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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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joining us have a great night we will see you tomorrow. >> get ready what happened in florida last night i am telling you could be a preview of coming attractions. i am a neil cavuto. let republicans dismiss with the election in central florida let them say it was already a republican district even though barack obama of bonn and its allies then democrat said it was a very big deal but it had nothing to do with the health care law although the special election was based on that health care law here
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is why republicans are running with that a swing district went against the president just as voters and nastily are. his approval ratings the lowest ever from the latest wall street journal poll. the health care law is a very big reason. and to the matter how many hit shows and they are desperately trying to keep it afloat. >> but they're not getting better. they are getting worse. they are not remotely interested but all is said and done, 30 billion will remain uninsured. that is why voters are getting restless.
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get ready in november for the real fireworks. did the sunshine state just are or am i just finding out? and to our guests, what is happening here? is this the tipping point? >> mid term election-year republicans are looking to make big gains were they can make the argument obamacare is causing more harm than good. neil: you could say it was close in the eyes of the beholder but republicans are sensing these exit polls and they have something to run on is that what they should run away from? >> of course, they do but it is one election and did terms are about more than that.
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>> you don't think health care will be the issue? >> when republicans go beyond repeal and replace once they try to replace the t party those is there really afraid of cannot do it because what they have right now uses obamacare. think about it if you think it is up mess right now what about if we go back to the old way for the pre-existing condition? neil: then tens of millions should sign up. >> those who desperately need it that is a good thing it is a change. >> but what she is is saying is is if it was so great
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country and get much argument from preexisting conditions is the dirty little detail you have to pay for that that gets people so ticked off. >> behind the scenes democrats are very nervous. being still is building this is a must win. one year ago the president said they had a great shot to win back the house you cannot make that argument after this race. they would do well to hold their own with the midterm election and obamacare has not been popular and wind up president has teetered mitt romney or john mccain he does well. not as bad as 2010 but the senate is in play and republicans are favored to pick up seats in the house especially after this election where it was a
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district that he won. neil: it was very apparent how much with republicans. >> premiums are likely to go up that is smaller pace than what we have seen. they are far less significant prior to the passage of the affordable care act. neil: no offense. she is trying to serve lemonade with her lemons. i admire her creativity but it is not working. >> obamacare is essentially shuffled the deck chairs on the titanic. but conservatives are now saying don't go back, go for word to change the system. neil: that means you could
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make them worse if that is based on the things that are already in the health care law. >> democrats are awkwardly in a position they defend the status quo. the political calculus for republicans with a permit replacement plan that has changed now we are opposed obamacare but voters recognize to make a change of the law of then they have to change washington that is trouble for democrats who are up for reelection and every month when people are getting their health insurance bill is a room monthly reminder through to vote for. neil: but it's to the point if you had to revise your democratic friends, how would you have them play this? or those who would say i am
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glad the president pledged of this mandate? because they always looked like they pulled back. >> so you go negative on the other side rather than defend your own. what you replace with? neil: they just say go back to what we had a survey county people with preexisting conditions will you kickoff for children? >> fair enough. with the devil is in the details? the republicans have the mass. at least have a health care package. they really have to do drop their repealed message because you cannot just repealed without replacing
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e. liz people who have coverage but the tea party is not on board with that approach. neil: and they have been known to grab defeat through the jaws of victory. up next no surprise when judge napolitano says buying has gone too far by when dianne feinstein could p.i.g.s. flying we too far off? why this former russian champion longs for the american president not the compromiser but the cowboy. what if putin were dealing with reagan? ♪
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neil:. >> i have grave concerns the cia's search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the united states constitution. neil: now dianne feinstein has had it but did not say
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anything when they spied on us but try snooping on her committee members now raising holy hell. judge napolitano doesn't care why he is happy to have someone in washington. [laughter] >> not just anybody. this is the biggest cheerleader the strong supporter and the most powerful member of congress in support of the intelligence communities supporting all the programs even those in my view is illegal and unconstitutional always in favor to increase the budget but the fact they were stepping on her staff and in her opinion like. in my opinion it is not just one member angry because the staff was burned but a turning point in the relationship between the cia and the united states congress because when she accuses them of violating
