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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 6, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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that is at the "the willis report." thank you for joining us and i hope that you have a great evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: here is what happened. every time you try to stop the washington spending jokers, you become a joke. >> bailouts to medicare. pushing for the government to pay for diapers for low-income families with babies. >> if they choose diapers, what is next? toothpaste and car seats? [laughter] >> it means poor children are safe and hygienic.
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[laughter] >> how would we be able to tell the street vergence from the normal? [laughter] neil: that is my point here. go ahead and laugh very because i am telling you that you are doomed. welcome, everyone. i am neil cavuto. we are getting serious about government spending here. it makes people think that you are against the poor. it's really funny, but not remotely accurate. what we are saying, what we have been asking is about how did this foodstamp program grow to include one in five americans who might not be genuinely qualified? when you consider the fact that one in three americans former food assistance. and that the hunger rates are now worse than they were.
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isn't that the story? it's like when you question this money to fix roads and bridges. you are just wondering what happened what we have committed to ask the infrastructure. where did the gas money or the toll money go in the transportation and excise fees and all these other fees go? where did all back row? questioning this latest -- for cash. but i'm telling you, not questioning it does make a difference. but congress doesn't point out that little fact. just like it is sad to say that after spending trillions fighting a war on poverty, we are losing. they are questioning spending and it's heartless. none of this means that we don't help those who are genuinely needy. but don't make a joke out of someone who simply asked one out of three americans is needy. because the real joke is in on those report says.
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but it's on those who have to pay for this. that would be you, that would be me, that would be a mass. and that would be a tragedy with those who dare say it all of this out of control spending is a joke. people who question this nonsense get afraid. no one likes this and so the last thing that they want is because they know what happens when a question this and they are the ones that are bad. they are the ones who are funny because they are so bad. is it any wonder that no one ever gets serious about spending? is it any wonder that we are a joke we met and is it any wonder that our debt keeps growing and growing? is it any wonder our country is looking so long gone? >> it's so funny i guess i forgot to laugh at.
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in the longer we make a joke of this, the longer we will never get this going. this a lot of the spending is not going overboard. they wonder if we are there yet. so to you first on that. you think the level to which we are spending would be social programs is excessive? >> it is excessive and ordering irresponsible. the problem is having compassion for people who are in transitional stages. and the effectiveness that we are spending. we're not following the money trail. if you asked those questions and somehow you become the bad guy. it cannot be that way. we have to increase the transparency we want to be able to continue to sustain them. >> are you sure that you're a
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democratic strategic we might. >> i'm all for this. and it works both ways. neil: a lot of people are afraid of being mocked and laughed out. so when they see that they have become part of this, they stand down. so what do you make about? >> i think liberals like john stuart take the easy way out by casting dispersion by asking these questions. so i'm actually looking at it from the recipient side because i have compassion for those recipients that are growing independency and culture that is becoming a more and more of a dependency culture. within the congress of racial equality we are advocates for welfare reform.
