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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 28, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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through your screeners. okay. keep emails and tweets coming. thank you very, very much. for watching again, what is the name of the segment, guys? >> what's the deal, neil? >> good evening, everybody, breaking news tonight. president obama finally addressing unrest in ukraine appears to be a russian invasion of the crimea peninsula. as many as 21 mission -- and military aircraft carrying 2,000 soldiers across the ukrainian border entering a the crimean peninsula. waiting for the russians to stay out president obama finally breaking his silence
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spending less than three minutes briefing the white house press corps. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and integrity would be deeply destabilizing which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia, or europe or represent matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russians' commitment to accept the independence and sovereignty of the borders of the ukraine and international law. just before the world came to russia for the live bait games to invite the nations around the world but united states will stand with the international community there will be cost for military intervention. lou: officials confirmed they see evidence of air and maritime movement into crimea by forces.
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after they insisted the 150,000 russian troops on the ukrainian border are participating in training exercisers' that were scheduled for weeks. the ambassador to united nations said "the people who found themselves in power in the ukraine were pushing the agenda against the will of the people intimidation. cleaning though west that led to the russian military movement. >> i can say that interference has not been held true and the sudden responsibility for not following through with the agreement they the souls of fix their signatures on february 21st. lou: joining us is k.t.
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mcfarland and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton. the russian ambassador to the united nations did not sound like a man giving guidance to the world that vladimir putin and when it comes to the ukraine. >> putin has a strategy and knows what russia's interests are in the ukraine and they are substantial from his point of view. he holds the cards economically, militarily. he will use them. when the president of united states is a matter for the ukrainians to workout he will not treat this as the cold war chess board and talk about violations of international law having consequences.
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so vladimir putin takes out the pen makes the checkmark no problem with america. and continues. lou: heavily armed men in camouflage with the nationality insignia the major-general says talking about security contractors is something wrong but actually they are russian special forces, special operations using see a case 74 this is the weapon choice. >> leading from behind is one consequence putin has decided what he won sandy will take it and nobody will
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do anything about it. lou: is anybody paying attention? although he spoke less than three minutes and could not get off the podium soon enough. he said they had talked several days ago. it is obvious our intelligence agencies och -- have been watching in kiev and crimean peninsula and the entire ukraine. there is not nothing happening he did not know about that has the audacity to talk again the high percept -- hypothetical that no one has crossed the line no other nation has entered the sovereignty of the ukraine. it is bizarre. >> even two hours before the pentagon said of the record we don't think the russians will use military force.
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is not in their best interest. don't worry about a thing when in fact, putin had taken the measure with a successful olympics in those the ukraine is a bankrupt basket case and europe will not bail them out and united states will not, the imf will not unless there are major reforms with anti-corruption measures and austerity for the people. putin is in charge. if anybody doesn't like it they will turn off the gas to the ukraine they will be left in the dark and shivering and he is perfectly happy to do that. lou: forgive me to be cynical but this looks like a baked deal all the major decisions were made some time ago between the united states and russia because it could be calamitous for all
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involved if it worked. >> i think putin still thinks he can have domination to have a free and fair election that is only incidental in the past but before russian political parties is the party but he thinks that the president gave the game of way. that violations of ukraine territory or sovereignty would be stabilizing for ukraine and russia. no mention of the united states that is an important statement we have no skin in the game and i am sure vladimir putin was delighted to hear that. lou: does this look like a prearranged deal a packaged
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deal? >> i don't think it would've vances' this would happen i think putin was waiting for the olympics to finish now he has another success he will do this because there are no consequences who will respond? the only country willing to bail out is russia the only country that determines the energy surplus so i think russia does have a decision making power. georgia would have been easy. i think he waits to play for the whole game because by made the ukrainians will be bankrupt or will be broke can you imagine saying vote for me? i want to raise your taxes and force the anti-corruption austerity budget. the russians know they fall
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in their lap. >> the signals that are sent to russia russian defense ministers saying russia is now planning the permanent military presence outside russia's borders including vietnam, cuba, venezuela, ni caragua singapore and other countries and back in november secretary kerry said the monroe doctrine is dead. did he just waved the flag for russian expansionism? >> that is one of many that the administration has been waving. as clap to america the monroe doctrine is not popular and tell it is needed then they want to know where the united states is of central and south