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the fourth amendment search and seizure without a war dance separation of powers the executive branch snooping the head of the c i a denies it is a collision course. who controls the purse strings? she is one of the most powerful members. this morning of all the years i was in the senate i never heard a more powerful and meaningful speech on the floor about the various roles of government constitution as i heard from senator feinstein. neil: i think this is why it is resonating. from liberals and democrats is fair and balanced it is a bipartisan beef the senator
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is pretty astute. neil:. >> they just don't play it right when bernie sanders sent a letter to the nsa with a one sentence question are you or are you not stooping on congress? the answer members of congress get the same respect of their constitutional rights as everybody else which is to say no. no. neil: who cares the reason. glad to have you on board. >> to one of the first times i am thrilled to be in the same boat as a great senator from california. [laughter] we will pedal a canoe. neil: the end of times. thank you judge. in the meantime we careful what you wish for because our segment today looks at this. the president wants to
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expand over time that if you clocked the extra hours you should get the extra pay. until you start thinking about all the public workers who were clocking zero lotta love unusual overtime. look at these examples. in new york one safety insecurity officer racked up over one had to $14,000 of overtime pay. another assistant paid 184 grant with 15,000 in overtime more than doubling to 68,000 base salary. my favorite to a prison guard earned more than the governor himself taking a salary of two london thousand dollars. keep in mind the highest earnings counts of level that the benefits are based
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that we pay. and now how easily this could be abused. it is ripe for fraud. >> it doesn't just happen to places like new york state but department of homeland security they had millions that came in and with overtime pay it was very questionable a favor even working just checking personal e-mail or watching television it is ripe for abuse but to be honest i think it is political shenanigans by the president. the election years and he cannot tyche is helping but the sad part is weekend wafted it could hurt the folks he says he wants to help. neil: i get weird thinking it is weird to demand businesses but now you give
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the burdens with the health care law equating them whether no differentiation if you are mcdonald's or a restaurant and then you assume that they can take on but they cannot. >> no. gillespie clear we have seen with obamacare. businesses decide not to hire new people take those to work full time and put them under the new cap so they don't have to pay extra of money. that same thing will happen here. for those who are flextime may be work from home, her project, under the new proposed rules up that $50,000 which we saw today what about those who make 40,000 held business will
6:18 pm
say every time you check your e-mail or log in you have to clock that tied to make sure you are not working overtime. neil: i've never thought of that which is why having you on is so in lightning. great to see you. if barack obama and vladimir putin played the game of chess why is it a former world chess champion says our president has already lost the match? before barack obama he shouldn't have played. what does everything mean to you?
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neil: checkmates that is vladimir putin who just got
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barack obama uh king because in the ukrainian battle former chess champion says the legend is running the board if we look like a pawn the president ned -- needs to get better. i have used all the chess analogies that i can. you think he should step back to learn from ronald reagan? >> he can learn from great democrats in the past. jfk is a great example. he started bad then ended with the crisis than almost on the brink of nuclear war had to show his strength so why not do which earlier? whenever there are political dictators with their strength and arrogance they
6:23 pm
take advantage. neil: but in kennedy they did not take advantage simic he had his weakness in vienna then the bay of pigs. neil: if putin has that assumption if it is fair or not how does our president change? >> today like taiwan or south korea or berlin or 1962 kennedy had to protect the united states. there is the deaf and ammunition to bring down vladimir putin. neil: what kind? vanity economy. neil: europe is not exactly trying to help us tonight they recognize it is a dangerous moment because after world war tarot with
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the european security it is something nobody could touch except saddam hussein in 1991 and vladimir putin and now when he tried to attack the georgia he was not ready. they claim to the clause i state. neil: why do they do that? >> it is very much a domestic agenda to show the strength to the russian people. the only way to justify he's already there 15 years it'll stay there forever. it is 24/7 putin propaganda. for a moment nations can become paranoid like germany neil: are there really
6:25 pm
loyal? >> everything done that i think with the proper referendum with both sides getting ready to have the democratic process it will not be platoon's russia and the whole story of the crimea leading to russia it is not true. neil: but the eastern part? >> but the country's has enough ammunition. it is all here with the russian reserves. it will boomerang because
6:26 pm
the united states there is a signature. neil: that does not mean anything. i believe if it means nothing. neil: given that appetite is. >> but we just talk about consequences. there is it too much at stake. neil: i hear you wanted to present. i think reading the fact must -- much of the western world figures he has their number. neil: he doesn't play that we like that analogy in chess he with zoos.
