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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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course, why we are always right about everything. friday night and 9:00 and midnight. i hope you're there for it. thank you so much for being here good night. ♪ is over. we will see you tomorrow. >> lou: good evening everyone president obama raising the temperature of his rhetoric, drying and other line for russia, this time on the ukraine. which, in this instance is tie beenrossed by run troo delivered an ultimatum. european allies had delivered an ultimatum to vladimir putin. german chancellor, finally joining in. a message to vladimir putin is simple. pull back your cooking crimea and enter talks with the new ukrainian government by next monday or sanctions will be inactive. those sanctions include,
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travel bans threat the european union for anyone deemed responsible for "actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the ukraine" and the freeze of any european union based funds or economic resources that are quote own, held or controlled by the same individuals. mr. obama hosting new ukrainian prime minister at the white house today demonstrating both solidarity and support to the new ukrainian leader called on mr. vladimir putin to step back from what may well be an abyss. >> if he wants to redraw the line, and to change or undermine the entire global security and to revise the outcome of the second world war so they will move forward, so my message is mr. vladimir putin tear down these walls.
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develop or intimidation and military aggression, let's stop. let's calm down. >> lou: secretary of state john kerry not quite as diplomatic in his testimony delivered to the house appropriations committee ahead of a scheduled trip o london tomorrow where he will meet with russian foreign minister circa a logger off. the secretary state. >> very quickly on ukraine it can get ugly fast if the wrong choices are made. they can get ugly in multiple directions. so, our hope is that indeed there is a way to have a reasonable outcome here. he will speak to our first guest says the obama administration needs to ensure that the new prime minister the ukraine doesn't leave the united states empty-handed. he needs proposals and plans for moving forward.
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former vice chief of chat general jack mckeon. general, great chief of chat general jack mckeon. general, great to have you with us. >> good to see you, louis b with two obvious and perhaps helpful display of support on for president obama bringing ukrainian prime minister to the white house. what does he need to do now? >> first of all inging him here as you indicated is a good thing. we are bolstering this new regime and that is a huge message to the people in kia and the people in the greater ukraine. so, you have to give the ministration credit for that. i hope he provided him with the details of what our actions would be as a result of the referendum that will take place in the secession will, forward and certainly the occupation of crimea, which is artie taken place. and give him some sense that the united states will be there and i would think that the present is also speaking for many of his european
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allies and laying out the kind of plan for this new interim president and when he go home he can speak with confidence that the united states and our allies are committed to this thing. >> lou: the president today, general, said he and international community completely rejected as he put it what he called it quote a slapdash election to be held in crimea. i thought those words were strangely benign, even cautious. it was an invasion. he has occupied sovereign territory that most to the ukraine. are we just simply writing off because we must crimea that putin has successfully confiscated the territory and the people within? >> the issue is invasion and occupation. certainly, this stooge election is taking place is
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completely irrelevant to those facts. invasion, occupation we should stay focused on that. we have to deter him from going any further in the ukraine and possibly the strategic objective he may have is entering one of the nato countries to force th collapse of nato itself. so, we have to deter his further aggression and certainly we have to also hold him accountable for what he has done and these sections have to be very severe and comprehensive if we are going to get his attention. >> lou: the russian president says that those sanctions will boomerang with the immense dependency of the european union on russia for its energy, natural gas, crude oil, there may be some truth to that that there would be considerable painful response, at least on europe if we do place significant sanctions against russia how
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likely is it that we can pull off effective sanctions, which are never as effective as we intend? >> that's true. they are never quite as advertising within the likes of that with a ron over the years. the fact of the matter is, if we want to pull the levers they a there and we can hurt them. the europeans want to stepup and accept sacrifice. it has to be in their interest to deter russia from going further as a push to back out of crime ear and they would have to accept that kind of degradation to be able to do that. they certainly have to see that this is an implied threat to nato. the very organization that helps enforce the collapse of the soviet union would be in jeopardy if vladimir putin did something to one of their member states and they were incapable of responding because of a lack of will. see to the markets are not trembling, but are certainly sensitive to developments now with tensions rising in the region over the ukrainian crisis and the confiscation,
