i have to tell you that it's been an unmitigated disaster so far are you i didn't realize that there were two a day going on. two that's the point. >> i want to say thank you. i do thank you. because this is something that will be a huge catastrophe. so we thank you. >> thank you. charles: cybersecurity is a huge threat to small businesses. but all the obama administration has done so far is released safety guidelines as to how to prevent these attacks are you as apple ceo says the white house needs to do more to protect
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business owners like him. so what exactly should the white house be doing? remark i am not exactly sure. i'm not that smart. but i do know that. if they were doing anything, we probably would have heard about it. because they are trying to put a good face on it. but my issue or my concern is every man and woman and child in the united states of america is in some treasure trove hydrides somewhere, and i know what we have spent in our company day-to-day in terms of people attempting to get in. and i'm very concerned that the nsa has not been -- that they and hacks. so what did we learn from that? the nsa only has target but they look at. so now all of us are in their. charles: you have been waving the flag and are somewhat ahead of the curve.
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someone probing your operation on a daily basis? >> two are probing us on a daily basis. one company in particular. >> okay. >> we paid $200 per month or unit. so we have 38 unit at $7600 per month to pay a third party to continue to do so. and we also find our own internal security. we have four people in our i.t. department. >> who is the other would be hacked enact. >> third-party people. both internally as well as externally. sometimes our own people get paid two you also have foreign threat. >> yes. >> kind of kicking the tires to see if there's any one ability. >> yes, we know about them because of the third parties that are continually scanning
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us. charles: what is at risk here? charles: what is at risk here? >> okay. charles: we hear the news and we hear the stories and most people say i shop at target, maybe i didn't lose anything. my card was not compromised last year. so what is the big risk we are missing a mack huge risk is the confidence that we have in the them in our government. charles: we as a have consumer, we one day have to move something that we can't get back. >> you're absolutely right. department stores, their pricing shrinkage, we hear that all the time. so it has to be paid for somewhere along the line by the owner. charles: so in addition to prices going up, it's something so horrific that it shocks us out of not going to your stories and out of not shopping online and put this in sort of a fear mode? >> hopefully you build your brand strong enough that if that
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happens that people will continually go at you. who knows. charlls: you have been ahead of the curve. so far we haven't heard any more stories from you and your business. >> i don't think you will either. charles: i really appreciate it. charles: what's better than kate upton? how about three kate upton? the new cover has been revealed that we are here to celebrate. ♪ ♪ so i caneach ally bank 24/7, t there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant toryew things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy'new vacuum! (cat screech
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charles: in just a few minutes, if you wish -- look at would join a with the sports illustrated cover model. and there is a business as well. they fox business alert.
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and we are talking about these new standards. a lot of people are calling them draconian. and we have the mileage portion of it. the cost is just unbearable. the average pass through course on the research and development to get to those standards with $10,000 per vehicle. charles: so if i wanted a ford truck, that is your 10 grand is for this today? >> yes. absolutely. not to mention the ancillary costs associated with that. these vehicles are smaller and they will increase by 50 to 70% depending on the vehicle. charles: from what i understand with some of the other standards
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that have been passed, a lot of them have done this technology wise and so they do it by using lighter material imax and i guess. the cost to fix that, it will be a little bit more resistant and they will be prohibited. insurance costs are going about 20 or 25%. >> it's so funny that you say that. charles: that has to be rugged. so for you, one of the big things is that the real agenda is to get dealers like you to
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sell cars that the american public has rejected? >> yes. a lot of the electric cars that the government pushed on us. but what they don't understand is that part of that is associated with cars and so we have the chevy impala or the cheaper the ford. and they are now being incorporated on the everyday cars that went by. >> so where do you stand and have you adjust this? they are putting in these sort of very quick things because i think everyone agrees with natural revolution by putting in these artificial timelines area and so have you adjusted? >> the consumer is picking up the end of the tab and i have
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vehicles on the road also because i have a cost associated with us. so then i take in government regulations into account. this vehicles and less money into the economy. charles: if the administration steps back, it would still have been? >> yes. it would have been because of the consumers dictate it, let the market dictated enabled to pay what the consumers want. anytime there is government interference i haven't heard anyone saying that it was good for the people. charles: before i let you go, is there a yellow flag out there?