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america are very worried about russian participation adventurism and a return of russian military shows that putin thinks he is achieving his objective to reestablish hegemony and he goes for world power status again. no doubt. lou: i don't know what status about obama of the secretary kerry suggested the united states was rejecting the monroe doctrine because it would concern our neighbors to the south. which is the exact opposite but which is to protect the hemisphere spinet the whole point is so unnecessary. putin plays a long -- losing and long term because there energy reserves are depleting in western siberia
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, he needs western technology to develop eastern siberia. if united states had a policy of energy independence then they would be on their knees the price of oil would go down the already is. nobody buys russian computers or cars just russian energy if we have it and they don't. then why? >> the russian militarily is far from that and they are marching in their boots. >> in the long run they will lose. lou: in the long run. >> is a long time. [laughter] >> russia has enormous natural resources beyond oil and gas and would be happy to sell to the highest bidder. i am very worried about his modernization of the nuclear ballistic missiles and i
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think he is demonstrating russia is a world power but the winter olympics were all about and for a great success. lou: thank you. after addressing the crisis in the ukraine obama move to talk midterm election strategy with the dnc. democrats widely considered underdogs going into the mid term is because of obamacare but that did not stop him from downplaying the disastrous rolled out of the affordable care act. >> there have been disruptions. we lost that first month out of the gate. we worked hard to fix problems without cooperation from them. they complain when we fix it [laughter] have you noticed that? they complain. then we take steps to fix it. you are a tyrant and
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overreaching. [laughter] lou: very good to the timing and comedy put and the reality of obamacare with the president trying to blame 18 of his unilateral decree is executive orders of obamacare on the republicans. we will have more on that later with the "a team". more than 100 million people in the midst of the major winter storm to bring heavy snow to the central plains with the worst hits between one and 2 feet of snow. the storm system today brought much-needed heavy rain and snow to california. it begins to unfold across the plains tomorrow then into the ohio valley than the northeast into monday.
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that is our forecast. we will stick with it. stick with us. >> that you could not wait for the clinton papers are here. and the president tells us embrace obamacare. will he indemnify those losses? next. me was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiti the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. andecause usaa'commitment to serve curre and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa.
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what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together the fastest internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. lou: stocks are mixed on wall street a wild day the dow up 49 points posting a new record high in the markets posting strong monthly gains.
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february is a good month. with a full percent the nasdaq up 5% and then said the link below when digit $3 a barrel, a gold falls $10 and the yield on the ten year with the basis points as they stay in that range. a slower rate than initially estimated from the commerce department and three times a day on the stadium -- say lump radio network the national archives released in the first wave of documents that could have a damaging effect of the presidential run by hillary clinton. pages of documents and the clinton white house relating
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to a vice from the former first lady. james rosen has the report. >> under mounting pressure the presidential library release the first batch of 33,000 pages withheld from public access launder them the law allows they appeared not to have any smoking guns but did offer papers from the '90s and lessons for today as well. >> win hillary clinton unsuccessfully tackle health care reform she privately told house republicans that most people in america don't understand their own health insurance. another exchange on the eve of the 1994 state of union urged the administration not promise people they could keep their doctor or health care plan'' matt can we get away with it? is a the whole plan to steer
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to age of all providers? i am worried about over promising on we know full well we will not deliver. as she planned to travel to a women's conference. >> human-rights in women's rights are human rights. once and for all. >> her chief of staff was told mrs. clinton should do more interviews with regional media to get around the national media to counter the tone. with the democratic meeting with patrick moynihan and he did go on to win but the pfizer said don't be defensive the president obviously is watching to see if they can make you uncomfortable. look for opportunities for humor. it is important people see the funny side and only see
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you as stern. >> the number of people who privately again reminded to be real. >> allies were quick to note nothing earth shattering was contained but that asks why were they suppressing for so long? >> just to avoid document released that may be unpleasant. >> with 4,000 pages released today with editions popping up as the day went on. the remaining 25,000 pages will take about two weeks to come on line. lou: something to look forward to. moving the northern california high school acted reasonably when it asked its one dash jack stephens to remove the american flag shirts on sync tamayo to
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avoid racial tensions. the incident that sparked a lawsuit was violated. the attorney says he will appeal the decision all the way to the supreme court. a nasty brawl breaking out last night. seconds after the buzzer sounded a guard and hurled the ball they stormed the court have first a look like tabor's celebrating but it turned out to be something more. of unrest in the ukraine. dominating the headlines the explosive conclusion to this video of the aside opposition after the break. the "a team" takes that up and much more. next.
