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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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go to our web page for the live after show, see you there. it will be hot. i'm kennedy. good night. ♪ lou: good evening first test of how republican messaging on obamacare debacle will play in midterm elections taking place in florida tonight. the polls have closed, florida 13 regular district special election republicans, david jolly, democrat, alex sink, vying for seat of republican bill young. who died before finishing. by defeating sink. but sink as a florida democratic party cret ran who -- veteran.
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sink has a well established fundraising base that was able to spend 4 times as much on television ads than her republican opponent, but jollies campaign focused on failures of obamacare and made a concerned effort to paint sink as a clone of president obama. jolly closing from 13 points down in polls in december. to a dead heat, as voting beings open today. we'll have results for you, as they come in here tonight. white house. may have helped mr. jolly today, obama administration announcing they are far short of their obamacare enrollment goals, 4.2 million americans have enrolled through end of february, 25% of those, are so-called young, invincibles, that is highly unlikely that will meet their enrollment target of 7 million
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by time open enrollmentens on march 31. the government is not keeping track of those vy important numbers. to try to reach more young people, to enroll in program, white house, decided to take a highly controversial and risk i public relations gamble. present giving an interview to a come eadian for as a talk sh show. the president, trade insults. >> i have to know, what it is like to be the last black president. >> seriously? >> what is it like for this to be last time talk to a president. >> hard in two years when you are no longer president, and people will stop letting you win
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in basketball. >> how does it feel having a 3 inch slert call. >> out of the way. >> vertical. >> wha what did you come here it plug. >> fair to say, they would not be with you, if i didn't have something to plug. have you heard of the afford be a care act. >> it does not, why would you get the guy that created the scroon to make your web site. site. lou: president obama already attacking criticism for that interview, some calling his appearance inpresidential. joining us, judy miller, former member of george w. bush senior staph brad blakeman. judy, what do you think that of the appearance. controversial helpful? oak -- awkward, unpresidential. >> desperate, president obama
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needs single out this floating target, the youngin -- invincibles, he did that by giving this interview. lou: all of them. >> a lot of them. according to the white house. largest single driver to obamacare web site. lou: how many. >> 4 million they said, but we don't know how many are just having a look. and how many people actually enroll. lou: i have to have a little fun, when white house does things like this, they won't tell us the real numbers. we have no idea brad your thoughts. a lot of dry humor. >> well, if a president had something to be funny about, perhap its would be funny, there is nothing funny about obamacare, though people, that same young people who tuned in, to see that, same people who
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slowdown in the highway to see a wreck, they saw a president, whoa desperate, and somebody who cannot appeal to them because their parents tell them, we're not paying 3 grand to have you insured. whether can pay $95 fine. it does not meet metrics of their households. lou: the very people that the president said he is trying to appeal to were those getting screwed. >> absolutely. lou: this is a absolute organized, robbery, of the young people, 18 to dollars dollars and -- dollar dollars and their wallets. >> it is being done but now -- >> now with a real spirit?
