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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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what happened to that plane. i am wishing you a good night. we will be back here tomorrow night for an all-star lineup only on fox business. it is eddie calvo. peace out, pieces. >> lou: good evening everyone in the obama white house that much of the day explaining why the boss and his family saw fit to enjoy a rather ostentatious weekend of leisure and golf while vladimir putin that his weekend strengthening his position in crimea and today he ordered russian troops northward into the curse on region of ukraine. tonight we had reports of shots being fired by russian soldiers in several parts of crimea, but there are no reports of any casualties. tonight we examine the white
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house strategy and the white house role in the alliance with your. president obama and our allies faced difficult choices in dealing with a leader of the second most powerful nation on earth. he is a leader who appears intent on achieving full control of crimea and may well be expanding his ambitions to include all of ukraine. if that is the case then nothing stands between vladimir putin and the realization of his objectives in ukraine. western leaders look either adequately prepared or unified to confront the geopolitical challenge that the latter putin has faced before them in the world through the white house released this picture of president obama yesterday. make of it what you will of our leisurely attire present with phone to hear in a lavish setting. it seems hardly to project hi there energy or engagement without allies intent are restoring the ukraine's control crimea or for that matter preserving what is left to the ukrainian
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sovereignty. we will take all of this up with admiral james lyons in moments. the admiral commanded the u.s. navy's specifically the largest single military command in the world. first, the latest on the missing boeing 77 that disappeared early saturday flying from kuala lumpur, malaysia to beijing. officials expanded that search area to included large portion of the overtime and between malaysia and vietnam. so far, the search for the malaysia airline plane as resulted in only false leads and unrealized hopes. test conducted on a pair of oil slicks turned out to be from cargo ships floating yellow object first thought to be a life raft turned out to be simple he trashed. at least two of the 239 people aboard were traveling on stolen passport. it is not clear why if anything the two men had to do with it to lane's disappearance. our first guest tonight, says the white house blustering
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into threats against russia only serves to show the evidence of president obama and his national security team. joining us is admiral james lyons, the former us pacific fleet commander and president of ceo blind associates. good to have you with us. let's turn to first secretary bob gates saying to chris wallace yesterday that crimea is gone. do you agree? >> i don't think it has to be. as you recognize, lou, the stakes are huge here. the west and they go well beyond ukraine, the west cannot let vladimir putin succeed in the ukraine. because it will have an impact on every border state ranging from the baltic to the black sea. the dynamic obviously of the situation have to be changed. vladimir putin has, as you know, e's assessed already
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the economic sanctions that the obama administration most likely would use including withdrawing from the ga sochi summit and he has dismissed the faculty lounge bluster and clearly everyone recognizes geography plays in vladimir putin's favor. but, that does not have to be the case. >> lou: it doesn't have to be the case, but as donald rumsfeld, whatever you think of the man he was artful with language and he said you go to war with the army you have, not the one necessarily you want in the case of iraq. right now, we have no assets in the area effectively. we have a loan guided missile
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destroyer, the truxton at an undisclosed location, somewhere in the black sea. this is pretty thin gruel for what is an immense challenge, don't you think? >> i agree, lou. but, really our response must be a symmetrical and by that, i mean, we've got to come up with the dynamics that played to our advantage and the way you do that, you change it so that geography works for us and my proposal would be to put two carrier battle groups in the mediterranean. there's one there already, the george hw bush is in turkey as we speak. the second carrier can come out of the arabian sea, red sea area, the truman. you add to that the missile firing submarines and with
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then 86 fleet becomes the most potent wars in the region. you also would redeploy some us air force aircraft into nato bases in the east. that then puts president obama in a very good negotiating position. he then can go back to vladimir putin and say the start vladimir putin withdraw your forces from the ukraine. with a specified timeframe. can i make the point, lou. if you don't we will take present a sod and his forces down in syria. he went admiral. there is a great deal that frightens me about what you propose. one is moving those kind of forces in a position with the
