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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 7, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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kennedy. goodnight. rocket, aren't i? have a great weekend lou: good evening, everybody, why is vladmir putin smiling in the midst of what appears to be an escalation of the ukrainian crisis? the russian president's answer is simple. president putin says, when western powers insist that he negotiate with the new ukrainian government over the future of crimea, he says it is quote, it makes me smile and smile he does. the russian president ignored more presidential threats of u.s. sanctions. he dismissed those threats and ordered a russian delegation to oversee the crimean secession
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vote to be held on march 16th. obviously president putin not responding well to threats and inflated white house rhetoric and intended to persuade him to stand down. putin has also ordered a month of massive air force exercises just east of the russian ukraine border. the exercises include live firing drills and deployment of russia's air defense system. and russia's foreign minister, sergey lavrov cautioned president obama on his language and warned the calls for sanctions are, quote, hasty and reckless steps capable of causing harm to russian-american relations, particularly sanctions which could and would inevitably hit the united states like a boomerang. president obama not uttering a single word on the events in ukraine today. spending the day in florida, where he pushed federal student loans before he headed out on
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yet another vacation. the obama family will be spending the weekend at a posh key largo resort. this is their third vacation so far this year. the president intend to build upon the 163 round of golf he already played since he took office in 2009. he is scheduled to return to the white house monday, after his 113th vacation day while in office. russia now has 150,000 of his forces on ukraine's eastern border. as many as 30,000 of its troops in ukraine's crimea region and russia's black sea fleet is made up of a cruiser, two destroyers, two frigates, a submarine and almost 20 corvettes and patrol boats and president obama dispatched one u.s. guided missile destroyer which arrived in the black sea today where it
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will conduct training exercises with the bulgarian and romanian navies. to put all of the day's events in perspective, with us pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," fox news contributor michael goodwin. chris kofinis, democratic strategist and former chief of staff to senator joe manchin. gentlemen, thank you for being here. start with you, chris. the russian president is smiling. he says because he thinks that the idea of western powers determining the outcome of whatever happens in ukraine is ludicrous. your thoughts? >> well, i mean unfortunately he has decided to play a very hard game here in terms of president putin. i'm not sure what strategy is going to move him from the position he already has taken but it is pretty obvious there will be have to be some serious consideration of much stronger
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diplomatic and economic sanctions. i think part of the thing that is complicating this for the president and the white house to be honest, even the european allies don't seem to be, you know, agreeing money kind of consensus about what those sanctions or measures should be. we all know that military options are off the table here. you know we're not going to go to war over crimea especially if this gets more, if this actually become as hot conflict. but that doesn't mean you can't use the other arsenals in foreign policy i think window is getting shorter, or smaller i should say, in terms of pursuing those kind of options. it just, you have got to push back and we don't seem to be dog that effectively i think on international front.hts, mic? >> look, there is no question that putin is consolidating his gains and even thinking of expanding. the troops keep pouring in. he is clearly determined and ruthless and our side is neither.
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and what we see, i think is a lopsided situation right now. chris's point about sanctions and whatnot, you know, lou i went back and read jimmy carter's speech when russia invaded, then soviet union invaded afghanistan in 1980. lou: right. >> compared to what obama done that speech was practically churchhillian. carter talked about what the united states would do. he would open our allies and u.n. would do other things. he was realistic knowing seven vets had veto in the security council. he talked about all the things the united states will do. obama talks about doing other things only if others will do them with us. europe is right there with more to lose with their gas imports and everything. so the president has to lead, regardless whether anybody follows. we have to stand up for it as way to create momentum. lou: chris, i don't want to be partisan in this at all but i do
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want to true to our history. the president of the united states has dispatch ad warship into the black sea. there are those actually calling for more ships to be sent into the black sea which would be tantamount to simply, i mean, strategic suicide on the part of the navy. isn't there something utterly unseemly and hopelessly inadequate about sending one ship into the black sea and then going to play golf in florida? >> well, i mean, listen when, it comes to military options there are no good ones. when the russians invaded georgia during the president bush's presidency, basically with the same kind of response in terms of military. there was none. because there are no reallies lick options to pursue. lou: let me be clear if i haven't been. i'm not in any way suggesting that we respond militarily. i think it would be -- >> suicide. lou: it would be madness.
