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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 16, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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neil: 303 deaths now back through 2001? this is not about what the automaker knew it is about gm if it will even we around much augur because of it. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. gm is driving itself off a cliff whether the pr machine or tone deaf executive moving into the and adulterated crisis this is about trust and gm is losing it fast it takes 10 years to remit to the public of the
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ignition and issues in some cars first they say they were limited then we discover there for not exactly ltd. did with 13 deaths with wire -- then it goes much further back try 2001 and now we're told lots of them washington is an end hearing both frantically with the customers had the misfortune to on these vehicles gm will get the $500 for a new car but there are not many takers because i am guessing they cannot take this. now taxpayers are wondering we spend billions it to rescue this? this is the kind of stuff that collapses companies if they are not careful lose their trust then lose their business. is a stretch to say gm is a
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goner? joe, at the very least it is criminal? >> absolutely it is evidence. and did not do anything because they testified under oath not to take action. neil: looking for a pattern of deceit? >> with this bankruptcy in 2009 it could be shielded from the depths of the old gm if they could prove that the do gm help to cover up. neil: the old one went bankrupt with the federal rescue so is it a new
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company? >> if there was fraud involved then that was the one running the company. >> and with that one case which was the 2013 settlement to announce that release why not the exact same data you knowledge jay problem -- a problem? >> is this affecting their survival? >> i don't know how they could not. neil: there saying they're not liable for damages prior >> if we did not like zedillo really have six months to revoke so we have to recover this from 2009
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but of course, the bottom line is a fitting is facing a mess now people are wondering if they forgot to tell us anything else. >> with the initial side my argument why this may not be completely devastating is they may not be liable but the fact they could with those in executives or are there a good portion? that changes the game. it could be worse. right now wall street does not see this as a complete meltdown analysts have not moved the numbers but if this does accelerate in the dot -- doj can prove it knowingly did this then it is a new thing. then gm could be in a complete mess. neil: if you could have countless other injuries you
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are talking a lot of money but also what you are talking is one headache after another. what do you look for when you see ifhereas a tter o deit? >>ow wh cgresonal arin the wi be tking an oath that is when people will listen this guy did it. not me. of us. engineer for the kobolds -- he said it was a business decision for that cobolt not to implement a fix and five months later it was sold to the person who perished e ohe ds. neil: but th has happened before and before with date
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claim that you should have linked them together you were in the process to say there is a link? that will be decisive. >> garett is that is why we could have conversations. this is just my opinion it will headed a different direction there is already an announcement the justice department is looking into this and that is scary for those ceos or program managers. neil: you have mentioned we have not seen this reflected in the stock price but it had a funny way to show it but who knew what and when? at the very least will cast a pall on sales? aren't these the guys who hid this from i s -- have
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this from us? >> they had president from before looking at toyota looking with the unintended acceleration issue. it will stick in their mind over the next year so what we will see in the coming weeks we will see the sales numbers adjusted. there will come down so if you were looking to buy gm is probably not the best time right now if they are able to prove they know when they did this but for right now stay far away. neil: i am more cynical. thank you. meanwhile do you think huckabee could make a good president giving to a guy who was not afraid to talk about god if he wins?
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>> call yourself republicans , find that is your voter registration don't call yourself reagan republicans, ronald reagan would never never go and what this aggressioaggressio n go i responded to by the american people. neil: rejecting its use the ukrainian aid packaging say that reagan would role in his grave been decorated lieutenant rb colonel adam west do you agree? >> it is very important the party must maintain the guardian of the foreign policy and national-security position for the united states of america. i don't think i would take the same approach but maybe
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in a senate conference but when i see republicans said don't understand that not every single dollar bill is equal and we have to prioritize spending and focus or else we will see our credibility internationally go into the tank. neil: would you have given the money to the ukraine? >> i would see we could make be offset to not put us into a damaging fiscal condition. neil: but you would have given it to you are not among those it is going into a black hole? >> no. i want to make sure we have the offset but if vladimir putin you could not ask for a better position because he sees the president as weak and nobody is challenging him with a viable solution so no doubt that crimea will be an next by the of
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quote-unquote democratic process and what comes next? history shows us he is not done. neil: but those who say we would love to do help out but we hear the ukraine to close in russia was $1 billion for energy contracts so what if they handed over to russia? then that is a kick in the pants. >> look at the other collateral things we should push our own energy security to produce and consume and export. neil: but they say why give it at all? we don't know where it goes just like libya, egypt libya, egypt, syria, we don't know who the good guys are. >> click the add definitely we did not know and egypt we did.
