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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  March 23, 2014 1:30am-3:01am EDT

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being put out to pastier, their going digital. how can they do this? doesn't that want to make you have a baby? >> it makes me want to have this is hysterical, the best ads on tv right now. >> neil's next. what do we want? >> jobs. >> what do we want? >> here we go again, more cash now, more job losses later. be careful what you wish for, then, hi, everyone, i'm neil cavuto, unions getting 23569 food workers out again chanting for a hike in the minimum wage. one tiny problem. a few survey of employers shows those jobs will be taking a big hike, if they get what they wish. to charles payne, what do you make of this? the boss says we have to hike the wage that much, a lot of you have to go? >> first of all, it's common
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sense. it's sort of tough the industries that they're targeting, they have the slimmest profit margins, it's not like the googlele's 50% profit margins, the burger kings and retailers, american eagles. look at their stocks, they have thin profit margins, fewer jobs, fewer promotions, a disaster for low physical people. >> you can argue a lot of these guys are trying to preempt the move by saying if you do it, we will fire workers. so is it a threat or is it real? >> i think it's real. i think the economic research shows at this point you are pushing on a strij, it hurts small businesses a lot. i will say this, this is a political mindfield for people to oppose this. it's hard for republicans in a time and place where you do have income inr and equality. you have an issue. >> people drop out of high school make a lot less. >> people and equality. >> people going to college are making less mine these days. that is an issue, politically, it's a tough sell, economically,
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the evidence is so clear, you start pushing on the string, will you get less jobs, you will not get that much more. people will not be helped that much more. >> the money will come from somewhere. it will mean fewer jobs and/or price increases in this very survey you cited, more than half of those businesses surveyed, 51% said they would raise, will raise prices. and that's how the minimum wage hike is aimed to help lower income people, but it doesn't help them because -- >> there is an assumption you can raise prices. last year, mcdonald's traffic was down 2%, if i don't want a big mac at $2, i don't want it at $3.50. >> the other point is these things poll and test well when democrats bounce them off their days. and the fact is, republicans look evil responding and saying
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give the academic argument as karlsson payne said it could be problematic. so what do they do? you know in this environment, you know, selling a company to willy nilly hike the minimum wage to the degree the president wants, $3 bucks morineau over some years is a billing task. >> well, we tend to look at these things as one variable. if this, then that. when, in fact, there is lots of variables at play. i think you must your finger on it in answer to charlie which you didn't answer when you said could in be posturing by the executives who answer the question. >> oh, come on, mom and pop the guy that runs small businesses. >> then you can get to that. go ahead. >> plet pe finish. if you ask me, you know, will i, will i? might, how will i react if you require me to raise wages? well, you have two answers, i will keep jobs the same or cut them. ly answer i will cut them. >> that doesn't mean i will cut
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them. >> it's postureing, a small business lobby. these guys are so powerful. they control everything, people that run flower shops in brooklyn are so powerful they can sway congress and make this argument. that's bologna. it's one thing if you were talking about microsoft. are you not. the small business owners who can't afford -- >> here's the only point on this is if we were going gang busters and have been coin gdp numbers of 7 or 8% with such an incredible environment that you could almost afford to pay them $20, i don't think now is the time to be pursuing it. i also think there is to these gentlemen's earlier point, a huge difference between a pittsburgh donald also or a burger king, a conglomerate thing, these wages, even though they're franchises and the small guy around the street who runs the diamond. >> there is a big difference. to adam's point that slight best phone as a congressional budget office also said that raising
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the minimum wage would cost at least half a million jobs. the upper end of that estimate was a million jobs. the white house tried to write it off and say, it's only 3.8%, what is worse is having zero dollars. >> how do republicans spend that? you are all aware of the presque on this, sure, there are friends of those greedy capitalistings, how could they argue? how can you argue that it is in their best interests, you might talk about an increase in the minimum wage. i can see that as room for one. how do you make that argument? that republicans don't sound like, i know, the grey poupon commercial. >> i'd ask a community if your household, what you would like four people working for x am of dollars or three people working? you make the decision. if this is the way you want it, if you prefer three people making $10 bucks fine, if you prefer four people making $8 bucks, if you do that vote for me. that's the way i would lay it
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out just like. i think it's an impossible political argue to make. if you ask me, politically, i'm a simple country business reporter. i would give in. >> you have never been. >> i would not fight this fight in the mid-terms and then. >> would you suck it up an bear it and go ahead and approve it? >> yes. i would. >> you have no backbone. >> i want to win. >> it might not have to do anything for companies to step up and worried about what the white house is going to say. we're going to raise our minimum wage. lo and behold, you get a nice national advertisement from the leader of the free world. >> i want to know why we can't be honest with people. this whole thing we got to lie to people. >> we got to keep them in perpetual poverty to get their votes, who is committing here? who is hurt something. >> you know why? because you have liberal reporters like adam who can't add that they know for a fact. he foes for fact. you know for a fact.
