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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 18, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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negative. give or take about 50%. have a good night. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. there is competition between president obama and vladimir putin. it is utter silence. from the white house tonight despite reports that russian troops have been in crimea. one was killed the other hospitalized, after bursts of automatic gunfire were detailed by reporters at that base.
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giving him authorization to pull back and fallback. all of this taking place since they don't believe those who try to frighten them after crimea. we do not want to partition the ukraine.
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the white house declares that they will not recognize the annexation of crimea. here is the president's spokesman jay carney. >> we condemn russia's moves to formally annexed the crimean region of ukraine. such action is a threat to international peace and security and against international law. we would not recognize this attempted annexation. i would not fire you. i would not invest in russian equities right now unless you're going short. lou: vladimir putin undeterred by sanctions. or the administration's combination of his moves. glad american participated in the signing ceremony saying that crimea is now officially part of the russian federation and unlike the united states the
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european nations have the most to lose in this encounter and largely remaining silent for a crisis. managing to preserve their dignity is not their interest. and it will be interesting to see what lessons the obama administration strategist take among european allies. trunnion outs k.t. mcfarland and fox news middle eastern analyst who has just released a new book entitled u.s. policy in the middle east and catastrophes to avoid. it's so great to have you both here with us while we congratulate you on your book and among the catastrophes that you might have imagined as he wrote that book. i can't imagine, if you will that the united states preferring as vladimir putin sent his troops to crimea and annexed it within a matter of weeks.
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>> [inaudible] the iranian regime so we have an actual deal. the russians saw our reaction in the middle east and it was projectable in the case that there was no decision in washington to counter the russian design and that's why they actually moved. lou: what demands of the sermons is remarkable. he ignored all that the administration was saying throughout and he is now saying welcome to the russian federation.
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this deal is done. the crisis is over. glad american has won enough. >> yes. but it could not have been perceived. six years ago he wrote his doctoral dissertation. he said he was going to rebuild the military and great russia and then i want to start looking at rebuilding the territorial ability of russia. two weeks ago he said i'm not going to enact crimea. what is next? i think eastern ukraine or modell. if no one stops up, i think he's looking at nato. lou: if they have done that already without are making much of it. because nato did not move here. leaders of germany and france
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and the united states. standing like impotent and indifferent towards and world in which what american is without question the most focus and directed. >> specifically with regard to the russians what san diego and more folk art to us. but if katie mcclellan has said, we can't look at the foolishness of ukraine. any place where you have russian minorities, we need to look at the leadership. but at the same time the west doesn't always go where they should go. we should be decisive promoting
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western ukraine into nato. we are not doing it. lou: be barely run ourselves, it seems, at least in foreign policy terms. there aren't any options that i can be available for this president to blunt the ambitions were to halt the ambitions of vladimir putin, no matter if it is lithuania or the smaller states or ethnic minorities smack we are not going to scramble the jets were sent in tanks over this. however there's an economic option of you not using. and that is the will and natural gas options. to say that this is what we are going to do. >> here is the central issue. and i'd like to get a quick view from both of you and then we have to move on. but there is no long-term care.
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there is no time to build up assets for economic or military. vladimir putin has military force and the will to use it and he is moving in the case of the crimea in two weeks. it was actually done in a matter of hours. that could be replicated throughout eastern europe. so let's talk real politics and power. there's not a bloody thing that the united states or europe can do to stop this man right now. >> no, there's not. on crimea and we're already late. we need to be there with them and their other places that we should've done because of the russians. lou: i'm not talking about what
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we should have done, the mistakes we have made respectively. the real politics taking the scales and talking to forthrightly about the trip we have seen and we can do about it whether we are in europe or the united states. >> we should be there. second, syria, we should ringdown that agreement in iran is getting cash from us and they have to stop that. these are allies of the russian leadership. so if you want to put real pressure on their coming have to begin there. spoon the french are building aircraft carriers for them. i haven't heard the president say what about that. we have not had a single à ally in europe right now. say not here, not at all. >> that is part of the problem. leadership is in there. as far as the ability to deal
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with that, no, we don't have that. he won he will be back in just a little while on this broadcast. thank you both for now. we will see you later. as i said last week, everyone loves a mystery. the mystery of the malaysian flight 370. all of that and more, frustrating indeed. it's clear there has been a campaign of disinformation, misinformation, and no information at all as investigators search for the worse evidence of that flight that had been scheduled to beijing 11 days ago. fox news intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest on the investigation.
