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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 14, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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although the bad ones leave me feeling vulnerable. i know you're watching, and with those guys at the white house, come on, fess up. have a great weekend. >> . >> good evening, everybody, tensions are ratcheting higher tonight in washington and london, or european capitals, as russia shows no sign of relaxing its grip on crimea. the two nations with the largest nuclear arsenals in the world have been unable at this hour to agree on a path of reason and mutual interest that would avoid confrontation. a confrontation that certainly the united states and our european allies want to avoid. in london today, secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei labrov
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met and labrov made it clear that president putin will not discuss the matter until the crimeaen vote to enter the nation. and secretary of state kerry was looking for a way to delay the referendum voting in crimea. a vote that will determine not when, but if crimea leaves to become part of russia, because the ballot only contains two questions and the only answers possible are, crimea joins russia now, or crimea joins russia later. it is a ballot and an election that carry president obama and u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon claim violates international law. >> if the wrong choices are made, then there will be no
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choice, but to respond appropriately because of the gravity of this breach of international standard, breach of international law and challenge, frankly, to the global standard by which nations have been called on to try to behave. lou: foreign minister labrov and putin see things differently. labrov comparing crimea to previous ones, kosovo and the islands. and he out right rejected engaging in dialog with the ukrainian government. and the foreign minister warned the west against enacting those sanctions. >> we read, we hear, we know what is discussed in washington and europe and want to assure you that our partners also understand the sanctions--
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it is counterproductive tool and if such a mistake is made, it's a capital decision. lou: kerry reiterated that president putin has a deadline of monday to return his troops to their bases and accept the dialog with a new ukrainian government or accept sanctions from the united states and our allies. in response lawmakers are preparing legislation that will give putin the power to freeze u.s. and european assets in russia, a possible blow to pepsi, russia being its second largest market and mcdonald's, with sales, bp, exxon, general motors, all have facilities in russia. our first guest tonight to discuss the capabilities in russia and whether force is likely to be used to deter
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putin's position in the ukraine, and serving in germany, korea, the commandant of the army war college. joining us is a fox news military analyst, great to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: two men speak for six hours, nothing is accomplished, no sign whatsoever of one or the other of the men offering a breakthrough of any kind. is this a hopeless matter? >> i think it is. i think talking is off the table. the time for gogs is over. the crimea now belongs to russia and it will be generations before that situation changes. i think the world has to turn their attention, after the vote on sunday, to whether or not putin is going to make a grab for the eastern ukraine. signs on the ground suggest that special operating forces and
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paramilitary forces are already moving into eastern ukraine and this administration and many other pundits have taken the military option off the table and putin knows that. so i think the situation is grave and as i've said on fox, i guess, many times in the last couple of weeks, why take the military option off the table? the one thing that putin fears is a united military front with u.s. and nato forces confronting him in the eastern part of nato, but what's happened is-- go ahead, lou. lou: not to interrupt you, but mckale was here last night, the former president of georgia, he says he's following putin, precisely the same approach as in georgia when he forestalled any action to retrieve the two break away provinces in georgia. this is what is to me terribly disturbing is that again, it
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does not appear that this administration either paid attention to intelligence that was in front of it or that intelligence agencies did not provide such intelligence. it is peculiar because, for example, colonel ralph peters on this broadcast and others said repeatedly that the end of the games in sochi, that putin would move on ukraine. >> exactly. and i might add, he's following the play book of another dictator named adolf hitler who did exactly the same thing ain the 30's. putin is playing a weak military hand right now, his military is really incompetent compared to ours and so what he's playing is a diplomatic and psychological game. his hope is to create a rift in western europe, to create fear,
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particularly in poland, in the baltic states and what remains of ukraine so that he can hold out the option of moving into eastern ukraine when the opportunities arise. we call that at the army war college, push and pause, that you make a military move and then you pull back and pause and wait for the-- for everything to cool down and then you push again. and georgia, crimea, and now the eastern ukraine are perfect examples of this theory put to practice. lou: you said don't take the military option off the table. >> right. lou: what military option is available that would in any way dislodge russian troops from crimea, nothing short of boots on the ground would do so, a massive invasion, of course, i would think. tell us what you think. >> first of all, the crimea is gone. there are no millions options