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totally fair. adam knows for a fact that this is totally fair. >> even i feel for you. >> no. he's right i wasn't bad at it. i wasn't a math -- >> he's a country boy. >> just like charlie. the math is way more complicated than you want to let on. because the full story is, i will be adam lashinski. the faster the matter is, is that if raising the minimum wage causes more people to lose their jobs. some people will be making more money. >> are you saying -- >> that's the problem you will have tdeal with. >> adam does it cost jobs or not? a simple question. the budget office says it does.
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just about every economics, what do you think >> many things cost jobs. many things add jobs. >> it probably doesn't surprise you, i that us a static accounting. when you do that, you look at it in black and white. if you argue to the point of why it's justified, i don't agree with it. those who get the higher minimum wage will spend more of that, buy more burgers. >> that's a supply site argument that libl liberals are making. >> a very good month. >> the argue for it is that these folks with the extra money will spend extra money and create more jobs with that extra money they are spending. you say what? >> i say going back to my first point, you watch these people, impose the minimum wage. they will raise prices, that takes money out of the pocket you put in by raising the
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minimum wage. >> liberals like adam have raised the laugh cve. >> when we come back arc health care brack buster. py predict, the ultimate reason why this thing could go up in smoke owing no constitutional battles or back and forth with republicans that will undo all of this if, yes, caught spiritual my show comes right after the sew with the fancy disputers and graphics. so we used sharpees and a post tore get the point across. ♪
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coverage of the missing malaysia airlines plane 370. welcome back. not a happy birthday for obamacare. the president's health care law is turning four a. new report turning stomachs. health industries warning obama premiums will spike. some will double or triple in the next few months. so what happened to this? >> everybody whether have lower rates. >> the health care plan that would save the average family $2500 on their premiums. >> i know this is going to sounds like i'm making a statement about people who talk with their hands by being italian. i am told when you keep talking
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with your hands, you are lying. what is that all about? maybe they knew this was all coming? >> they had to. what is going on in this particular report that came out. it is about insurance companies raising premiums in the obamacare exchanges because lo and behold, not enough people are tying the knot. >> exactly. dagnab it. in about a quarter of the people are only young. you may be young and healthy. >> you are getting a lot more now. >> it's pretty simple math. adam. nothing here. >> oh, i'm waiting for it. >> nothing will ends up. one thing, the unentity or business that will make, the insurance business, all the high premiums. >> charles payne, everyone is focused, 6 million. we are losing sight of the tens of millions of american was are
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already seeing premium hikes, losing doctors, getting switched to something that was not what they were promised. so i always think this fixation on whether they get this number or that number. the last time i checked, we had 3 20rks 330 americans. i don't know, we were focused on five or six that might get this. not worrying about the 90% who were okay with what they had before. >> to refer back to the previous secment, it was a great, no. >> you did a good job last segment. re-visit that. >> it's an election gimmick. when we make major policys to when elections in the case of obama to defer to move away all the attention from a flaccid economic recovery by promising millions of americans they were going to get insurance, so far 400,000 people who didn't have insurance now have insurance. it's been an unmitigation. >> you hit a key point. i want to hit with you. when all is said and done with edid awe did all of this with te
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best insured, when it's said and done, 30 million will not be insured. that's kind of weird. >> well, we, first of all, we don't foe the numbers of how many were not insured or will be. >> i know this. >> the numbers are not precise because in many instances they're not asking. we need the make sure we do. >> 30 million still not insured, we upended our health care system for the people not getting insurance, this 10% upending it for the 90% who had the coverage and a lot of them don't want the coverage. what did we do this for? >> i would say number one, we're not done. this isn't over, it's not an ongoing living breathing thing. it's secly sometimes, you all hate it. we are not finished.