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hezbollah airing stunning footage what it said is a deadly assault by the syrian government by the syrian capitol damascus.
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this video shows 175 fighters killed in a bombing run ambush. joining us now the 18th pull der prize winning journalist. another pull der prize winner. michael. both "fox news" contributor. >> i'm just a -- [inaudible] you've been there are you optimistic about the president and his fellow democrats seeking office in november? >>, look i'm not going to kid you, lou. [inaudible] i'll tell you something we are focused and truly energized. i think these are helpful. when you look at the finish that define our country. every poll shows the country
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standing with us. that's a very big inducement for energy going to the midterm election. lou: we watched the president stand before the american people for less than three minutes for the crimea. he looked like a scalded cat. >> right. [laughter] he also acknowledged he talked with putin several days ago. we know our intelligence services are tilling the president precisely what is happening. and he and his spokesman whether it be susan rice, john kerry, whether it be john carr any. imagine that. the press secretary hold acting as if it is hypothetical. some kind of future tense. it's nonsense. it's been going on. he's had full knowledge after nine days of silence. that he would keep the american people and the press corps.
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informed. just as had had for the past nine days. what the heck could he look for impotent. >> i don't think he has many options, lou map is he supposed to do now? the russian forces are on the waa and some in the area. we don't have 150,000 troops on the border. he does. lou: thank god we don't. [laughter] michael, help us out. the president seems to be completely unaware there's a reality in which putin lives and this sort of a vapor which with president obama is decidely and daily accommodated -- accommodating and comfortable. >> well,, lou, i would suggest we start thinking right now the next piece of the putin puzzle. don't forget it's not the first. there is meddling in syrian. we basically let him take charge of that situation. so still we have the slaughter going on and the chemical
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weapons haven't been removed. we have made no progress with iran in large part because of russia had been security council. and now we have this. so you see the, to me, the trend is that putin is playing cold war chess and obama is playing -- learning how to play checkers. and this one maybe we couldn't have stopped. we couldn't stop it largely because we have rolled over before. >> and the issue is -- >> let's move past the sound byte for a moment and understand the reality. of course we had the influence and a role to play. certainly working with the european allies and the ukraine. and the economic measures against russia. no one is buying their products. they need trade, assistance, on top of which. the very fact we could boycott the g8 summit is a powerful stick to use there as well. there are a number of measures we can take. >> are you democrats committed to isolationism.
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are you drawing to a can coon because you can't play in the real world and the president has no idea what a foreign policy would even look like? >> quite the contrary. the fact that we now sanctions were so effectively in iran that we now have iran negotiating. [laughter] , you know, can be dismissive [inaudible] on the way to make deals. >> all right. lou: okay. [inaudible conversations] >> judy? >> with respect to jew crane before we take apart obama on every other part of the world. i think we have to think seriously about pushing the europeans to get their act together and together offering a substantial aid package that will now save what is left of the ukraine. >> are you going print the labels in ukraine or russian? [laughter] >> [inaudible conversations] >> english. hopefully everyone understands them. >> exactly the point.
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i think putin would be happy to dismember ukraine. he doesn't want to lead the whole thing. two-thirds would be enough. same with georgia. [inaudible conversations] >> we have no -- lou: listen to us. we are sitting here talking about the ukraine. and this president talking about well, you know, you know, we're watching you, he said. he or he his spokesman. there will be grave consequences. you are making grave mistakes. judy is talking about we should be boosting our european allies. none of this relates to an active role by the united states government in foreign affairs. and if that is what we have dissented to, this president has been unimaginably harmful and successful in creating a faster in foreign policy for the united states. excuse me, robert. it could be decades in the repair. now go. >> the idea of building
7:32 pm
coalition to heave solutions is not a sign a weakness. one of the past failure under the bush administration it was a go-alone. lou: i can't even listen to this nonsense. [inaudible conversations] >> let me tell you something. you have been in power five years. grow up, put on the big boy pants, take responsibility. lou: judy, you get the last word. >> there are things we can do even though our president came to the impending crisis late. what he hasn't done is drawn a red line he's forced to walk away from. we should be grateful for small things. >> no more red lines. [laughter] lou: jay said they cannot cross a line. he didn't color it. he didn't draw it. but it was certainly in the imagination of this administration present. and, by the way, they had already crossed the line 24-hour previous and they knew. it. >> he didn't say it. the president didn't say it.
