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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 19, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that was said good e-mail. nobody knew what you were talking about. keep them coming. we love to hear from you. that is like emails on steroids. see you tomorrow. >> good evening we have a lot to cover tonight date number 12 of the search for a list -- missing malaysia air flight still no sign of wreckage for survivors now the fbi has been called to rule out all possible aspects including the examination of the flight simulator found in the home of a pilot. authorities intimated they believe he may have delivered files from the simulator hard drive
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lou: the family members of the 239 passengers and crew were clearly angered by the slow process and absence of any apparent progress. today the acre and frustration and boiled over to a near riot at the press conference. one-woman forcibly tried to from the event as others shouted their criticism to officials. while the world was focused on this search of 2 million miles of open sea and the collection of remote islands much was happening around the world. indiana, iran has returned to the nuclear talks in every and still has nothing from those negotiations over
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the nuclear arms development by the iranians. with talks the geneva, the syria would not continue peace talks as long as the united states insist that president aside must go. also sounded like a very familiar phrase for this presidential administration administration, iran and syria biggest benefactor, russia holding strong but to crimea vladimir putin ordered all troops out before the crimean peninsula. all carrying out his orders. of janet yellen meeting the press for the first time in the first departure from the triple digit sell-off. we will take on t for the top story dominating the headlines and called for
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a water cooler discussions the search for malaysia airlines flight joining us with his perspective, a great to have you with us. are you surprised space what you do that we have not seen any real acceleration of the investigation or the search? no real progress? >> dad is right keeps it in the news instead of getting the facts out we get to ribs and drops from other countries telling us a little bit each day that makes it even more intriguing making it more like a reality show. lou: it is frustrating. i can only imagine the acre and frustration those family
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members of flight 239 but now every time something is revealed that the hard drives, five strips were found with the immediate assumption there is something nefarious he was going through those. what is your deduction? >> if there were locations or airports or getting rid of the airplane that would support that theory. obviously that is very relevant. they have to look get other things as well. cooking if they change altitudes and is similar fashion to know the way we think it did. that would show more nefarious action as opposed to something else. lou: you referring to the
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strong left turn from altitude a and a dissent he executed. >> correct. >> and experts said executing that turned that autopilot could not execute. i was astonished by that give us your opinion. >> autopilot is to not try to make the of pilot do safely even with a pilot it with u.s. standard 20-degree turn that is soft but there is some evidence that might have been the type of turn being paid to evidence of flight management system was engaged with a different route than the original route taken by the aircraft. experts are surmising that both pilots were involved because one has a seat the other puts it in but that is
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not true. lou: i read the opinion pieces in the popular media by former pilots saying this is nonsense it was obviously a fire because of the sequence. what is your reaction? >> less and less is believable as each day goes on. we have not received any more evidence it was mechanical been on a number one. now is seems 99 / one other than mechanical issue. lou: the fbi has been in galatia for some time. now the government is has acknowledged they've reached out to the united states to help with the investigative agencies. are there other agencies
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that should be brought in? white the ntsb? >> absolutely they have the expertise they have their real expertise. the fbi as good as they are our criminal investigators. this may be a crime but we need the aviation component nobody does that better than the ntsb. lou: with your experience have you seen an investigation or follow up to the tragedy of the matter what occurs so clumsy and upside down? >> i really have not. look at the reaction why didn't you tell somebody? nobody asked us. that is a ridiculous answer. lou: are you surprised we don't have satellites to pick up a portion?
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we now presume after seven hours over the indian ocean over parts of the pacific? >> i would be shocked if we don't have a better view than what we are told we could tell of the space shuttle is missing a title search of the the satellites are in that area but what does the united states want to reveal is the bigger question. lou: what happens next? civic more information and will come out it will give us a location. what is frightening we have no evidence of a crash in water or land. if it is in the water we would expect to see debris. >> what does that mean? hasn't landed? there is a second stage.