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what is interesting, the extent to which this number of what they need, minimum has moved. when we started out, they had to have 40% of people signing up, now, they think they can live with 25, they think they are out of danger zone with that figure, i want to see the numbers, as you do, another suspicion that if the numbers were good we you would hearing all about them all of the time. lou: brad? >> i think judy is right, if they were proud of the numbers, we would not stop them from coming out, giving us hard metrics, but youth is not steppingp. they don't think they need it, and it costs too much, there is nothing that president will do to convince their presidents. that is something in their child a best interest, they don't believe it nothing the president says or does will convince them yeah, 18 to 34-year-olds, the
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folks having a hard time finding a job. these are also the same folks who are been sold a bill of goods about how, rationaly it is to put, a $50,000 worth of school lone debt on your back then go to a workplace where 'the president is not providing at creagd o creation of jobs, at what points do -- less appreciative of bill of goods. >> it has not happened yet. descreng owhat is interesting is the strength of the youth vote for obama. it is continuing, young people are still loyal to him. lou: judy makes it sound like, president can get reelected right away. what do you think, of -- first the 13th district special election in florida, brad, what
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do you think of way that republicans, are moving forward? >> i think they are doing a great job in florida special elect, there a lot of resource put on this race for two reasons one is it will be a good model, to types of voters that are coming out, in midterm elections we know that party in tower, does not get the -- power does not get the benefit of their power. because the people, are reject, that if democ low, youth coming out. and -- lou: wait, you make it sound like republican establish am was behind that candidate all along, jolly could not get attention of the republican congressional campaign committee, he didn't have the attention of republican national committee, karl rove is all stng stingy and disinrip
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rested. >> -- disinterested. >> there is a great look at modeling for november, a look the issues what are issuing that are turning florida election? we see mid terms elderly come out more than youth, by huge percentages. lou: you knew that what are we going do learn mere? whether you will be a one issue campaign, that is against obamacare? or you going to have to do as we heard so many cpac, start talkse talking about, are you ready middle class working men and women. is the republican establish am just shoul shaking in horizon boots. >> they are worried about how obamacare will play in a general election. >> brad, the last word. >> i think obamacare is going to be a deciding factor, in florida election, and in fall. lou: all right, we'll find out, you are on record right here, we're always glad what you are. brad thank you. juddy, thank you. >> thank you.
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lou: senator joh john mccain dismissing a new poll finding him the least popular senator. can you imagine, said mccain with a 30% job approval rating in state of arizona. here is the senator explaining why it could not be true. >> there is a bogus poll out there, i can sense that people in my state, when i travel, which i do. they like me. i am very grateful. lou: there you are. up next, american fighter jets on move. headed for russian border, general tom mcnerney, joining us for latest on the ukraine crisis. stay with us.
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lou: investors not pleased with the ukraine crisis and tensions resulting between the united states and russia, on wall street stocks finished lower. crude oil, down a dollar. gold up $5, closing below $1300 an ounce. shares of fannie mae and freddie mac tumbling after senate banking leaders announced plans to eliminate companies ask a new bill that will do it men's wearhouse reaching a deal to acquire joseph a bank. a 56% premium to joseph abank
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share price when this started. u.s. military present on russian border is being increased, as many as 12 if/16 arrived in poland, deficien defense department, saying this was a preplan exercise. guided missile destroyer, remaining only one in the black sea, and 6. >> and on the ukraine border. all of this disci'spite despite a new few research show
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-- pew research shows, 56% say united states is note get involved. general, by just about 60% people say don't get involved. this administration is going in the opposite direct, is it not? >> they are. but i think they are doing the right things. it was probably same percentage when hitler took over the ryan land. then he took over austria, then over -- then americans did not probably 80% did not want it, i am concerned with what is going on. i think nato must show resolve, our european partners must show resolve, we must work this problem. this most dangerous situation i think we faisal mov face, almost since end of world war
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ii. >> we have one guided missile destroyer. in the black sea, we have two dozen aircraft, that have been moved into position, in eastern europe. along border with ukraine and russia. that aims to what in the way of a -- amounts to what in the way of a force that could retard the advance of a russian military unit, or, air assets? >> very good question. it does not amount to much, it does, starts sending a signal. that nato, and would like to see other europeanations participate in those defense air exercises. but we should be doing, because of the treaty or memorandum of understanding that we signed in 1994, from belgrade memorandum,