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implicit threat that they represent with missiles. we have those submarines in place. they are always at the president's disposal. this is a region that is how my frany, to put it in the simplest of terms isn't ours. this belongs to ukraine. this belongs to russia, to europe and we have-- i would hesitate, frankly, to be very candid with you to ask the president who lost the initial gambit in czechoslovakia, in the czech republic and in poland and withdrew the missile defense shield to make the kinds of decisions that you're talking about. he will be the same man. he will be facing the same challenges, only squared in terms of authority. >> hopefully, this would give the president some negotiating leverage and if
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he sees this as a plus for his future legacy then i think he can come to the negotiating table with some pluses in his back pocket. >> neil: candidly, admiral, i have to see you that i'm not interested in building a presence legacy with the blood and lives of our forces. i really-- i couldn't say that with greater conviction or determination. forgive me for being so direct. >> i could not agree with you more. what i'm trying to do is get him to act as the president of the united states and for this great nation that we are. and to restore our credibility throughout the world. >> lou: admiral, i understand lots ofstration, share much folks do. but, again, we are where we are with the choices we face in its a difficult time for
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certainly the president for whom we should pray and for all of this country, europe even vladimir putin because he is obviously perfectly suited by nature to pursue exactly his ambitions. admiral, we thank you for being with us here. we appreciate it. on wall street stocks fell on week data from china. the dow down 34 points for the death of the lost a fraction, the nasdaq down two points, crude oil down a dollar 46, settling above $101 a better. gold is up $3. the safe haven buying is a quite over. the yield on the 10 year dropping to 2.78% and please, listen to my financial report three times on the sale and daily network, coast-to-coast from the biggest news. we are coming right back.
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>> the first labor union to endorse barack obama in 2008, is now slamming the president's health. grace marie turner on the union's about-face on obamacare. it's the third leading cause of death in america. can a new medical breakthrough helped prevent all timers? [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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>> lou: they were the first labor union to endure endorse barack obama and the 2000 and present a. the union, unite here, is now having second thoughts about the present healthcare law, unite here since of the healthcare law will/wages as much as $5 an hour for their
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members and worse, not improve income inequality in this country. the "new york times" reporting a number states are taking advantage of the medicaid expansion in the law to sign up prison inmates. that way nationally taxpayers rather than tapayers at the state level will pick up the expense. gallup at with a new poll, gallup showing the number of uninsured americans dropping to 15.9%. the is the lowest level since president obama took office. of course, we have spent tens and tens of billions of dollars to get here. states also not very better with obamacare. the federal health department 's director general has launched an investigation into maryland's trouble healthcare exchange and just last week the government accountable the office announced if we can into state of changes nationwide including organ.
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has an been able to enroll a single person online. the investigation seems to be appropriate, doesn't? here now to assess the president's signature law and the consequences at least today, the president of the galen institute, grace marie turner, great to have you with us. let's start with i guess the first thing comic unions turning on obama. i took a look at the number of companies and unions that have been given exemptions from obamacare versus the number that have actually enrolled people and it looks like we are talking about 3% of the population on the one hand and 3% on the other. it's about balance. this is hardly what the president and hs administration envisioned is it? >> that's exactly right, lou. they had really-- did ministration has basically overturned 16 of our economy and we saw from recent
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numbers that only about 10% of the people enrolling in insurance and the exchanges were previously uninsured. goodness gracious, we could have bought them all a boat and a house and pay them a retirement for life for less money than we are spending on this health law. it is absolutely outrageous and i think that the unite here paper, the paper that was released recently shows that this is harmful or the middle class, the very people that they represent. the service about 300,000 service workers are finding that their hours are being cut. they are having to pay as you said, as much as by dollars an hour more for health insurance that may not be as good as health insurance. it is harmful to the middle class. it's harmful to the economy. as we said from the beginning and now to have a labor union, another labor union
