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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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new documentary on donald rumsfeld. stay tuned for the after show. for matt and kmele, i am kennedy. good night. ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. president obama today downplaying the importance of russia on the international stage. totally underestimating vladimir putin's military power. repeated claims that al qaeda is quote on the run, a phrase he uttered 32 times on presidential campaign trail between benghazi terrorist attacks o of september 11, 2012. his reelection.
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while responding to a question of whether governor romney was correct in that debate a year and a half ago. >> russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors. not out of strength, but out of weakness. russia's actions are a problem, they don't pose the number one national security threat to the united states i continue to be much more concerned with our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in manhattan. lou: important question to consider. if russia's a legional power -- regional power, as president obama suggestions is he classifying aing al qaeda as a national power? here are important statostocs we
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might consider when regarding putin's military, there are approximately 1800 active nuclear warheads in russia as of tonight. compared to 2100 america. russia has just over three quarters of a million active military troops, united states has 1.33 million and 800,000 in reserve. here is governor mitt romney reacting in an exclusive interview with sean hannity, to air in full tonight, 10:00 p.m. on fox news channel. >> russin important regions of the world, not only eastern europe and europe generally but also in middle east, in a significant way in syria playing a role in egypt. caribbean, a destroyer in cuba. i'm not sure where the president
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is going, but i'm sure that the american people understand the facts. lou: our first guest said that president obama's effort of downplaying russia as a regional power does nothing to change the perception that putin is right now the strongest leader in the world, not only respected but feared. general jack keane welcome. >> thank you, lou. lou: remarkable that president chose to describe russia as a regional power. what is your reaction to that statement. and what the president was trying to get at? >> i think he is trying to downplay the crisis itself. this is very serious. what putin is doing, he is challengeing the international order established as a result of collapse of soviet union, and accept a new russian order as
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part of that. and eventually this is a threat to nato. this is a very serious crisis. we have not seen all the way back to world war ii. lou: this president, and this administration seems to be off-hand in their dismissal of the threat poseed for europe, for e.u. particularly for countries on the eastern border of europe. and now we're watching the president, tomorrow he will meet with the nato secretary-general, where is this going? there is no sense, the president had a chance to communicate to the world today, what he was thinking what the plans were, what he would like to see, and there was no illumination it seemed toe me. lou: worldwide perception right stphou that american leadership is weak, and american president besiegeed with rhetoric, all
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talk, no action, that is the world view today, he had a platform today to ha*eufrpbg thachange thatperspective, and s colleagues there to get tougher sanctions and bolster nate no. it has to be on the table lou, in intera in. of the thinks this is a chance. would countries fight or estonia. that would force the collapse of nato as we know it. lou: as president obama demeans, russia and putin, sort of putin's way to be mocking and insuling, now become, the president's way. i have never seen a president, i
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want to know if you have, who actually insults world leaders, in particular those are behaving as russia is. i have never seen an american president behave this way. >> the flipancy associateed with that and arrogance, is something that i have not seen either. even if would be told rabbl be e and bearable if the policy is right but given that it is horrific, everyone is so income portable with where the united states today, and where european nations are as it pertains to putin and russia. lou: u.s. with the president and administration not behaving as a super power. engageing in two losing conflicts, iraq and afghanistan, a matter of stale mate, if not failure. now this president, who is
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allowing and a set of european leaders in european union allowing putin to do as he wishs with ukraine. you hear from them, sort of a historic rationalization that, there a you know, hundreds of years history between ukraine and russia, therefore is is all right, to invade, seems to be the implication for their own inaction, where do you see u.s. headed? is this another indicator of a great nation in decline? >> i think it is weak america leadership that can be turned quickly by a leader with a sense of america's role in the world and how dependent other nations are on u.s., and in particular its leadership, i don't think this is something that is unfolding for a generation. this can be turned very quickly by a strong american leader, we just don't happen to have one right now, that is what is causing these issues that we
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have. people are losing confidence, remember it started in middle east, middle easterna ally lost fence in us, now we -- lost confidence in us now a central problem in europe, and we're behaving there as we g god in least, you know this is impacting iran and the chinese. they can see, united states not responding effectively that is going to guide their future actions as it pertains to us, and their spear of influence in their part of the world. lou: general jack keane thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: president obama dismissing russia's regional power, one of these regions in which powerful happens to b space, their power was on full display hours ago as russia launched soyuz spacecraft that carries two cosmo naughts and an american astronaut on
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their way to the international space station, perhaps the president forgot about that region. united states had to pay $71 bill million for our astronaut to kind a seat against soyuz. we have no way to get our at now astronauts to spice right now on our -- space right now on or own, so much for being a world power. >> and search for malaysia airline flight has been suspended because of the weather. 14 days, of waiting, explodeed today, relatives of chinese passengers, marchd to the malaysia embassy in beijing, to demand answers there as well. >> on wall street today stocks climbed higher, dow up 91, s&p and nazdaq up 8, crude oil fell
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41 cents settling just below $100 a barrel, gold up a fraction, closeing above 1300; and yield on 10-year note rising to 2.74%, stocks boosted by consumer confidence that hit highest level since january 2008, new home sales dropping more than 3%, as was expected, and a separate respect showed home prices -- report showed home rices pricing falling in january, and irs announcing it the treat bitcoins as property not currency they will impose significant taxs and regulation on digital currencies. or as we say here, digital properties. stay with us, we're coming right back. >> obamacare, back in front of the supreme court, controversial confrocontra tensioncontracepti.
