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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 13, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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♪ >> oh, sure, his health care thing is a mess but things to be even messier if we didn't have it. that is lemonade out of lemons on the health care law. it isn't pretty, but it is certainly prettier than the alternative. how would we know? welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. if you cannot inform them, scare them. that is washington's consistent way of dealing with them, with us. make us grateful things are not even worse. take this exchange with kathleen selius over rising premiums.
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>> i think premiums are likely to go up, go up at a smaller pace than what we have seen since 2010. they are far less than what was before the passage of the affordable care act. neil: let me translate. sure, you're going to continue to pay through the nose. the grateful you'r you are not g to be paying as much through the nose as you thought you might be. it is called settling, folks. i call it surrendering, folks. and i see a pattern here, folks. we will still pay a ransom but not as much as we could have. who will still have an anemic recovery but counter blessings at least we are not a depression. the grateful they are not trillion dollars deficits. you see this pattern, right? bad is the new good because it is better than awful which is the new baseline. we're so grateful if any bit of good news that comes up. this is twisted but this is happening again and again. we have gone from health care for every single american to
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health care that still won't cover 30 million americans. ttwo covering every pre-existing condition to paying through the nose for the privilege. i'm not surprised, but i am mad the latest defense to the latest act of government treason is it could have been even more treasonous. how would you know? how can you prove that? you can't. if you are big government, it is all about the big government lie. had uncle sam not step in again and again will be stepping in something much worse again and again. that is a heck of a pitch. in a heck of a commentary on this country. have we lost our drive for excellence that we will happily settle for selling our soul in the process? so this is the new good? good god. here now, jesse james and christopher. i cannot believe this. the pitch is it could be a lot
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worse. that is it again and again and again. >> this is another lie in my mind that if you like your health care you can keep your health care. american people are tired of all this because it has changed multiple times that point now where the administration has to come out with a hardship exemption. how many more channes are going to have to see? this is not the original obamacare we were assured and we were promised, and now it is an illusion. the taxes associated with it are being delayed until 2016 under this hardship for them to gain votes. neil: it is not hardship denied. but you know the one thing that always scares me is you are trying to argue something that you can't argue. sort of like we had the rescues, will be in worse shape if we didn't rescue those banks riveted interesse auto companies.
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you never know but that is the argument, the fear of god was the fear of that. so we keep pushing the same thing now by saying look, you may not like it now but if we kept the old system in place you would be a lot worse. how do you know that? >> you are right, it is like the bailout. if it was so good wir why are te democrats and the white house working for all these delays? never they do a fix or a delay that is not incrementing obamacare. all we have seen his disastrous. when they say everything is good or at least not as bad, why aren't they doing i everything i possibly can to stop it? they think americans can't remember yesterday. neil: i want you to listen to something nancy pelosi said on this very issue. >> i'm proud of the house democrats and how they have not only embraced the formal cataract but they helped create it and how proud they are of it. i think the republicans are wasting their time using that as
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their electoral issue and they will find that out. neil: they keep pushing these delays that it is not even the law they voted on. >> it is nothing a resemblance of what they even had supported. nancy pelosi will be eating her own words. he won by drowning down obamacare. they did not try to sign-up for obamacare because it was too expensive. essentially all of congress is going to be scrambling. neil: what happened was we had been so beaten down, whether it is economic news. , a+ line or a minu-four an anec
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recovery allowing us five years. at least we're moving, albeit slowly. our provider no of significant good news. i almost want to do that to slap out of it. what are we doing here? >> it is like they are so disenchanted. so little faith, we have senator harry reid on the senate floor attacking over and over again to blame and for all of them troubles. blaming them for what is going on in ukraine. i have not even hurt his argument on that one, but i am sure it is a whopper. you can see what is happening in florida. neil: that one race could be telegraphing something.
