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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 25, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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worker. neil: thank you both. that is it, we'll have more, those numbers tomorrow. lou: good evening, obama administration caught on tape, lying about obamacare again. he'll and human services secretary kathleen sebelius today denied that the white house had set a goals of 7 million enrollments by march, a project several obama administration officials triid to deny since december. here is secretary sebelius misstates and misrepresenting the record and the truth to the huffington post disb. >> first of all, that was a cbo congressional budget office predict when was bill was signed, not sure where they got their numbers, they are all over
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the board, and you know vice president looked and said, it may be closer to 5 to 6. neil: here is secretary sebelius in her own words, just last fall. one day before the failed launch of obamacare web site. secretary repeating same goal, of 7 million people that she first stated, in june of last year. >> i think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march. neil: smc administrator stated the same 7 million number in her statements, just two weeks before the secretary made her remarks last september. secretary sebelius and her senior staff all declares the same number, the same goal, repeatedly, yet the secretary still denies the number, and the goal. what is wrong 'this woman?
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why did the obama administration to decide to do a classic late friday document dump with the latest obamacare report, from tavenner's cms, a report requested by speaker john boehner, more than two years ago. the report said quote, we're estimating that 66% of small firms are to exper union increases in their premium rates. that is a headline number, a number that translates to another headline. 11 million workers, seeing an increase in their premium, leaving white house press secretary jay carney looking for excuses as has become his wont and his way. >> fact that net impact we believe will be positive and report itself states several times its results are incomplete and overstated. overstated.
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lou: a new number for you, cms releases latest enrollment numbers in obamacare with 5 weeks left for open enrollment about 4 million people signed up for healthcare through the affordable caring at. joining us now, dr. mark siegel, proces professor of medicine, let's start with 11 million employees who may see their premiums rise, your reaction? >> i think numbers are higher, because. it does not include all of excise taxes or increasing people up to age of 26 on your policies it looks at one thing, i want to point-out, they are getting rid of age differential, if you are older your premiums may be a little bit lower, but if you are younger, your premiums are skyrocketing, if you are health you, you pay for those who are sicker and older, that is an entitlement society,
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that is where we're headed. you don't think that young workers have enough on their backs without paying for someone who has been smoking their career, 50% increase for smoking is allowed in premiums, where i sit in the doctor's was on the, you get every disease imaginable, someone who is young, is paying for someone's lung cancer that is coming from smoking. lou: i find incredible, we're inverting a model, it was if yo@ are healthy and young you would pay a lower premium but not in the neverland of obamacare. the healthy you are the younger you are the more you are going to be paying for those who are older, who need greater care. what sense does that make? i understand the incentive for government to do it, but it makes no sense in the real world. >> the key phrase here, preexisting conditions, everyone
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loves that free lunch, we'll cover everyone, but they did not mention have you preexisting conditions, someone else is paying for it person who does not have the preexisting condition is paying for your preexisting condition. lou: a number that live in this, that is there is expression in affordable care act there will be no discrimination, none what so ever. yet, older folks have a three to one ratio in terms of their premiums, and rest will be borne by younger premium payers who are healthier, that looks like out right discrimination. >> it was -- it used to be older people paid more,. lou: i understand but still discrimination. >> it is. and but people that get most discriminated against are the healthy young workers. lou: right, and other part, 80,000 dollars a year, most
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small businesses on average will pay for health care insurance. >> that brings out other headline, they will dump workers we've been saying that all along, how are you going to afford the policies? we're talking about workers, what about employees, they will say more part-time workers it has already been moving in that direct. lou: and as weelook at what is occurring here, the 4 million number that was announced by tavenner, tonight. that number means nothing. we don'ttknow how many people are paying for it we don't know -- your reaction? >> i was going to quote sageobsi don't top steal this, you said before we came owhat value is there 4 million, i tell new doctor's office just because you sign up on the web site does not mean you are going to make it to doctor's office with a policy that works, that i'm going to get paid for, government said they give me a voucher, they are not going -- i'm not going to
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sea patients who come to office with policies that don't work. if you add a baby, you can't do that rights now, you deliver the baby you, you cannot add that baby on the policy under the obamacare. lou: stories that we are hearing, dodge saying if we -- administration saying if we can get 7 million, if we mitt numbers who will remember? this model, economic model for obamacare is up side down. and two trillion dollars over next decade, are at risk if not health sare industry itself. >> i'm interested in care, care is in jeopardy, if i can't take care of people with own ebb care, they are not getting -- with obamacare, they are not getting healthcare they that is going to happen, a lot of doctors are getting cut out of the narrow networks as well. lou: quickly, i want touch to the illness, bacteria in transarea, scary stuff, a pol