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>> the faa is engaged in the second intense review. twenty in on the search in the 11 day. investigators are the assessing the trajectory of the aircraft in what is known about it once transponder went dark 40 minutes into the fly. flight. investigators are also measuring how far can travel without power. with a the pilot and copilot under scrutiny, the source said there is no evidence so far that the jet crashed, some saying that it may be on the runway but no conclusions are final. the malaysian media is reporting the half-dozen remote landing strips were found on the simulator recovered near lockport. the programs into the simulator are sent to retrieve ships from
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sri lanka and the. freezing a suggestion that it could be on u.s. territory was dismissed outright. >> some reports say that the missing flight that landed on u.s. aids in the center of the indian ocean. >> i will rule that one out. reporter: a "new york times" report was tried to be downplayed in another possible indicator that the jet was rejected by the pilot or by one or more individuals with flying experience. [inaudible] >> it could be speculation. >> in washington, the homeland security emphasis was with police and authorities that said
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it is in the lead and it's not altering security in the u.s. >> it requires domestic flights in so far as flights into the united states are concerned. >> more than 2 million square miles, that is the size of an area of australia. one said it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. lou: catherine herridge, doing an outstanding job in the disappearance of flight 370. and stocks posting gains on wall street for a second straight session. the dow jones up 39 points. the nasdaq gaining 53. crude oil rose $1.62. just below $100 per barrel. and the yield on the ten-year bonds dropping to 6.8%. housing is down for a third
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season. of nearly 8% in february. and general motors announcing a new vehicle safety position following the carmaker's recall of more than 3 million of its vehicles. apple is in a bid to compete with google's endpoint system, unveiling a cheaper version of the iphone in five countries. android climbing to 79% last year and expecting to raise nearly $15 billion for the chinese multiple platform equivalent of google. amazon, ebay, alibaba. ideas have been listed as here
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in the united states. no date has been set for alibaba. we're coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. lou: the obama administration is trying to stir young people to get them to sign up for obamacare. is it working? juan williams and john fund join us on a painful campaign. the gunderman group is a go.
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lou: obamacare in the spotlight. 230 days until the midterms. reince priebus following the signature law. predicting, as he put it, a tsunami type election that is better than a wave election. joining us now is john fund. political analyst juan williams.
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thank you both for being here today. a tsunami? that must have the democrats shaking in their boots? of the powerful forecast. >> no, i think it is a high bar for reince priebus. given what happened in the 2010 elections when the republicans did have a historic number of seats captured in the house. he says that they can get d+ this time around, i don't think anyone thinks. i think there are too many feeds that are settled that could be designated as swing states. i think the republicans are favored going into the fall and their questions about whether or not they can get the in order to capture a senate majority. lou: the democrats, everything that i've looked out and have been told by those who know, is that things are looking good for the republicans.
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>> 57% of voters in the last poll said they are still in a recession despite what the economist say. the 26% think it will be better a year from now. those are disastrous numbers for the party in power. soon they get all the blame, but at the same time the republicans are going to have more to talk about here than obamacare. >> well, i hope they talk about jobs and the middle-class and yet to be seen. but they are starting to form an alternative to obamacare across state lines. small business, what people can join. it's starting to gel and they have to do much more. lou: with how can the democrats follow? i realize that this is not a national election. it's just a district and state by state. but what in the world is their defense on obamacare.