6:27 pm
neil: deface the opponent the times. neil: but use of the table. >> but putin wants us to believe he has a strong hand but he doesn't the russian economy is not strong enough to sustain with the state-owned companies. neil: but they went down when they were taking. >> went putin talks about counter sanctions and warning of the consequences if he is right. there will be a bluff but it is a difference he has limited damage. neil: what if he takes crimea? >> it becomes part of russia
6:28 pm
all bets are off in putin recognizes with the eastern ukraine of toucans see is all sorts of stuff it would if he goes after the baltics? if the credibility of the presidency actually it is more than syria we will have consequences. let's not forget it with something here or there eventually he would be happy. no, no, no. he will keep the same pace with the territories in interest globally before she goes down.
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i tried to give my analysis. neil: it is a dead on. very good. did the u.s. congressman really tell me yesterday that whole gms? it is what he said in a lot of you listening in your car is the amir driving off the road?
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6:33 pm
and then we get kind of screwed by them rex talk about the ultimate gm defense. it's the old gm's ball. so, it's not on our dime it's the taxpayers dime. our next guest is gm's should have to paid no matter what. the commerce and my have good legal point, so randy, what is this mean? >> first of all let's remember that to the average person there is one gm, the same gm, but the truth is there are two gm's. there is the old gm which is before gm went into bankruptcy and got bailed out by us and then there is the new gm. the new gm was able to get rid of all the old stuff, including accidents and injuries and deaths. the new gm does it have to worry about any of that happened for the filing, so the point is any accidents these deaths or injuries that were the result of the ignition problem after the
6:34 pm
filing, after gm comes out with the new gm, new gm could be on the hook ergo we could be on the hook because the united states owned 60% of the new gm. >> neil: incredible. to me he is right, i mean, i know the old gm and the new gm analogy, but a lot of the old guys in charge of overseeing the cobalt line and all the other cars are running the new gm so as of their culpability there we mac absolutely. it's the same people. the people that created this that covered up the defect, they are still at gm-- >> neil: but are they's shielded because of this old versus new pre-bankrupt then rescue company? >> if gm committed fraud and they covered this defect up in fraud will penetrate the bankruptcy shield, but we want to get beyond this. senator-- said today look, we with this bank of the shield,
6:35 pm
wave the statutes and take responsibility. after all, it's people's lives. we don't know how many there are, but we believe there are hundreds, not the 13 that general motors has said there is. >> neil: it's interesting what the company knew and when did they know it and what would be the smoking gun , is in a memo or an e-mail that says-- because private lawsuits were starting, so you are a lawyer, if the lawsuits is starting in your gathering evidence, so higher up are presumably aware of that, right? >> look, first of all the reality is that no one at gm will say, all right, you know what, the hell with the bankruptcy, the hell with the shield, no, that was negotiated. a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of lawyering it was done quite well in quite a purpose. gm has some concerns is out of it. this is the government's issue-- the government is
6:36 pm
going to prosecute criminally. the government-- >> one thing is clear, when they go after individual gm employees for criminal liability, putting them in jail the first thing gm will do is open up their checkbook and say where do i sign and how much should be? they don't want the responsibility of having their executives go to jail. no matter what else they should pay the liability out of new gm, not old gm. >> neil: wow. this is a legal nightmare. they have an ethical conundrum jury jemma, thank you very much. in the meantime, i want you to look at the look at this woman. she's pretty hot, right? she's pretty thin. now she's creating fit. it's not her picture on facebook, it's what she is saying on facebook. let's just say she has been friending a lot of mom's on facebook, but she is happy to answer their tax and financial tvs belly of the beast, which would be me.
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gunderman group is a go.