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lou: supreme court justices today express skepticism over whether obama administration can require companies with religious objects to provide confrom contra tep seption -- contra soap shin in their employee healthcare plans. why they went give companies such as hobby lobby the same accommodation offered to religious nonprofits, several states with their own insurance exchanges giving some leeway on obamacare's enrollment deadline, if you live in mississippi,
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maryland -- minnesota, maryland or nevada, all have you with to to to avoid the obamacare pen aty iynalty, sign up process by midnight. no end on when you finish it. my next guest represents district where hobby loby is headquartered, and said that companies should not be fined if their religious beliefs do not align with the obama administration. congressman welcome. >> thank you, lou. lou: you are hopeful for your side's cause. in listening to the skepticism, expressed by the justices today? >> i am, the hole u hopeful nat, justice say can administration really force people to do this,
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and the question about religious freedom act, they continue to act can administration set aside from bill from congress and ignore that. solicit or general continued to come back and say yes, we can, and hobby lobby side, saying no, they can't ignore that. the big issue is not just about contraceptives but can administration say to a business and business owner, you can practice your faith on weekends and at home but not while at work. that becomes critical issue here, are all of first amendment apply in all places, or only in certain times and places 92 that represents a skhreugz o collisis and powers. sometimes it more difficult than it right seem, corporations also under law, seen as person or a
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citizen, so many issues at work here. i'm not clear highway it will work out -- how is will work out in the mine of the justices. >> whether you talk about corporation this court has determineed that corporations have freedom of speech. now to take the thing that is right next to freedom of speech, in first amendment, right to freedom of religion, they have part of that amendment but not the other part. is a very difficult argument to be able to make, nothing changed in hobby lobby, they are still practiceing their, the same way they practiceed their business since it started in the garage of the green's home, what changed was administration and their interpretation of obamacare law this is a regulation they promulgateed, and said we changed our mind, now you have to change your
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business practice that is what shifted. lou: as we just reported 3 states, maryland, minnesota and nevada, ependin tepbgsding obame --ic tepbgsdining extending obamacare own roll am deadline -- enrollment deadline. a appellate court requests that obamacare authorizes subsidies to insurance company within its language, obamacare continues to be a month that changes form ad shape. >> it does, this administration continues to give waivers and exceptions and change dates and deadlines that are written in the stat out, they are just moving things to flying latest to come back, say we'll move deadlines until after the president is gone, on some of the deadlines we'll continue to move this, they will move those
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deadline for businesses for different people ononcome noncompliant insurance policies but not religious exceptions, the obama administration is serious about this religious exception issue, if you don't provide as a company insurance to your employeesurs, your fine is $2,0, if you provide all insurance, except for the 4 abortion -- drugs, are your fine is $36, 500, per person, per year. so, it ison views that administration is serious -- can be views they are serious about this particular regulation. lou: and imposed means, truly, an assault on religious rights, and beliefs. >> it is, and this company is a
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great company, they are off on weeks they are family oriented they pay well above min maum wage, they say we're a company that has faith. as our ownership and leadership, and have had from the beginning. we want to continue. >> and we have another company, very large company, in walmart today complaining about cut in funding for food stamps it affects their top line. and bottom line. quite a different cast, if you will in the business world. we appreciate it congressman, good to talk with you. >> thank you, you bet. lou: congressman james langford. >> a public charter school in colorado under fire after officials suspended a girl who shaved her head in support of a, school -- battleing cancer,
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claiming that the shaved head was in violation of the dress code, they acted against her. after outrage, they reverse z their decision, but we still don't know the final judgment. we hope reason prevails. it is a school after all. we're coming right back. >> rising consumer confidence, leads to a rally on wall street. oppenheimer funds chief economist jerry webman tells us where this economy is i've always had to keep my eye on her... but i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care, i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile, not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still gonna give me a heart attack.