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invasion and confiscation of crimea. one wonders how much more world economies, world markets can take if the us and russia world markets can take if the us and russia continue to escalate their focus , their threats and explore publicly the possibilities of what may be. i'm referring specifically today to the secretary of state, general, talk about things can get very ugly very quickly, all minutes in its ambiguity, don't you think? >> yes, that certainly is in a ominous threat. what is it mean? we have heard so much rhetoric in the past i think we have tendency entries you do you do to discounted because i certainly do because we don't know what that means. there was no specificity associated with it. we just have to have some confidence that this government finally is going to put its foot down with the europeans to take some beneficial action here that can bring s to a
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close. it remains to be seen whether that will is there or not. we are still talking about rhetoric right now. >> lou: general, always good to have you with us. thank you so much. >> it's good seeing you, lou. >> lou: turning to some bipartisanship on capitol hill today. the chairman of the house oversight committee, darryl i said, backing intelligence committee chair, dianne feinstein er allegations that the cia tapped into her committees computer system and files. chrisman isa telling how i think senator feinstein is as outrage as anyone and i share her outrage. i think the violation of the constitutional separation of powers should be an offensive highest level, virtually treason. tonight i'm a possible break in the mystery of that missing malaysia airlines flight 370. a chinese government agency has released satellite images
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, this image in particular, which they say could be the crash area of the boeing 777 that vanished by days ago, 290 people aboard. china in releasing these images says there are three large floating objects in the picture. it was captured one day after the flight from kuala lumpur, malaysia to beijing. the location of the images over the waters northeast of malaysia. they do breast along the original flight path of flight 370. >> including from boeing us federal aviation authority and the us national transport safety board. in helping with the investigation. my heart reaches out to the families of the passengers and crew and i give you my assurance that it will not reduce the tempo. >> lou: despite the new leads in these new images
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authorities refused to rule out any possibility at this point to explain the plane's disappearance, including mechanical failure, pilot error or terrorism. at least 43 ships and 39 aircraft from a countries are still searching over more than 35000 square miles. on wall street, stocks today finished makes, the dow lost 11 points, s&p up a fraction in nasdaq up 16 points on the day. crude oil fell $2 to $98 a barrel after the department of energy said it will hold a test sale of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, not good news . gold up $24 to close about 1300 and $70 an ounce, safe haven buying continues as the yield on the tenure also fell to 2.73%. wall street bonuses you will be pleased to hear rose 15% last year to $164,000 on
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average. that's the highest since 2007. please listen to my financial reportrt three times today on the salem radio networks, coast-to-coast for all of the day's biggest market business news we are coming right back. stay with us. much more ahead. >> the controversial, core educational standards emerge asanother wedge issue in florida voters at least some of them signal that obamacare is a winner at the polls.
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>> lou: democrats can't seem to present a unified message after little-known republican david jolly one florida's 13th
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district special election last night. dnc chair debie wason's schultz actually tried to spin that loss is really good news. same quote republican special nature'sroup 40 millions to hold onto a republican congressional district that they have comfortably held for nearly six years, tonight republicans fell short of their normal margin in this district. she did not mention that alex sink one in 2010, the district, in her contests, but that's all right. the but that's all right. the architect of president obama's two successful campaigns , here's david axelrod on obamacare's affect on the special election in florida and likely effect on the midterm. >> on the obamacare issue there's no doubt that i think jeremy peters had it right. it motivated the republican base . >> i think the notion the democrats can just walk away from that position is that
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never ever works. so, we will have to fight it out on the. >> lou: ms. wasserman schultz may be reminded that alex sink's campaign spent nearly $1 million more than david jolly's and still lost. the midterm elections are 236 days away now. one issue that could affect the results in those elections, the obama administration education standards known as, common core. 45 states and the district of columbia have adopted the math and english language standards that outline proficiency for young students, but some parents, teachers, are not happy eating former proponents to reassess the implementation of common core. foxnews, senior correspondent eric shawn has our report. >> reporter: what we really need are clear goals. >> is called the common core standards initiative, developed to improve educational standards in math
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and english. it's aim, to make americans better prepared to compete in the global economy. roughly 45 states signed up to take part in it, but accusations of a federal takeover, by its curriculum, over testing and stressed out kids are leading to some demands to scrap it. and greg parents are protesting against the curriculum confronting education officials across the country. >> you have awakened the wrath of thousands of mommies. [applause]. >> i sedate my kid with strong drugs so he doesn't hurt himself over and ela quiz? for xm predict the resistance could make this a surprise election issue this year. >> and any other congressional district where you have open seats or were you have competitive primaries you could see a grassroots candidate who is opposed to the common core. >> reporter: her 10-year old son studies, core and the fifth grade. >> , core state standards are not evidence base.