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we are leaving out the medicaid rolls. to answer you wage, would universal health care, the single pair have been a better way to do the? it would have been a better what i to do it. we didn't have political consensus. >> she's insurance premiums keep hiking, we might get that. >> eventually what will come out is universal health care. it makes no sense. >> this health care system. obamacare makes no senks it doesn't pay for itself. >> you and i are agreeing on the healthcare portion of the conversation? >> they should have written a che check. >> that's broke. we will fix that. we will have univeal health care for the rest of the country. have you for the fix medicare first.
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secly, i want to point out the employees of companies seeing their health care go up. there was a howard watson survey. the cadillac tax kicks in. companies are going to high deductible plans because of that. their out of pocket expenses and premiums are going up 7% in the last year, why is obamacare working some magic and bringing prices down? it won't and it never will. >> i agree. >> nancy pelosi talks about this thing. democrats that love it. let's talk with her hands, telling you. you keep doing that, they're lying. >> that's for me. >> how about sticking to this, same thing, the ford gang sticking to it. they're all speaking russian, we can do this. find out how that can be. this is it. the son of the breach.
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we know you are worried about paying the t
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you know i'm very glad you're not here during the break. to an irs mess, the tax agency just reporting a major security breach. somehow an employee was able to walk off with the private information of 20,000 current around former irs workers, addresses, social security numbers, you name it. this guy or gal lichfted it wita
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simple thumb drive. think about that. if the tax man can't keep his own workers safe, how safe do you think you are? charles? >> none. here's what makes it more worrisome. we're making the irs -- the government is making the irs a super police agency. they're getting more and more power and that means it's at greater risk. it's a huge problem. >> i agree. i can't say i'm shocked by it. i'm just glad it was an irs employee and not taxpayers. but i just think that it shows the weakness of government and the potential for the harm that the government can do to the average person. >> yet another government agency though that has been a victim of this, sometimes from within. >> i think the whole thing with the snowden affair was like a clown like him actually had access to all that stuff that we essentially farm out and contract out valuable pieces of personal information to these outsiders and we don't do very good background checks on them.
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our information, my social security number, is in the hands of knit wits throughout government. that's a real problem. >> adam? >> it's hugely concerning, but this is not specific to the irs or to the government. >> that's the problem. >> the social security number is in the hands of knit wits at your credit card company as well. >> just on the irs thing problem, adam, does that concern? you someone working there got this information from 20,000 colleagues -- >> of course it's concerning. >> it's very easy to do. who's to say that someone else who might just have a curious fixation with, i don't know, people who work at fox news to download that onto a thumb drive. >> of course it's concerning and of course we should be all over their case. they should be doing a good job on our behalf, but it's not unique. >> my credit card company has a monetary -- has a profit reason to protect my information. i don't think the government really does and that's the problem. >> i think that's very cynical of you because they have the public interest.