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what is their defense on the foreign foreign-policy that this president has articulated and implemented, whether he agree what disagree. >> is a constant appeal of the efforts by republicans that strike people as discordant and they sort of sour tone and end your democrat say,that. listen, this is a landmark achievement, people who previously didn't have insurance now have the opportunity to get covered. people with pre-existing conditions including interest and insurance now. you start talking about the kids. you start talking about the people who are now a million plus on medicaid. that's a positive and can-do spirit that the democratic
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consultants advising their candidates to take. lou: in theory he is right. the study cannot but there is supposedly 20 million americans without insurance and formally have signed up for insurance, but only 400,000 of those were previously uninsured. so the uninsured can't buy it and lots of them have more victims than winners and then you're going to lose an election. soon right now, what is the president's response? as usual we are having trouble with time. i'm trying to understand what the president is going to do here with vladimir putin and with russia and its obvious ambitions. frankly i think we all have to be very honest with the united states looks very weak and considered and foreign policy right now and the european union looks worse. >> good point.
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>> if you think about the military strength that the u.s. possesses, we are far stronger than the russians. and with the germans now coming over to our side in terms of increasing willingness to play on cover sanctions, there's the potential there for work and online. spoon the wind that the president has to draw, france has just built two helicopter carriers for russia. these are the same carriers are going to be carrying commander troops for the next target. they are the first people as the french turn over those carriers to the russians. we let them do that, this president is beyond if he per tiger. he is a shredded paper tiger. some thank you sir. >> to welcome the one we're
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lou: government today reported food prices moving hire. just last month. that is biggest increase since september, 2011, prices higher in forecast. federal forecasters now say retail food prices will be up as much as 3.5% this year, the biggest annual increase in three years. it may go higher, california's worst drought in a hundred years is responsible for those higher prices for many agricultural goods. since the end of last year commodity prices for coffee soaring more than 70%, hogs up 42%, oats 30% higher, cocoa 12%, and wheat 11%, live cattle 8%, sugar 4%. ly leavrelief nowhere in sight,f
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california remains in drought. markets ticking off fears of the ukrainian crisis, gains across the board, most markets in the work higher, joining us sam stoveal. great to have you here. forecasting the markets circumstance tough business, right now. -- is tough, your view on the impact. lingering or potential impact of the ukrainian crisis that now seems to be stableizeed. >> you are right, uncertainty is something that wall street never likes to have. but when the referendum passed sunday. it took off the uncertainty of tanks rolling into crimea. i think investors breatheed a sigh of relief, we did not have a reversal of practicing spring in drawing -- prague spring
7:29 pm
1968. lou: what do you see investors in the market. >> i would say more tailwinds with report from federal reserve, and likelihood they will keep trimming the simulation that takes $10 billion off of the table. and complete it by the end of the year, also economic data, that is coming out flies to us the -- implies to us that slowdown was weather related. lou: and th the s&p project on earnings? >> the third thing. if there is something a very much a headwind, a big rock in this wall of worry, it is earnings. s&p capital iq consensus estimate call for .8% krein in % increase, but on january 2, street was
7:30 pm
looking for a 5% growth. >> counsel at-this-point for investors? >> volatility, over long-term you are better off buying than bails. lou: sam stoveal. i got it all. >> thank you very much. >> we invie invite you to vote r poll, question is, who do you fear most? vladimir putin? president obama? or fed chair janet yellen? we appreciate your voting, listen to my financial reports three times a day on sale imradio network. -- salem radio network, up next, new facts, new theories more questions, lateest on search for malaysia airline flight 370,
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♪ see what's new at
