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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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week. see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, it has been 8 days since the russian flag was raised above the parliament building in crimea, tepid u.s. sanctions followed days of heated rhetoric and threat by the obama administration. result to date are clear. vladimir putin has achieved hid goals, in his up curing of crimea, the crimean parliament voting toeing to suss ead from ukraine. a vote that is right now will take place on march 16.
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the obama white house today announcing dispatch of 6 additional fighter jetting to nato baltic region boarder patrol, president signing a executive order imposing visa restricts and economic sanctions on these russian official who are deemed to threaten the sovereignty of ukraine, and mr. obama ordered a guided missile destroyer to head to the black sea. the president insisting his orders will cost russia. and he pushed putin, in a phone call this afternoon, to resolve the situation, dip natically. -- diplomatically. >> we're beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders, i have spoken to several of our
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closest friends in the world, and please our international unity is on display. we have moved together to announce assistance for the government in kiev. and today in brussels oural highs took similar steps to impose costs on russia. lou: russia for its part unfazed. as you see there. russia naval forces, trying to sink one of their own become mixed ships to -- decommisioned ships. former secretary of state henry kissinger giving some council to world leaders about examine outcomes not competing in posturing in midst of the crisis. he wrote in washington post that both sides must agree that ukraine should have the right to choose freely, its economic and politicals so yeah, isss sos soization -- association, and
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ukraine should not join nato, it is income pat abwith rules of existing world order for russia to an ex crimeiasm former secretary of state said that russia needs to recognize ukraine sovereignty over crimea, and -- in elections held in the present of international observers. joining us now. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. william taylor, vice president for middle east and africa at u.s. institute of peace, good to have you with us ambassador, and lieutenant colonel oliver north. ambassador we start with issue that president raised on constitutionality of the referendum vote, why is there so much focus on this language, and the debate, it is up to, it seems to me, president putin who
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he does, and the motivations are going to be his own. what is the points of this language? >> there is no points to this referendum. this referendum is a joke. no one should pay attention to it it will not be free or fair. there will be no observers to see if it is free or fair. the representative from the u.n. was roughed up and set out of crimea. so, inspectors or monitors, trying to watch this referendum will not be there. lou: and colonel north, what should we do here? a lot of bluster. a lot of rhetoric. there are some if you will, couch side analysts suggests that the united states as we have done today, should dispatch
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forces this at least under president's order, a guided missile destroyer into the land locked sea black sea. this is -- well your thoughts? >> we have done that before. we did that freedom of navigation back in reagan administration replacing what jimmy carter did which was to abate abolish america's fleets, what you see today, the military posturing, promises of military exercises in poland, dispatch of f-15s and if/16 t/1616 -- f-1616, when mr. obama talked about unity of so-called international community. there is none. as you component out. merkel is not going to
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participate. that is number one economy in europe. the sanctions are not going to affect anything that putin has decided to do, he has achieved his first object testify this is secure -- objective, that secure only warm water port they have, the blackwater sea. international law forbids that. as is a block aid, those are both by nato and united nations illegal acts and acts of war. now, your response will be about the game that neville chamber land got in munich in 19 threat, when hitler annexed czechoslovakia. putin will have gotten what he wants but does he want the rest ofest on each ukraine, if he does -- of eastern ukraine, if he doesn't it, who is will stop
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him. lou: serving as ambassador to ukraine. you know the ukrainians, you understand politics and culture and heritage. is that connection with russia such so strong so historic that some in administration would be perhaps better served to kind of study that relationship and understand that there will not be an all likelihood a black and white immediate disposition here? there won't be a black and quite immediate disposition, you are right, this is a complicate the country, it is interesting country that is strongly pro-europe. in the west. as you go further east the gradiningations became clear in terms of politics, it clear that