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a message to all of the viewers right now, we're better than being satisfied. we are americans. being proud and think big. if you see a number barely moving and you are whipping it up, there is something wrong with you. i don't even want you watching this show. i do, but i want you to think about what you are doing while you are watching. appreciate what we have at stake here. the soundbite blunder everybody is missing except for us. listen very closely to kathleen sebelius. here it for yourselves with the mainstream media missed. maybe deliberately so. a terror attack that can block out in terror nation. joe lieberman on the threat you joe lieberman on the threat you are not hearing about what you
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>> how many of those have enrolled in obamacare have paid their premium? >> i cannot tell you that, sir, because i don't know that. neil: i wanted to replay that exchange because if the terms
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are prevailing you around, but if most folks are paying more, how about the folks not paying anything at all maybe for valid reasons but one in five people who have now signed up for obamacare have not paid a dime. a lot of it gets a little convoluted here, but the bottom line is they have not technically paid for it. the health care architect who played a key role in all this is here to relieve me of my concerns. what you think of that? >> at the end of the day the main thing is he exchanges working. millions have signed up. it means the people will pay before they get coverage. you're right, some of those people won't get coverage. the relevant number will be who pays. neil: i know that.
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but we lump them in with it because eventually they will pay? >> writes now the total includes those who haven't paid yet. neil: you to step off the items were technically i haven't. >> he of 4.2 my people signed up right now. of those 20% of people stay. neil: somebody must know the actual figure. >> this is misleading thing. many on the right have proposed. he exchanges run by the government, insurance is all private insurance. neil: certainly insurance companies, telling people we have this, this number. they are not conveying that?
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>> clearly they're saying what they say in the news. neil: i believe the insurance companies, i barely believe you. i'm joking but make the point i don't know what the real deal is on these numbers because almost everything place them being disappointed. neil: time will rectify that. you blessed us with your presence i think that might be the case, but it is not happen. >> once again, that is not true. you cannot say it is not happen. millions of people have signed up. we don't know the exact number yet, but once again as i said before on your show, neil, the next key point will would be then when they come out. a huge spike in premiums. if kathleen sebelius is right and i am right, we will see rates go up by single digits.
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neil: if people knew these premiums would go up the degree they have and likely will continue maybe at a smaller ra rate, do you think this thing ever would have passed? >> the rates and 2014 or 15% below what the congressional budget office said they would be. i was unhappy with the web glitch, but if you take the politics out of it i'm happy with the program. a lot americans don't like changes. as you know, they feel they have been sold a bill of goods. >> the vast majorities are not affected. they're just not making the press. they see the policies change a small number as we discussed before. once we have the uninsured people telling their stories.
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neil: i hope you are right. you're very levelheaded, but you also remind me of the guy on the titanic who said we have hit a little eyes, brace yourselves. that is what concerns me. every time i think everything is hunky-dory, pushing another delay, another exemption. if it wasn't so great, they wouldn't be doing that. >> if you look at the core of the law, nobody is running away from that. neil: people are finding out they paid through the nose in the first place. >> premiums are below where they thought they would be. neil: their starting to engage it, they are paying more. less i would have been hav harrp things the same way.
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>> what you are saying is incorrect. when you factor in the tax credits people get, overall factor in the low income, the average person is paying. neil: i always like having you want regardless. thank you very much, hope you are right on this because i am very scared and you're suddenly the captain of the titanic, but i could be wrong. i am kidding. , what do you really care about? >> what do you get the most pressing issue in our country is right now? >> i saw the clock for the national debt, that worries me. >> economy. >> i did vote for obama and hoping for little bit more. >> is a live on a straight you see young people sitting, begging for money, begging for food. >> nobody's going to tell you things are better.
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>> we're on the cusp of the climate crisis. >> it is not just a question of morality or ethics, but a question of our own survival. >> th vast majority of people understand climate change is real. >> what people want to know is what is the impact of climate change in their community. neil: safe to say this is a very big deal to those folks. apparently climate change not that big of deal to you folks.
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that sentiment confirmed in a new gallup poll in which americans are asked to spell out their biggest concerns. climate change writing 14th on the list behind the economy, federal spending, health care, unemployment and whether or not to pay. here in the flesh, no less. she is not surprised. all night for this climate change charade an we have all te other crisis. >> look at this, the bottom of the list is the other talking points. at the top of the list or issues the people talk about and democrats don't want you to ask about. afford ability of health care, unemployment. neil: a check that off with the health care law. >> so they say. neil: republicans have done this in the past too. they get sidetracked and issues that don't matter.