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there is no research to prove that these standards really work. >> reporter: officials like new york state education commissioner john king defend it . >> we all share the conviction that we have to make sure students graduate ready for success at the next level. >> reporter: despite that support, king's boss, and if, who is up for reelection and has a strong, i believe it has reservations. he's created a panel that is recommending changes. >> let's end of the anxiety that the parents and teachers and students are feeling all across the state. >> parents are the ones that have control to make the change. we have what they want and it's the children and it's the test score and if we refused to let them take the test and then the common core will actually crumble. >> reporter: , core has already become an issue in the candidates republican primary for the u.s. senate in a congressional race in montana and in several other statewide contest. analysts expect that number to grow as election day draws closer. lou, back to you.
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>> lou: eric, thank you. detroit's new police chief, james craig, encouraging his citizens to legally arm themselves. chief craig, telling a local radio station quote you are not going to have time to dial 911, the message should be that people are going to protect themselves. with an average 911 response time in detroit of nearly one hour it seems like sage advice from the city's top cop. stay with us. we are coming right back. much more ahead including. >> when the president has his priorities wrong the nation is in trouble. millionaire populace more zuckerman told us what the president should really be focused on to create jobs to stimulate our economy and keep the nation secure.
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>> lou: president obama ruling by the yet this week you or the labor department to extend overtime pay requirements aimed at so-called executive or professional employees. this follows the presence phone strategy to raise the minimum wage for federal
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contract employees to $10.10 an hour from $7.29. is back in 2000 for the business groups persded george w. bush to allow the latitude in exempting salary white-collar workers from overtime pay. our next guest says the obama administration's fight against income inequality has the sort of fundamental economic issue that faces this country. jobs, they are scarce and the quality of those that people do manage to find. join us now is billionaire publisher, mort ackerman. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> lou: first of all i'm impressed you can discern the presence priorities, but you say they are upside down, what you mean? >> i mean, he is focusing and you hear it because i think in his mind he things as more political grasp on focusing on inequality.
10:24 pm
if the top 1% versus everyone else. the issue is inequality, but the issue is not inequality in my judgment. it's jobs and the problem is this administration has a had one of the weakest recoveries , recession since the end of world war ii. partly because of the policies they have filed-- followed and they are trying to distract the american public from what the real issue is. we have, today, according to the bureau of labor statistics seven and a half million or working part-time who in an up limit numbers or the unemployment numbers are treated as if they're working for them. we have another 12-13 million people who are either unemployed or have given up looking, so you are looking at 40 million people in this country who are out of work or working alevels they don't want to work. that is because of a weak economy and that it's not because inequality. >> lou: as you certainly have suggested weak leadership, but that weak leadership is also in business as well as in this administration. we have very little research going on in academia right now to focus on how to
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generate jobs. very few are looking at the private, everyone will talk about the private sector, but very few people will talk about the business practices in addition to the public policies that are leading to the destruction of jobs. we know part of it is technology , that admit it advances that make us more efficient, more productive, but also take away very important jobs from those who need them often most. >> that is an absolutely critical point that is new to the economic environment that we are living in. you have a transformative economy-- i mean, technology, a disruptive technology which, is the online world that it is replacing millions of jobs, not hundreds of thousands of jobs, it's hitting particular industries very, very strongly and it's going to continue and there's no way of stopping this, so what we have to do is find this kind of jobs and the
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government has to help stimulate those jobs that are less vulnerable. another lnerability is international trade, which has grown dramatically and that replaces a lot of jobs, but the country and leadership of the country has to focus on two things. one is focusing government expenditures to the extent there are any three on those areas like infrastructure that are not susceptible to either of these kinds of pressure and secondly to provide a level of leadership in the country that inspires the business community to invest. >> lou: is it time for the business community as representatives, because businesses very seldom have leaders like you who have the guts and independence to stand up and speak for themselves and their companies, instead they go through associations like a business roundtable or the chamber of commerce. we know that some of the business practices are that are being followed that are destructive of jobs and are not talking about simply as you have addressed the idea that someone will bring back manufacturing jobs. that likelihood is diminished.