7:33 pm
lou: for that it should be grateful. >> it's a pink line. >> john kerry said the russian formed him they wouldn't violate it. the next day they show up in 2,000 vehicles. they know we're not serious. to the contrary. lou: robert. we understand where your heart lies. we understand -- >> it's not my heart. lou: we understand that and appreciate it. surely the administration does. >> you may want to go to the neo strategy of putting troops in the ground. >> you have raised george w. bush now referring to those who have been discredited for eight years. come on. what are you talking about? >> what i'm talking about is building coalitions which we need to -- lou: how about this? how about an administration that has the intelligence, creativity, and talent and sense
7:34 pm
of duty to create a foreign policy of its own and to execute said policy. just a thought for you to consider. robert, it's great to see you, my friend. have a great weekend. >> judy miller, thank you very much. i wish we could hear more from robert. one day after the vice president and the president had a frost i are at best relationship during the 2012 campaign. you would have never known it. the white house put out the video of the pair acting like best buddies. obama and biden working up a sweat. they are in the ties trying to bring attention to the first lady's let's move campaign. now there's an idea. democrats, at 1600 pennsylvania and over in capitol hill to take to heart. we're coming right back.
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you know, i haven't had the talk about mexico or some of the policy and the president's for some time. it's been a delightful respite. but tonight mexican president declared he's indignant about u.s. deportation of mexican illegal immigrants. the mexico president was outright insulting in the remarks. he went on to say this about immigration reform in our congress, quote, there's a lack of conscience something we shouldn't only alert and worry mexicans, it should also worry the american government and they
7:39 pm
should take up the issue. that is quite a statement. the leader of a nation that has been exporting its poor and uneducated they have abandoned and pushed away those who have fled to the united states for decade now because mexico and latin american countries fail to educate them, economic opportunity, and opportunities citizens have sought in in country. his hypocrisy is unworthy. his own country treats illegal immigrants harshly. ten years for a second offense. by the way, more than half of america's illegal immigrant population are mexican citizens. the president, where is your
7:40 pm
conscious? why doesn't your government's abandonment of your own citizens by the millions who live in this country. why doesn't your shabby treatment of them worry you, as you put it. it should be unacceptable to any american. to my american. and he should apologize. not only to america but to the millions of his own people who fled mexico for better lives in this country and have found. up next, another record day on wall street as the month of february makes up for a -- something of a lackluster, even scary beginning for the year. where do the markets go from here? our next guest will tell us. and our hollywood insider about a few thoughts and the 86th
7:41 pm
academy awards ceremony. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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economic growth low nerd the fourth quarter the s&p continued the climb to the all-time high. gregory miller chief economist for sun trust bank. it's great to have you with us. the markets, talking about behavior well. you are talking about 3 to 4% growth in the month of february. a short month. it feels pretty good. >> pretty good. >> is it going to last? >> the data has been in a rut for a few weeks now, but confidence continues to grind higher. markets aren't buying in to this continued der or it your
7:45 pm
ration. the markets buying to the bad weather. it's not bad weather.. lou: big thest obstacles? >> there are two big ones. one has been with us for awhile. that's the public sector. the other is consumer spending. it has been on my radar screen for this whole recovery period. it's not growly nearly like it ought to be. it's not growly primarily because the resource base for our consumer sector has been undermined. >> you talk about resource base. you talk about having a personal disposable incomes to buy a car and house. at the same time, i keep hearing people imploring the consumer to come back to the market. i sayywhy ask the consumer something to do of our corporation.