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then the president obama signed it resigned it in 2009. we would support ukrainians. against any outward aggression this is important that we stand by our words, we have to be calculating. but i think we should start flying aircraft over the ukraine. at the ukraine government's request, and have, awacs and joint stars and other intelligence survey listen and, global hawks this type of thing to get a good intelligence picture, we can communicate with the russians, i believe that north atlantic counsel, must be communicating, as well as u.s. and get a lot of diplomacy involved. >> as you know, right now, putin say there will not be any discussion, he is not responding to requests for discussion, he continues to move trooping from
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crimea, to show something of how anemic the response has been, ukraine's own government, establishing a new national guard today, they have 6,000 combat ready infantry, that air force, ukrainian air force out numbered 100 to 1. this would all it seems to me, if i may with all respect, i am intrigued by this scpu are the expert, it seems that discussion of moving air assets and forces that time is long passed. because, the russian army can be moved anywhere it wants, with almost, no resistance. >> no question about that. if he wants to seize the ukraine, and move in, he can do that real question is, can we put enough empedment or make him thing can we dissuade him what
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does it take? i think that is what we're trying to talk about. if you look at his strategy, which is to resurrect, former sev yell union -- soviet union, keystone is the ukraine, i believe we lost cirmea, but i believe that we can do those things, that stop him and discourage him, dissuade him, from wanting to seize the ukraine. he can do it there snow question. t, i think that there are things we could do diplomatically, and economically militarily all bound tlghtd. if we stand together. and that can deter him from doing that. >> i'll give you the last word quickly. your judgment, here. united states military, air force, all of assets, are they
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-- there seems to be little question they are sufficient to destroy russia, if it were to me to that but reality, there is little here that could extricate once we're the united states, and europe, from the mess in which we find ourselveses if we do engage. >> well, we're not going to engage. what i'm saying we do the want to give the ukraine back we must use every tool that we have short of war. to dee deand dissuade him. . lou: i agree but we've already permitted, putin to seize the crimea. and bases dis strategy irk assets there we don't have a way in when it to move forward, i am -- i am hard prosed to
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understand the quot quote, unquote tragedy imarat kavkaz port an of ukraine in united states. >> and you can make a very good points. on that, united states, will continue to exist, but, i do believe, that we have been on a faith of toward unilateral disarmament. that has encouraged. putin, to take more aggressive moves. and that is why we have to get ourselves back on where peace through strength, andy are able to deter the moves like this, nato has to be with us. lou: but, they are not. germany does not even want antions. -- sanctions. it seems like, you know, critical as some may be of this president, and by the way i'm among those.
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on what he has done in terms of defense budget, pentagon, and reduction in force, i don't see our allies in region that now under threat, are even at the beginning, of assuming a military posture of defense. in eastern europe, and preserving the integrity of territories that putin threatens. >> well, you are correct. it means, that united states, is going to have to lead in front, we cannot lead from behind, we have to marshall the resources and our allies to do this, so it has a good out come for not only united states, ukraine, and europe, and as well as russia. lou: general tom mcnerney thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: to lawsuitist on the missing malaysia airline flight. a senior malaysian air force
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official saying that the plane stopped sending transponder codes near the coast of vietnam before then flying far off course to the west, hundreds of miles from scheduled flight path and disappearing from radar, somewhere over the straight of malacca. stay with us, we're coming right back. >> freddy stock crushed in the market, congress wants to put them out of. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? [ exhales deeply ] [ male announcer ] well there is biotene. specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants, biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ applause ]
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how you doing? good. automatic discnts the moment you sign up. lou: breaking news. we told tu would be bringing results as soon as florida started sending us results on the election in the 13th district. as you see there with 53% of the precincts now reporting, the special election for florida's 13th district congressional seat is close as expected. republican david jolly such by one point. 48 to 47% over democrat alex sink. 119 of 225 precincts reporting. libertarian lucas overby pulling
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in 5% and these all the polls showed it would be very tight race indeed. we will keep you updated as results keep coming in here. stocks ended lower today. investors booking profits and of course the global tensions not helping at all. here with his outlook for the market, david bailey. global head of management investments for citi private bank. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: the market today, i think the expression would be choppy and not much action at the end. >> we're seeing not a lot of action in the market today. a little bit of wait and see as people are looking at the world outlook and i think people have been taking profits during the beginning of the year. it is a sort of wait and see moment in the market. lou: a lot of people sitting there, once again we're hearing a lot of talk about a correction. we're hearing about a pause. a lot of caution. >> there is a lost caution and i'll tell you why that is is