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what i am asking is, when you put a ship, for whatever reason into the black sea, a warship, u.s. warship and you go off to play golf, what in the world is leadership thinking? >> well, listen, with all due respect, you know this, lou. the president's really never take vacation. that is true for any president. they're surrounded by their apparatus. lou: what is he doing with a golf club in his hands in key largo, florida, then? is that some sort of executive department exercise? >> but i mean, i think, let's keep focus, i will be critical of the administration, i have when i think it is fair. criticize the president forgoing on vacations i mean -- >> listen, listen. >> ease cheap shot. >> i'm sorry, chris it is not a cheap shot. to go on vacation send a military trip as tripwire. >> it is not a tripwire. it was scheduled --
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>> fighting force against what it putin has organized. >> let's be factual. >> it is factual. >> it was a scheduled tour through the black sea. so let's be factual about that. it wasn't sending a message. >> you can't stay on automatic pilot when putin is lining up the military that way. that is foolish, to be seen on vacation, i think is the height of incentive to what is going on in the situation. lou: let me ask you this, chris. >> yeah. lou: your reaction when bashar al-assad sends his congratulations to president putin on his handling of the crimea? was that a message do you think more to putin or more perhaps to mr. obama? >> i think it was probably a message to both. i think, listen, i think the, like i said i think the window is getting smaller. the administration maybe why it is frustrating you and obviously critics of the president in terms he is not acting fast
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enough i think he is trying to see if there is a way to get out of this before ratcheting it up. but i will agree in the coming days or weeks, and it is not months, because i do not see putin moving from where he is. that you're going to have to pursue some very difficult economic and diplomatic options. here is the tradeoff to that. the tradeoff the russians played a very critical role when it comes to counterterrorism. when it comes to negotiating with iran. so there is consequence if we do this. and so i'm -- lou: if we do what? >> if we apply serious economic and diplomatic sanctions against the russians there will be spillover effect. >> you know, the idea if we do anything we will then jeopardize something, i mean that is exactly the kind of counsel of surrender and counsel of defeat that obama is following. let me finish please. please, chris, no filibustering okay? to advise we should do nothing
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or we'll suffer greater consequences that not the game putin is playing. >> please, i did not say that. >> don't put word in my mouth. that is not what i said. lou: chris, please. >> michael constrained himself while you spoke at some length. and he should be permitted to same courtesy. >> i believe that we have got to act as though we care about this. so for the president to sort of, as you said he doesn't speak much about it. he never really given a full-throated speech to the american people why this matters. and to go on vacation i think, sends the signal and so, when putin spokesman says we laugh at it, no kidding. because our president has shown himself to be unserious in this international crisis. lou: to both your points. let's hope this does not result in hostilities of any kind and no escalation certainly between two horses that are after all -- >> not to mention chris and i.