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for crimea. what we have to look at is ukraine. and we have to get there first. putting fighter planes in estonia won't do the job. it's time to conduct ground exercises, and buttress fortress in europe and maybe even at the invitation of the ukrainian government, move u.s. forces into the ukraine to do military exercises and war games there. by putting nato and u.s. forces into the eastern portion of nato, that is the only thing i can think of that will give putin pause, but i would also say, lou, we're not going to do that. lou: general, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: the search today for the missing malaysian airlines boeing 777 has resulted in little more than more theories. authorities still know very little about what happened to that 777, malaysian airlines flight 370. investigators, at least this
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moment tonight, appear to be most interested in the possibility that flight 370 was hijacked or commandeered, the so-called human intervention, up to the pilot. and all of this have as new evidence increasingly show that the flight with 239 souls aboard had radio contact. cat catherine herridge has the latest on this investigation. >> we're now looking closely to get whatever information off satellite, and we are working to determine where -- we cannot review the information right now because it's still under investigation. >> reporter: in fact, sources tell fox news that flight 370
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continued to send, quote, periodic pushes of data after the transponder went dark and that these signals posted once an hour for four to five hours in an attempt to link up with satellites run by inmarsat, a british company. the president is getting updates. >> he's faully aware of where things stand. >> this is married up with tracking that shows an unidentified flight consistent with 370 making a dramatic and hard turn west. reuters news service went further, reporting that the jet tracked along navigational corridors routinely used for travel to the middle east or europe, suggests it was deliberate. and it passed a point at 1:21 and taking a hard point westward and then to the point and another way point en route to
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the andaman islands. a seasoned investigator urged caution. >> all we know it turned, it stopped transmitting and we have four data points. they're searching logically where it would be if it followed the four data points. >> the redirection of resources, including the u.s.s. constituent to the area for military data. investigators are operating in a difficult environment. >> it's a pretty unprecedented situation where a plane is missing for this long and they're looking for a number of explanations. >> a senior officials telling fox news, based on a joint u.s. malaysian intelligence, that the jet crashed, this is not definitive, but there are good indicators. >> catherine herridge in washington. the dow jones industrials are down 43 points. s&p down 5 and nasdaq fell 15.
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on the week the s&p and nasdaq all down, all lost about 2%. crude oil rose 69 cents today, settling just below $99 a barrel, and the international energy administration raising its oil global demand forecast, going up $6, closing at 1379 an ounce. the yield on the 10-year falling to 2.65%. troubles continuing for general motors tonight. a new study reveals 303 people were killed in crashes of now recalled vehicles where the air bags did it not deploy. stay with us. we're coming right back. president obama has been overstating the number of illegal immigrants being deported, now he's trying to stop deportations altogether. heritage foundation vice-president genevieve wood joins us here next. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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>> president obama directing immigration enforcement agents to soften up on illegal immigrants and deportations. this order comes just six days after the president said he had exhausted his executive powers on the immigration issue. >> what i've done is to use my prosecut prosecutorial discretion because you can't enforce the laws across the board for 11 or 12 million people, there aren't the resources. that already stretched my administrative capacity very far. lou: the president met today with a number of immigration advocates, including the president of the national council of laraza who recently referred to president obama as the deporter in chief.
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joining us now, genevieve wood of the heritage foundation. she is senior contributor to the foundry as well. great to have you with us. your reaction to the president's impression of just discovered new-found powers. >> yeah. lou: that lives him latitude? >> when he said stretch, there are some folks who would say you stretch to the point of breaking the law because the president has basically chosen when it comes to immigration, among other issues, to decide what parts of laws he wants to enforce and what parts he doesn't. when it comes to immigration, he's already i would say gone beyond what were his powers and i think right now you see a white house that's preparing to try to do the very same thing again. the truth is, he's not the deporter in chief. i wish that that tag was a little truer than it was. the fact is we're deporting fewer people today than we have since 1973. lou: wait a minute, the president-- >> well below where bush was. lou: well, there's something wrong here.
