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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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night 9:00 eastern right now go to the after our show good night. lou: good evening it has been 18 days since the russian flag was raised in cirmea, since then president putin has orderd to withdraw, the russian troops to ukraine border and 22,000 russian troops within crimea, have been positiond to hold that territory and contro control its borders, today, president putin signed a decree recognizeing crimea as a sovereign and independent country. his decree comes a day after a nationwide referendum, 97% of crimeans voted to break off from
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ukraine and rejoin russia, russia's president, brushed off the much threatened sanctions to were imposed to. by u.s., and europe. listen to president obama speak of these sanctions as though they were penalty against putin and russia for the invasion of crimea. >> we're imposing sanctions to specific individuals responsible for undermineing sovereignty, serer toal integrity -- territoryial integrity. making it clear there are consequences for their actions. >> reporter: consequences. 11 russia and ukrainian officials were targeted with sanctions, but many of the people that were targeted laughed off the tepid, measures saying they have no overseas assets that would be affected. it appears only one taking such sanctions, seriously is
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president obama himself. and then most like lionsly for benefit of -- likely, only for benefit of cameras and microphones. in fact, dow today surgeed 182 points, and snaped a five-day closeing streak. global rally was as much a resounding cheer for putin, as anything else. putin has just rubbed noses of merkel, and obama, in it. suggestions it is time to close this chapter in u.s. russian relations and perhaps begin a new. perhaps, another rosetta in order. -- reset, is in order, but administration presses ahead. ed by sense traveling to poland this week to meet withly theo leaders, president obama himself is heading to europe next week to visit brussels, the tphelg tphelgenetherlands and italy.
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it is clear that mr. putin will require none of mr. obama's proffered flexibility. having done so very well on his own. our first guest, tonight, says most serious aspect of this crisis is not crimea, what it implies for russian misbehave misbehavior in future, joining us paul wolfowitz. secretary of defense in bush administration. good to have you here with us. >> good to be here. lou: i have to get if i may your react to the sanctions against 11 individuals, that represent the consequences of this government, a as a result of invasion of a sovereign nation. >> they really are feeble, people that should be targeted, if i can use, khrep khrep clepty
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have made money off of the russian people. that is where putin a's weaknes is, high would rather talk about crimea as issue than fundamentals of riz regime which is stealing money from his own people. lou: >> reporter: strong enough -- lou: strong enough now to put u.s. and u.s. on their heels, he is carrying out hid ambitions is there anyway to forestall him at-this-point. >> as you correct let's say, strong enough, he is not strong, it is a comment on us he is strong enough to be able to do it it is important to emphasis if crimea were remote island in indian ocean, and russia were
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just a bigger island next door maybe it would not be so purpose, but the destableization of crimea to lead to destaeub stable skwraeug of ukraine that is endanger all of europe, that is the biggest concern here. very important to put pressure on him so he does not think he can get away with going further. lou: that pressure, would take what form? do we have to restofr level resf our troops our forces in europe. >> it would be a good thing not to slash our own defense budget, and sends a message we're on global retreat. we have to get our nato partners to step up more. i think also, there is some things that could hurt right now, because, the people are, around paouaputin depend on kees
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safe, his own regime i believe is vulnerible not to injunctions about international law, which are empty, but for example saying, he does not belong in g-8, if europeans don't kick him out, u.s. is not going as long as he is there. lou: as we look at reap between -- relationship between germany, and russia, their commercial relationship. isn't there a great risk here that president obama, playing so timidly in responding with sanctions against 11 individuals, really could set off a firestorm of reprisal that is between germany, europe yoon european union and russia devastating a trade relationship, russia would pay a price, but, my gosh, the cost to the european union in particular would be very high indeed. >> well i think depends on what happens, but it is important to
