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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 11, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. neil: welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. after an all-nighter here comes the hangover. for the rest of just bend over, i hate to be crass, count me alarmed anytime i see a bunch of democrats holed up in a room all night god knows what is going on in there but that's what a bunch of them did last night, demand action on climate change pronto. leaving aside i could think of more pressing issues they should b e working into the wee hours but were anyrk of them remotely aware we don't even have a wee bit of money. we have no money. cash.e no cash. we're out of time. this is how these guys commit their time? staying up all night for this? , red bull for this bull?
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i'm not here to debate climate change. i am here to argue though that for washington change. away from folks who would sooner loose themselves in the cloudesi thann ever get around to savinge ur s cash. cas they're still spending. we're still spent. and john sununu is still waiting. former republican who was governor bush senior chief of staff. that proves how screwed up some of these priorities are. i don't care, governor, what people's views are climate changes but in the pecking order of i am maid i can't think pressing issues, that ain't it.i >> it.t is not only not it, it distracts from what really is one of the biggest priorities and that is spending. we're spending now at the federal level about 24% of our gnp. thatl number should be down undr 19, night teen or 18. it is not first time we hat a crisis like this. in 19, in 1990 when i was chief of staff i had a president saw
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the same problem going up to 22t 23% andha he negotiated a budget agreement that had built into it mandatory spending cuts and over a five-year period, after that budget agreement that he took a lot of political heat for, spending was back down to about 18 1/2%. neil: sure. >> and so it can be done but it needs leadership from the white house. bipartisanship doesn't happenbit without a president leading. neil: now of course that president suffered dearly for reneging on a no tax hike pledge and do you think republicans today should similarly reason negative? they say we have already given at the office and we're not going to give anymore? >> i think that, what they havey done is handled it in a way in d which they were not able to get the other side of the ledgerhey dealt with. that is the spending cut side. i have absolutely no problem with them defining an overall
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package. the trouble in this city nobody wants to go first and nobody wants to put things on the table. >> yeah. >> look, just repealing obamacare alone will save $120 billion a year. that is 1.2 trillion over the 10 years cycle. neil: that is not going to happen. that is not going to happen. maybe it should but the fact it is not going to happen. what about pubs -- republicans hanging their hat. the deal will be their holy grail. make obamacare the issue. maybe flip the senate and get bigger majorities in the house and set stage for killing this thing. is that realistic? >> no, they have to start talking seriously ben titlement cuts. isknow how hot that is politically. neil: right. >> i understand it is difficult, but talk about it in the context of a younger generation getting screwed in the long run. you know, let's go back to obamacare for a second. the interesting thing to me is that nobody is talking about the fact that the democrats designed
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obamacare on purpose to screw everybody under 35. and force them to buy insurance inat virtually all of them don't need and to suck 2 to $3,000 a piece out of them to pay for ltalth care that old folks like you and i need. neil: careful, careful. >> it was deliberately designed, cliently designed to screw the younger generation, why could you say that? torpedoing very base loyal to democrats? >> let's not say i'm right. it is factual. it is designed to get younger people to buy health care -- neil: no doubt but that would be saying that it was intended to screw young people. i mean -- >> it was intended to take the money out of them. neil: you would screw your base. >> it was intended to take two to three thousand dollars out of them on purpose. 2 to $3,000 they weren't spending before obamacare. bef you know, maybe it is my definition that picking their pocket for $3,000 is screwing
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them but the fact is they got screwed. neil: okay. all right. i kind of know where you're coming from. that comment about the old thing, it is going to be a long time before you're back on this show, young man. governor, always a pleasure. thank you very much.nk >> thank you. neil: remember when ron paul said giving a billion bucks to ukraine is like throwing money down a black hole? he found someone who agrees with him. ukraine's former president victor yanukovych. thissian very vich guy has -- this yanukovych guy has different agenda. he is cozy with putin. this sound a lot like egypt to me. this money will end up goingo th into thee wrong hands or in his case into bandit's hand trying to take advantage of a crisis, not the ukrainian people suffering from that crisis. i know he has an axe to grind but do we really want to throw money in the middle of all this like in egypt and countless other uprisings? that is the stuff ron paul was getting into last time he was