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>> yes. lou: this administration said they were deporting more and they had the stats to prove it. surely they weren't lying to us. >> well, now, it depends on the meaning and how you add up numbers and what you're meaning by stats. the fact is this particular administration, which has now come out because of congressional testimony and his on administration admitting it, they were counting numbers that weren't counted in the past. ice is the that handled immigration, finding illegal people and deporting them. the border patrol folks, the obama people have been putting the two numbers together. that's not the way we've-- the people are turned away, not the people getting in here and being deported. lou: we want to give some credit to homeland security secretary jay johnson. >> yeah. lou: he actually admitted this administration has been cooking
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the books, including removals, half of the removals in fact attributed to ice, as you said, were border patrol arrests that wouldn't have been counted under the bush administration. >> no, exactly right. you know what's interesting, lou, ice is getting more money than they have and deportations are down. the fact is if you're an illegal immigrant in this country and i think the washington times calculation, is more people living here than would be deported out of the country. that's the current standard today. again, if we really think that we're discouraging folks from trying to come across the border because they're worried they're going to get deported, that just isn't true. the president is saying now, i want to kind of extend that. >> i don't think that people are too worried about it, genevieve. this may be somewhat cynical of me to say, but i don't think think that people are outraged that they have a president that lies to them and an administration who doesn't
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enforce the laws or who does so selecti selectively. i think they're numb from the duplicity and deceit i think they expect from an administration. lou:. >> i think that people have always been rightly suspect of washington. it's not just the issue of immigration. the health care law, obamacare, is a case in point of the president deciding what he wants, what parts of wants to enforce and what parts are not politically convenient for democrats in an election year. so he says we're not going to enforce those. look, i think the people are onto this in some measure, but it's up to those in opposition to draw their attention to it and not let him get away with this. it isn't just politics, this is the rule of law. we're talking about our constitution and how we run a country. this isn't just a republican versus democrat and that sort of thing. this really is fundamental in terms of how we govern ourselves and that we should be held the same standard, whether it's
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president obama or a conservative who is president, he ought to be held to the same standards. lou: genevieve wood, heritage foundation, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. lou: there are reports that the white house press secretary may be leaving. jay carney is the the latest member of the obama administration to plan his departure. those close to carney cites stress as the factor, although much of his job has been to deflect the questions of the press core instead of answering them. >> and i would refer to you the department of justice. i would have refer you to the doe. i would refer to you nhtsa. and i would refer you to the justice department for any action they may or may not take, but i would refer you to the government of ukraine. lou: well, i'm sure that the man who succeeds him will be much, much more effective.
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as a matter of fact, the current deputy josh earnest refused comment today when asked to confirm carney's pending departure. we're coming right back. the campaign trail littered with broken promises and lies. the president is finally admitting the truth, you can't necessarily keep your doctor, but we can. dr. marc siegel on obamacare and the frightening return of a deadly disease. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here.
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lou: president obama today finally admitted what, well, nearly everybody knows and what millions of americans have found out the hard way. here's the president trying to justify one of the worst effects of obamacare. >> for the average person many folks who don't have health insurance initially you know, they're going to have to make some choices and they might end up having to switch doctors in part because they're saving money. lou: unfortunately for mr. obama, secretary kathleen sebelius told the house ways and means committee just wednesday that rates will continue to rise in 2015. here to discuss the president's
7:26 pm
latest obamacare revelation is dr. marc siegel, member of the fox news medical a-team. professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center. what do you they have the president? >> maybe if you change your story frequently enough eventually you come upon the truth. the problem here -- lou: is he getting closer? >> no, he's not. the real truth even if you get to keep your doctor, i had a patient on with me on fox news last night who gets to keep me but i'm not in her bronze plan. that means she pays out-of-pocket to see me and still can't get the tests she needs because i can't order them pause of these massive deductibles. so in other words, if you have a bronze plan, lou, faced with a 5800-dollar deductible and a young person who is just starting out in a career can't afford these tests. lou: we know one thing. 18 to 34-year-olds who are the base of this model, because they're going to pay more than everyone else comparatively for the care, so that they can
7:27 pm
