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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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that is my two cents more. user guide to taxes offer your best tax software, that is it for tonight's speetwentyeight. we will catch you tomorrow night. >> here's the good news, were not only on suspending spending more than we have. everyone is spending more than they have, so we are all in the same boat and it is sinking. try this figure on for size, $100 trillion. that is the total debt of the world. humankind selected it. it governs the world over that can stop. it is a spending spree that took up steam at the meltdown seven years ago but i also want to
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point out before any of that we were still $70 trillion in the red as a species. so this notion we can hang it all on the meltdown, still this year size and acceleration is remarkable and scary. seven years ago the u.s. government debt was about $4.5 trillion. it is three times that now. seven years. what will it be in another seven years? thank god for low interest rates, they shielded us, so what happens when those rates starts to rise? just one or 2% uptake will add trillions in red ink. spending remains unchecked here, there, everywhere. conservatives talk a lot about it but even tea party favorites aren't offering many specifics to deal with it. someone is going to have to, and soon, because this is an about
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the western world out to lunch. this is about guys like vladimir putin who see us for the indebted alm comes we have become and enjoy eating our lunch. john mccain will tell you when you are in over your head, don't be surprised if some not so friendly folks kick you in the you know what. former presidential candidate joins us now. >> thank you, it is good to be with you. neil: i think when you first came to washington, they seemed paltry by comparison. >> it was extremely low. neil: what happened here? >> it is something that seems to be so big we really haven't had the wherewithal or the guts to address it. every time we propose some measure, we sort of leave it alone and we conservatives haven't done enough.
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i believe really the only way you're going to force it, i know this sounds simplistic, a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. you can always get around anything but it is awfully hard to get around a constitutional amendment. we could obviously meaning entitlement reform. nobody want to touch entitlement reform. neil: they talk about this in the big picture. no one spelled out, none of the real hits last week saying we have to do something about it, but right now, they don't do that. >> let me give you an example of cowardice. sequestration. sequestration was across-the-board cuts. they laid 50% on 19% of the budget, which is defense. it was incredibly damaging to
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defense, but that in all due respect is not a courageous act when you will have across-the-board cuts because you throw out the baby with the bathwater. so the sequestration guy knows there is waste. i would not do what we have done to defense. we attempted so many branches of government and institutions, and then 50% defense, 50% nondefense you cut well over 50% that came out of defense spending rather than across the board. the other thing is look at what is happening in the world today, should we really be cutting defense? in my view we should be doing the opposite.
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neil: where would john mccain give the money for that? >> like ronald reagan and o'neill, the last time there was significant reform they came out together they said we fixed social security, and it will be tough. they raised taxes, they raise retirement age. they made concessions. i think we should be willing to come up with a package that puts social security and medicare back on the path. you have to put everything on the table. if you don't put everything on the table, we say okay, we will not agree to raising the retirement age. neil: have used in the new style? ted cruz has said that kind of strategy has gotten us nowhere. ted cruz. >> of course all of us remember president dole. and president mccain and president romney.
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those are good men, decent man, but when you don't stand and draw a clear distinction, you don't stand for principal, democrats celebrate. neil: what do you think about that? >> looks, all is fair in politics and senator cruz can say what he wants about me. we are friendly, we really are. neil: there is no way you can be friendly after that. >> i went up to him on the floor and said if he wants to do that to me, that is fine, but bob dole worked hand in glove with ronald reagan. all these people will claim they are regular republicans. they forget ronald reagan gave amnesty to 3 million americans? do they forget he did raise taxes and made an agreement with o'neill on social security, that ronald reagan said 11th commandment is you don't speak ill of your fellow republicans.
