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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 21, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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find out which ones are worth the money. that is it for the willis report. thanks for joining us. d v are the show if you can't catch us live. see you back here monday. >> republicans, man up, face up and do something because what you are trying to run up the clock on a midterm election you think you have already won democrats are seizing the moment and doubling down. welcome, i am neil cavuto and here is my message, get off your grand ole ass' because you're going to get what bad. democrats know what you are doing. they know you don't want to get blamed for another government shutdown so you are caving on all these budget deals and they know you signed on to get another increase of the debt ceiling because you want to
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clear your runway to november of any obstacles. here is the thing. you are sitting tight, they are doing spending sprint pushing minimum-wage increase that pulls well with their base and i hate to break it to you, it pulls well with a lot more americans who haven't heard your very valid concerns. they are also pushing for infrastructure spending even if they cannot account for the $100 billion each year america spends on infrastructure but not a peep out of view, not a word out of you. even on health care. in the administration keeps moving deadlines in you move to offer a little more than a pointing finger. you say is unconstitutional but they are still doing it, they are still moving it, they are still keeping this why you hate going, aren't they? you are not doing squats, are you? you are absolutely convinced americans are with you. i hate to break it to you but right now 53% of americans agree with you but not 100%. little more than a majority.
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you are hanging it on 53% who are his off. it might require more push back from you. then again, you are the experts, republicans, you are the guys with the fancy strategists, the same guys who told you you were going to win the last election focusing on just this kind of stuff. if memory serves you republicans are very good at grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory and somehow think sitting on your ass now and running up the clock will change history. hate to break it to you but the only thing that strategy of assured is making you history. now to the real danger, safe to say washington keep spending and debt keeps growing which is why stock-market legendary dent says that crash probably keep son coming closer and closer. former house republican leader dick armey says if that is the case get ready for a long political winter for everybody. you first on what you are seeing, you are talking crash,
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talking something bad. >> we had the greatest debt bubble in history back to the 70s running endless trade deficits and budget deficits and when the boom came and we ran surpluses we kept running bigger deficits created the greatest debt bubble in history, the greatest financial loss that bubble in history, now government's only policy is to add more debt to secure a debt crisis which is insane and to keep the bubbled going forever with endless q e. this can only end dad. i think we have stretched as far as we can. there will be two surprises this year that upset the applecart despite q e whether they take a more or not. germany will go off the same demographic cliff japan did in nearly 90s and we saw that in 1989. nobody saw that coming and china has the greatest bubble in history, governments over built so much it is beyond compare and that bubble is showing its crack and it is going to burst.
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neil: what do you see happening? >> stock market's peak within a month or two. the fed, by all this q e -- neil: quantitative easing. >> quantitative easing. neil: scale it back but you say the cult that is coming and how much and when does it come? >> they scaled back more or not they may not scale back but they created this third financial bubble in stocks and financial assets which has to burst and stocks are higher than ever on an economy that is worse than ever. this bubble is going to burst but it will take some external trigger. i say germany is going to disappoint in the next year and europe will fall apart. the china bubble is going to burst and no amount of q e will stop it. neil: i am not leaving you out but i want to be clear on what harry is saying that the dow goes to what?
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16,163? >> and 17,000, each bubble has gone higher. and in 2016, 6 to 7 years from now we bottom closer to 4,000. we take a crisis to solve the debt crisis because otherwise we keep borrowing and doing q e. neil: he has been right about a lot of things in the past, that is a wake-up call to both parties in this country. do they respond to it? did they do something? >> they are going to have to. i understand about the republicans being timid. ronald reagan scared the devil lot of them but gave us two decades of parallel prosperity and sound government policy for the first time in a generation. the contract with america scared them to death. and the first majority in 40
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years. neil: they may not have a valid reason to sit tight but in the meantime they are piling on this debt and acquiescing to this point. >> part of it is we've bought into this groove the notion that you can bring prosperity with lose money policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, will solve all our problems all we have to do is call in the fed and don't have to be responsible for any discipline, serious, adult budgeting. the fact of the matter is they first had a bobble in education so they made education and affordable, they had a bobble in health care, made health-care and affordable, they had a bubble in housing, made that unaffordable. neil: both parties create their bubbles and they burst. >> the biggest bubble in debt
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came under the republican administration. we went from $20 trillion to $42 trillion in private debt and 5 to 10 in government debts of all parties have done this for decades. we are addicted to the debt, no discipline, no reality. we are only going to get it through a crisis and i'm telling people prepare for this crisis, sell your stocks and stuff the next few months, get as lean as you can because we have to go through a crisis because we are not in reality. neil: you folks at home enjoy your dinner. of frank out of union protest on viral. one small business turned the protest on the protester but next nearly all atms are about to become a hacker's dream. that could be for you a nightmare. those litt things still get you.
