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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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america great, not all this stuff. that is our show, enjoy spring. see you next week. night. lou: good evening, president obama at this moment on his way to second of two miami, florida. based fundraisers. his 7th fundraiser this month. president obama moving on from his failed geo political encounter with vladimir putin over ukraine. white house however, offering up more threats of economic sanctions, as mr. obama departed the white house. also, the sun is rising over indian ocean, it is day 13 of this search for missing malaysia
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airline flight 370. and the mystery may be only hours from solution. only minutes ago search for what is describeed as most credible evidence to date, resumeed. two large objects floating in southern indian ocean, 1500 miles from perth, australia, identified by american satellite firm digital grobe, two objects, in the water, one measures about 80 feet, the other 16 feet. some experts say those dementions could be consistent with debris that would be expected after a boeing 777 struck the water. whether in an attempted landing or a crash, this discovery is significant enough that australia prime minister sent 2 military aircraft out to scour the 15,000 scar square,00 15,00.
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a search party, after a 10 hour search effort las last night tud up without result. and australia now leading this portion of search, australia maritime safety authority is cautioning that satellite findings could still have nothing to do with the missing plane or its 239 marriages and 39 -- passengers and crew. >> australia received an expert assessment of this satellite imagery, this morning, 20th of march. the images were captureed by satellite, they may not be related to the aircraft. the image is in the vicinity of search area to find and search in the past two days. further images are expected after satellites were redirectd to take high resolution images of the areas of interest. >> for more on this search effort, as i said that are just
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about to resume. as thousands have been involveed in this search, i am joined by captain chuck tpharb nash . and jonathan, let's start with that, material. and i am going to if i may, start with you chuck. your judgment about the images, we're told they are consistent with degree that could be expected. is it your view that is correct? >> lou, i'm going to really be have to equivkate, in the area of interest. it is -- it has similar features as far as dimensions, but going any further, beyond that would be a stretch. if you tend to look in an area,
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you will find things. they found things in the area, now whether it is the accident debris, parts of the aircraft, and they are looking there because maybe they have some some senors orystems that came into play they don't want to divulge why they are looking there, they are just looking this is curious, but at-this-point we don't know if that is or it isn't. but it seems to a lot of pieces seem to fit. lou: i love the way in which, you do equivo kate, attaching reason to the question, and you know, i think that is appropriate. oughout.e questions that seems we seem to raise more questions with each answer we seek. and adds to the number of questions, and in. it is not clear why we are searching in that area, but with
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good reason and good purpose. it is clear that u.s. satellite recoreconnaissance has been used those images, but, at-this-point, we're not getting full story even from the authorities on site who know what is going on, at least in the physical search for fizzal physical evidence. >> each question does bring another question. what is interesting about this not a military operation, per say, military is involveed in the search. but there are so many mist rouse asset i in play it is almost lie a top-secret mission in a lot i a lot of ways: 00 be you know use --
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there could be using of certain things they are not talking about. but i don't think they would necessarily be looking in this area unless they had a good reason. neilreason. lou: we could have applied that to each of the areas they have conducted their searchs. >> it took a while to get to, that we had to let malaysia and the rest work their differences without. lou: chuck. the view is that we could be hours away. australia prime minister attached term, credible evidence for the first time, that was an interesting adjective to apply. you seem every bit as skeptical as i have been throughout this. are you in anyway, a assuageed y the word of attach am credible? >> i am it first started in my
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first inclination to blame on a catastrophic failure in the aircraft. not until the data led me away that is the pinging of the inmar sat connection for next 7 hours. so, hor and more, what the scenario sends to look like -- tends to look like a pilot suicide of some manner where maybe he tricked the copilot or other guy tripped pilot out of the cockpit, bolted the door, put everyone to sleep, took the plane as far as he could to turn it into the amelia earhart mystery of 20th century, if that is getting sway with leadership of this investigation on the australia side, and u.s. side, they are going to look at that piece of the planet, that is so remote, if you were to try to
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carry out that scenario, that is where you would take the plane. as you pointed out, you know, the transit back and forth to search area, it is 1500 miles. you have an airplane with 9 hour endureance it travels 3 hours out, and 3 hours back it has about 2 hours and change on station. a very remote part of the planet. neil: chuck the last word. on this evening. >> i think i agree with a lot of what captain said, but via disagree, i don't think what i'm seeing a pilot suicide, i am seeing is an unexplained takeover of a airlineer. there is -- i don't think that in my mind, i don't think there severed saying leading toward a suicide. but, something happened in that