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ukrainian people want to be soften, make their open decisions -- be sovereign, make their own decisions, my bet is they will choose europeans we should give them that opportunity. lou: as hepr henry kiss en jere, let them make their own dig decisions, it is to use not too light a word. a tussle between the european union and russia and one knows the motivation had boykin stances but neither recent rerespects the right of the ukrainian people whether they live in east were ukraine, crimea or western. >> i think you are correct. one reason why andre why merkel does not' sanctions because 7 of 11 major -- russian pipelines go
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through ukraine, by turning some valves, vladimir putin can shut off the lights in places like berlin and amsterdam and they know it, that is why the e.u. unity not there. lou: to that points, russia it its export to europe are critical to its economy well boeing. -- well being. >> they are benefiting right new from the spike in oil prices. the problem with russia today and putin knows it russia is a tying country, they export weapons issue oil, gas, and people, nobody produces in russia, vladimir putin knows that, he put up an
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icbm yesterday to remind us. and instead of sending a few f-16 we should be looking at our different budget, and say we're going to build ballistic missile defense and putin st put put. >> you get the last word. >> i think we have to make it clear to mr. putin, i think colonel north is right, he is making the decisions, he will pay a severe price in particular to his economy, i would think we would like to go beyond individual saptionstions sanction -- sanctions issue we should go broader contract their ability to use our banks. that is what we did in iran, and
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south africa that is what we should be doing here. lou: thank you very much gentleman. >> on wall street stocks finished mixed dow up 62, s&p gained 3. closing at all-time high, nazdaq down 6.s on the day -- 6 point on the day, crude oil up. yele on 10 year, moving up 4 bases points. weekly jobless claims dropping to 323,000, lowest level since november, staple shares plummeting today, an earnings miss, and they are closing 225 of its stores, and shares of sang about mo biosciences search surging 17%, promising signs for an age cure second child treated
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with hiv drugs just hours after birth, showing no signs of the virus 9 months after treatment. >> hillary clinton still has not lived down the infamous reset debacle with russia, relations between the two states no better, best selling author of the amateur, ed klein will join us, and oppenheimer chief economist jerry webman is joining u
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lou: former irs official lois lerner pleaded the fifth yesterday at house oversight hearing, her earn now reveals she gave full responsive answers to the justice department.
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oversight commity is weighing whether to seek to hold lerner in contempt of congress as a result. the obama administration so-called reset with russia is in shambles, 5 years to the day after then secretary of state hillary clinton presented russian foreign minister with a reset button. >> we want to reset our relationship. we'll do it together. okay. we worked hard to get the right russian word. >> you got it wrong. >> it should be -- this says -- means over -- lou: i like the way she said aha. here is assess impact on hillary clinton, author of "new york times" bestseller "the amateur"
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ed klein. that u.s., state department did not have anyone fluent in russian to have at least gotten it right with the foreign minister. >> huge embarrassment but beyond that. like everything in the obama foreign policy, this attempt at reset, at had the opposite effect, rather than winning over putin. we showed over eagerness, begging him be nice to us, he saw this as weakness, and he has been spitting in our i ever since. lou: through eyes of former secretary of state, she said, claims by putin and other russians they had to go into crimea, maybe further into eastern ukraine, to protect russian minorities is reminisce since of claims made in 1930s
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like hitler and the nazi. >> you know hillary is not really a master politician. she reads very well from prepared script. she is not very good. she does not have what i call an original mind, when she gets upset, or discome bob lated shy goes you of message, like what difference does it make about benghazi, and this business about hitler is ridiculous. lou: a new folk poll shows 50% of voter say that clinton would be a good president, french first disagree, she wins in a heads up poll against our chris christie. >> yes. and not only chris christie but jeb bush, anyone else you want to name. 10 or 30 points ahead of all of them.
