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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 24, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited. ♪ neil: here is why putin smirks. he knows he has is over a barrel, quite literally. that is why the man with the oil can be so slippery. the world needs what he has which is why fox of the awful stuff he does. i am neil cavuto. some energy alternatives, they might be looking at more punishing putting alternatives, but they are not, are they? and we are not, come to think of it, are we? the guy we hate is the guy whos energy we need, and even though we don't need it nearly as much as the europeans because
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vladimir putin controls so much sway over the market, we don't have the energy to fight him too much because we realize it will only end up hurting us much more. that is why these sanctions are so tame even russian oligarchs are saying so what. when you can't stand on your own two energy feet, it is it any wonder we keep enduring getting kicked in the butt? that is what vladimir putin is doing. afraid to take them on because he knows he has the stuff that keeps their lights on and he knows as well we in the u.s. aren't much better. still on the keystone pipeline that could make us more energy self-sufficient and still sitting on natural gas supplies that could make up for any gas supplies put in cuts off to europe. but we are really not having that oil, are we? largely sitting on the natural gas, aren't we? he knows it, he sees it, and vladimir putin is laughing at us
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because of it. that is why they are fearing it is still possible because it is so easy. it is slippery slope being so energy dependent, isn't it? it makes slippery leaders even more slippery. doesn't the guide had a keystone pipeline see it for himself? transcanada ceo says energy independence is staring us in the face but so far we have been turning a blind eye. if the u.s. doesn't want that energy, a lot of other folks do. he joins us exclusively. think you for joining us. >> thank you. neil: are you ever amazed? we got access to this gold underground. >> i have said repeatedly one of the primary reasons for a keystone pipeline was to be able to have a secure source from the world's second-largest supply
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source the world's largest refining market in the gulf coast. that continues to be the major driver behind the project as production continues to grow in north america. we want to continue to feed the market. neil: the idea would we would straighten out all the governmental concerns. it has been years and it could be years more. what do you think? >> we got through the first issues which were associated with safety. whole host of reasons we needed to address those issues in a much more aggressive way. now 59 conditions on the pipeline that will make it the safest pipeline ever built. issues in nebraska now completed with the route we have now in nebraska and so the last item on the table was the g hg issue.
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report indicates the pipeline won't have any impact on emissions. the criteria laid out by the president the pipeline would only be beamed to make games to be in the public's interest if it didn't significantly increase emissions both in north america. neil: compromise our market. looking at the meditative hassles you have had to encounter, do you regret getting involved in this? >> no. i am a fundamental believer in the market. frustrated at five and half years of process, but what we have seen his production grow in north america by two, two and half million barrels per day. the oil has to find its way to market, fin finance white the mt now in other roads of transportation. the need for it is greater than it was we started this process. as i have said, the marketplace
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will dictate a pipeline gets built and the logical day it gets built to refining locations, that is what the british pipeline does. neil: your customers would be happy to take it. how do you stand on that? >> as canadians, we realize have a single outlet for production is a risky proposition and so subsequent to the delays in this project you have seen canada move in the direction of finding alternatives to alternative markets. we have the energy project moving a million barrels per day from alberta to the eastern refineries of canada and as well export points both in quebec and st. john. a couple of proposals to move crude off the west coast of china to access asian market. we see global demand increasing, canada having a large supply
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rest of the globe had a strong desire to attach at least proportion of the supply contracts for canadian supply. neil: i know you don't weigh in on international political matters, but one of the understandings we have of vladimir putin tough stance on these issues and especially dealing with the europeans and us in the face of sanctions is there is only so far we will push it. because europeans in particular need energy and they are not going to cut off their nose to spite their face. and for that matter, neither will we. what do you make of that? >> the genesis of this project was back in 2007 we saw the naturalization of oil production in venezuela, a number of american multinationals basically having their facility appropriated and haven' having k elsewhere for sources of supply for the gulf coast refineries.
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that is when they came to canada. they invested heavily in canada to connect those supplies for the energy securities, extremely important geopolitical matter and certainly keystone was a cornerstone of trying to build that in north america and continues to be. neil: i talked too many canadians and they say what is the deal with you in the united states? this can benefit you, really put a stake in this relationship here. and it hurt our ties. has it? >> the question looms, canada and the u.s. the greatest trading relationships in the world if not the greatest trading relationship in the world, it is a large part of that in the 30 years i have spent in this business that has not been a border in place moving gas and oil back and forth.