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here. he is back with us now. congressman, that was your point, right? be careful because you don't know who is on first. >> absolutely. you don't have to be a genius to be concerned or predict these things that is the general rule. if you send money off to some group and you take it rather readily from the american taxpayer, it goes into special a interests, whether special interests at home or if you send it overseas it goes to special interests as well. so right now, they're figuring out how they are going to handle this bankruptcy of ukraine and they need a lot of money but there's a lot of people that are owed money including many, many banks. so somebody is going to have some benefit but believe me it won't be the people of the united states and it won't be the common people of ukraine. they will the continue to suffe. so the principle is wrong and that's my big beef about this : ole process. neil: as you pointed out its same thing to the us tied up in egypt. we didn't know who to give money to and the group that decided to
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be with us turned out to be as dictatorial. you could go to syria or libya. your prescription for all thesei typept crises is what? >> stop getting involved in all of them because they never benefit us. we already, victoria nuland, the undersecretary of state has admitted already through the ngos put in $5 billion undermining the government of ukraine. yes, we don't need to stop now. we needed to stop years ago. it we need to challenge the principle why we get involved like this because there is never any benefit from it. and, pretty soon we will run out of money. you know they made a big deal of the vote last week on opening up the loan guaranty to ukraine for a billion dollars. neil: right. >>n well, they don't even mentin in that bill a billion dollars. they just get the access to this loan guaranty program. so it could be many, many more. i'll tell you what, there is erly one thing about a loan guaranty. it is guaranteed never to be
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repaid. i think that is a pretty sure thing. and that will happen here. you give money to the government of ukraine right now and they pay some bills. maybe they will even send some money to russia. neil: that yoa.u raise a good point, what guaranty we have? russia is demanding a billion dollars payment for gas and energy, that sort of thing so let's just stop this and since we can't really police this, y om the money that we give them, to give to russia? >> right. makes no sense whatsoever. it is strange that we accepted this for years. that the politicians fall into this but they're gullible. they listen and listen to the propaganda. they have a misunderstanding of economics. diey think that the best thing to do -- one of the most seductive things in washington is that even those that i worked with in washington where we tried to avoid, you know, the military confrontation, they were so often ready to use these financial things, freezing of
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assets. neil: >> sanctions and send over more money and unfortunately the two policies we offered is, well if you do what we say and you will be a good dictator we'll give you a lot of money. if you don't we're liable to attack you and send you a drone missile as a present. instead of taking advice we were given long time ago stay out of internal affairs with otherf nations and trade with them and have peaceful relations andnd that, that is the only thing going for us right now, there is trade between russia and europe. there is trade between us and russia. there is trade between us and china and that helps but believe me these people who are interfering now are liable to mess all that up and undo progress we've made. neil: congressman, thank you, very, very much always good having you on.neil >> thank you, neil. neil: try criticizing climate changessers. try. say tim cooks said you should dump the apple stock if you're not a believer. richard branson, richard
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neil: all right. it is time for the b-side. when we take a look at the a story nobody else is talking about. tonight some apple shareholders might still be ticked at tim cook. remember him, the climate change lecture. that if you think it is junk science, just dump be stock because tim wants nothing to do with you. richard branson agrees quoting from the virgin atlantic founder from the blog. while he told skeptics to get out of our stock i urge climate change deniers is get out of our way. too much is at risk and don't deal with it and don't deal with why they want ceos to shut it. focus on the business and not fc this stuff. it is interesting, jonathan, because the argument that cook makes, that branson makes, it is
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that it is integral to their business to be addressing this. you say what? >> neil, if it is integral to their business, branson should stop flying planes all over the world or apple should stop using plastics. the more mankind used earth thea better mankindrt has become. honestly can't tell you richard branson, whether the green stuff deal is fad like 1990s clear trend or suicide cult because the logical extension of the green movement is man's extinction. how else do you have zeroio impt on the earth other than getting rid of man all together? neil: not a bad point. branson is doing his part becausehi all his flight attendants are really thin so they're a light load. mercedes, what do you make of that? >> well, i don't say this lightly. they are hypocritical. richard branson's company, for example, the airline industry, they have emitted over 7.1 million metric tons of