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lou: for not being a master politician, she is tying all right. >> she has no opposition, and she has bill clinton organizing this behind the scenes campaign. he has been working on now for over a year. lou: the obama administration rank amateurs as you styled th them. this administration does not seem to find its way to true north on almost any issue. >> true, i was thinking when hillary was secretary of state, policy of the made in the white house. not in the state department. when she went on trip, john bren en, went with her, if they went for to saudi arabia it was bankruptcyian who was -- brenna who was treated at important
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person, the foreign policy of the centered in obama white house, they were right, brennan of the more important person. >> most purpose person in all this is president obama. >> yes. lou: he acknowledged today, that high is already stretched his executive actions and orders to the limit. and recognizing there are limits, a political backlash is forming, maybe fully formed at-this-point. >> i hope so. because i think -- lou, of all of our imperial presidents i cannot think of a more imperial president than this one, whatever -- whenever congress does something he does not want he ignores them, and does what he wants, as far as he is concerned the constitution be damned, he ignores law passed by congress, and enforcing just what he wants. lou: does this make his leadership on ukraine the ukrainian crisis, his manoa mano
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with vladimir putin all the more difficult. his poll numbers are a disaster. >> they are, you know, interesting thing what this imperialism, if you top call it that on his part, in my view, is a reflection of his weakness not his strig, hi strength, his weakness is clear everywhere, domestically and fore e foreign affairs, no one is listening to him any more. >> thank you, ed klein 92 a new poll finds john mccain is least like senator in the entire country. public policy polling. 30% of asians approve of -- arizona anes approve the senator
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mccain, good news in labor market, driving good news on wall street, long-term outlook revealed here tonight. a brand-new poll with a surprise frontrunner for the republicans in 2016, the a-team coming up next. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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lou: a surging stock market and recovering home value, household noteworthy jumped 10 trillion dollars last year. to under 81 trillion, a 14% inflows from 2012. stocks moving higher today of, with an upbeat weekly jobs report. joining us with his outlook chief economic for oppenheimer funds, jerry. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. lou: a great number. >> we forget power of this economy and power of what private citizens and businesses go to work of day is accomplishing, all we talk about
10:26 pm
politics, it does matter. this is 80% private economy, it is creating wealth. lou: it is too membership people are left out of -- it is, but too many people are being left out of this resurgence, this is a tepid resurgence. kennedy use to say, a rising tide lifts all boats, but this is hardly lifting it seems. >> i think this is the time, at oppenheimer funds we it will our investor time to be highly selective, the kinds of investment that work in a slow growth environment. can i sell news corp to do business more cheaply and make profits, look for people who can sell somebody else some efficiency. lou: as you say that, i think the disishtion between no
10:27 pm
disktion between now and 1990s. is wonderful old friend of mine said, nobody can cut their way to creating wealth. i think, you can find there are exceptions to that but we don't talk -- find anybody talking about building better. >> i can sell you something that lets you build something bigger, if i can sell you coffee cups you are using and not have your business worry about them you can build something bigger. lou: i get that, but i also get the fact that those animal spirits are not it this market, that innovation that was once coming out of this economy whether you talk about technology it is being
10:28 pm
ballyhooed. we're watching lepcasion in technology, not -- we're watching representcasion in technology not en no vague. >> i heard a speech by a fellow a m.i.t. professor talking about how we use smart processees now, to really do things faster or efficiently. >> i'm not arguing you. i want to see the guy at m.i.t. is is creating, that is what i'm talking about. to this end. let's talk about what this economy will look like, the market. we have watched a 1-day sell-off because of the madness of putin, in ukraine. now recovery because it looks like he has come to his senses 48 hours later. your thoughts? >> my thoughts, you know these headline issues we had all scare a month ago about emerging market debt, this does not get
10:29 pm
away from investors, they need to look who is making money, how they are making it and is it sustainable. we'll get headlines, we talked about risk on risk off trade, the fundamentals will still matter, the companies thas that describe that can do something better, and more profitably, scpek pan doing it. scperk pand doing it. lou: and your equipment -- judgment 3% growth. >> growth and markets do not correlate with each other very well. we'll see more capital investment snoom i. lou: it is about time. absolute low levels of business investment given capital. in the hands of corporate in. >> i think some exciting things
10:30 pm
will happen in lead these printing and controlling with with robotics, it -- the problem with it, not that it will not innovate but it will leave a lot of people behind who are not prepared to participate in that economy. lou: with that we'll say, thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: come back soon. and be sure to listen to my financial report three time a day on salem radio network coast-to-coast, when we come back. stay with us. >> as conservative political act conference all american are conservatives, robert zimmerman and crystal right take up the issue, and big data predicting our future, or it controlling it? author of new book, the naked future, patrick tucker is joining us next. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early.