8:22 pm
most are worried about the economic security, worried about their future. worried about this that and it pops up in surveys like this all the time. it doesn't matter who is in charge. those are not the ones that are addressed. we get on the other ballot, that has nothing to do with what we are concerned abt. >> this is where republicans have to consider what you are saying. they still feel they are in a recession and this should be a huge issue the obama regulations come indicative orders are going to hurt the american family sayi it will cost $1200 in income, 600,000 jobs over a decade. these are issues the american people care about and republicans have to bring this up. neil: i got in a lot of trouble for saying this funny or die thing obama did was clever. republicans dismissing it in seeking out venues that would go beyond your fathers news shows.
8:23 pm
that got me in a heap of trouble. they got to reach out beyond their protectable base applicable venues. i am wondering whether republicans realize the democrats have tested some of these issues and come to the conclusion that they're going to be election turners. they are whipping past the graveyard if they dismiss it. >> i don't think climate change will be an election turning issue. the green party's declining membership when the economy turns south because people care about their pocket. neil: it will be a money issue, it will cost you economically if we don't. of course that was at the 3:00 a.m. conference. >> this will cost you economically if you do. obama regulations will be met the use altogether.
8:24 pm
jobs will be lost but you don't hear the message coming from the right. neil: does it help to dismiss these hot button issues? they might be minimizing them to their peril. >> have to come out with a powerful message and you are right. they need to go on to other venues just as you said. rand paul went to howard university, traditional african-american university. he made and roads. we have to use these medians. it is pivotal. neil: i would meet at denny's. my gift to you. >> the rnc needs you, neil. neil: at least denny's does. just call this thi the spy who friended me? snooze for impersonating different companies so they
8:25 pm
could win your trust and spy on you. in one case the nsa pretending it was facebook to hook users. an early backer and defender of an essay on if they violated in this case his trust. do you think this is going a little too far, senator? >> first, with regard to the last segment, your hair looks completely natural to me. no question of a to pay there. this first came to light through edward snowden. i find it ironic he is in moscow with united states constitution behind him with putin, imprisoning his political opponents and we're being lectured by mr. snowden of rights to privacy. neil: you are quite right, but
8:26 pm
to my point addressing those security concerns, does it go a little bit too far now pretending to be facebook so it can spy on folks? >> it depends on the facts. if they're only targeting foreign intelligence operatives, their only targeting very narrowly defined counterintelligence, threats to our security at home targets, it is probably. neil: in order to find who they are, they are dropping a wide net. >> that is why you have congressional oversight to see if the program has gone too far. neil: if you know your former colleague, she is furious the cia was spying on members of her committee staff. as if that was a fox alert. this is happening washington to washington, right?
8:27 pm
>> i have a lot of respect for senator feinstein. we all need to wait and see all the facts come out on that. i don't think the cia. neil: who knows. with the best of intentions, this is now run amok. do you buy that? >> in a free society we have to protect ourselves from future terrorist attacks, we have to do it consistent with the constitution and our devotion to our personal liberties. that means you do what you have to do, but you do it in a way that is as constrained in limited as possible. neil: even if a fraction of these instances that come to light are right, they obviously have gone beyond their original call. >> that is why you have oversight. ask them what they're doing, get
8:28 pm
to the bottom of what is going on. if they have gone too far, rein them in. neil: i am wondering i get bad james bond episode. membranous first came to light the president didn't know about it. i am believing him he didn't know about it. that scares me even more the leader of the free world was oblivious to this and there might be a bunch of spies doing their own thing. that is even creepier, isn't it? >> number one he is probably not of it cut there are a lot of other things going on and also because really it doesn't happen very much. with regard to the nsa phone records and such, you, your average citizen has nothing to fear about the nsa listening to your conversation. it is just not happening. neil: they are listening to mine.
8:29 pm
>> we have to do these programs in the right kind of way. that is where oversight comes in. neil: we will see. >> they live in real fear about being called in and testified, they have more lawyers than we can fill your studio with advising them on how to do this, what is legal, what is constitutional. they spend thousands of hours trying to do it the right way. does that mean i always get it right? no. neil: had a look at our legal contributors? i digress. it is always a pleasure to have you on. those gm lies, want you to try a little earlier, try 2001. folks, this is getting to be like watergate on wheels.