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say the same thing is a terrible indictment of the slot and i think it is yet more evidence that we are going to have to-- they are going to have to make fundamental changes is not repeal to get rid of this. >> lou: to me that seems like a straightforward and obvious conclusion possible. it is a disaster whether you look at the model, that requires 40% of the enrollees to be between the ages of 18 and 34. whether it be the model that requires that we enforce this three to one ratio. that maximum on the elderly when their costs are actually six to one. this is the most bizarre, ineffective, and confidently constructed imagined and executed while i have ever seen bar none. and we are talking about $2 trillion of taxpayer money over a decade to enroll what
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looks like now somewhere around five to 6 million people who were previously uninsured. it's mind boggling. >> that's optimistic, lou. >> >> lou: i'm an optimistic guy. >> if we wind up with only so far about 500,000 people who were previously uninsured getting coverage through the exchanges, private coverage, while earth did we go through this? most people who are getting coverage in the exchange or getting coverage at all are either on medicaid where there coverage doesn't cost them anything or they are lower-- very low income americans were getting huge subsidies for these exchanges and both of the people that are enrolling in the exchanges are people who lost their ivate coverage because it didn't comply with obamacare. they are being forced into the exchanges. which is bad for them also. it's worse coverage and cost even more money. >> lou: the obama
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administration today abandon a planet with an altered medicare's drug coverage. it would give insurance companies more leeway to limit the number of drugs. we are already starting to see government run healthcare in this country and you can start to feel it anecdotally in the stories of people whose doctors are not on the plan, the stories of folks who can't get into a practice, the stories of people whose doctors are walking away from practice. this nightmare has truly begun to be felt. >> the audacity of the obama illustration to think that they could start to dictate what classes of drugs, the so-called protected classes-- >> lou: are you kidding me? have you heard of the manual? this man, i don't know a lot about him, but i have to say
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to you, he has to be very comfortable in the delusional atmosphere of this particular white house. >> they believe they know better than we do what we should have and they've decided that they can do price-- put price controls which ultimately is what the effect would have been on this rule, which has been withdrawn because of so much pressure from the public and from congress, but they felt that they could do that and they said, well, we will reserve the option to revisit this later on. goodness gracious,-- >> lou: where are we headed? what happens next? what are the pressure point in the healthcare system, i'm talking about hospitals, doctors, caretakers, nurses? what happens next and i'm not talking about politically, what is actually happening to our healthcare system and how bad is it going to get? >> the thing that worries me more than anything else is
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the number of physicians who are quitting private practice. many of them selling their practices to hospitals, many more just shutting down and saying i've had it. as of october 1, they had this whole new battery of reporting rules that they have to comply with. 140,000 categories of disease treatments and they are saying there's no way i can do that. cost of an average practice to it or $50000 just to do the software and get setup. they are not going to do it. we are going to lose doctors. hospitals will start to shut down. >> lou: we are getting a different kind of hospital also. because where i live the only large hospital near where we live out the country is now a company owned hospital within their own doctors, other doctors who practice in the area can't go into the hospital. we are starting-- i mean, this is starting to get a
10:22 pm
little worrisome for my taste and i think most americans will have a similar reaction as they start to run up against this new form of healthcare because that's what they are really talking about. >> that's right. there has really been an earthquake in our healthcare system and even though most of obamacare just took affect it has-- the changes have been taking place over the last four years since it was enacted in its making major changes. the american entrepreneurial spirit will really have to go into overdrive to rescue our health care system because of this centralized control. they are doing everything they possibly can to oppose. >> lou: i think the first thing we should do is get the idiots out of government. grace marie turner, that's just the short version it will be more eloquent than that, but you understand precisely what i meant on short. >> i do. >> lou: thank you so much. i appreciated. scientists at georgetown university have developed a blood test they say could lead to an early diagnosis of alzheimer's.