10:29 pm
taking place. there have been very few normal corrections over the last 24 months. a normal correction is 12%. th largest correction we've had is 6%. people are feeling like the market is almost not choppy enough. what is happening in the united states lou, is very good for stocks. if you look at earnings growth. dividend growth, share buybacks, basic economy has been pretty strong especially after such a bad winter. lou: when you weigh all of that though, the buybacks, the dividend, against earnings -- >> right. lou: which is the more powerful driver here? >> earnings are clearly the most powerful driver. if you take a look back to 2007 right now, earnings are 35% above where they were at that time and the stock market is approximately 22% above that time. sorry, go ahead. lou: go ahead. >> in addition if you look at actual p-e ratios today, on forward p-e ratios the stock market is averagely priced. it is not as if it is expensive. the thing that gives us
10:30 pm
confidence that the amount of money on the sidelines uninvested is relatively large. lou: you expect there to be a straight line move? >> of course not. you look what we're recommending, the typical recommendation is 57% in equities which is a lot. lou: there you have it. thank you very much, david. >> pleasure. thank you so much, lou. lou: reminder to listen to my financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network coast to coast for all the day's biggest market and business news. we're coming right back. stay with us. parents of students in successful charter schools in new york city suing the mayor. attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes colwin join us next. ♪
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lou: new york federal court considering a challenge of atheists trying to remove the so-called ground zero cross from
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the september 11th museum. they claims it violates separation of church and state a judge ruled last year against the atheists that the purpose of the 17-foot cross shaped beam was historical and secular. we have leading attorneys, lis wiehl, mercedes colwin. fox news little analysts. delighted to have you with us. let's start with the cross. the atheists and, where do you expect this to go? >> beyond the pale. i can't believe the atheists are coming forward. these are two beams that intersected naturally. not that -- >> it wasn't created that way. >> it was not created that way. it was natural. fav people hope. of the 3,000 plus people that died at 9/11 many weren't christians this. is nothing to do with christianity. has to do with memorializing a historic event. >> your point is exactly right. it was created through the tragedy. that will make it, here is a legal thing it has to be historical, rather than a religious sort of, having it been created from 9/11, that
10:35 pm
makes it historical for the museum. >> and why can't these cases be resolved quickly? you know -- >> talking about the courts? >> yeah, exactly. lou: but again, i'm frankly tired of judges who haven't got the guts to make a ruling. i am tired after legal system that takes forever and perpetuates. i understand it is business. i had is good for you guys. it lines everybody's pockets but really gums up the judicial system. >> it does, but the if he ral judiciary are they are no-nonsense. that will be fast-tracked. we'll get to a ruling. there will be a non-jury and decision something like that. there may be a motion to dismiss, ultimately they determine it is a historical significance not one -- >> i understand larger significance, yes, we have so many cases gumming up the system and i think judges frankly should be a little more assertive and exactly what you're saying dismissing them out of hand when there is nothing really to view, there is no factual issue. it is just on the law, they
10:36 pm
should win. it should be squashed. lou: new york mayor, for those who don't know, new york's new what would we call him, socialist, communist? >> there are nastier word people saying about him, lou. lou: wants to shut down and is trying to shut down the city's charter schools. lawsuit, three separate lawsuits. >> right. lou: against the mayor. why is this even necessary? >> well, certainly the families are just outraged. this abuse of discretion. this was already approved by a prior administration. there is no reason -- we have yet to see articulable reason that is lodgal and under the law that says these charter schools should be closed. >> talking about some 70,000 city students attending 183 charters. they're opposed by the teachers unions of course. teachers unions don't want these. lou: oh. i see. >> regular politics in here. lou: that is politics and it is business again. all about it. speaking of money, the, carnival
10:37 pm
cruise lines getting sued, passengers looking for $5,000 for life. >> for life. >> for life. lou: for life. it is a sweepstakes, a legal sweepstakes for ongoing medical and mental props as a result of the fouled up cruise they were on. lis, lead us through this in justice. >> they will not get 5000 k for the rest of their lives. that is not going to happen. there should have been middling ground with charter or cruise line. look, it is not just, we'll give you a ticket back, say come on back for any cruise. nobody would ever want to get on a cruise ship again after that experience. they should have done something more. bad pr. come after them, rest of your life when you have no medical bills and very few medical bills, it will not happen. >> carnival is jumping up and down. where are the medicals. you say you have posttraumatic disorder. >> you say and never go on a cruise. >> ultimately it is not $5,000 a year for life.