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polio-like virus, it is unoffered, it is not understood. it is early, with you more than 20 people have -- more than 20 peach. >> a littl 20 people. >> a viral group, there is an intral virus, it has been around for decade but it usually gives people a cold or a cough or a pro bronchitis, they can all cause paralysis, this has never done this before, we're seeing a cluster in california, i think that is the culprit,. lou: why would this virus be causing paralysis, and what are the chilling aspects of 20 that is clear one doctor been saying for first time the best case is one limb paralyzed if you
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contract this virus. >> that is scary, with polio, most people got better, out there, polio was so scary last case in 1979, a lot of times you done get sick, these cases, does not look like they get better, we could invent a steven king scenario maybe this is coming out of a biolab, i don't think ha is, i think it is mutation. lou: it is different. >> it is different, causing this to mutate into a dangerous virus, let's hope that does not spread, so far it has been contained to a small number of cases. lou: no indication that is highly contagious? >> no, the five cases are over a year, we have not seen a big outbreak. lou: terrifying stuff. to put it in blunly. blunbly thank you. >> attorney general holder, raising eyebrows from anyone who believes in the constution, in speech today to attorneys general from the country, holder told the folks from each state
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they could choose to refuse to defend certain laws if they deem them discriminatory, those relating to same-sex marriage. fox news correspondent shannon dream with our report. >> not his job, to tell us how to do ours. >> reporter: follow attorney general eric holder session that state attorneys general are not obligated to defend their state laws on marriage, many of them are speaking out. >> it almost beens attorneys general who want to sidestep the issues, and basically make policy decisions in what law they defend and what they don't. >> reporter: speaking with a gathers, holder waited back in. >> i move we mus -- believe he must be suspicious on legal classification based solely on sexual orientation.
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all are created equal, and entitled to equal opportunity. >> reporter: the top law enforcement tomorrow, calls issues key civil rights issues of 21st century, a comparison that does not sit well with some who live through civil right struggles of 50s and 60s. >> i detest them calls this a civil rights movement. this is not a civil rights movement this is a rifle wrong movement. >> -- civil wrong movement. >> accusing holder and president obama for betraying the black community for actively working against traditional family values. refusing to uphold the law. >> when you run for attorney general, you are asking to become lawyer for the state. you can't then turn around and argueeagainst our crew clines' interest. >> the white house is
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criticizing a newly passed measure in air hair would allow businesses to refuse -- in arizona that would allow businesses to refuse service customers if forced business owners to violate their own religious convicts. >> my suggestion yesterday it sounded like a pretty intolerant proposed law, i think reflected our views. >> reporter: law stems from cases like new mexico supreme court ruling, that a craig photography company had no right to refuse to photograph a same-sex ceremony, think ising it to thousands in finding telling company it was quote the cost of citizenship that new mexico case has been appealed to u.s. supreme court. and where the justices are now considering whether or not they will hear the dispute, we'll likely know, anyone within weeks. weeks. lou: shannon thank you, morrow attorney general comments and this administration, we'll take that up with fox newin legal analysts, we're coming right back stay with us.
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lou: on wall street, stocks edged lower, dow down 27, nazdaq down 2, s&p lost 5, crude oil down. yield on 10 year, drops t to 2.7%. tesla shares surging 14% after morgan stanly raised price
7:17 pm
target. citing automaker's plan battery plant, and macy's and home depot shares up after topping earnings targets. what's app adding free voice calls just days after being acquired by facebook. be sure to listen to my financial reports three times a da on say umradio network. bill clinton testing his clout ahead of midterms in 2016, hitting campaign trail in kentucky for mcconnell challenger allison lunder green grimes, joining us now. ed rollins. >> my pleasure. lou: bubba on the campaign trail in kentucky going after the minority leader mitch mcconnell. but history said, mcconnell does well when bubba comes to town. >> no one votes for an endorsement they vote for the candidate, mcconnell has been majority leader for a long time,
7:18 pm
minority leader for a long time, he has produced for kentucky he is a tough person. i can't tell you one person that he elected and he was very popular, it is just been 18 years since clinton been on a ballot, he could do if he could raise money but he is not going to make anyone vote for a candidate if they don't want to. lou: grimes was circumstance spec about president obama saying she di did not need a serogate coming down, she could speak for herself, another place with the president is an uncongress political force. >> the president cannot do much for his candidates this time. he has to be on ballot whether or not he wants to because obamacare will be on front and center, it may give senate to republicans. lou: jeb bush is not a fellow a thought with a man with a since of humor but he said he thinks that 2016 will be a little bit tough for anybody named bush or clinton. >> me may behal may -- he may
7:19 pm
behalf right, my sense, mrs. clinton if she chooses to run will be more mid in, if -- formidable. >> and afl-cio will spend about 300 million dollars for a biggest -- to go after g.o.p., and midterms in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and florida. that is a lot of money. >> it is a lot of money, my %-by chamber of commerce andwhat business group, money is prevalent in politics, what they have traditionaly. lou: is that rotten really? >> it can be coming absurd. the key thing that afl-cio said they always had people, a good volunteer program, that may make a difference in a midterm. in a presidential elect 60% turn out, in midterm 40% turn out.