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lou: as many as 176 people remain missing, a devastating mudslide in washington state, 14 people were killed, according to seattle times newspaper, multiple gee logical reports have warned for years that stphoepsnow homeish county of at risk. what we don't know tonight, is that why no one actedn those clear warnings. coast gard reopening houston
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ship channel. 3 days after a barge spilled 17,000 gallons of oil in the harbor. >> stocks breaking a two day closeing streak, joining us, jerry webman, senior investment officer, for oppenheimer funds, we have a rally today with great confidence in our future. these mark the, volatility is going to, it seems going to continue circumstance that the case? >> i think there will be up days and down days, i think this year will be better returns for equity market as confidence builds, europeans are finally getting out of this protracted ed resolution they hav have -- resolution they have been in. we seal what happens in china. and i think that people who are
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long-term equity investors are well positioned. to get through some of the up days and down days. lou: market is struggling here. we're seeing some selling pressure. expressed in a p peculiar way. banks, seeming to stabilize in an ought way. -- in an odd way, there does not seem to be as much enthusiasm. what is going to drive the market for the year? >> watch for, and consumer confidence story today, is one straw in the wind, if consumer confidence turns into consumer demand for durable goods, we've been slow to buy things that last a long time, if that translates into, this is what i'm watching for, real company eexperience animal spirits and invest capital equipment,
10:27 pm
factory, equipment software, if that investment picks ub for normal levels this year, then we could see some continuing momentum in the economy. lou: i am glad to hear you say, that with so many economists who are ignoreing responsibility of business leadership. i think it guess beyond animal spirits. this is a responsibility to invest in your home market, almost $3 trillion in capital that needs to be repatrioted by u.s. multinational in particular from overseas, i would love to see that capital in this economy. >> there is plenty in this economy they could be invested domestically. i'm a capitalist, shareholders, corporation's well th responsibs to its shareholders that is how the system works, but you are right, lou, when you say we want a environment where companies
10:28 pm
feel best thing they can do are all in our national interest. lou: my experience that best companies understand their stake holders, and also their employees not just shareholders and understand their stake holders are also community in this case the nation in this grace fabulous wealthy consumer market. it is their privilege to be here it brings a few responsibilitys with it. our outlook is positive? >> i think we should do all right, i don't think we'll see 30% of last year. i would welcome it. it should be a good year for global equity investors. lou: strong single digits? >> i think so. i think that is -- why wouldn't we do what we normally do, which is high single digits in equity terms in the u.s. >> jerry webman thank you. >> my pleasure.
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lou: listen to my financial reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio. a 12-year-old oklahoma city girl achieveed her goal of breaking 30-year old girl scout cookie sales record, katie francis away to go. she sold more than 18,000 boxes of cookies, and she worked every night until 9:30. she put in 13 hours selling cookies on weekends, i think that american dream, can is burning pretty good. we're coming right back. >> obamacare is in trouble. the troubles are deepening and widening. we'll take up presidential prerogative with attorneys lis wiehl and (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way.
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lou: president obama preparing legislation that would end national security agency sweeping collection and storage of phone records this move as new figures show about 5.1 million people hold security clearances. >> first lady michelle obama, invokeing civil rights movement during her speech to a high school in china today, saying, there were actually laws in america that allowed discrimination against black people like me who are a minority in the united states but overtime ordinary citizens decideed though laws were unfair, they held peaceful protests and marches and called on government officials to change their laws. interestingly, white house officials said that reporters
10:34 pm
were not allowed on the trip, because she would not be discusses issues such as human rights in china. >> and quote, the greatest enemy of press freedom we've encounter in a generation. u.s. supreme court today heard argument that challenges obamacare conpresenttio contra mandate. >> choice of government has forced on us is unfair. and note in keeping with -- not in keeping with history of our great nation, founded on religious freedom, we believe that americans don't lose their religious freedom when they open a family business. lou: joining us now, attorneys lis wiehl, and mercedes colwin, your reaction to the court?