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three years before the patient shows any symptoms, this test still needs to be evaluated on a larger scale, but many consider it a possible game changer considering current methods of predicting the disease, which are often expensive, d practical and unreliable. not a good combination. up next, an hbo series becomes a big hit it crashes the networks online streaming service. we will tell you all about it and a different kind of crash outside of tampa, florida, over the weekend leaves the pilot of this aircraft surprisingly, well in a lot better shape than you imagine. his story and much more. you will not believe this one. next. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting,
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lou: breaking news now. you're looking live at the senate floor. more than two dozen senate democrats are participating tonight in an all-night talkathon about global warming.
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james is an unusual man to have amidst all of those democrats because he is abs critical of the science he says does not support so much of the alarming global warming crowd, but his democrats aren't supporting, pushing any specific legislation. they're just putting on something of a show, to change the conversation. perhaps from the ongoing obamacare disaster. i would like to sit around and listen to him, see what he is going to have for them but as they say, time is a wasting. the tires are bashing a gun makeover new ad campaign featuring the "david" statue. there it is, it is holding an ar 50 with the tagline "a work of art.
10:28 pm
the italian culture minister calls the ad offensive and illegal because the italian government has copyright on the commercial use of images of "david." good for the italians. the 300 sequel by the way taken the top spot at the weekend box office seven years after the original movie. it earned over $35 million for warner bros. the liam neeson thriller "nonstop" slipped to third place for universal. hbo disappointing a lot of "true detective" fans. the final episode of the first season was so popular it crashed hbo go, the online streaming platform.
10:29 pm
the good news and very good news indeed for hbo, hbo has a huge hit on their hands, 3.5 million people tuned in last night, 50% larger than the audience for the debut. incredible images captured by an amateur photographer showing the moment a small plane became entangled in the strings of a skydivers parachute sending both crash into the ground. that is the skydiver being thrown into the air near tampa, florida. the pilot, 87 years old, and the skydiver both survived, both hospitalized with minor injuries. the skydiver already says he wants to sky dive again. good luck with that. we are coming right back. lou: see pack loves ron paul. america love becaus the kentucky
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lou: joining us now, the a team. great to have you with us reedit let's start with ukraine, a lot of republicans, and you are one of those, talking about what this president should be doing. are the republican getting a little over there skis here? >> they are very concerned. they are concerned with president putin is not showing any fear or ignoring president obama.
10:34 pm
lou: wait a minute, have to ask you, let's be honest here, why should this man with a nuclear arsenal almost the se of america be the size of barack obama like some sort of fearsome character, why should he be afraid of him? >> he is watching obama go on vacation and golfing while he is taking over crimea. we have to look at it this way. he is going to ignore president obama. president obama when he spoke about syria said this is the red line, this is where we have to stop, nothing happened. he will not take any sort of a threat serious from president obama. >> why should he? to be perfectly honest, putin has strengthened russia, he doesn't care if he loved by the world or not. he has a game plan, he will still be around. president obama has shown weakness from the beginning of
10:35 pm
the nobel peace prize and ever since and is nationally bit of stngth. at the end of the day basically has survived. my sense today is the game is over in ukraine. it is where they go from here you have to worry about. lou: let's talk about where we go from here then. this president has very few options in front of him. doehe does not have a coherent strategy in partnership with our allies in europe, what is he to do? >> he has to figure out a way to reinvigorate nato, how to make them feel calm, they are not going to feel calm. lou: movant the czech republic and poland and do it for right? >> that is what is needed. the russians are doing what they have done for five to six, 2700 years. turkey is at risk, georgia is at risk, the czech republic is at risk, poland is at risk, hungry is at risk, this guy does not
10:36 pm
believe barack obama will do anything to protect our allies. >> that is right. good ad at the fact of natural . you see how german chancellor angela merkel received one-third of the natural gas from russia. she seemed pretty muted on this topic. she is not necessarily getting too involved. gain the support of the european union which a lot of them are very dependent on russian natural gas. >> i want to turn to the leaders you have versus leaders you don't. republican party or the democratic party and president obama. rand paul, 31%, that is closest, ted cruz with 11%. is rand paul will likely lead here for republican party? >> i don't think he will be a nominee but he will be a
10:37 pm
contender because he has amazing ability. young people like him, he is not an idiot. he's a very smart guy. he will be one of the two or three guys are talk about at the end of the campaign trail. he may not be the nominee, the nominee will be one of the governors or former governor, but he will be a factor. >> mike should have ran last time. he would have been the anatomist to do that. a crowded field, nobody thinks he is going to run because of what he did the last go around. lou: so he was heavily discounted. >> absolutely. >> as we saw marco rubio dropped last year. second place. this is a draft about 6%, but the seventh place, he is trying to rebuild his image. just today he was talking about the economy and tax reform. focused a lot more on foreign policy.