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the average car is 12 years old. is that kind of faded away? and i guess. stooges have to see this and so you will see that at about 14.5. charles: 14,500 per year cars sold. >> yes. i think so. >> what was the prerecession number -- it was 9 million. charles: so we're not doing too bad? back now. >> it was about 10 end the recession was about nine. charles: we appreciate your expertise. it's frustrating for everyone. we are looking at capitalism and it doesn't have to be force or per tentatively expensive you are the zoomer. we appreciate you sharing the best. coming up next, see this smack
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>> there is absolutely no evidence and every economist will tell you that if there is any job loss related to the affordable care act. charles: that is not what the cbo says. kathleen sebelius thing that there's no evidence health care law will drive employment down. but the cbo saying just the opposite. julie baggnski is here.
6:21 pm
let's start with you what was she doing wrong here? >> if the administration really believes that is not impacting jobs regularly, why does this have to testify this and it has nothing to do with reducing the cost of obamacare. if it doesn't affect jobs, why this oath amax 21st and foremost it will reduce job hours. and listen, you can repeat it all you want. >> i read the report. >> they actually disputed this and said that these are people that are going to retire. charles: why did the administration talk about people
6:22 pm
working last and they said that this is a good thing that there are fewer people working? >> it is a good thing. people like mitt romney's advisers talk about it in this allows you to do this and you can retire earlier. so charles is not listening to anything that you and i are talking about. >> i'm going to agree with julie, so help me out here. [laughter] >> we heard from many businesses, large businesses, the olive garden, papa john's,
6:23 pm
the list goes on and on. >> i don't know what kind of insane thing that they have descended into. it doesn't incentivize jobs. but it frees people from having to work. you are free from having to work. well, through subsidies. okay, that would be the people who still are working and apparently it is okay for them to voluntarily have to support those who want to pursue their dreams. so when did this turn into this poverty fast working your way into better circumstances? >> i believe in entrepreneurship. i believe that people should go out there and create jobs and have the freedom to go out there and build a new business. so i can't do that because i
6:24 pm
need health care and i'm tied to my dead-end job red i still need to build a business. charles: what percentage of people who decide not to work are honestly going to go out and do this. >> the low single digits? >> it could be a. charles: a grown man, i should pay for his insurance? >> the taxpayers are getting your subsidizing right now. i choose not to have health care. $2200 it is mine and your tax dollars. that's charity care. >> and he in your heart of hearts you think this is a good
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thing? >> yes, i do. charles: let's leave it thhre. you guys are extraordinarily passionate. so not one, not two. but three. sports illustrated swimsuit models are on their way here now and can you believe i'm getting paid for this? then gave each person ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm gog have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪
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♪here we are, me and you ♪ on the road ♪ and we know that it goes on and on ♪ [ femalannouncer ] you're theoss of your life. in charge of makingemories and keing promises. a your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, all the way ♪ oh, oh charles: "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition turns 50, it is turning heads, partly because barbie made its debut, i told you there was a business angle. barbie is not only reason this issue is grabbing headlines, for first time ever three models gracings cover, all 3 with me
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now, ladies, start with you, i saw the video, you thought you were being interviewed. then you found out you made the cover, why so emotional? is this like the pin -- pinnacle of where you could be as a model. >> i saw raw, pure joy. >> it is for all of us, i was at a skype call. it is a great accomplishment. one of the biggest things you could to when you are a swimsuit model, such a legendary magazine, this is a 50th anniversary it is a big deal. charles: christie, i heard you quote, cried like a baby. >> i really sobbed, my eyes filled with water, but no tears, i was shocked, as soon as camera turned off, i was on the floor hugging lilly it was very
6:30 pm
emotional, my scarf was soaking wet when i went home. charles: they it catch you off guard, and the whole thing, let's talk about the shoot, when you go the shoot, it was on cook island off new zealand. >> we all have our separate days then shoot we shot together was in the afternoon, it was so magical, perfect lighting. the water was crystal clear, we have amazing jay shooting us who we all love, we felt so great and comfortable together, it was effort less. charles: we have the same birthday. >> really? when is your birthday. charles: november 15. >> scorpio. charles: yours. >> november 30. >> that is my son's, really. >> creepy. charles: wha it is. >> what about march 26