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let's hope that is not the answer but a possibility. lou: good to have you with us. critics are questioning why taxpayers should foot the bill for the first lady's sixth day trip 18 in china beginning today. michelle obama and the daughters and her mother is now on a people to people exchange trip. they did not define what that is but no reporters are allowed to travel with the first lady and she does not plan to give any interviews while in china. president obama on either hand talking to local television stations stations, networks pushing the plan to hike the federal minimum wage spinet 28 million people would benefit if we raise the minimum wage and that makes a difference with a lot of families if they can buy
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groceries or a pate the electricity bill. lou: it comes on the same day as the new study gives his opponents considerable and ammunition finding 30 percent of private employers say they will lay off workers if congress agrees to the minimum wage appeal. 54% of employers who now pay a minimum wage say they will cut hiring. 65 percent say they will raise prices to offset any increase of the minimum wage on wall street stocks fell following the decision. the dow down 1/2 to 14 points s&p l levin and crude oil rose $0.67 above $100 a barrel. gold is down $18. the yield on the ten year note rising at 7%. the cbo director elman door
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for warning the united states faces an unpleasant choices such as cuts to programs as the cost for social security and medicare continue to rise. president obama traveling to florida to borrow to highlight weaknesses economic issues showing the percentage of women in the workforce has shrunk to the lowest level in 16 years since he took office. we will be right back. expect the russian flag waving over much of cardiac. retired army general joins us next on the strategic challenges to europe and united states. gunderman group is a go. yes!
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lou: russian troops have mascara and heavily armed to seize control of the naval headquarters in crimea estimating there were as many as 300 soldiers some of them storming the base raising the russian flag the government then announced it will withdraw forces from crimea also united nations support return crimea into a demilitarized zone as a relocates the armed forces to the mainland. and more tough talk from vice president today in lithuania. >> russia cannot escape the fact the world is changing and rejecting outright their behavior. there are costs and growing cost that come with naked aggression. lou: our four-star army general general jack sheehan
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and our fox news military analyst. what is your reaction when you hear the of vice president of united states making comments? >> if we had not been hearing rhetoric like this for the last year-and-a-half with other situations or the last three weeks dealing with crimea and the russians you would take it seriously. but it is hard now in the face of what has taken place to take it seriously and our nato allies have the big question mark about the steadfast of the united states to commit to their security and sovereignty given the events of the last three weeks. lou: this administration is an agreement with into lumber called to move ahead with sanctions i am not sure
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entirely resolved but nato seems threatened because they play no role in the president's rhetoric or any of his directives of consequences. wearing is nato now through u.s. and european security? >> it is the implied threat to nato taken what happened. it is not a nato country but a border country the number of nato countries that border russia and have historical ties that is the similarity. given the feeble and timid response it would encourage many the war around putin and his advisers to put on the table there is an opportunity to force the collapse of the nato alliance to assume that nato
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would likely not respond given the events of the last few weeks. lou: are we in the extraordinarily dangerous juncture? in this country's history when it is clear to all who are not military experts but watching what is happening the united states the in europe have the stomach for a fight with no real strategy to engage in defense of europe or even the ukraine that we thought we had to deal? >> you are absolutely right. strategically we are in a situation that international order we thought was in
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place with the collapse of the soviet union is becoming a part. military is a factor but when your adversary believes you will not use it that takes away all diplomacy. if they believe we're not willing to fight, they will keep coming and coming and coming a toll-free proved to the contrary. right now all that is on the table is rhetoric. lou: every and, as syria syria, both supported by russia. and as our president is fond of saying there will be consequences to expect consequences in the middle east as a result authored by russia? >> absolutely. first of all, the policy the
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white house has been using and is so concerned about the relationship with russia with afghanistan and syria and iran and nuclear disarmament. but things will worsen in the middle eastern allies already on the record having grave reservations about our ability to stand behind them with the rise of the al qaeda and the influence of vibration. this will give credence to that. the iranians will be encouraged to move to the nuclear weapon and that this administration has no stomach to deal with military force. giving that the chinese are watching it is not surprising if they would hop on the island in the western pacific that belongs to another nation or japan to claim it as their own and tear anybody to do something about it. lou: general thank you for