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lou: a new report reinforceing the view that missing malaysia flight 370 was deliberately diverted. the turn was programed into aircraft computer navigation system rather than manual control, back with us former pentagon official kmcfarland. and dr. walid phares, thank you for being with us, would offer an interesting perspective from stand points of geo politics and terrorism on this flight. i'm going to begin with you, kt, we've had so much disinformation, misinformation a refuse rally to share information -- refusal to share
7:35 pm
information from the malaysian government, then allied countries, it is difficult to get a handle of the case let alone the solutions. >> we should stop thinking what we did or don't know about the plane, and turn it in the other direction, what does this show about us? to the world's reaction, bad guys issus are watching, what he they learned about our reaction? we saw ther thought there are en the sky, that can see everything, there are not, our satellites may look north but not south. they have also realizeed, you get on a plane in this day and age with a fake passport, pay cash for your one way ticket, that is all stuff that was warning signs for this september 11 hijackers, the bad guys know our vulnerabilitys and gaps in the international air system. lou: we learns that chinese have 10 satellite they could direct,
7:36 pm
redirect to general area why they thought the aircraft disappeared. we find out, we don't have satellites. that are capable of maps and tracking a plane, that has disengageed its transponders, your thoughts? >> well, that would be a major failure if we dean even qual-- we don't have equal capacity to chinese by order of elimination, son narrow number one it could have been result of a sim failure -- system failure, technicians, tells us that is less likely, number two, that could have been a suicide by pilot. impossible, it have been down first half hour, and terrorism or criminal intention? you have a, a target that plane would have been used as a target. look at space with the plane has been going, allegedly, there are no targets. we have a scenario, potential of
7:37 pm
seizeing the plane, because of who is on the plane. either as a hostage, situation, with another country probably in this case china to exchange with or, as we're hearing now, about the identity of the individuals on that plane including scientists, we need to school on the identity of the passengers s and their values. lou: and, the issue of passengers ground crews, we heard very little in anything about the true backgrounds of these people, we heard that people have been dismissed in the case of two iranians traveling with fake passport, interpol dismissing them as suspects, on basis of their mother's word, that was their report, but we don't know what is true, we don't know as donald rumsfeld said, we don't know all
7:38 pm
of the unknowns, we just know there are a massive number of them. >> look, this is a multinaginvolvement -- multinagin involvement, there is no quarterback to this team, a lot of country doing their thing. i say, nobody claims credit. either it has crashed they are all dead or a -- has not reached its conclusion yet, i am worried about that other sthao shoe to . lou: an element, that pilot, was within hours of his take off at the pryal of opposition -- trial of opposition leader in malaysia, i believe his name eastbouneastbound ibrahem, sento 5 years in jail for trumped-up sosodomy charges, he was an
7:39 pm
obsessive political fan of ibrahim and a obsessive committed devout muslim. >> i exploreed this, and look add what would be a supporter of this jailed opposition leader, we need to look at it the radicalization process. i detected some are radical, some are note, we want to know to which faction the pilot potentially has been connected. if we find out, we may open up a whole big space in this investigation. lou: walid farris you -- walid farris thank you, and kt mcmar land thankfar landthank you. >> most of the resip ins were passed over, because they were hispanic, jewish or av an
7:40 pm
av an american. we're coming right back. should a fellow who runs crime stopers, eat the evidence? attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes col wen with us next. ♪
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lou: former florida police chief, used to putting bad guys behind bars may end up in jail, richard mast en. director of miami-dade crime stoppers, faces contempt charges in hot water afternoon eating a piece -- after eating a piece of evidence to the courts, it would have revealed an imform ants identity. delights to you have. guy eating the evidence in court
7:44 pm
was that something. >> every right to do it. prosecutor has a privilege not to turnover evidence like this, if you turn over snitch evidence, it opens floodgates there is no way that detective should have been made to turn it over, he did all he could think of was eat it. >> brilliant move. lou: i give limb credit. >him credit.>> it,o was amazein. a little white wine to go with the evidence. it i is he probably protected te inform an and in a lot of these cases th the inform ant ends up dead, he said this person trusted me, i am not going to divulge the name. >> you never get them.