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remember, any negotiation who has more to lose by failure, we act as though we have more to lose over and over again, which, when i believe it is putin is more dependent on continues huge oil revenues that exam from exports that is pillar of his regime. you know ronald reagan took on soviet gas pipeline against similar concerns, putin is not as strong as old soviet union. union. lou: and relationship, here, one thing that has been drawn into perfect view, it seems, a very, very distant historically distance relationship with our allies in europe, there seems to be no poll among the allies in european union, whether it is nato or the eu . with which the united states, is
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bound, or which provides an anchor for the relationship which tkhra has been traditionar the course of 60 years. >> i suppose one thing to say here, i guess, mack vely said more important to be reported than loveed -- respected than loveed or feared than loveed. which no one is clear about. this say could look, some 15 years ago russia agreed to ukrainian independence and let ukraine keep the crimea in return, for ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons allowing russia to have naval bases in crimea, united states was a party to that agreement. they should be concerned about this europeans should b
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concerned if are the united states remains silent about it. lou: all right, paul wolfowitz thank you. >> thank you, very much. lou: reports say president putin is preparing a list of americans to sanction. several senators are likely to be on the list, including perhaps senator john mccain, who may be very clever effort to use reverse psychology, claims he wants be on compute putin's t shaw-- sanction list, now day 1n search for missing malaysian airlines, still no concrete leads, as a matter of fact, many of the facts in the case are in dispute, they are vague and ambiguous, u.s. is among 26 nations searching for the flight which disappeared from radar with 239 people onboard, authorities spent weekend
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looking into lives and homes of pilot and co copilot with human sabotage now leading theory by investigators. seizeing a flight simulator from the home of the apy lot. -- aircraft's pilot. >> the 53-year-old pilot, who provideed web tips on air-conditioners with personal flight simulate or is now at center of the investigation. with his copilot. the chairman of house homeland security committee who gets regular updates said that fbi team on the ground after the investigation was declareed a criminal case. >> a little bit of nationalistic pride on part of malaysia, that i would money he hope they woulr experts in to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: search warrant
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sources tell computer hard drives and the simulator were recovered. seasoned fbi investigator said that computer hard way may show premeditation. >> if there was a proin simulation that would give someone confidence to make those maneuvers. >> what is on computer may be as telling. >> that would be short of a smoking gun in malaysian authorities are nails down the timeline, the maintenance system sent out a regular update, and what is believeed to be final communication, air traffic control of the toil everything otold everythingwas okay. the plane was diverted as it transitioned to chinese
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airspace. a no-man's land, a member of house intelligence committee said that passenger manifest is being scrubbed again, there are intelligence gaps. >> they have not been able to do a full investigation of all passengers on the plane, where we could find something out about their background. >> the corridors, straefping s, are baseed on signal from the aircraft slat communication link, which disappeared last 8 hours into the flight, u.s. is focusing resources to south baseed on additional intelligence. >> one it ran ought of fuel and crashed. the other one plane landed, somewhere, in the southeast asia, and that would could be useed later as a weapon. >> reporter: navy commander said it is like looking for one person across u.s. with analyst emphasizing what
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region so remote they are like black holes. >> the real issue, where are there runways, current abandoned or whatever, 6,000 feet where they could hr-pbd th land the plane. >> they say that uss kid will leave indian ocean in the next day or so unless there is a break mant in the case. >> reporter: thank you katherine, more on search for malaysia airline flight 370 in broadcast. >> on wall street today stocks rebounded from last week's losses dow gaining 182. s&p up 18, and nazdaq up 35. wilshire 5,000, measures gain $200 billion. >> crude oil, down 81 cents. and flight to safety, evidenceed by gold prices, down $6.
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and yield on 10 year, rose to 2.70%. general motors issued a 3 new recalls on heels of last month's older model recall, covering more than 3 million vehicles in total, carmaker said it will take a 300 million charge against first quarter earnings. and guinness joining heineken, pulling out as a sponsor in the st. patrick's day parade in new york city, today, setting exclusion of gays and lesbian groups from marching, we're coming right back. lou: white house pulling out all of the stops, trying to sign up youngins vicinityibles on obamacare. a develop kind of march madness.