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go! [ male announcer ] it's chaos out there. but the m-class sees in your blind spot... ♪ pulls you back into your lane... ♪ even brakes all by itself. it's almost like it couldn't crash... even if it tried. the 2014 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. neil: new survey from pew research showing the health-care law dropping 47%, down from 61% from september. more people died and more unhappy with the law. nancy pelosi unhappy with what they are calling the law.
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>> is obamacare a winner or loser? >> i believe it is a winner. it is called the affordable care act. neil: pat buchanan, apparently didn't get that message to president obama still calling it obamacare. forget target and deegan markets. the mother lode of mischief, your atm, 95% of these machines that dispense cash are vulnerable to hackers getting your cash. howard schmidt says don't slump off because you are more of a target, explain why so particularly vulnerable to these machines? >> i feel like i am going back to yankee's. we knew this was coming, people debating whether it was a good thing or bad thing and that is where we are with the end of like if you would for windows xp, microsoft of which a vast majority of atm machines run on. what that means is they're not doing security updates. a lot of things hackers look to exploit they will now be able to
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do unfettered because nobody will be there to fix it and keep them out of it. neil: wouldn't the banks or whatever have already transitioned to another program that supposedly does offer the security features or is there a gap where they are not doing it? >> there are a couple things, one is the cost. to upgrade software that effectively they paid 4 years ago is not inexpensive. the second thing is even if they were able to do that tomorrow all the different applications the atm machines need to talk to need to be tested and upgraded. as a consequence when you go out there it is status quo for many of these things. there is a little bit of good news because those are able to hack into an atm or do something with those systems. a limited population of the hacker community but that doesn't mean they share the wealth now that this is taking place in a few weeks.
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lou: does it happen at the point of the transaction or that machine? where are the attackers seizing on this? >> a few places. one is the network. on the same token that is the one that is most successful, on the machine, sit in the background and grab information. this is something we have seen for a long time, the machine itself. the machine needs to be updated. they put in different ways to upgrade the software. you don't have to have all the good guys doing these, people can the bought off and be part of a criminal enterprise themselves and that gives them an opportunity to get into it. the third one, something we have been seeing for years is when they do an overlay where they answer your card, scan your pin number and send it back wireless. that gives them another method. neil: you don't know because it
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seems like an normal transaction and there is another feature or duplicates layer that they are doing. >> absolutely correct. that is why there is a lot of desire to get this fixed as quickly as possible. neil: take money out of your accounts beginning now. i am with you. we are not going anywhere. amazing. howard, thank you very much. christian bell, sexy, stunning, stupid. what she tweeted as a lot of her fans thinking you are a twit. vladimir putin's first week after, many say it was a big slap against us. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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neil: does this ring a bell? christian build tweeting how they're rich need to step up and pay more taxes because they can afford to pay more taxes of the our followers as soon as they saw this, one tweeting sorry, the rich already do pay more taxes. another, tell kristin bell to get her checkbook ready. i am more than happy for her to pay for my bills. finally, who is kristin bill to dictate to me what to pay? the reaction to that. we love having you. >> you only like me for the sound effect. out on the table. neil: who am i to judge? >> actually i agree with this
6:19 pm
woman that our tax system is terribly unfair. the top 3% pay 53% of all income taxes. if there is not the definition of unfair and as i don't know what is. in terms of our tax system being unfair she is right but for the wrong reasons. what needs to be done and i don't know if she would approve or not and i don't care because it is right, we need a flat tax, everybody pay the same rate. if you make millions of dollars to pay lot of money in taxes. neil: that is not progressive. >> not progressive at all. the progressivity of the tax system is unfair because the rich don't pay all they are supposed to anyway. all these deductions is why the tax code is 150,000 pages long. need i remind you princess in frozen, the one who got freeze you or was that her sister? you don't know.
