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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 22, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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fantastic week so far. i'm your host good evening, everybody. with today's accession of crimea by russia, it apparently ended. no doubt the victor in the confrontation between president obama, the west and vladimir putin is. utter silence from the white house tonight. despite reports today that russian troops shot two ukrainian soldiers in crimea, one was killed, the other hospitalized after bursts of automatic gunfire were detailed by reporters at that base, the ukraine defense minister telling
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fox news that masked men wearing russian federation uniforms stormed a base on the outskirts and began shooting and arresting ukrainian troops. they're giving ukraine troops based in crimea full authorization to fire back. all of this taking place after putin told kiev, quote -- don't believe those who try to frighten you with russia and who scream that other regions will follow after crimea, we don't want a partition of ukraine, end quote. the prime minister saying the conflict has been moved from quote the political to the military stage. the white house is suddenly silent on the ukraine. threatening more sanctions this time against russian equities. but the white house bravado came
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before the shooting became. here's the president's press spokesperson jay carney. >> we condemn russia's moves to formally annex the crimea region of ukraine, such an action is threat to security and it is against international law, we would not recognize this attempted annexation. i wouldn't if i were invest in russian equities right now. unless you're going short. >> vladimir putin, obviously, unconcerned, undeterd by sanctions or the president's version of sanctions or the administration's con ddoemnatiof the moves. russian troops, masked and
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heavily armed today seized control of ukraine's naval headquarters in crimea. the ukrainians estimating there were as many 300 as of these soldiers. storming the base and raising the russian flag the government announcing it would withdraw its forces from crimea. relocates its armed forces to the mainland and more tough talk from vice president joe biden in lithuania today. >> russia cannot escape the fact that the world is changing. and rejecting outright their behavior. there are costs and growing costs that come with aggression. >> joining us now retired four-star army general, general jack kean and fox news military
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analyst. what is your reaction when you hear the vice president of the united states making comments as he did today? >> well, if we had not been hearing rhetoric like this for the last year and half in various other situations and certainly the last three weeks, dealing with crimea and the russians, you take it seriously, but it's hard now in the face of what has taken place to take those comments seriously and i think, our nato allies have a big question mark certainly about the steadfastness of the united states and its willingness to commit to their security and their sovereignty given the events of the last three weeks. >> we have -- i shouldn't say -- this administration has an agreement with angela merkel the chancellor of germany, to move ahead with sanctions, although that's unclear. but nato itself seems threatened here because they have played no role in the president's rhetoric
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nor any of his directives in suggesting of consequences to vladimir putin, where is nato now, which has always been the bull work of u.s. security. >> certainly there's an implied threat to nato given what took place in ukraine. it's border country. a number of nato countries border russia and have historical russian ties. . the fact is, given our feeble and timid response to date, i think it would encourage many who are around putin and advising him, at least to put on the table that there's an opportunity to force the collapse of the nato alliance by threatening one of the nato countries and assuming that nato would likely not respond, given
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the events of the last few weeks. >> would you say that we're in extraordinarily dangerous juncture, a point in this country's history and europe's, of when it is clear to all who are not military experts, but certainly watching what is happening, that the united states and europe have no stomach for a fight, and have no real strategy to engage in defense of both europe or even ukraine with which we thought we had, at least a deal that had been in effect for 20 years >> i think you're absolutely right, lou. stat teenically we're in a place where -- the collapse that's
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beginning to come apart. when your opponent or adversary believes you will not use it that takes away all of your diplomacy, the fact is, if they believe we're not willing to fight, they're going to keep coming and coming until we prove to them, to the contrary and right now, all that's on the table, truth be known is rhetoric. >> and iran, syria, both supported, of course, by russia, and, as our president is fond of saying, there could be -- there will be consequences, do you expect consequences in the middle east as a result of -- if you will -- authored by russia? >> well, absolutely. first of all, the policy that we have been -- the white house has been using -- and so concerned about the relationship with russia as it impacts on iran,
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syria, afghanistan, and also nuclear disarmament, the fact of the matter is, things will worsen as a result of that. our middle east allies already on the record having great reservations about our abilities to stand behind them given the rise of al qaeda and the influence of iran, this is going to lend credence to that. iranians certainly will be encouraged to move towards nuclear weapons. the administration has no stomach to stop them with military force. given what the chinese are doing, not surprising, they would plop down on one of those islands in the western pacific that belong to another island and claim it as their own. >> general, thanks for being with us. we appreciate your perspective. general jack kean. the obama administration is trying to scare young people to
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obamacare in spotlight, 230 days until the midterms. calling the obama's signature law poison, a tsunami wave joining us national review columnist, john few and ron williams. thank you both for being here. "tsunami"?