10:27 pm
but, jobs form working minimum next country who have not gone to college, but wh have great skills and great energy and desire for dignity and to support their families, we haven't immense response validity to them, which the president is failing to recognize and act upon, but so are the business leaders in this country. >> yes, i think that is true to a point because in a sense the rationale of being in business is a incense to develop your business to maximize your business and frankly i'm at to improve your profits and if you have the opportunity to reduce your cost that is a natural part of being in business. the government has a different agenda in my judgment and one of them is to keep the economy humming it a whole different rate than the way that a country has been humming the last four or five years. for example, i would give you two areas where the government should have played a role and that's an infrastructure and education. >> lou: i would think the education, they've done far too mu and achieved little as far as infrastructure they have the opportunity and
10:28 pm
chose to throw out-- so we have to continue the conversation. it's always interesting to talk with you, mort. mainly because you couldn't be more right. mort, thank you so much. governor rick perry telling jimmy kimmel last night that america's quote a great place for second chance, i wonder what he meant by that. he was asked why he would run for president again and there were some relationship there he knew that. kimmel surprising kerry with this tape of the texas governor, get ready jamming with the rock group the the top back to or three centuries ago. >> that's you and this is obviously home video. now, those politicians when they get to play-- look at this. at this. i mean, you can play.
10:29 pm
i'm serious. you're not kidding aund. >> lou: it little bit they are kidding around. kimmel has managed to increase his ratings despite jimmy fallon's strong spiral on the tonight show. fallon averaging five and a half million viewers last week down more than 3 million from his debut. david letterman holding steady at 2.7 million, kimmel raising his total audience to 200,000 viewers. way to go, jimmy. which one of my talking about? maybe both. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> the obama white house making a final effort at diplomacy with russia over ukraine. john gibson and ebony john gibson and ebony williams with us c'mon, you want heartburn? when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact. and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums! iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. lou: an explosion toppling two buildings in new york city, at least three people killed, 2 others injured, nine still unaccounted for, following the edgeplosion in east harlem,
10:33 pm
believed to have been cause by a gas leak. >> joining us, the a-team. john gibson. and mark simone. ebony williams. good to see you. mark, we stoort wit start with you, this is a-- the president's approval rating at its lowest in nbc "wall street journal" poll. this president has really hit the nader of his polling. >> he is in trouble. you had a tight race in florida, he could not go down and campaign, he is a liability, but he does time to do that crease internet show, to me that was a act of disperration. lou: do you think he was funny? >> he was fine, but you have never seen a president do, that i heard, nixon on laugh in, an
10:34 pm
clinton -- but that is when they were running for office, not while they were in office. lou: ebony do you agree? >> no. we heard from this administration all over again, i have been a chief critic of messaging of obamacare, i think president had to get himself out, nobody wants to see pajama boy in the animated pet s. this was a more effect every way to reach the group of millennials, we're the generation of on-line media contend consumption. >> you said twice he had to do it, not wanted to. >> what was the effect. >> he had to. >> he had 13 million hits on this, it got 54 thousand hits on, this is a minuscule response, a waste of
10:35 pm