6:20 pm
if she was the one who could freeze you -- with a pretty face like that which is why we kept her off when you were talking but the good point -- a lot of these complaints people have about our tax system are right up to the point where they say it is fair but when they see what to do about it they are out to lunch but the fact is we have an unfair system and should get rid of deductions. neil: nothing wrong with the amount of money coming in. we spend more than we take in. neil: they never have enough. >> they say greed in the private sector but talk about greed spending -- neil: twitter launching a new tool to check out someone's first week. we looked at vladimir putin's accountant in his first tweet he essentially congratulated president obama on his reelection. this is not now we are getting it now. our followers are starting to
6:21 pm
sink this was a win/win for vladimir putin and he is overjoyed. finally that was vladimir putin's green -- is that -- he was thinking he could add four more years? >> remember the famous whisper before his reelection, before obama's reelection. at any rate, he whispered to him, didn't think mike was on. tell vladimir -- there it is. tell vladimir i will have a little more flexibility. who has flexibility? those who don't have a backbone. vladimir putin used reagan's trust but verify he didn't make a move in to crimea until he was sure president obama had no backbone and what proved that was syria when he drew the line in the sand, and he pulled right back. neil: back to george bush -- the
6:22 pm
thing he did essentially in ukraine, and collected a number. >> this is quibbling but i would say in georgia -- there was nothing in ukraine other than a vote that caused -- >> he knows we are deep in debt and don't have a lot of money. at his beck and call. >> when this first week said congratulations, vladimir putin's hope for cooperation seems to have evaporated. he never wanted cooperation. he just wanted what he wanted and figured he could take it from a guy with no backbone, all flexibility, the backbone is what president obama told him. neil: if you had a cowboy running in this -- and military stretched to the limit as it is in this country would be much different for the aspirations of
6:23 pm
vladimir putin? >> you always love cowboys. >> he would take advantage of the situation, whoever is in charge. >> is it the 10 gallon hat? neil: when you owe and you are a financial bomb and you depend on every other country honors to fund you you can't call the shots anymore. >> the bottom line is when you give the bully everything he wants he will take more. he is never satisfied. the definition of a bully, the more you give the more he takes and that is why we say we will wait to see what he does next before we ratchet up our penalties. that is ridiculous like saying it is an open door, do what you want, we will never quite get -- our sanctions will never equal -- neil: when you get plenty of time to move -- >> it is a sad state of affairs and it will take years or decades to undo the damage done
6:24 pm
to our reputation. neil: we will see, always a pleasure. dave: next, will bring a cowboy hat if you like. neil: nancy pelosi is at it yet again. >> is obamacare winner or a loser politically? >> i believe it is a winner and by the way it is called the affordable care act. it is called the affordable care act. neil: why does he get all the attention? >> what do you think of the term obamacare? i like it. i don't mind. five years from now when everyone is saying we're glad we have health care there will be a bunch of people calling it obamacare, they don't want me to get the credit.
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affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. >> the affordable care act a.k.a. obamacare. they call in obamacare. i like that name. >> by noting sheehan sees having the president take the credit he calls a obamacare but she said no but what is the difference? it is the law and not the name in the higher premiums that people who think they are covered but they are not or they thought they could keep their doctor is that is the issue not the name that they created. patrick good to have you. a she really offended? because she puts so much
6:29 pm
sweat equity really has her fingerprints and not his. >> it does. she said we will have to vote in order to find out what in is in it than she has a god her face as a consequence but what do you call it? you could put to earings the and lipstick on a pig and call her peggy sue but it is still a peggy and i am afraid obamacare is still an albatross around the neck of the democratic party headed to little big board in november. neil: but you could call the pig peggy sue. [laughter] here is my concern that they stopped everything else to make sure it happens. they clear the decks. i don't doubt for a minute with this penis' monstrosity but for them to hang their
6:30 pm
hats on this when 52% to disapprove the mainstream media will play that things are getting better. i think they are taking victory for granted. >> the one problem the first one is over confidence they will ride the victory after the house seats that the democrats were favored in florida. but they bet the whole farm farm, the ranch on this one issue. somehow obama has been dealt a new hand with foreign policy or some other issue takes center stage they could lose the last best chance they have. they ought to stay in battle neil: but they keep changing the deadline to the point it
6:31 pm
doesn't even resembled an act that was signed into law the strategy does nothing to upstate the -- upset the applecart. >> they ran away from the debt ceiling battle complete the and then that testify is what does that agenda agree on? that they would like to get through land reform and change? neil: when you were writing i knew exactly where you came from. i have no idea of. really. >> their agenda is get reelected and get back into the majority. that is it. foreign policy whether ukraine or crimea or middle
6:32 pm
east or domestic policy there is a profound lovell of disagreement inside the republican coalition why do we agree on? obamacare a k a the affordable care act. neil: i don't know. the principles never come. good to have you. pat buchanan. we have comments from the billionaire why mary page says it is charitable to rely on fellow billionaires they and charities and the government. but unions used as of tactics to get their way? one it businessman who turned the tables on them.