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not because there's waste or corruption but because we wanted to liberate people off of welfare and get them into new jobs. >> one thing that worries me is if we are at the point where one in five are getting food stamps in this country, you are saying that they all deserve it, then we really are in a world of hurt here because that shouldn't be in this. >> bingo. because you can't worry about what they're spending their money on and there's a big debate about this and what it would be. and that is completely irrelevant. it really does go back to the. >> many on the right have made this a ridiculous issue. but the needle itself is very expensive and. >> yes, listen. the biggest issue is that you can't stop food stamps in this country. there's zero accountability and
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if you have a need for the food stamps you can apply been granted you'll probably get that. barring some unforeseen to circumstances. the jobs that aren't being created are low-wage jobs and therefore you cannot support a family of four. so you have to figure out a way to put food on your family's table. the last thing we want in this country is the cut off very because that is what happened in the middle east and what we saw. and you have to have compassion for them. >> what i'm wondering is that i know where this is going because i know a budget that the president has put out an they have gone on to say that we are going to continue doing this. but the key in that budget, is the president raising taxes. because there is little appetite for cutting the spending and so the only you can afford this is to keep hiking the taxes up. and that hits a limit and hits a
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wall. doesn't? >> yes, that is kicking the can down the road and what i think is that they have to bring this program back to the basics. you don't want a generation that is dependent. i've seen it around my community and it's something that's problematic to all of us. but when you worry about the, you put a timeline on it. but it's not designed to be a permanent program. it is transitional and there has to be some transition from food stamps to jobs so that we all can be better. >> there is no strategy to get off of that. no program that is in place. >> and there's no strategy out of that. >> what is worse is that you have an administration that is hostile to the greatest generator of those jobs are going to give people the opportunity to live a life of
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dependency and one where they are self-sustaining and that is small-business development. you have taxes that are going to be increased on small businesses and indirect taxes like obamacare and the ram it vacation will be in small business. why is this hostile to the keystone pipeline? the energy sector is the one factor in this phony recovery of ours, the smoke and mirrors recovery, that is absolutely providing real jobs. in north dakota they don't have enough people to fill the jobs. why is this administration hostile to job creation? at the same time promoting dependent he? neil: i think that we touch on all the key issues. both parties have to come to the table and look at their sacred cows and you are removing programs. the best thing you can do is slow the growth of them. you have to contain them. >> and restructure them. >> this is not sustainable on that subject.
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>> showing you what we are spending. neil: in the meantime, vladimir putin. it could be a symbol of peace. at the end of the show, it looks like i created a monster. a comment about superman versus batman all coming in. batman all coming in. ♪ so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close!
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neil: is precisely that energy that energy. >> the pressure needs to be placed on russia economically. once that we can do is to open up our acts are of bullfight natural gas. >> to put themselves in the pocket of vladimir putin. >> we have to talk to the oil and gas capabilities here in america. that means in california as well. we need to get going. we have a lot of leverage to use them russians. neil: we do have a lot. we have and all of the above energy strategy.
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i thought it would be a good time to check in with an oil tycoon we are now the world's number one natural gas producer. but we could easily export a lot of this stuff here. so we have the response to vladimir putin right under her nose, it seems. >> it would certainly be good to get some of this approved for that to go forward. the companies are lined up and waiting to exploit ths. we obviously have over a 100 year supply. the other thing is that crude oil ban.
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and it will be enough to lift that ban. here we are, a free-trade nation. and we would be ridiculing anyone also had a ban on export of, particularly crude oil. and yet here we are with one. neil: do you think that because of what is happening we are rethinking this whole point of view a map. >> when you have something like this come up with the ukraine, the volatility, we just have to wait and see what happens. it runs up and it hurts the consumers. so yes, we need to eliminate that. we need to take a couple steps in the right direction. neil: the only thing that will get vladimir putin on this is him losing a lot. contrary to what he states is worth it, it's in the billions
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because he has faith in all of these russian companies and he's buddies with all of these russian oligarchies. sven has personal wealth tumbles. we might not need sanctions or to do anything. if he pushes it too far, all of that evaporates raid what do you think about? >> you are right. it makes a huge difference. and that needs to be changed. we could supply a lot to those countries over there and get them off of the situation right now which is being extorted. neil: when you think about it even a lot of his personal investments sufferer, his cachet is his cash. the oil revenues in the natural gas revenues. so the ukraine is important and when the world gets volatile,
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the the price of this stuff that he has goes out. so on the flipside is the duty officer then enact. >> well, i don't think so. you know, we are going to do more of one. that is what reagan did, he took the cash cow away from him. >> you look at the bigger picture or the general market. with all of the stuff going on, a lot of people's day that it's a big party for a bull market. and a correction is coming, maybe a severe one. >> i think that there's a lot of pent-up demand in the companies
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are performing pretty well. but i figure they could do much better yet. a lot of things get in the way. this crude oil ban is certainly one of them. we are exporting 4 million barrels of petroleum and a recording to the new numbers and yet we can't understand this. >> that is very weird. it's good having you on. >> thank you. good to be here. neil: meanwhile, that i could when the nobel peace prize. that would be like me. all because he didn't sign up with serious. >> i determined that it is in the national security interest of the united states to respond to the reuse of the targeted
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military strike. >> now he is clearly escalating things in the ukraine. he has taken off that noble prize list. and within those dates the ukraine wasn't an issue. but it is weird, isn't it? >> it's very strange. but the nobel peace prize, the only thing you have to do is be a socialist sellout which is why we see guys like al gore did it, barack obama, jimmy carter. and then you have vladimir putin and edward snowden and bradley manning and if you are willing to sign on to the thematic relation of this country, you qualify for nobel peace prize which is why obama got 11 days into office and he was going
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around apologizing for the transgressions of america. neil: a lot of people think that if how you represent the potential for world peace coexisting and when i think of you and that has a ran on an ethics panel and the human rights commission and committee, i see russia as part of the security council voting on whether it is part of this. >> absolutely. >> especially the nobel peace prize. and now vladimir putin is acting like a dick tater. but this is how much of a joke i think it is. and i want to propose to some of
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my own nominees that accompanies this merry band of thieves. so let's give it is is a great job as the iranian president. and this is about the credence of the nobel peace prize. neil: and the middle. the winner. it's a weird world. we to see you again. coming up next, the fine folks have finally figured out a way to get me up in the morning with to get me up in the morning with oscar mayer.