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>> the irs has less incentive and mr. snowden has less incentive to keep stuff a secret. >> you think the economic incentive is the only incentive and i disagree with you. >> that's why banks have so many fire walls. >> i can tell that you major corporations worried about protecting this information make it impossible for employees to go in with a flash drive on a keychain and take that kind of information out the door. >> target just lets them shop there. guys, i want to thank you both very much. up next, work on these numbers. more than a third of workers have less than $1,000 put
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build up cash when you start working. >> start with caterpillar. it's a strong company, a global company. has a few bumps in the road, will be solid for years to come. >> i absolutely agree that your young and thinking for the long term, great pick. you need to understand this is a very global company, so you're investing in the whole world and you're suffering when the whole world stock market declines. people are always going to need water so these will do well over the long time. >> what do you think of that? >> i've lost a fortune trying to
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play the water hype. eventually adam will be right. >> i lost a bundle on water. i put it all into chocolate. i don't know what i was thin
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up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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what if i told you we could wipe out putin's energy grip on our allies in europe or diminish it and put more americans to work at the same time? tap and export more of america's oil and particularly natural gas maybe export it over there and that's what could happen. more folks, including some democrats calling for it, but green protestors like these telling the white house not to do it for the climate's sake. who should the president listen to? sabrina, particularly in light of what the ukrainians are going
2:14 am
through, this could really help them? >> right. energy is a powerful political tool. we've seen putin in the past try to limit natural gas to the ukraine people. he's threatened to do it in mall dove va as well. this gives us a strength in terms of foreign policy. why i support this in terms of a free market perspective, it's not a silver bullet. there are things standing in the way from the jones act, to the keystones. there are other things we can be doing as well. >> rick, it's not going to happen overnight. we're not going to cure everything by immediately lifting export bans, et cetera. but the energy department now has 25 applications pending for liquefied natural gas export terminals. shouldn't they be green lit? >> yes, david. i'm really glad that you raised the point about the terminals. something that's confusing people and we need to straighten out, where the government can do something, and i agree with you that they should, is fast track
2:15 am
these terminals to move these out to other countries. what the government can't do though, we have to always remember -- we all think the government stops the oil companies from drilling. right now over 50% of the leases that are granted are not being developed over 75% off shore not being developed. they make the call, not the government. terminals, i'm with you. >> as to the permit, you often hear that from people opposed to more drilling. they say, well, they already have the leases. a lease is one thing, a drilling permit is another. yes, the leases are out there, but the energy department and the obamacare administration in general is holding back on drilling permits. >> that's true. oil and gas in this country largely remains in the protective custody -- i'm being facetious -- it obamacare administration. when you drive down the cost of energy worldwide you get rid of these dictators like putin. you have arab springs breaking
2:16 am
out. whoever controls energy controls power of a government. what is happening now is i think you mentioned at the break, david, 25 export terminals are in the pipeline for lng, but they're being held up. if we fast track them, wow, you could see a total ripple effect around the world of who's in power. >> particularly, bill, when you look at a map of ukraine and you see it just criss-cross with all these gas pipe lines, europe is far more advanced in terms of these gas pipe lines than we are in the united states. this could really change the deal tremendously. >> i'm all in favor of helping the european friends and hurting putin, but i think there's a big problem. you think that any kind of export terminal is going to be developed in the next couple of years, even during putin's lifetime, we're talking about a nimby problem. not in my back yard. if the neighbors don't want one
2:17 am
of these big ugly terminals, it doesn't happen. >> i have to admit, bill has a point here. the fact is that these terminals may be a little risky. natural gas does have a tendency to explode. >> a little problem. >> there is that. >> none of us want that to happen unless it explodes by the time it gets to moscow. maybe back it up the other way on the pipes. >> careful. >> look, the key player in all of this is angela merkel in germany. she's by far and away the strongest leader in europe and they depend on russian gas right now and that means as germany goes so goes the whole continent and we've got to help lessen the dependance on russian gas. >> john, you look at unemployment in the united states, the state that has more jobs than it knows what to do with is dakotas, because they have all the natural gas there.
2:18 am
>> i hate to do this but i'm going to have to be the rick unger of this segment. >> rick unger is the rick unger of this segment. >> the idea that there's such a thing as an oil or gas weapon is a myth. the notion that russia can keep its oil and gas from reaching other countries in europe defies basic economics. the only closed economy is the world economy. if russia 'em bar goes every single european state they'll still consume russian oil and gas but they'll buy it from the russians who don't 'em bar go. this will not push putin out of power. >> with respect, i listened to the europeans, the length wayne yans. we got to leave it at that. we talked about how russia is trampling its neighbors so why is it planning to give it and china more control over the
2:19 am
internet? is free speech online on the line?