subsidize older americans who need more expensive care, they're going to be paying a frightful amount of money, on average 165% more than they previously were paying those that had it. >> that's for the premium alone. but i also consider it a ponzi scheme for young people because young people can't afford to pay out-of-pocket. so all of their care will be out-of-pocket. in other words someone will say, look i'm healthy, see you dr. siegel. this is rainy day insurance fund. the rain any day comes they can't meet the deductible. lou: they can't meet deductible and another disease concerning you and other physicians across the country. measles is back in this country. how concerned are you about it. >> another misinformer about health care, other than president obama was a guy named wakefield back in the late 1980s who said that the mmr vaccine for measles, may have led to autism. scared everybody in great britain. led to diminishment of measles
7:28 pm
vaccine and resurgence of measles. unless you have 95% of people taking this vaccine, 95% of kids you will get measles back. measles a killer. now we have 19 cases in new york. we had 189 cases in the united states last year. in 2000, we had zero cases. this is a very, very dangerous and contagious disease. lou: and, vaccination is both safe and absolutely necessary. >> hugely safe and extremely effective. against a disease by the way that is much more contagious than plus which we talk mr. here a lot. flu. i remember giving you flu shot. lou: i remember vividly. not because it was so artfully done or not the we'll be right back. justice department confused of interfeing in a corruption investigation of senator harry
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to find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, compare, and apply at first round's on me. lou: "washington times" today reported the department of justice has blocked the fbi from helping two utah state prosecutors investigate corruption allegations of senators harry reid and mike lee. indicted businessman, jeremy johnson claims he was asked to reroute hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to an associate of senator reid, in exchange for reid's intervention in a federal fraud lawsuit. reid denies the charge. senator lee is accused of providing inaccurate information about his personal finances after selling a million dollar home to a campaign contributor for 3/4 of the price, after, after the great recession in 2008 and 9. that left the mortgage underwriter to absorb the losses under the terps of the short
7:33 pm
sale. lee's office and the department of justice have not returned calls for comment. joining us now, with comment, former clinton advisor, fox news political analyst, doug schoen. good to see you, doug. former reagan political director, fox news political analyst, ed rollins. and political reporter for "real clear politics," caitlin huey burns. good to have you with us. looks like the fix is in when the fbi is blocked from carrying out a investigation of two powerful senator, one the most powerful senator in washington. >> well, it look like the investigation was into the former attorney general that you mentioned. it is not clear how capitol hill will handle this. whether there will be separate investigations since the doj dropped. there could be outraged towards the department given obviously holder is not the most popular person on capitol hill. this affects members of both, both parties.
7:34 pm
so i don't imagine it being a big issue up there. lou: a big issue? >> in terms of lawmakers expressing outrage. lou: you mean you expect them to get away with blocking it, is that right? >> we just haven't seen much on capitol hill in response to these yet. lou: caitlin doesn't seem to thing there will be great passion and fury and outrain about two senators and the intervention of the justice department in an fbi investigation. is that the appropriate expectation? >> not intervention. they called off the fbi, who were doing an investigation and as a public integrity section of the justice department it is supposed to legitimately do these kinds of investigations of public figures. this is why we have had special prosecutors none of us like, certainly none of them like. they're basically, i think moving forward to getting is being like that going again. lou: for these two gentlemen. >> you got the most important senator? the country with, you know, questionable ties in nevada, to
7:35 pm
the gambling industry and what have you, you basically, i would think they would want full disclosure. lou: what do you think, doug. >> well, lou, the two fbi agents went public and the point i think is worth making, utah can only prosecute crimes that occurred within the confines of the state of utah. now the allegations here are much more sweeping and more expansive and i think the hope and maybe anticipation might be the right word is that with enough public pressure the justice department might reverse its position but as caitlin said, the silence on capitol hill is deafening. lou: i mean this really is, this smells to high heaven and, as i said earlier in the broadcast, i think the american people frankly are getting run down. they're being beaten down. they are resigned to a colossal theft of their government by
7:36 pm
people who practice deceit and duplicity and dishonor daily. >> business as usual is not acceptable with the american public anymore who holds this congress and holds majority leader in real disdain and this does nothing to clear his record i would think, if i was innocent i would want basically the investigation to go forward and prove that it wasn't a questionable but certainly he is not going to do that. lou: the president for his part selection tiffly enforcing laws. we -- selectively. we find out that the homeland security secretary jay johnson acknowledges they have been cooking the book on deportations an arrests, including just about half of the numbers they're putting in would not even been counted by the bush administration and they brag almost constantly their deportations are much higher when in fact they're much lower. >> lou, we have a real issue and you're alluding to it with your comments with the administration with what i would call extra
7:37 pm