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neil: all right, onto the on to the things that matter in life
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like bacon. not everyone is on a health food kick. oscar mayer is unveiling a new bacon scented alarm clock my next guest says that people want what they want. it's not necessarily what you do with this thing. my favorite dietitian is back with us. so you don't have a problem with this? >> no, i don't. i am surprisingly for bacon and i want to contextualize that. they can absolutely fit this into a healthy diet. two pieces of bacon, only 5 grams of. 150 calories. neil: i want that whole plate.
11:26 pm
>> that is a problem. this practice is less than 400 calories. >> it is a balanced view, isn't it? >> of course. it's protein and of course that. but those two nutrients take a long time to digest. >> protein and refined sugars and carbohydrates. neil: all this week we were hearing that in all protein diet, especially for elderly folks can be bad. what do you think about? >> i think it's fantastic. neil: yours is like, mean, it's
11:27 pm
all bacon, right? >> we have one that comes out in july. what we normally serve as a 5050% order. >> how big is the burger and the whole thing? >> as big as you want. but we do want their town, we do this after cooking. >> that is my reaction to this, which is yes and it's certainly a treat. but people are obsessed with taken in this country. [laughter] >> and americans spent $4 billion on bacon. and the number one pick in consumer is new york. neil: i would not have pictured that. but you're saying you can overdo things. you look like a very healthy person. you cannot tell me you have had this 24/7. >> it's all about moderation.
11:28 pm
you mix your vegetables and your carbs and as long as you are in moderation and you do everything correctly, it is great. and you need some healthy animal fats and protein in order to stay healthy. neil: i just wonder if you have an alarm clock that has this done to taken. >> thanks to you i heard about it. [laughter] neil: i am here to serve. and i wonder whether that's advisable. >> that's my point. aiken and eggs is actually a much healthier option than most of the other things that we are eating. like muffins and bagels and waffles and pancakes. they're all refined carbs that make you hungry an hour later. that consumption is down. aides are not a bad food either. and so bring it back. that's why i'm so excited for
11:29 pm
this segment. >> i find this segment so refreshing. because i think people are tired of wagging their fingers. suggesting that they can actually do this. >> wait a minute. >> that is the battle. i want to thank you guys very much. we have this fox business alert for you. business is in disarray because of the latest health care delay. many think that this law is bad. it could mean that it's about to get worse for you. get worse for you. ♪ [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor,
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11:33 pm
period so talk about obvious. and talk about confusing. over to kate rogers and the hell on the business and political fallout of this. i guess i'm not surprised by this. so why don't they just call it a day? >> everyone was talking and talking and saying that the political implications are pretty obvious. but this will have a ripple effect because the party spent millions complying with the law because they have these risk provisions were they have to do this and eventually it will be hitting consumers. neil: i think it's politically true and you can't keep changing it. but we can't delay the inevitable. i think that americans are
11:34 pm
disruption this or what? >> yes, that is right. politically you couldn't have these cancellations going out weeks before the november election. so i think initially the administration thought if we take it out one year. they want to gain 90 days before you cancel. neil: so was that transparent and crafts. and it really was all about that, wasn't it? >> yes, it was. i talk to someone a couple of days before it happened and this was a no-brainer. they have to do this in the white house says that it's not about politics. but anyone who says that it's not about politics in washington, it is about politics. neil: but you were on this when a lot of folks were talking about you can delay something but it's up to entities or exchanges and they will still preannounce things and telegraph how things are going.