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2:22 am
should the white house hand over control to the global community? critics saying that's going to empower little regard for freedom. >> it's about the management of phone book addresses, meaning people get to set up their own
2:23 am
accounts. there's already bad sensorship going on with north korea, iran. and yesterday turkey stopping twitter. this means worse sensorship. this is a bad move. >> the december dents in these countries won't be able to get the message out. >> they already can't. that's why i'm not quite sure this is so important. we control it now and they're still blocking twitters and messing with dissidents. we don't own the internet. it should have been overseen by a world organization, not a government affiliated one. >> we invented it. >> no. al gore did. >> the defense department did. >> these organizations that rick she's should be in charge of this haven't been a good job. you look at what the u.n. has been doing around the world. >> the internet is under american control. it's become more important in the future. i would rather have america continue to control it than have
2:24 am
some untested organization we don't even know about yet. >> rich carlguard, you're in silicon valley. you know about these things. the "wall street journal" had a piece this week, the lead headline is america's internet surrendered. did you agree? >> it's probably a short sign for google and the rest which i would argue are overvalued anyway. the obamacare administration is not making itself clear here. i think this is an overblown issue. britain gave away hong kong. the world didn't collapse. i want to hear the obamacare's administration's explanation and we're not getting it. >> i think it's another idiotic move by the obamacare administration. >> what do you really think? >> the technology that allows people to hook up to the internet from their devices. >> bill? >> i'm n worried that the wrong governments are going to control the internet but i don't
2:25 am
think any government has controlled the internet. >> they've stopped people -- >> some new google software stops people from getting on. >> rick, anything that could silence the voice of those brave people putting their lives on the line, anything, i'm not convinced that it absolutely will but shouldn't be investigate more carefully before we give it away? >> i don't disagree with you, david, but they can already do it. i don't know why that's being lost in this. >> let's be happy with that. >> that's got to be the last word sglfrnl word. it seems like many in the media are reporting more speculation than facts when it comes to the malaysian airline story. "cashin' in" reports you decide. first, are markets holding steady in the faces of very serious worries. get the no-fear stocks leading the way.
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have no fear, our informers have the no-fear stocks heading up. >> wall street analysts are telling me they like this etf that's international companies doing buy backs. >> impressive performance but an awful lot of that is nothing but leverage in a rising market. >> you only have to look at my tie to get an idea of what you are in favor of. gold core? >> this is a company that produces money and it's more solid than janet yellen of the
2:30 am
fed produces. >> they're having trouble producing money. i kind of like it though. >> kind of. that's not a full endorsement. that's it for "forbes on fox." keep it right here, the number one business show continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." america the super power becoming america the pushover? >> we do not need to trigger an actual war with russia. >> none of what we're saying is meant as a threat. it's not meant in a personal way. >> fell lows, it is personal because while putin is redrawing the world map, president obama is drawing basketball brackets and laughing with comedians. mr. president, time to quit playing around around start powering up america. plus, time is running out on obamacare. looks like 7 million enrollees goal is going up in smoke. that might explain why they're spending millions, millions of
2:31 am
our tax dollars on ads featuring basketball stars, girls twerking and jerking and da i say, even elmo. then a black hole and supernatural forces, are some in the media going overboard over the malaysian airline mystery? "cashin' in" starts right now. >> hi, everyone. i'm eric bolling. welcome, everybody. two world leaders, two sets of priorities that may be shifting our super power status. as putin riles up russia this week, here's what our president was doing, announcing sanctions on a handful of russians, doing basketball braets, going on espn radio, hanging out with ellen degeneres and planning his upcoming vacation. michelle, are things like this turning us from a super power into a super joke? >> president obama is filling
2:32 am
out his march madness bracket while putin is basically reun e reuniting the soviet union. it's amateur hour in washington. putin correctly calculated that we had a weak leader and now president obama's sanctions are being met with mockery. what is president obama going to do next? remove putin and his buddies from the white house christmas card list? he's the leader of the free world and needs to start acting like it. >> john, it affects every single american watching, whether you're an obama lover, it doesn't matter. when america's super power status starts to evaporate, that affects us in a number of ways. >> what makes a country a super power and its commitment to individual rights and freedom, not their natural resources or willingness to annex other countries like putin is doing. what i think he'll find is that dictatorship is bad for business. the per capita in russia was about $14,000 compared to 50 in