legal and extra judicial forms of governance. executive orders made to make policy that arguably is within the province of the legislative branch. altering the affordable care act this is also troubling, vis-a-vis immigration. to me it's a pattern of behavior that suggests really flouting the constitutional requirements of our system. >> repeatedly misusing numbers, whether it is unemployment numbers and how they're gathered or census numbers and certainly these kind of things. certainly there is not truthfulness how much obamacare will cost even to the individuals. lou: good lord, i mean, we don't even get the numbers about the people who are actually enrolled. our congressmen and out senators can't ask with any confidence they will be ever responded to honestly who is paid for obamacare. who actually has enrolled. >> secretary says she doesn't know. lou: if we believe that, then,
7:38 pm
we're truly lost because that means we have a secretary that has no idea in the world what is going on in her department, that shouldn't come as a surprise perhaps, to me, it doesn't come as a surprise, but if that is the fact. i mean, ed, we're doomed, are we not? >> well, we're certainly being misled. think that is the most serious thing this is, obamacare is going to basically be with us for a period of time and for the foreseeable future and i think a lot of people are finding out that, a, they have lost their health insurance or not getting what they want or they will payee enormous sum of money for health care today. this thing has always been, even today, you're going to have lower costs, lower insurance, all the rest of it and it is not true. lou: none of it true. >> no, that is the thing. frankly my position is pretty simple. democrats ought to scrap the thing and start with a couple of elements that are popular preexisting conditions, being covered, affordability, 26-year-olds and then do
7:39 pm
competition across state lines. keep the medicaid program that is clearly expanding well for poor people and do tort reform. lou: talking like a true free enterprise capitalist, god bless you. >> isn't that part of our system, lou? lou: or the foundation of our economy. >> regardless of politics. lou: let me turn quickly to the six-hour meeting between sergey lavrov and secretary kerry today. nothing happening. an ultimatum as of monday, to get his troops back to the bases in the crimea. where are we going from here in your opinion. >> first two people conducting the, john kerry, secretary of state and their foreign minister totally irrelevant. neither can make decisions. they will all yap at each other. putin made his decision. his decision is he will basically keep in that country for the near future. lou: caitlin, your thoughts. >> it is interesting. we offered sanctions and congress is debating these
7:40 pm
sanctions and aid to ukraine and sanctions for for russia. we're not seeing movement on that. it is getting bogged down in politics the more time goes on and there is really nothing coming from it. there is real concern of what happens after the referendum over the weekend. and whether russia continues to invade and go further east which is obviously the biggest concern at this point. lou: last word, doug. is this purely farce in washington and in london and in these talks? >> well -- lou: a foregone conclusion that people are trying to -- >> yes there is a lot of talking with vladmir putin. he has not bent one i've. he as caitlin suggests may be moving into eastern ukraine, certainly consolidating in crimea. lou: thank you very much, caitlin. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back with your emails and my commentary. stay with us. we're 234 days from election day. are you exciteed? i know i am. the senate minority leader out with a new campaign ad. this one has no words.
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can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train.
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big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. lou: welcome backs, the number of millionaires in this country climbing to a record 9.6 million last year. that is a lot of millionaires, breaking the previous record set before the financial crisis. the number of households with a net worth, $25 million or more, also surging to a record high. 132,000 of those households and stocks finishing the week lower but my next guest says the bull market, still with us, still strong. with his outlook on the markets we're joined by michael holland, president of holland balanced fund. great to have you here. always great to have a emissary from the top households to talk
7:45 pm
with. >> thank you. lou: let's get to this market. i think it faces nating that so often in the course of a week you will hear, it seems conventional wisdom is the bull market is here forever. then by midweek we were listening to, my god the correction really is here. where are we on this fine friday evening? >> on this fine friday evening, lou, the market from january 1 to here has gone nowhere. it is flat on the year. by the way given all the stuff you report here every night, that is not bad given the news. lou: i was thinking, imagine what we've gone through in terms of all of the externalities, it is, almost impossible to believe it and, heightened, and that heightens concerns for next week. where are we headed? >> it is important to put in context where we are right now, and things you've been reporting just tonight. ukraine and so on. we have, in the u.s., with a flat market, not going anywhere the s&p 500 and so on, stock market, the, rest of the world
7:46 pm
is done much worse. bet on the ukraine situation. markets voiced their opinion. the russian stock market, year-to-date is down 25%, one of the worst acting in the world. that is pretty important. the markets are apolitical. they are very objective. and the u.s. is looking okay to relative to the rest of the world. we met with our chinese companies this past week that we invest in over the years and they're slowing down. they're getting stable growth, moderate growth. the, the, government over there has done what it said it was going to do, slow things down. the u.s. relative to the rest of the world is looking pretty good, despite all the stuff thaw report. lou: talking about merge emerging markets there are challenges in emerging markets. china, their government making it very clear, warning, their premier saying we'll have a lot of foreclosures here. prepare yourself. it looks like a significant,