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neil: i wonders just how far gm will go with the recall documents surfacing that they were aware of the ignition problems a lot earlier than in 2004. try 2001. but no big backlash from the government. doesn't have anything to do with gm? remember it was you did remember toyota got much a different treated with those recalls. it is feared. how bad do you think this is
8:34 pm
and why was it allowed to go on that long? >> because the government was trying to prop up the union's for obvious purposes because they would vote for obama. neil: this goes back through 2001. >> it was planned. not just decided in a couple of years but. neil: you think it was localized but as time went on as a protected sacred company you just don't mess with it? >> every manufacturer wants to put the best spin they can't on a recall. in general motors day understand there was a bankruptcy so they put it under the rug in and do the
8:35 pm
best they can so the government will still try to bail them out during the bankruptcy. >> here is what is really alarming with the new developments that did gm purposely hide the defects with the recall that lead to multiple deaths and crashes when day hammered out that bankruptcy what happened the people who were victims cannot sue the new gm they have to sue old gm and that will be tough for you cannot wind is in bankruptcy court. neil: but you have to wonder how this goes on as long as it did but it only took dan nanosecond to jump on toyota but in their case it was an
8:36 pm
audio tape but no smoking gun here but i wonder there was a pattern in individual cases brought to the attention. lawsuits were filed. the company knew about it. higher ups had to know and now in charge of the very division why don't they get the toyota treatment? >> they are unions. act like the got away with murder. we have 12 dead americans. people are upset about benghazi as they should be but this is outrageous. that happens all the time with the unions. no good comes of them. neil: would it be scrutinized? >> absolutely not. there were two teenage girls
8:37 pm
who were twins who died because of the ignition failure. this was not shown in the media. because it would hurt them. it was devastating. >> your point is well taken with toyota treatment by congress now there are multiple probes will we see the gm executives hall did repeatedly like toyota was to put their feet to the fire? they cannot sue the new gm but old gm. >> than they do that. premeditated spinet did they know about the ignition failure prior to bankruptcy? neil: we are pressed for breaking news. new worries that the sniper
8:38 pm
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or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at neil: remember the san jose utility attack where some guy is to account a whole power station to disrupt fiber-optic lines for the year the entire west coast. they got a way. we were lucky but an ominous warning from the energy regulatory commission that we're very vulnerable. >> that the transformer manufacturer the entire united states prepared would be down for a least 18 months or longer.
8:42 pm
knowing about our vulnerability is scary. >> it so as to what a different world that we live this grid system we all depend on for everything including the internet, it was created in engage to put security around a power substation he would not think of the attack we talk about. neil: was that a practice run? >> that is what i worry about eight. neil: nobody found them. >> we're not talking about power plants and homeland security we talked about securing the up power plants these are power substations. >> but a lot of people say how likely is that but then how it realized? >> we spent a lot of times
8:43 pm
worried about cyberattack because it is controlled through the internet now this report reminds us it is not just cyberattack by coordinated on as few as nine power stations could knock out the grid. the power companies have already began to spend money on security. neil: but some just have tall fences. >> as we saw with san jose spinet that is what they we're doing. >> do you think that's right combination of a tax. >> that is the worst worst case scenario parted it is it is hard to replace those transformers because there is only a couple of people
8:44 pm
that make them. this would knock us out for a while. the power companies today probably already but are scampering to protect these power station is not only with the consequences but expose with the enormous liability to bankrupt them. when you think about it this report points out these power stations that millions of people rely with high fences a unblocks it is not so hard to break through if you are e. enough of an enemy to do that. there are people like that out there. neil: your thoughts on the 2016 race? we have at least 40
8:45 pm
republicans but democrats are opening to challenging hillary clinton. it is a free-for-all. >> yes. secretary clinton is the odds on favorite. neil: she was in in 2008. >> maybe there is another challenge from the left. this time i think she beats the challenge because i don't see anybody credible she will have big support with the based on ashley base constituency with the hispanic americans but likely to be the democratic nominee. it is important i don't think the results are a foregone conclusion. neil: democrats could do better? >> i think if the election
8:46 pm