10:38 pm
that is ridiculous. >> the thing when they ask for medicals that these people are asking for that can go out to find doctors who will say, write scripps, you will have to have these medical expenses for rest of your life. it will not answer it completely >> the trouble carnival cruise lines is having, i don't know if they have a customer relations department left. i mean how do they survive this. >> what you know what is amazing? lou: is goes on and on. >> they will give more discounts. more people will use the price is right and people will cruise. i don't get it. but they have it. now the pr are saying, we'll spend $300 million on4 ships. this will never, ever, happen again. >> they say until the next time. lou: makes me nervous when they say that about ships. lis wiehl, thank you very much. mercedes. >> thank you. lou: for being here. up next, one of the few remaining signs of u.s. and russian cooperation. there you go. an american astronaut is home,
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from the international space station. and the brand new novel, pillar to the sky, telling the story of a future for mankind's survival dependent on mining space resources and climbing into space. we're coming right back. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at so ally bank really has no hthat's right, no hidd fees.nts? it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh...
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10:43 pm
a winner could be announced, we have no idea of course, how the remaining precincts will come out. and we will have that to you as soon as it occurs. and we'll update wherever we are at the end of this broadcast at the top of the hour. an american astronaut, two russian cosmonauts returning safely today from the international space station. despite strong winds and freezing temperatures and, in kazakhstan. yes, we have russia to thank for their successful return. these are the russian ground crew, carrying the cosmonauts and astronauts back from the capsule because of course they can not stand. they help them from the craft, and, the united states, now, nasa, doesn't have the ability to even put our astronauts on the international space station, the space shuttle program, shut down. all healthy and, i'm sure glad to be back on tara firm ma.
10:44 pm
-- terra firm ma. a new novel details nasa scientists challenges building a revolutionary space elevator. sound far fetched? we'll find out more from the elevator to space. "new york times" best-selling author, dr. william fortune. good to have you with us. his latest book as you see there, pillar to the sky. it is available in bookstores and booksellers all across the web, and the world. good to have you with us. first of all, congratulations on your book. and, as people are probably scratching their heads at home, say, did you say space elevator? and yes, i did. a featured novel. congratulations on that. working with nasa actually to bring this material to life in
10:45 pm
your novel, tell us first of all the relationship between you and nasa how that came to be and what part that relationship plays in your book? >> lou, you and i are about the same age. lou: we're young. we're young. >> we're very young. but remember the great dreams of our youth of apollo and america could do anything. yet we see nasa cut to the bone. we have been using what is antiquated system for getting into space. we've been using chemical rockets ever since the first launches back in the '20s and '30s. there is a different technology out there. the idea of building an elevator. that sound a little strange, but consider earth is the bottom of a "gravity" wall. lou: i have to interrupt you, if we get bogged down in too much of this. first, how do you get the, the nano carbon up into space to create that elevator? >> you build it from the top down, lou.
10:46 pm
you launch up a spool of nano carbon thread a couple millimeters in diameter. get up to geosynchronous orbit, which is the sweet spot, 23,000 miles up and string it down to the equator. centrifugal force keeps the thread rigid, hook an elevator to it and americaais on the way to a renewed space program. lou: your book is about rescuing the world with such advanced technology. and a terrific novel. let me ask you this. how far do you think we are, you quote, arthur c. clark talking about it will occur, this space elevator 10 years after everyone quits laughing. as he said back in 2003 they quit laughing. how far away is the space elevator? smile take, lou, i take take great optimism you're not laughing. we're on to a serious subject here.