10:35 pm
>> skeptical. i think they will look at this narrowly, can we define a family grown or private organization as covered under this religious freedom act, if they can narrowly it will go forward, but don't look for a big sweeping decision. >> i agree, but so much month cusion to whether -- confusion to whether a corporation can be a person. there are jury instructs to say, you have to treat corporations like persons, for purposes of the law that will be interesting. lou: at the same time, law right now has an e exemption for religious nonprofits, if they are to be treated as persons there has to be equalty, a construct, persons but -- would
10:36 pm
know nonprofits have the same footing. >> yes, if you get there, what the administration has been arguing, owners, the company, they are not actually provideing ththe contraceptives. >> tha that is a silly thing. >> i am saying that is what obama administration would say. lou: someone has to behalf way honest even in law. >> corporation can only act for these individuals. that is where the lines are blurred. that is why corporations saying, we don't have freedom of religion, we're going to be endorseing abortions that is why they are up and arms. lou: another problem, to throw in the mix with obamacare.
10:37 pm
to think that obamacare is still standing a as a law, in every element. it is a disaster, i am saying that, there is a problem with every element of this law. today federal judges in dc circuit court of appeals, split on whether won' obamacare permis subsidys is in states with fedel run health insurance exchanges. if -- >> they are out of business, if you have states have fos have fl rights this is classic. if states are provideing it can feds, is that going to work? that is what judges are split about. lou: i want to turn to one thing to wrap up, a federal judge ruleed last week, that arizona and kansas can require residents to prove they are u.s. citizens
10:38 pm
to register to vote, a have -- victory for states rights moving to voter i.d. to register. is it going to stand? >> it should be able to stand. state, saying there is a state interest here, not that we're trying to violate privacy rights, but we have a compelling state interest that allows for privacy to bend. in favor of the state. >> in courts after court they say no. i say it won't last. lou: texas has been upheld. >> some states that -- >> 19 have note. that is -- many have not. >.lou: in the integrity of the electoral process -- what is.
10:39 pm
>> i think compelling thing will happen geo graphically. some states where legallation i. >> that is the question. >> some state like arizona. lou: voter i.d. or not? >> state by state. >> ni red states or blue states just united states you were law. thank you. >> thank you. lou: joe piscopo joining us on tomorrow's channel. joined by radio talk show host monica crowley and john sullivan. >> and releasing videos of base jump. they face up to 7 years in prison for doing that.
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with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. lou: my next guest predicted protests, and demonstrations and revolt before the arab spring. and warns a second on the way but our country is disengageing in the very people we should be supporting, dr. walid phares, his new book, the lost spring. u.s. policy in middle east. congratulations, a doe light full book. and important -- a delightful book, an important subject.