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i don't think, i think he would recognize the party by don't think he would be in lockstep with what is being advocated here. that is if you're not with me 100% of the time, you are against me. he said if somebody is with me 80% of the time, i am with it. neil: one of the things that struck me, they are barometer for the time being. rand paul, ted cruz, three anti-establishments for a better return republicans. what you make of this? >> it is a very active segment of our party, we should be an inclusive party. no one has ever on the straw poll has won the nomination for the party. but there is a legitimate place. have a more respectful dialogue, that simple. i understand the frustrations. neil: i think we're going to crush them everywhere, don't
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think they're going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country. that might be his opinion, did he meant to think it, not say it? is that right? >> let me point out the tea party i still a strong force particularly in primaries. they just one against the senator. the opponent was not a very viable candidate to say the least. so i think what our job should be is calm in and let's be inclusive, let's have this debate and discussion amongst ourselves but let's not let missed test each other as long as we share principles and values and goals. that is what i want to do with the tea party. does not help me to beat up on them. what i will say, if somebody criticizes bob dole. neil: i am a great admirer of
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you for all you have been through, so when i hear anyone, it could just be a person on the street questioning your principal, with all that you have been through, i think i would pass on the principle guy like you. you know what i am saying? >> his behalf he says that is not what he meant. i accept that. for me to get into a fight with him is not the way i think the best way to handle it. neil: they are all bonded in this respect. >> the constituency is much more eccentric in the state of texas or even arizona. for south carolina. if we're going to have a majority, we have to have a big ten. some of said they would rather be in a minority and fewer than
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have the bigger 10. neil: guys like chris christie are falling like a rock. >> i think he is still viable. a successful republican and democratic state. i think he got beat for a whole lot of reasons, but he was still the nominee of our party. the consensus of the majority of republicans. and so again if senator cruz think there is a better candidate, run him up. i will support a republican. neil: regardless? >> i am a proud reagan republican, i will support a nominee who goes through the process of winning the primaries. i will support that nominee.
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neil: would you ever want to go through it again? >> oh, sure. i loved every moment of it. there are upsides and downsides, but the honor of being able to travel this country as a nominee of your party, i am a guy fifth in the bottom of his class at a naval academy. i am the luckiest person you will ever interview in your life. i have had the greatest moments. neil: do you want to run again? >> i'm afraid it is not a viable option. but i do want, i'm serious in considering rendering again for my senate seat and i will decide early next year. neil: a lot of them want you to run again. >> i can sense the people of m state.
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when i travel around, they like me, and i am very grateful. neil: you talk about these big issues. but it depends on the day, doesn't it? some days i kind of like them. >> this world is now more dangerous because of effectiveness leadership by this president. watch the south china sea within six months, my friend. what can see, i pray putin does not move into eastern ukraine, but i think he is trying to figure out right now if he should or not. first, fundamental reevaluation and reassessment of vladimir putin. he is not a nice guy. he is an old kgb colonel. tell him i will be more flexib
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flexible, he missed judges this guy terribly. as long as you understand him for what he is and how he is going to act, let's go back to ronald reagan, peace through strength. i'm worried about the perception. the slaughter that goes on in syria, the south china sea. this whole issue in ukraine going on, watch these other baltic countries because he wants to restore abroad. neil: senator, always great to have you, thank you very, very much. lot more coming up including a former tea party senatorial candidate who may not agree with everything the good senator said. and a little bit later on this show, drones to your doorstep? a judge has cleared away for a drone to deliver your pizza. do you tip a drone? peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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joining us right now, christie, what you make of what he said that there has to be a better way for the party to talk to each other and you are not doing that? >> well, i actually agree with him. i disagree with some of what he said and how that plays out. like, for example, you guys had talked about senator mcconnell's statement. i can only hope that the "new york times" took them out of context because if not that's awfully divisive and in such an important election year that's not the kind of language you should expect from the leadership. you need to-- what mcconnell should be doing right now is going after the things that are going to unify the base width of the establishment. >> neil: christie, is it he-- >> he should we call for prosecution of irs. >> neil: is it he referring to and i understand where you're coming from and where
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mccain is coming from, but mcconnell feels he has had the tea party put every challenge to him to make him suffer and he has seen so far the lack of success by most of the tea party candidates. some of them this call ball could register, but the fact of the matter is they have not as a group as of yet-- so what's to stop him from saying what he's thinking which is they are getting crushed? >> what is he is speaking as candidate for conical specifically in his rate with his tea party challenger or is he speaking as a voice of the republican party? if so, his comments were very inappropriate and as someone who is a leader, leader mcconnell, then he does need to keep in mind that he has this platform and right now it's crucial to unify and i think that unifying doesn't necessarily have to mean or
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should definitely not mean abandoning the core of our principles and i would say to mccain and especially mcconnell to look at their colleagues and consider how many of them are representing the league party, none because the whigs at the same discussion about the big-- >> neil: do you fear though that he is going to be involved in that mcconnell if he beats his tea party opponent and goes on to win reelection and we already know how speaker bader is standing about the tea party that they are both going to say, well, you guys have try to put up and you couldn't in your history. >> i think what's going to happen is in the long term maybe 10-15 years from now as the movement continues to gain credibility in that we are speaking seen-- we are seen issues that we care about, our debt, or national
6:20 pm
sovereignty, fiscal spending getting out of control, we are seen all that unfold and i believe that the issues are going to give the movement more credibility weather's brand is the tea party disappears, this movement will continue to grow and the republicans if they don't begin to embrace that ideology, which is the founding of our country than the republican party will go the way of the whigs. but i think that would be a mistake. because the republicans have a very strong platform that if we take that platform and if we educate the voters i think that we would win over a lot of independents to our side. >> neil: christie, well put. it's great seeing you and thank you for stopping by. >> thank you for having me. >> neil: christine o'donnell. all right, your kids can play their college loans, may be millionaires should pay that for them through the latestctano idea from the left that has us wondering if there is any hope left. trying new things?