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lou: we can handle that kind of, that level. >> think we'll be fine. lou: gentlemen, thanks for being here. we appreciate it. chris, thank you. michael, thank you. >> thanks, lou. lou: no enthusiasm on wall street for the february jobs report that showed the nation added 175,000 jobs. there was initial enthusiasm. it waned. markets ended mix. the dow up 30 points. s&p up 30 points but yet enough to send all-time record high at close. nasdaq off 16 points. dow up 1%. of the nasdaq up .6 of a percent. harsh winter weather having little effect on hiring last month. 175,000 jobs were added. that beat forecasts. the unemployment rate ticking up a fraction to 6.7%. and cute oil gaining a dollar, ending above $102 a barrel. gold down $14, closing at 1338 an ounce. yield on 10-year rising to
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2.79%. and we invite you to stay with us because we're coming right back with much more. joining us next, gene cernan, the last man to work on the moon assessing the u.s. space program completely dependent on russia to send dependent on russia to send astronauts to the space station. in the new new york, we don't back down. dependent on russia to send astronauts to the space station. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at
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[ thump ] to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? lou: potential 2016 presidential candidates today stealing the show at day two of cpac. listen to the governor of texas rick perry fire up this crown. >> get out of the health care business! get out of the education business! stop hammering industry! let the sleeping giant of american enterprise create
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prosperity again! my fellow conservatives the future of this nation is upon you. it belongs to you! lou: rick perry fired up. no echo whatsoever of anything from 2012. mike huckabee saying he won't decide whether to run until after the midterms. today he attacked hillary clinton over benghazi. >> our government lied to us what happened. i know it had not one thing to do with some ridiculous video. and i know something else. with all due respect to hillary clinton, it does make a difference why they died and who did it. [applause] lou: senator rand paul highlighting libertarian credentials attacking nsa. >> i believe what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business! [applause] lou: the first two days of c
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spak suggesting that the republican party can indeed be a big tent party. the speakers ranging from rand paul, ted cruz to chris christie, mike huckabee, rick perry. philosophies ranging from libertarian, conservative to even moderate. joining us former massachusetts senator, fox news contributor scott brown. great to have you with us. don't you wish you were at cpac? >> i certainly been to cpac, it is a bunch folks certainly concerned about the fiscal an financial future of our country. i know all the speakers. i know all the guys. they have a strength and weaknesses but it's a very bright future for the republican party. as i said for a year, lou, we need a to be a party of bigger around better ideas an take the message to the american people and i think that's what they're doing and i think that is a good sign. lou: they're doing all that obviously having some fun there. fun is not exactly the word you associate with republicans.
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i think they're taking advice. the tent looks a lot bigger. we're talking about conservatives there, and quite a range if you will. that is impressive. the boisterousness and fun is also much in evidence. mike huckabee is leading in iowa. he won there six years ago. i want to get your thought. do you have a candidate for 2016, one you would prefer or support? >> well, first of all, i know the governor. he is a great base player. got a chance to play guitar when my daughter performed on his show. they're all good people. it is premature to look at '16. first order of business is take over the senate in '14 and retain the house in '14. you can have a check and balance on out of control president and his administration. that is the first order of business to focus on those things. i things shake out after the midterm elections. don't forget, the biggest and most important thing right now is repeal obamacare.
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the best way and easiest way to do that is not only is to basically get rid of all the people that actually supported it. you can do that in 2014. lou: well, one think about it, i don't know if it is necessary to repeal obamacare. looks like the president is repealing obamacare piece by piece. the people who built this thing seem to be resigning as fast as they possibly can. much talk about the senate, whether you believe right now, given situation, needing eight seats here, with eight seats in play particularly, do you think they can get it done, the republicans? >> well, listen it is not over until obviously the final vote is tallied. lou: wait a minute. you still want to have the election? >> say again? lou: you still want to have an election. i thought we could decide it here amongst ourselves? >> yeah, no. you have to have an election. it is a long time until then. but i do like the signs. i like what everyone is talking
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about. that is about being a strong and inclusive party that is focusing on the things that matter. obamacare, the grandfathering of those all health care plans that the democrats voted against. what is happening obviously with the "fast & furious," benghazi, all these scandals affecting the administration. the people of this country want leadership. the best way to give, get leadership is to change the dynamics in washington. that is to turn over the senate, give republican as chance. show the american people what we can do, and then move forward. lou: do you think that the folks in the republican party right now keep talking about deficits, reforming entitlements, or helping or hurting, they don't have the power to get much done. they keep deflecting it seems from obamacare and the other missteps and misjudgments of this administration. your thoughts? real quickly. we have about 30 seconds. >> sure. the bottom line the debt and deficit are very important. look what is happening on your
10:21 pm