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lou: the brackets are set, march madness upon us, white house trying to capitalize on popularity of this month, two weeks left until the end of obamacare's open enrollment period. they launched a new nba ad tod today, to fill out obamacare bracket, and fill in 16 reasons to get covered by obamacare, a third of uninsureed americans plan to stay uninsureed. mostly because they say, insurance is too expenseive. first lady michelle obama has been claims her let's move campaign contributed to a 43% drop in childhood obesity rates but now some expert point-out
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study she is relying on has a large margin of error it is possible there has been an increase in obesity rate of preschoolers. >> joining us now. joe trippi, for weekly standard, and fred barnes, great to have you both here, let's start with these, joe, i must start with you, president, 11 individual sanctioned, that is this administration, u.s. government's response to the invasion of a nation. your thoughts? >> well, you have to do diplomacy in sanctions or war. and i don't think that there is anybody interested in trying to do go to you know put troops on the ground for ukraine and crimea. in war, yo you can take action, unilaterally if you think that is the way to go. but diplomacy is getting everyone else onboard, does not
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matter it one country does sanctions and all rest do not. because -- lou: you are pleaseed with where we are? the president's response? >> i think there will be hanker responses overtime. but i think that is the initav foray into real sanctions. lou: fred? >> i think there is something in between, diplomacy and warfare, that called pressure, i don't think that sanctions these 11 russians is going to put push pressure on putin, we're still u.s., i mean, two or thei threes behind him, and the world thinks that putin acts, and obama talks. that is what europeans do too. they just talk, so, i don't think that these sanctions ofing caingsomething that putin reads, boy, i better not do anything more, these sanctions can get worse, i could really be hurt. i think he will think the opposite, i'm free to take a new
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action. lou: you will love this one. joe, gary kasper of said, carter looks like church mill in comparison to obama, russian officials openly mocking obama. saying that the tough sanctions were some kind of joke. are we ru running a risk, u.s. looks like a chump, a patsy? for whatever putin would -- his ambitions may be. >> i'm saying it did -- you could -- it doesn't matter how tough sanctions you are pulls to put on if no other country is willing, to if europe is not, it does not d do good for president to put tougher sanctions only to have putin, around him to europe, that is the problem, you can't move unilateralry with sanctions, have you bring other country, that means merkel in
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germany, u.k., france, they have to be, involveed in more -- if you want tougher sanctions not just the united states that putting them on, it has to come from o*efrb that is what president, must be trying to do. this is justinish a foray into moving sanctions, along and trying to bring the rest of europe and rift of rest -- rest of the westinvolveed. >> well, it is libya, or syria, this president had no hesitation in being out front and first in denouncing those regimes, and insisting their leaders depart without a if you will a coalition of the willing. >> well, again, if you are not -- the part of whole problem if you are not, if the west is not willing to -- i mean to use force. and every knows we're not, then
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everything else all of the sanctions -- putin just wants to do this, there might not be a lot of sanctions overtime turning on fuel lines to europe and et cetera by giving different supply channels there, we'll have -- that is not happening in weeks. >> is it helpful for senator mccain to go to kiev, aupbs no announce that russia is more of a gas station posing as a country. >> it was a good line, i have to say. i don't know if it helped or hurt, but sanctions are not only thing that u.s. can do, last week ukrainian government asked for millary aid, they were not asking for nuclear weapons but rifles and artillery, pentagon and bong said no, but we'll send
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you ration will, mres that is that thretic, we could have said yes we'll help, build your military, and we could mill tear trainers and troops, not -- troops not offensive troops but to the baltic states. tell them the pols and checks, they can have the tracking systems now, there are a lot of things thatk didn't do unilaterally, if you have sanctions everything has to be with the united states. u.s. is do a lot unilaterally as well. lou: thank you. appreciate it. >> a new decide finds colon cancer rates have declineed by
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lou: a big rally today, stocks rebounding after last week's selloff. my guest tonight says that should be the situation should the crisis in ukraine deteriorate, stocks could be vulnerable in the near-term sense. joining us, the chief investment strategist for black rock. great to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. lou: this is quite the rally. happy days are here again. smooth sailing ahead. >> welcome i think what has happened is you have had some resolution. the market likes clarity, it
10:29 pm
likes finality. what happened today was essential the market saying we don't know if this leads to any broader economic issues and we're going to go back to fundamentals that looks decent, valuation of stock still look attractive relative to bond and therefore we will treat last-minute selloff. lou: we are bridged into the next earnings season here. compared to earnings, what do you see in the way of top lines improving or deteriorating, what is your outlook there? >> we will see earnings grow, the challenge is where that is coming from. growing from the top line. as the market moves higher, we
10:30 pm
have to see modestly faster economic growth and it has to lead to faster revenue growth because it is not clear companies are going to be able to raise margins any more than they already have. lou: nor judgment for u.s. investors in the u.s. market. that is, is this a time to step into this market or a time for considerable caution or something in between? >> i think the answer is probably something in between. if you are looking out a couple of years, you have to go higher relative to bonds, the really is u.s. stocks are no longer cheap. one thing we have been advocating, they have done very well the last few years. one thing to consider today is little bit more national versification. look at those a little less stretched in u.s. equities.