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and during the time of the olympics the military commander in egypt signed a security agreement with russia so now we have lost our influence their with egypt and the middle east. but then ronald reagan should not have stood there to ask gorbachev to tear down though wall. so when i hear rand paul to say it is all about lovers of liberty, they also have to understand it has to be defended and america is always the beacon of freedom is that light goes out and where do peoe go? neil: so you agree with what john mccain said but not the way he said it or the public venue. >> i do agree. i am concerned the republican party is losing
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their stands on national security policy that we are seeing globally. neil: always a pleasure. i have been asking you to tweet about how you feel for the president pushing for overtime i had no idea i would get a response so soon >> fox business neil cavuto has a warning about the hidden danger. >> republicans say it is overkill does he risk rewarding those who do not deserve them? to mckee as you start paying people who don't deserve it then before you know, it you have fired neil cavuto. [laughter] ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the only return i'm looking forward to...
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>> and directing secretary of labor to restore the common-sense principle behind overtime if you go above and beyond to help your economy you can share in that success. neil: you are going overboard on the president going big on overtime. if the employees don't like it then they can go work somewhere else. it is not the government's decision. >> isn't that what profit-sharing and bonuses are for? if you were under appreciated or underpaid been stepped up extra work for no pay comes with the territory. >> witt of fos president. >> do i have to do grrrr? >> it does make me mad. you want to work to extract
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hard you don't ask for more pay because you want to be noticed but the problem with these guys who are running the show didn't like the exceptional they've wanted peabody to be average andy called. when people who do work overtime for no pay are exceptional those who will rise to the top. maybe it takes a year or so but eventually they are noticed. they are not average they want average and everybody exceptionation. the neil: all the other acres here are paid. >> you work for free. >> it is stupid but what we have done now is with that approach if it is by hiking
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the minimum wage or provide more benefits? cy.t does we are driven by politics rather than an common-sense because things that are done for reasons of kilts don't work in the end it is more important for them to get rid of it rather than do something that works that drives policy pick --. neil: take a look. >> wait eight minutes. [laughter] and sports fans after they had to buy the $7 large we
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are is the same as of $4 small beer. [laughter] fans everywhere had the same complaint. >> i have no sympathy for a buddy who pays $7 for a beer >> you would not paid $9 for a cold hot dogs i don't know anything anymore when the middle class money is gone. [laughter] will we have another stupid law for people too stupid you can change sizes? jesse ventura would say there are too many people out there to come up with a law for everything. neil: you could tell the difference but they could not distinguish.
5:23 am
but if you have day mug like this then it looks like the same thing. see what i mean? >> you are not confused if you use beefeater. neil: so is the stadium liable? >> i am sure you could find no lawyer somewhere. neil: i know you were at the yankee stadium. [laughter] how do you know? >> i love the idea of this end of the woman who figured it out. neil: her husband was three sheets to the wind senate she had a simple idea. >> what's happening? this is yourcrew tried to get the show done every day?
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neil: what is the difference ? >> is it tough to what do you do on this show? [laughter] >> i have never seen him before. neil: word to the wise when you're ordering beer nature you are looking at the top. may be the only candidate through the 2016 money race the top donors are saying yes. fed governor response. next. ♪
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>> we need to make sure that we tell the government thank you, we had the children and we'll raise the children. >> eliminate the irs once and for all and no longer will they be intimidating americans who
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are conservatives. >> with all due respect to hillary clinton, it does make a difference, why they died and who did it. [applause] >> i know him, anyway, they like mike, but will they give money to mike? you hear a lot of the screaming, whooping and hollering conservatives in the room. they certainly would, but the big money guys, that's the question. sometimes they're much tougher sells. governor mike huckmhuckabe mikeg some are changing their tune. >> it's a long way for me to make the decision, i'm not prepared to do that now. neil: you're not going to do it here? >> i thought about holding off. neil: we had great tweets and e-mails. so, but-- >> what is different is that people that wouldn't return my calls eight years ago are now calling and asking to visit with me. neil: really? >> yeah. and that's different. neil: are these the money types?