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>> neil: a lot of you are talking about president obama's quick visit to that gap. a store in manhattan when he was here for fundraisers. here's what we were surprised about, a gap worker asked if if the press president went to open a credit card and the president declined saying he already had the car, which struck me as ironic considering our nation's credit card is $17 trillion. it looked like the present is being fiscally resolvable with his money, maybe not with ours. meanwhile, babe or mac? to hear angry moms tell it, when it comes to the hot facebook mom the latter. they are having fits over
6:41 pm
maira kang lecturing them for not being fit. statistically the self proclaimed facebook had why they are not so hot, what's your excuse she asks. it's all online, but has all of this crossed over the line? to the woman who's getting in their face, maira kang herself. maria, good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> neil: were you surprised at the reaction you are getting is-- boy you have a lot of angry moms out there. what we watch the same? >> i was saying, what's your excuse for not making her health a priority. here i was, i had my kids in front of me. there were three .2 and eight months at the time and i prioritize my health and that should be important for any family in order to raise a healthy child you have to be healthy. >> neil: how old are you? >> i'm 33. >> neil: so, you are young. so, 33, if there is a 43 or 53-year old mom hearing you lecture them they will take offense at that and say take a chill pill and don't lecture me, right? >> i think if you're 43 or
6:42 pm
even 53 it's even more important for you to make your the priority because your muscles decline as you age, so it's important to work out, to be correctly because we are in a healthcare crisis. you know this. i'm saying what yours excuse, not saying what's your excuse route looking like me-- >> neil: it's implied, right? york gorgeous woman and have beautiful children, but i'm wondering god for bid you ever made you and plump out, will you regret the time in your impressionable like you lecture people on the internet? >> i don't lecture people i encourage people and i motivate them. in fact-- >> neil: you are much smarter than that, maria. you are showing yourself and your measurements and people with this and say-- by the way, 99% of guys love this. 9% of women did, but my point is what is your point here? what are you really after hair? >> i'm after a woman out
6:43 pm
there-- not even women, men, children, saying that they won't make it excuse for not making her health a priority and right now because of that picture i rallied over 700 locations in 24 countries of no excuse mom groups that are meeting locally in their parks were free, so i'm taking a public platform and using it to make a positive difference. >> neil: do you think that let's say there are moms and dads, a little older than you, maybe the same age, fatter than you, what do you think about them? >> what i think about them? i think it's wonderful to be part of a family and to be a role model and to what to create a healthy community. i think that any family should make their health a priority, so i went to encourage people. >> neil: you still think they are fat and lazy don't you? >> absolutely not. i don't believe in word is you believe they are not motivated. >> neil: work challenge maybe
6:44 pm
that's probably better. i'd like to arrange a dinner with all of us and some angry people and i say we have it at all the garden and just take out on a bunch of their fattening appetizers, maybe we can settle this over bread and pasta and fatty meat, you know? >> come on, i love the all garden actually. have a pretty good light menu. we are dealing with a. in our nation where there is a lot of health issues. 70% of the people are or obese and i'm trying to make a difference with my no excuse mom movement. i'm very passionate about this issue and i've always been strong in my intention in saying i'm here to inspire, not insult. >> neil: okay. they are not hearing you, but maybe they will. maria, thank you. good have you. >> thank you. >> neil: look around, you're next moneymaking idea could be right in front of you. someone is keeping track who
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>> neil: forget about making money over twitter, how about making money from tweets on twitter? follow the bus, make it one. that is-- that eagle of us, the ceo actually follows the trend on twitter, what users are talking about or make a big fuss over. but, he's not just reading in, he's cashing in. how does it go? >> it's a financial information and data provider. we use lots of different technologies and a team of research analyst to curate the entire web including
6:49 pm
twitter for interesting information from anyone from our day trader to hedge fund. >> neil: i have no idea what that means, but what you're saying is from that you call investment ideas, not necessarily coming up with stocks, but the names of companies. >> we give you an example say i tweet and one via. that's not a useful piece of information, but if we monitor everyone in the us that is tweeting that tweet or similar tweets then we have read for discretionary purchasing items like how me people in the us want to buy a car, that can be really interesting to people looking at investing opportunities. >> neil: okay. in this case cars are discretionary income. but, if-- is that sometimes following the right leads to ask a lot of people might be talking on any given day about justin bieber, right? what a way to extrapolate from that. in other words how do you separate the noise event we work with twitters partner.
6:50 pm
we work with them to extract and delete the noise and only look at the useful tweets regarding the topics were analyzing. >> neil: and what trends can you share now? the people to be all their investment ideas, what you do? >> what's interesting is in february trends regarding chinese shadow banking sector we analyzed twitters rivals over there, so we were looking for in stretching trends and what chinese people are saying about shadow banking-- >> neil: if it was on a menace with your signal the two short banks, what? >> we are in information and data provider. >> neil: you will run with it as you well. >> yes. >> neil: so anyone could take that from you today. anything that is making noise for you now?
6:51 pm
are people cautious about a market this year versus the great run last year? >> i think there's a lot of interesting ideas coming up and we are doing a research note on we bow before goes public. it will be the only research note of its kind. >> neil: and he reads on it? >> no, not yet. >> neil: proprietary to i would imagine? >> yes. >> neil: but you could share, right? fascinating. it's an interesting way to gauge sentiment out there. then there is this, me, the greatest broadcaster of all time. the proof kind of next.