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lou: i want to change the subject, ed is a expert on many things we draw on his expertise all the time but ed is also a 5 time golden glove champion, and tonight is also anniversary of sonny liston clay fight. >> 50 years ago is when i was fighting too, i looked a lot different, a phenomenal fight. clay, had a olympic champion, he was brash, he was hated. sonny liston of the most fierce om fighter of his era, he was mob controlled, it was everyone was -- lou: slow down, mob-controlled. >> totally. lou: most of boxing was those days. >> it was. >> he was more so than most, he learned to fight in missouri state prison, he came out, went
7:21 pm
on probation, beat up two cops, broke one cop's leg, went back in to probation. >> reporter: hh learned to fight well. >> they said that sonny's check was carved up about 2 50%, none went to him it went to various mobsters that owned him. him. lou: franky a hit man for the mob owned a majority of the contract. >> he was out. and this fight there was a lot of suspicions, ali are not as great a fighter at this . in time, but when liston lost, people said, that fix is in many still believe that. lou: all right, well, thank you ed. >> my pleasure. lou: great, always get your perspective on everything. >> thank you very much. lou: thank you. government reporting hat volunteerism has dropped to lowest level in a decade,25 percent of americans, spent time volunteering. that is nearly 63 million of
7:22 pm
us. we have news organizations running around decrying the decline in voluntary implement by the way. that is pretty good, isn't it? stand up america. up next. liberal "new york times" @%plauding president bush. and his policies on ukraine. and questioning president obama's. col an ralph peters our next guest.
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lou: the formation of unity government in ukraine has been delayed until thursday, country trying to put together 35 billion of financial aid to avoid default, dramatic images of riot police, falling to their knees asking for forgiveness for their colleagues who put and shot, beat, and shot and killed antigovernment protesters, former president yanukovich wanted for murder is still missing, ralph peters, good to have you here. let's start with first of all, the administration, "new york
7:26 pm
times", criticizing the administration saying, if w we have this full screen, i would like to put it up. george w. bush was inspired by orange revolution of 2004, weeks later vowed to promote democracy, president obama approached revolution of 2014 with a more clinical detac detachment aimed at avoiding instability. about has close "new york times" come to a condemn nation of this administration's policies. >> this is damning, difference is, straight forward. george w. bush believed in the democracy. obama is uncomfortable with it, it has been good to him, he is psychologically falls in a third world model of one man, one vote, one time. and right now you can tell he is frustrated that someone so brilliant, as he is has to put up with elections, he also i
7:27 pm
think, feels that he feels ukraine is within russia's smear of influence, which is tragic. i think he fears putin is avis rally level -- avis rall visceral level. and ukrainians having to struggle without at least moral support from u.s. government. lou: is it your judgment, five than e.u. is leading on ukraine, if they do bring aid forward, united states, quickly responds, is it possible that ukraine could stand up and be brought into the european union in rather than reattached to russia? is there a possibility a greater possible that's country will be divided in half? >> i think three possibilities, they are that possibilities. one is that ukraine within the borders somehow pulls a rabbit out of the hat and joins the ue,
7:28 pm
and other is that putin gah gobbles it up but unfortunately, i think in middle, that is putin stages a provocation or finds a reason to intervene militarily at least in eaatern ukraine. in south. where ethnic russian population, russian-speaking population is predominant. lou: susan rice warned russia not to do that, surely they would not do that despite her warning? >> yeah, i was struck. when she said that on sunday television show, that set off alarm bells, as a former intelligence officer, she was stirring a hornet'sest iesttest in that no -- nest that no one else is messing with, that tell us we've seen them to the border going to height know states of alert, putin is still deciding
7:29 pm
what he can do, what he can do, his best approach, ukraine is not out of the woods, putin is proud, he feels humiliated. he is furious, he wants to hurt ukraine. and he certainly wants to grab his much of it has he can for his reborn russian empire. lou: to the proposed cuts to pentagon budget. vice president chaney, -- dick cheney last night, saying, that president obama would rather spent money on food sfasms tha stamps than on military, how drastic are they there they are drastic, problem is that, there is no coherent military strategy behind them. you put the system, he is saving, -- hagel saving, one he is cutting, you put that together they -- the pieces don't fit, they are not good against china, they can't do
7:30 pm