were held today they would control both houses but this is march. neil: refocus on november every day so republicans should got taken for granted ? >> no. but there was a significant victory and numbers suggest they are unhappy with obamacare do take it out on the candidates. neil: always up pleasure. is it any surprise retailers are not in a mood to keep the stores? ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round,
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neil: shops getting dropped. nine retailers closing down over 2,000 stores. you say retailers are crumbling. what is the wing on? >> i think part of the move to do away with bricks and mortar will help. the new world order by all things internet that will help in the long run because commercial real-estate is added weight on the balance sheet but it is also affected by on a discretionary basis the sector is under pressure period. neil: maybe they do that all online? or is it that serious? >> one thing the retailer has to do that is problematic to finance and
8:51 pm
the tory. most of these stores like abercrombie, a sears, have pretty good size of the debt load. the problem is they have been downgraded and a lot of cases so the borrowing costs have gone from 3% up that 10 percent online or in the store that is pressure. most will go through bankruptcy and reemerge as the online company. that is our view. neil: this could be a barometer or indicator. that maybe it's the consumer was hiccuping this recovery could be fading. >> i agree. i think it is fading a little bit. look at housing will slip and i think retail stores in
8:52 pm
consumers are getting tapped out. there is not a lot of mortgage money i am not sure where it comes from the banks for consumers digest dulce it happening -- i'd just don't see it happening. >> like obamacare $500 months more than they planned not sure what they are getting that definitely will crimp the spending style. neil: we had the up prior architect that is not all americans but a small percentage? >> i say no and i also tell you the average household wages have live from 54,000 down at 50. i think people will spend less in general and competition has heated up to
8:53 pm
have smaller margins available and that is pressure on retailers. neil: in the meantime the one question i get asked more than any other. >> how did you get that job? neil: how did i get this job? i will tell you. ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the only return i'm looking forward to... for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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ido more with less with buss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. neil: it's time. e-mail, tweet or just call. pictures, i have pictures. next. >> hootie is he running in 2016, and why? neil: i see everybody running. there is no clear favorite, so i
8:57 pm
have just as good of a chance as the next guy. same thing will happen on the other side because i do not think hillary clinton is a lock for the democratic nomination. once up close for some reason far from good. 2008 rina bell? think italy and everybody vying for the job at the same time. we could do worse. i got this tweet. neil is looking good, has he lost weight? i don't know. why don't we ask him. neil, have you lost weight? and how much better are you then bill o'reilly? yeah, i did, a little bit. another, will is anybody a journalistic world is truthful, intelligent and humorous as you? no. then the facebook hottie that has a lot of moms fuming. she told me she has no idea why.
8:58 pm
this might be why. what were you actually saying? >> any family should make their health a priority. i don't believe in the word lazy, i believe people are not motivated. neil: every woman in america were turning off their sets at that moment. i think she proves you can have three children and still stay in shape. it defeats their argument. when congress picks and chooses its scandals the results can be amazing. consider this, converse cannot get info on the irs scandal, don't think it will be different with the gm recall. i think you are right. when they get into something, they screw it up. and then gmail on the place to hike taxes to fix all of the winter potholes. why should we give them more money when they throw away all the other money?
8:59 pm
if they raise our gas anymore, i won't be able to afford to drive to work. gary in colorado has had it with the airings of this program. we get a rerun at 6:00 mountain time and bill o'reilly fans get fresh meat let's see how you sell this one. my tenth airing is fresher and funnier and more informative than bills first. try it for yourself. connie says cavuto, you're my favorite on fox news. i adore your sense of humor even though many don't get it. i like your horse but sexy voice. what do you mean people don't get my sense of humor? i think it is like funny.
9:00 pm
appreciating the renaissance nature of it in a way. we will see you tomorrow. good night. ♪ >> the war on women is alive and well. >> all those attempts to curtail women's rights in area after area. john: not fair, republicans are at war against women. >> one in three women is living on the brink of poverty. john: because sexist men pay women less. >> it kills me not being paid as much as my male counterparts. >> it is wrong. john: government will fix it. >> now it the time for congress to step up and pass the paycheck fairness act. act. john: because men and women are the same. >> there is no difference between girls and boys.


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