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neil: if the union will post a horrible things about you put up one of your own. right next to theirs. ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: i think that is brilliant. that sign on the right working and a subaru dealership for being unfriendly to unions. i don't care where they are on this issue but fight fire with fire. that you didn't use not just
6:37 pm
one contractor but you fought fire with fire to say bottom line i will give you an unbeatable prices. >> maybe an illustration would be better. just imagine if a hypothetical car dealership would tell a potential customer we know you are in the market for a car. we will not tell you but we know. if you don't buy a car from us we will hire people to stand on your lawn to be smirch your reputation. that is what happened to us undergoing with an enormous renovation and we hired a general contractor then they put out the open bid for small piece of dry wall work the winner was nonunion shop a and completed on time and we paid as agreed everybody
6:38 pm
was happy than a few days later here comes the protesters. neil: they have done this before throughout the state to target businesses that use nonunion help. this was just one part of a renovation which was odd but to other businesses have not responded certainly not the way that you have. what made you think this was the way to go about it? it could have backfired. >> true. fighting fire with fire rethink of it is making lemonade out of lemons. we are friendly people when people come at us with under a cost of the deep we will respond in a way that matches who we are friendly and fun and witty however we are unique and this cookie cutter type of protesting does not fit us. we are not a cookie cutter
6:39 pm
dealership. we are unique. neil: you could have taken their sign dash off but they try to take yours down. >> that's true. initially we did not realize you cannot put us sinon city he property there is about 4 feet of easement luckily it was spring break so we hired high school kids members of a youth group they were happy. it has been a great time. neil: people that shop at the dealership union customers? >> we have both. as the dealership we have no stance with unions on -- in general. neil: bet you are just responding look at what we do.
6:40 pm
are you afraid it will bring it? >> no. this is not a statement about unions in general but just responding to this action with simon and friendliness with information because we have the information they have name calling. neil: very witty and funny that if somebody dishes it out you are free to dish back. people are afraid to do that good to have you. you want to give to a charity but mary page says call a billionaire. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water.
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neil: microsoft takes the
6:44 pm
page data the government book from the hot mail account the was leaking secrets. it is all in the terms of service only happens in extreme cases but legal or not is it any of their business to get into our business? our guest talk about how microsoft gets into their business. >> that is why they call it hot mail because they can steal it anytime they want to look at it. it is in a rage they should have gotten a subpoena to subpoena the blocker to go to the channels. i know they say we own it but it is accompanied pointing the finger at google's saying the of customers got screwed but they do the same thing when
6:45 pm
it hurts the -- serves their needs. neil: will they pulled the same stunt? bill macphail pull it right now the amounts of data in a mate -- emails and searches i think it is a to a juicy for the company's. they are five steps ahead of the average person to pull the data. i don't think they sell its but use it within the company to make more profitable products. it is almost impossible to enforce. there is software out there you can use komen encryption software to have a good third-party market but i think they all do it. neil: what worries me at first i thought it was a microsoft employee that you could argue like you are not the company is well within its power to scrutinize the
6:46 pm
e-mail on the computer. but this was the outside blocker using the service. that worries me because it could be anyone of us to have a disparaging comment to make about any company or any time they feel emboldened to start snooping >> that is coming. with you call it google, facebook, microsoft google, facebook, microsoft, they all do it. they will keep doing it because the marketing revenue is billions of dollars. the time to have this argument was 40 years ago when people were glad to have information exchanged. neil: i also see companies that have the love-hate relationship with big executive meetings with the president and mark zuckerberg just the other day apparently phoning the president to say the problem
6:47 pm
with government spies disguised as facebook to get the account information. i don't like this relationship. it seems to cozy. >> anything online somebody can watch. i have my own e-mail and you are all i hope microsoft and facebook cannot see that i hope it is a private conversation with my sources and somebody wants to see it they have to go to the court. but if you hear this a huge you don't like it then find services that promise they don't. neil: i don't trust any of them. if i knew what a url was i would do it. [laughter] when it comes to the very rich betting they will never be that to the government or a charity. ceo larry page says you
6:48 pm