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that's a powerful forecast. >> well, you know, i think it's a high bar for reinus prix bust. so, is he saying that they can get 60-plus this time around? i don't think anybody thinks that. i think there are too many seats now that are settled and there are fewer seats that could be designated as swing states. i think republicans, definitely, are to be favored going into the fall, but there are even questions about whether or not they can get the six seats necessary to capture the senate major city. >> those seats, the democrats, everything i have looked at and everything i have been told by those who know that things are looking good for the republicans. your thoughts? >> well, 57% of voters in the last wall street journal poll said we're still in a recession, despite what the economists say,
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lou, disaster names for the party in power. they get all the blame. >> they get all the blame. but at the same time, the republicans are going to have more to talk about here than obamacare. >> i hope they talk about jobs, the middle class, yet to be seen, but they are starting to form a real alternative to obamacare, buying insurance across state lines, small business consortiums people can join. it's starting to gel. >> and juan, what path can the democrats follow, i realize this is not a true sense a national election, it's district by district, state by state. but, what in the world is their defense on obamacare? what is their defense on the foreign policy? the president has articulated or implemented whether or not you
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agree, it's hard to discern the success here? >> if you're a democrat and trying to figure out a strategy, i think it begins with polling that most americans are willing to say, let's keep it and fix it at this point, because it's the law, the constant repeal efforts by republicans i think strikes people as discordant. i think if you're a democrat, you say, hey, this is landmark achievement, people two who didn't have insurance, are having an opportunity to get covered. you start talking about the kids, you start talking about people who are now, you know, 8 million-plus now on medicaid. that's the kind of positive can-do spirit that the democratic consultants are now advising their candidates to take. >> in theory juan is right. but a study just came out, there
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are 35 million americans without insurance, 4 million have signed up for insurance under exchange. the uninsured aren't buying it and can't afford it. lot of people are losing their insurance. when you have more victims than winners you're going to lose an election. >> and, right now, juan, what is the president's response? we're in time trouble here. i'm trying to understand what the president is going to do here with vladimir putin, with russia and its obvious ambitions, frankly, i think we got to be honest? the united states looks very weak and poorly considered in its foreign policy right now, the european union looks even worse. >> good point. good point. i would say for the president e whole theory of moderation trying to dial things back, not rushing into action, has served him well so far. obviously n syria, the red line led to a big embarrassment, but
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if you think about the military strength the u.s. possesses we're far stronger than the russians, and with the germans now coming over to our side, a in terms of increasing willingness on tougher sanctions. more to come down the line. >> the line the president has to draw is with france. france has just built two helicopter carriers for russiru. the commando troops the first people crimea brought in. >> thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome, lou. up next -- president obama assures illegal immigrants deportation is not in their future, only if their families
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will sign up for obama
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at delta we're investing billions of dollars, improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we'll raise it yet again. president obama today hosting a screening of a new bioppic about labor activist
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cesar chavez, he's going use the occasion to address immigration policy. >> keep working to fix our immigration system, this is an example of where, this is hard, but we made progress and we are going to get this done. this is going to happen. it's no to a matter of if, just a matter of when and i want it to happen now, so we're going to keep on pushing. >> our next guest met with the president just last week about his push to find a more humane way to handle deportations. joinings now the executive of the national immigration forum. you have been working on immigration reform, well, for most of your career, but particularly since 2007, in seven years, we have seen nothing, five of those years of course this president, making exactly the same speech that he did today.