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being with the. >> always great to talk with you. lou: vote with their online poll. food you fear most?a, the vladimir putin or federal resumed chair -- federal reserve chairman janet yellen? an inspiring story of a chicago where a high school basketball player hit a game-winning three-pointer right after an amazing yvette. after declared done for the season when he was shot in the lake nine days ago and begs his coach to put him in. guess what? he was the hero. we will be right back. >> first-aid jitters or rhetoric? janet yellen will spook the market with her debut
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but. lou: toyota peyser record 1.2 billion dollars to settle criminal charges over the deadly safety issues that the cars would accelerate it claims toyota misled consumers and could serve as a template how the justice department approached general motors is dealing with recalls of its own 1 billion for the cover-up what will gm have to pay 10 years in the making? janet yellen speaks to reporters for the first time as chair of the federal reserve and the market did not like part of her debut when she tried to explain why keeping interest rates years he wrote for a considerable time really meant. >> this is the kind of term that is hard to define but probably means of around six months but it depends what
7:26 pm
conditions are like. lou: resorting to some is ambiguity trying to dig out of the law whole. the six month time frame mes earlier than was expected by joining us now john there is quite a bit of respect? >> janet yellen per day lesson will not be using the numbers to freely but earlier in the day the fed abandoned to the unemployed retarget because that number had no meeting:dash meeting. lou: into the bond purchases of another $10 billion.
7:27 pm
said time inundate expression and? >> it would be the severe reaction the consensus was looking for the first rate hike to occur in june but if it comes as early as april + 2 months really matter? for the longest period of time markets had well understood the fed funds rate 0 percent is not forever. lou: some days i'd do know that knee-jerk reaction instantaneously. >> of lot of us are overlooking the first sentence of the policy statement where the fed mensches' in all likelihood the latest slowdown of economic activity was due to
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reasons other than just a harsh winter. we had news on mortgage applications. believes are not despite that it has turned more mild the index has dropped 10% since the end of january. that is not a good sign for the peak selling season for housing. lou: at the same time we have a great leading indicator of building permits which rose remarkably. >> only because of the multi family building but a single permits fell and were down from one year. since 2011. lou: your outlook now? >> modest growth in the market value of common stocks up by 5% in to the 10
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year treasury yield averages 2.8% for the entire year. we have no hard evidence yet that this economy is strong enough to shoulder the ten year treasury yield of 10% or higher. lou: remarkable outlook. thank you. listen to my financial reports as three times the day coast to coast for all the biggest market and business news. president obama of pyxis again state to win the tournament -- picks michigan state and he predicted the national champion in 2009 but he was junker but it has spent more difficult ever since. we will be right back spinet
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today we learned about a year miss from mother earth what could have cost the planet trillions of dollars. putin wins. we take that up next.
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with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. lou: frightening new study in part, frightening it is talking about an event that was not discussed at the time revealing planet earth narrowly dodgeed a solar storm, in 2012. the fastest ester recorded by --estesestest ever recorded by , it could have wipeed out global electronic satellite systems cost as much as $2.5 trillion.
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>> federal officials revealing there was a second radiation leak in new mexico last week, the latest leak describeed, very small by authorities, occurred a month after an initially exposeed 17 workers to radiation, initially authorities said no one had been exposed. that turned out not to be the truth. seems to so often happen. joining us now. a-team. fox news contributor monica crowley, in washington chris plant. and fox news contributor katie -- great to have you with us. katie, start with you, did vladimir putin just win? in ukraine and crimea? >> i think he just won.
7:35 pm
with you know his speech. president obama getting laughed at and mocked by his was to top officials over -- hra*ufed at by laughed at by top officials but he is not down winning. lou: chris? >> she is right, putin is far from didn't wining. i think he will pull rug from iran and syria, this is just a fore malty at-this-point, i think that putin feels he is in a position of power and barack obama is a weak president, he is a tough guy, he will take full advantage. it my go to russia, taiwan and north korea, this is the situation where bad things happen. lou: and the president insists on his -- his threatening rhetoric. he also insists on consequences.