10:47 pm
the technology is here. recall when jack kennedy challenged us in 1961 to go to the moon. america's total flight time was 15 minutes. eight years, three months later we were on the moon. we could do the same thing now and transform space technology. lou: right. >> hey, there is limitless energy, 200 miles up. once you get this in place, you can people energy back down along the cable itself. limitless energy for a starving world. lou: everything william fortune is talking about is something that nasa is conceptualizing and working on helping at least at the insipient point to develop. william fortune, the book is "pillar to the sky." recommend to each and everyone of you, available online at bookstores everywhere. great to have you with us. congratulations on the book. >> thank you, god bless america. lou: amen. up next, my commentary on today's florida special election and what the results may father tell for our mid -- foretell for
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lou: conservative republicans wrapped up their cpac convention this 35689 weekend. -- past weekend. lots of folks galvanized by the oratory and horse race among senators rand paul, ted cruz, dr. benjamin carson and governor chris christie. senator paul won the cpac straw poll by a mile, beating ted cruz by 20 points. that is great. i was excited by what i heard from lots of people at cpac, words i seldom heard utted by republican conservatives ever before. i'm absolutely thrilled with the republicans.
10:52 pm
i can't remember the last time i could say that. because, with the publication of my book, upheaval, i've been begging republican leadership to start focusing on winning elections and to stop their cut the budget, cut corporate taxes, cut regulation mantra that doesn't mean a darn thing to the voters who decide elections. i devote a large part of "upheaval" to urging republican leadership to resist the chamber of commerce nonsense. look to working men and women and focus on their interests, their families, their jobs because it is after all, their country. and to please, please, drop the wedge issue nonsense. to understand being against gay marriage does absolutely nothing to be for traditional marriage, to strengthen heterosexual traditional marriage. that the vast majority of americans support abortion.
10:53 pm
let me say it out loud. 71% of americans support abortion in at least some cases. and the issue, when focused upon relentlessly as the republicans have done for far too long, it does nothing but detract from the urgency of strengthening the republican party, enlarging, not diminishing inclusiveness and appeal of the party to all americans. i've been reporting and writing on american middle class for two decades, the need to preserve the middle class and jobs to sustain it. i wrote the best-selling "war on the middle class" in 2007, fearing then what has come to pass now. the loss of jobs, pay, many cases the homes of our middle class and those who aspire to be part of it. in "upheaval" i tried to persuade the leadership of the republican party to succeed and to sustain the american dream.
10:54 pm
they must reach out to middle class voters and it appears some of them are finally getting the message. here are two influential republicans at cpac over the weekend music to my ears. >> we have introduced legislation to rescue america's working families from the middle class squeeze. to make it more affordable to raise and educate their kids and afford health insurance and a home of their own. we have an agenda. >> here's the truth. under this president and harry reid the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer and the middle class are being squeezed like never before. lou: those are republicans, republican leaders, mcconnell, facing a tough race this november but you know, i've got, i'm got some hopes for him. we'll get a sense how the republican party message does sit with voters. the early test in this year's
10:55 pm
midterms is one of leadership and whether the gop establishment leaders will continue to identify the republican party with big business and the chamber of commerce, or turn to the interests of our working men and women and our middle class. and win elections. after all, the middle class is where the american dream resides. it is what the american dream is all about. focusing on that, republicans may in fact hold the house and take back the senate. the test began today in florida. now, we have 237 days till election day. november, 2014. let's take a look at some of your thoughts. dave from ohio writing, how can obama lecture putin on breaking international law when obama totally ignores the u.s. constitution by only enforcing the he likes and changing the ones he does not like?
10:56 pm
sheriff joe in phoenix posted on facebook, a liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive health care, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities and only law enforcement has guns and believe it or not, such a place does exist. it is called prison. and martin tweeted about the ukraine crisis. obama also lost to russia as did american influence respect and exceptionalism. we like to hear from you. send us your thoughts at lou@lou follow us on twitter at lou dobbs news. twitter page or facebook page. everyone gets a free copy of my book, "upheaval." all authors of tweets and facebook posts we read each night. that is it for us. coming up tomorrow, boston
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neil: welcome, everybody. glad to have you. after the all nighter, here comes the hangover. for the rest of us, just end over. anytime i see a bunch of democrats in a room all night, god knows what is going on in there. that is what a bunch of them did to demand action on climate change pronto. i could take a more pressing issue for what they should be working into the wee hours, but we do not even have a wee bit of money. we have no cash, we're out of cash come out of time and this is how these guys committed their time being up all night


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