5:29 am
>> a lot of them are, yeah. neil: did they fall out of love with someone else or heard you and said, hey. >> i think people are looking at the broader landscape and say we want to win and looking at people that they think can carry the full spectrum of the conservative messagehich is not only fiscal conservativism, national security conservativism, but also social conservativism because they look at the numbers and they know if you don't carry the full spectrum, you don't create enough interest in the base to be able to win in the general election and if you look the at the numbers, at what happened in 2012 when mitt romney, who did, i think, a very admirable job as a candidate, but he got fewer votes from the evangelicals and the catholics than john mccain did in 2008 and there were half of the evangelicals that voted for barack obama. those are people that recognize you can't leave those on the table and win the general election. neil: but this has been the battle of the republican party, especially from the cpac
5:30 am
conference. some were focused not talking about god. you had no problem talking about god and the once who don't say we'll get sidelined on the issues, and you say? >> i say you can't separate them. if you go into baskin robbins, don't say i want one flavor. the point is that you have 32. when a oifrt says there's on i says i only care about one thing, i think that true conservatives are able to encompass many issues that touch the families of people. and i want to make sure that people understand there's a definite question about the morality and the cost of a nation. why do we have so much government, why do we have so much cost? every time you put a person in prison, i know this from being governor, it costs more to put a person in prison for one year than it would to put that person in a four-year college, pay
5:31 am
tuition, room, books, and give him spending money. when people say i don't want it hear about anything regarding right and wrong and morality, the reason we have so much government, to pay people to scrub graffiti off bridges and buildings, because somebody misbehaved. rehab costs a lot of money. a kid in juvenile detention, one that's a ward in the state? in my state eight years ago when i was governor cost $75,000 per year per kid. think how much money that is multiplied by tens of thousands of kids. neil: if you were to run for president, those are among the issues, a lot of the money guys when they talk to you and i know you can't disclose exact conversations, their concern is, we don't want to make this about those social issues, we want to make-- we take our bread and butter to the earlier point. are these the issues and can we sense, with the key district victory this week, health care
5:32 am
was a big reason and health care is going to carry us to the finish line and the governor, if he gets on board with that, we're fine? >> i think most people, if they know anything about what i stand for, what i have, they recognize that i'm a person who believes that we should devolve power from washington to the states. and it has too much money. neil: would a president huckabee shut down obamacare? >> i'd like to. it's fundamentally flawed in its structure. neil: a lot of your colleagues, former gubernatorial colleagues say it can't be done, but say it's unlikely the. >> the problem that obamacare has at its inception was it's untend today take care of the uninsured. now we have 4.2 million people have signed up, far below what the numbers were supposed to be to make it solvent. it's notle solvent. the scary point of the 4.2 million, 75% of them had insurance before obamacare, they
5:33 am
got bumped out. they were not uninsured people, they were insured people that have to be reinsured under a program that costs them more and don't let them keep their doctor. neil: it would be tough to destruct. >> the concept of obamacare is that it's at the state regulation level now. neil: and let the states do it. >> the states will have to retool their policies and what they mandate what, they require. neil: so you're not announcing on this show. >> no. neil: but when you make up your mind-- >> it will be a while. neil: you're not going to do it, really? >> no, i think it's going to be a while. it's going to be a while away. neil: when do you it, you're not going to do it on o'reilly, you remember who was there. >> i think huckabee would be a great-- or cavuto. neil: you would selfishly do it on your show, 8 p.m. saturday and sunday and give me like scraps that monday? really? u probably do it on your show,
5:34 am