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carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. again, they're considered probably one of the more pollutants in the air. maybe he should stop flying his planes. tim cook, maybe should have china pledge they try to reduce you know, green, green house emissions as well or carb carb emissions, where is the majority of manufacturing for apple? it is in china. they get cheap labor and cheap energy prices. it incredibly hypocritical in both parties. >> neil, skeptics have been right. lu every ludicrous claim made by environmental movement over last 40 years has been dead wrong, when it was called the ecology movement in the 1950s. all the promises of cataclysm and loss of human life have been exactly wrong. so the skeptics have been exactly right. of course branson and cook, i think it is a fad.thin goink g green is seen as being trendy, seen being hip. seen being progressive. it that is i why it is so popular with politicians and business
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people alike. neil: mercedes, i should point out i'm a apple shareholder, for many years, long before mr. cook came along. my only point i'm into your company for your gadgets. not your lectures. shut up. keep making great gadgets and don't lecture me. me like the food police who come o the show, neil, try a salad. why don't you try leaving? that is my only issue. i don't think it is his job to ht into areas have nothing to do really with his company. >> right. it was a proposal that they pushed forwards towards apple, look how these greenhouse gases are affecting our bottom line basically. so they werein looking at this proposal. he completely shot it down. he said technically he didn't even look at return on investment. come on, seriously. he is ceo of apple and not looking at return on investment? neil: by the way, this somehow figures into a hot new gadget, the earth will be destroyed, there is app for that, that's
8:17 pm
fine. this is not your purview. that is all i'm saying, john any. >> and -- johnny. >> not necessarily taking the moral ground, if you don't agree with me, get out. that is just -- neil: they call the right intolerant by the way but, jonathan. >> bottom line, neil, the reality all this green spending, virtually all of it would be at a loss if not for government subsidies. even our own government experience with solyndra and the like shown that if it is good for business that's great but by and large the green movement has not shown to be case. neil: i'm pro-choice on issue. i choose not to listen to these idiots. thank you very much. any of you have some free time? now you at home can help search for the missing malaysia flight. it is true. i kid you not. you can help solve this mystery with your own eyes. it is not unprecedented. average folks have found abmarkable things looking at the same thing the experts are. what does everything mean to you?
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neil: well this is where authorities think the malaysia flight went down. so, can you see anything here? what about now? how about now? you probably can't, neither can a lot of authorities. so one company is trying to make it a little easier by increasing the number of eyes searching and doing just what you're doing now, using a technology called, crowd sourcing, either imagery company digital globe, is making satellite images of the crash site public, hoping you might discover the mystery or something the experts have missed. it hasex happened before you kn. former national transportationar safetyd board director peter goelz says after days of learning nothing this is
8:22 pm
actually a good option. explain that, peter. obviously you're allowing more people to sort of play colombo here and try to look at the same pictures and images, data, that everyone else is getting, right? >> that is exactly right. i'm in favor of utilizing any of this kind of new crowd technology when you're faced with these kind of challenges. i mean let's be clear. the malaysians do not know where this plane came down. they think it might have gone down on its way to bejing. there is recent reports that says it actually took a 90-degree turn, flew back over the main island and disappearedf in anle entirely different location. so listen, if, if earth images has got a plan where a lot of people can take a look at this, oky not? i think it is, i think it's a plus. neil: you know it is funny too. because you will be amazed what people learn watching same thing you're watching.
8:23 pm
i have seen it covering live events, e-mails from viewers watching it unfold as i am, i remember as a young reporter, covering the 1986 challenger crash. it was an engineer, retired engineer in florida who noticed something he attributed at the time to o-ring giving way that later proved to be actually prescient and right, that is what contributed to that disaster. so average folks, sitting at home can see stuff, but what, what do experts hope that they will glom on to?hope t that is what i don't know. >> i think probably the experts, the ntsb folks over in malasia, the civil aviation authorities, i mean they're going to, they're going, tend to their normal investigative protocols. 23 something comes up, if i were running the zoo, running investigations i would have somebodyio monitoring this. listen, let sees see if
8:24 pm
something comes up there. let's see if they have something something. if you have a significant portion of the crowd saying look at this in this area, what's to lose? neil: that's a very good point. i think average eyes can notice the darnedest things. peter hopefully we get to the bottom of this one way or the other. >> it's a tough one. thank you. neil: you ever wish that lois lerner would just talk! what if i told you her emails already are? ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the only return i'm looking forward to... for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members
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and their families is without equal.