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tv and internet together like never before. >> neil: be that we can take $75 million in either say we won't use it to fix tax loopholes for billionaires or $75 billion can be used to help students refinance their outstanding student loan debt. >> neil: this is not about billionaires, my friend. democratic senator saying the rich need to pay up to help college kids pick their loans, but again this is not about billionaires. twitter followers hearing us and we are blowing up our feet. one thing i worked my way through school. i don't know why others can do the same. it took longer, but i have no regrets. another, who is going to need college when everyone becomes equal. finally, here's an idea hey,
6:25 pm
kids don't get into debt. if you're into its yours not mine. alyssa mcdonald loan expert, art blair followers have weight. >> my concern about this is that it doesn't affect the structural challenges of student loans. right now what you have is she's talking about an interest rate and no one is really against keeping interest rates loads for student loans. but, how does that affect first-generation college students was to get their generation and has to write out to get the student loans and has to basically try to tease together their college education. you had states during the recession who had people run out of their unemployment benefits and they take one or two classes and then they take out a maximum of student loans and go into debt and not get any clcollege degree or getting a better career. the structure is the challenge right now and is causing people to get into tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt and still not
6:26 pm
change the economic destiny of-- >> neil: let's say they do get billionaires are millionaires are just those over 250,000, is that going into a lockbox. >> exactly and where is the lockbox? i think senator al gore has suggested this. is there going to be a war lockbox for the upper bracket and by the way, people in the upper bracket, it's not like their 20 years old. they are in their 60s or 70s and worked a lifetime to their own debt. so, why should they be taxed to pay for debt that is really funding a bloated college system glossy-- >> neil: what would you before? >> the challenges this doesn't affect the structure of how students get their education. right now what they are saying is, let's keep interest rates low, which is a great idea. but, they don't change how students work their way
6:27 pm
through college-- >> and they don't change what it paid on and i'm sorry to cut in here, but senator warren is either a oblivious or deeply cynical to not understanding what the guess here is sane. >> neil: she is running for president. >> i don't know about that, but the federal student aid has shut up in the college tuition has shut up. what do they spend the money on? luxury dorms and luxury cafeterias? they are not lowering twister. there is nothing wrong with keeping rates low, but where's the money going to with these colleges? >> one thing we would miss if we don't mention it is again you have students can take out as much-- a maximum of their student loans mp for living expenses, but the challenges you have them using it to get by in this recession and not using it for direct cost of education. it's nice to think i'll just spend this money, but the truth of the matter is colleges like to talk student
6:28 pm
out of taking up a maximum, but we have no right to refuse than that. again, the system is broken. what you're seeing is there are cracks in the system and we are saying let's keep interest rates low. that's like adding water to the back in. it still has cracks in it. >> more administrative bureaucrats than teachers. >> the challenges unless you address how students go into debt, thousands of dollars going to students who really don't comprehend the response ability or what will happen down the line, that's why you have it affecting all parts of the economy. affecting whether they can complete college or buy a home or start a life. >> the warren lockbox, where is it? will it exist? >> neil: she is so running for president. that's my prediction. if i am wrong-- meanwhile, thank you both very much in mainstream media thanks for getting on for this gm recall. what to get along? we have an lonely and been wondering what else didn't they know. that is gm and what else did
6:29 pm
they report?