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anything? %-something later means listen, we want to talk the business angle. this is from a professional poin will view we talk about emotions, you saw the cover, i don't know if you saw it but i heard the cash register ringing, talk about previous cover girl, christie brinkley, wror el mcpherson. and tyra banks, kathy ireland, it was not just beauty, they got involved in different business adventures, are any of you -- i know you are. >> who would not want to follow in their footsteps. >> it is daunting, the pressure is othey have done so well with their careers, we would love to become moguls. >> i feel like, si swimsuit brings it out, intelligence,
6:32 pm
successful business women. charles: law talk about cape upton in endorsements alone, audience just -- she was the cover girl last year, mercedes, carl's jr., guess, sobrec, directv, and the list goes on and on, so, i am sure endorsements will come in. >> just being in the issue, thing are thrown your way, you get so much from being inside of the issue. i am like oh, my goodness what is going to happen for the next year. charles: a whirl wind. >> a good year. charles: how do you make your decisions? >> i think, we're -- we have all been models for a long time, you go with your gut, brands that you love and trust, and respect, you make business decisions. >> it is a natural thing. charles: if i was you, i would say long-term deals, stock
6:33 pm
option snrs stock options. >> now talking. charles: 200years from now, you will thank me, you say where is that guy. okay, now who wants to be a businesswoman? >> all do. >> such a fleeting career sometimes, models, you know expiration date is a lot younger than most other industries, you try to launch into other things, i would love to do something cooking. and designing, there is -- it is go so many different ways, you? >> you just have to go out and do it. charles: make it happen. >> all you have been successful already, and i appreciate it the staff appreciates it those 89,000 people in the hallway appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. charles: just in, the economy is picking up, you know what that
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means, more couples are splitting up, find out why divorce lawyers of where are cheering. [ male announcer ] a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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charles: fox business alert, the better the economy gets, the higher the divorce rates get, divorce in united states up for a third straight year, following a recession where rates were lower, once married couples are on sound financial footing it makes it more comfortable calling it quits, dr. robo ludwig, -- robi ludwig. and diva licious, for a lot of people this sounds disturbing, not such a good news story. >> it is harsh and calculating. charles: you know maybe not the way america used to be. i looked at a chart of back to
6:38 pm
1903, it does seem like there was a time when people maybe they forced it, but they stayed together. >> there is a different mind set. since the '60s even '70s, people' different things out of a pink, personaly -- out of a marriage, they want to feel personaly fulfilled, financially fulfilled, emotionaly fulfilled all from one person, people are not willing to jeopardize their personal heapness, as women feel into feeling more security financially they have the option to divorce and still feel financially secure, that was not true in the past. charles: the pecking order? financial, then emotional, satisfaction? >> i think that we're finding now is that more and more women are able to get jobs, it be out there and earn their own living, not rely on husbands, if they are not happy, they can actually
6:39 pm
take a step and leave this marriage. so we are -- whether is financial or there are so many aspects to why people divorce, at the end of the day i think it will is about a woman and a man, they have to find their happiness, what makes them feel you know whether this is right for me, life is too short to live not be happy. >> there are many women, who are earning more than their spouses. during a time where they expected to be supported by a man. so if they feel their husbands are not pulling their weight financially, not feeling emotionaly -- >> but they don't have to be supported by their men, but it feels like in those households, that you are talking about, maybe there is an inadequacy, and particularly it is brought up, i make more money than you. >> it hard for a man to feel good about himself, even anemas
6:40 pm
cue lynn if he is not living up to expectations of his wife. >> more and more couples are working together trying to make it work. charles: back to idea we should all be so happy, every day of our lives, what about the part we get our fingernails dirty and we go through rough patches? any idea of working through the rough patches any more, as soon as you hit that rough patch, call the divorce lawyer. >> i have been married 13 years, marriage is like a roller coaster, have you your ups and downs, anyone that tells their marriage is perfect? charles: legal stuff, same chart i was talking about the low level in 1950s, really took off in 1970 when california put through the no-fall divorce, if it was happy hard targe harder to harder to get divorce.