11:35 pm
they have to communicate with the customers. many of them are still going to say that this plan you have been expended on, do not get too cozy. >> absolutely. under the affordable care act, these insurance plans kicking in, they have to talk about these essential health benefits. so if you like your plan and you want to keep it, it's a bare-bones plan. and they have to explain that it might not be as good. >> they have materially changed this law from when it was just a bill in the first became a law. we had at least two dozen minor to major adjustments that some conservatives argue have now tripped this and made it unconstitutional what they are doing.
11:36 pm
>> that is an argument you will see. >> after they delay this with the support of the democrats in the house, it would've given obama that authority. so that is a big part of them saying that this is someone who thinks he's an imperial president. >> i talked to an analyst yesterday. and they can keep kicking the can down the road. neil: it is what it is. so first, every child gets an award and every child get a grade a for effort. and now everyone gets the
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financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more tn halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. neil: high school is cramming for the sat. the fa that you worked so hard to afford, it's going to be optional. not to mention that these will be pared down. alan arroyo says this is dumbing down and he doesn't like what he had. so what worries you about this new regiment? >> i think it's an effort to bring everything to the middle and the purpose of the
11:41 pm
standardized test is to sort out who is the best and the brightest and if we have this test that is dump down, it we don't show that. >> and it is going back to what was before. >> when you are a kid, we had higher level math. we expected every student can do well and we could see who is really brilliant. >> this is not about me. but i know what you are saying. so a lot of people say that we are not making this is kind of test. it is simple and more to the point and an easy way to make a straight comparison.
11:42 pm
>> the exceptional essay is exasperating a decrease in most college professors will tell you that they are abysmal. we have to resurrect this and it's already been something that needs a boost. >> this becomes an optional thing and in my day that was where you could have a part of this and smart individuals could see through that. and there are a lot of critics who say that we can see through the bs. and so we are just illuminating at. >> i think that professors would love it if they could read a
11:43 pm
document and it's getting to the point where grammar and punctuation, it is becoming this what other quantities. >> a lot of people coming out of school, they speak n code and they even limit and i think that they have corrupted our language in the way that we think. >> that is why we need to dumb down the vocabulary because the kids are doing as much reading and so we can't sort out those that are really bright in certain areas who are doing the
11:44 pm
reading outside of the school. >> i think so. neil: that's interesting. thank you so much. >> thank you. neil: are twitter followers speaking out. cracking down on electronic cigarettes. and they are helping marijuana sales. looking beyond all of this. we will be right
11:45 pm
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11:47 pm
neil: okay, they are all young and they all know twitter. 164 characters or less.
11:48 pm
here is what you can do working with me. you can write this. i can leave now. that is dickstein characters. all right, i'm sorry for the error. >> you wouldn't buy your sushi from the sky, so why would you buy your marijuana from him? >> it is the first televised situation for medical marijuana. it is becoming more accepted overall. ready to see the budding boom here of both experts on this particular thing. so what do you think? >> i am not sure on that.