7:36 pm
he talks as if he is speaking to i can't imagine, who he thinks he is talking to. but he is speaking to the president of russia who already demonstrateed high i is he is wills to use his power this president seems unwilling to maintain the power let alone use it. >> we've seen this before, vladimir putin is a former top kgb guy he talked about biggest tragedy of end of 20 century of the loss of soviet union, he intends ts to nail it back to wt he can. if you are vladimir putin, who can blame you are trying, you have an american president who is not stoping you, and craven western europeans they are greedy and feckless they are not going to stop you either. lou: katie, a number of commentator say that united states should prepare for war, and president should taken
7:37 pm
military action off of the table in ukraine against russia. we have people talking as if we were the only super power and that russia did not have more than 15,000 warheads itself. >> well, i think it will is easy to forget how serious the cold war was, it is far back in history now. but when you have a secretary of state, telling you know president of russia not to take the sanctions, not to take it personaly. it is really -- >> was that not the crazyiest thing you heard. >> the most ridiculous thing i ever heard come out of anyone in government to tell someone who is an evil man, across the world justin saided another country, don't take this personaly that is pathetic. in terms of military option, i am not sure that president obama should put on on the table that would have created more conflict he was not willing to follow through on. lou: chris. >> they have bundleed this from
7:38 pm
start to finish, they budge el they -- every foreign policy, started with hillary clinton's reset button with lavrov, an over charge button, and lavrov sees the opportunity to humiliate secretary clinton at the time, our president has been putin's poodle from day one, and withdraws missile defense, shield we were going to provide to western europe, and czech republic to you know disinsensevise iran from going forward. and we just took that off the table got nothing in return, putin has known since then, that he was going to have his way. >> you only put military option to the table when you are prepareed to use it or if you are, everyone in the world knows this president is not prepared to use, john kerry said, wink, wink, nod, don't take this personaly that was reflective of
7:39 pm
president's comment to mark basselemove def.>> let this admr no more threats or bel bellicosy from this particular grouch of leaders. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: and log on to vote. who did you fear most, president obama ehav. have the havvladimir putin or fr janet yellen, tonight stray with us. >> a tibe tibetan mastiff puppye most epens every dog, wealthy chinese developer wants top dollar, $2 million, the one on
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the left of the screen, something, talk about a beautiful animal. up next. president obama assures illegal immigrants that deportation is not in their future if only their families would sign' for obamacare. you heard me right. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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lou: new york mayor bill de blasio tanking in the polls, 45% of new york city voter now approve of the job he is doing, that is 8 points drop since he took office in january, despite fact that registered democrat us out number republicans 6 to 1 in new york city. that is tough sledding. >> president obama today hosting a screening of a new biopic about labor activist cesar chavez. using this to address
7:44 pm
immigration legislation. >> we have to keep working to fix our broken immigration system. you know, this is an example of where this is hard. we made progress. and we're going to get this done. this is going to have, not a matter of you know, if, just a matter of when, i want it to happen now, we're going to keep on pushing. lou: our next guest, met with the president last week. about his push to find a more humane way to handle deportation, joining us now executive director of national immigration forum. ali, you have been working on immigration reform, well, for most of your career. but particularly since 2007 in seven years we'v we've seen not, five of those this president making the same speech he did today. how -- i just have to ask you, how frustrateed must you be? >> i got to say this has been a
7:45 pm
long slog, at the end of the day, where we are now house republican have an opportunity to put a conservative solution for the immigration system on the table. they are waiting for, that is what country is waiting for, and you know, i think that speaker boehner and others are serious about geting this done this year. lou: you think they are. i think they are not. i think also that democrats are serious about trying to get conference and put g-8, "gang of 8" prop tig sig, some describe as -- proposition, which some describe aza as amnesty going forward. i don't understand, incremental reform of immigration laws, all that had to be followed was the bob goodlot plan, and everyone
7:46 pm