10:44 pm
the idea that administration missed signs of the approach of arab spring but handleed it so poorly. how did they miss the on set? >> you know this is a question that only historians can answer, political scientists, analysts cannot. how can we miss an explosion the size of the arab spring, while in fall of 2010 there was almost nothing. we did not understand that there were two forces one of social youth. women, minoritys, other were islamists, bigger mistake we you that the islamists were ai arab spring. it cost us, and the region three years, before egypt startd to correct, and tunisia trying to
10:45 pm
correct. lou: what could have been the president's thinking in a lineing himself in u.s. prestige and power with the very people with whom we've been at war, since 2001? >> most likely, the academic advisors, i will be clear, and expertise, demonstration takes information from, has convinceed him that muslim brother hood. are progressive of region, imagine we ignoreed women, and minorities, and youth, all of these were ignoreed, we allied ourselves with forces that are bringing region backward in time, the egyptians understood that, that is why they rose against muslim brotherhood. in syria it chaos now. lou: is there a solution in syria in view? >> we had an opportunity. it is about time and place. between march of 2011, and time
10:46 pm
that we withdrew from iraq. iran was not in serious yet,al guide av not in syria yet. it was civil society, we did not rallying. act. but by the time we wanted to act it was too late. lou: i'll put it this way, you said there is a second chance for this president, a second arab spring, is on the way. where and how soon? >> second chance, because it happening with or without us, egyption march between pwrao pwro* eithebro herhood, we needy policy we have done in middle east, not single one is good. lou: not a single one. >> not one. we need to cancel interim agreement with iran, iranians are fooling us, and cancel what is done with assad, al qaeda
10:47 pm
needs to continue, and change your policy with egypt. lou: each, president has reached out to iranians told he was foolish and naive, and syria he was told he was not acting intel intelligently. and persisted that assad must bmubarak bus must go, and gadhai must go. what the result is, is debris, across the middle east. and no resolution anywhere. >> the must go part can be understood. what comes in replacement was the big mistake. the gadhafi goes, and mubarak tkpwoeltsgoes yes, but muslim brotherhood, and jihadist in syria worst we have gone from points to telling mr. aad assads leave, rid lines, and everyone
10:48 pm
else has learned, that is why usrussians move in crimea and maybe china, middle east is important. lou: presidentside, as you know, referd to russia a region at power? european, asian in what is -- he has ships that are in in hemisphere. he has ideas, here. putin, and what will be the impact on iran? in syria? much prodding by this president putin, making it personal. >> that is a a threat, if it goes against our interest. i think that president wantd to minimize the image of a dangerous russia. he said of interesting, he said, i'm not worryed about russia, i will be worried about a nuclear
10:49 pm
device in manhattan, what happens to al qaeda? either that or the russians not both. lou: on the run. he said about it? roowaleed fire isthank you. >> thank you. >> book is, on sale as of today. on-line and bookstores. >> tomorrow we'll talk with 5 co-host, with a new book, not cool. well, that is the title of the book. up next, my cometrary on president's squandered opportunity. ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 rcent every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch! over time it really adds up.
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lou: a few of your comments. johnny e-mailed us. saying obama canceled putin a walmart charge card. things are gettin get tough. and tom writes about president's failed policies, with time it more apparent that obama is a fraud. must have been arrogance and spite this inspired him from the start. he can do nothing now he is in place. and randy writes, you cannot get a solution to problem unless you admit to facts, it not possible to see the world as it really is. unless you leave fantasy land. e-mail us, at, or follow us on twitter, or our facebook page. links to everything. and you will receive a free copy of my new book "upheaval" if
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your e-mail, tweet or post is read here. >> president obama, is a man who seems to never be at a loss for a maladroit moment or ill mannered remark, today at hague he manufactureed several such remarks in a matter of minutes. jonathan karl asked the president if governor romney had been correct when he said, principal adversary of u.s. of russia. here is president obama. >> a few months ago, you were asked what is the biggest geo political threat facing america, you said russia, not al qaeda, you said russia, the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because the cold war has been over for 20 years,. neil: of. >> reporter: and the president's senator today. >> that russia is number one geo
10:55 pm
political foe. truth that america has a lot of challenges, russia is a regional power, that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors not out of strength, but out of weakness. lou: president there in my view squandered an opportunity opportunity, while standing center stage, among the world's leaders. it was an opportunity for the president to -- policies and his perspective to the world view. to explain his strategy and important of the relationship between russia and the west, to acknowledge. that his rival in 2012 for presidency, had been correct in his judgment. and putin. imagine if our president had the capacity for such graciousness.
10:56 pm
and plain spoken language. iinstead there seems to be withn our president's need to talk down his adversarys no matter how small or petty he may appear. for example mr. obama chose to insult russia and putin when he could have been constructive and positive, and expressed his thanks. but mr. obama seemed unlegaling to hold to a higher measure of language, and more important conduct, he has arriveed in brussels for the eusummit and nato meeting then to rome to meet with pope francis, then to riyadh to meet with saudi king abdullah. let's hope the remainder of his
10:57 pm
trip goes far better than the hague summit. thank you for joining us tonig tonight. join us, good night from new if you wear a denture, touch it with your tongue. if your denture moves,
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♪ ♪ neil: welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. if republicans can't kill the health care on their own, consider this their hail mary pass. arguing that there is a higher authority they must answer to. not the supreme court. because their argument isn't about the cost of the health care law or those supposedly provided in health care law. this is about the devil in the details of that law. the double himself dominating the theme of outlaw and the law of the founder called hobby lobby, sa


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