8:22 pm
how -- i just got to ask you, how frustrated must you be? >> i got to say, this has been a long slog, and the at the end of the day, house republicans have a real opportunity to put a c conservative solution on the table. that's where the senate republicans and the democrats are waiting for and the country is waiting for. i think speaker boehner and others are trying to get this done this year. >> you think they are? i think they are not. i think the democrats are serious about trying to get to conference and put g-8, the gang of eight proposition as some describe as amnesty, forward, i can't understand seven years of illegal immigration when a choice has been at hand and that's incremental reform of immigration laws and resolution of the issue, all that had to be followed was the plan, four
8:23 pm
pieces of legislation, moved out of judiciary and everyone insisted, led by the president, chuck schumer and others, has to the whole loaf. the result has been nothing. >> if that's the case, lou, what speaker boehner should do, put the bills on the floor, let's put them up for a vote. i don't understand what the holdback is. this is what obama is saying. this is what pelosi is saying. call the bluff. >> they can't be these republicans heartless, cowardly, unimaginative and simply paralyzed to inaction by chuck schumer, there has to be more to it, i suspect that across the
8:24 pm
country, there are people who demand a better accounting of the national interest here, if we're going to be, as we are, the most welcoming society on this planet, that we not be told that we would be begrudge a few rules, that would be necessary to move the process forward. that seems like the least any hospitable nation can expect. of its soon to be citizens. >> what's happening across the country, immigrant community, the undocumenting immigrant community is waiting for congress to act. the other thing that's happening conservative, faith, law enforcement and business leaders are going to their republican members of congress and saying, you know what, we need you to be in support of a solution. we have seen primaries take place in texas and illinois, republican primaries, they have gotten through that primary
8:25 pm
race. >> republicans are pro-immigration, they're not restrictive. but that's the way the democrats of the left have tried to paint them. that's been part of their strategy to achieve nothing over seven years. >> that's why it's completely -- >> you get the last word. >> that's why this is different, lou, i think there's a center in the country that has emerged for immigration reform that both democrats and republicans can turn to. great to see you. >> thank you. president obama setting ultimatums for a guy who doesn't like to ultimatums and not taking them seriously. taking them seriously. psycho therapist robi ludwig predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented.
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as he continues to selectively enforce laws at home, he's -- well, he's worried a little bit about enforcing international law. we're joined now to tell us what this president is thinking and vladimir putin as well, leading psycho therapist robi ludwig. the president in a poll released today found to be a weaker leader in the views of many than president putin, what do you make of this? >> well, he seems to be weaker. he seems to be an avoid ant kind of president. putin isn't afraid. there's no connection between president obama and putin. you can almost imagine the conversation. i don't think putin has any respect for obama. he certainly has no respect for the united states. >> you know what, he seemed to be the president -- president
8:30 pm
obama seemed to be almost -- when he was talking to medvedev, we'll be more flexible after the election in 2012, a as if he wanted to give far more than anyone could imagine. >> well, putin is breaking international law and obama just seems to have a very passive way of handling these conflicts, and the problem is, what message does this send to the world? you know, if we let putin get away with whatever he's getting away with, who rewith in relation to the rest of the world? we used to be a country that was feared, respected, almost the policemen of the world trying to maintain our ideals for human interests. >> maybe in this there's a benefit, that perhaps we will not be considered the policemen of the world and we will not
8:31 pm
try, i guess, look into the reflection of ourselves in the eyes of others to find strength and power. maybe we could be a little more self-contained in that, more resolute in our own values than trying to be the tough guy, sitting on the border of ukraine with a dozen f-15s. >> right. what are we costa rica? it almost feels like that. i get the sense that obama, although well-meaning, well-intended, like didn't take any international, you know, law classes. it's almost -- >> he taught constitutional. >> his interest lies in obamacare and very kind of socialistic kind of concepts and that's where he puts his attention, but there's also a problem with him connecting,
8:32 pm
period, what is his connection to congress? it's almost as if he can't influence anyone? maybe there's characteristic issue there, he has a problem influencing anyone in power. >> well, you know, as you were talking about, you know, being sort of passive, he's also passive about laws in this country that he selects, enforce or not enforces -- he's complicated fellow or perhaps he's a very simple fellow. he's trying to get away with what he can. how about vladimir putin? >> he wants power, he doesn't care about human rights, he doesn't care about democracy and he's very focused on what he wants and that -- you know, people who are focused tend to move in the direction of goals. >> this fellow -- >> he's also a bully. >> well, yes, i think that's pretty clear. >> and probably prejudiced, i would think. >> prejudiced?
8:33 pm
>> what is he prejudice? >> anti-homosexual. he's racist. i can see it. >> why do you say race snis. >> i just, you know, if somebody is so anti-anybody who's different -- >> i think he has enough on his deficit sheet. >> well, that's true. i'm not saying it's the only reason. i'm just wondering if it's factor, the main reason w he doesn't contact with obama. >> he doesn't connect. this guy goes around rifles and running horses with his shirt off being a tough guy. >> he's very impressed with himself. >> the two seem to share that. our president says he's skinny but tough. putin says, you know, he's buff and ready to kick your butt, you know. >> i think obama is more of an idea man and he likes ideas. >> what about skinny but tough? >> well.