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>> neil: gm or ge whiz. is it me or is it this sudden accountability for at least a recall of more than a million a bit too little and a lot too late. just any at recall notices today even though it knew of this problem 10 years ago. even though we have been counting this issue relentlessly on this show in our next guest is been ahead of this more than anyone i know we got it in kernel response last time she was on. the former transfer station said he had joan clayburgh. joan, i assume now, we have to get pushing hard for answers and -- have you learned anything over the course of these last couple weeks that brings you closer to why we had this delay? >> not really, but we have
6:33 pm
asked for a lot of things and we will get those answers to your dweeb asked for an inspector general investigation by the us to department of transportation. we today sent a letter, both the consumer and safety groups to the head of the senate commerce committee and house of the commerce committee in the united states congress and we have been to hold public hearings. we understand that an individual has been appointed who is a former prosecutor to do the internal general motors investigation and we have asked to be consulted by this individual as they do the investigation and that report of his been made public. so-- and we are waiting for the answers that the national highway traffic safety administration asked of general motors that general motors has to respond to shortly and we are anxious to see what general motors is to say. >> neil: we always get company executives who are very hands-on and now, we are hearing from the head of gm and others who had idle
6:34 pm
positions overseeing these area divisions including the coble where a lot of this has occurred. they plead ignorance or do you believe that? >> well, if mary barrett the head of general motors does not hold no hold story pretty much by now than i think she is losing grip because she needs to understand what happened and she needs to take action to make sure it never happens again. that's why she has asked for this big investigation, in the meantime, i'm sure she has learned a lot and she will learn more when general motors finishes framing is answers to the national highway traffic and ministration and sends them on because she will have to review that, i hope she's better informed than she was in february, but we will see. >> neil: you were telling me the better part part was to get out there right away and not dillydally, right? >> absolutely. get the story out right away and make changes. i think the head have to role
6:35 pm
in this case both at the department of transportation and then nash highway transfer tatian association and general motors and if they don't take action then no one will believe them the next time. also, the other issue is that general motors was sued several times back in the mid 1980-- that 2005, 2006, 2007. and when a company has sued it gathers its data and it knows what's going on, so i don't know why at that time they didn't initiate a recall to try to stop the deaths and lower the likelihood of punitive damages in an oldie from the government. >> neil: that would make sense. i tell you you have been remarkable following this. thank you again. a real pleasure. >> thank you. >> neil: meanwhile, from drivers to drones, how do you tip a drone because now that a judge has ruled the faa
6:36 pm
does not have jurisdiction over commercial drones does that mean it's only a matter of time before drones are dropping all packages at our door? flower delivery-- they say would be fine by them. leslie, lets it does clear drone drop-offs are you how would you go about using them? >> we still need to do testing in order to work out all the bugs, so to speak. it's something that we can see it being a viable option for us. >> neil: jacket, i just don't understand how it would work. let's say i do order something from you, would a drone then like a shoot it down on my front yard? how would it work? >> well, we get the gps ordnance of where it needs to go and enter them into the navigation system and we dispatch the drone and it lands and you retrieve the package and off the drone goes back from where it came. >> neil: so there is no chance here that something will get screwed up and it launches a missile from a
6:37 pm
house? [laughter] >> maybe your house, but-- >> there's a 5-meter gps possibility of a mistake, right? so it has to be-- it will land within 5 meters of that pinpoint. so, that's a little bit spooky. you have to be-- we were testing out on frozen lakes where there was ice fishing houses because you're not trying to land in someone's front yard. >> neil: do you think there is a convenience risk in the search for convenience? one of these could go wrong or hit someone on the head and then all bets are off. >> there has been accidents already and so this is why they are being so careful about the faa galatians and that's why they appealed it on friday and all the regulations are back holding right now. we were all the way out to the lake on friday to start again and then we got the call that the faa had appealed. >> neil: incredible.