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plain that is why this so confusing it just does not make sense. neil: the mark of a good investigation, one question leads to the other. but also human nature to urge an answer upon question. sometimes before their time. and before the evidence. which is something we all do. we'll try to constrain ourselves, and recognize human nature will drive it in the end thank you so much appreciate it. >> chuck thank you. >> jonathan thank you. lou: president obama today, announing a second round of sanctions against 20 russians in inand a st. peter's berg peters. and here is the president warning that his administration could take additional steps if putin further, further invades ukrainian territory. >> we're talking these steps as
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part of our response to what russia has already done in crimea. at the same time the world is watching with concern as russia, has positioned its military in a way that could lead to further incurrings into southern and eastern ukraine. for this reason we have been working closely with or european partners to develop more severe actions that b could be taken if russia continues to escalate the situation. situation. lou: president obama responds to announcement with his -- president putin responding to these san suns wit sanctions wi, they banned 9 americans from entering america, john boehner, harry lead, and mccain, robert menounos des, and -- menendez. and mary landrieu, and dan coats.
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and round out the list, putin having fun. on wall street today, stocks recovered from yesterday's sell-off, a triple-digit recovery, dow up 109, and s&p and nazdaq up 11, crude oil down 994 cents, gold down 11 dollars, yield on 10-year note, rising 2.78%. jobless claims, rising slightly but less than expected to 320,000 last week, existin home sales down last month to lowest level since july of 2012. we're coming right back, please stay with us, much more ahead. >> a major reversal that reverberates, a federal judge rules that arizona and kansas, can demand voters show their i.d. at the polls. the kansas secretary of state,
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lou: obama is in miami right n now. today marked a roll to return to campaign in chief. to pitch obamacare, an interview that was devoid of any hard hitting questions. but they did address her oscar selfie. you will be pleased to know. >> i apologized but i broke your
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meme tweet record. >> i heard about that, i thought it was a cheap stunt myself. lou: samsung deserves mention, it was their stunt. a federal judge, has ordered federal election authority to help kansas and arizona in enforce laws requiring new voters to prove they are u.s. citizens, joining us now, secretary of sa state of kansas chris covac, h shear spear -- skpaoereding much of it. >> thank you. >> as a great day, a great victory for states rights and u.s. constitution. you know, the frameers of our constitution put it in article i states control qualifications for voting. that principal underlys this decision, the judge said that
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feds cannot tell states what is necessary or not necessary to assess if whether someone is qualifyd to vote. lou: why has there been so much confusion on this issue, justice department, going after every state that is trying to preserve the integrity of its electoral system, they have gon gone after them, they interpret this, as to a effort deny minorities their voting rights. >> it is really outrage out, justice department has been going after states with photo i.d., and kansas has one as well. in this particular case, kansas and arizona we sueed federal agency, that was trying to second guess us and tell us that proof of citizenship is not necessary. and so, the justice department was defending the case, but agreeively, and -- aggressively, making argument that cannot be desireed with u.s. constitution,
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this justice department arey is sifting effort by stas to make it, eas easy to vote but hard to cheat, they come up with claims somehow difficult produce a photo i.d. or difficult to prove your citizenship by producing a birth certificate. lou: almost 16,000 folks in kansas, their registrations remained on hold, pending outcome of this case. what is their fate given that the court has ruleed in your favor on requiring proof of citizenship? >> their fate is the same, they are individuals who have started the registration process but not completeed it, they filled out a card but we drafted law to make it easy for people, if they don't have a document with tim at the time, they can -- it's, they can go home, take a picture of birth certificate with smartphone e-mail or text it in. they still have to complete the process if they to origin sterd to vote in -- registerd to vote
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in time for election. lou: how quickly do you think that justice department will appeal your victory? >> i am not expecting them to take this defeat lightly, probably they will appeal, to 10 circuit, we'll be waiting in court then. lou: chris covac, good to talk with you. >> thank you lou. lou: hackers in london announceing they build a new drone capable of stales information -- stealing information from your smartphone. using drones to steal everything from credit card to user names and passwords. the hackers however claim that i want to use their powers for good, they built the drone to raise awareness about vulner vulner vulnerability of smar smartphon, we're coming right back. the markets cheer the first day of spring with a triple digit
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and torrow we will up it yet again.