8:34 pm
you know, skinny and tough in what way? when he's playing basketball. i don't know. but he doesn't give people the feeling that he's leading. and whether one is on the right or on the left, that's what people are saying. they don't feel like they have a leader they can rely on. >> well, perhaps he should project that before monday that's when the ultimatum is put into fact. >> yes. >> dr. robi ludwig. always good to have you here. >> thank you. the white house pulling out all of the stops trying to sign up young invincibles for in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities
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joining us now, joe trippy. fred barnes. both are fox news contributors. great to have you both here. let's start with these, joe, the
8:38 pm
president, 11 individual sanctions, this administration, its response to the invasion of nation. your response. >> you got to do diplomacy and sanctions or war and i don't think there's anybody interested in trying to do -- you know, put troops on the ground for ukraine or crimea. so, look, in war, you can take action, unilaterally if you want. if you think that's the way to go, but diplomacy is getting everybody else onboard. it doesn't matter if one country does sanctions and all the rest do nothing -- >> you're pleased with what the preside president's response? >> i think there are going to be much harsher responses. >> fred? >> i think there's something in
8:39 pm
between diplomacy and warfare and that's called pressure. i don't think sanctioning these 11 russians is going to put much pressure on vladimir putin. we're still, the u.s., three steps behind him. and the world thinks that putin act and obama talks. and that's what the europeans do, too, they just talk, i don't think these sanctions are going to be something that putin reads as boy, i better not do anything more, i think he'll think the opposite, i'm free to take new action and you'll love this one, joe, gary kasparov says after watching these sanctions, carter looks like churchill in comparison to obama. are we running a real risk here, the united states, looking like
8:40 pm
an utter and complete chump? or whatever putin -- or whatever his ambitions would be. >> lou, it doesn't -- it doesn't matter how tough sanctions you're willing to put on, if no other country is put on. the problem here, you can't move unilaterally with sanctions, you've go to to bring other countries along with that, that means merkel in germany, uk, france, all of these countries have to be involved, if you want tougher sanctions not just the united states that's able to put them on, it has to come from everybody, i think that's what the president, behind the scenes, that's what they're trying to do this is just the initial foray into moving sanctions along by trying to
8:41 pm
move the rest of the west involved in putting sanctions on. >> joe, whether it be libya, egypt or syria, this president had no hesitation of being upfront and first in both denouncing those regimes and insisting their leaders depart in all three instances without, if you will, a coalition of the willing. >> well, again, if you're not -- the part of the whole problem here is, if you're not -- if the west is not willing -- >> i understand. >> if you're not willing to use force and everybody knows we're not, then everything else, all of the sanctions -- if putin wants to do this, frankly there may not be a whole lot of sanctions. i think overtime, turning off fuel, his fuel lines to europe, et cetera, by giving different supply channels there will happen. but that's not happening in weeks. that's going to take a long time
8:42 pm
to get up and moving. >> was it helpful, fred, for senator mccain to go to kiev and announce that russia is really more of a gas station as posing as a country. >> that's a good line. i don't know it helped or hurt. but sanctions aren't the only thing that the u.s. can do. last week, the ukrainian government asked for military aid. they weren't asking for nuclear weapons. they were asking for weapons and artillery and the pentagon and the obama administration said no, but we'll send you rations, mres -- meals ready to eat, that's pathetic. we'll help build your military and we could send military trainers and troops. not offensive troops. but to the baltic states.
8:43 pm
estonia, lite yhuanlithuania. we're going to allow you have the missiles. . lot of things that the u.s. can do unilaterally. i think joe's right if he recollects you have sanctions we have to have the germans the brits and others together. if the u.s. can do a lot yu unilaterally as well. dpr fred barnes and joe trippi, thank you. should a fellow who runs a in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities
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a former florida police
8:47 pm
chief used to putting bad guys behind bars, may end up in jail himself, he faces contempt charges, he's in hot water after eating piece of evidence in court. he refused to hand it over to judge. joining us now, leading attorneys lis wiel and mercedes con. a guy eating the evidence in court. that was quite something. >> you know what, every right to do it. the prosecutor has a privilege not to turn over evidence like this, because if you turn over snitch evidence, you know, then it opens up the floodgates and there's no way that detective should have been made to turn over that evidence. >> brilliant move. brilliant move. you know, i mean, frankly,
8:48 pm
amazing that he was able to do and not choke on it. frankly, he was protect iing th informant and in a lot of these cases, the informant ends up dead. this person trusted me. i'm not going to divulge the identity especially in open court. >> understood. there are also other rights here and the judge has a lot of power and apparently, contempt is a real possibility here and jail time. >> i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think the jail time is going to happen. i think contempt, yes, it was right there that was he eating the ed right in front of everybody. >> i think he will. i think the judge's saying, i