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neil: this is kim jong-un-believable, north korean leader, winning the most lopsidedvilleon verdict ever, elected. with not a naysaying north korean in the house. who is bringing down the house?
8:28 pm
you know who. with 100% of the vote in, kim ster with 100%, sweet, you heard me, not one north korean voted against it. or if he or she did, they had their ballot destroyed, then they were. up usual, but not unprecedented. consider this when tv news viewers were asked who they thought was greatest broadcaster of all-time, yours truly not only ran away with that list, he owned it more than an00 polled in a cavuto fox business sampling. look, neil cavuto 100% of the vote. soupy sales?
8:29 pm
0%. then a category for others, peter jennings, dan rager, and edward -- of tv news person who ever lived, 0%, i got 100% of this. sound weird to you? it does to me. she might not be talking but her e-mails are. what lois lerner's exchanges with irs reveal, they were knee deep, house oversight chairman darrell issa detailed the e-mail in a damning report he said presents clear evidence and i quote, miss lerner misled congress about targetingn her own conduct. and tom delay, does not like where they are leading, you know, sometimes you can rely on ha swerve you, e-mailing can be damning, what do you think? >> well, neil, i got to tell you, i think that the e-mails
8:30 pm
tell everything. put is in perspective, remember the president in his state of the union message, sent a message if not a -- openly, publicly to lois lerner, when he spoke about citizens united on the floor of the house, and he wanted something done about it and then you got a letter signed by 10 senators, saying that same thing, senator chuck sure. er, saying the same thing. -- chuck schumer saying the same thing, message coming to irs employees, not least of. fact i lois lerner who is a left wing idea log and part of the democrat party and wants to stop the right wing crazy organizations that leads me to believe, as investigation continues on, you will find it goes to the highest level. neil: i think there is something what you are saying congressman,
8:31 pm
i don't care if you are on the right or left on this issue, i'm a numbers guy. in all seriousness, are these rough numbers? 600 to 6, 600 largely conservative groups versus 6 so-called liberal groups, it is about 3 that might fit that definition, that is a very lopsided score. that would warn further follow-up. >> but, in her e-mail she talked about politics, about irs needs to do something about this. where did she get that? out of the blue. because she is a political activist that sees this going and wants it to hatch? it is -- happen? it is amazing to me that she acted on her own. and not only that, but started
8:32 pm
revealing in her own e-mails, illegally, information from the groups, out into the internet. through her e-mails. all of that is illegal. neil: wait, are saying that you would not do thiso your own working out of a since inoffice there had to be high irups well aware of what was going on? >> absolutely, i'm sure she wanted credit for it, even if she did it on her own she talked to people higher up, this was too big a thing inside 6 lun 600 applications that people are not talking about it within the irs. neil: the numbers alone, how did it get so lopside, it was not as if we had a rampant number of conservative groups looking for this filing status, this nothing like that. >> also remember, they just come
8:33 pm
out of a losing elect in 2020, was looking forward in 2010 and looking forward to presidential elect in 2012, and had been focused on the ocean -- organization but stop them from participating in the process. neil: thank you very much tom delay. >> all right. thank you, neil, congratulationo your 100%. neil: how is that for being a corporate weasel. the car recalls, you know those that resulted in 13 deaths, that is old gm's fault. not the new gm's fault, so all you victims, good luck getting a dime so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that?