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the question obviously as it comes to our mind is does this change that perspective, no longer a supplier of energy to the united states. neil: this idea this administration, this procedure we're getting energy would be all energy, if you want oil, get l come if you want natural gas, gets natural gas, wind, solar. that sounded very good because the more we tap any of these area initiatives, the less we are reliant on vladimir putin of the world. it seemed like that wasn't what it claimed to be. this was alternatives to your kind of stuff, is that right? >> we understand that transition less carbon initiative. we spent about $5 billion in the last three or four years on a
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mission is energy. we are big windfarm developer. we understand all of that, but this isn't a question of alternative energy versus fossil fuels. fossil fuels are needed for liquid hydrocarbons if a transportation fuels primarily alternative energy doesn't supply that need. this isn't a trade-off between alternative energies. we need all these energy sources, develop the technologies, get down the cost making it energy dependent. this is just a question not of alternative energy versus oil, the question of where he wants to get the energy from? consuming more than it produces on its own and will for decades to come. my question is where do you want to get it from. we should move down that path as quickly as we can. reddy wants to get it from and how do you want to get it there? a pipeline from canada makes the
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most sense. neil: it defeats some of these other issues. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. neil: when we come back, john sena has just met his match. we're launching the social media page to take the champ on. here to admit cavuto is about to crush him because he has a big announcement the same day we have a big announcement. he looks pretty scared to me. tell us if you think i could take him. later in the show we will find out because he just said we will go ahead and try. go ahead and try. trying to see so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close!
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neil: everyone is focusing on this 7 million number. the goal the administration set for sign-ups the end of this month. how about the 6 million that have lost their plan outright or millions more who got stuck with more expensive ones? we went on the street to see what you guys are saying about the health care law today. >> i think it gets too expensive for people.
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>> there's no incentive. the penalty is low and they figure they don't need the insurance. speedily outreach certainly has to change. >> i have no health insurance because the health connector, obamacare, is so messed up. when it comes to obama's health care, that needs to be fixed. neil: all right, health expert and founder. what do you make of this? >> the deadline is about a week. predicated on young people signing up for the law, but when they designed this a lot of thought they could create a younger generation in a mob totality similar to how they got young people to vote for obama in 2008 and 2012. they promised young people stuff in 2008 and 2012 and said you can spend other people's money to prove it to yourself, but obamacare is predicated on young people spending their own money
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to sign-up. young people are making an informed consumer decision. i can't afford this. not all of them, but how many of them are paying for it? how many are paying for the plans? i don't see the millennial surge needed to balance out these plans axelrod and obama has said in the past couple of months. neil: whether they are lucky enough leaves aside those who have been dislocated or seen the policies cancelled or changed at the very least, or does it? we focus on a number that is a fraction of the overall u.s. population. >> that's right. it tells us several things. first of all, estimate suggests on the little over a quarter of the people who are signing up for insurance on these exchanges were previously uninsured. many of them had insurance before, lost it because the plan was not conforming with the law
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or m changes in their plan. neil: the bottom line is the appended entire system for those who it was working. for the 10% for whom it was not. even that 10% are not too keen. >> the young people i talk to a lot of them say i am being forced to pay for something i will not benefit from. young people might visit a doctor once or twice. if i get sick i will go to the pharmacy. they don't need these health policies. neil: there is some of the argument young people think they are indestructible and should have coverage. >> that progression is to be done on individual type basis. when you try to conduct millions of people to pay for something they don't need and they don't have jobs and already in debt or student loans, something is not
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adding up. will they pay and overinflated health care policy? this is something that we will see how the numbers fall. neil: the trend is their friend, things are getting better. the rollouts are coming along. you hav had a mainstream media saying they are coming along and the worst is behind us, what do you say? >> they have a long ways to go before it is even break even. they signed up 5 million people. only a quarter of those are newly insured folks. on a quarter of those have actually paid the premium. we're getting down to less than a million people have signed up, and the other hand 500,000 people have lost their plan and have not been able to find insurance. 500 to a million, that is not a lot.