6:52 pm
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(announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. >> neil: it's that time again. >> "what's the deal neil?" >> neil: and forget what is the deal with gm tracking its feet. bruce e-mailed me and wonders what is the big deal of this mass? what is the deal neal?
6:55 pm
with fox news be happy at all domestic auto makers failed? would you feel the same about those us workers at toyota when congress didn't waste a second over that automator's issues or are you lease a pathetic to workers? a billion bucks for the ukraine? i asked was going be cashing a check? do we know? do we care? if you cannot follow the money trail hear how can you dream of following the money trail in the ukraine? excellent point, mark. given our track record we can never sort these good guys from the bad guys, so why do we keep giving money to these guys? david, the yet inter- i'm never heard of that. as a superhero i can't believe you missed the biggest issue with the $1 billion gift to the ukraine. we don't have it to give. we are broke. day, i brought up that issue a number of times and you are
6:56 pm
exactly right. you can't get cash you don't have any a lot of you still can't will get over this. >> i went to pick close off. >> >> neil: don't we all. we are out of time. no, i want you to stop. >> don't worry about it. >> neil: what you to stop. >> let me entertain you. >> neil: think about it. it's all on basic cable. tom and delaware says since richard simmons and you seem to hit it off, would you let him back for another interview since he can from obamacare. you say you are fair and balanced. >> yeah, but i never said i was nuts. break, the verizon, when you come from your show does your dear wife ever ask why you always add to those old ugly male boring parts on your show, but all the women or young a gorgeous? you need a change. invite nancy pelosi, that will lead with just one show. interesting, fred, i always get the wrong time.
6:57 pm
is it demeaning to the president of the united states to show up on a web show called "funny or die" bill o'reilly says oh, republicans say so. i don't say so. republicans do a lot worse than to branch out then at least think younger. i mean,, meet the press, really? robert in south jersey, neil, you nailed it. rand paul knows how to tap this medium mark and will. they can't do any worse judging from the last couple of presidential elections, robert. chris, did gmail. i don't want a president with a clown. if i want to watch a clown i will watch that cavuto clown show. why bother, chris, when there is always cartoon network for which you seem ideally suited. neil, forget those e-mails from and a mess nbc viewers to take a break on occasion to watch first-class cavuto tv and then pretend to be angry at you. you are one you host with a lot of savvy and i wouldn't miss either show.
6:58 pm
you are also pleasing to look at pudgy or not. you had me going until the pudgy thing. really? really? and a lot of you tweeting about the push for a gas tax to fix our roads. neil, they lie, they g, they steal, they raise our taxes and one thing remains, the potholes. you are right. remember how gas taxes were supposed to fix potholes until politicians learned it to hughes the money elsewhere? in this on richard branson now telling climate denies to get out of my way. his multibillionaire branson saying get out of his way so he can fly his big jets and make more money, such hypocrisy. another, doesn't richard branson own and airline, heck of a carbon filter there. what do north korea and president kim jong own having common? i want you to think about that for just a second. not the dressing thing, a look the pudgy face thing,
6:59 pm
no, i'm talking about the 100% thing. it's true. where both tops in respective polls. he just got elected with 100% of the ball. not a single blow against him and north korea. imagine that, unusual but not an president. i share a similar poll when americans were asked who their favorite host with all time? you are looking at him. i be everyone. cronkite, williams, o'reilly, everyone, not a one of them got so much as one though. they all came to me. a lot of you for so some strange reason or not mine these results. one tweeted neil, i was ready to believe you got 100% until you said soupy sales received none. that with my undoing. it does make you think twice about the results. 80 even the north korean results, but i'm not 100% sure. what's the deal with the numbers we are given
7:00 pm
sometimes? i can make you think. i control your mind. i'm moving your mind. i'm moving you while you are moving right now off the couch. show is over. we will see you tomorrow. >> lou: good evening everyone president obama raising the temperature of his rhetoric, drying and other line for russia, this time on the ukraine. which, in this instance is artie been crossed by russian troops, that line. the president along with our european allies had delivered an ultimatum to vladimir putin. german chancellor, finally joining in. a message to vladimir putin is simple. pull back your cooking crimea and enter talks with the new ukrainian government by next monday or sanctions will be inactive.


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