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stress test, finding 29 of 30 have sufficient capital to withstand what they call a severe shock. recession, market turmoil. salt lake city based zion only bank that came in below fed's capital 3 37threshold and faile. >> joining us now with his outlook on the market is steven whiteing, global chief investment strategyist for citi private bank. in what we're watching so much additional volatility to any period i think of 2013. is this going to be a signature
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characteristic of this market for the year? >> it would be amuseing if it is, the dips have been getting smaller and smaller in the market s for the last 5 quarter, volatility, is priced in the options market about half of long-term average. so, the typical interyear creation as recently as years 2010, 2012 averageed 12%, we had 6% or less at beginning of this year, and clue ou throughout 20i would be careful. lou: not as risky yet wireless ending to so many analysts, and strategyists, in the equities market start to talk about this is the time for caution we've exhausted the bull, we're in a fifth year. we're looking at earnings that disappoint some analysts. others are glad ended by what they see a nit 1% gain in the
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latest quarter. makes sense of it for us, give us your view. >> not a depressed market, you can look at yield, high yield market. 14% high yield debt in 2008, a 2009, 6% is now called high yield, looking at equity market. i don't know that profits will be as weak as 1% that is once showed. the expansion is not over, we think that stock prices will see new highs. lou: new highs, and for market. what appreciation is reasonable for an investor? what would you advise? >> there is a big recovery in growth expectations or stability expectations, last year.
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when you had a 32% total returning, shares up 6, with a steady val sayinginyy valuatione a 9% return, but that volatility is equal to that start of gain. so if you are in it for 12 to 18 months, you are in line for solid returns. >> if you will, wrapping up, put it in a context with global markets and equity. >> there is vulnerability, in many cases among emergeing economies that had been saving exporters they are now savings importers that require flows of savings into their some cases fragile domestic currencies. we are more optimistic to developed markets, we like the u.s., wehink that europe is a much earlier stage of recovery, with the issue in in crane a risk. -- ukraine a risk but i do worry
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about, the assumption that volatility will be permanently lower than average. lou: steven thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to listen to my financial reports three times a day, on sale imradi salem radio. and behold, if you will, the golden egg that laid millions of dollars, a midwest everyone scrap dealer bought that ornament from an antique dealer a decade ago, paids there are friend,000. think -- $15,000, thinking he could melt it down, he went to do that, some people did not agree with the worth, he found what is really of worth. a rare russian impierial fabrege worth $33 million. can you imagine the guy who didn't want to take his money and melt it down, a lucky day,
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we're coming right back. >> nancy pelosi says she does not like the term, obamacare. and sh she has told the presidet himself. , this teenager managed to work his way 3 security at one of -- through security at one of the world's most watched landmarks. next.