time, and all he defense diminish himself to the public. >> and the white house -- >> i thought he was funny. lou: white house commented this is biggest react they ever had, unfortunately it may be true. unfortunately for them. but, this is a administration right now that, i believe is alienating young people. not because he was artful in his appearance on this pock show, perhaps funny, i will take everyone's word for, that but he is raising premiums on obamacare, trying to saddle them with more student loan debt and wants them to go to college. >> as a young people, you may not care about he is handling ukraine. but if you are young, you have to think he can even handle a
10:36 pm
web site, that size has to bother them. >> the 80 million of millennials, voted him in office, they are loaded down with loan college loans, and now they are saying pay for health care, if you don't, i am going to find you with my irs, he is flogging and abusing the people who elected him. him. lou: is this a war on -- >> so ridiculous. look. lou: if you disagree just say so. >> i have to learn to form an opinion. my yenration we procrastinate, we don't an think real truths -- acknowledge real truths we need
10:37 pm
health care. lou: how did you find out you need healthcare? generation after generation, they discovered they were healthy and all but unlucky few had to have it somehow this few have been brain washed you have to have it. >> ebony the last people, you need to but, you have been told, you are the last people left in obamacare. everybody else has a mandate except you. >> i agree with that everyone else has been pushed away. all of these people who have been uninsured before who are millen yells are told at points of a gun by irs, buy this stuff or else, these are the very people that elected him. >> this is one place i will be in agreance. there should have been a mandate
10:38 pm
extension for taxpayers. >> a lot of presidents got healthcare by delivering jobs that is how you got the health care. >> bingo. >> this not the new frontier or morning in america. >> bingo. >> this is better managed. >> we work in nonpractical sectors that don't provide traditional get a job, get -- >> nontraditional, which are living at home with you're parents and can't afford your college loans, and held hostage by the irs. to buy something you didn't need. >> i -- i i think that sum its up. we thank you. john gibson, mark, and ebony thank you. >> thank you lou. >> amazon dreams of drone delivery in its future, drug dealers is already been using a
10:39 pm
technology. another innovative advance, they are certaining prison clientele, a man in australia aested for using his drone to smuggle drug into a prison this week. >> up next, general motors making an offering to more than a million people, whose cars have been recalled. and the markets searching for direction, wall street veteran ted weisberg, on what we can look for next. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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10:43 pm
responsible for that recall. they found out about it den years ago, gm telling fox news, problem actually dates back to 2001. a little clarification. a mechanical issue that has been blamed for as many as 12 deaths. >> s&p snapping a two day closing streak, stocks searching for direct, they found it here with his outlook, sea port security presidented to weisberg, do we' this market to find that direction? a 7% run-up seemed adequate? >> you know, we don't have a crystal ball, it is momentum is a strairchg thing, hard to define. there are not books that tell us how far markets will run, moment on positive side. lou: you almost sound disappointed. it positive. >> no, no, i think you know up is better than down. that makes a lot of people
10:44 pm
smile, but on the other hand a lot get lazy and complacent because, it is really hard to understand what is driving this market, people are barkin bark backing into irtionallization. the economy does not work,. . lou: stanly fisher saying he thinks a more acc expansionary poster should becoming. >> i don't know if he is right or wrong but the fed should drink direction. the market is ignores, itf they continue, it is not going to ignore it too much longer. lou: so is leftors right now. they have had aer didifi a -- a terrific year, numbers piling up this year.