insisted, they have to have the whole load. when very nature of town you live and work in, is compromiseed. no compromise here, and result has been nothing. >> if that is the case, lou, what speaker bainer should do it -- boehner should do but the put those bills on floor, i don't understand the hold back, this is what obama said this is -- call the bluff. put it on the floor, let's get a vote. lou: we know there is no bluff. sure. er means what he says -- schumer means what he says, they will hijack the whole deal, in conference that is what he means, and this president made it clear, if i may, made it clear it is amnesty or something, he waiveed this nonsense at people for whom it really matters, and fang th fact
7:47 pm
could havthatactivist organizatt tracking about you, you are one of the most reported leaders, they -- respected leaders are playing games. >> well, you know, the house of representatives one of the most important instution in the government, the other chamber and congress, they have to put a vote on the floor then they did can work this out, to be afraid of chuck schumer is you know, creeds defeat before you have the battle, let's get the vote then conference. >> they can't be, the republicans, heartless, cowardly. and paralyzed to inaction by chuck schumer, there has to be more, i suspect part that across
7:48 pm
the country people who demand a better accounting of national interest here, and insist there at least be, if we're going to be as we are. most welcomeing society to this planet. that we not be told, that we're -- we would be, begrudgeed a few rules that would be necessary to move the process forward. that seems like the least any hospitable nation should be able to expect of its new soon to be citizens. >> well, what is happening, is that the immigrant community, undocumented immigrant community is waiting for congress to act. but, the other thing, is that. conservatives, face law enforcement and, leaders are going to their republican members of congress saying we need you to be in is up ostof a solution -- support of a solution, we've seen congressional primaries take place in texas and illinois, and republican primaries, i've republican is running for reelection with a pro immigration stance has gotten
7:49 pm
through the primary race. lou: by the way, most republicans are pro-immigration, you know that. >> right. lou: that is the way that democrats and left have tried to pain them, it has been part of their strategy to achieve what has been nothing over 7 years, ali -- your last word. >> that is why this is different, is, that i think that there is a center that has emergeed for immigration reform, republicans and democrats can turn you to thank you are very much lou. lou: thank you. >> we're coming right back with your comments, and just a moment, well let's go to one first, mike. mailing to us comment on florida crime stoper director who refuseed it turn in his source by eating the evidence, i agree with you it has to points in this country, where doing what is right, can also be deemed illegal or can hurt you financially in civil court, we have too many laws covering every aspect of life.
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let us hear you from. and carolyn to my tweet about white house tapes that clinton library lost, i tweeted, another sandy burger capeer perhaps, are they lost to history. we want to hear you from. e-mail us. at, and facebook with links to everything, next up, my commenttary, i think you will find it interesting, i bet it right here. stay with us.
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lou: over the past few weeks we witnessed a contrast of leaders, and leadership. russian president hav vladimir n has been busy invadeing ukraine, and redrawing russia's borders, and president obama has been that time hecketoring and warnig mr. putin what to do what he has done, mr. own be making it clear that putin a actions, would not be permitted without consequences. and today, true to president's warning, those consequences came
7:55 pm
to pass. mr. putin invadeed crimea, riped it from sovereign nation of ukraine, high must hav he must n there would have to be an acounting, here they are, washington post slapped mr. putin with 4 pin oak pinno. the post saying that is unday's referendum in crimea was held in full com comp flies complyance c procedures, the bear wrestleing, judeo black belt, former kgb colonel is far to macho to
7:56 pm
reveal his crying heart. maybe just because of the company, mr. putin is now keeping. his nemesis, president obama, has himself been post shameed with 4 pinnochios, president obama is the winner here. president obama has been hit with 4 pinnochios, not once but 5 times. for lies about obamacare. benghazi, the sequester, and the debt ceiling. president putin, well, only one such 4-pinnochio. there is a lot of catching up, my guess is a lot of people around the world will pay more attention to mr. putin and his voracity. for now, they say you are known by the company you keep, my guess, neither leader is too happy about the truth of that
7:57 pm
saying tonight. that's it for us, thank you for being with us, good night from new york. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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