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or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you'rtang. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, fl unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin eyes. these could be sig of rare but seris side effects. crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca y be able toelp. it. lou: the ama now warning about the obscure provision in obamacare that could lead doctors on the hook for unpaid medical bills because obamacare gives patients who are not paying their premiums for obamacare of 90 degrees period before the plan is cancelled. insurers would pay claims for just the first month of
10:32 pm
that 90 days period good doctors are stuck with the bill over the next 60 of 90 days. did the policy still calls it a winner for democrats but don't call its obamacare even if president obama uses the word. here is the house minority leader today who dared to use the word obamacare. >> it is called the affordable care act. i know you did not need any complement or derogatory it is called the affordable care act. >> even the president says that. >> i tell him the same thing [laughter] it is affordable care acta there is a reason. affordable. lou: you cannot save much
10:33 pm
when the minority leader can tell the president what he can say and author and columnist fox news contributor with nationally syndicated talk show host, i have to start with the speaker she started that weird cackle trying to take down the impact correcting the president of the united states on his own signature lot? the image she has a problem with obamacare i have a problem with affordable. [laughter] this is not affordable a and she tries to talk like nothing is wrong the web site was a disaster and people lost insurance people have seen premiums rising and democrats from runaway but she pretends the american public is dumb or
10:34 pm
ignorance or does not know how to look at their wallets to talk it up. and to embrace the term obamacare. >> i agree. it is not afford bullwhacker there has to be truth in advertising. but with the issue of the doctors of the 90 day grace period here is a hidden tax. one thing they did not review is to dump all the dead the patients on the doctors that will have to spread the cost with their legitimate injured patients to be hit with another obamacare tax. lou: and the ama those physicians to keep us well and help us so much just now decide to tell the doctors about this little kid in 60
10:35 pm
day window of vulnerability for liability by the way you ll not get paid for the patients you are treating. >> that is outrageous. lou: why would any doctor even stay in that organization? >> i have been trying to protect the libraryad barack obama is back but everyone was trying to protect this and everything is okay but now they realize it is not able call him now to hold him accountable that is a problem everybody said it will be great now they say we have problems we need to notify doctors that this is happening. welcome to reality. >> is and that the reason the ama only represents less than one-quarter of all doctors? recorders of doctors know it is a minority organization that doesn't represent anybody.
10:36 pm
lou: this is a severe hit they should have been taking care of them could work with your lobbying efforts. turn to the president tonight to fund-raisers today and at talks about women's finances also a new sanctions against russia and other busy day for the campaigner in chief's becky never stops. though limited divide the country policy good for women are good for everyone you have a pro-growth jobs plan will benefit everyone you have to pander to the women to say we will do this to help you out i find that very condescending you could put out policies to reduce policies or regulation that brought about energy independence regardless of your gender so stop treating
10:37 pm
women like they need extra help from government we're doing just fine if government would get out of the way. >> on that notes if he will pander to witness in any way limit already size of the outnumber the men in college and those who get degrees they also do better when you look at similarly situated men and women did make the same amount so it is totally pandering not supported by the facts. lou: the national liberal media gives him a pass civic it is a talking point now through 2016 they need the of war on women talking point so women can vote if it is us democrat she will be that. >> i can see the republican response because that will be required.
10:38 pm
he panders just this week week:illegal immigration and pandering to women. that is a kind word because what he is doing is being divisive that is the watchword of this administration his legacy could be anything one is a $2 trillion obamacare program for people to get insured and ease. >> since the end of the evil government shut down we have 800,000 nonessential all federal employees every single household in america has barack obama at $7,000 in debt for every household justin the short period between the shutdown in today. can you imagine if you came home tonight to find out your credit card bill meant up $7,000 in the last six months?
10:39 pm
lou: this has occurred in our children, it just goes on the outrage that we watched the government period however expanding crater in dash it without any kind of regard for the consequences. >> the g.o.p. response should be a duty to put forth policies to benefit everyone was serious outreach the does that mean you pander to their groups no. this is our message that will help the country at large did here is where you fit into it. lou: i enter stand at the point you're making. >> i assaying don't be afraid to take that passage. lou: i agree but i would prefer republicans just are talking to people. the middle class. there should not be any
10:40 pm
doubt whether that republican party stands. to represent the multinationals between now and november to be certain as party of the middle class of the working men and women still met with the president cheats the truce call him all. >> then and when they were going to college when you finish you will make about the same amount of money and if you hear different from the president is not supported by the facts. nobody likes to call the president a liar but for my many he is lying to the american people to deceive them for the benefit of his party. lou: that would be great if went -- women and men going to college but in addition to those gigantic student loan bills to have a job
10:41 pm