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lou: chris christie was not even invited to cpac last year, but this year he is a big deal, he received a standing ovation from those conservatives, the new jersey governor giving crowd some of the attack lines, that they came for. >> our ideas of better than their ideas. that is what we have to stand up for. they are the party of intolerance not us. if that's your attitude mr. president, what the p.m. are whell are we paying you for? lou: where do you go to vote, and mitch mcconnell, go onstage with a rifle, actually nra's lifetime achievement award, a muzzle loader ceremonial rifle. and more ammunition, for republicans looking to hammer democrats on obamacare in mid
10:35 pm
stemp sterm elections -- a midterm elect, just one in 10 of so-called young invincible are signing up for obamacare with a fox poll that shows 57% of all americans, now oppose obamacare. joining us now, the aof i-team, robert zimmerman. editor and publisher of conservative -- crystal wright. >> thank you. lou: what do you think of christie's lines, they sound pretty good to me. >> you know, lou, i do know always love governor christie but he hit a home runed it at cpac, we as a party need to talk about what we're for, end this foolishness 'repeeling obamacare, obolle issues the
10:36 pm
irs, and say wire the party of opportunity, governor christie you have my -- you did a great job. lou: it took 6 years to get to points you realize that your party conditio -- it has it come up with ideas. chris christie looked like he was running an anger management therapy program. >> robert, and i often don't agree on a lot of things you can give chris christie props, it was not aimingry, h angry, he was well past bridgegate. lou: before you get too excited about it. give it a break. on attacking crist, the coke brothers, a launched -- built on a -- coke brothers, called addicted to coke, the republicans, what a -- that is up seemly.
10:37 pm
are can do better. >> i am second to no one, in denouncing coke brothers for their deceitful, and misinformation campaign. >> wait a minute. finish this one. lou: you oppose on coke brothers. >> i am opposed to advertising campaign they are running that i think are deceitful, i admire the proviic -- philanthropic work they have done the reality is, i think it is wrong to personaly denounce them the way they were. if you want you want to talk about un-american behavior. lou: i was not, were you. >> no,. lou: it was you. >> darrel siz darrell issa trying to shut down a hearing
10:38 pm
that is a third world. lou: you brought upag anger manage think. >> i was going to say that robert would be happy if the coke brothers were donating $30 million to democrat candidates, this is unseemly to compare them with elicit drug of cocaine. john, sorrows throws a-- george soreos throws around money. i applaud you for saying that coke brother do a lot of good charitable giving, they are on a different side of the aisle. lou: with that. you decided to hug and kiss wild move ahead to immigration, president today, acknowledging he has moved to a . with
10:39 pm
executive orders and actions he believes his imperial presidency is going to be slowdown here, he can't go much father, do you agree, bob? >> well i think the step he has taken. were appropriate and justified. i think wheel we see republicans and democrats in senate come together on a plan for immigration reform, the house continues to remain paralyzed because of the extremist parent partisaist attorneyist tea party fringe. lou: extremist? or you mean the people who believe in the constitution. >> there you go. lou: chris christie, mitch mcconnell running with that muzzle loader in kentucky, that had to be worth a lot of folks down there. >> absolutely, i don't know if a opponent grimes will use it to his advantage.
10:40 pm
he is in a primary challenge. i -- you know it was reminiscent of charlton heston, i get it. but charl ton heft op is only one that could pull it off. -- i just think it was a little bit you know, i don't know. i just, -- i don't know. lou: to clear it up, darrell issa saying his irs investigation may have come to a ded end here. you think that is the case? >> investigation will go on, it will be that is not the issue, darrell issa came to a dead end he is incompetent should be eufosued forever political malpractice. >> i don't think that lois 11er should blow lerner should not
10:41 pm
be receiving her pensioning darrell issa is doing the work he is supposed to be doing. lou: thank you, you are so nice. off the air. >> late night talk show hosts skewerring president obama over his response to the ukrainian crisis. >> president obama threatening them with economic sanctions. that is the latest. yeah, obama said if russia did you not pull out of kiev we're not going to let them pore borrow any of money we borrowed from china one billion to the u. to help save lives, one billion. wow. then detroit was hey, can we did to war with russia? what do we have to do? snool lou: jimmy fall o fallen is the
10:42 pm
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lou: a mew study finds united states ranks a shocking 33 on list of world's fastest internet download speeds. behind hong kong, syste singapore, monrovia. feeling better, fascinating new book arguing we on threshold of major changes. that will affect way we live, and predict future because of
10:46 pm