counter insurgency, they are all over the place this budget is not a military budget, it say political budget. and what it does, punishes troops, to preserve profits for favored contractors, and. it is not about military readiness, there is one thing i will say, everyone is talking about robert gates book, duty, a few have read it, if you read it, you see, it obama has a deep suspicion of, alowingg of our military -- a loathing of our military. that is what comes across this is a left punishing military, misshaping it and by the way the cut to army are worse than taking us back to 1940, because today's modernntechnology. lou: republicans then, have a responsibility, if they permit a president because he is a liftest as a suspicion or a loathing of military, that is uncontion able to be motivating,
7:31 pm
colonel thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: first lady michelle obama's war on childhood obesity, a ban on junk food and soda ads in schools, her latest proposal to limit school lunch portion sizes failed because stupes complained about hunger -- studented complained about hunger pangs, we'll be right back stay with us. >> obama administration is big on enforcing just some lays. lis wiehl, and mercedes on the constitutional confusion of this administration. e in retirement? i don't want to think out the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry, but you worry. meawhat happens when w long theiryour paychecks stop?ast. because everyone has retirement questions.
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lou: there has spent more airborne radiation detected in southeastern new mexico the same plant near carlsbad that was shut down after a
7:35 pm
weekend a half ago. it turns out there is a problem there and sustain these levels remain well below the level of environmental hazard. there now estimating the radiation from japan fukushima's nuclear disaster three years ago could now reach the west coast of this april and scientists are being very careful what they say about the radioactivity moving across the pacific. attorney general eric holder a are declariig the state attorneys general are not obligated to uphold those laws. great to have you both here. lis wiehl is peculiar for it attorney-general to say. >> when they tell the states what to do is off.
7:36 pm
second let law-enforcement and u.s. attorney's, but they are poised it elected is to defend the constitution in. it is difficult to for a federal entity to tell a state entity which part to defend. lou: that is a process this administration has selected choosing what to enforce a and now try to spread the gospel to the states spacek high-speed becky says if you have an objection you cannot upfolded because of that was the case said blacks would have equal rights he would have segregation and women could not vote so there are so many laws objectionable meant the state officials said they cannot abide by these they have to be
7:37 pm
challenged. >> but that is for the courts to decide. you bring that up to the court how did they decide? because their right to briefs and argue. lou: what am i missing? due to the separation of powers with the balance of power one attorney-general says to the state's attorney's general this is how i feel. what attitude is that? >> there is a lot of truth. there is the self pre-emption argument you cannot dictate to the state. that is why there is so much objection to what eric holder is saying. but if you have discriminatory bias but the law is written that way.
7:38 pm
>> that happens in the courts that will overturn some of these laws. i don't disagree that we move forward but it is not the attorney general space to make that decision. lou: we have seen six states all democrats refusing to defend a ban on it same-sex marriage. >> it is the equal protection and argument. people look at a separate part of the argument because all citizens are created equal under the constitution. you cannot target a group to say because you have sexual orientation in you don't have the same rights. >> understood. i completely agree with your sentiment but it is a process for the courts to decide.
7:39 pm
it is bias in the legal the buffon and change the law. lou: then what is the responsibility of the attorneys general? >> to put force of law. >> then where does the old bantam? -- momentum come? >> momentum has to be started. they don't have the right to object but they can start the ball bentham for the dialogue. >> that has already started but from the process point of view i am not sure the attorney general should push this. lou: it is curious to me i cannot understand what this administration thinks. part of me thinks it is
7:40 pm
entitled what laws to enforce like the take claus but we will spare that. the supreme court will take up the epa. this is did industry shed that has exercised executive action and orders like president clinton and others. he is the first president to say the way i you doing it is to go around congress in direct contradiction of the constitution and how can the supreme court stomachs that? >> ultimately they will say there is a checks and balances judiciary and executive and legislative branch. you cannot allow the executive to say i will circumvent to do what i
7:41 pm
want. lou: that is what he is doing. >> ultimately. that is what will happen and but ultimately it will take a lot of time. lou: even for the expedited process? [laughter] civic that doesn't happen with the judiciary. great to see you. lou: former goldman sachs trader has a new job he will be teaching in daughters economic class at the university of chicago. congratulations. a controversial but blockbuster new film son of god already sold half a million tickets and has not been released yet. next.