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neil: i wonder if we divided that and split the cost. thank you both very much. something about john sena last visit stood out to us. take a look. >> i truly. maybe i can come. i will take the cup of coffee and try to eat as many cinnabon as i can in an hour. neil: this is my gravy train, stay off it. neil: it is getting very, very close. find out why we're teaming up in directly and how it impacts you and the entire internet as we know it. peace of mind is important when you're running a business. century link provides reliable it services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure. century link. your link with what's next.
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neil: hip-hop? charles payne says more like hip slop. launching a hip-hop caucus to get the young community involved with climate change. prove their out of touch of what is going on in the black community, in fact all communities. charles: it is really dangerous and stupid. we talk a lot about people not voting in their own interest. these compass meant to say we will rally young black people and help them push the climate change agenda, there are a lot of things we would do first. how about the family agenda. let's get our act together on the family side. and the education agenda and encouraging capitalism and summer further down on the list, climate change. that is where the list should look right now. don't use these kids as ponds in a left-wing agenda and left-wing ideology. climate change, and you read what they are saying, instances
11:23 pm
of asthma among black people and black kids. there are because a lot of them live in crowded neighborhoods with more wrapped and roaches. nothing to do with climate change, everything to do with let's figure out a way to enhance ourselves, to make ourselves better to get out of this squalor instead of fighting against global climate change. neil: do you think they share notes? the concerted effort, i think, to deflect on some of these other issues and make it seem like these are the issues that really matter because when you pull people, young people in particular talk about this as a worry. maybe they are tapping that. neil: it is easier to talk about this as a worry when you don't have a mortgage. when you are not trying to get college for your own kids. maybe something a young people might be able to think about
11:24 pm
when they go out in the world on their own. the fact i have not had a job in six months and cannot feed my kids. i think you are right the first time with respect to deflate in. president obama and the black bk caucus have let you down. the president talks all the time i am not the president of black america. you fix the weakest link in the chain. this is one of the weakest links a chain. no caps recalls her name was some way begrudge us you for paying special attention at least periodically to black people and set of using them to be a pawn in a wider agenda that has nothing to do with their well-being, certain not at the top of the letter. neil: when you talk to kids, do they worry about the job market or do they say this global warming thing is freaking out? >> one thing that is happening with black kids, bill o'reilly talked about being role models.
11:25 pm
one thalamus with the talk about with luxury wrapped. for a kid to grow up in an underprivileged community to dream about the private jet and being the boss. now the only thing is to expand that. you can do all those things but 99.9% of people are not rappers or in the nba. take the idea you can have anything come you deserve it, but widen your avenues. let's widen how we get there. lot of kids talk about this. years ago telling kids you be the next mark zuckerberg. you can be. that should be the hip-hop message with respect to politicians. what you can be in america, not that you are the victim of time a change. neil: well put, charles payne. here is the thing about negotiating with this particular guy. he is not a normal guy.
11:26 pm
in fact, he is a certifiable n nut. the sooner we realize that, the better we will be. he is acting irrational we are trying to with reason. the flipside to preventing this crazy from really flipping out. or six john sena on him. that is something i would like to see. [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor,
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>> is a time to fight crazy with crazy? as we sit by, it is says more russian targets as we look the other way. vladimir putin is getting what he wants because these out-of-control. vladimir putin refuses to take no answer about this.
11:30 pm
okay, that can be a very big bravado way right there. >> yes, we see this from a number of wall street ceos, many of which you talk about like larry ellison and carl i come. neil: he said that said i'm going to bully my way in. >> the qualities that i want to see, i don't mind if they are vladimir putin like qualities. but that's not the kind of person you want to see heading up a democratic country. some of these ceos do. neil: with vladimir putin he has and he is and no one can contain him. >> the people that changed the world overstepped their
11:31 pm
boundaries. and the state hasn't economic model. if you have a company a flat on its back, who would you want to be the ceo? lattimer putin or barack obama? putin took over a company called rush almost 15 years ago and he returned it to the semblance of major market competitors. the guy is -- calling him crazy doesn't help heard he has a touch of megalomania. but i'm not a doctor. but i am a strategic analyst or it to play with the long-term strategic vision, rootlessness and pursuit of that vision. a brilliant judge of his adversaries and a really good marketer which we don't always understand what he is to his own people and he's really incisive and he sticks to it.