data collected from our mart phones, the internet, joining us now. deputy energy from future magazine, author of book, "the naked future", what happens in a world that anticipates your every move, we highly recommend it to you, you talk about being up comfortable, how do you think the rest of us file. >> thank you. great pleasure to be here, and i think that right now our response to big data, to the mass amounts of data we create is discomfort. we create on order of 1.8 mill drop mega-bite mega-bytes a year, that is our phone talking to different machines around us, downloading and streaming music
10:47 pm
and movies, not all of it is story but all it says something about you, right now we feel as though our finishes are talking about us in a language we can't hear t to -- parties we can't see, we should be aware of that, that state is a temporary state, solution for it, it to create more data not less. be aware of how we do it and where it is going and what it says about us and our future. lou: you know, you raise what seems to be a central conundrum in all of this metadata on the web, virtual universe in where we now live. that is, one of the great contests will be note between privacy, and other choices, but the fact of the matter that everyone element are that virtual universe has the ability to gather incredible, stores of
10:48 pm
information about us, not only about us statically but predictively about what we'll do, think and feel, and value. there seems to be no way out of this conundrum that is a fact of life. >> well, it is a fact of life this is something i want to reep first, we have this discomfort, yet we're also addicted to the convenience that comes with information technology, it does make our live better in ways, the aim of data we create, we create 44 peoples as much data in year -- 22 times as much in 2020 as we did in 2009. question is what do you as an individual as a consumer do with it, this is the question i would like to prompt people to start asking, instead of how do i create a law that will be
10:49 pm
representedders obsolete by the end of the year because technology moves faster than legislative apparatus. lou: does this leave you scratching your head when people start getting quite exercised about nsa and allegations they have far too much knowledge, and independent could on us. data. when apple, going to ill, facebook, a number of the companies have every bit as much stored within their doe mapes, and even greater if you look at it, geo metrically across the web? >> right, right, we -- so, when you take out your phone, you access it turn it on. global positions system, you create data, a lot is held by your phone company. your phone company depends on who your carrier circumstance will take it, render it anonymous, and send it to markets. lou: patrick we have a hard out,
10:50 pm
we have a jump on it thank you. >> we recommend the naked future. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back. there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them.
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lou: in addressing the ukrainian crisis, president obama over the last week has on occasion sounded like a constitutional lawyer than commander in chief. here is the president today. >> the proposed referendum on the future of crimea would violate the ukrainian constitution, ask violate international law. any di dis-- discussion future of ukraine must include the
10:54 pm
legitimate government of ukraine. lou: to whom is the president speaking? putins forces control the ukrainian military and the cirmea, as president talks about the unity of the west, it is far from clear that there is a consensus among leading nato nations. european union puts up 15 billion in aid, largest economy in europe however, is not supportive of sa sanctions of any kind, germany insists this secretary kerry and european union exhaust all diplomatic initiatives bev an -- before any discussions of sanctions of any kind. the way forward is not clear at all. >> i think the strong combination that received from country in world indicates thaty it free to when russia is on the
10:55 pm
wrong side of history on this. lou: wrong side of history. probe probe seems to haveon lee an opaque view of who may be on the wrong side of history. mr. obama has a checkered record in fact when it comes to being on the right side of history. as when he supported ouster of hosni mubarak and backed more see wh morsi who was ousted then and replaced by sisiher iwho sign a arms deal. who remains in power. supported by the russians. the path forward in ukraine is not assured outcome remains far from settled we certainly do not yet know who's side hitry will take. well, time for a few of your
10:56 pm
thoughts, steve in colorado. this '7s called jimmy carter wants his foreign policy back, and ed, i'm mad as hell that politics not common sense is running our government, politics like religion should be left at the brail on th ballot box, and simon, wrote, since obama is not running for any office, should we the taxpayers pay for him to fly all over country campaigning? we could talk about it. i believe it is one of these thin we capacity do much about. -- we can't do much about, we would love to hear from you, e-mail us or follow us on twitter or go to our facebook page. with links to everything', we're giving away my copies of my new book "upheaval" to those rose
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that is at the "the willis report." thank you for joining us and i hope that you have a great evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: here is what happened. every time you try to stop the washington spending jokers, you become a joke. >> bailouts to medicare. pushing for the government to pay for diapers for low-income families with babies. >> if they choose diapers, what is next? toothpaste and car seats? [laughter] >> it means poor children are safe and hygienic.


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