6:41 pm
>> bottom line is we don't know how to be in relationship, we don't really know what love is or supposed to feel like. people do compare their lives to what they see in the movies, then can make a decision based on whether they are happy or not, i think we need to kind of tweak our expectations as to what marriage circumstance what -- is, who it should feel like, and why it might be important to stick it out. charles: there was a time when we were happy because we ate and had a roof over our head, it was simple, you chopped wood, i cooked food. >> those days are over. >> sometimes if you have too many choices it can be dangerous, you may not make the right choice. charles: 17 years particular, friend years married, your secret. >> our secret to success us is we're real, we have our fights, we have our cuts, and cries, but
6:42 pm
we have our laughter and joy, one thing we try to do, i try to make a "date night" -- try to make a "date night" with our other or spouse, to if back to who you were before the children. charles: you would admit, something akin to extra job? >> it is an extra job. it is a whole job, it is a job. >> you have to figure out how to help each other, be what you want to be in life. if you feel you are with a partner -- >> a partner. >> who is help you create your dreams, that is helpful. charles: that is a beautiful necklace, i did not want to digress too much. >> part of my new line. a vaguablavailable and affordable. >> thank you. charles: 5 years, billions of bucks later, he was warning
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charles: tonight we're rerack could a tape from 5 year ago, a warning back then that the new housing bailout was not worth the cost. >> welcome to big government that just got bigger, about 75 billion bucks bigger, president is broadens rescue by including homeowners who are still current in payments but may not be for long, government is ripping up millions of mortgage contracts, how do you avoid folks for taking advantage of this. government willing to takeover banks that condition lend, and car companies that can't sell cars forcing mortgage providers to provide mortgages for those who condition pay. charles: 5 years later, and billions of dollars later was he
6:47 pm
right? rhee analysts say, absolutely, jason. >> it has been a failure, a bailout of the banks, and these people have basically -- they have modifications did not stick. you had a bailout of the banks, modifications that did not stick, banks are now you know, stick with foreclosure. charles: you say didn't stick that means people were given better terms, lower monthly payments they still are defaults or foreclosure? >> yes, the modification, just caused prolonged pain, you had foreclosures that came on longer, and harder. charles: you know, what is interesting about that. even with the bait-and-switch of teaser loans, you know where rates were ery low for 6 months to a year then they jacked up, a large percentage of people with lower ones, before they jacked
6:48 pm
up, a foreclosed. in reality it was a activity way, greg, you don't think it was worth the effort? >> no, i think that we actually created more foreclosures than prevented. there was a period of time where the government really of harassings banks. and at the same time wondering why they were not lending. but i know for a fact from seeing, the commentary from government, policy from government, then resulting increases in foreclosures, there was a clause and effect, it backfired on foreclosure prevention, we did not prevent many. we tamper with housing market, probably. pro long recovery. charles: you know, on that note, prolonging the recovery, inat this time datinn banks --
6:49 pm
intimidating banks. survey of senior loan offices is out, i see where they are getting looser with loan requirements from businesses, but they are getting tougher with homeowners or would be home openers what is that? >> i think this is schizophrenia, the lending industry does not know when the next shoe is going to drop. it is just turns them upside dunn in knowing how to underwrite mortgages, but market recovered in large part because of cash buyers and cash investors. there were a lot of people who did have many who have a huge amount of fighting in an overall recovery, it is not just about banks lending, this recovery happens because the market corrected. charles: we have chinese investors in there take us forward. >> it is artificially propped up. right now. you have blackstone buying up houses.