11:32 pm
neil: if you're going to go that way, what do you make of the idea that you have an in-your-face leader doesn't dillydally. there's something to be admired, but it involves upsetting the global world order and where do you draw that line? >> i think the camera was on me when i reacted like that. i didn't know that he was going to say jeff bezos. he's done a good job taking rest in venturing into territory where no one ago. but these companies -- they cannot change. the ceos cannot change. and they are moving in because
11:33 pm
they have a vision that they can stick to. regardless of what people think they are doing. neil: is a weakness on the part of those in his market. that is the bottom line. >> he certainly does. he is also willing to take losses for a long time to achieve his goals. which is why lukewarm sanctions don't do a doggone thing. and about ceos, the difference between a very successful ceo and jeff bezos or vladimir putin, is that people -- like donald trump him and they the they have done a possible very well. vladimir putin is the impossible. although he is a more attractive figure in a lot of ways. it works for the audience.
11:34 pm
not for us but domestic consumption and even as aned of. nonetheless, this guy did the impossible. and he keeps doing it and the naysayers as with the naysayers of lattimer putin amax sorry to cut you off, but i just want to say that he did an amazing job working with the resources that he had using them to his advantage. something the united states could learn from. considering all this natural gas and oil, what an opportunity. >> at the weird thing. neil: wwe on the midwest networks. we are updating facebook page. here on the two biggest media announcements you will ever
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(dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited.
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neil: neil cavuto taking on fema? more or less, this is about to get ugly. it may be the most followed athlete story on facebook or it but i am the most followed news anchor on facebook or it is true. give or take, you know, maybe 50 individuals. but close to it. the wwe may have launched the first 24 sevenths streaming network with digital distribution. we just want the first 147 caputo page with digital distribution told that this thing is big. we have a long way to go and he has been doing this for years. we have been doing at or about one hour.
11:39 pm
so he is also going to give us tips on how to keep those followers and you have been very good about that. frankly i can't be bothered so my colleagues are here to take notes. >> here's what you have to do. the most followed people on twitter and facebook are socialized musicians. something catchy, take this down. it is caputo. we will put it on the youtube in the my space and the kids will love it. neil: i have to when kids over. >> you have to make it so the kids are won over and you make a song. and we will have you go crazy and shave your legs. and finally the home run is obviously a tape area.
11:40 pm
>> is a thinking out of the box. taking all of that down. >> than 10,000 to the most talked about athlete in the world. and you blow them all the way together. >> here's the thing with social networking. it's the voice of the individual when you gain interest and all athletes know that all celebrities have access to social media.
11:41 pm
so it's my voice out there. and yes, i use print conglomerates and incorporate sponsors so i tweak my success. i tweak my meals and i tweak certain comments. >> it's one day a week. >> one is all? neil: how do you know when you attach yourself to this the rise the this is going to be big. other stars realize that target words, for example, they are halfhearted into it i want to
11:42 pm
give the magic and the program and this is the way that people communicate them. neil: how do you know that they are not just doing everything on those devices? >> if you do not have a digital presence, you're missing out on so much interaction with a globe of people whether they are fans or not. putting it in my own words and people like to reach we quotes. so what's a lot of people will reach we get and then they
11:43 pm
become interested as well. because of who you are. or the meaning of the quote and i said something the other day about this and cowardice is a decision. be brave and do the best you can. >> but you would never say you always be a loser. >> it's authentic thoughts from me, it's not wwe messaging and people can latch onto that. whether they latch onto what they see on television on who the person is typing a message. it will put another person on a fan. neil: one way to win on facebook is to say that you engage the audience as john was saying.
11:44 pm
and here's what we've got. >> i like it, actually. and an italian stud muffin, i thought that was kind of appropriate? >> and there were all the other ethnic groups as well. just me thinking outside the box >> the menu traveled to bakeries across as well. and could you imagine what that would be like? so in the meantime and i have been working at this for years
11:45 pm
now. >> you always make me laugh or you. >> it beats the alternative. >> can and we tell them where o'reilly's offices? >> maybe i could get a wwe in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new oprtunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at ido more with less with buss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers,
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designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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neil: kinnie crashed, the rush before it crashed. the folks watching this they are knocking investors upside the head.