rather go to a venture capital because his ideas are changing the world. he even says everyone should give their money to corporations that try to accomplish big things including companies that cars' blow up. i am kidding. but what do you make of this they are the vanguard with the vision of tomorrow with better than the red cross? >> i totally agree. the best way to pull people out of poverty to make for a better population is to raise the productivity and jobs and lower unemployment for everyone. the best way is to create jobs. in 2007 it was estimated microsoft alone with the related businesses and software developers created 48 million jobs. that is the way to rise up
6:49 pm
not to give it to charity. >> only those that will go into the darkest jungles so maybe you split the difference? vivid that depends on your objective for the charity bt is onto something. you have to have the capital and wherewithal to take on the system and with. richard branson and the law and must is another. neil: or go to the bill and melinda gates foundation and warren buffett is pretty good for his money where he had his druthers that bill and linda are better than and that government? >> bad example make sense with warren buffett who is
6:50 pm
82 and bill gates who is much younger with a philanthropic drive period that is the focus. but bill gates is not a capitalist anymore. but larry pager is four years old and elon musk is 42 he will give his money to elon musk? happily given enough money to him? with the stock at $270 per share? neil: if the rich had their druthers, they would rather do anything van give the money to the government. even with advocates for the rich to pay more if you are a billionaire that is different than the $250,000 club. with push comes to shove they would rather give it to another billionaire or a private foundation but not to the government. i find that to be
6:51 pm
fascinating. >> who can blame them? neil: but talks the talk and walk the walk? >> why would you want to give it to a government? how many dollars in the whole are they just with the old website? forget the rollout. it goes into acing called never to be found again. neil: thank you very much. when we come back what would kneale do? tonight there will give you some answers including dennis. >> how would you solve gridlock in washington?
6:52 pm
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or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breaing or swallowing, op taking cialis and get mecal help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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neil: what is the deal with the critical what is the deal? >> i finally figured out why you have a guest and so your audience can listen to you. >> you are on to me. neil: you sound like my mother in law. neil:. [laughter] i get that all the time.
6:56 pm
neil: not a answering questions yes no one was better than alan greenspan. we were out on the streets. what is the deal? >> how would you solve gridlock in washington? >> first of all, i would forbid you to wear hats like that. [laughter] i would lock in a room 10 percent cuts out of all programs across the board then slow all benefit and entitlement growth to more than the rates of inflation. we don't feed them or do anything or provide microphones until they get it that. it will my get done.
6:57 pm
>> what is the deal with job growth? neil: nonexistent the weakest job growth ever people are leary to higher when they have to figure in health insurance costs and rules and regulations but the best we can do is make them a little less difficult to cut the regulations than the tax is a and you will see all lots of already lean and mean company is beefing up the staff the bottom line they are afraid. neil: forum millions they already have doubled and tripled. i do want americans to have affordable health care but this is not that to abandon a health care system that was working for 90% that had it to cover the 10% that did
6:58 pm
not know that in% don't want to this? what have we gained? neil: i do have that effect on people to make you think of what others are not reporting or what the mainstream media deliberately does not report it is up to america to see where they are going. no. report to her after you fire her. with the health care brackets i think you win the $1 billion for the up perfect bracket. >> i love you sweatband with a suit. [laughter] >> nothing looks more stupid than demand in a coat and a
6:59 pm
tie on a treadmill. >> i should have used the stationary bike. [cheers and applause] >> take a balfour not giving upper every show for two weeks things for a wonderful show every day. if you were not a business analyst you could have been a comedian. i laugh all the time. it makes it one of the most interesting on television. i hope your staff tells you that because other period -- people make be furious the way they talk about you. i hope they do not hurt your feelings. >> for the record great-grandmother my staff does not tell me all of those nice things half the time they are the ones
7:00 pm
writing the nasty emails but a great grandma i have the nsa working on their computers. each and every computer. are you looking at me? [laughter] >> celebrating in the streets of moscow over red square marking the annexation of crimea into the russian federation president vladimir putin and assigning the ukrainian annexation into offical russia lot. the victory celebration over obama and the european allies come one day after a second round of sanctions by the united states the president's executive order me


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