8:49 pm
can't everyone come into the courtroom and make a mockery of me. the judge has a discretion when it comes to hearings. >> the judge shouldn't have allowed that. you're the prosecutor, you have a privilege not to the hand it over. >> once he imposes that the type of penalty, tough to come back from that. >> i got to say, he's a hero, you know -- >> quick thinking. >> inspired. well, inspired. you're going to appreciate this, anti-trust attorney jeffrey kessler filing a class action lawsuit against the ncaa, some fans you can't sue the ncaa too much, or too many times, claiming they shouldn't be able to limit the amount of financial aid that players can receive, basically saying, pay them. what do you think? >> i think it's a great idea. first of all, it's a
8:50 pm
billion-dollar-a year industry. the coaches are paid $4 million to $5 million on average year. you've got these -- the average is that high for the really good schools. you got this free labor force -- >> let me the other part of that is, they're already getting free tuition, room and board. for free. no strings attached except to play. this is an amateur league not a professional league. i don't think they're going to win. morally they should. >> but he's been able -- he's a very well-known attorney in this antitrust law. if he's going to win, he's going to come forward. >> it seems divot to me and you know the law and i only know what, if you're watching -- >> you try to stay on the right side of the law
8:51 pm
>> i try, desperately. but the coaches are making $4 million to $5 million, three times than the presidents of the universities, but, when you're paying the coaches tt, shouldn't the players participate? i mean, they get an education, that's wonderful. but, come on, that's a job and anybody who says it's not, it's far more than a sport. you're putting your life into it. >> you know, the ncaa former president wrote something, he wrote a book called "mea culpa." >> they're getting an education. >> this was a former president
8:52 pm
who spelled it all out in his 1979. >> but they're getting an education against the players. they're getting something, they're not just out there not getting paid. >> thank you, we appreciate it. time for a few of your comments or at least one. jerry in georgia writing to see -- we now see the results when two narcissists confront each other regarding an ill el legal invasion. one brazen and one very timid. when will the next "red line" be drawn? keep your comments coming. e-mail us at up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people
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a few words on president obama's sanctions. and likely american targets if
8:56 pm
president putin decides to retaliates with targets of his own. president obama went after 11 individuals, that's what he calls sanctions, 11 individuals including seven russian government and parliament officials all close to president putin so who then putin go after here in the united states? surely he wouldn't waste his time with the president's cabinet secretaries, political advisers, so how about president obama's coterie of ol gashgs of his own. i know we're not supposed to use that term oligarchs or when talking about america's wealthiest or powerful elites. we usually just call them magnates, real estate magnates, media and entertainment magnates. financial magnates.
8:57 pm
plain-old business magnates. like warren buffett, bill gates, george soros, michael bloomberg, mark zuckerberg. written. the kennedys. political magnates and our magnates aren't unlike russian magnates in important ways. they are wealthy, highly educated, powerfully economically and politically, they are oliga rsholigarchs. soros pushing his one-wing. even warren buffett, pushing higher taxes on the rest of us and now, as billionaire bridge buddy is joining in, the richest man in the world the biggest oligarch of them all, bill gates is now pushing what he says is
8:58 pm
the best tax system for all the rest of us. and oligarchs always know what is best for everyone? don't they? listen to gates at the american enterprise institute. >> the idea that consumption should be progressively taxed i think that makes a lot of sense, people have tried to do that by doing particular taxes on luxury goods and things like that, that's very -- not very effective, that's sort of picking favorite-type things. consumption should be progressively taxed. >> wonderful. wonderful. oligarchs can be surprising. they're seldom big on direct government taxation on either their wealth or their income, they always want to affect the lives of others, to diminish the rights of others, to achieve
8:59 pm
their alleged objectives. whether it's constitutional rights or take-home pay, they have no problem diminishing either, how about a direct tax on the oligarchs? >> only on american oligarchs to be completely clear. we'll call it the all-american oligarchy tax. it willautomatically persistent. heavy taxation of our oligarchs would be the ensense of progressivety. what's more american than progressivety? than by oligarchs themselves. i'm not sure one of them would end up paying a little more. so, here we have it. from one oligarch one good idea. i said cheering, not jeerg.
9:00 pm
the very name of the biggest oligarch of all, thanking bill get as so very much. that's it for us tonight. john: springtime. you know what that means. >> what really needs cleaning is government. they over flow with stuff we should throw out, corporate welfare. that should not exist. education, spending there should not be a federal education department. we don't need that. locally. >> more money. more money. >> government is crammed with expensive stuff we don't need, much does harm like marm subsidies. -- farm subsidies. it distorts food


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