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every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next. >> neil: reports of that missing malaysia jet may have just integrated in mid air with 239 on board. know to those passengers on that jet shouldn't have been on that jet. they had-- these two guys stolen passports and that doesn't make them terrorist, but it does make my nest next guest nervous. with me now, aviation attorney or became victims of 2w800, mitch, very early on about whether these two stolen passport individuals are behind happen or not, what are the odds of that happening on the same flight
6:42 pm
-- two guys with stolen passports? >> neil, it's more common than you think. there have been-- this is one of the biggest problems we have in the traveling public today. many people are traveling with false passports, false documents, false visas and the majority-- the overwhelming majority of countries in this world don't even check the people against watch lists or terrorist list. the only country that does it on every good basis probably big us doesn't the most, the uk does it next, but to put it in perspective last year there was over a billion people who traveled and they were not checked around the world in 199 different countries traveling public everywhere and since interpol started their database in 2002, there are over
6:43 pm
40 million registered stolen passports and travel documents. so, this is not an uncommon problem. i'm not saying i'm making a connection between these two in the downing of the aircraft, that's a whole different issue. >> neil: right. we don't know, but when i traveled abroad it's always surprising me that they don't scrutinize us more closely. i'm not saying the-- i've offered my passport and i just glide through without even looking at the picture or seen that i am the picture in the passport, but that was just my own experience on a number of foreign flights, but what should the message be to americans that travel abroad or anyone who traveled abroad? >> i'm sorry state that one again. >> neil: what should be the message for those of us who worry about traveling abroad? >> the bottom line message is you have to be nervous. i'm nervous. we have this issue that is out there. it is a rare situation where we wind up with a catastrophic accident like this, and that's only time we ever kind of set up and the politicians and make notice of this kind of a problem.
6:44 pm
but, the traveling public should rest assured in some ways that triple seven that went down, the malaysian airline triple seven is a terrific airplane and i have worked on these major catastrophic failures and i can tell you for this one i believe the evidence will point to you have an instantaneous catastrophic failure, for example pan am lockerbie, that was due to a bomb or you have the center fuel take exploding with the twa 800, so whether or not we will find meaningful wreckage here and whether we tie it into these fraudulent passports still remains to be seen, but i'm leaning towards some kind of terrorist activity. >> neil: we shall see. thank you for taking the time because this particular develop it is disturbing whether or not these two individuals who sold passport are involved. meanwhile, love you have made up your mind on who you want to see run in 2016. >> i'd like to see christy runner. >> hilary. >> rubio looks interesting.
6:45 pm
>> at the get this point hillary clinton appears to be a lock for the democrats. >> i don't think anyone really has the kind of leadership this country needs. >> neil: you might be missing someone. a mysterious contender after this.
6:46 pm
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move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? always trying to find their next ronald reagan, sometimes he could appear in the unlikeliest of places including this next guy. ahead of the fine state of kansas, but you stand out from the crowd because you have a little tea party, a little conventional party in you, so as a guy who skipped out on cpac, what did you think of ted cruz is is
6:49 pm
comments? >> i don't appreciate it. i understand why people do that, but bob dole is a great american . you can disagree with him on policy, but he's a iconic figure of the world war ii generation. he's a wonderful man. he led the senate for a good. of time and i think-- >> neil: the tea party seems to be saying-- electing moderates at the top of our ticket. >> i thank you have to wait and see what the landscape actually says at that point time. but, my point is the reagan point, you just don't speak for the fellow republicans. reagan was always a very inclusive person and he had a lot of moderates. >> neil: george bush senior as his running mate, right? >> and then he's a happy conservative. >> neil: i think the party needs to unite maybe the conventional ring, the what everyone call it in the tea partiers to read both sides say nice things about you. try to pin you and a quarter, but i think the nominee will have to be someone who both
6:50 pm
sides can find some common ground with. they have often said that about you. >> probably. >> neil: are you that kind of guy? do you think it's going to be that kind of guy? >> i don't know and i think it's way too early. >> neil: have you heard, we have 2016 commercial's running. >> i have heard. i am focused on reelection in 2014 in kansas as governor. >> neil: so far so good for you, but would you entertain it? >> i am a focus on 2014, ready for governor of the great state of basketball, which i don't know if i mentioned that are not . [laughter] >> neil: so, you think that republicans can get past these problems, but i don't it will be easy. >> i don't think it will be easy at all. because you have some people that are really, really troubled about what is going on in the country and they are so mad and is scared of fearful that they want to throw a brick instead of saying, how do you pull
6:51 pm