10:38 pm
you guys are talking about the guys, but hope it is the conservative women maybe jump into the race. i'm thinking carly would be fabulous. in california she was the most liberal state, but she could be a contender. i think we have several options. lou: if you can convince them, think you are right. >> we can get a dark horse out there that can mix it up in this race. >> eveline on the ticket will be critical to keep them competitive, frankly. lou: this is a man still dig himself out. >> he was a hot property, florida. he ought to get himself reelected in florida and not worry about the presidency this go around. he can be a candidate of the future. lou: he wants its now because he is doing the right things.
10:39 pm
>> at the end of the day he would be smarter to have a long-range plan. lou: it is interesting because there is one thing he bought into the g8 amnesty plan, sold out his own plan to do so as well as the house republicans. now talking about the economy and moving into foreign policy. he looks so eager and so contrived because of his ambitions. you think ed has the right prescription for him? >> he is an extraordinary communicator, but he is not believable as a candidate for president of the united states. nobody is going to go behind you. >> you have got to make a choice. >> i think if the senator would headstock to his principles on immigration and said this is what i believe, this is what i am running for instead of running away from it i think
10:40 pm
that would have been more of a respectable dialogue with him on this issue but i think you lost a lot of credibility. too early in the process. anything can happen. lou: i think he had the right idea. i think he came close to having a principal position in the g8, establishment republican gang of eight i am referring to. the gang of eight. dwindling fast. but i think if these folks, imagine her they just followed the leadership of the house of representatives, i truly believe this thing could have been resolved but everybody wants to play cute. democrats and republicans particularly the senate. they screwed up the party, i think. >> nobody knew what was in it. we should never do that again. lou: thank you very much. great to have you with us.
10:41 pm
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lou: experts ramping up their warnings about the death of
10:45 pm
brick and mortar stores and to have some evidence to turn t to. the latest prove amazon and other online outlets are winning, radioshack announced they are closing up to 1100 stores. staples shuttering 225 of their locales, and jcpenney closing lo fear is planning to shut down 500. other locations, are apostle closing 175 of its stores in the coming years. pretty strong evidence. stocks today closing lower the day after the fifth university of the oil market. what does that mean? we're going to find out. this might be telling us something. here is the chief economist for moody's capital market. the fifth year we are here, 150% gains, how much longer can this go? another five years?
10:46 pm
>> i don't think the bow ball ws ready for the slaughterhouse quite yet. as long as we grow profits and avoid disruptive assent by interest rates, the bull market could go on. lou: it could go on, but what will drive them? putin scaring the dickens out of just about everybody in europe and a few people here. it looks like a slowdown, how significant, we don't know, in china. we have a lot of stuff to worry about. >> we still have a lot of pent-up demand in the united states amongst u.s. consumers. we still have to exhaust that. back in 2011 headed issue with europe, the market sold off, bounced back. i imagine the same thing will hold true for russia and china. i don't think the weakness in china will be severe enough to pull the u.s. economy significantly lower. what it will do however is help
10:47 pm
prevent th u.s. economy and word economy from overheating. that is good for bonds. lou: i thought bonds were supposed to be rotated out of the equities supported here. you're starting to sound like-- >> rotation out of the bonds, the bonds are doing much better than anticipated thus far in 2014. every time this 10ear treasury makes the run for 3%, we run into problems with interest sensitive spending and save the day. and it comes back down. lou: is 3% the magic level or is it the yield curve or what? >> i watch the 10-year treasury yield the very closely, if the yield is much above 3% especially if we find housing begins to weaken as treasury bond yield move higher, bad news for equities. lou: you think we're talking 3% or three and half, where the alarm bells go off?