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neil: hearingso, now the 18 is
8:37 pm
the and house expecting to hole the hearing on the gm recall mess, gm spokesperson telling fox business it is not this gm's mess, gm did not assume liability for claims arising from incidents and accidents arising prior to july 2009, that mean thathe victims get squat? gm telling us, we don't know, though words, here is what texas republican congressman michael burgess knows, someone is playing -- with the facts here, congressman what do you make of that. and possible legal defense might be -- well this is the old gm. we were rescued this is the new gm. >> neil, i am not a bankruptcy lawyer, you need expert opinion on this. but from my recollection this is not a bankruptcy by gm it was a government takeover, i'm not sure how that alters the
8:38 pm
equation, it may be the government is liable for those claims. neil: what do you' to find out with these hearing, what took so longer whether during the time of buying out and rescue. -- bailout and rescue, they wanted to keep this hush, that certainly, would not have helped the argument for rescue, right? >> well, remember we have some history with uncom manded acceleration in the toyota cars around that same time, and democratic control house at that . was very quick to jump on the toyota manufacturing and brought their high executive to our committee to testify. neil: i remember well. >> if there was other evidence or other problems we should look at, maybe the numbers not as significant, but still, 13 fatalities is no central matter, the other question -- no small matter, the other question, how
8:39 pm
was that data, veil watted. -- evaluated, there are other data of this type. neil: you of thinking, you much to get to whether the time are of the bailout might have affected getting worth out? >> we need to see quality of data coming in. we just have to know that. >> congressman thank you very much. >> all right, now to those law experts, new gm, is not liable for old gm. kind of a ground breaking strategy. to attorney heather and auto editor joseph on what is next for victims and families, heather, on legal argument about a new company? that is the old company. >> that is the reality of these bankruptcy situations, neil,
8:40 pm
anything that occurred before the brur bankruptcy this new gm is not line will for, the new stock holders people. yes of new company don't want to take on that liability,. neil: but prince pehls of company were -- princnciples the were. >> that is when you get to other questions, congress and senate looking into this. whether or not there will be grand jury investigations into this as there was in toyota recall, that's possible. there also possibility of criminal saptions but civil likability are those who were injured in accidents after the bankruptcy. neil: joseph, i defer to your expertise on company's strategy. how have they, to you, explained the lock delay -- long delay, cynic will say they are covering
8:41 pm
up or people not communicating? >> i think they have not explained the long delay, if you read what they have put it, it looks like people were not communicating and a complicated bureaucratic process that was handling something that should have been handled more expeditiously, i think that company is more or less acknowledged that and the congressional hears, i might note are bipartisan, in nature, have you ranking democrats and chairman fred upton. who -- calling for hearings, this is raise a bipartisan concern, because really congress thought they addressed a lot of the underlying issues in 2000 with what ready to act, but it appears that maybe they did not, there will be a lot of questions to uround that points. the whole regulatory process, what gm did.
8:42 pm
transportation department or didn't do, we have a lots of questions. >> tread act opens up possibility for criminal liability, part in response to firestone recalls, that -- part says, people can be criminally held responsible, we've seen that with medical device manufactures in 2011. neil: we know individual lawsuits were going on years ago. any company, that has -- has to respond to the idea lawsuit there a collect from proses in gathering information. >> yes, that is interesting, they have to answer 107 questions from the national transportation board. then those questions, and answers will be in civil cases. neil: the main character of company, pleading ignorance. is that going to apply? can it fly?
8:43 pm
because it is such a big company? >> no, by -- at the end of the process, i'm sure that members of congress, and regators, and for that matter people who are litigating will know who knew about what and when. that is what the letter said, they want to know who knew what and when. neil: thank you for bringing us up to speed. someone is not telling the truth. >> are you curious to see what your boss is making? it is easy if yr company is public and your boss on the ceo, almost everyone else, kind of tough, but whole foods now the policy, food for thought. patron -- pay pra ♪
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>> tran person see on compensationo everyone can see what else else gets paid. that is kind of radical but really a good thing. neil: think about that, in a meeting, you are looking around the room, you know what every person in that room is making, a few coworkers make more, but less than you, your boss makes a huge amount more than you. it could be good or bad. i found out other anchors here are paid. did you know that? they are paid. law is shear -- w.h.o. is also paid -- is here who also paid. can that boomerang on you? >> i think it is a wonderful idea, all about competition, if we're equal, and you have good
8:48 pm
performance numbers that is why you make more than me, i'll work to get your performance numbers and i will get a raise. neil: does it make people better. critics -- bitter, the critics say that boomerangs back on people trying to be transparent? >> sorry. yes, absolutely, i think that you know they are trying to be a positive motivate or for their employees to you know have a stake in increasing their salary with increases hard work that is good. but, knowing what your colleagues are making and maybe you are working harder than they are, and that could cause some issues, i think down the road, the question is for, whole foods circumstance is the potential risk worth potential reward, and it whole foods think it a positive. they are moving forward with that? because there are different ways of judging it too. straight pay, and stock, shares
8:49 pm
in the company, rewarding for performance. and et cetera. of the company. then it gets to be a sticky wicket. >> it does get camp kated -- complicate, sal reef cofounder and ceo, a dollar, i like the fact he makes a dollar. neil: we should not worry he is starving. >> he is not. it is a food store. neil: a very good points, i don't see other companies racing to this, from reason rcumstance if you are private concern there is no reason to. >> yeah, i agree, i think that you know, companies with nothing to hide, hide nothing, maybe whole foods gets paid fair across the board, they can be transparent, but, i mean, reality that competition of
8:50 pm
normal companies out there in world, probably don't have that type of policy, and i think it would cause a lot of issues with a -- down the road. neil: i think that that yankee game, you g paid for this. >> if you want that talent in have you ta pay them, so, sometimes, so and so makes more than you, they needed that incentive to come onboard, especially with management. neil: thank you very much. all right we a lot of react to this new segment. what's the deal neil, a lot of i are not getting the gist. this is the season of lent, you are supposed to nice, and thinking nice thoughts. as we prepare for a special season. but you are not. a lot of you are being absolutely satanic. some. els after this. -- exales after this.