previous segment. we don't have the money to even support the ukraine. we don't have resources to battle on a worldwide basis when we need to. we're in trouble financially and we need good leadership to do that obamacare is the first step in dealing with debt, deficit, entitlements are the first, second and 30 steps. it will be a good year. lou: scott brown, good to talk to you. >> thanks, lou. lou: no respect for for president obama last night who had spelling trouble with spelling at white house. awkward. >> aretha told us, rspect meant to her -- [laughter] lou: aretha franklin performing at the white house concert series, performing with women on soul. yes, sir, he left out of the e. russians take crimea and did he win the space race as well? the last man to walk on the moon. astronaut gene cernan on nasa's
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dependency and future, here next. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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lou: u.s. and russia tensions still high at this hour but this
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weekend america will put its trust in the russian space agency to return one of two american astronauts now on the international space station to earth. american astronaut mike hopkins, finishes his stay on the international space station, returns to earth monday alongside russian and ukrainian cosmonauts. joining us now with his take on nasa's complete dependence on russia to get to the iss is the last man to walk on the moon, astronaut gene cernan. gene, great to have you with us. you look great. always good to talk with you. i want to -- >> always good to be with you, lou. lou: i have to ask you how you feel as the last mon -- man to walk on the moon, one of this country's great heroes, just depend on russia just to get to the space station? >> lou it, has been coming on for a long time. you know, four decades ago, over
10:26 pm
four decade ago, americans were walking on the moon. today we can't even put one of our own guys or gals on our own space station with our own hardware. you know, it was pretty obvious four years ago that the president's idea was to diminish our leadership in space. he certainly has accomplished that. and, he went one step further. he dismantled america's manned space program. we have put six american astronauts a year on our own, if you will, $100 billion space station. we pay the russians $70 million every time we put either one of our people or one of the europeans or japanese on, because that was the deal and that's what we pay. and our space shuttles are sitting in museums across this country. talk to me about that one. lou: yeah, it is stunning stuff. we retired the shuttles. we haven't got a plan in place.
10:27 pm
it will be, what, it will be over two years before we can return on our own vehicles. i mean, at best. as i was looking at -- >> lou, don't bet, don't bet on that one, lou. you know, it is not going to be two years. it will be a lot longer than that before we put an american on one of these pieces of hard wear that is out there being developed. and that's a whole another story. it is not going to be two years. lou: well you know what? i'm going to -- >> i hope i'm wrong. lou: i hope, you know what? i think you're right and but that is a projection. i don't know what will happen. i also have to laugh, and i'm cheered by the fact that spacex, virgin, all of these companies are trying to do private space travel but they're acting and they talk a lot of the national media talks about business in space. the fact is, business built apollo.
10:28 pm
lockheed martin, boeing, all of great companies. usa space alliance, on the shuttle. people don't even understand that business and government have, put you on the moon. >> oh, a lot of space business is done right here on earth. the jobs, technology, that evolves from it all. you know, the private business, and i wish them all the luck in the world because they're the only game in town right now. lou: right. >> but the word private is misused. your tax money and my tax money has gone to supporting these folks to get where they are today. lou: you bet. >> unfortunately from my point of view with little or no oversight. when you put a man or a woman, a human being on top of, you know something like a saturn v, we're not going to get back there but something being built today, you just don't do it casually. it takes time and effort. you have to put safety of that human being ahead of anything else you've got in mind. lou: what do you think the future is? in constant dollars we look back
10:29 pm
to 1972, i picked that year because of you, gene. in 1972 in constant dollars we're spending two billion dollars a year less. it has been a tremendous, tremendous decline in the budget with, with very little to show for it. >> it is continued to decline and it probably will until administrations change. space has not been, what all other problems today, has not been on the tips of people's tongs. let me tell you what is going on with the ukraine today it just might become a very significant piece of our strategy because, you know, the russians, controlled the front door to our space station. lou: right. >> if they don't want us to do, we aren't going. you know, it is just a fact. and we put ourselves in that position with a very
10:30 pm
questionable decision when we retired the shuttle, which had another 25-year lifetime in-store for it. we're surfing. we'll suffer for that. lou: no one should doubt this, is a bipartisan problem and it began under the nixon administration and was caried out through this one, which effectively gutted much of nasa. gene, always great to talk with you. we hope the next time we talk it is about a more cheerful outlook for space. a lot has got to happen for that to come to pass. gene, thanks a lot. >> thank you, lou. we will go back at some point. promise. lou: appreciate it, gene. >> thank you. lou: gene cernan. nasa scientists for the first time capturing incredible pictures, look at these pictures of an asteroid disintegrating, breaking apart. the hubble telescope photographed this asteroid located between mars and jupiter, breaking up into 10 pieces and this is lapsed
10:31 pm
photography over several months. first time such an event has ever been photographed. we're coming right back. why did the woman at the center of the irs target scandal take the fifth again? congressman trey gowdy on the investigation and his legislation to slow the imperious presidency. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. turning dreamers into business owners. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better.