sucking up now. neil: hannity, if you're watching-- thank you, governor. gold hitting a six-month high and tensions in ukraine, another new high. the defense big wig asking why are we only now talking about bringing troop levels to a new low? low? bad timing. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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if your denture moves, it can irritate your gums. try fixodent plus gum care. it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it. >> you know, this would be the weekend, russia is gathering at ukraine's border, what is scary is what we're doing to our own budget. the world bank president says now is not the time to be cutting our troop levels, especially to the degree we are. he joins me now exclusively. secretary, thank you very much for coming. first, russia, what do you think they do? what do you think they do? >> what do you think the russians do? neil: yes. >> they're winning and they keep sitting there and we keep
5:38 am
talking about maybe if they don't leave sunday, maybe we'll impose a few sanctions. it seems to me we're long past the time where we should be imposing some costs on this. there's probably not anything we can do that will actually force them out of crimea, but there's a lot we can do to stop them from spreading this poison further. neil: do you fear if they get into crimea, seems like from a lot of experts who i've talked to, that they march in there, but you're afraid they won't stop there? >> that's the biggest fear. some brilliant spokesperson, for them, fortunately for them, speaking off the record called this an uncontested arrival. that's how the germans arrived in czechoslovakia in 1938. it's a very bad precedent. there are places in ukraine and europe where they might appeal for outside phelp, it's not a
5:39 am
good thing. neil: and i think that money would bring them back to their senses. you know, a lot of the russians o were affected and it might be in their financial interest to cool things down, what do you say. it's one of the few ways to get to him. he's all about his financi interests and the hundred closest people to him are all about financial interests. and we ought to make them pay a price right now, not to see how a negotiation might be. neil: what would a price be? >> it means, by the way, we've talked about asset freezes for so long, i doubt if the assets that we freeze would be in a place where we could be at them. but visa, there's a good thing to do, making it harder for these people to travel, harder for them to put their assets into real estate in paris, london or new york, or maybe
5:40 am
cyprus if we could stop that one. and i think that generally putting pressure up on the thing that props up that apparatus, with us high gas prices. i guess you come back to the keystone xl. neil: yeah, and beefing up our own energy independence, you're quite right. but as a former world bank president, i was thinking about how a lot of bank ceo's have certainly been saying, be careful how far we go here, when it comes to freezing assets and all that, it boomerangs on the very u.s. institutions that could feel it and our markets suffer. should that even enter into the equation? or are you surprised that it is? >> i'm not surprised that it is and i have a little bit of sympathy and certainly we want a healthy financial system, but i'm not sure it's made terribly healthy by a few billions from basically-- i mean, i call them criminal
5:41 am
enterprises, but i think dubious enterprises. neil: well, certainly it could have a contagion effect, could certainly lead to a meltdown? >> i don't think so. one of the things that struck me over the years and when i was at the world bank we were interested in helping poor countries recover stolen assets. there's a reason why these cleptocrats put their money, they want it someplace safe. it's not safe from an asset freezing, but if you're not invading your neighbors it's safer than in most places in the world. neil: secretary, a pleasure sir, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, thank you. neil: paul wolfowitz. remember when carl icahn told he was just getting started with ebay? where is this battle going? >> you tell me, a battle is a battle. we're not afraid to fight a war. neil: you're not done? >> that one is just starting.
5:42 am
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>> who are you setting your sights on now? >> first of all, you know about ebay, we're not afraid to fight a war. neil: that war is the not done? >> that war is just starting. neil: he wasn't kidding, either. carl icahn says that it's his next project and ebay doesn't want to be his next project. and icahn is getting louder and louder and urging ebay employees not to listen. is that a big mistake. and right now loud voices like icahn shouldn't be-- should be, i should say.