8:51 pm
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neil: time for most exciting 5 minutes in broadcasting, have you ask anything, i will say anything to get you watching or guessing, we call it, what's the deal neil, a lot want to know the deal with john mccain on for so long. craig in san francisco, why bother having mccain on your show, ever, he is part of permanent political class in dc, david in california, senator mccain is too entrenched with old guard. the rhino and the stupido this viewer is over out.
8:55 pm
good guy. don't let the screen door hit outweigh out. >> i thought your intur view was sense sere. go ahead, and rip his policies, but do not rip john mccain on principles, he endured 7 years of inhumane torture speaking to >> mike from michigan. -- i brought that issue up before, if you can't afford and find some abus and waste in a defense budget you are not looking too hard. and maybe all that drone spending, right, because at least a judge is cleared him for commercial use. we had business guys salivating
8:56 pm
chance. to use drones to deliver their goods, to your front step. how is a pepperoni pizza extra cheese, drone the door sound to you? one question, how did you tip a machine? jeff in ohio, how to tip a drone, keep a pack of batteries handy. >> courtney, the greatest idea to deliver flowers by drone, customers would get a kick out of it yeah, you can always say the between went to the wrong house. then, neil, thanks for posting my tweet about student lones on air, i want where richard simmons -- why richard simmons wanted to kiss you. a very good tweet. that is us. who owork es that. -- os -- we're all going to pay for it then this. is there any bubble in near
8:57 pm
future, the one i just mentioned. this debt thing is, a ticking time bomb, i know you get tired of hearing it, justin payments are hugging more and more of our overall spending. god forbid, a slight uptick in rates, still there is good news. no one can silence me on these issues, my fox news show has been interrupted by curious. no such problem on this folks business show. we're mother nature proof, now get this, new and improved. only i got that, but, i digress, garland. a little involved be prepared.
8:58 pm
complaining. to your viewer, there is a dish, aimedda this satellite to pick up further distribute the sign signal. sun's pass seemed to move from winter to north in spring, as we enter spring, the sun, will be where that satellite dish is pointed. strength of signal from satellite, is no match for the overwhelming strning strong radio signals from the sun. >> what? kelly, it's not the sun, it's your fat head blocking transition, i understood that. since we set clock ahead.
8:59 pm
beck else, -- i can live with that and this from jc. you suck as an interviewer. my advice to you, put less energy into being cutesy, and more into developing thoughtful questions, have a nice day you hockey puck, my advice to you, is to watch another show, you are bringing down the iq of my smart audience. i want you to get up now. go, go, get up! change the channel. anding is they network more suited to your -- i think nick,
9:00 pm
jr. or msnbc, good night. >> a big fat hypocrite, senator from california, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee worrieded the cia is spying on her. really, diane? how's that feel? a secretive body prying into jr. up mentionables, grabs information at will without your knowledge. sucks; right? that's exactly how the rest of us feel about the nsa and the gross abuses of power. they have the means and motives to check in on all of us regulars. the difference here? we're not senators. we can't compel you and cronies with subpoenas in the threat of perjury. we just sit around, not break the law, and hope to god the intrusive government does not


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