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lou: we were told of a reason for obamacare is to provide health insurance for the uninsured as many as 50 million the president said in 2008 and 2009 but how many are actually citing up for obamacare? listen to the official in charge of the health care exchanges in answering the question how many enrollees
10:35 pm
were previously uninsured? >> that is not said datapoint that we are collecting in a systematic way. but probably the best way to get added is through survey data. lou: one survey shows one of of 10 uninsured people qualify for private health care plans as of last month and a good grief. joining us now a member of the house oversight judiciary committee chair of the immigration subcommittee. what do you think of the absurdity answer? from the guy who was is in his role of obamacare? >> i feel like a fool because i thought bill whole pretense for passing the of affordable care act was for insurance for the uninsured
10:36 pm
and they cannot track that? if this it is true it is studying for i think they know exactly how you uninsured have signed up the that is another reason to kick out the democrats this fall because they will not publicize that information. lou: i just want to double check my own reaction it is preposterous but turning to another process like watching lois lerner show up for hearings to turn over documents to the house ways and means committee. why ways and means better than you? >> the chairman asked treasury for those documents a long time ago. i don't know the depth and
10:37 pm
breadth of his request for how their production will be but she is not producing those emails it is coming from treasury. she has retired but those that ways and means are great about sharing information with the oversight as well. lou: is this your understanding? they agreed to turn over all emails of lois lerner. is that your understanding as well? >> that is the great thing about washington and they love to par's words. [laughter] as a washed up lawyer i need to see that precise language in the subpoena what we ask for to not contrast and compare with their production. if you don't ask for with particularity of specificity will not get its. lou: now we learn lois lerner is giving a full
10:38 pm
interview to the justice department despite taking the fifth before your committee twice? >> it takes a lot to stun me but she talk to prosecutors who could put her in jail without immunity but she won't talk to of watchdog former prosecutors who cannot put her in jail without immunity. i feel bad for your viewers and for the victims of the targeting because they were opening -- hoping to see her provide answers with another lesson in the fifth amendment. but we are not dead with her -- done with her or her attorney. lou: do you believe we will see your committee and the congressional committee of
10:39 pm
the record with a fax? >> we have a chance and this week. even though the hearing digressed this week we will have another hearing and i will ask my colleagues many who were a churnings analyzed a cummings was a very successful attorney, connally, and mr. lynch from massachusetts if they can answer them i will come back to south carolina and you will not hear from be but my suspicion they cannot answer the questions hopefully they will join the request weather under proper, we will not give immunity. that is ludicrous but even initially private q and a. if they will join us with the request to get information and answers then we have the chance.
10:40 pm
lou: why not if you believe she has information that is alien to to pertain to getting everyone brought to justice with his outrageous campbell at the i rs? >> as a reason you don't buy a used car over the telephone or give the getaway driver the death penalty while a duty to the trigger person. we don't know what she has done. we certainly will not give her immunity so she can rats out support of its that would have no jury appeal. so and tell me know what she has done tallis what you have done and will mottle hold it against cuba transactional immunity would never be prosecuted for what you have done i cannot give her that and tell i know what she has done. lou: very quickly we do know one thing to assuming he can
10:41 pm
go around congress within is its executive actions orders or refuse to enforce the laws of this country come up to a dancer and it is out of judiciary to enforce the law. tell us about your bill. >> my bill gives institutional standing to the house and the executive branch for vote nullification if the executive branch decides not to enforce its we do have certain penalties from the framers. cut the many, or pursue impeachment it is not a remedy it you really want it enforced so my bill takes advantage of the supreme court decisions that allow the house as an institution to assert standing to go to the third branch to say
10:42 pm
please make the executive to what he is supposed to do to faithfully execute and in force of law. lou: the prospects of being passed? >> i think it will pass the house. next week i will try to appeal to my colleagues not as republicans and democrats but colleagues. the house is supposed to be the people's house. we don't pass suggestions or ideas but was. if they have sold the regard for the work that we do there with that any president republican or democrat indiscriminately to decide which laws to enforce then we just need to close up shop and have the expensive debate society. if we have a lot it should be enforced. lou: to suggestions. don't talk about keep going back to south carolina don't talk about closing up shop. thank you for being here.