2:33 am
the u.s. their stock market and currency have been crumbling. the old soviet union couldn't even feed itself in the end. as long as we stay free, we'll stay a super power. >> you've been a staunch supporter of president obama. are you concerned when he's hanging out with ellen degeneres while vladimir putin is literally redraulg the global map. are you concerned? >> no, not at all. in addition to going on ellen he is doing other things. this is not the frame i just reject. this is not about russia versus the u.s. as a super power. this is about working with our allies to hold russia accountable, deterring further aggression and making sure that we support the ukrainian people. when i listen to michelle's remarks i'm like, whoa, wait a second, we as americans are
2:34 am
supposed to remember politics stops at the water's edge. we do not dis our country and our president in that way. >> do you think going from 11 to 24 people russian's sanctions is enough bite to change anything in putin's mind? >> there's a lot more that can be done. the sanctions can be increased. i think our european allies have a lot to do and can put some sanctions on the table, removing the money that they depend on, but that also means they can't depend on that oil. >> wayne, putin has a 70% approval rating in his own country. president obama is struggling to stay above 40%. who's playing this global theme better? >> well, he is because he's got power. he's got power and you have to realize ukraine is next door to him. it's on his front doorstep. we're not going to go over there and invade them or have military
2:35 am
strikes against the russians because of this. so you got to ask what can the president do. yes, he can invoke sanctions, but the sanctions he has to invoke have to be meaningful. for example, germany gets 40% of its energy from russia, so you can't ask the germans to cut off their nose to spite their face. what you can do is say we will supply you, we will let the pipeline go through from canada down to the coast. we will let the keystone pipeline go through so that we can help you, you in germany and you in the rest of europe. we can help you invoke these sanctions and make it meaningful. >> wayne makes a very, very important point. there are two real enemies in the united states it seems like right now, maybe three if you add china. i would say iran and russia don't have our best interests at heart. the way to get back at them, michelle, would be to produce all the energy that we use right here in america and we don't have to depend on those people. >> russia gets most of their
2:36 am
wealth from the energy sector so we should be speeding up our natural gas and oil exports. we can weaken putin for years to come. what we should be doing is that right away because that's where -- if we can reduce russia's influence we can reduce their wealth. if we reduce other countries' dependance on russia for oil, that's what we should be doing. >> and treat a thug like a thug. eric, you started the conversation talking about obama's leadership. thug's run at the first sign of a resistance. has president obama been that resistance? >> john, let me ask you this -- >> the russian reset -- >> hold on. let me play something for you. this is from june of 2009. this is president obama's first international speech. listen to what he said and apply that to what's going on right now. listen. >> given our interdependance, any world order that elevates one nation or a group of people
2:37 am
over another, will inevitably fail. >> john, let me paraphrase, america is exceptional but they should no longer feel exceptional. we're almost embarrassed for american exceptionalism. john? >> certainly, there's no belief in american exceptionalism, eric, and we've been weak on russia, on iran, al qaeda and it's not just that we look weak, we are weak, and obama has a lot to do with that. >> i have no idea where we gets we're weak on iran when the sanctions have been working. >> we lifted them. >> but have they worked? that's the point. >> how did they work? >> we have in this country no interest in a shooting war with russia. we have got to pull back from where we were two wars that we were sick of. but at the end of the day, america is exceptional and when you talk about the president, regardless if it's a democrat or a republican in the words that
2:38 am
conservatives have been using, that's not exceptional. >> wait, let's go to wayne. if sanctions are working against iran should we lift them, back off those sanctions? >> no, no, we should increase them, eric. that's the one thing we have. we are the strongest economic power in the world today and we should use that power everywhere we can to help balance the power in the rest of the world. we should use it against the russians, against the iranians, all of that. that's the one thing we can do. >> go ahead, john. >> if the sanctions are working how come iran is still building a bomb? if al qaeda is on the run, how come they're still scheming. obama's foreign policy is a disaster. >> because they're not using the sanctions. they should be tougher with the sanctions. >> i agree. >> i think most of us are agreeing. michelle, tie this up, please. >> the president doesn't have a coherent foreign policy, putin