10:31 pm
for those who have not fully participated in the rally to start to think about. lou: thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. listen to my financial reports three times per day coast-to-coast. for all of the biggest market and business news. turning to the weekend box office, good news for the big winner in the second weekend. the animated movie earning $21 million for 20th century fox. last week's winner 300 dropping to second place. disney's need for speed disappointed opening in third place with just under $18 million in box office. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> what happened to malaysian airlines flight 370? the focus of the investigation now on the pilots and possibly the ground crew. former are marshall and maybe former are marshall and maybe seal with his expert view asked a simple question:
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lou: u.s. navy seals going to the rescue of an oil tanker by libyan rebels trying to set its contents on the black market, maybe commandos boarded the ship late yesterday off cyprus. there were no casualties in the operation. well done, seals. malaysian airline officials offering the details of when critical communication systems for disabled or malfunctioned aboard the flight. joining us now is former special agent on the fbi joint terrorism task force. former navy seal, former federal air marshal. it is great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: this is a mystery of immense proportions, nobody seems to get a handle on it,
10:36 pm
nobody knowing where to look for the handle, that is why we are delighted to have you with us. very few people have your expertise and experience. what are your thoughts on what happened to that aircraft in those 239 people. >> from an investigative point of view, investigators do not like to let the conspiracies or the theories lead the investigation, we like the evidence to lead the investigation. in his actual case you are seeing two potential leads, terrorism and a systematic mechanical failure. this kind of leaning toward terrorism. that is where the majority of the theories are going, it was terrorism. it would be quite a systematic breakdown if it was mechanical. i think that's one of the things pushing me toward terrorism when i think about it. lou: we now know the fbi is
10:37 pm
involved. thetheir party investigation, is unclear how much cooperation is between the u.s. authorities. it is unclear which if any they have they have not been invited. what can we reasonably expect? we have not heard from them. the fbi has been a tool politically i will be straightforward in that, but his administration because they used to interpose the fbi between the facts and a congress seeking answers a number of cases. how much confidence should we have in the fbi? >> i am torn here because i have 100% confidence in the men and women in the fbi. what i don't have confidence in, however, is an administration that likes to use seals and fbi and drowns to do quick attacks
10:38 pm
so they get used to these quick answers. benghazi is an example where despite what might have happened to cause it, investigation to find out the people who did it isoing to take a while. these have to be put together. this is going to be very simil similar, and in fact i think what you are going to see now getting back to this actual product is you will see these countries pull away because they don't have any tax base as we have to fund these things. we landed on ach 47 chinook that was six times the entire nation of honduras. i cannot imagine vietnam is much more than that. lou: to cooperate fully to help the authorities is under great
10:39 pm
threat financial pressure and then we are providing some support. your judgment about this, this disappearance is all we can really call it. your suspicion that it is terrorism, it makes so little sense with the information we have got. where do you take that aircraft if you don't crash it, where do you landed come if you do landed, how in the world do you get it back in the air? what could be going on here? >> those are questions almost undefinable. what is definable is what conventional warfare is. whether it is terrorism or what we defend against is unconventional warfare. small units look to get the biggest bang from their fund. they exploit the vulnerabilities
10:40 pm
to the critical assets. and then they move around in those vulnerabilities until they get something that works. that is for this makes the most sense to me, they found a niche that is the case of what it is, this is a systematic thing that was thought through, he see a well-organized plan if that is in fact what it is. lou: a well-organized plan that we have not been able to discover commi, it has not reved itself to us. >> somebody was asking why would they take it there, we don't know that, but out have to think if it went north and they were able to get it hijacks, they have been the hardest part is to have a state sponsoring and organizing this. lou: and unfortunately there are more than a few in that region. we thank you very much, former are marshall, former fbi, member of the joint terrorism task force and u.s. navy seal.
10:41 pm
>> my pleasure to be here. lou: thank you. a video in the western caribbean. the shark charged at the diver several times but he managed to fight the animal off with his spear. thinking about an ipo. think they will do very well? i am thinking they might. on the midterm elections. the joke of a mayor of toronto rob ford has one thing going for him. we will tell you what it is
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lou: toronto mayor rob ford might have been caught on tape smoking crack, slurring his words and acting drunk, but apparently that hasn't overwhelmed his poll numbers. 42% approval rating, that is higher than president obama, who
10:45 pm
has a 40% approval rating in the gallup poll. joining me now is the president of citizens united, one of the country's leading and conservative activist. i think i could put it that way. also, just does about everything. great to have you with us, david. >> it is good to know rob ford polling numbers is better than barack obama. lou: just 2%. he is being graded by canadians, not the less generous americans. we don't often get to say this, congratulations on the win last week. is this a mark of things to come? >> i'm hoping it is the beginning of a trend. republicans have an opportunity this election cycle to define
10:46 pm
barack obama with every single candidate out there. statewide, north carolina, iowa, arkansas, where districts like virginia, anywhere around the country with marginal districts, this is going to be a potential wave election, this florida election really shows some very interesting numbers. lou: robert gibbs is in the talkshow circuit saying president obama has to start raising a little money. yet, the democrats may lose the senate if he doesn't get more involved. president has held 45 fundraisers since the beginning of the second term, just about double that of george bush's term and has another 30 events scheduled through june this year.