together a coalition of people and appeal to independents and pass the barbecue test, which is that do i want to have a barbecue with this guy that is right for president of the united states. it is hard, but i think it's going to be important and i think we are taking a chance because of the problems of obamacare. >> neil: we will see, governor, a real pleasure seeing you. enough with the basketball. [laughter] >> neil: when we come back what is the deal with richard simmons and why does he enter into this debate over whether we are discussing these issues? we will explain after this. i ys say be thman with the plan
6:52 pm
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so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> neil: it's what everyone wants to know-- >> what the deal neal? >> neil: and what's the deal with my obsessing. caputo, i've heard idiots for years like you about the deficit yet our country narrows on, either the
6:55 pm
country's clueless maybe you are. click in la, so what, we spend more than we taken, welcome to america, moron. and if they walk up to clip do they still not all thy? just because we haven't seen the thing explode as it mean we haven't already lit the match and when we hear that global debt and it's pretty clear the world is on fire. i worry about stuff like this because bills can be delayed, but they cannot be denied. all the pretty many of the world cannot save the world. john, gmail neal, i believe many are confused when these two terms when he so often-- the nation's total debt we are really just a machine difference between them. that's a very good point, don. deficits typically refer to the spending that exceeds government receipts, that would be tax revenue. in-- there's deficits are piled onto the debt. which is a compilation of those deficits over many years. that's why i say ignore all
6:56 pm
this chest thumping as the deficit is going on. just because we have gone from 1 trillion-dollar deficits to only 600 billion-dollar deficits still means we are spending 600 billion more than we are taking them. that six and a billion gets piled onto the debt with interest cost alone. it's choking money for pre-much anything else. george in california, neil, love the show except for what's the deal. you are e-mailing me via what's the deal. anyway, i hope you keep hammering the debt crisis. some of us are concerned. you will eventually turn out to be-- that means having or showing knowledge of an event before it takes place. i know that. got it, george. this healthcare law isn't helping things any. tim could be yet gmail. your first question, mr. cavuto for proponents of the portal care act should be have they enrolled themselves and their families? and we always try to do that here. do they eat their own cookie
6:57 pm
because the first thing we noticed on the portal care act is that watching politicians they did every thing possible to avoid eating their own food. bad sign, good question. and now you know why i interrupt a guess. i say to get them to the point, some of you say i don't even give them the chance. highly e-mails, you know why god gave us two years and one mouth, to listen twice as much as we set beak, you stupid do this and you know i got invented that delete button on a computer to erase stupid e-mails like yours. roger, says that ratio does not apply to rambling liberal guess it in berkeley clear with some responses that she doesn't have a clue like the rest of them. roy e-mails, i see your reason and i try to learn by interrupting my wife, so far that is not perfected. by the way, this does not apply to wives. donna, so how, on whether i'm getting this and distracted by other issues. neil, come on a map with batman, superman-- have you lost your focus quest?
6:58 pm
who is going to lead the simpleton? have you gotten soft ever since richard simmons kiss you? >> i went to climb on this desk -- >> neil: i wish you wouldn't. i want you to sit down. i enjoy you also. that was deeply troubling, but i promise it has not deterred my big picture view of things. barber in new jersey, my favorite show is on fox niel cavuto, the five and bill o'reilly. neil is my favorite person on tv. you are beyond wife, barbara. >> i watch you for years and you're now my favor on fox news. you look good at any age. that is something that adds taste to anything we eat. knowing and enjoying good food is one of our good pleasures in life. i will be 83 and i know from experience. are you saying i'm that? other david in sacramento,
6:59 pm
neal what is the deal with having so many food maniacs on your show? i can only assume it's lent and neil is doing penance. what is the deal with some of these tweets? cavuto, have you consider the effects of the low gravity environment of space and what happened to your hair? inc. this through. zero, i have and i'm still building this rocket because i'm so fed up with things, hair or no hair. neil, stop bitching, i would love a chance to do your show, but you would first have to pry my pudgy fingers off this set. what is your record for the number brownies eaten at one sitting? 712. 712 and i had eaten a big lunch, so it could have been more. those of the e-mails, keep them coming. anything you have on your mind and we will address it, economic questions, you want to note quick differentia in between deficit i have you covered. i will get into personal questions at a limit.
7:00 pm
i must stress and this goes particularly two guys interrupting does not apply to your spouses, to your wives. the other way i around i'm told from my wife at least it's perfectly okay. see you tomorrow. >> lou: good evening everyone in the obama white house that much of the day explaining why the boss and his family saw fit to enjoy a rather ostentatious weekend of leisure and golf while vladimir putin that his weekend strengthening his position in crimea and today he ordered russian troops northward into the curse on region of ukraine. tonight we had reports of shots being fired by russian soldiers in several parts of crimea, but there are no reports of any casualties. tonight we examine


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