11:49 pm
>> i was just in denver and it certainly is the mile high city. pot shops all over the place. >> okay, i will along. and everyoneill play along. and everyone had the munchies. so the problem is this is not federally legal, but state legal. and i think we might have some more money in the economy. except for a retail plate. >> this becomes accepted and legalized. then it loses its cachet and then you may be lose the cash. >> i don't like any of these stocks at all and i'm glad they won't actually be commercial. i am opposed to legitimizing
11:50 pm
illegal drugs as an investment strategy. there is no chance that i would let them see me via marijuana stocks as part of this investment strategy and the simple strategy is that drugs make you stupid and marijuana is no exception to that. if the doctor prescribes it for a cancer patient that has nokia, that is one thing. but let us not deceive ourselves into thinking that this is a sale of recreational use. neil: in the meantime, bank of america saying that no overdraft fees, and to get that you are being charged and so john you are saying that things are still gouging us. is that right? >> yes, about 40% came out of the market. it is obvious that there to voice them they want to keep the margins up. 40% came out maybe because a lot
11:51 pm
of government regulations are part of managing the risks and they are going to be a part of this. i think that that is a real head wind. especially when they start pushing back. neil: every industry is finding ways to get them. >> dodd-frank changed the model and force them to charge fees to people who really couldn't afford to pay those fees. so what bank of america or capital one dead, they teamed up with this for a flat fee. you can bounce as many checks as you want to for one flat fee and the market is responding and they are finding a niche in the market. neil: in the meantime, what is the deal with these schizophrenic markets? what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out.
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neil: you know what time it is. >> what's the deal neil. in the segment that taking the nation by storm, stormy house hearing, involving the still not talking lois lerner, can you explain how is it that cuffs were not placed on lois lerner for contempt of congress, because she is innocent until proven guilty, she has the right to take the fifth. but does not mean in the meantime see she can make a mockery of the process that has been going on too long. give it up, there is nothing to this fake irs scandal of yours, if there were don't you think that real media would be all over it, hey clown o, do i look
11:56 pm
like a clown to you, are you serious? do you think that mainstream media has interest in pursuing a story about the irs going after conservative groups, no, this is operation ignore. and just hope it goes away, but god forbid that liberal groups were being targeted. let's just say if it was george bush, he would be impeached by now. pete i ep ho you are wrong. i think you are right to put part of -- on republican, they knew lerner was not going to talk. what is the points of the charade? to show it is asia raid. victor in miami, what do you propose politicians do to resolve this so-called scandal of yours, first of all, it is a
11:57 pm
scandal. very dangerous too. as for how investigation moves forward, they got to come up with an immunity with lois lerner to allow her to talk and spill the beans, she is not going to sing unless they compel her to sing, even her lawyer say she knows a lot. one of you on treat wants me to help you. >> what should i be investing in short-term. neil: give me your money, i'll get back to you, i'm the wrong person to ask, any investment should belong hall, that means i know this soups crazy, 10 years or more. i am not a quick buck artist. i do know that power of time and compounding, and just being patient. in the meantime, what is the deal with los angeles looking at banning icigarettes, the very thing that getting smokers off cigarette, i said it was stupid,
11:58 pm
so did our guest, one who uses the icigarettes and another who -- ecigarettes, and is assumed all ecigarettes contain nicotine it is not true. of all news reports that listened on this subject no one has mentioned that fact, i did not know that thank you. tj . because they make anyone who uses them look like the pin quinn from batman that is a good points. i had not thought about that, but it behinds me batman, superman fury continues, it all started when a viewer asked who i thought would win if they fought, i blurted out stupor man because he is super -- superman because he is superman, and batman just has a dumb belt.
11:59 pm
so, what are saying you would favor the illegal alien from another galaxy over a tried and true born in america hero. i guess yes. john in california, you replied that superman would triumph over batman, batman's utility belt conthames kryptonite. that is a loyal batman fan, you sicken me, i will never watch you again, ps you are a stupid pompous jerk too, that is not sounds like a super hero, i am putting you down as a maybe whether you like this show. paul in california, only winner would be the lawyers. i think you are right, that is i'll take on some here, but specifics, i will not do that on the big beliefer in big picture,
12:00 am
taking your time, not whacking outgoing crazy in the moment, up or down all about patience -- >> i will send congress a budget that creates new jobs in manufacturing and energy and innovation and infrastructure. john: how will he pay for it? >> we'll pay for every dime for it by cutting unnecessary spending. john: give me a break, they never cut anything. this asks for billions more for universal preschools. >> it is right for america. john: billions more on infrastructure. >> but you need to fund the projects. john: already $17 trillion in debt. must government spending go up. this is per person since america began, it was 5% of the economy, here's world war i.


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