11:49 pm
pricing all of them for don your perfection. >> it's like a group that has real assets in the profits coming in the door. these guys get hit by lightning or our animal spirits coming back and. >> the longhand shorthand, yes. the long answer is most of them -- we know most of them are
11:50 pm
going to fail and that is the game that investors are trying to play. usually the historical average is four out of 10 for the province. so who has the animal spirit? it is a the market where the spirit they generate real
11:51 pm
meaningful revenue. and by the way it was and is part of this. >> on i understand the risk. you don't have to like it. but it is a real business. >> thank you guys very much. meanwhile, nancy pelosi hates it when i called obamacare. a lot of [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. [ male annncer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. [ male announcer ] gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. growth? growth. i just talked to ups. they've got a lot of great ideas. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money.
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neil: what is the deal with nancy in a tizzy over this. two is obamacare a winner or a loser? >> it is called the affordable care act. there is a reason. affordable. neil: extensive, expensive.
11:55 pm
nancy pelosi should understand that they don't call obamacare the affordable care act because it's not affordable for most. oh, my goodness, says another. no matter how much they say it's affordable, it sometimes isn't. it is destroying the best health care system in the world. and i know the supporters think of her as judy garland, but then she realized the rest of us that she is the scarecrow. and you guys are reacting big-time to my opening monologue on friday. and here is my message to the grand old party. because you're going to get walt back. americans need to wake up now. no one could have said it better. do not ignore it and aging prostate, but please run for president. can i just stop you and say how
11:56 pm
did you connect this with running for president. so i think that we should just leave it there. and so now we know the crash is coming. we've amount and what do we do with the money? well, i think that what they were saying was not invest as if the debt doesn't matter. it does. and that morning at will cost us a lot. a good opening speech, they are attacking the tea party instead of none. glad we have them another new people. and they say thank you for your opening tonight with what i have been yelling for it while. a great speech, hope some folks heard it. in today's monologue on the lesser evil strategy. richard in missouri. a rant against republican,
11:57 pm
o'neill, though. i always thought you were a smart guy but now realize it or not the sharpest knife in the box. >> it doesn't take a sharp knife to realize that this is going to cut the throat. if you don't see it, you will does november. so when is it ever politically viable to sell your soul. just asking. you can't wait. you have to address that. and what is the deal with e*trade? i've always loved this featuring this kid. why did you let the cat out of the bag. because the company is already dead. one of the few commercials worth watching. not anymore. and others can't take it anymore. if we were to do that, we would have liked no advertising here.
11:58 pm
and pieper says i'm sick of all of this and the corporations but the baby is the only one i like. hash tag, keep that baby. but i can't get rid of the baby, too cute. i will never buy anything from e*trade. and it must be that they are nuts to discontinue them. if you're starting a petition on that kind of stuff, i just think that we should have petitions that really matter. everybody loves him, next the anchor that probably wears diapers goes as well. and this is on basic cable. and you can switch the channel right now. driving down the iq of my
11:59 pm
audience. and there's another guy yelling on another network. thank you for being the real deal. love your show. you have more common sense than most of the folks and keep up the good work and keep fighting, we love you. and you are a sharp dresser. but thank you. and thank you for noticing and thank you all for watching. that those of you had nice things to say and the rest of you, i really don't know what to pay. i do know that you have made this a very watched and popular segment and so popular that even "the wall street journal" is copping out. take a look at the area launching its own what is the deal section. they didn't think we'd notice? really? okay, they are kind of in our family. i will let it go this once.
12:00 am
i have lawyers on italians were in the business. i will see you tomorrow. kennedy: what is a strange day, malaysia government, with highest degree of certainty confirmed that flight 370 crashed into the sea. comes the relization for families, fineality is brutal, and people were certain we would never find it. in mystery started brideing more conspiracy than the dugger family. now that talk of black holes and vortexing comes crashing dac to ing back to earth, thank god are in russia, the latest conspiracy.


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