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lou: ♪ ♪ >> don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. lou: a clip from the upcoming movie "son of god" hitting theaters this friday after last year's usually successful miniseries the bible also produced by our guest. "son of god" producers who also plays mary in the movie. good to have you. congratulations and amazing
7:46 pm
production. >> thank you. it has been a labor of love. lou: now "son of god" the idea of moving from a miniseries on television to the theater what inspired you? the huge success? >> we were in morocco filming we would watch the dailies as said jerry -- jesus meredith began to unfold and a stand-alone cinematic experience so then we shot additional footage in began editing the film version and that was "son of god". lou: is it nationwide release? >> yes. 3,100 screens. considering last october way
7:47 pm
did not know if we would get it distributed at all. three new communities the twentieth century fox said we want to put it out. lou: 3100 is wide. i have numbers but i want to hear the numbers. how many have already been sold? >> story said 500,000 in advance by church groups and some of the every screen goes 7:00 on a thursday night. "son of god." "son of god". "son of god." every screen. lou: that would assure you that it is a smash hit. what does it take to call it a smash hit? >> the fact jesus is back on
7:48 pm
the big screen is a success. we have not seen him for tenures or his whole life for 50 years. we know there is a whole generation waiting to see this brought to life. beautifully made and exciting and dramatic and epic and personal. lou: we don't think of that context because what is next? but 10 years? everybody talks about a secular or he the or pagan society but the interest of jesus, the bible, is absolutely stunning as a tone of the times. >> i think by the media to
7:49 pm
be honest as if it speaks for the nation use of with the bible series 100 million people and the bible series a beat hockey in canada. [laughter] >> that is a miracle. [laughter] lou: this a movie starting with of miniseries there is a lot of controversy. that that is odd there was zero lots of pushed back in the popular media. kohen is as if you're blockbuster success it was brilliant all along. >> but it generated a muchh3 larger conversation around the water cooler and kitsch's table. people are talking about phasing and god and faith
7:50 pm
and we hope after friday be talk about jesus. lou: thank you. all the success in the world it has to feel good as producers to have the advance box office? it is unusual. >> to do it together also has husband and wife. lou: menu both look like you still need it to. [laughter] lou: a few words to say about the issues of the republican party if they don't pay attention and your comments. we will be right back.
7:51 pm
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lou: arizona governor jim drew were contemplating whether to veto the anti-gay bill sent to dusk on monday. faced with the decision and to veto legislation that as denial of service to gays and lesbians or do nothing at all for the bill to become law. the governor is a republican and conservative but it is not clear how she will decide. her conscience and our constitution will guide her to the right course. deserved additional is embraced the constitution on every instance of every public policy issue but leaves the highest respect for individual freedom and the rights of all citizens to equal treatment under our laws.
7:55 pm
i address this issue in my book "upheaval" i hope conservatives and republicans alike and democrats can unite behind a consistent and unyielding commitment to our constitution one dash constitution that would diminish in anyway our protection to people rights for all. i am asking all republicans and independents to think about what matters most to us. in my opinion nearly every wed issue is best left to the conscience of the individual and the community standard is always high as when we recognize and preserve the individual rights of all citizens. sometimes the most contentious controversial policy decisions that we are called upon to make are the easiest of all as they simply follow their conscience and constitution.
7:56 pm
governor approver said she will do the right thing and in that case let me say good for you and thank you. we will look at some of your thoughts. and cowers. i added that part. keep your comments coming. e-mail me at follow us on twitter go to the facebook page and everyone
7:57 pm
gets a free copy of my book "upheaval" to the writers of the comments that we've read on the air. that is it tonight. the will see you tomorrow night. good night from new york. in t new new york, we oy know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax ee zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here...
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lou:. >> to a fourth thoht to those who weigh in have a clue? welcome to everybody i am neil cavuto sd the shall address themselves? marketing everything we eat because we don't know what we each. what is 80 me they are not changi labels but not very big to provide the labels that they screwed up. now docrs say not so fast.


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