10:45 pm
should they be taking money out of the market? be putting more in? where should they be in their -- what this there hearts do here? >> logic, time to take money off the table. greed is a terrible thing, have you the two emotions that drive investors, fear and greed. >> which is worse? >> i think -- well, they are both bad but i think fear is worse, it makes people make a lot of mistakes, if you take money off of the table have you prophet you, well you can always buy other stock, i think logic would dictate you take a little money off of table, it is hard to buy things to buy right here. the momentum continues positive. for those hanging on stocks hopefully will it good. lou: back to something you said, you said people are getting careless, sloppy, what do you mean by that? >> i think we have for 5 years
10:46 pm
in a bull market from trading lows of march 2009. if you have been along for the sleigh ride, and you have seen your portfolio ride to beyond market highs of the fall of 2007 it looks easy and i think people let their guard down, they don't think the markets can go the other way, i think that is a mistake. lou: you say that beam should be defensive -- people should be defensive. not necessarily buying puts but defensive? >> i think always need to keep our the eggs, and you always need a chair to sit in when the music stops, the music is going to stop. you can't be too greedy. lou: your view for the year? >> well, i think -- i don't think we repeat last year. i don't think we're going down big time, i think we go sideways
10:47 pm
it get moring and people will lose -- get boring and people will lose interest, i don't see a dramatic year on the upside. lou: you with all of your experience and insight say, boring is better than broke. if i have that right. and even though you -- you lament the fact that market not bringing appreciation that everyone would like, you are saying that caution is the way to. >>? >> i think caution is always the way to go no matter where the markets are, there is risk, in owning stocks. yoyou go -- i think considering that we've been a 5 year run maybe time to take a little off the table. lou: enjoy the moment. >> right. lou: thank you, ted weisberg. >> thank you. . >> up next. my commentary on obama administration's, what shall i call it? war on our nation's youth? why the republican party might think about makinghat a major
10:48 pm
campaign issue. and your thoughts, here next. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you.
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lou: a big win for the republicans last night, i know david jolly up with narrowly in a district that has been republican for decades. but dems really stirred things up, a big endorsement for -- former president bill clinton, he rolled in to campaign for alec sink. who run district in 2010 in governor's race, republican show they are running starter this year, jolly focused not only on
10:52 pm
obamacare failures and misery it is causing. but also president obama's failures to focus on a weak economic recovery and his failure to create good paying jobs. i hope republicans all across the country expand their messages further. focussing on impact of dems obamacare trend wreck on our young people in particular, president obama and the dems are waging a war on our youth, an assault on young americans. young men and women. having the hutzpah to ask them for their "support" and their money. well, he is demanding their money. the president over the past week, has asked 18 to 34 year olds to enroll in obamacare. where they will be paying ex orb tant amounts of money to pay for everyone else, younger men and
10:53 pm
women are having a tough time finding a job. the unemployment right for 20-24, right now, almost 12%. annually .6 of an improvement over the time mr. obama took office, and 40% higher than national unemployment rate of 6.7%. >> get more college education, borrow some more money. lots of it. he is towel campaigning for our out to take on more debt, to go to college. instead of working to pay for it themselves, or payoff their student lone debt. -- student loan department, average student loan balance for americans under age of 30 more than $21,000 each, from morning
10:54 pm
under 30, is more than 300,000 billion. president last week, pushed students to fill out the fasta, be oncasioo quired, the department of education, will partner with states to identify students who have got filled out the form to borrow more money, that is madness. wow without question, voter age 18-29 were obama's most unnew enthusiastic demographics, over plaque marks and his manics, participation rate, among younger voter dropped.
10:55 pm
it is hard to imagine that rate will not fall father, in the midterms republicans have an opportunity, by the way, i mentioned losing democrat in florida's congressional race gotten dors am and support of president clinton, but not of president obama. that is because the democrats did not want president obama or any of his administration near the 13th district. the democrats are faced with two challenges in these midterm elections, running against republicans who are now focus on jobs and the economy, but second, running as hard as democrats can away from obamacare. and this president. >> time for a few of your top comments, dean in massachusets. i watched some of the climate
10:56 pm
change all nighter, i am guessing they used solar or wind power to keep lights on, it would be hypocrital to burn foes il fossil fuels all night for a climate change discussion. >> steven wrote, i think that administration really messed up sending john ker to negotiate with the russian, they should have senate gore, he could convince the russians within the decade all russian ports would be warm water due to global warming, we're giving away free copy ofny book "upheaval". thank you for keeping your comments in. follow us on twitter. or facebook page. links to everything at, that is it for us,
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thank you for being us. >> we'll see you tomorrow night, good night from new york.
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in florida last night i am telling you could be a preview of coming attractions. i am a neil cavuto. let republicans dismiss with the election in central florida let them say it was already a republican district even though barack obama of bonn and its allies then democrat said it was a very big deal but it had nothing to do with the health care law although the special election was based on that health care law here


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