5:46 am
gary, we know that icahn is making his presence know and that ebay's executives are dismissing that presence, to their own peril? >> well, it just depends. i think that voices like carl icahn, let's remember he owns 2% of the company so it seems like a small amount, but he has kind of a rather large voice because not a lot of other individuals own 2% of such large companies. neil: right. >> he deserves to be heard. i mean, he generally comes in and for better or worse, at least gets companies to think about doing things differently and for companies in general, i think that's a good thing. neil: michael, obviously, he's not going away, right? how do you deal with a carl icahn. now what he wants, he wants all the executives heads at this point, but now about the paypal thing and everything else. so how do you deal with him? >> ebay's got a little tougher job than they did two weeks ago, because the momentum seems to be shifting more in carl icahn's
5:47 am
favor, especially in the last two weeks. he's hit a nerve with the idea of a spin-off. elon musk, in the early days of paypal come out in favor of a split. i personally like ebay and paypal united, and it's a big part of their success. where icahn has a hook is in the idea of corporate spin-offs, they've become much more important in the last three years, there's a satisfied that show that spunoff companies outperform the s&p by something like 1/3 in the first year they're traded so he has a good hook against ebay. neil: what do you think? >> it depends on the dynamics. i remember about 20 years ago when lou gerstner came into ibm. the talk was it spin off ibm into a lot of different companies, but it turned out for ibm's benefit, it was better to
5:48 am
rehe main integrated. michael might have a point, it might be better for ebay to be integrated, but it might be better for the stock market to see separate companies. neil: all right, gentlemen, switching gears. mark zuckerberg said he called president obama, and some of the snoops in facebook to friend their way in. gary b, now he has a problem because there are other times when we're told that facebook cooperated on government officials with spying requests, so now it's a big deal. what do you think before in? >> it sounds like a politically correct statement by someone made to impress other people, maybe his friends, maybe the facebook users, and it just is all -- as you point out shall the nsa has been involved with facebook for a while now. i see the nsa is actually providing a lot more good than bad. now zuckerman is making a big
5:49 am
deal and brags that he called obama? sounds like posturing. neil: and by the way, i can call the white house, but someone has to pick up. did the president talk to him? i guess he did. do we know that? and michael, what do you make of this and whether now-- facebook, we've had a lot of these companies feel embarrassed by the publicity, no, it wasn't us, it wasn't us. what do you think? >> he's got an inherent problem, neil, this is a social network. it's all about being open, it's not a privacy site. you know, a couple of years ago i was talking with a ceo of mcafee and the one of the things he warned me about as to misuse facebook like they have, taking someone's friend and using it to launch, and they've been improving security and privacy over the past couple of years, but i don't think if zuckerburg has come out with a coherent policy how to close the trap doors that are in facebook.
5:50 am
by the way, i like facebook, and there are some privacy issues that need to be resolved. neil: understood. i wonder if you buy and sell the stocks on how vulnerable they are, is that risky and enter the equati equation? >> it didn't for me. what isn't open, google, facebook, yahoo! you know, the whole-- now the banks, they've got to maybe --. neil: you figure they're all vulnerable, they're all going to succumb to this sort of thing and that can't enter into the equation? >> it doesn't for me, it might for other people-- >> and you're abusing us as long as you can make a buck? i'm kidding. >> i suppose the answer to that is question. [laughter] >> admire that, michael, what about you? >> i have to agree with him very much. we're giving up a lot privacy. look, your car is going to be connected to the web in the next two or three years and that's going to open up a whole other raft of problems. we live in a open on-line world
5:51 am
and everyone in our society has made at least a tacit decision to give up some privacy for convenience and what's going to happen over time is, you'll be able to pick and choose the suite of privacy tools that you want to use and companies are going to come out with more and more-- so there's going to be opportunities to invest in companies that are coming up with new products that let you choose the level of security that you want. neil: real quickly, guys, i'd be remiss if i didn't address ever so quickly, what could be a russian invasion of crimea this weekend. what happens monday if they do that? gary? >> oh, my gosh, well, if it happens before the open, then the market's going to open dramatically down, could open, 3, 400 points down, upon which, by the way, i would be a buyer. neil: what do you do right now, michael, if that happens? >> i agree, i might be be a buyer on monday or tuesday. i do see the market selling off today. i think we're getting ready to reprice the market, it's been hanging over us now for a couple of weeks, i wouldn't go in first thing monday morning and buy,
5:52 am
i'd wait and see to the end of the session, maybe tuesday, and see how things are sorting themselves out. neil: we know this weekend something's goin (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway diculousness... from fashionhat flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national isanked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like pro. ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the only return i'm looking forward to... for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college.