6:50 pm
you have foreign investment buying up houses. where is the first time homebuyer? you have 30-year old people living in their parent's home bedrooms and basements this a market that is not been recovered. you had 5 years, and you -- what are we left with? you have people buy homes with jobs, we need jobs, plants manufacturing. charles: maybe a real housing recovery, you are fantastic. really appreciate it. >> candy crush, the world is talking about, but next, find out how investors could be the ones getting played. see what's new at
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6:54 pm
public? on if this will be a sweet deal or not for inveetors, jonathan? >> when you talk about addictive video games, i assumed you were talking about ms pac-man. i was addicted to that. major stock of 80s and 90s midway games. to me that is what cappedy crush circumstance very. the flavor of the month, if you will, a lot of these social games stock like zinga, and take 2 are at 52-week highs i would avoid this in terms of my portfolio. my. >> last month, cust did over a billion in revenue, what is not to like. >> i don't blame investors are trying to come public right now, strike while it is hot, that iron was hottest in third quarter of 2013, their profit
6:55 pm
ability or ebitda peaked in third quarter, my kids played that they have moved on. i think it is fickle. fix. >> the term one trick-pony comes to mind, wevene this movie and this game before. so i agree with you, is this the spark electric cars need? toyota testing wireless charging for electric cars. jonathan, would be enough to charge up sales? >> even if you are against or don't want to buy electric car, you have to be amazed at the innovation, the miracle that all engineers come up with, on daily basis, it is just one of them am one major objects of electric cars, besides as neil points out, you can't fit in them is cumbersome nature of plugging them in and getting that charge. this could be technology --
6:56 pm
beyond automaker, honda is automaker i would buy right now. charles. a scuttlebutt come into week that apple and tesla have been talking to each other, that would seem that the electric car market would need or at least a spark, is thering and there? not plugging it in makes it more attractive? >> i agree. you just for a fact, apple and tesla did talk. but they talked a year ago, it would not surprise me to sea apple trucks integrated into -- to see apple products integrated into a tesla car, there is a real market niche for the company, but all things come at a price. when the market was punishing tesla stock because there were the fires. well, that was opportunity, but that was below 150, now the stock is over 200 -- we owned it in our growth portfolio we
6:57 pm
sold it today, i think that everything is priced in to the stock right now. charles. we bought it at 120, got out at 156, i thought i was smart, you have more nerve than. >> i nothing wrong with making money. charles: earlier we had an automotive expert that said car is low hanking has peaked a little bit. you think there still room. >> honda is stand out of the bunch, tesla is as own entity right now. you are buying a valuation, in my opinion. but look across the group, gm, ford, these are not strong stocks right now, honda is best of the bunch. charles: do you hear that music? night cap, jonathan? >> you have to watch the
6:58 pm
fomc minutes, out at to :00 eastern, there was a time when earnings and new product development and ceo diagram nated the economy,,these days federal reserve. >> parameters, what will move the market? if they hint at we'll reneg on ben bernanke's promise. stock market doos what? >> any hint that taper is off, i think you could see the stock market move higher, in the indication that the harrow inis back -- hero kno heroin is back on. >> i agree, watch economic data, you look at fomc minutes, at the housing starts, you look at ppi for any hint that soft patch we're seeing in the economic data is weather related, and
6:59 pm
growth continues, you need to watch tesla earnings tomorrow night, they are grand-daddy of all momentum stocks, if they do well, that should keep some valuations lofty, if they don't you get a halo effect. charles: i disagree with jonathan at this ., i think if fed goes back to their decision they pump the prime to pump it more, i think that street will be disappointed, at this ., i am seeing good news senses market up, bad news send its down, there has to be a . where market trades on good news. >> it is -- not ocean fashion, as long as fed continues to taper, thing market and investors, want the fed to continue to taper, i think they will only taper if the economy is sound and on good footing if that happens, if the economy is good they keep on tapering, overall that a good thing for stocks. charles: you are both
7:00 pm
fantastic, jonathan love you, you one of my 5 rit, i think, biassed will below upside, we'll watch fomc, thank you, thank you forevethank you for watching. lou: president obama seems to have settled into his rule by fiat, today mr. obama advanced his global warming agenda orders epa is create fuel regulations for big trucks. tonight, protests turning violence and deadly on streets of key aantigust demonstrator clashed with ukrainian police. the conflict between the ukrainian different and the demonstrators has reach a critical poin. it i point, is u.s. government negotiating with


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