2:39 am
is taking advantage of that and it's on display for the world to see. >> get your pompoms for putin, michelle. >> excuse me. i am not -- i'm on america's side. i'm not on putin's side. >> we have to leave it there. that was a little crying fire in a movie theatre as the movie is ending. we have to leave it there. keep the conversation on twitter. let's keep the trending going now. make sure your voice is heard. when "cashin' in" trends, you trend. watch this. j.j. author writes we must teach our kids why america is great so they can keep they are that way. obama is more suitable as an snl cast member than president. coming up the clocking ticking on the obamacare deadline and the white house is making its final push with goofy
2:40 am
2:41 am
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2:43 am
. the push is on and obamacare ad blitz is under way with the deadline just a week away but selling it may not be a slam dunk even for lebron james. >> sign up now. you never know when you might take a hit. >> add there to the goofy video like this girl twerking and slipping. the white house is spending $17
2:44 am
million of our tax dollars per month just to get young people to buy in. your thoughts, my man? >> the celebrity endorsements and the ads during the olympics, the appearances on ellen, it's unkuth. the fact that it's trying to convince young people that statism is good, that self-sacrifice is good. what does the president think of young people? they're knuckle heads, they don't know a good deal. they're idiots. almost 90% of young people find it's cheaper not to sign up and pay the penalty. none of this has anything to do with free markets or a free society. >> young people probably should take the penalty. i'm guessing it's going to get harsher. charles ponzi would be proud of obamacare. it's a scheme right up his alley. >> even worse, they're spending our money to promote it.
2:45 am
if it's so good, why does it have to be sold? you don't have to sell the super bowl. you say i announce that tickets are for sale and people want them. this is a disaster. the whole law is a disaster. the president has changed the law himself 28 times illegally of course. even after the supreme court has passed on it. this is an outrageous thing and we should stop it right now, stop the whole thing, get rid of it, repeal it and let's start over. >> we only have a few more days until we find out how many people have enrolled. the white house has asked for and said 7 million was successful. it doesn't look like it's going to come anywhere near that. >> first, i would take the nfl marketing budget and retire and buy all of y'all's homes. of course the nfl markets the super bowl. wayne, i'm scratching my head. 5 million people have signed up. young people exist on a steady diet of humor. so of course the president -- we may think it's undignified as
2:46 am
older folks with the gray hair but the president is talking directly to them. on serious issues they get their news from the daily show and the colbert report. 75% have paid. >> i'm not sure about that number. by the way, we don't know how many are young people signing up as well. we really need young people for this ponzi scheme to work because they're the ones who pay for the others. >> let me get michelle in here, please. >> 5 million people have signed up they say and they estimate that only 20% are young people which is not enough in order to keep premiums down. a bad deal is a bad deal which is why young people are not signing up for obamacare. the average 27-year-old man in america is going to see premiums sky rocket for them. they're going to see it go up by 97%. the average 27-year-old woman in america is going to see premiums hike by 55%. that's not a great deal, especially for people who are
2:47 am
having 17% unemployment right now. the average american graduates from $35,000 in student debt. this is not a great deal. this is terrible. >> wayne, you want to jump in? >> i was going to say, to spend $17 million a month is stupid. >> at every opportunity they keep telling us that the law is working, eric. the website didn't work, the premiums went up when people lost their jobs and their incomes and hours as a result of that. they keep telling us that the law is working because of course the law has nothing to do with health care. it was all about control over health care. folks like people on the left consider medicare and medicaid with $100 trillion in unfunded lie abilities to be great successes. it's about statism, control, not about freedom and individual rights. >> health insurance is a good thing, whether you're young or old, accidents happen. you should not go bankrupt
2:48 am
because you get sick. you should not lose your home because you get sick. once we realize that as a country, things will be much better. >> let me get michelle -- >> we could take the $17 million and give that to them. but this is crazy. >> we have to leave it there. coming up a zombie plane, a black hole, the mainstream media in a speculation frenzy over the
2:49 am
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way at the top of the hour. join us.