10:47 pm
>> money is not their problem, the democratic candidate in the florida election outspent republicans 4-1. she lost a congressional seat by the way when she was running for governor two years ago. she won the congressional district. barack obama won it twice running for president. that is a district they should have been able to win. they lost it by four points. tell tale of what is going to go on. lou: as you are talking, we're sitting here right now, just about 216 days out from the election. but in that time you will see primaries building up over the next month, april we begin to see some real action. are you confident this year the republicans have got good, solid
10:48 pm
candidates, the missouri surprises? >> first of all who would not have a surprise last time, he was 10 term member of congress, he made a mistake. democrat and republican make mistakes. i would hope the republicans, this election cycle gives an opportunity from our constitutional conservatives to come to congress to be elected to the u.s. house of the present attempts. i hope this allows true conservatives to rise to the top. lou: i will ask you thi the same question i've asked members of the establishment republican party. what are the conservatives doing tnot have another todd akin experience? >> i am not part of the establishment, i'm part of the conservative.
10:49 pm
that is what i try to do, try to find very smart conservatives who will run very smart campaigns to be change agents, not part of the status quo. if you're coming here to manage the decay, we are not interested in supporting you. but if you're going to be a change agent, those of the candidates we are looking for. i hope people will have learned from what todd akin's report was. be a little bit smarter when they are running their campaigns. lou: thank you for being here, nice to talk about positive things with you instead of all the concerns of the republican conservatives. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. lou: bob wrote in to say the pro-choice people have screamed for years they do not want the government to be between them and their doctor. doesn't obamacare but the
10:50 pm
government between everyone? and their doctor? we would love to hear from you. links to everything at free copies of my new book to the author of all of those messages we read here. one year a peace of mind is important when you're running a business. century link provides reliable it services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure.
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lou: the g.o.p., republican leadership feeling pretty good this week fresh off a congressional special election victory in florida and the president's poll numbers show more than a 50% disapproval rating. republicans have a right to put their chins up especially when we take note of this day as the one year anniversary of their
10:54 pm
decimation in 2012, that report called "the autopsy." they have come a long ways. further than many of us thought they would. authors cite tremendous progress in the ground operation. it tells you something about the old republic and operation when this new one is out rigging about having more people in the field than their headquarters. earthshaking stuff, all that. but plenty of work ahead including the "who do you work for" question. for many years they thought it worked for the chamber of commerce and u.s. multinationals. there is some sign they could be learning to say the words "middle-class." and those who aspire to it. how about small business. you know, where jobs are created.
10:55 pm
these are hopeful signs for the republican party and upcoming midterms, and for the country. but there is work to do. the candidates have to understand republicans don't have to run down their own party. the democrats will cheerfully do that for them. listen to chris christie. >> we have to stop letting the media define who we are and what we stand for. we have to start talking about what we are for and not what we are against. our ideas arbetter than their ideas and that is what we have to stand up for. they are the party of intolerance, not us. lou: governor christie managed to criticize republicans while trying to support them letting me to get define the g.o.p. the g.o.p., not the party of intolerance. there is an uplifting option as
10:56 pm
well. let's hear the ideas from republicans, specifics please, what the republicans stand for? at least some of them. chris christie will get back to take in the democrats instead of republicans. condoleezza rice called on republicans to be more inclusive. that is fine, w we're all hoping for that. how about secretary rice, put down some of your ideas. how secretary rice could even imagine criticizing without the same time suggesting she had up in efforts to expand republican party. the g.o.p. has enough critics, yoguys have to get to work, you know, action. not just critiques for those who
10:57 pm
should be the builders of your party. that is it for us tonight. we will see you tomorrow night. good so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank.
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happy st. patrick's day. >> this is the most transparent administration in history. >> withou>> the most transparent white house in history. >> this has been the most on thatrent government, most we have seen in a very, very long time, perhaps in the modern era. neil: i don't know. here is the thing about making promises like that, they are on videotape or digital tape, they are recorded.


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