7:47 pm
significant, financial event. how bad will it be do you think? >> not really bad because they do have a very strong backbone over there in terms of what they can do with their financial resources. their debt -- lou: to mitigate the consequences. >> to mitigate the consequences. they have never allowed these things to happen before. they papered over them. you and i used to talk about how the numbers never made any sense of the they made up the numbers. they're getting closer to reality. they're not there yet. the fact some of these businesses do go bust but we never saw it before. we're beginning to see it. means they're moving into the 21st century. this is a good thing. lou: even with all of these problems the good news is there is transparency, at least dawning of transparency. >> starting. lou: what is very closed system. >> you're getting a little bit of growth over there. maybe 5%, 10% in terms of companies. so there is some, they are selling some things and things are getting, a little bit better. lou: your view here, to what
7:48 pm
investors should be looking at, the level of risk appetite and where we should look for the best, most intelligent return? in what asset class? >> the federal reserve has had the back of investors since 2008, 2009. they said they want to do what they can because no one else in washington is doing it. do what they can to help bolster the economy, to create jobs. what they have done is create a situation where there is enough money that the financial asset price, look at bonds, gone well up in price. bond are probably well overvalued. they will lose money for people the next several years, many of them. if you look at stocks, they have gone from ridiculously cheap, to okay value right now. but once again, like the u.s. as an economy and rest of the world looks the best house in the neighborhood in a crummy neighborhood perhaps, same thing with stocks. stocks are reasonably valued. so i think a lot of stocks out there will probably go to overvalued before this is over. this next several years this
7:49 pm
bull market probably continues. lou: i don't mean to put you on the spot. >> please. lou: i meant to ask you about this, pimco, the largest bond fund. all of the chaos over there. bill gross, el-erian leaving. >> yeah. lou: your thoughts about the firm, 30 seconds or defer as you would. >> i know both guys. it is a very good firm. they have good products. big egos in the business. people do things like this from time to time. you never seen this in your business but investment management business egos sometimes clash. lou: thank god we don't have to deal with that in my craft. thanks so much, michael holland. great to see you. be sure to listen to my financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network coast to goes for all of the day's biggest and market and business news. up next my commentary why everyone loves a mystery and the sad reality that may follow this story. next.
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lou: time for my commentary. first a few of your comments. don from oklahoma e-mailed to say, maybe obama's immigration reform plan is make our country so poor, so corrupt and nobody would want to move here. i would say he is off to a pretty good start. walt from colorado saying serious consequences for russia? what is our community organizer president going to do? get a group of service employee members together and go picket putin's house? if your comment is read here on the air we send you a free copy of my new book, upheaval. email at lou follow us on twitter at lou dobbs news.
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facebook and links to everything at well a few thoughts to think about over the weekend i hope. i want to you know i like a good mystery as much, if not more than anyone. the kiss appearance of -- disappearance of malaysian airlines flight 370 is certainly one of the biggest mysteries we've had to untangle at one time but we also understand when we do solve this particular mystery, we most likely at the same time confirmed deaths of all 239 people aboard the boeing 777. we have as you undoubt he had lid noticed our broadcast not turned our show over to the coverage of disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. there are precious few facts to go on, little more than speculation for any news work and i understand there is great public interest in this story. malaysia airlines boeing 777 can hold a maximum of more than
7:55 pm
47,000 gallons of fuel and travel almost 8,000 miles when fully fueled. but flight 370 was only half fueled, flying the 2700-mile route to beijing. ma lair shun airlines officials say the plane had seven to seven 1/2 hours of fuel. which means the plane was capable of flying about 3500 miles and based only on the facts we know, not speculation, this is the are radius, the actual search area within the realm of possibility. as you will note, it is vastly larger than the actual search area. transporter, transponders aboard the aircraft were turned off. there is no clear understanding of why. nor the result. the effect on the aircraft are the 239 souls aboard. imagine if you will, the reality that the possible flight of the plane could have taken it to places in the immense search
7:56 pm
radius perth, mumbai, karachi, kabul, pongyang. those places and more and all that indian ocean and pacific ocean in the search radius. the area of possibility. and somewhere in there a resting place for 239 souls. a place that may take decade, if ever, to find. i personally prefer and i think most of us do to hope and to think more about the mystery of flight 3 '70s disappearance than the about much more likely tragedy that struck all aboard. that that plane made it to a safe landing perhaps on a deserted airstrip. that they will walk out of some jungle on a remote island and tell fantastic and wonderful tales of tragedy, prevented and adventure lived. i love happy end, don't you? and a mystery like this does
7:57 pm
give us at least that possibility. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. have a great weekend. good night from new york. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets,
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