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our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. gundyes!n group is a go. not just a start up. an upstart. gotta get going. gotta be good. good? good. growth is the goal. how do we do that? i talked to ups. they'll help us out. new technology. smart advice. we focus on the business and they take care of the logistics. ups? good going. we get good. that's great.
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great. great. great. great. great. great. great. great. (all) great! i love logistics.
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>> all right. we end the week with the best five minutes in tv broadcasting anywhere, that's right, it's time for-- what's the deal, neil? neil: joe, aol, what's the deal, neil? how are you maintaining your composure when interviewing the lying cockroaches? i have no idea who you're talking about. the same guy who triggered your comment may be the same that triggered many others, jonathan gruber, architect of obamacare. >> you are an ignorant duns, i wouldn't give you a zero for this interview, i would give you
5:56 am
an unexcused absence. outside of that, frank, what did you think of the interview? peter in des moines, what's the deal with pounding this poor guy. you kept citing statistics you knew would make him look bad. talk about a turkey shoot, but you were the turkey, you jerky. peter, i gobbled the same numbers that the government gobbled to us and gobbled them back, as long as we're talking turkey, you let jonathan gruber off the hook on too many affordable care comments, one was that the cost was 15% below the estimates, but costs were still higher before the affordable care act. charles, that's exactly what i said twice, i believe. wait a minute, you weren't watching me in one of the picture in picture deals, tell the truth. on the big screen with the sound on and i was in the small box with the mute button on, fine, fine, whatever you want to do.
5:57 am
denny in indiana, the guy is a liar, premiums are exploding and will continue to. mike in scottsville, kentucky the obamacare expert doesn't know it from a hole in the ground. we have five grown kids who support themselves and all, but one have to pay double health care costs and none, zero gets money from the government to offset their costs. and randy, aside of your criticism and fear of obamacare you came off as a complete hypocrite when you said working it all out. and i thought that gruber went into the core parts of obamacare, guarantee, preexisting conditions an are brought up and you have no answer. really? i repeatedly brought up the things about obamacare, who wouldn't want preexisting conditions, but i repeatedly brought up that none comes free and you're going to have to pay for it dearly, and apparently more dearly.
5:58 am
why don't you stick a syringe in your biased side. go! >> all right. what is the deal, neil? why do people hate on you? i love watching your show. make those politician the answer your questions. i like you, i'm trying to do my job and you can see unfair people criticize me. lou, in arkansas, you're okay, i don't care what they say about you behind your back. actually, you know, most of them happily say it to my face. pablo, some are not getting my humor, neil, you're the best no matter what o'reilly fans say. as for your sense of humor, it only for people with above average iq. ouch. then on the whole gm mess, fox is rooting hard for gm to fail because obama saved it, and unions are involved. fox is anti-american, you're onto me.
5:59 am
is that what you were saying with the workers dragged into their recall mess or only saving your selective patriotism for unionized workers? on the hot facebook mom. hot mom, neil, where do you get your fabulous suits and your trump ties, you look great today. no on the trump ties, but, yes, i look great every day. now this, what's the deal, neil? i'm curious, who would you like better climbing over your of desk, richard simmons or maria, really, you wonder? and we check our favorite for this, if you're going to wear triangles, i say you should choose a cute triangle. a cute triangle. aughter] i have no idea what that means. i do know that he's a great guess and i appreciate your e-mails and tweets good or bad.
6:00 am
although the bad ones leave me feeling vulnerable. i know you're watching, and with those guys at the white house, ladies and gentlemen, "imus in the morning." ♪ don: you know what i was wondering? do you think -- i mean, all of these various networks, like take fox, for example, where we are at the fox business network, doink -- like i love varney and who else? cavuto. the other people seem fine, but there's nobody here who i really hate. connell: there suspect? don: no. connell: huh. don: i make fun, but they are just dumb. i don't hate them. it's not their fault they are


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