opportunity waiting for them >> how about keeping some of the monday that they earned? lou: now you want everything [laughter] >> thank you very much. one world trade center is supposed to be one of the most secure buildings in all the world but a 16 year-old bypassed sleeping security guards over the weekend and climbed to the top of the building and spent a couple of hours they're taking self these. i love this era of he was arrested in the security guard fired and raises some security concerns we're told. what about sleeping security guards? president obama and president putin trading sanctions today ed to
10:42 pm
solicit declaration from obamacare that left the russians traveling. in jimmy fallin hysterical take of the relationship next. ♪
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but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. lou: jimmy fallin pokes fun at the president for his handling of the ukraine crisis here is a phone call between mr. obama and mr. putin. >> don't you see what you are doing? you are forcing people to except something the majority don't want. >> in russia we have a word for this. obamacare. [laughter] >> that hurts. >> does it cover burns? [laughter] lou: fallin continues to dominate late-night attracted over 4 million
10:46 pm
compared to jimmy campbell 2 million. with more sanctions with in response to the of russian and -- invasion of criteria -- crimea then they get back with sanctions of their own against lawmakers. john fund is here to assess this real fun politics. this is not a serious serious white house with individual sanctions talking about grave consequences. putin is obviously laughing in president obama is based -- face. >> with those sanctions were imposed immediately after but that was three weeks ago. where are we now? i understand the g8 meeting has been canceled but russia
10:47 pm
should be thrown out. they should be investigated by the world trade organization to be a member of good standing and there is all kinds of problems with 1/3 monday of western pay king capitals we could launch investigations into that so far is shadowboxing. lou: angela merkle said they were disbanded with more sanctions meanwhile germany has not done much partly because they depend on russia for oil and gas as does most of europe. >> the president has sat on to a dozen per request for natural gas to europe to reduce their dependence on russian exports. the president has done nothing in also decided to
10:48 pm
continue to do nothing whether the keystone pipeline should be bought. eddie was looking from the outside would say this is not the leadership. it is president dither. lou: as you liberal -- label him president dither he has no options in terms of caribbean, the ukraine he takes a military option off the table ian did is hard to and trustee and what europe is doing because the pair of cleve brock truth there is nothing the united states short of war can do about russia. this president took the military option off the table. >> our allies, the french our about to treat an effort to helicopter carriers to carry commandoes all over
10:49 pm
europe to the russians. the russians paid for them. this is ridiculous but the french had an arms embargo on israel 42 years of the dropping dead three years ago they can embargo them they should be able to break those contracts with the state ownership building company to say we will not transfer carriers to use to invade somebody else. there is no evidence obama has put pressure of the french not to transfer this high-technology carrier. lou: point of fact he is a president in different. >> i will go further if we cannot convince the french to drop the carrier is being choose for to moscow he is the accessory to appeasement. i will use that word. lou: what ever words we use like the president they are only words and at this point a lack of strategy and will to do much with mr. putin
10:50 pm
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lou: time before your comments and now.
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said does your emails set follow us all in twitter or go to the facebook page. we will -- you will get a free book of -- copy of my book "upheaval" if we read your post on the broadcast. things you can say about our president great leader is not one of them. the latest edition features the 50 greatest leaders around the globe. fortune editors and chose pope francis in you could reasonably argue he deserves his placement and likely build a consensus around his election.
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after number one the arguments would begin in earnest the german chancellor into lover paul, warren buffett, alan mulally and former president clinton. the german chancellor was but right behind the pope. this is the same leader who just watched vladimir putin divide the ukrainian take the party wanted leaving the european leaders to save what is left of the ukraine not so much for putin and as they concede the ukraine ec emergency infusion of $35 million to avoid economic disaster. apparently vladimir putin do that before he decided to take crimea. is still a merkle and her pals would have been on my list for great leaders and
10:56 pm
how she got the number two spot is inexplicable mystery where is president obama? he did not make the top-10 which did not surprise but he will likely be shocked to learn if any attendance has the guts to tell him he did not make the list at all. mr. obama is an absence from the list is absolutely correct. yesterday and our president was publicly bragging about u.s. military intervention in ukraine being off the table. not an option. he is so very late and irrelevant declaration is simply that vladimir putin do that three weeks ago when he decided to take crimea for his own. why would fortune keep putin
10:57 pm
off the list as well? thank you for being with us. we hope to see you tomorrow. we hope to see you tomorrow. good night from new york. in the new new york, we don't back down. we hope to see you tomorrow. good night from new york. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years.
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see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ neil: hooted of spy next door with your pharmacist. if i bet this privacy thing gets weirder and weirder. the large pharmacy chains getting to a close and personal. specifically newly remodeled stores not only get your pharmacist out from the counter but your medical history and here's how they could do it. by talking this phase of you in the living room like setting about prescriptions.


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