7:45 pm
lou: understood, but there are other rights, judge has a lot of power, and contempt is a real possibility. in jail time. >> i don't think that is going to happen. i think that contempt yes, judge had to say that, it was so manifest it was right from front of everyone. >> i think he will. >> i think that judge will say, i can't have everyone coming into my courtroom make a mockery of me. but they have discretion. lou: i got to. >> the judge should not have allowed that, he would have said you the prosecution have privilege not to hand it over, the judge got it wrong. >> he might have but once that is imposed. lou: i have to say, mastin is a hero. >> quick thinking. >> inspired, well, inspired, you
7:46 pm
will appreciate this. antitrust attorney jeffrey ceslelerler files a class-action lawsuit against ncaa. claiming they show not be able to limit aim of financial aid that players can receive. saying, pay them. what do you think? >> a great idea, it is a billion dollar a year business, shocki shocking. but coaches are paid 4 to 5 million on average a year, you have these -- >> average that high? >> yes. for really good schools, have you a free labor force. lou: good school o*ers team? s or team. >> other part, they are already getting free tuition, room and board, great education, for free. with no strings attached others than buying it should be enough -- this is an amateur league not
7:47 pm
a professional league, i don't think they will win, i think moraly they should but they are not going to. >> cesler is a well-known attorney. he has -- if he is - -- >> it seems difficult to me, you know the law, i know what only if you are watching. idea that coaches make 4 to 5 million, many times more than president of the universities, they often have better years or whatever. but, when you pay coach that, should the player participate? come on. that is a job. anyone who say it is not, it is far more than a sport, you are committed to division i football. >> ncaa former president, wrote
7:48 pm
something in his book, mia culpa, ncaa from the commission preoc pried with tightening a few loose bolts in a warn machine, firmly committed to plan nation belief that -- overseeers, and adminstrators, and plan tradin plantation worky receive -- >> but they are getting an education. >> a former president, spelled it. >> but they are getting an education, the argument against the players, they are not just out there not getting paid. lou: lis wiehl, and mercedes thank you so stkpwhr-fp thank >> thank you. >> time for a few of your comments, or one, we see results when two narsists confront one another. each other. regarding an illegal invick, one brace inbrazen, won't one timid.
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lou: a few words on president obama's sanctions, and likely american targets of president putin decideed to retaliate with
7:53 pm
targets of his own, mr. obama went after 11 individuals, he calls sanctions those 11 individuals. 7 russian government, and parliament officials. all close to president putin. and. so who would putin go after here in u.s.? he would not waste his time with president's cabinet secretaries of political advisors how about president obama's couturier of oligarchs of his own, yes oligarchs, american oligarchs, and yes, i know we're not supposed to use that term oligarchs when talks or writeing about america's wealthiest powerful elites, we call them magnates, that sounds so kind and gentle. business magnates.
7:54 pm
you know, like warren buffet or bill gates irk michae, michael , mark zuckerberg, the kenley jansens and now the -- kennedys and now the clintons, political magnates, ours are not like russian, they are wealthy, highly educated, powerful economically and politically, they are oligarchs. whether michael bloomberg pushing his antigun, antisecond amendment agenda and george soar soros oneworld racky left wing, and warren buffet, higher taxes on the rest of us. and now, bridge buddies joining in richest man in the world, biggest oligarch of them all, if you will, bill gates, now pushing what he says is the best tax system for all of the ref of
7:55 pm
us. -- rest of us, oligarchs always know what is best for everyone, don't they? gates loves the idea of consumption tax. listen to gates at american enterprise institute. >> idea that consumption should be taxed, i think that makes a lot of sense, people have tried to do that by doing particular tax on luxury goods that is very not -- not very econom effectiv. but, consumption should be progressively taxed. lou: wonderful. oligarchs can be inspireing, condition they? is it interesting they are seldom big on direct government taxation of either their wealth or their income. they always' to affect the lives of others, to diminish the rights of others to achieve their allegeed objectives. whether constitutional right or
7:56 pm
take home pay they have no problem diminishing either, how about a direct tax on the oligarchs? american oligarchs mr. putin please, i do know' any misunderstandings with you. only on american oligarchs to be clear. we'll call it the all american oligarchy tax. and it will automatically be progressive. as mr. gates insists. the old gars are at top -- oligarchs are at top of wealth and income, heavy taxation would be essence of progressivity, what is semiconductor american what is more american, than that. than that -- championed by mr. gates, a great idea. i am sure that american oligarchy will be thrilled, cheering the name of the biggest
7:57 pm
oligarch of all, thanking bill gates so very much. that is it for us, tonight thank you ar for being with us, good night from networ new york. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breaing or swallowing, op taking cialis and get mecal help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. neil: welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. the next time you hear politiciapoliticians asking fore money, ask them what they are doing with the money they are already getting. they are getting a record lots. a wicket record, over the top like shooting fish in the barrel because they have us over a barrel. in the first five months of this fiscal year tax revenues hit a record. $1,104,947,000,000. in just five months. that isn't just us. never in history of man have so much money than race in such a short amount of time


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