2:52 am
from conspiracy theories to downright crazy theories, some media's coverage of the malaysia opinion plane is literally out of this world. like if the plane was sucked up by a black hole or if supernatural forces were involved. what if a ufo took it or my personal favorite, calling it a zombie plane. >> this is reckless. pretty soon they're going to start debating whether the plane even existed. it's reckless. it's not keeping people knowledgeable. they're not talking about the facts and we need to remember that this is a serious issue. there are people who are missing their family members who have not slept. i think a lot of networks need to start having their coverage reflect that seriousness. >> a lot of speculation but people really want answers, they can't figure it out, they love mysteries. is the media getting out of hand? >> we have gotten a lot of facts. i've been glued to megyn kelly's
2:53 am
show every night, but there are people, myself included, i look at the facts. there are more planets than grains of sand. i know there's intelligent life out there so i can see how someone can say maybe a ufo connected it but that's not the majority of the coverage. >> that could kind of explain why she leaves in obamacare. >> all of these crock pot -- you're right, eric. get a crystal ball. got to the dalai lama. ask him. that would be a lot better. i feel sorry for the families who are suffering. they have to go through and listen to all of this and people dreaming up wild theories about why these things happened. look, it's a mechanical failure or it was a hijacking of some kind, and it doesn't really matter. ultimately you have to care about the families. >> all these -- >> all these crack pot theories.
2:54 am
maybe it was a ufo. all these alex zones skepticism. it's an attack on reason, maybe a zombie took over the plane, company can't know anything, right? you separate the wheat from the chas. the best ideas stick around. the bad ones go home and that's reflected in the ratings. >> sometimes i think my colleagues have been body snatched. >> the media is important because it forces people who are looking for things to continue to spend the time and the money. quick thought, michelle, before we go? >> i think that they should focus more on facts. they shouldn't be speculating and they certainly shouldn't be talking about ufos. it's not productive. >> we're going to have to leave it right there. thank you very much. coming up, a slap in the face for america. lawmakers honoring a mosque where terrorists
2:55 am
up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything ng to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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time for what do i need to know for next week. >> i've been hitting the biotechs heavily. i still like a lot of them. i think you have to buy them on dips. the one i like particularly this week is satellite jeannette ticks. sgen is the symbol. >> very good, wayne. thank you very much. how about you, john? >> yellen spoke and real estate
2:59 am
prices fell. that's why i'm short reits. someone can do it with rek. it goes up when real estate goes down. i think it's a good hedge even though stocks have been strong and i own it. >> very quickly, single time or double time tore triple time on that negative reit? >> a single. >> got you. great calls, you guys. great week. that's it. thanks for joining us. before we go, sometimes lawmakers do some really stupid things. too often, in fact. take the virginia state legislature this week. they passed a resolution honoring the falls church virginia islamic center pictured here. does that mosque look familiar? that's the mosque where anwar al-awlaki worshipped just before he murdered 14 at fort hood and two of the 9/11 hijackers
3:00 am
worshipped while planning to kill thousands of innocent americans. as someone who lost co-workers and close friends at the hands of terrorists who worshipped at >> i love that we live in a chaotic time, republicans, out fighting each other, and hillary trying to bow out of a race she never eneer entered. when a porn star from duke becomes the voice of reason, you know we're living in a special age, we don't know what is going to happen next. i do know, odd factions. silence voices are rising up and demanding freedoms. it scares the garders off of those in powers. both parties are shaking in their shoes.


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