10:48 pm
>> the alarm bells go off at 3% or higher. lot depends on what happens to the wages and salary income. if it remains sluggish, this simply isn't much upside room for bond yield. lou: what would you say if i said pent-up demand? because of this winter think people are going to go out and start buying stuff, they will be so deliriously happy that the sun and warmth, animal spirits are going to rage across the market and the country? >> i think you are on target for the next few months. what a happy surprise we see retail sales take off. a call for two tenths of a percent rise by february retail sales proving to be too low. eventually the growth of retail sales will slow to the underlining growth rate of wage and salary income which apparently is significantly under 4% year-to-year.
10:49 pm
lou: the obama budget, everybody dismissed it. you want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars, folks. they said no, just ignored it. >> because it is a dream. lou: a nightmare for many. >> thinking what the midterm elections. maybe the quote for republicans should be let's get real. lou: thank you, sir. >> pleasure be at lou: my commentary on the marriage between oversize government and multinational peace of mind is important when you're running a business. century link provides reliable it services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure.
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century link. your link with what's next.
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lou: with our troops deployed around the world fighting still in afghanistan and tensions rise in eastern europe as russia
10:53 pm
seeks to dominate the region, it may seem unusual to some i'm concerned tonight about bananas area did and who, as the "wall street journal" couldn't resist writing, will be the top banana in the been an industry? three fourths of the world's banana trade is controlled by four companies. two of them have announced they are merging. now only three companies. the largest combination will control the world banana market. compared to other industries i m not all that concerned when it comes to bananas. it is the trend i am worried about, the pervasive nature of now in the united states. big business is getting bigger and bigger than ever, it is true in almost every industry.
10:54 pm
for example largest cable company, comcast, wants to buy time warner cable giving comcast a full one-third of the market. talk about economic concentration. how about smartphones? apple dominates almost 42%. samsung has about 27%. together the two companies account for just about 70% of the market. powerful economic concentration is the new normal in the american economy and i don't like it, not one bit. anymore than i like big government in technology or telecommunications, banking or bananas, crude oils or search engines? google is successful, and good for them but they reached an incredible share of the marketplace, 67%. their nearest competitor is hardly a start up either. it is the behemoth that bill built.
10:55 pm
microsoft has 18% of the market. followed by yahoo with 11% leaving their competitors with an amazing 7% of the market to fight over. and this seems to be no appetite in this administration to resist ever greater economic concentration and the stifling's of competition. we are tolerating what is to me at least an an un-american way f doing business. near monopolies. our national media for some reason doesn't seem to want to call those who lead these monster size businesses what they're called in europe and russia. it doesn't sound very american, does it? i wonder why we don't hear that word more in our national media. something to think about. time for your comments. al from westchester writes let's not forget the day after the
10:56 pm
benghazi attack when four americans were killed, obama with a fundraiser in vegas. the day after c sent to the black seas to play golf, d.c. a pattern here? i most certainly do. obama and put in our life. by the negotiate, misys nor understands economics. both wan people to depend on government, each uses his own tactics, obama uses welfare programs come up with the news. the weeks to come, the strong demand freedom and the rest complain or do nothing. well put. and jim tweets borders mean not uto anyone in d.c. screaming at russia to honor ukraine. and a reminder were giving away free copies of my new book the office of the comments we just read and we will read each and every night here. keep the comments coming, e-mail me at and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news.
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