10:43 pm
>> yes sir. lou: a significant victory to capitalize on the commercial drones. and the weather does not affect the february jobs report in one global market strategist on blood it means
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
lou: day victory for commercial drones a federal judge said that faa had no legal authority to fine $10,000 to issue promotional video. it is expected to be issued new rules with drones weighing less than 55 pounds later this year. the better than expected employment report was not strong enough to end the debate at the pace of
10:47 pm
tapering. the new york now lynn global market strategist, michael good to have you here. a strong report relatively what does it mean at the end of the session? >> going into a the weekend there is a lot of concern internationally that we don't know what the russians are doing in the ukraine. it was a good report worth buying risky assets assets, equities, but don't carry that into the weekend so there if there are no new developments you will see the stock market trading higher next week and the dollar may take a hit as well. lou: that is of positive outlook what to expect the equities market to do what
10:48 pm
is the reasonable appreciation? >> 15% with the u.s. and stay away from emerging markets there will be time down the road to get back not this year maybe not next year. lou: that is bullish by any standard so what will drive that move? limit 3 percent real gdp growth or slightly less next year but above trend growth we will see accommodative monetary policy although winding down quantitative easing still dealing with zero interest rates. lou: is the fed out of bond purchases? >> that is the general consensus. by the end of the year we are done. lou: the economy itself?
10:49 pm
with the splendid equities market? >> the jobs market will slowly improve there are many headwinds some you have outlined in your book. one of the things that we need to focus on is preening the standard of living higher with respect the underemployment in this country. lou: great to have you with us. 15 percent is a number i like. a reminder to listen to my financial reports three times a day on the sale of radio network. coast to coast. might take on the commander in chief's response to vladimir putin and the vladimir putin and the invasion
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lou: it seems the good time to consider the ukrainian crisis and obama as response to it. now in the ninth day since the russian flag was raised over the crimean it regional offices. the president first responded by admonishing vladimir putin to remove troops but in the days since he has been talking of sanctions ordering six additional jet fighters to patrol the skies and under his order one u.s. warship. the uss sailing into the black sea which is not even symbolically adequate militarily. unimpressed president putin
10:54 pm
pretty much told the world he will do as he well pleases them before anyone in this administration gets too carried away it is definitely time to ask a few questions of our cells. is this really how we want our government to conduct itself? what turns out to be empty threats and meaningless insignificant movements of a handful of fighter jets and one navy missile destroyer? the government promises the ukrainian government $1 billion of dade and european union promises four times as much as the united states but $15 billion. is this what we are reduced to? the best we could do? as anybody ask what the united states would do if we found ourselves in the same
10:55 pm
position as russia with all of this unfolding on our border is set of russia? what would be our response? i hope our leaders in washington are asking that of themselves and i hope they answer honestly and i hope before there is more chest bumping by those who should know better to send more of our navy into the of black sea or the fighter aircraft that are leaders would take pause and think carefully and assess instead before the american people to explain the situation themselves their rhetoric and purpose before they act further. beef because -- because our government's conduct in my opinion is much to add hoc in the american people
10:56 pm
deserve far better of our leadership in washington. take a look at some of your thoughts. lou: we love hearing from you. e-mail us at go to or twitter or our facebook page with links to everything. as a reminder we give free
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good night. neil: forget the delays for those who are not signing up for the doctors who are fed up. those for whom we did this do not want this. a story you are not hearing but the mainstream is not reporting the uninsured want to stay that way. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. we end up taking the entire health care system turn it upside down for the uninsured and they don't want it. you sign up but others are not interested.


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