7:46 pm
and that is they cleaned up the balance sheet. they are stripping debt. they are getting lean and mean and why shouldn't the consume ensure. >> the consumer has done a lot of same thing. consumers have cleaned up [inaudible conversations] we want you to rock and roll like the 'out. >> what they haven't been able to do is repair the wealth holdings sufficiently to get through a mortgage review, for example. and that brings up banks and banks not lending. why -- what is the point here if we can't have liquidity in the system. we have trillions of dollars. they are being held by some commercial banks. not sun trust, i'm sure. and they're enjoying a nice gap between the cost of funds and what they can make in security. i mean, this is -- >> there's a not all of it, lou. >> eventually they have to shift
7:47 pm
gears. and they have to start moving higher. what is going to spark that? >> one of the things that can spark it historically is consistent with starting that move back higher is to get the federal funds in gear and start providing the lickety from the short end of the yield curve. are banks going to grow up and say we have to take risks and get out there. are we going see banks return to a traditional intermediary role and, you know, quit living off an expansive federal reserve. i don't want to sound like making excuses. the truth is, bank, the entire industry. anybody involved in moving money from one place to another is confronting a new regulatory environment, and we have our banks against the wall
7:48 pm
confronting audit as well as our stockholders. >> right. lou: by the end of the year, what kind of economy here? how much growth? we saw the fourth quarter revise again. what do you think it will be this year? >> i think by the end of the year we're going to be a solid 3%. that kind of assumes that all the pieces fall in to place. lou: yeah. there's that caveat. we appreciate it. greg miller, sun trust. we're delighted to see you. >> my pleasure. up next lou dobbs to be the. we're going hollywood. stay with us.
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a record-breaking year at the box office films bringing in all-time high 10.9 billion last
7:52 pm
year, and now they're looking to take home hollywood's top honor sunday. here to break down the top oscar contenders and likely winners is host of the television show -- great to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> let's start with "gravity." i find the movie a fascinating idea. the great stars. does it win best picture? >> it certainly is considered one of the runner of-up for best picture. out in interesting thing about best picture. critics are saying "12 years a "12 years a slave"." no one cares about anything else, do they? >> the interesting thing is al phone do -- director is expected to take the honor of best director. in 85 years there have been 85
7:53 pm
best pictures. only 62 of them have also won for best director. lou: only -- >> not only. but 62 have won best director. usually that go hand and hand. ben affect one for "argo" but best picture. >> who is going to win? >> for best picture? "12 years a slave," it looks like. >> you're going with the conventional. >> i don't know that's my personal pick. i think it's going to be the winner. lou: let's look at the best actors. christian bale, bruce stern, who go you see is the best actor? >> matthew mcconaughey he dropped 40 pounds for the role and looked totally different. the audience lot ofs transformation. >> it's going to be a -- >> weight loss winner. [laughter] >> you say the best actress race is very close.
7:54 pm
it's a terrific actresses there including meryl streep nominee and winner who takes -- >> kate ppan chet is the predicted winner for "blue jasmine." however, there are some whispers that amy adams for "american hustle" could be the underdog that wins. @% how important are these for >> extremely important. after you hear the movie wins an oscar are you more inclined to rent it or see it? most people are. i'm impressed with the oscar. no question about that. it is demonstrated the box office significantly. >> absolutely. everybody wants to go out and, you know, take a day to just marathon all of the best picture nominees. because, you know, the academy deems they are the best movies you must see. you cannot miss. lou: and almost an $11 billion box office last year.
7:55 pm
what does this year look like? is that going to continue? because one of the great complaints i hear is, you know, movie business isn't what it was. it isn't as excited. it isn't as great. what do you think? >> well, it certainly has changed dramatically. but yes, i believe that we're going keep seeing an upswing in the box office numbers. people love going to the movies. even though there are silly movies being made. a lot of fabulous movies are being made at the same time. >> all right. we appreciate you being with us. and i -- such an impressive performance. academy award winning. >> academy award winning name pronunciation. >> thank you. great to have you with us. time for a few of your comments. carol in kansas wrote met about the obama administration's bully tactics. she said the country's addressing bullying of our children and schools. maybe we should take a look at
7:56 pm
adult bullying. has anyone thought about how the administration is using bully tactics to try to control those who disagree with them? the irs, the epa, obamacare, and leaders, in quotation marks, like reid and pelosi, are used to put down the opposition. michael tweeted about the president's advise to democrats for 2014 midterms. easy for the president to tell dems not to apologize about obamacare. obama's not running for re-election. >> and gilbert in louisiana remailed to say great reporting, lou. been listening to your program since 1978. you're doing great for a young guy just getting started in the business. thanks, so much. it feels exactly like that. we love to hear from you. e-mail us. follow us on twitter. go to our facebook page. links to everything at lou you'll receive a free copy of
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to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is with
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thank ou for being here. really a of created a big it's not what got my attention. at it w what really a of said affiliate that.t. but why we keep choosing they we same kind of guys forhe same president. think about it. senators, governors, politicians to the exclusion of other. othr. why not venture outside that kind of political petri dish. outside the capitol to look at folks who are prettyow, good i don't know with cap to


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